Countdown to the Apocalyptic New World Order

  • Is there a prophetic significance to the Georgia Guidestones?
  • What does the 10 Commandments signify for Humanity?
  • When will this Orwellian New World Order come?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Let us Reason together, Come now, says YHVH: Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, they shall be white as wool’.  -Isaiah 1:18

‘Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason’. -Georgia Guidestones (Lucifer)

The purpose of this study is to show a possible Date Association that involves the Georgia Guidestones Dedication Date of March 22, 1980 to a possible 33-Year and 40-Year Countdown of when the Masonic Evil Empire is to start its initiation imploding their Old Phoenix ‘World Order’. This correlation will be based on the very significant and prominent Occultic Numbers. Did anything significant affect the entire World in 2020 that started perhaps their Protocols to reduce the World Population to 500 million?

Yes, the COVID Plandemic. The Proponents of the New World Order are thus possibly Signaling the Countdown to their Luciferian Empire of the Age of Reason or when it is to be Initiated. The Monument does lend some possible proof of this Diabolical 40-Year Timeline Countdown. The Parallel is taken from where the 10 Laws of YHVH were given and thereafter it took 40 Years for Israel to enter into the Promised Land or ‘New Order’.

Well such a Countdown of 40 Years from the giving of the 10 Luciferian Commandments be when the Luciferians are going ‘into’ their Promised Land to possess the New World Order? Regardless, the Numerology and Astronomy associated with the Guidestones does bare the Trademark of the various Luciferian Secret Societies and Satanic Globalist bent on initiating their Evil Plan to bring all of Humanity under their Luciferian Protocols of the Elders of Zion’s 10 ‘Unholy Commandments’.

These Mandates are against the True 10 Commandments of YHVH given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Counterfeit Luciferian 10 Commandments are opposed to the Work of YHVH and, the Savior Jesus Christ. It appears that the Dedication Date of March 22, 1980 is sort of a ’Hidden Code’ (3-2-2). From the Dedication Date of March 22, 1980 plus 33 Years, the Year Count ended on the Spring Equinox of March 22, 2013.

Then the 40-Year Count ended in 2020. Will the 40th-Year date signal an Event or the Last Stages of the End of the Age of Grace that has been in effect since Christ’s Resurrection since 32 AD? Perhaps this prescribed Masonic ‘New Age of Reason’ would be set to fill in the Vacuum created by the possible Rapture of the Church that is to perhaps coincide this coming Luciferian Age, that like the French Revolution only brought the Reign of Terror instead. The Guidestones are nonetheless a Mysterious Monument. The Structure is sometimes referred to as America’s Stonehenge.

Religion of Reason?
It has been reported that Occult Rituals have taken place there. Some believe that the Guidestones having Lucifer’s ‘10 Unholy Commandments’ carved on its stones is in a way Mimicking and Mocking how the God of Israel carved the 10 Commandments on Stone and gave them to Moses on Mount Sinai. These Unholy 10 Commandments of Lucifer prescribes a New Age of Reason that in some fashion will replace the Judeo-Christian Morality that the current Age has been based on. There are Numerous References to the concept of an ‘Age of Reason’, itched in the Guidestones.

The Guidestones are based on the Classic Work of Thomas Paine entitled ‘The Age of Reason’. His Work critiqued Institutionalized Religion and challenged the Inerrancy of the Bible. To many who oppose the Judeo-Christian Paradigm, the solution has always been an Age of Reason. It has always attempted to replace and be maintained by the Implementation of the Luciferian 10 Commandments. What most do not grasp is that this Age of Reason has already been implemented on Earth throughout Mankind’s sad history.

The Builders have always sold this alternate ‘Religion’ or Philosophy as a sugar-coded New Morality that is supposed to be ‘Good’ for Humanity. What inevitably occurs is that its end-result will be a Mandatory Adherence to the Protocols of these Evil Elders of Zion upon the penalty of Death if not adhered to, i.e., Noahide Laws. Strict Totalitarianism will be required to maintain the coming Masonic ‘Utopia’ on Earth as they have been in the past. It will have disastrous results as Millions have been Slaughtered and are going to be Massacred in the Name of ‘Reason’ and Lucifer’s Religion of the Builders.

Thus, the True Intentions of the Builders and Supporters of the coming Masonic New ‘Age of Reason’ have once again hidden their Evil Plans in Plain Sight. They are clearly Anti-Christian and come directly out of the Pit of Luciferian Doctrines of Demons and the prideful Philosophies of Men. According to the Bible, ‘Reason’ alone is not the sole Measure of what can or should be ‘Right’ or ‘Good’. There is Absolute Truth. The French Revolution was Ruled and Dictated by ‘Reason’ and ‘Good Intentions’, yet it led to the Reign of Terror; so too it will be the case with Lucifer’s 10 Commandments in the coming New World Order.

The GOD of Heaven, YHVH, does nonetheless believe and actually prescribes Mankind to Reason. It is Reasonable though to come before the Creator and acknowledge that one’s Sins are as ‘Red as Crimson’, but that Christ Jesus can make them ‘White as Snow’ by his Blood. Despite this Plea from a YHVH to have given the Gospel of Salvation and the coming of the True Age of Righteousness according to the Bible, Humanity will choose instead a ‘Reign of Terror’. As this study suggests, it is coming upon the World after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that will coincide to a large Measure with the 7-Year last Prophetic Week of Years according to the Book of Daniel. The following are the ‘10 Commandments’ of the coming Masonic Age of Reason.
Lucifer's 10 Commandments
This Time Period of the New Religion of Reason will be in essence a Showdown, a Countdown to Armageddon and the Return of the King, Jesus Christ to re-establish Paradise once again on Earth, the True Utopia. Until then, Lucifer and his ‘Builders’ are just about done setting-up their Transitional Process to initiate their version of the New World Order. To reiterate, the coming Luciferian Religion of Reason will be an Age that will be governed by these Protocols of Zion’s 10 Commandments so-called Moral and Rational Laws.

This New Morality is designed to Control the whole of Human Population but in fact to De-Populate it as more than 90% of the current People on Earth have to be Eliminated. The End-Game Plan will be the Total Control and Decimation of Humanity through such Measures as the following. The coming New World Order will dramatically reduce the Human Population 90% - at least 4-5 billion to be Murdered. It will be the main Tenets of their Luciferian God; through Money, Medicine, Military and Magic.

They will promote environmentalism over the Rights of Humans. It will be Establishing a World Government – without Due Process or Individual Human Rights. And it will be promoting a New Spirituality and/or Morality – to replace a Judeo-Christian hope as a result of the Rapture. Lucifer’s ’10 Unholy Commandments’ are as follows.

1. Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with Nature.
2. Guide Reproduction wisely – improving Fitness and Diversity.
3. Unite Humanity with a living New Language.
4. Rule Passion, Faith, Tradition – and all things with tempered Reason.
5. Protect People and Nations with Fair Laws and Just Courts.
6. Let all Nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a World Court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance Personal Rights with Social Duties.
9. Prize Truth, Beauty, Love, seeking Harmony with the Infinite.
10. Be not a Cancer on Earth – Leave room for Nature.

Why would there be a need for a New ‘Age of Reason?’ Perhaps a possible Cataclysmic Event will shatter the present World Order like a Rapture Event, perhaps. If that were to be the case as the Bible prescribes, the ‘Event’ of the Rapture would create a Monumental Shift in the present Human Paradigm. Such a Rapture Event would leave a Moral, Spiritual, Economic, Political vacuum that Humanity will be screaming for a Replacement Theology of sorts and a need for a New Messiah, other than Jesus.

According to how some interpret the End Times; it is at this Future Time when Lucifer’s AntiChrist will come on the Scene to deliver this New Age of Reason Religion to fill in the Vacuum. The AntiChrist will dictate a New Law and Morality, a New Economic System, and a One-World Government, apart from the one True GOD YHVH. Furthermore, any Remnants of the Judeo-Christian Morality, Laws or Association will be Brutally Eradicated as being an Affront to this New Paradigm Shift in Humanity’s Spiritual Quest to ‘Godhood’ or so called Trans-Human Evolution. The Problem? It will not be Natural or Organic, but Forced and Traumatic.

End Game
Specifically, during the coming New Age of the ‘Religion of Reason’, Christianity will be seen as an Impediment to Humanity’s Progress. The Luciferian Goal will be to Redefine Humanity into Lucifer’s ‘Image and Likeness’. Christians will be labeled ‘Enemies of the State’ by the AntiChrist, as they have always been under the previous conspirator Masonic Empires of Lucifer. The Bible states that Jesus Christ will allow Lucifer’s AntiChrist and the False Prophet a ‘Little’ Time to actually accomplish this. This is in reference to the verse that states Lucifer will ‘Wear out the Saints’. This is not referring to the context of the Church Age as that is impossible due to the promise of Jesus to the Church. This Condition will exist after the Church Age and Rapture.

Although Satan will attempt to Overthrow and Wear-Out the Saints of the Church Age, the Gates of Hell will not Prevail. Currently, Lucifer cannot Prevail over the Church despite Atrocities and Martyrdom committed by Lucifer’s ‘Builders’ and his Elders of Zion. The Context of this verse of YHVH allowing Lucifer and his Builders to Wear-Out the Saints deals with the Tribulation Period. As It Is Now, Many In The Church Of Christ Are Asleep Spiritually Anyway. By Some Spiritual Estimates, At Least Half The Church is Asleep Based On the Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids.

Many in the Church Body though, are only recently waking-up and paying Attention to what is going on around them and are actually realizing what is at stake and coming. This is not to mention, even all the Prophetic Timelines, Astronomical and Earth Anomalies taking place. Most that are ‘Asleep’ are in the West as those in the East, the Middle East in particular have to Fight for their very Lives against the Muslim and Hindu Menace and Slaughter. What is happening now in the whole of the Middle East is a Christian Holocaust. Since the Church Age is about to close, there appears to be a last Luciferian onslaught Campaign against Jesus’ Ambassadors on Earth that are about to be Recalled soon.

The Church of Jesus Christ has always gone through Waves of Persecution and Tribulation. It appears though that the Builders are intensifying the Warfare against the Witness of Jesus Christ in this last Terminal Generation per Psalm 150. In part due to ‘Knowledge Increasing’ as foretold by Daniel. The Luciferians know that they are being Exposed by those Vigilant in the Church. Such Watchers on the Walls seek to Wake-Up the Sleeping Church and do Damage to the Builders and Elders of Zion’s Evil World Order. It is not those that are Asleep that bother the Church with their ‘Infectious Flies’. Their Lord is the Lord of the Flies. Faithful Shepherds of the Church take care of this ‘Fly Problem’ for their Sheep by Anointing the Sheep. They spread Oil all over their Bodies.

The Anointing covers their Face, Lips, Eyes, Ears, Legs, Tail, so the Flies do not land and cause Infection. This Practice will prevent the Luciferian ’Flies’ from bothering the Church, Metaphorically Speaking with their Infections, Plagues or Diseases as they concretely unleash these Genetically Engineered Bio-Weapons of Destruction upon the Populations of the World. These Vile ‘Builders’ and Elders of Zion ‘Lay their Eggs’ that become Maggots praying upon a Helpless Society, Peoples or Nation.

Last Days Agenda

They become Hosts, eating-away at the Flesh. One Day, Jesus will Fumigate-Away them all to the Lake of Fire where they belong. Until that Time, in these last Prophetic Hours of the closing of the Church Age, Individual Members comprising the Church Body and Bride of Christ need to finish strong. They need to be Awake, Anointed and Walking in Repentance; in an attitude of Continual Repentance is the Key, because Temptations will intensify along with the overt Persecution of the Church. If this is the case, this is where the Gospel Promise, teaches that 'Much more does Grace will abound'.

It comes into play and operates in the Victory over the ‘Flies’ of Lucifer. However, sadly the Church in these Last Days has Jesus knocking from outside. To a large extent, much of the ‘Spiritual Infections’ within the Church presently have been Self-Inflicted as characterized by the Laodicean Church Age. In these Last Days according to the Book of Revelation, the last Church Age has substituted much of this ‘Luciferian Morality’ as Jesus has been ushered out of many Churches across the World, primarily in the USA and Europe. So far, all these New World Order Aspirations of Lucifer in the past dealing with Human History have been thwarted by YHVH.

Lucifer’s attempt at establishing a New World Order has occurred since the attempts of Nimrod in an attempt to unify Humanity at the Tower of Babel under 1 ‘Christ’. Ultimately, it is Lucifer that will use the apostate Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Lodges and others to Ecumenically Unify the World for this Purpose. This Ecumenical Movement spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Pope wants to be the Unifying Force that would appear Noble and Rational to help Humanity come under 1 Christ as in the Days of Nimrod. The ‘Guidelines’ will be the Luciferian 10 Unholy Commandments.

Such Solutions will be considered as Beneficial Answers to the survival and even Evolutionary Enhancement of Humanity due to the coming Global Economic, Spiritual and Political Meltdowns. Yet, as Lucifer can and does appear as an ‘Angel of Light’, his Main Weapon against a Fallen Humanity has always been his use of ‘Reason’ on Humanity as a Deception for its Manipulation and eventual Destruction. In reality, it is a Deception to interject his Authority and will over Humanity to Enslave it, ever since the Garden of Eden. His Aim, Desire and Ultimate Plan has been, in part to use Humanity’s Rebellion to work against YHVH, the True GOD, Creator of Heaven and Earth for his advantage.

Why do so many Humans that are associated with such Evil Secret Societies and Political Entities around the World Support and do the ‘Great Work’ of Lucifer? For those Followers of Lucifer, it is his Promises and Aspirations of Immortality of the Soul and to Rule and Reign in the coming ‘Brave New World’ Type of Future that are the Reasons for why so many decide to give their Soul over to the Dark Lord. Selling one’s Soul though is what is required to achieve this Elusive Goal of reaching ‘Divinity’ as promised by Lucifer. Since the Time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Lucifer has been promising the same Lie of Godhood to Humanity.

Hidden Agendas

Thus, a Central Theme of these Mystery Religions, Secret Societies, etc., has been the notion that Mankind can attain Godhood through Lucifer’s Rulership. Satan or more commonly known in Occult Circles as Lucifer is seen as Man's Ally, the Bringer of Light, etc. Nothing could be further than the Truth. It is Knowledge and Fire as in Prometheus that can accomplish this by Lucifer. Lucifer is requiring that Humanity be ‘Unified’ under 1 ‘Order’ and 1 ‘Christ’ for the purpose of being Ruled by Lucifer himself. According to the Bible, on the contrary, for Lucifer’s purposes, this New World Order is masking as an ‘Age of Reason’.

It will set the conditions to Slaughter Humanity, given the Right Time and Place. Lucifer will use any Means available in this Eternal Quest to attempt to take the very Throne of YHVH for himself. Those that follow Lucifer believe these Lies. It is Lucifer that is tricking Humanity, as with Eve, to believe that Man can become like GOD; that GOD is Unfair, Cruel and Jealous of Lucifer. The only way Lucifer can make ‘Good’ on his Promise is to somehow defeat Jesus Christ or Transform Humanity Genetically. The only Condition for Man to achieve this so-called State of Divinity is only found in Jesus Christ, and as a Gift no less out of Love, not Compulsion.

Until such Time, all of Humanity will Lucifer gather at the Battle of Armageddon in an attempt to prevent Jesus Christ from taking back the Earth and Restoring Paradise, i.e., the Garden of Eden. Though relatively unknown to most People, the Guidestones in the State of Georgia are the Trademarks of the Secret Quest of Luciferian Secret Societies. Such Satanic and Luciferian Cults aspire to achieve on behalf and under the Direction of Lucifer the 10 Commandments of their Dark Lord. To this End, the Globalists seek to Dominate and Rule every Facet of the Human Institutions in the World to accomplish this Task. The Account of the Guidestones Building Project goes something like this…

One R. C. Christian wanted to build an Edifice to transmit a Message to Mankind. His Name is a Euphemism for ‘Rosi-C-Rucian.’ Rosicrucians are the Satanic initiators of many of the Secret Societies, both in the Religious and Secular Realms that are seeking a New World Order with Lucifer as their ‘Christ’. Perhaps, as there was an implementation of the Mosaic Law, as with the Israelites in the Wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt and then 40 Years, so too now Humanity is on the verge of being ‘Initiated’ into a ‘New Law’ to correspond to its New Morality after some Worldwide Apocalyptic Event on the Near Horizon or just after the 40-Year Marker. This Calculus would be 2020, 1980 + 40 = 2020.

This coming Parallel could be much like the LORD’s 10 Commandments of the Judeo-Christian Bible given to Moses for Humanity through the Nation of Israel. As with Israel in the Old Testament, the LORD GOD YHVH Mandated a New Law, a New Morality for this New Nation birthed out of the Egyptian Apocalypse of Plagues, Disease and Death. Israel did not possess the ‘New World' or the Promised Land until 40 Years passed. These New 10 Commandments were Mandated by a Holy and Righteous Creator after the Destruction, or the ‘Apocalypse’ Experienced in Egypt as a Type of the World by the Hand of YHVH.

Apocalypse Soon
YHVH executed Judgment against the so-called ‘Gods’ of Egypt at that Time. These are the very same ‘Gods’ the Masons and the Secret Societies venerate to this Day. This Judgment of the 10 ‘Gods’ of Egypt by YHVH was done through the Hand of Moses. It so happens that, as some interpret the End of Days, YHVH will once again execute His judgment upon the Luciferian Empire as a Type of Egypt during the 7-Year Tribulation Period, after the Rapture. As it is now, even the Type of the 10 Plagues of Egypt are casting their Prophetic Shadow on the World.

The ‘Builders’ and Elders of Zion have released Bio-Chemical Agents such as Ebola and other Infectious Diseases upon the World as a Beta Test. It is a prelude of what is to come wholesale as depicted in the Book of Revelation. Perhaps once again, by the very hand of Moses as 1 of the 2 Witnesses that the Book of Revelation speaks about will Lucifer’s New World Order, the AntiChrist ‘Pharaoh’ and False Prophet be judged by.

This coming Judgment upon the Masons and the Elders of Zion is directly related to their Treatment of the Modern Nation of Israel and YHVH’s People throughout the Church Age. YHVH’s People have suffered Gruesome Martyrdom at the Hands of Luciferian Masonic Money Changers. Interestingly, if indeed 1 of the 2 Witnesses of Revelation is to be Moses, the 10 Plagues associated with these 2 Witnesses are identical to those of Egypt during the Time of Moses. It appears that Prophetically, once again such a Parallel Judgment will Fall on the coming Luciferian Masonic Kingdom of Pharaoh.

It was Moses who opposed Pharaoh during Israel’s Oppression and caused Egypt’s Apocalypse. As it is speculation, Moses could be one that will stand against the coming Luciferian Pharaoh, the AntiChrist of the New World Order and do the same. This study suggests that 1 of the Reasons for such a Prophetic Parallel Judgment like in the Times of Pharaoh, that sought to impede YHVH’s People, Israel is that in the End of Days such a Parallel Judgment will be a ‘Sign’ for Israel.

The Nation of Israel will see the ‘Signs of YHVH’ as they did in Egypt to expose the Deception of the False Christ of Lucifer. See Revelation 12. These ‘Signs and Wonders’ will replace the Time of the Age of Grace as the Luciferians Transition into their Age of Reason. Again, perhaps an event like the Rapture will allow and clear the way to throw-off the Judeo-Christian Morality as it is replaced by the AntiChrist’s Religion of Reason centered around the newly rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.

The Bible states that the coming ‘Pharaoh’ will only be revealed as the Restrainer is set aside that many speculate is the Rapture Event. It will be required before their New World Order can be established, and the Rise of the AntiChrist and False Prophet can occur to take its place, due to the Spiritual Vacuum left by the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. As with the Time of Moses, so too perhaps a coming Apocalypse is to come upon the Earth/World that will lead to a New Set of Laws, the Noahide Laws.

Brave New World and 1984 George Orwell

What could be spectacular is that the original Ark of the Covenant that Moses built, does actually surface and is placed in the coming 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Then the Showdown would be that more amazing as it would be the very Ark in which the AntiChrist ‘Pharaoh’ will sit himself down to be Worshiped as a ‘God’ as the Pharaohs were. The coming Tribulation Period that will coincide with the New Age of Reason will be about a New Morality, Law and ‘God’.

The World of the last Terminal Generation will rather turn its Back on the True Christ, Jesus that has given Humanity all that they seek in Lucifer. Because of this disposition, the Bible states that YHVH will give the World over to the ‘Lie’. This is the Deception of Lucifer that persuades Humanity to join in the Rebellion and Rejection of YHVH’s Holy Laws, and the present Dispensation of Forgiveness and Grace. The ‘Strong Delusion’ spoken in Scripture will come and will affect all those that have rejected Christ and His saving Gospel. Perhaps the Georgia Guidestones will be part of the ‘Lie’ that will be given.

Humanity will realize too late, that this New Luciferian 10 Commandments, New Morality and RELIGION of the Masonic ‘Age of Reason’ will only culminate in the Massive Extermination of Billions of Souls that will be deemed ‘Unsuitable’ for their Humanistic Luciferian Age. This coming Apocalyptic Time on Earth will be of the likes of The Brave New World and 1984. To reiterate, the Luciferian 10 Commandments as Coded on the Georgia Guidestones, are what will be used to Prescribe the New Morality of the New Age to follow after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. These Luciferian Commandments will set the Stage for a New ‘Morality’ thereafter.

Thereafter what? The Georgia Guidestones Monument to Lucifer’s 10 Commandments speaks in a ’Past’ Tense. It is insinuating that a need for Eugenics has to occur. The Luciferians await some sort of a Worldwide Apocalyptic Event that will usher in their New World Order. Can it also be the Rapture Event? Perhaps it might be an Atomic Apocalypse of one of their Planned Pandemics. Perhaps this Event will be the Psalm 83 War or Ezekiel's’ 38-39 War that requires the Genetic Control of Humanity thereafter through Forced Vaccinations.

One of the premier Luciferian Precepts insinuated in the 10 Commandments is that certain Human Conditions will have been achieved. The Primary Stipulation is that the World Population will have been reduced to 500 Million Worldwide and that it must be maintained at that level. Perhaps it will have been as a result of some Thermo-Nuclear Exchange and the After-Effects.

According to most Occultists, the Final Plan to usher in their AntiChrist is through their 3rd World War between the Nation of Israel and the Muslim Confederacy of Nations. As with the Current Tensions with a Nuclear Iran and all those Muslim Paramilitary Factions surrounding Israel, the Arab Confederation of the Psalm 83 War is now in place for such a Military Exchange - and a Nuclear one at that based on Isaiah 17. This will be the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations attacking Israel.

To reiterate, the Luciferians seek to Replace the Creator’s Laws, the current Age of Grace and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their Great Work is to have it be substituted with the 10 Commandments of the ‘Pure Doctrine of Lucifer’ as Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall hailed it in their Writings. In order for this to happen fully, the ‘Restrainer’ or Holy Spirit is to be set aside. Perhaps at the point of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will this coincide with this Transition of the ‘Ages.’ The End Result will be because Humanity chose Sin, Physical, Spiritual and Eternal Death. This coming Satanic Episode of Humanity will end as it began.

Humanity fell into the clutches to Satan at the Beginning of Time. It will be no different than when Lucifer ‘Reasoned’ with Eve. The coming Brave New World will be about a Transformation, and it will be about Trans-Humanism. Huxley’s novel ‘The Brave New World’ depicts a Society that is governed by Eugenics to include Thought and Behavior Controls much like the Book ’1984’. That Book depicts a New Humanity that is controlled by a ‘Mark.

A ‘1984’ Numeral Code is even part of the Guidestones Latitude Coordinates. This Code perhaps echoes the Book by George Orwell ‘1984’. If by chance, it denotes the attributes of the anticipated Age of the coming NWO AntiChrist. The coming Age of Reason may very well be a Time characterized by Fertility Laws, Thought and Activity Restrictions on Society. It will be when the ‘State’ has the Ultimate Control of what is considered ‘Truth’; Good, Bad, Right, Wrong. And what is ‘reasonable’ and/or real. The Guidestones have the following coordinates.

1984°N 82.894506°W

It will be about Genetically ‘Marking’ everyone. As the Fallen Angels in Genesis 6 interbred with Humans, an attempt will be made once again to Mix with the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ in creating Human Hybrids that is part of the Trans-Humanist Agenda and selling point of being able to be ‘Gods’. It will be a Eugenicist’s dream come true.

All Health, Economic and Business Transactions will be Monitored and Controlled by a World Centralized Entity through the Mark of the Beast that will involve some sort of interface with the Human Body, specifically the Right Hand or the Head. According to the Description of the coming ‘New Age’ of Reason, it is nothing more than a Hellish Luciferian attempt to De-Humanize Mankind from its original Creation and have it Defaced from the True ‘Image and Glory’ of the Creator, YHVH. Such an Orwellian Society is actually prophesied to occur in the End of Days before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Book of Revelation.

The USA will play a major role in this Transformation of the Ages. It will Metaphorically have to be set on ‘Fire’ as a Masonic ‘Phoenix’ in an anticipation of the birthing-out of the Ashes of the current ‘Old World Order’ the new Phoenix Luciferian Order. Thus, to reiterate, possible 33-Year and 40-Year Countdown has been Encoded into the Guidestones. It could be Signaling when the New ‘Age of Reason’ is to be initiated. This Date corresponds 2020, that in turn could have been a Turning Point.

It could have Signaled when the NWO is to either come to the forefront of Builder’s Agenda or when the current Order, which is the USA, is to start to Implode Systematically. Because of the Date of March 22, 1980 (3-22) when the Guidestones were set up, most, if not all, ascribe the Luciferian 10 Commandments in some regard to the Masonic Skull and Bones Luciferian Order. Such Collegiate Fraternal Orders emphasize one aspect of the Occult over others but in the End, all are tied together by Numbers that lead to the same Source, Lucifer. Here below are just some Innuendos regarding the Occultic Number 322 that is tied to the Date of March 22.

1- The Health Care passed in the United States on March 22, 2010 (Universal Time).
2- The Collegiate Secret Society of Yale 322 appoints Leaders of the United States and the World.
3- The Date of March 22 happens to be the 1st Day of Aries or Mars during the Spring Equinox.
4- The Gulf Wars had either started or ceased on March 22nd.

Following are some Mathematical Associations that divulge the Hidden Meaning behind 322, it is in fact a Masked 666.

     322        322                  6       6       6
+   233   x   233             +   5       5       5
=   555   =   666              = 11    11      11

322 and 33 Years = 3+2+2 = 7 + (3+3) = 13 = ‘Rebellion’

The Guidestones are 1 Degree North of the 33rd Degree Latitude of Atlanta, Georgia. This Major Southern U.S. City is next to the 32º Latitude of the U.S. Mother Masonic Lodge in Charleston. Atlanta is given the Name because the Eastern Shoreline of the USA was the Western Shoreline of the famed ‘Lost Continent’ of Atlantis that perhaps Lucifer once ruled.

It is speculated that this Golden Age on Earth occurred before the Creation of Humanity in the revamping of Earth and the Creation of the 1st Humans, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden according to the Book of Genesis. The Georgia Guidestones consist of 4 Major Stone Blocks that contain 10 ‘Guidelines’ written in 8 Languages.

1. English
2. Spanish
3. Swahili
4. Hindi
5. Hebrew
6. Arabic
7. Chinese
8. Russian

A shorter message is inscribed at the top of the Structure in 4 Ancient Languages.

1. Babylonian
2. Classical Greek
3. Sanskrit
4. Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The 4 Ancient Languages denote the 4 Ancient ‘Orders’ or Empires in which the Luciferian teachings of the Occult Mystery Religions had been embraced in the Worship of Lucifer. In fact, the Book of Revelation alludes to these World ‘Orders’ as being part of a ‘Harlot’ System that has been ‘Drunk with the Blood of the Saints’ down through the Ages or ‘Orders’. Some other peculiarities about the Georgia Guidestones are as follows.

- off Highway 77
- 7.2 (72) Miles North of Elberton
- 1.3 (13) Miles South of County Line
- 119 tons (911) combined Weight

The Monument is 19 Feet 3 Inches (5.87 M) tall, made from 6 Granite Slabs. In terms of Luciferian Astrology, the Guidestones also incorporate Keyholes that are aligned to when the Solstices and Equinoxes converge, etc.

The coming AntiChrist is represented by the Number 322. It is really a concealed 666 which appears to be encoded in the overall Height of the monument of 18 Feet and the Number 3-2-2, which is a masked 666 as to the Year it was built, 1980.

1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18 or
6 + 6 + 6 = 18

The Monument provides several Astronomical functions. The Stones are placed so that a Slit at Eye-Level in the central upright Slab permits an Observer to view the Eastern Horizon. The Slit also Aligns with the Position of the Rising of the Sun at the Summer Solstices and Winter Solstices. Through the Center Stone, from South to North, a 2-Inch Diameter Hole is inclined at an Angle of 34º and points to the North Celestial Pole of Ursa Minor.

Thus, it appears that this 33-Year Period since the Dedication of the Georgia Guidestones in 1980 and a 40-Year Period since the giving of this Luciferian 10 Commandments has been indeed a Countdown or Preparation of sorts needed to Condition the World for this New Age of Reason to follow.

If the current direction of Social-Political and Economic upheaval continues in the USA, the Blueprint from the Brave New World and 1984 appears to finally come upon not only the USA but the World. Here below are some other Astrological Observations of the Monument.

1. Polaris, the North Star in Ursa Minor, is visible through a Hole drilled in the Gnomon Stone.
2. The 4 Guidestones are aligned in a Paddlewheel Formation pointing to the limits of the 18.6 Year Lunar Declination Cycle.
3. Weather permitting, every Day at Noon the Sun will shine through a 7/8 inch hole drilled through the Capstone onto the South Face of the Gnomen Stone.
4. The Stones mark Time somewhat like the Gnomon Finger of a Sundial. It is also slotted to allow viewing of Sunrise and Sunset throughout the Year.
5. The Gnomon also Marks the Summer and Winter Solstices. The Fall and Spring Equinoxes are marked with a Groove at the Center of the Slot.

The New Order will require some Horrific Apocalyptic Event for the Transition to occur. This Event could perhaps start on a March 22, (322) date of some given Year. The plan of the Globalists Luciferians has always been to use the USA; the New Atlantis as the Nation which would gradually maneuver the rest of the World into the ‘New Phoenix’. This New World Order controlled the Global New Economy, Religion, and Government of the emerging Age. The Phoenix started in 1776 with the USA, perhaps its ‘End’ will be based on a prior study that suggests 33 Cycles of Sabbaths or 33 x 7 = 231 Years.

The Start Time would be from the U.S Coin Act of 1792. This is believed when the Luciferian took over the USA.  1792 + 231 = 2023. Will this be the Year the New World Order starts with their 10 Commandments? Their Luciferian Conspiracy was initiated on the New Continent of America, the ‘New World.’ Perhaps America has been a Time-Marker that possibly will be witnessing the Final Stages of the USA as the New World Order’s Plan calls for the deliberate Staging of the final 3rd World War that is to usher in their AntiChrist ‘Law-Giver’. In some way, the USA will be that catalyst. This is perhaps how the USA is figured into the End of Days and End Time Prophecy.

The NWO will use these Elements to implement a Monumental Change for Humanity’s course that will ultimately have their Dark Lord come personally on the Scene. This coming False Christ will be coming shortly whereby the NWO’s AntiChrist will arise to implement the 10 Luciferian Unholy Commandments like a ‘Moses’ to the Jewish Nation and the World at large after the 40-Year Countdown as mandated on the Georgia Guidestones. This will be done in conjunction with the power of the False Prophet that will perform ‘Signs and Lying Wonders’ through the Power of Lucifer, the Devil.

Leading-up to this Time, the planned 3rd World War will most likely create the ‘Apocalyptic’ Conditions in the rest of the World needed to ‘Transition’ into the Age of Reason. It will be through intense Human Bloodshed and Suffering that the New Masonic ‘Order out of Chaos’ will be Born. What this could also mean then for America is that it is the possible End of the USA as it has been put on notice regarding the 33-Year and its 40-Year Countdown to the Last Luciferian Masonic Empire and its New World Order of ‘Reason’.

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