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The purpose of this study is to consider some Evidence as to the Correlation of why one believes, more so, that the 4th Industrial Revolution is actually a Veiled Rendition of the 4th Reich. And why is this significant or perhaps Prophetically Significant? It is because it is here. It is about a Sinister Luciferian Agenda, that at the core is Spiritual or Religious. The Underlying Factor is the Notion of such a ‘Reich’ or Kingdom attempting to Rule the World, a ‘Holy Roman Empire’ in this case. However, it will be just 1 Arm of the New World Order that will have its Political World Capital centered in Jerusalem.

It will be from that City that the Biblical AntiChrist will attempt to Unify the World, what is left of it after the Rapture Event of the Bride of Christ is removed from the Planet. Realize that the Last Book of the Bible, Revelation speaks of a False Prophet, a Religious World Leader that is so galvanizing, that he will Rally the World around this coming World Political-Economic-Medical ‘Reich’ Savior. So, much so, that it is this 2nd Beast, described as a Lamb but speaking as Dragon, that will convince the World to take the Mark of the Beast, or His Name or Number, that being 666, in order to Live.

And how is all this tied to or related to the 4th Reich being the 4th Industrial Revolution? It is because it is being transitioned by COVID, Crypto and Climate Change Protocols. They are now already infused into the Psyche and Narrative that is Broadcasted, in everything and everywhere by the Power-That-Be who control the Media, Money Medicine, etc. For context, various Definitions of what is a ‘Reich’ and ‘Industrial Revolution’ will be covered. It is to better Understand what is at stake here; People’s Bodies and Souls. One might argue, what is the ‘Big Deal’ about a Natural Progression of a Social-Political Construct as a ‘Reich’? Or what of the Evolution of Industry? Nothing really, if such ‘Progression’ was Transparent, Organic and Just. It is not.

Their Reich is nothing but an attempt at Controlling all of Humanity. In fact the latest Iteration of the 4th Reich or 4th Industrial Revolution spell-out such conditions that are not Negotiable nor will allow any Meaningful Dissent. As it is attributed to the late Orson Wells, he is quoted as saying that the New World Order is coming and that, ‘A lot of People are going to Die trying to prevent it’. This is true and will be true. And one’s Stipulation is that the 4th Industrial Revolution is now being Implemented, ever so ‘softly’ through the COVID, Crypto and Climate Change Narratives. Why COVID? It was a pretext and still is and will be that will lead-up to the Mark of the Beast. Wherein, the Human Body will be connected to all 3 Aspects and Protocols. How so? Bio-Metrics.

Controlling the Narrative

Now as to the Context. Back around 2009-10 or so, just over a Decade now, one wrote an Article on the ‘Rise of the 4th Reich’. A beloved Sister from Germany, Named Ala actually brought this Article to one’s Attention. In her Research, she came across it and mentioned it in the Online Blog, Revelation 12 Daily. As an Amateur Historian, and a Political Scientist by Degree, one saw, as many did and do, how the run-up with the Bush’s, the Obama’s, the Clinton’s and what was happening then appeared to ‘Mirror’ how Hitler came to power and what happened in Germany was happening to the USA then and is now just about complete as the USA and the World are transitioning.

 But based on one’s Knowledge of the Scheming Satan Worshipers, their Agenda, Blueprint and Timeline is easy to Guesstimate. They will even tell you in their Plans and Predictive Programming what they intend to do. It is a sort of a Bizarre Code of Conduct that has to be proclaimed on you before they do it to you. It is like the Dracula Syndrome. According to Lore, a Vampire cannot enter one’s Home unless ‘invited’, etc.

It ‘Absolves’ the Luciferians of Guilt, as for example with the Injections, they say, ‘No one is forcing anyone to take them’. But they do, indirectly through Pressure, the Media, Public Opinion and Pharmakeía, or by way of their Magic Medicine Potion Spells. One had to re-read the Article and my, my, how a lot has turned out to be so True, unfortunately. The worst is yet to come, their Luciferian 4th Reich that is Veiled as the 4th Industrial Revolution. It was Hitler, after all, who stated that if you told a Lie enough Times, People would come around to believing it to be a Truth.

Fall of the American Phoenix



 And is it not strange or ‘coincidental’ that in December of 2022, in Germany, they arrested a supposed ‘Conspiracy Fringe Group’ that is said to have wanted to overthrow the German Government. And guess who was part of the Cohort? Anti-Vaxxers’, Anti-Lock-Down People; the Usual Suspects. They are directly associating such People with ‘Conspiracy’ and ‘Extremists’ so that People will dismiss their claims. And in the Near Future, even in the USA, those with similar Anti-Reich Sentiments will be Arrested.

And it is working. On a personal level, to show how this 4th Reich is using COVID to Contaminate, Cull and Control Humanity, one will share what occurred to a fellow Colleague whose Father is getting up in Years. The Dad fell and was rushed to the Hospital. He had not been exposed to no one. Well, come to find out that he ‘Tested’ Positive for COVID at the Hospital. Lucky, the Colleague’s Sister was present and in contact with one’s Colleague who instructed the Sister to Emphatically Request that the Dad be not given the COVID Shots nor Remdesivir.

Knowledge is Truly Power

It is known that a large Percentage of the Test Results are False Positives. And it has also been revealed that Fauci banned all Treatment of COVID, mainly with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Even though, for some 70 Years, they demonstrated that with the Human Versions, and with Zinc that carried the Agents through the Cell Walls, they have been an Effective Treatment for Viral Infections. Fauci instead only Authorized any COVID Treatment to be exclusively done with Remdesivir. And if People saw that other Documentary about the Water, that Remdesivir is made out of is basically ‘Snake Venom’. And guess who is one of the main Patent Holders of Remdesivir? Fauci.

And that is why most that have been ‘Treated’ by Remdesivir at the Hospital have suffered Kidney Failure. And this is exactly what Snake Venom does to a Body when bitten. Eventually the Venom will dissolve the Kidney Tissues and cause Death by Renal Failure. And once the Kidneys go, that is it. Nurses are said to say that Remdesivir stands for ‘Run-Death-Is-Near’. Then come to find out they wanted to give the Dad the COVID Shot and put him on a Ventilator and give him Remdesivir. All he had was just a bad Fall. They would have, for sure ‘Murdered’ Him in the Hospital. It is the Incentive every time a Hospital uses Remdesivir and then People ‘Died’ of COVID.

 One asked the Colleague, ‘How did you know to demand that in the File, that your Dad not be Given the COVID Injection, not be put on a Ventilator that would have ‘blown-out’ his Lungs nor be ’Treated’ with Remdesivir?’ One replied by saying, ‘You saved his Life’. He replied, ‘You told me and I read all that in the Books you gave me’. And then the Colleague further said, ‘I was at the Grocery Store’, and had a Passing Conversation that I struck-up with a person. I mentioned the alarming COVID Injection Deaths to him and how I was not wanting to take the Shot. And that 1 one of the Prominent Inventors of the mRNA Technology, Dr. Robert Malone has actually come out Publicly to Denounce the use, especially with Children that the new Gene Therapy has now been Authorized for’. COVID Injections are now a requirement for School.

And assuredly, guess what the Man said? ‘Oh, that is just a Conspiracy Theory’. If the Deception is so Bad now, can one imagine when the Great Deception will be given and allowed after the Rapture? And as to the 4th Reich Article of over a Decade old now, one made a Chart comparing the 2 Timelines of the Rise of the 3rd Reich with the Rise of the 4th Reich in the USA. It shows just how similar the Agenda is and is coming True. There will also be 2 Videos highlighted in the End Notes from the Article that exposes the Reich’s Agenda. If one notes in the Investigation, a Pertinent Point is made. No Nazi Representatives were present to Sign the Surrender of the 3rd Reich after World War 2.

It was only the German Government, and General Military that ‘Officially Surrendered’. The Point? The Nazis did not Surrender and the Reich still Reigns. And back then in 2009-2020, thereabouts, one Estimated the Timeline to 2022, when their 4th Reich would come about. And here they are now. Now in Hind-Sight, one now sees how this 4th Reich is really the 4th Industrial Revolution of another German, Klaus Schwab. It is really the Implementation of the 4th Reich. They are the Same People and Agenda. And how has this been implemented? Through COVID-Crypto-Climate. This is the Plan.

Reich Still Reigns

The 2nd Video is a very interesting one. It is about how there were Eye-Witnesses and Evidence that Hitler made it to Argentina at the End of World War 2. Several Argentinian Nurses and other People attested to this Evidence. It is a Theory of course, but the Circumstantial Proof is Compelling. One remembers when one was in Brazil on Missions. The Locals corroborated the Notion that Hitler had made it to Argentina. There are many Germans in Argentina and Southern Brazil. It is a very interesting Topic, but it puts a New Perspective on who writes History and that Humanity has been Played. Here below are the Terms for what have been the ’Industrial Revolutions’.


It was the Transition to New Manufacturing Processes. This occurred mainly in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States, from around 1760 - 1840.


It is known as the Technological Revolution. It consisted of a Phase of Rapid Scientific Discovery.  It was characterized by Standardization, Mass Production, and Industrialization i.e., the ‘Assembly Line’. It was dependent on Human Labor or ‘Capital’, which means ‘Heads’. It was from the late 1890 - 1960.


This Time Period was characterized as a Digital Revolution, mainly due to the Computer. It was shift from Mechanical and Analogue Electronic Technology to Digital Electronics which began in the later 1950s - 2020s.


Known as ‘4IR’, or Industry 4.0, it conceptualizes the ‘Rapid Change to Technology, Industries, and Societal Patterns and Online Platforms. At its core is Data and Information Acquisition. It is about Processes using Artificial Intelligence A.I. to increase Inter-Connectivity and Smart Automation of ‘Everything’, i.e., the ‘Internet of Things and Bodies’. Merging ‘Man with Machine’.


What is a Reich? As mentioned, it is a German Word that roughly translates in English as ‘Realm’. It has Cognates in several other Germanic Languages. For example, the Swedish Parliament is the Riksdag. The German Parliament is the Reichstag. France is known as Frankreich in German, Frankrijk in Dutch, Frankrike in Swedish and Norwegian, and Frankrig in Danish. And the Point being? Most People without a History Background will never equate the Reich’s with the Holy Roman Empire. This is at the core of what has been, is and will be. It will be a merging of State and Religion.

The Reich’s are Renditions of the Holy Roman Empire of which, the Last One is the present 4th World Empire. It was shown to the Prophet Daniel. However, it was Voltaire who said it, ‘Was not Holy, Roman, or an Empire’. So, the Reich’s have their Origins in the Bible. The are Prophetic. It is where the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar had a Dream of 4 Beast and Metal Empires or Reich’s. Daniel and John were given the Revelation to Interpret them. They were in fact the 4 Kingdoms that would Rule the World until the Rock that ‘Fell from Heaven’ would come back to Destroy them. And?

Babylonian Core

The 4th Kingdom was Rome, is Rome and will be Rome. But more importantly, Rome would be the longest Ruling Reich to do such and would be in play as the 10-Toe Confederation. The 4 Empires followed an Anthropomorphic Iteration. This is where many Bible Scholars suggest this ‘Union’ will be a European one, specifically from where the 4th Beast Iteration will be the merging of Religion with the State, as it had been under the prior 2 Holy Roman Empires and since the King of Babylon really. Note the Source of Power from where this present attempt at establishing the 4th Reich or Revolution comes from, Babylon.

That is to say that in Reality, the 4 Iterations of these World Empires or Reich’s have been an Echo of Babylon, its Power and Spirit. Thus, the coming New World Order will merge the Roman Catholic Church or Religion with the Political States of the European Union into a Confederation of 10 Nations. One suggests that 5 Nations will be from Western Europe and 5 Nations will be from Eastern Europe. Note that the Eastern European ones extend into Asia and the Middle East. It could be the Iron with Clay.


This Kingdom fusing the Pope with the Christ Figure, Charlemagne in 800 AD and with Otto the Great in 962 AD. Popes Leo 3 and John 12 respectively crowned them as Rulers of a supposed Revived Roman Empire in the West. This Latin-German Empire lasted 1000 Years. It was Napoleon who ended the 1st Reich and took it upon himself to be its Successor.


In Parallels, the legacy of the 1st Reich was continued into the 2nd Reich as the German Empire from AD 1871 to AD 1918. It was founded by Bismarck as the ‘Christ Figure’. It lasted until the end of World War 1 when a Republic in Berlin was declared. The Kaiser or ‘Caesar’, Wilhelm 2 went into exile in the Netherlands.


The Third Reich existed from 1933 to 1945 (12 Years Total) and became a Dictatorship ruled by Adolf Hitler who used ‘Democracy’ to Destroy it. ‘By Peace he will Destroy Many’. He was Elected Chancellor. The Nazi Political Strategy was to blame Internal Enemies and Exterminate them, the Jews and blame External Enemies and invade them.


As to the Holy Roman Empire? Where was that seen? Note that Hitler made a Pack with Mussolini of Italy. In turn, Mussolini made a ‘Deal with the Vatican’. The Point? The Reich did not Surrender after World War 2. It is still very much ‘Alive and Well’ and about to Return as the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Nazi Remine and Power Apparatus just went Underground and its Elite Scientists and Officers were conscripted into the U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Such People are the ones responsible for the CIA, NSA, NIH, DARPA, who by the way, designed the Internet, Nano-Technology, Luciferase, Project Blue-Beam, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Atomic Bomb, NASA, etc. So, when did the Third Reich fall? Technically, it did not. Evidence? According to Research, the German Instrument of Surrender stated the following. The point is that there was no Documentation stating that the Nazi Apparatus was to also Surrender.

Where is the Reich Now?
The Nazi Surrender and transferal of its Sovereignty never happened. So, legally speaking, the Reich is still an Entity. After World War 2, either East Germany or West Germany claimed to be a Successor State to the Third Reich. This means that the Legal Systems of the German Reich, the Technical Term for the 3rd Reich still exists. And one argues is presently Transitioning into the 4th Reich. How so? It would have to be a Super European State with Germany at its core. It will appear to be Democratic at first, but People will gladly relinquish their Bodily Sovereignty for this New COVID-Crypto-Climate Fusion of Being after the Rapture. It is already happening. The Terms of the German ‘Surrender’ did not even exercise their Sovereignty over the Divided Germany.

‘This Act of Military Surrender is without Prejudice to and will be Superseded by any General Instrument of Surrender imposed by, or on behalf of the United Nations and applicable to GERMANY and the German Armed Forces as a whole’.

‘Supreme Authority in Germany will be Exercised, on Instructions from their respective Governments, by the Commanders-In-Chief of the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the French Republic, each in his own Zone of Occupation, and also jointly, in Matters affecting Germany as a whole, in their Capacity as Members of the Supreme Organ of control constituted under the present Agreement’. 

So, where is the Reich now? It is found in the U.N. Pseudo World Agencies as in such places as the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum. And their aim? Again, it is to usher-in Lucifer as their Ultimate Fuhrer AntiChrist to Contaminate, Cull and Control all of Humanity. They seek a Eugenicist Agenda of Evolving the Human Body, technologically to achieve ‘Immortality’. But it is only for the Elites as any remaining Humans are to be Dumbed-Down and Subservient Slaves used as Cattle.

They seek to have an Earth where Resources are insured for the Perpetual ‘Eden’ they envision to enjoy, for as long as they can. And this is why the COVID, Crypto, and the Climate Narrative is crucial to Inculcate into the Masses. This is how the 4th Reich or 4th Revolution is being brought about, 1 COVID Injection to the Body at a Time. And eventually, once the Bride of Christ is Raptured out from Earth, it will facilitate the merging the Crypto and Carbon Credit now tied Bio-Metrically to one’s Body. It will mirror the Fusion of Religion with State as the Vatican Religious Pontiff makes a Pact with the coming AntiChrist.

The COVID Plandemic was a Beta Test. And now it has been reported by a Whistleblower, who had actually worked in the Wuhan Lab, that the COVID-19 Virus was Man-Made and Released. This in turn gave the Reason to Declare a Worldwide Emergency to Mandate Masks, Distancing and the Injections. This also would go along with Censorship of any Contention to Control the Narrative, etc. Bottomline is that the current Mouthpiece of the 4th Industrial Revolution and really, the 4th Reich is Klaus Schwab. He has plainly said publicly, on several occasions now, what the Definition of the 4th Industrial Revolution really is. It is the ‘Merging of Man with Machine’. And how is that to be done? Through the New mRNA Injections, 1 person at a Time.

Righteous Reich of Jesus

But so long as the COVID Injected survive its Adverse Effects, it is such People whose Genetics or DNA will make-up the 4th Reich’s New World Order Grid of being able to participate in the ‘Buying and Selling’. See ‘Died Suddenly’. To get there, this is why the World Governments had to roll-out the Injections under Emergency Authorization Use, and Billions just went along with it. The Point being that it is through the New mRNA that the Human Body, going into their 4th Reich, will be connected due to COVID ‘Vaccine’ Mandates’. This in turn will have one’s Body tied to Crypto-Currency through Patented Block-Chain Technology.


And then one will be allotted a certain amount of Carbon Credits so as to ‘Save Mother Earth’. This is why during the COP27 Meeting, World Leaders agreed to implement the COVID Passport. That ‘Vaccine’ will eventually then be tied to one’s Digital Wallet through Block-Chain and only able to conduct Bodily Activities within one’s Allotted Carbon Credit. This is how the 4th Industrial Revolution veils the 4th Reich Hitler could only have dreamed of.

It is also about Transitioning to a Super-Race of Humanity that will involve Trans-Humanism and the Merging of Man with Machine. It is now evident and clear as Day. The 2 Videos will also dispel the ‘Official Narrative’ of History in the way it is Written and Taught, that in actuality, is the Opposite. There are some Violent Scenes of People being shot, and who is really behind these Reich’s, Lucifer and those who follow his version of the Garden of Eden and what Humanity can ‘Evolve’ into, mainly a False Promise of becoming ‘Gods’ on Earth. This means the Murder and Enslavement of 90% of Humans. How?

You lie to them through the Narrative of COVID, Crypto and Climate Change. COVID-19 was a Beta Test. They now have perfected the Protocols and Weaknesses in their Systems of Mass Genocide. It is because Lucifer seeks to convert Earth into a Gulag, a Prison Planet. And Lucifer and his Human Minions seek to Murder, Steal and Destroy as many Human Souls before Jesus returns. But the Human Blood Lines currently implementing their 4th Reich believe that the Elites will Rule with Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. But Lucifer is deceiving such Naïve People. Lucifer is tricking them into believing that He and his Fallen Angels will ‘share’ the Reich with Humans? No they are not. Amazingly, it is Jesus that promised to Share His Kingdom with a Fallen Humanity.

And it has been through the Present Church Age that YHVH is specifically Calling-Out a Bride from out of the Gentiles. This ‘Bride of Christ’ will be Co-Rulers and Heirs of all that Christ has won over from Lucifer. It is like when King David, while off fighting had his Wives and Property Stolen from him by the Philistines. David mounted an Attack and with his Mighty Men secured back his Family and Furniture. Why the 4th Reich is the 4th Industrial Revolution is that only now can this ‘Revolution’ or Reich come about. What prior Industrial Revolutions has been contingent upon has been Technology.

This is now the Prophetic Aspect of the coming Last Reich is at last here because the Bible predicted this would occur. When? In the Last Days according to what was revealed and given to the Prophets Daniel, John and others. Hitter, who established the 3rd Reich, only lasted 12 Years. Then note that in 1938, he started World War 2, which lasted for 7 Years. Note the 7-Year Tribulation Period Parallel. His dilemma? Hitler did not have the Technology of Today.

Now with mRNA Technology, Nano-Bots, Luciferase, Hydrogel, Scientists, Industrialists who are Luciferian and Eugenicists have what Hitler lacked, Technology. Now, the implementation of their 4th Reich of 1000 Year Kingdom is occurring. But it will only last 7 Years. As noted, the German Word for Reich is actually more accurate in rendering it ‘Realm’ or Kingdom. However, it will be a Failed Attempt by the German-Centered Reich’s of before in Europe that sought to Rule the World through 2 World War. Point being is that the 4th Reich one is still to come. It is here and being Implemented 1 COVID Shot at a Time.

This is why the COVID Narrative will never go away. But instead, it will be the Return of Jesus after their 7-Year Allotment of Time is concluded that Jesus will establish a True Reich of 1000 Years on Earth. It will be a Righteous Reich. He will still Rule from Jerusalem, as the World’s Capital in a Restored Garden of Eden with True Peace and Security. It is called the Millennial Kingdom or ‘Reich’. But in contrast, Jesus will be a Just and Benevolent Ruler.


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