Watch Under a Microscope –
Your Cells Create a Corona Cell…
Have We Been Conned into Killing
Our Immune System?

Censured Article that Led to Ban of Entire Website

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'It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.' -Attributed to Mark Twain

The following screenshot is an example of the evidence from a May 22, 2020 article with video posted to HealthandMoneyNews.com that is now pulled from the internet of the dangers of the COVID-19 shots. The article published the following observation along with a video of how the human body’s Immune System fights-off a cancerous tumor and how that looked like under a microscope. It showed that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are designed to actually and eventually destroy a human’s Immune System that will lead to certain death. The point was that in fighting infections and such things as cancerous tumors, the body’s Immune System will produce Corona-looking virus cells, with its now iconic spheres of ‘protein spikes’, as an after-processes. 

Thus, once injected with the COVID-19 mRNA shot, the ‘vaccination’ of the mRNA is ‘programed’ to attack those Corona-looking virus cells. But the point is that these Corona-looking virus cells, are now part of the natural body’s Immune System. This is essential the syndrome brought about by HIV. This is the plan. As it is, this latest bio-engineered Corona Virus 19 or SARS Cov-19 has been found to have 18 strands of HIV in it so far, discovered by those that have mapped-out the genome of the ‘virus’. Coronaviruses occur naturally, and in fact are part of the life cycle and needed in a human body where they are used for immunity processes. This article and video were published by Health & Money News.

It was censored and the cause to have the entire website pulled from WordPress thereafter. Why? This screenshot below is what only could be salvaged at the time, if many had not downloaded the article perhaps. Increasingly, entire websites was taken down for going against the Medical Martial Law narrative and the Scientific Inquisition now in play. The global pressure to vaccinate the entire world population is not about immunization but establishing and connecting every human body to a biometric surveillance grid. Most people do not know or realize that the COVID-19 shots are linked or will be linked to an eventual Digital Wallet for banking and financial purpose to ‘buy and sell’. There will be an eventual connection to the Block Chain technology that is already patented. The technology of this matrix is being set-up now and will eventually function also as a biometric transponder in real time to relay one’s bodily functions, conditions, and whereabouts for those who survive the side-effects.

From the Article
Is this just a coincidence???? But this is an electronic Microscope showing you how a natural anti cancer killer cell, when attacking a tumor, LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A COVID-19 VIRUS CELL? – this is filmed in real time.

This is a video of a cellular immunity enhancement product showing how our immune system works.. but at the 35 second mark of the video…you see round killer cells attack a tumor, then you will see it magically turn into a ‘coronavirus’ (which is not a virus) as the tumor brakes apart causing a corona around the offending tumor cell. Once the cells is taking apart by the smaller immune Cells the look of the offensive material has a corona.. IRONIC! THAT THIS IS BEING USED TO LOCK YOU DOWN WEAR A MASK AND EVENTUALLY FORCE YOU TO GET A VACCINE.


The mere fact that the COVID-19 shots are mRNA, will change the DNA and thereafter be replicated in every cell of the entire body. RNA are the codes that communicate with the DNA that tells the RNA what to do to the other parts of the DNA chain. Think of the mRNA shots as 'software code' to be run on a computer; the mRNA shot is the code being inputted and the human body is the computer.

 People, but especially Christians who are taking the COVID-19 shot and masking are either deceived, ignorant or have just not been aware of what expert Virologists and Scientists have been trying to do in sounding the alarm to tell the world of the dangers of these experimental COVID-19 shots that are technically not a 'vaccination'. Such Virologists and Doctors that present an alternative Scientific Narrative are being silenced. Why? Please read the testimonies/articles of these Doctors and Scientists in the following resource page. Your life may depend on it.

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