Redemptive Plane of YHVH displayed in the Cosmos

  • Are there Astronomical Motifs tied to the Doctrine of the Trinity?
  • Is there a depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus, Astronomically?
  • What is the 'Universal Template' and where does it come from?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For 3 be, that give witnessing in Heaven, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost and these 3 be 1. And 3 be, that give Witnessing in Earth, the Spirit, Water, and Blood; and these 3 be 1.’  -1 John 5:7-8 Wycliffe Bible

The purpose of this study is to depict the ‘Astronomical Trinity’ that is construed with configuring the Circumference of the Galactic Equator. Using the Software Stellarium, one can manipulate the Orientation of the Constellations in the Cosmos to varying Degrees and Perspectives. The interest in investigating such a Notion came about as the result of the studies in the 7 Churches of Asia from the Book of Revelation. In that study, the Thesis was that the Topographical Layout of the 7 Locales starting from Ephesus, up to Pergamon and then down to Laodicea, appear to portray a ‘Pyramid’ triangulation and one in which has a Macro-to-Micro Relationship in terms of Size Proportion then to the Distance from Ephesus to Patmos.

This Hunch was based on the Amazing Calculation of how many Walking Miles it took to get from Laodicea, the Last Testimony to Jesus or Assembly, to then Walk in Miles to Ephesus, the 1st Assembly of Believers in Jesus during the Apostolic Age. The result, according to Google Earth, was exactly 300 Miles. However, if one then adds the Miles it takes from Ephesus to get to the Island of Patmos, where the Apostle John was Exiled, it is another 60 Miles. If one extends it to the Terminal Point of the island, it is 65 Miles. Thus, the Total Walk is an amazing 365 Miles as in Time and exactly 360 Miles as a Circle. Then if one superposes that Circle to the Points of Ephesus, Pergamon and Laodicea, which construes the ‘Pyramid’, the layout becomes the ‘Universal Template’ that is seen in how the Earth-to-Moon and the New Jerusalem are measured-out in terms of their Corresponding Sizes.

The question is then asked, what is the ‘Universal Pattern’ that is seen in these 3 Amazing Compositions? And are there more Applications and where does it come from? The question is also asked, if this ‘Universal Template’ is construed in a Topographical Application on 1 level, and then it is applied to the whole Relationship of the Earth to the Moon, and then with a ‘Heavenly’ construct of the New Jerusalem, can it be applied or seen in the Cosmos or ‘GOD’ Himself? Does it come from YHVH as He is the ‘Measure’ of All and the ultimate ‘Template’? Yes. Using Stellarium, this is exactly what also appears to be replicating at the level of the Universe. How the Universal Template is construed at this Astronomical Level is that having the Galactic Equator as the ‘Circle’ or Circumference, there are 3 Constellations that depict a ‘Man’ Imagery.  

Centrality of the Cross
These 3 Celestial Male Motifs are, Orion, Ophiuchus and Aquarius. If one positions the view of the Cosmos or Constellations in a North-South Axis, Orion in the South would be at the Top. Then Ophiuchus and Aquarius would be on the North Side or ‘Bottom’. If one would Triangulate the 3 Male Celestial Motifs, the ‘Pyramid’ is also constructed with Orion as the ‘Pinnacle’ and Ophiuchus and Aquarius as the ‘Base’. In the Pyramid Depiction, it is amazing to correlate that, as Orion is the ‘Head’. Its Motif has a ‘Torch of Light’ that would thus depict the ‘Pyramid’, as having a Shiny Reflection, as a Lighthouse would or the infamous ‘All-See-Eye’ Motif. The outline of Orion’s bottom nearly becomes the ’Capstone’ in appearance due to its near Triangulated Angles.

Then what is further correlating to the Universal Temple is that Ophiuchus has its Constellation forming the ‘Square’ or ’Box’ as it depicts the Core of the ’Body’. He is the Man that is Wrestling with a Serpent attempting to get at a Crown. This Composition would correlate to the ’Moon’, wherein the Circle of the Moon is configured within a ’Square’, as is the case for the New Jerusalem, etc. The Points are the following, based solely on such a Hypothesis. The Triangulation of the 3 Male Constellations appear to replicate, the Patterns found in the Topographical Layout of the 7 Churches of Asia study, the Earth to Moon Ratio of Size and the coming Dimension of the New Jerusalem. To better bring to light, the Features of this Cosmic Universal Template, a Square is also superimposed upon the Circumference of the Galactic Equator.

What is further Astonishing, in doing so, is that based on this Triangulation of the 3 Male Cosmic Motifs, it has the Constellation of Centaur, but specifically, Crux or the ‘Cross’ as the Fulcrum of this ‘Cosmic Template’. According to the Work and Research of the Meaning of the various Constellations by E.W. Bullinger, Centaur means, ‘The Despised Sacrifice’. In the Composition of the Motif, there is Centaur, depicting a Dual Nature as was Jesus Christ, was and is the GOD-Man. Under the Centaur is the Cross. Centaur has a Lance or Spear that pierces the Body of Lupus, which means, ‘The Victim’ sent to pay for the sins of Humanity. So too was Jesus Christ a ‘Victim’ and pierced by the Roman Spear at the Cross of Calvary. This ‘Fulcrum’ Point is determined by applying the Phi Ratio Spiral for a Visual Effect to show that in deed, this Triangulation of the Celestial Male Motifs are amazingly designed, intentionally to focus on the aspect of what the Focal Point of the Cosmos is, in this rendition of its Orientation, the Cross.

This does then take on a deeper and Cosmic Meaning when one stresses the ‘Centrality of the Cross of Jesus Christ’. Thus, based on such a Repeatable Correlation of this Template, could this triangulation of these 3 Male Celestial Motifs hint at or suggest a ‘Trinity’? Yes. It is already, Celestially and Astronomically provable that cannot be denied. The question is, does this entire Motif suggest the Trinity as understood by way of the Christian Doctrine? This study strongly suggests a ‘Yes’ for the following Reasons, based on the meaning of each of the 3 Celestial Male Motifs in brief. Orion, the Light Bearer is considered the supreme ‘GOD’ or Deity, both on Earth and in the Cosmos. On Earth, as has been shown by many studies, the main Centers of Power in Cities were constructed in the Formation of Orion and the 3 Belt Stars in particular. Orion went by many names, Osiris, Nimrod, Zeus, etc.

Archetype of the GOD
As the Mazzaroth has been corrupted by Lucifer, he does have an anti-type to each. In the case of Orion, it is associated with the Luciferian truncated, unfinished ‘Tower’ or pyramid with the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ and the ‘Torch of Liberty’, etc. Nonetheless, Orion would be ascribed to GOD the Father. The Constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, is one in which the GOD-Man is wrestling, struggling with a Serpent, Serpens that seeks to usurp his Kingdom, depicted by the Crown of Corona Borealis. It is a Depiction of how Lucifer attempted to overthrow Jesus Christ and has Echoes the Proto-Evangelium of Genesis 3:15. It is the 1st Prophecy given to Humanity in the Garden of Eden. It is that the Seed, that being Jesus Christ of the Woman, Virgo was to Crush the Head of Lucifer, Serpens. However, in this Seed War, this struggle, Lucifer was going to ‘Sting’ this coming Messiah to Death.

Thus, Astronomically, Scorpio’s Stinger is depicted stinging Ophiuchus in the Heel but Ophiuchus has his Foot crushing Scorpio's Head, as Depicted by the ‘Blood’ Red Color of the Star in Scorpio’s Head, Antares. Thus, this Depiction would clearly correspond to GOD the Son, Jesus. The 3rd Celestial Male Motif that is suggested, correlates to GOD the Holy Spirit, is Aquarius, the Water Bearer. This Constellation is depicted as a Humble Man, carrying a Jar of War that is being poured-out on Fishes. Specifically, pertinent to Aquarius, it speaks of the Work and Disposition of the God the Holy Spirit in how He works ‘Behind the Scenes’ as it were. He is Humble as a Dove and associated with Giving Gifts and Teaching the Word that ‘Washes’ as with Water the Believers as typified by ‘Fish’ in the New Testament. The Task is to prepare the Bride of Christ to be presented to Jesus Christ, GOD the Son 1 Day.

What further confirms that this Universal Template applied to the Cosmos in this Trinity is that as it was from Ephesus to Pergamon, and from the Moon to the Equator of the Earth, that these 2 Points of reference confirm the ‘Left’ side of Triangulation. In the case of the Celestial Trinity, it is where the Fulcrum of the Cross is situated as noted. However, this Angle is also where the Silver Gate with Orion and the Golden Gate with Ophiuchus are demarcated. In the Christian Perspective, Jesus can be found in all 3 Male Celestial Motifs, which speaks of the Mystery of what is the Trinity. Doctrinally, it is suggested that there is 1 GOD, as the Book of Deuteronomy clearly states. Yet, one can clearly see how there has been a Revelation that this 1 GOD has 3 Persons, much as a Hand has more than 1 Fingers, etc.

This Point is not to convince or expound on the Reality of there being a Trinity of the GOD-Head; but that even Astronomically, it is strongly suggested it is. One will attempt to use 3 Simple Examples that reflect the Creation of the ‘Image and Likeness’ of the Triune Creator, which is Jesus by the way according to Colossians and Philippians, and John, etc. But clearly, Jesus is not the Father nor the Holy Spirit and so on. Jesus said that He is like Light and Water. Scientifically, it has been proven and one can literally see and observe that Light has 3 Main Components to it, what can be Seen, Heard and Felt. Likewise, Water can be divided into its 3 Forms of State; that being a Solid, a Liquid and a Vapor. Lastly, as Human Beings were said to be Created in ‘Image and Likeness of YHVH’, one can Philosophize that Humans are in fact ‘Triune’ as GOD is.

3 That Bear Witness, in Heaven and on Earth

A Human Being has a Spirit, then a Soul which cannot be seen. Then there is the Body which can be seen. It is a perfect and true Reflection of the Triune GOD, YHVH. It is rather ironic that in the GOD-Head, it had been ‘Jesus’ or GOD the Son that has been ’Hidden’ as pointed out in a study called the ’Code of Creation’, based on the 1st Sentence of the Bible. Yet, it was the GOD the Son, that took on a ’Body’ of Bone, Flesh and Blood, of a Human to be ’Revealed’ and Seen and for all Eternity from now on. As one of the Disciples of Jesus asked Him, ’Show us the Father’.

Jesus replied, ’If you see me, you have seen the Father’. Amazing, and then Jesus encouraged His saddened Disciples at the News of Jesus’ Departure, but stated that, ’I will come to you’, yet He clearly stated that GOD the Holy Spirit would be sent by Him to come and indwell them or ’Seal’ them as a ’Down Payment’ of what is to come for Followers of Jesus, GOD. There are numerous Passages in both the Old and New Testament that clearly Delineate this Doctrine, but no single Verse will be found that emphatically states the case. For this Reason, many People reject the Notion of the Trinity as being ‘Pagan’, Heretical, and Idolatrous, no different than true Polytheists that Worship many ‘God’ in other Religions. 

For example, the  Doctrine of the Trinity to the Jews is 1 Obstacle that prevents them from Realizing and Accepting Jesus as the Messiah promised by GOD, YHVH. It was for this Reason that they complained to Pilate to not have the ‘Sign’ placed over Jesus’ Head at the Cross of Calvary. Why? The 1st Letters of each Word, in one interpretation alluded to the Anagram for Y-H-V-H. In conclusion, this study suggests that the ‘Universal Template’ appears to be in actuality, the ‘Trinity Template’ which is YHVH Himself. This study strongly suggests that such a construct of a Cosmic Measure comes from none other than the Creator Himself, all 3 Persons of ‘it’.

The Doctrine of the Trinity still remains a Mystery and a Concept far beyond the Full Comprehension due to the limited scope of Human Intelligence is able to grasp. However, just because it is the case, many have dogmatically dismissed this possibility even so and some People who deem themselves ‘Religious’ about such things, Judge those that believe in this Revelation. A Strong Argument has been presented, that all the Ancient Pagan Religions Believed and Worshiped a ‘Trinity’ of a certain GOD-Head. There were the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hindus, those of all the Americans, etc.

However, where does one think they all got this Notion or Supposition from, that there are 3 main ‘Gods’ ruling the Cosmos? It is not that ‘Christianity’, as it came much later came and copied all the prior Motifs, Doctrines and Scripture. It was only until Mount Sinai that YHVH Codified this Revelation and then Narrated to Moses the True Version that got Filtered through many Civilizations and/or Cultures, up until that Time. It is the other way around as the Main Source is YHVH Himself. Consider that it states in Hebrews, that YHVH spoke at Different Times and in Different Ways, ‘But now Speaks as SON’, of through the SON, etc. 

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