Path of the Jubilee Comet 67p in the Sign of Heaven

  • Is the Revelation 12 an 'iconic' Sign of Israel as a 'Wonder'?
  • Does the Sign commemorated the 1948 'birth' from a 'Woman'?
  • Why has the Jubilee Comet 67p appeared now in 2017?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 2And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.’ –Revelation 12:1-2

The purpose of this study is to depict the various points of conjunctions that the comet 67p will have and has had thus far in the constellations of Leo and Virgo. The context will be the Revelation Sign astronomical alignment that most approximates the portion of the 12th chapter of the last book of the Bible. However, the astronomical Revelation 12 imagery is set prophetically ‘retroactively’. The implications are believed by most, to be pertaining to the midpoint or prophetic ‘intermission’ of the 7-year Tribulation Period that is still to come. It is not a ‘rehashing’ of what already occurred but is an amazing and prophetic multilayered depiction of what was, is and will be; all conjoined in an astronomical point in time. The element of a Rapture event also adds to the mystery and enigma of the Sign. Since Jesus gave the revelation to the Apostle John many students of Biblical prophecy have tried to decipher this heavenly cryptogram.

This is especially the case as the Sign approaches an apparent astronomical fulfilment and all manner of assertions and innuendos from many are surfacing as there are denominations. What such a ‘Sign’ has done is to awaken the Body of Christ, and others to such a phenomenon that should not be carelessly dismissed as some would have it be. Nonetheless, many are attributing it to the pre-Tribulation rapture of the Body of Christ. If the rapture of the Body of Christ occurs leading-up to the Sign or soon thereafter the event occurs, that will remain to be seen. There are those that believe that chapter 4 of Revelation is the actual Rapture sequence of the Body of Christ. It is however a ‘Sign’ that a ‘rapture’ is to take place but not necessarily on the 23rd of September. If one is taking the typology literally, then it is the 9th of September when Jupiter is ‘birthed’, the typology of the ManChild being the ‘Body of Christ’, etc.

The illustration will also highlight the various esoteric innuendoes that the Luciferian controlled cinema encrypt in their movie releases and award performances. Such ceremonies and movie debuts have come to be a platform to showcase their sublime Satanic rituals that reveal their motifs or mock-up of them. As to the astronomical variables of the Revelation 12 Sign, the path of the Comet 67p will be examined for any possible prophetic significances. Others are attributing this Sign as an omen and warning for and to Israel. Perhaps the Rapture, if it is tied to the Revelation 12 Sign in some way will be a ‘Sign’ to Israel in itself as this study will suggest, to an extent. Nonetheless, in terms of the overall prophetic timeclock, such a ‘Sign’ is right-on schedule according to the divine plan of YHVH.

The Double Witness
The path of Comet 67p, as it traverses through the Leo and Virgo constellations appears to have some unusual phenomena occurring that will be brought out in the timeline. One such factor is when the comet first began to enter the ‘picture’ and be part of the prophetic landscape of the Revelation 12 Sign. The time it takes for the comet to travel the length of the Virgo constellation is approximately 2 years. Amazingly, the comet came into the scene in front of Leo on September 28, 2015. What is significant about this date is that it was the last day of the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad. This last Blood Moon happened to be also a Super Moon. The Comet 67p is called, ironically a ‘Jupiter Comet’ because unlike most other comets that are known, this comet has it orbit pegged to the orbit of Jupiter.

In a sense, the comet comes from Jupiter and does not leave the Solar System. This comet is considered to be a ‘Jubilee’ comet. This comet was last seen in Virgo as the Jews were liberating Jerusalem in 1967. Exactly 50 years ago, this very same comet appeared approximately in the same general area of Virgo that it will again. In this pass-by, it happens to conjoin with the Moon at the apex of the Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017. The following are the date of the significant 12 point conjunction of the Comet 67p in relation to its journey through Leo and Virgo. From that time, the Comet 67p conjoins 5 stars starting in Leo. The trajectory appears to not be some arbitrary path but the intersecting points seem outstanding. What is further unique and amazing is that the Comet 67p goes into 2 retrogrades in Virgo.

1. Sep 28, 2015: Approaches Leo
2. Oct 15, 2015: Conjoins Leo Star 30
3. Oct 31, 2015: Conjoins Leo Start 52
4. Jan 22, 2016: Retrograde starts in neck of Virgo
5. May 01, 2016: Retrograde ends in Leo
6. July 06, 2016: Conjoins Virgo Star 3
7. Sep 03, 2016: Conjoins Virgo Star Porrima
8. Oct 20, 2016: Conjoining at Womb exit
9. Dec 06, 2016: Conjoins Virgo Star 98
10. Feb 23, 2017: Retrograde starts in Feet of Virgo
11. July 17, 2017: Retrograde ends in Virgo
12. Sep 23, 2017: Conjoins with Moon on Sign day

According to the computer software model of Stellarium, the comet retrogrades in the ‘head’ and ‘feet’ regions of Virgo. What is significant is that this path of the comet appears as if it is a ‘double witness’ to the importance of how the Revelation 12 Sign has the Sun clothed at the head/shoulder region and the Moon is at the bottom portion of the ‘feet’ of Virgo. It is rather ironic and a sad commentary when the spiritual opposition but more weight on the Sign than believers of the Bible that dismiss it as just another ‘astrological’ non-event to occur like the Tetrad Blood Moons. Perhaps nothing tangibly on Earth may happen but such a Sign in the Heavens does signify something. As the days are drawing to a close of the Church Age, perhaps YHVH is revealing only pieces of the great prophetic puzzle at a time. 

The Witness of the Stars
Another unique observation about this path of Comet 67p across Leo and Virgo has to do with its apparent mathematical relationship to the specific conjunction of the Stars and its retrogrades. What is rather remarkable is that the coefficients rendered echo the numerical factors of a prophetic variable, the 144k Jews chosen and anointed of Revelation 7. This numerical value is associated to Israel as another ‘Sign’ that during the last Week of Years, per the prophet Daniel, YHVH will raise up a cadre of ‘Jewish Evangelists’ to be a testimony of the true Messiah, Jesus. This scenario is interpreted by some once the Church Age is completed and the Body of Christ is evacuated. The following are the day-counts of the 2 retrogrades of Comet 67p at the head and feet region of Virgo.

1st Comet 67p Retrograde:
Start: ~Jan 22, 2016  to End: ~May 1, 2016 = 100 days or 144,000 minutes

2nd Comet 67p Retrograde:
Start: ~Feb 23, 2017 to End: July 17, 2017 = 144 days

Can it thus be that such Heavenly Signs are for Israel and a prelude of the coming fulfillment of Daniels 70th Week? Another amazing factor about the apparent length of the retrogrades of Comet 67p is that they are in approximate phi ratio. This mathematical ratio of time and space appear to be synchronized to the start and stop times of both retrogrades and to when the comet first entered the depiction in front of Leo on September 28, 2015. These 2 retrogrades of the Comet 67p are also in apparent phi ratio to the planet Jupiter and the Sun. If such an astronomical and mathematical intervals are a ‘random act of chance’, they are outstanding and beyond human comprehension.

Thus this study would argue that such factors incorporated into the Revelation 12 Sign are not insignificant compared to similar ones of which many have tried to debunk the prophecy with. As Watchers of the Signs in the Heaven, the Sun, Moon and the Stars go, it is of no consequence also that the Enemy of Christ is comprehending such Signs and its prophetic significance. Jesus admonished His Disciples to be ‘as shrewd as Serpents and gentle as Doves’ when it came to issues pertaining to His talents and testimony. He contrasted being such an astute pupil as those disciples and ‘workers of iniquity’ of Lucifer’s Kingdom. Such are diligent, tenacious, and insightful regarding the matters of their Kingdom business.

Jesus reprimanded His Disciples because we tend to not be either due to ignorance, complacency and/or sin in one’s life that prohibit a more accurate understanding and comprehension of the workings of Jesus’ Kingdom and how to go about the ‘Father’s Business’. In other word, Jesus expects a certain level of intelligence to discern what is going on in the ‘bigger picture’ as it involves End-Times prophecy. This notion is not to suggest that Watchers are reliant upon the movements of the Enemy but as in political, economic, and military warfare, it is incumbent for a measure of reconnaissance to see the ‘troop movement’ of the enemy behind their lines.

Cinagraphic Sins
This Revelation 12 Sign will all the more be significant if indeed, the Church Age is about to end and the Age of Grace is about to finish its course. Is it any wonder that the Sign occurs on the ‘Sabbath of Return’ that perhaps is signaling a return to the spiritual and prophetic economy of Israel? Thus, one way to measure the value of the ‘Sign’ is to see what the ‘spiritual opposition’ is treating it and how. The next section of this study seeks to focus on the various esoteric nuances that the Luciferian controlled cinema has portrayed the Revelation 12 Sign. Such encrypted innuendos can be detected by the recent movie releases and award performances in the same year as the Sign that allude to its significance, at least in terms of imagery, which is astonishing. This study will highlight 4 such venues that will seek to correlate them to the Revelation 12 Sign with various corresponding facets and aspects.

The first mockery of the Revelation 12 Sign occurred during the performance of the 2017 Grammy Awards. This was very obvious and many Watchers picked-up on it right-away. The main showcase was popular singer Beyoncé that was draped in the vestiges of the Revelation 12 Sign, as Virgo. What was and is unique is that she is actually a Virgo by birth and was pregnant with twins. She had a ‘crown’ on her head and came out on stage with the light, as if the Sun was ‘clothing’ her from above. She was on a showcase platform with an entourage of 24 other women at the base of her feet. These 24 ‘Deaconesses’ represented the ‘Moon’ under her feet. Some critics that are skeptical about the whole ‘Sign’ phenomenon would say that the whole Revelation 12 Sign is something Christians are looking and reading into inappropriately.

Perhaps it is a matter of just reading-in the depiction of the performance but the symbology is uncanny as at the climax of the performance the ‘Woman of Wonder’ was reclined in a chair as she sang her song. What is perhaps unapparent to the unsuspecting eye and those that wrote about it initially is that the precise angle of the chair corresponded to the Ecliptic. This is something only those very familiar with the study of Astronomy would pick up as the horizontal axis and the inclination matched the angles of the Virgo constellation. Thus this ‘performance’ or ritual was not a mere coincidence. Such an elaborate spectacle was designed and staged intentionally by the Luciferians that are in the ‘know’ about the significance of this ‘Sign’ and it significance.

One can go to the extent that in the occult, as Lucifer has distorted the knowledge of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, their monopoly of such interpretations far surpasses the rightful discernment that Jesus’ Disciples should have. To the Luciferians, this was a prime example of how they use the same prophetic factors created and place by the Creator to control their narrative. How does that look like? To the Luciferians, they are expecting their ‘Jupiter’ King or AntiChrist to be ‘birthed’ soon and to rule the world with an ‘iron scepter’. This will be the coming AntiChrist. Furthermore, the typology encapsulates a false narrative of how they portray the Virgin or Virgo which is clearly Israel as Isis and Jupiter, the ‘Planet of the King of Righteousness’, the Messiah as the coming ‘Horus’ to be resurrected. It is a total false parody of the Gospel and plan of Salvation, a coming deception and counterfeit gospel.

The Game of Celestial Thrones
The performance at the 2017 Grammy’s was very bold and profound by depicting the ‘Heavenly Court’ of YHVH in session where the Bride of Christ is to be seated after the Rapture as the representatives of the 24 Elders. It was a mockery of the 24 Elders of Revelation 4 that shows the raptured Bride of Christ (Virgo) seated at the ‘Celestial Courtroom’ in session. It is when the Lamb of YHVH, Jesus as the ‘Lion (Leo) of Judah’ will break and execute the Seal Judgments to vindicate His Bride against the accusations of Lucifer against the Brethren. Realize that the conjoining of Leo with Virgo is astronomically significant as it mirrors the reality of YHVH’s Creation, Plan of Salivation as found in Jesus and the ‘timeclock’ for the end of time or an Age even.

How this is visualized and understood is that Virgo is the beginning of the Mazzaroth, Leo is the end. It is a duality that is also seen in the timing of the Revelation 12 Sign. This is understood in that as the new Civil Year of Tishrei begins so does the Sign of Virgo. Thus when the 2 Signs of Leo and Virgo are situated next to each other it is a depiction of an end and a beginning of a segment of time. This is encapsulated in the Sphinx for example and why the Revelation 12 Sign is also pegged to the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The 3 planet of Venus, Mars and Mercury correspond exactly in alignment to the 3 Great Pyramids at Giza.

Again, some skeptics would question such an absurd correspondence but consider that the celestial sign of these mirrored alignments deal with a size comparison and angle of alignment. As the 3 Great Pyramids are at a certain mathematical alignment, so it goes with their size in decreasing order. It so happens that the 3 planets in alignment on the day of the Great Sign of Revelation 12, at least astronomically are not only aligned in the same angle mathematically but are in decreasing order of size as well. The question thus remains, what is the meaning of the Revelation 12 Sign? The Sign is conveying on one level of astronomical interpretation an end of a time sequence or ‘Age’ that the Sphinx and the Mazzaroth at the conjunction of Virgo and Leo convey. Will it be the end of the Church Age? Will it be the commencement of Daniel’s last Week of Years?

Also consider that the book of Daniel is the ‘Revelation’ of the Old Testament and the book of Revelation is the book of ‘Daniel’ of the New Testament. To Daniel, YHVH showed him a ‘man’; a statue of the world empires concerning the dominion or Israel that will ultimately usher in the ‘Stone’ – the Messiah that will break the power and dominion of the worldly empires. In the book of Revelation, Jesus, one in the same shows another ‘Beloved Disciple’, John a ‘woman’; that of Israel in Revelation 12 and how she is to travail and birth the Messiah to rule the empires and ‘dash them to pieces like stone’. The following is what Daniel was allowed to witness as the Heavenly Court sat and began its judgments from the perspective of Daniel 7. Perhaps Daniel was on one side of the Court while John was at the other side.

‘I kept looking until thrones were set up, and the Ancient of Days took His seat; His vesture was like white snow and the hair of His head like pure wool. His throne was ablaze with flames, its wheels were a burning fire. A river of fire was flowing and coming out from before Him; thousands upon thousands were attending Him, and myriads upon myriads were standing before Him; the Court sat, and the books were opened.’

The 24 Elders Typology
In both cases with Daniel and John, the revelation given to each focused on the coming of Messiah; His first advent by way of Daniel and His 2nd advent by way of John. The corresponding visions of a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ testify of the Creation of Humanity, that they are to be man and woman. Such are the only kind in all of Creation that are fashioned in the ‘likeness and image’ of the Creator Himself. Thus, like John that was summonsed-up to the Court ‘in session’, so too was Daniel. This study strongly suggest that the prophet Daniel was also ‘there’ when the Court took its seat as the typology of the 24 Elders as the representative of the Bride of Christ. Daniel with the 12 Tribes of Israel of the Old Testament and John with the 12 Apostles of the New Testament.

The point of this comparison has to do with the timing of when the ‘Court’ takes their seats or ‘thrones’. If Daniel and John are a type of the Bride of Christ, then they both are a double-witness that the Body of Christ will be present, in session before the consequences of the Seal Judgments are executed by the Lion as in ‘Leo’ before the Virgin or ‘Virgo’ in their prophetic typology of a Royal Priesthood, and as the 24 Elders. This is also what the Beyoncé performance conveyed by the 24 Deaconesses. They represent the lesser light, the Moon that reflects the glory of the ‘Sun’, the Son of Righteousness that is seated on the Throne. The ‘Celestial Courtroom’ will be in session to dispense the Seal Judgments against Lucifer, the world and conclude Israel’s last Week of Years as promised to Daniel originally.

Realize that in the times of the Old Testament, when the Leaders of the various 12 Tribes of Israel met or convened, they would send several representatives to meet, to conjoin the assembly of the 70 Elders or Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin met on the side chamber of the Temple just adjacent to the Court of the Priest. However, when there was a convocation or official gathering before the House of YHVH, they would meet in the Courtyard of the Priests along with the other tribal representatives. Each segment of the 12 Tribe representatives had 2 Priests assigned to them, thus 24 Elders. They sat around the centerpiece of the Bronze Laver. This Temple furnishing contained the water for washing and purification of the Priests. It was as a reflecting pool or ‘sea of glass’ before the House of YHVH.

It was a facsimile of the real and awesome one before the actual Throne of YHVH in Heaven were one day the 24 Elders present as the enthroned Bride of Christ will be as well. In the time of Solomon, there were also 10 movable smaller ones. This is exactly what is transpiring in the Scene of the 'glassy sea' as representative of the Earthly Bronze Laver that was like a mirror, a reflecting sea, etc. Thus, the concept is that it represented YHVH's People regardless. Also realize that the Body of Christ, made up of ‘Living Stones’ has been made a Royal Priesthood. This is a privilege afforded to the present Church Age Body of Christ that the Old Testament Believers could only have dreamt about much less being bestowed a Royal Priesthood? Such is the Body of Christ presently before the LORD in His Temple and in the presence of the High Priest, Jesus who is Prophet, Priest and King. This leads one to the next cinematic portrayal of the Revelation 12 Sign as depicted in Wonder Woman, a typology of Israel.

The Woman of Wonder
As mentioned, in 2017, the year of the ‘Great Wonder in Heaven’, that being of a ‘Woman’ there were several movies that alluded to the Revelation 12 Sign. For example 1 such movie was about a ‘Wonder Woman’ that came to save the world, etc. Interestedly, 1 of the posters for the release of Wonder Woman had the word ‘Wonder’ written across the sky or the Heavens. Was this an encrypted inference to the ‘Great Wonder’ in the Heavens that is actually a day sign as the poster alluded to? What is also unique is that her posture in the poster is hinting at a pregnancy by the way she is holding the shield. Are the spiritual enemies of Christ signaling that in fact this Great Wonder ‘Woman’ is precisely a prophetic typology of Israel? Is Israel that is in state of ‘spiritual blindness’ and rebellion toward their true Messiah, Jesus about to ‘birth’ their counterfeit Christ?

What and whom is about to be ‘birthed’? Did the actor portraying the heroine contribute to this assertion? Ironically the actress is Jewish and it created a controversy when the movie came out in July 2, especially in Islamic countries. Was she deliberately chosen to be the ‘goddess’ that prophetically represents Israel in the Revelation 12 Sign? The actor being Jewish clearly had an inference to her being ‘Israel’. Incidentally, July 2nd was the 2nd day of Pentecost on the Creation Calendar and the 153rd day. Perhaps the portrayal of a Jew as ‘Wonder Woman’ is signifying that it is a ‘sign’ for Israel. The original TV series Wonder Woman played by Linda Carter was Mexican, mind you as an aside note. Upon further examination this Wonder Woman heroine character has unique symbolism that correlates to the Virgo Sign. She is portrayed with a crown, caring several items, a sword, a shield and a lasso.

Nothing would seem out of the ordinary for a heroine to have but if one suspects an esoteric innuendo associated with it, then a possible comparison as to what Virgo also has in her arms is very telling. Allowing for some additional poetic license, the sword in her right hand correlates to the ‘Branch’ that denotes the title of Messiah. The Shield in the left hand can also represent the trowel in which wheat is sifted with. It is this region of Virgo where clusters of galaxies are situated that depict a sort of ‘basket’ or trowel of wheat. The prophetic implication is that Virgo, in this case a typology of Eve, would have her ‘Seed’, the Messiah be birthed to crush the head of Lucifer as promised in the Garden of Eden by YHVH. In fact, it was the first prophecy given to the first man and woman after the Fall. Another of the accessories of this heroine has is that she possesses a ‘Lasso of Truth’ that glows as light.

Using some additional poetic license, if one plots-out this path of the Comet 67p starting from Leo, it appears as if the Virgo constellation or ‘Wonder Woman’ is ‘lassoing’ the comet with its streak of light as it courses through its retrogrades. Another example of a movie having Leo-Virgo overtones is the timely release of a remake of the Beauty and the Beast. This has an esoteric encrypted depiction of the ‘Virgin’, a type of Virgo and the ‘Beast’, a type of Leo. In summary, if the Bible, or the last book of it, the book or Revelation was and is a farce or a ‘fairytale’, why would the spiritual enemies of Jesus Christ mock-up such motifs and Signs? If such agents dismiss and ridicule a Biblical ‘myth’ or a non-event, why invest in so much money and energy to usurp it?

The Luciferians who run and control Hollywood use such means and media to convey their encrypted messaging and programing through a lot of prophetic Biblical motifs found in Scripture. In the case of the Luciferians, they openly hide their secrets in plain sight and mock openly the Biblical motifs, such as the Revelation 12 Sign. The cinema examples presented as circumstantial evidence are not to give any credibility or reliability to what the enemies of Christ are doing but to show that they are very astute concerning such matters. They take it very seriously, more so than many Believers should. Many people are criticizing the Watchers of such types and shadows as seen in the Mazzaroth that YHVH encrypted it with for interpreting this astronomical alignment of the ‘Great Wonder Woman’ in the Heavenlies.

There are those that even believe that just studying the Revelation 12 Sign astronomically, which is an academic science, is nothing more than ‘sanitized’ Astrology. Many are skeptical due to the apparent ‘non-events’ of the Blood Moon Tetrad, and many false Rapture dates that come and go. This is understandable, however, such dismiss outright any possible correlation that this Sign could be a Biblically prophetic. Jesus Himself admonished His Disciples to take heed of such Signs that would appear in the Sun, Moon and the Stars as they would correlate to His 2nd coming. He also had and has an expectation that His Disciples be able to read the ‘signs of the times’ prophetically like a Daniel and a John.

Although there are varying degrees of interpretation even among Researchers concerning the Revelation 12 Sign, it might very well be the greatest ‘Sign’ of the Church Age has ever had the privilege to discerning. At no other time in Church history could Believers in Christ Jesus as Watchers and researchers into Biblical Prophecy dream of living in the time where technology and the convergence of such prophetic time markers came together. Could the Revelation 12 Sign very well be signaling that the Rapture is forthcoming and that an Age or time segment is about to conclude and one to begin; perhaps the very end of the Church Age? Only time will tell

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