2021 Tel Aviv Protest Held Over ‘Green Pass’ Program

  • What did Benjamin Netanyahu Deal with Pfizer?
  • What does the Bible say about  'Selling-Out the Jews'?
  • What is the 'Covenant of Death' all about in the Bible?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Thus says the LORD, who gives the Sun for Light by Day, who sets in Order the Moon and Stars for Light by Night, who Stirs-Up the Sea so that its Waves Roar—the LORD of Hosts is His name: Only if this Fixed Order departed from My Presence, declares the LORD, would Israel’s Descendants ever cease to be a Nation before Me. This is what the LORD says: Only if the Heavens above could be Measured and the Foundations of the Earth below searched out would I Reject all of Israel’s Descendants because of all they have done, declares the LORD’. -Jeremiah 31:36-37

The purpose of this study is to provide a Written Transcript of a very interesting TV Interview that occurred in Israel in the middle of the COVID Plandemic. It is very telling how Israelis, at least some are aware of the Globalist Agenda. The TV i24 Israel News allowed a COVID ‘Protesters’ to voice his opinion. It is a ’Behind the Scenes’ Reasons for Benjamin Netanyahu Locking-Down the entire Nation. He was Prime Minister at the Time and made a ‘Covenant of Death’ with Pfizer. The ‘New-Tech Holocaust of Israel.

But not just Israel, but for the whole World this Time around. Because Netanyahu has won the latest National Election in 2022, this is something Jesus’ People need to Discern in a Biblical Perspective. Why? A lot of Evangelicals ‘Worship’ Netanyahu, much like Trump. It is a ‘Trap’. Bibi seems to be a Messiah Figure and has been called the ‘King of Israel’. One wrote a Book entitled, ‘The 13th King of Israel that suggested that it would be Bibi that would hand-over the Power to the coming Biblical AntiChrist.

This AntiChrist, to the Christians will be the False Messiah that the Religious Leaders of Israel are waiting for and expecting as the True Messiah. But he will be the one Jesus warned about. The increase in Domestic and International Violence against Jews has forced the Israelis, that those who would not have voted for Bibi, now clammer for ‘Peace and Security’  Why? This is what you get when Leftist, Marxist and Socialists rule the Nation. The Left might have ‘Looked Good’ to the World and to the Muslims, but at the expense of the Peace and Security of Israeli Citizens who have had enough.

It was Bibi, on the contrary, that was not well-received by the International Community but he kept Israeli Citizens Same. The following may seem very Simplistic and even Racist, because it is. Consider the Middle East Frame of Mind. To the Muslims, so long as you have not Killed them, in their Minds, they have Won. It is very simple to them. Bennett and Lapid? Weak. Netanyahu? Strong. But what is really going on here? What should the Bride of Christ be looking at in terms of the Prophetic Time and where the Church Age is at in terms of such Geo-Political Events? Biblically Speaking, one sees what Bibi did with Pfizer is what the Ultimate Ruler of Israel will do per Daniel 9:27.

Deal with a Devil

This Prophecy is how the Final ‘King’ of Israel will make likewise, a ‘Pact with the Devil’ on behalf of all of Israel. It will seemingly grant Israel a 7-Year Peace Treaty, guaranteeing ‘Peace and Security’. This False Peace will be enough so, that Israel will dismantle all its Security Walls. What was and is this Deal with the Devil that Netanyahu made with Pfizer? It is keeping in Parallel what then, U.S. President Donald Trump did likewise in the USA. It is Trump who rolled-out the mRNA COVID Injections to be made available to Millions across the States. It was technically a Military Operation.

It was Trump who mobilized the Full Resources of the U.S. Army to implement this Depopulation Effort to inject as many Americans as possible with the Pfizer and Moderna Poison Death Shots. In Israel, Netanyahu’s Deal was that Pfizer was to provide all the COVID Shots for every Israeli Citizen, including the Arab Muslims. However, the Muslims knew better and were ‘COVID Hesitant’, being suspicious of the Jews, with cause. Then, Pfizer moved its Headquarters to Tel Aviv and poured-in Billions into the Economy. But that Investment and Opportunities only benefit the Elites.

And the Trade-Off? Pfizer got all of the Jewish Sheeples’ Medical Records and were treated as ‘Lab Rats’. Did not Hitler consider the Jews Vermin to be ‘Exterminated’ and also Experimented on them? As the Social Activist will attest to in the Interview, Netanyahu, much like a Judas with Jesus Christ, sold-out Israel in giving all the Medical Information of every Israeli Citizen to Pfizer and the National Police. Why? With such Medical Records, Pfizer and other like-minded Vaccine Pushers alone with Governments will be able to target Populations based on limitless Matrixes of DNA. ‘Vaccines’ can now target People by Age, Gender, Pre-Existing Condition. And?

The Globalists will better concentrate their Depopulation Efforts and ‘Merge Man with Machine’ using mRNA Nano-Technology. It is to have every Human on the Planet Bio-Metrically Interfaced with the Internet of the Body, etc. That is really the Ultimate Goal in general. Why Israel in particular? It will deal with the eventual leading-up to the Mark of the Beast. It is about Worship and it will be centered in Jerusalem. That is where the Image of the Beast will be set-up. This is where one would suggest, is crossing the Spiritual Threshold in that it has always been Lucifer’s Quest, to Destroy Israel. Why? If the Jews can be Physically Liquidated, then YHVH’s Promise given to Israel and as a Testament to the World, would be Null and Void. It would make YHVH a Liar.

It would make the Work of Redemption accomplished in Jesus, the Messiah of Israel of No Effect as Lucifer would bring Charges of Contempt in that Judicial Courtroom in Heaven. Is this Pfizer Deal Pure ‘Conspiracy’? Consider the Historical Facts. Since Cain killed Abel, the Spirit of Murder has been unleashed within Humanity at the Hands of those that, for whatever Reason, align their Thoughts and Actions with the Will of Lucifer on Earth. And that is? Again, to Destroy Humanity and specifically the ‘Seed of the Woman’, i.e., Jesus per Genesis 3:15. All throughout History and especially with the Birth of Jesus, Lucifer by way of Herod tried to ‘Abort’ Jesus. Herod murdered all the Enfants 2 Years and younger, not only in Bethlehem, but in the surrounding Villages just to get at Jesus. Why? Jesus, as the Unique GOD-Man came to Redeem Humanity.

COVID High-Tech Holocaust

Lucifer miscalculated in that although a Human was to Destroy him, Jesus trapped him through Death. Lucifer eventually thought that by killing Jesus at the Cross of Calvary, outside the City, like the Scape-Goat on Yom Kippur, Lucifer would have won over Humanity to seal its Fate in its Eternal Domination. Unbeknownst to Lucifer, because he is not All-Knowing and All-Powerful, Jesus by Death slew Him who had the Power of Death, that is the Devil. Then, since the Cross and the Birth of the Church, Lucifer has seen to it to Persecute and Destroy both the Jews and Gentile Believers in Jesus throughout the Church Age.

This Satanic Quest will continue down to the End of Time and right-up to the Return of Jesus. This has been foretold in Zechariah, Daniel and Revelation, etc. But until that Time, Lucifer has sought to Destroy the Jews in particular. He has used Pogroms, Holocausts and now with COVID Injections. Realize that it is the same ‘Jews’ that are not Jews, as Jews exposed those that rule over Israel, at the moment and the entire World. And with all that they Rule, Possess and Manipulate, it is the Common Jewish People that suffer for their Scheming. These are the Ruling Families that have made a Pact with the Devil for Material Power and Wealth beyond Measure.

These are the Elite Families that own and run all the Key Points in how the COVID Narrative was propagated and still is. If one does a study on the Key Political Appointments that were and are instrumental in maintaining the COVID ‘Scare’ and Narrative, about 95% are Jews. Coincidence? No. Conspiracy? Yes. See Articles #520: ‘Web’ in the End Notes for Reference. Is it no Coincidence that all the Media, the Medical Establishment, the Money Apparatuses are all tied together and owned by the same People?

The Point is that those ‘Jews’ that were behind the Money that funded Hitler and the Powerful Jewish Families that owned the Industry of Germany fueled the Holocaust Machinery. Did one know that IBM provided the Computers to Hitler that tracked all the Jews taken to the Camps? This is not to implicate every ‘Jew’, rather the Synagogue of Satan that Jesus exposed and is very real. Now, these same ‘Elites’ have chosen to use all of Israel, its People as Sheep to the Slaughter. They made the Jewish People out to be the Guinea Pig Nation for Pfizer’s Poison Death Shots. This is what Dr. Zelenko warned the Jewish Religious Council about in an attempt to avert what he called the COVID ‘Kill-Shots’.

Yet, it was Israeli Doctors who confirmed that reaching Herd Immunity was the best way out of the COVID Plandemic. It was Israeli Medical Studies that showed that Natural Immunity was the best approach in fighting-off COVID. One suspects, as others do, that Israel was a Beta Test, as a whole Population, much like Singapore was to be Tested. For what? With such results in the Data and Statistics, Corporations, like Pfizer now in League with Governments can use those Matrices to implement their Perfected Protocols to the whole World, wholesale. This is horrifying and being carried-out as one speaks. Already since 2020, the Reset that the Luciferian, who are Eugenicists, are implementing their Agenda to basically Kill-Off as many Humans as possible. Why?

Covenant With Death

Less People, less of such ‘Useless Eaters’ that are consuming the so-called Elite’s Natural Resources. Thus, the push for ‘Climate Agenda’ and no Meat, no Farming. They will only keep around a desired 500,000 Million People alive as the Slave Class to serve their every whim. And to that end, it is why the Powers that Be, want to inject this mRNA type of New Nano-Technology into every Human Body as much as possible in the Pretext of ‘Pandemics’. This is the only way the Luciferians will be able to Control everybody and thus, every Mind. But above all, Biblically Speaking, even every Soul.

And all those People that have Died from the COVID Shots and continue to Drop Dead, literally, called SADS Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, cannot be ‘explained’ and are not allowed to. Such Deaths cannot be Attributed or Linked to those persons having taken the COVID Shots. If one does, they have been Censured, Banned and Cancelled. To the Luciferian Eugenicists, the World must not be able to Associate or Link the COVID Injections to People’s Death.

That is the ‘Covenant of Death’ that was made between Netanyahu and Pfizer. It is just a Prelude to the Biblical one in one’s Prophetic Assessment that the coming AntiChrist False Messiah will in similar Fashion and Circumstance will make on behalf of Israel. He will sell-out the very Soul of Israel to Lucifer in what the Bible calls the Covenant with Death, etc. The following is the Transcript of the Jewish Protester that was interviewed the Day Netanyahu passed into Law, that all Medical and Personal Records would be handed over to Pfizer and Governmental Authorities of Israel. Without Consent mind you.

This ‘Covenant’ was in exchange for Pfizer providing all the COVID-19 mRNA type of Injections for all of Israel. And that the Government made it now Mandatory to be Injected to be able to participate and/or enter into the ‘Public Space’, etc. The TV Interview was in English and the Interviewer speaks in English, although a bit Broken. But it is enough to Understand what he is saying. Emphases added.

TV Interviewer
So let's first just start with the latest here on the ground. We're talking about a Protest that started just around an Hour and 15 Minutes ago was around 100 People. It has since expanded. We're talking already about Hundreds that have gathered here really representing different Segments of Israeli Society and hear about different issues. But there are some Common Threads. There are some Common Issues that have brought Protesters, Activists, Common Citizens, here to the Habima Square, in the Heart of Tel Aviv.

I’m joined by one of those Social Activists, here with me Anon Ma’on (?). I’ve actually met Numerous Times already. I’ve seen him at Protests against Police Brutality. I’ve seen you in Protests against the Israeli Government in Jerusalem. And I see, hear you, here again Today. I imagine that all these different issues have something in common. What brought you here Tonight?

COVID Protester
We're getting the point that the New Law coming Today, in the Israel Parliaments, which is giving Privacy [of] the Non-Vaccine People, to all the Cities, Municipalities. And also the Social Security Systems and Police. So, Israel officially is a New Dictator[ship] of here. …They said that the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’? I say, the New Dictator. Today. Right this Day, for Today.

The Vaccine is experienced. It's a Clinical Experience, Par-Excellence. The FDA Approved it? France didn't get it. Germans didn't get it. People don't get it. And our Governments present themselves. Benjamin Mileikowsky Netanyahu is presenting itself as the Messiah. As the one that fixed the Problem. And in the End, if you ...if you read the real Notes of Pfizer, this is a huge Business. The next New Startup of Biotech in Israel. This is the Plan. To Vaccinate all the People.

TV Interviewer
Do you think that there's something bigger happening here?

COVID Protester
Of course. The more, it's more bigger than everyone. And we are …if you are getting someone Free, you are the ‘Product’. And we are not the Product. And our Children [are] not a Product. And here, as a Government, you don't have [are not] aloud. You want, ...you want to ...Vaccine yourself? Whatever you want?

TV Interviewer
You don't have a Problem with the Vaccine? Itself? You think that People here are Free to do so? I’ve even seen some People holding Signs that say, ‘I’m not against Vaccines but I’m against what you're doing to the Israeli People’. What is that exactly? What are they doing?

COVID Protester
The History of the Israeli Nation, Proof as a Yemenite Story that's discovered 70 Years ago. And more Stories about the Soldiers with the Story, you'll see in 2003. We have a lot of Stories of you know, the Nazi, ‘Nazism Thought’. And now we see the Fact, that there's New Laws here, the Common Law, on these Governments. This is Non-Relevant Governance…as a Jew.

TV Interviewer
So, I want to ask you one Last Question. We only have a minute left. I’m seeing a lot of People walking around with a Yellow Patch.

COVID Protester
Yeah …

TV Interviewer
On their Arms. Is that a little bit too much? What do you think?

COVID Protester
I think we have a New-Tech Holocaust in Israel. That's a ‘Start-Up Holocaust’ that's what it is. Vaccine People against their [will]. I guess. ‘By the Law’. Yeah. The Nazis also was by the Law. Everything was.

TV Interviewer
What is the Tipping Point for you? This is the Tipping Point. I’ve seen you many Times.

COVID Protester
This is [a] very Big Tippy Point. And we are very …in Danger. This, the Country Closed. No Flights out. No Flights in. The American Government says to all the Civilians, ‘Run from Israel’. Something happen[ed] here and it happened Big Time. And this Government doesn't stop because the Crime is there. O.K? Prime Minister is Busy. Only with the Crime System Problems, you're not Busy. But my Healthiness or my Children’s Education or their Communication. They're part of the New Older …Worldly Order. And we are against that. And we, as a Jew don't believe anymore in this country. That’s it.

TV Interviewer
Anon is making an Important Point here. And it's important to acknowledge that there are many People that are very skeptical Today. And obviously we're seeing that. There are Hundreds of them here gathered in the Heart of Tel Aviv to express their Discontent and their Distrust with the Israeli Government. Kalev. (?)

TV Anchorman in Studio
Daniel, everyone should be Free to express their Opinion and all Opinions are Valid. I do have to say, and I don't often say this, I find some of the Comments and Analogies made by that Gentleman just now, ‘Highly Objectionable’ and even Offensive. That is my own View.

TV Interviewer

Right. And there are many People here that think the same way. But I understand that absolutely.

TV Anchorman in Studio
Well, I just had to say that Daniel Semach, (?) There in Habima Square where there are, as you see, a Big Crowd. Thank you for that.



Main Source:

Tel Aviv Residents Protest 'Green Passport' Program
i24NEWS English
November 2021

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