Anthropomorphic Divine Form of Jesus
Eclipse Cycles related to the Celestial Body

  • Is the lifespan of Jesus a cosmic blueprint that is prophetic?
  • Can such a pattern of Christ's life predict the future then?
  • Is there a typology of when the Church Age is to conclude?

by Luis B. Vega

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'That is what is meant by this prophecy, put in the mouth of Christ: You don’t want sacrifices and offerings year after year; you’ve prepared a BODY for Me for a sacrifice. It’s not fragrance and smoke from the altar that whet your appetite. So I said, I’m here to do it your way, O GOD, the way it’s described in your Book. – Hebrews 10

The purpose of this chapter with chart illustrations is to present several points of interest that gives credence to the purported lifespan of Jesus Christ form birth to death in cosmological terms. This study presents a possible date association solely based on astronomical patterns taken from the lunar and solar cycles since September 11, -3 BC. The second pattern will be taken from and Mazzaroth pattern of the cycles of the Precession of the Equinox.

The third pattern will be from the anthropomorphic ‘Celestial Body of Christ’ pattern that this study suggests appears to match the precise lifespan of Jesus’ Earthly time on Earth. There is also a striking association related to the circle of time of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. Based on pure circular patterns of time, it is possible to show astronomically that the LORD’s birth and death coincided with astronomical alignments precisely aligned to the Moedims or YHVH’s appointed times that corresponds to Rosh HaShanah and Passover.

These 2 Feasts are directly associated with the number 33 as in the angle of the circle of time or in direct association. This study suggests that based on the Precession of the Equinox phenomenon found in the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, the birth and death of Messiah were pegged to a 33° angle taken from the cardinal points of the Zodiac circle of time. Christ’s birth could confirm a Fall birth in Leo of the Lion-King that usually occurs in Rosh HaShanah.

This 33-degree angle mirrors His time of death in Capricorn, that of the death of the dual natured GOD-Man in Spring during Passover. This pattern would coincide with the astronomical cycles of ‘life and death’ but in reverse order as the Fall signifies the descent of life into the dead of Winter but that is the time Messiah was born. Likewise, the Spring is a station of the beginning of ‘life’ to that goes into the Summer, but it was the time that Christ died. The following is a rather simplistic breakdown of this sacred demarcation of time and space.

Anthropomorphic Lifespan of Christ
The intent of this study is to present evidence to suggest that the measure of all things created is indeed Christ Jesus as the Bible proclaims and that it has a ‘form’. This assertion comes from the notion of how in Genesis, Elohim states that ‘they’ were to create Mankind, both male and female in YHVH’s ‘form’ and ‘likeness’. Thus, Jesus Christ is the measure of Man, the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe; all that is seen and unseen. The Bible states that He, Jesus Christ is the Creator, GOD the Son who made all things by Him and for Him, invisible and visible.

Beginning of the Death Cycle:
September 11, -3 AD @ 33° BIRTH

Beginning of Life Cycle:
April 14, 32 AD @ 33° DEATH

'Now I rejoice in what I am suffering for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions, for the sake of His Body, which is the Church.' -Colossians 1:24

Thus this illustration suggests that even Christ’s lifespan was proportioned to that of the Divine Man corporal form. Moreover, this anthropomorphic form that is set against the timeline of Jesus’ speculated Earthly lifespan is in phi ratio relationship to key events during Jesus’ lifespan on Earth, i.e., from purported Birth, Bar Mitzvah, Baptism and Burial. As it pertains to Jesus’ lifespan, it is not just some random time lived out to an arbitrary age or martyrdom. It appears that this lifespan was pegged to celestial cycles of planetary alignments as with the bookend Star of Jacob as discovered by John Webb.

Such an anthropomorphic form could suggest that a divine pattern a facsimile or copy of the divine blueprint of YHVH’s ’Form’ in Heaven is proportioned to the Human Form. This suggests that a Body is perhaps is fashioned according to all things and to its measure. This study also suggests that such celestial anthropomorphic proportions are a reflection of YHVH’s Glory that is also seen of Earth. This pattern would include the human body itself, the layout of Jerusalem with the pattern to its gates, the Tabernacle, the Temple Mount, the Temple, and His Bride etc.

Thus based on these amazing correspondences of measurement and proportion, it appears that such models presented in this study are but a true reflection of the Divine Form found in Jesus Christ lifespan as it appears to approximate the proportion a cosmic anthropomorphic body. To reiterate, this study suggests then that the cosmic body proportion directly related to the major events of His life on Earth, His Birth, Bar Mitzvah, Baptism and Burial. The following is the specific relationship of this Anthropomorphic Man pattern superimposed onto Solomon’s Temple as a model of a man’s body has the φ phi golden ratio proportions.

1) Holy of Holies         = the Head
2) Holies                      = the Mid-Frame
3) Inner Court             = the Legs

Anthropomorphic Lifespan of Christ’s Body Pattern
Moreover there exists an accompanying mystery that is related to His Church that is being built as Eve was to Adam to compliment this Body. It is a mystery as is His Hypostatic Union that combines the true essence of YHVH and Man in one Body. The Bible refers to His Bride that He is currently nearing completion as His ‘Body’ composed of individual ‘Living Stones’, which are fellow Believers in Jesus. This model of the Divine Proportions of Christ’s Body can also thus be correlated to the history and stages of the Church Age for example as it is for the Temple of Solomon. For example, the 1st Church of the 7 in the book of Revelation would correspond to the Head, Laodicea would be the terminal end points of the feet.

-Bookend Star of Jacob hexagram planetary alignment 
-March -5 BC
-About 3.5 years from triple conjunctions of Jupiter with Venus
-Planetary conjunctions

-in phi ratio of time to the Age of Accountability at age 13

Bar MItzvah
-About 20 years of seclusion from Bar Mitzvah to Baptism
-Bookend Star of Jacob hexagram planetary alignment in ~March/April 28 AD
-About 3.5 years or 1260 days

-About a 3.5 year long ministry

Betrayal & Burial
-Death at Golgotha
-Resurrection and Rapture
-Building Wife from Church
-As Living Stones His Body

The Bible states that the Church is Christ’s ‘Body’ in that all the true Followers of Christ Jesus collectively throughout the Church Age have been specifically privileged to be part of this mysterious ‘Body’ of Christ that is about to be Resurrected and Raptured to meet the Groom in the air. At that point, the individual physical bodies of Believers are to be metamorphosized into eternal bodies. This new physical body will be of light, pure indestructible energy that are able to inhabit Eternity and enter the Portals of Glory where Jesus has summonsed her from. Jesus will meet her halfway to usher her back into the Father’s House until the indignation and wrath passes on the Earth thereafter.

The Body which is His Church
This study recognizes that within Christianity, there exists a discrepancy about what actually constitutes the Bride of Christ vs. the Church. Some adamantly believe that the Bride of Christ is not the Church, all encompassing. Others assert that it is a sort of subset with the Church and then there are those that speculate that they are one in the same but are referred to by distinct labels or categories. One fact is without dispute, the Bible is clear that the Body of Christ is the Church per Colossians 1:24. Although the label, ‘Bride of Christ’ is not directly mentioned in the Bible like the Trinity, John in Revelator specifically alludes to the New Jerusalem as a type of the Bride of the Lamb.

Paul does however allude to a Bride that is to be present and finished at the end of her Royal Commission. The Lamb is Christ as identified by John in the allegories to include the conquering Lion as well, ergo the Lamb is Christ. The Bible asserts that the City or ‘Bride’ is being built from the ground up, upon the Foundation of Christ, the Apostle, etc. It constitutes those Living Stones within the framework of the Church since Pentecost of the 1st century. This ‘Cosmic City’ or ‘Bride’ that it to come out of Heaven at the end of the Millennial Kingdom is encompassed with the very Throne of the LORD is this new creation of Christ.

This City as a Bride coming down from Heaven is eclipsed by the Throne of the Lamb that will be situated in the midst of the City. It will be a restored Eden and as it was with the Ark of the Covenant within the Tabernacle of Moses and Temple of Solomon but without a veil of separation. The word ‘Church’ is thus, on one level a euphemism of the collective ‘Body’ of Believers that constitutes and assembly of people since Pentecost that are called out to be separated or ‘holy’ from the world. It is a special constitution of those Disciples since Pentecost that have lived up until the Rapture of the Bride. The Bride is the mystery that makes up the Celestial City from where the Lamb will rule in the midst.

This as good as the explanation gets until Glory and perhaps all will be comprehensible and/or understood. The Apostle Paul rightly attempted to disclose this mystery of the Bride of Christ. He realized that literally, it will be at the 2nd coming of Christ when Jesus is coming back with His Bride to set up the Millennial Kingdom on Earth. Yet both will be ‘coming down’ from Heaven as ‘One’ by way of the New Jerusalem to complement the New Earth and New Heaven at the end of the Millennial Kingdom. As the ‘Body’ of Christ on a cosmic scale is a mystery to explain aside from his literal and glorified body of flesh, so too is the ‘Church’ as depicted by John as a City.

Part of the confusion is that the term ‘Church’ has to be understood in its contextual frame of reference. Church just means a called-out assembly of people. Thus, this is why the Epistles call the throng of multitudes that came out of Egypt during the Exodus, as the ‘Church in the Wilderness’. It was a foreshadowing of the New Testament Church, a direct parallel and mirror of what constituted the Body of Christ during that time. As it is today during the special dispensation of the Church Age in-between Daniel’s 69th and 70th Week of Prophetic Weeks, the Church is not a building but the Saints who gather together.

Such a gathering of Saints could be in a physical building or a home as they did soon after the resurrection of Christ, who rose in bodily form, not spiritually as many false doctrines and religions teach. The delineation of what is the Bride is answered as to when the Bride is constituted. To help with this differentiation, Jesus stated that the Law and Prophets were until John, the Baptist. This statement is referencing that Jesus is the consummation of the Law and the Prophets come in the Flesh to fulfill the Law’s requirement and the prophecies of the Prophets. Jesus alluded that John was the Best Man along with the invited guests to witness the Bride be given to the Groom.

Thus, not only were these 2 conditions met in Christ and still to be at His 2nd coming but a mystery is also revealed thanks to the Apostle Paul. Paul asserts that to him was given the Mystery of the Church and the calling from it of the Bride that was to be revealed in the Last Days, of whom the Angels and Prophets of Old only had a glimmer of scope and perspective about it. This is what also has Israel taken aback in that for them, they cannot reconcile Messiah taking on Gentile Bride. However, this is part of the plan of YHVH to provoke them to jealously. The Jews should understand that they themselves came from Gentiles, Abraham and that the bloodline of the Messiah also has prominent Gentiles like Ruth and Rahab.

Currently the Jews refuse such a notion despite numerous Old Testament accounts of how personages like Boaz and the 2 Spies took Gentile wives and are in the very blood lineage of Messiah that came and is to come. Paul wrote in the Epistles that as the Groom came, He is looking for His Bride. This marital contract was sealed at the Last Supper. Since the Jews as a nation rejected Jesus as the Groom, Jesus bestowed this marriage covenant to the Gentiles instead. Sadly, Israel today still is longing for the Groom but is made after their image and likeness, not YHVH’s. Thus, the AntiChrist will be accepted as the long awaited ‘Groom’.

Paul was given the mystery of revealing that the Father was to prepare a people, a called-out assembly that would constitute the Bride for His Son. This dispensation of the Bride was then to be completed at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride as a ‘body’. The depiction of the Divine Form of Christ is also patterned after the celestial Statue that is associated with a ’Stone’ of Judgment that correlates to the end of the lifespan. This was the pattern given to Nebuchadnezzar. The 4 world Luciferian Empires would culminate in a ’Stone’ coming from Heaven to judge the AntiChrist ‘Image of the Beast’ political, religious, and economic system. 

In similar fashion, at the end of Jesus Christ’s lifespan the judgment of YHVH fell upon Christ at the cross of Calvary which is a fashioned like a skull of stone. At the Head and at the Feet of the Divine Pattern of the Body, the anthropomorphic dimensions are reminiscent of the Biblical account of Jacob resting his head on the stone. It was at that place that Jacob receive the revelation that it is only at the Gate of Heaven, the House of YHVH that one is able to be transformed from a sinful ’Jacob’ to a Prince of the LORD, Israel.

The Stone of Judgment
The Tables of Moses or of YHVH that were boxed in the Ark of the Covenant within the Holy of Holies of the House of GOD is where the LORD met with His Covenant People. It is as if the LORD Himself the Prince of Israel, of Peace, i.e., ’Salem’ is resting His head on the Stone Tablets. The base at the feet corresponded to the Stone Altar that like the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, it speaks of the place of judgment and sacrifice. Nevertheless, the Bible is clear that the Church or the Body of Christ is being constructed as a Spiritual House made up of individual Members, Living Stones as it were that one day will be completed.

One of the prescripts of the Book of Revelation is to have Christ the Groom evaluate His Bride to be, which is the 7-fold analysis of the 7 Churches of Asia that typify the Church as a whole, the Bride that is to be presented. Nonetheless, Christ warns of certain moral deficiencies that left unchecked will result in a removal of such a portion that would have been allotted. The context in not referring to a loss of salvation of the soul to eternal damnation as Romans states that ‘the Promises and Call of GOD are irrevocable’, meaning Jesus once sealing His Believers with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is a permanent condition.

Now as to the Rewards, that is a post-Salvation works that Christ admonishes His Church to repent of sin that is allowed individually and corporately. This is what the whole issue of the Bema Seat of Christ is about once the Bride has been made read. It is not unto judgment but evaluation of the Bride for rewards. This notion comes from the Roman conquest of the empire in that the spoils of battle were paraded before the Caesar in the Roman Forum. It was a display of what the legions had accomplished and what victories were won as they were listed on their banners in the processional march before the Emperor.

This it will be the same as the Saints go Marching In…Christ will display the victories of the Church as each individual Saint and ‘churches’ perhaps have their victories and spoils listed as they pass the review stand of Christ to be acknowledge and inspected. Thus, the Bema Seat of Christ is about the Saints in Glory and that by fire that will test the works done in Christ name and power, or lack thereof. This is the wood, hay vs. the gold, silver, and precious stones of Believer’s works. This evaluation has to do with the Talents given individuals at the point of Salvation by the Holy Spirit to help contribute and build up the Church with collectively.

Thus this is why many speculate that at the time of the Rapture, those ‘Virgins’ not prepared, not spotless, not made ready will be left behind; perhaps. Being made ready is not works. This applies also for the unbelievers whose evaluation will be at the other throne, the White Throne Judgment. It will be at this time that as sin has been paid for by Jesus on the Cross; the justification of Humanity will be solely based on ‘Good Works’. This is why ’the Books will be opened’, all that everyone everywhere did according to his or her own works, good and bad. The issue in this case is that another book that will be measured against will be open, that of the Book of Life whose standard is sinless perfection.

It will be at that time that sadly all those found to appear at the Great White Judgment proceedings will fall short of the Righteous standard, which is Christ Jesus, as a man no less who attained ‘perfection’, sinless and will be judging them. Thus, there will be no complaint that a ‘holy God cannot rightly judge an unholy mortal’. As no one will even come close to Jesus’ holiness; the consequences for such will be a bill owed and due. According to YHVH’s law, the ‘wages of sin is death’. Others would argue that if certain portions of the Body is raptured or made ready, this would amount to Christ having His Body only partially completed, lacking ‘parts’ as it were.

For this reason, the Apostle Paul admonishes the Church to put on Christ so as to present her to Christ as a prepared Bride, a Virgin. He also used another simile, that of a term of pregnancy wherein Christ needs to be fully formed, i.e., the present process of Sanctification. Christ qualified all Believers to be part of the Body of Christ but those that constitute the Bride are those that set themselves apart from the world. The Church Age is a parenthetical time period that is very special and unique. It was described as a Mystery by Paul but revealed to him to prepare the Church to fulfill her Royal Commission and not be found like the 5 Foolish Virgins that lacked ‘oil’ when needed.

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