Revelation 12 Sign Passover 2029
is the ‘Midst’

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And he will Confirm a Covenant with many for 1 Week, but in the Middle of the Week he will put an End to Sacrifice and Offering. And on the Wing of the Temple will come the Abomination that causes Desolation, until the Decreed Destruction is poured out upon him’. -Daniel 9:27

The purpose of this study is to present one’s Rationale and Case, for why one is More Convinced that in the Fall of 2025 is when, perhaps, the 7-Year Tribulation Period is to begin. Realize that the Rapture does not start the Countdown nor will the ‘Confirming’ of the Covenant by the AntiChrists, after the Rapture. Why? What does start the Tribulation Period starts is when the 1st Daily Offering is made on the Altar of Sacrifice. This is what, in one’s Prophetic Estimation is what is Linked Biblically to how it will then be ‘Ended’ by the AntiChrist, at the Mid-Point or Midst. This is the Key to the Timeline.

It is from the ‘Middle’, that the Bible then gives a 1260 Day Countdown to the Return of Jesus. As the Time of Jacob is Sectioned in Halves, one can thus Reverse Engineer the 1st Section for an equal 1260 Day Count. Thus, this is when the 1st Daily Sacrifice is offered and the Tribulation Period Clock Commences. The reason why one is commenting on this once again, is that back before COVID, one was Researching how the Future Passover and Fall Feasts would look like, corresponding to the Celestial Sky.

What one Ascertained then, was that the Year 2029 was Amazingly Spectacular. How so? In the Fall, precisely on September 11, 2029, the Revelation 12 Sign appeared to approximate what was depicted back in 2017. One was excited to perhaps discover what would be the Year of Jesus’ Return. Thus, one presented a 2021-2029 Tribulation Timeline. The Notion was also supported by the Conventional Counting of the Sabbath Cycles that would Converge in the Fall of 2022. However, as the Fall 2021 Came and Went, then obviously one’s Supposition of the 2021-2029 Timeline was Incorrect.

It was from that Time Forward, that one then Surmised that although the Sabbath Cycles appear to be Correct, they are not Synchronized Prophetically. Meaning? One Postulates that there is a probable 3.5 Gap of Time from Passover of 2022 to when the Tribulation Timeline of 7 Years will then Converge. That year being the Fall of 2025. What one has come to see, pushing the Learning Curve a bit further Down the Line, is that the Year 2029, is not the End of the Tribulation Period but its Mid-Point Year Maker. This Question came up as a Brother named Stephan from the Online Blog, Revelation 12 Daily asked why one had changed one’s mind and how one now Subscribes to a 2025-2032 Timeline. The Following will be that Discourse for one’s Consideration and Discernment. 

In your Book 'The Great Sign Virgo', you have a chapter, 'Sign of the Son of Man', 'Revelation 12 (2.0) Reloaded'. You wrote the following. 'What is also unique about the 2029 Revelation 12 Sign is that it also has the 3 Planets that were in Alignment in 2017. The Planets are Venus, Mars and Mercury, and they are also present in the Revelation 12 Sign of 2029 but are scattered to Key Positions...The September 11, 2029 Date coinciding with Yom Teruah, syncs with the Jubilee Year Cycles of 7-Years’. 

It was noted that this 2029 Sign, ‘Appears on the 1st Day of the Jewish year 5790… the Date of this Revelation Sign 2.0 is on September 11, 2029. It is exactly 70 Months after November 11, 2023 (2520 Days before Atonement 2030). And 7 Months and 7 Days before Passover 2030’. That was all True and still is. It is just that now, one Believes there is a 3.5 Gap Time, from Passover 2022 to Fall 2025. One is calculating that the 3.5 Year Gap or 42 Months started from Passover of 2022.

It is just one’s new supposed Fine-Tuning of the Timeline. It is a Learning Curve, as mentioned and as new Understanding or Revelation is perhaps bestowed, the Clearer it is getting as the Blessed Day approaches. But back then before the Plandemic, one thought, like most Watchers, that the Timeline is following the ‘Conventional’ Sabbath Cycles and it is the case. True. And how many Watchers stated that the Tribulation Period, ‘Had to start on a Sabbath Cycle’. Does it? Obviously it did not, has not. One took that to be Reasonable to assume.

But the 2nd Portion of this Shemitah Theory is, that if the Tribulation Period does not start on the Current Cycle, it has to wait 7 more Years for it to begin. One does not Agree to this Supposition. What one is saying is that there are other Overlapping Prophetic Timelines, that most are missing and not accounting for. One Primary one has to do with the very Altar of Sacrifice that was Rededication in the Fall of 2018. One believes that there was given a 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time, much like the following Timelines one is considering that are being Synchronized to the start of the 7-Year Tribulation.

Timeline 1: Revelation 12 Sign (2017 + 7 Year Warning = 2024).    = Rapture?
Timeline 2: Altar Rededication (2018 + 7 Year Warning = 2025).     = Tribulation?
Timeline 3: Anna at Temple 84 Year Factor (1948 + 84 = 2032 - 7)  = Tribulation?

Specifically, in 2018, being Israels’ 70Th Year Anniversary, one is Convinced a 7 Year Warning had been Initiated that then ends in the Year 2025. Thus, one Surmises that the 1st Daily Offering would be then made on that Same Altar, only now Kosher as the Ashes of the Red Heifer would have Libated the Temple Mount, all of Israel and its People to then start making the Daily Offerings, with the Temple rebuilt, etc.

So that is one’s Rationale. If that is True, then yes, the 7-Year Tribulation has to start, like now, before the Jewish Year Turns. If when the Jewish Year, the Civil one of Rosh Hashanah in the Fall comes and no Tribulation? Then any other Timeline will be a ‘Nothing Burger’.

It is about the Middle

And one will be ‘Right’, in that there is some sort of Gap of Time that is Synchronizing the Timelines to Converge in 2025. The Present Church Age is in an ‘Intermission’ between Converging Timelines. The Astronomy of the Year 2029, that Depicts the Revelation 12 Sign, 2.0 is Accurate, but that it will correspond with the Midst of the Tribulation Period, not its End as one previously thought. But this is all why one believes that a 'More Convincing' Year is 2032 for the Return of Jesus at the End of the Tribulation Period, etc.

So, in Summary, this is all why one changed one’s Position from a 2021-2029 Timeline to a 2025-2032 Timeline. So, one has changed Suppositions to now say that the Revelation 12 Sign, 2.0, will actually also accompany the Prophetic or Biblical Fulfillment of the chapter of Revelation 12, at the Mid-Point of the 7-year Tribulation. Of course, one can be ‘Off’ again, unawares. But the 2029 Mid-Point will be accompanied by its corresponding Astronomical Configuration. That is Amazing. In one’s new Revised Chart, the Astronomy and Day Counts are the same.

One just has shifted the Timeline 3.5 Years to the Right or into the Future. Thus, a 2025-2032 Timeline. Perhaps. That is where one is at now. Notice on the Chart, that one has incorporated the ‘Red Dragon’ as being Planet X. Based on the Seal Judgments, one can Surmise, that this is the Time Frame when also the Catastrophic Effects of the Fly-By will Devastate the Earth. This is when you will have that Worldwide Earthquake.

This is when perhaps, those 3 Days, not 3 Hours of Darkness will occur, as the 2nd Binary Sun Eclipses the Sun and due to its Position will afford that amount of Darkness. This is really a ‘Take 2’ of what occurred at the Crucifixion, in one’s Estimations. One interprets the Prophecy of Joel to be that both the Sun and the Moon are Eclipsed on the Same Day, given a 24 Hours Cycle, which is Impossible, except for another Heavenly Body to be in Motion. Realize that when Jesus Died, for those 3 Hours, the whole Planet was Dark, on both Hemispheres. That must have been Terrifying.

The Light of the World, ‘Went Out’! One believes also that the Earthquake that occurred was Worldwide. It will likewise be the same in the Tribulation that levels ALL Cities around the World at the same Time. No mere Localized Earthquake can or has done that. So, yes, the Revelation 12 Sign will not be configured on September 11, 2032, but what is interesting is that the Sun is right in the Middle of Leo and Virgo. It is at the very Astronomical Line of what is the ‘Beginning and the End’ of the Mazzaroth.  

And Mars, conjoins with Regulus, denoted that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has come to wage War. It is a Message of a certain War. So, that is where one is at. The Revelation 12 Sign, 2.0 that occurs Astronomically on 9-11 of 2029 is definitely Signaling that the year 2029 is actually the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation and not the End, in one’s most recent Assessment. Note, that if 2019 would be the 2nd Coming of Jesus, then the whole 2023-2030 would be Invalid to begin with. But as it is now, in one’s Research, the 2025-2032 Timeline appears to Match this new Re-Calibration. But to be Clear and more Specific.

The actual Astronomical Revelation 12 Sign, 2.0 occurs on September 11, 2029.
It is About an Intermission But the actual Day Count of the Mid-Point occurs on March 31-April 1, 2029, which is Passover. The Point is that they are both within the Same Time Frame. And this is when one conjectures the AntiChrist will Stop the Daily Sacrifices at the 3rd Temple, etc. One made a Chart to strengthen the Argument that March 31-April 1, 2029 ‘Appears’ to be the ‘Midst’. It is when the Daily Sacrifices will Cease by order of the AntiChrist, etc. What is Odd about this Astronomical Array, is that the King Planet, Jupiter travels through Virgo, No Problem.

Some Observation
-May 14, 2028 (Israel’s Birthday) Jupiter enters the Constellation of Virgo.

-December 21, 2028 Jupiter is ‘Birthed’ (Winter Solstice) 7 Months, 7 Days or 221 Days later.

-February 14, 2029 Jupiter starts its Retrograde Motion back into Virgo.

-March 31-April 1, 2029 Jupiter on Passover ‘Enters’ Womb Threshold, Mars at Shoulder Moon at Feet.
Signaling Cessation of Daily Sacrifices, War Declared on Woman’s Offspring, i.e., the Jewish Remnant and Followers of Jesus.

-June 15, 2029 Jupiter is Stationary, starts Forward Motion (4 Months) 120 Days.

-August 21, 2029, ‘Birthed’.

- September 11, 2029 Revelation 12 Sign, 2.0 is Configured.


But its Retrograde back or appearing that it is actually going back into the ‘Womb’ area of Virgo is indicative of how the Remnant Jews will seek Refuge at Petra, as if in a Womb of Protection. Why? Mars in this Depiction, takes the Place of the Sun, as the Moon is at her Feet, etc. Here is what one wrote on the Chart. The purpose of this illustration is to Depict the Astronomical Occurrence during the Passover of March 31-April 1, 2029. Why? Based on one’s Calculations and Research, one is of the Prophetic Opinion that this specific Time Frame will Mark the ‘Midst’ or the Half-Way Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. One Conjectures that 2029 will also see the Literal Fulfilment of what the Revelation 12 Sign was meant to Signal.

Initially, it was for a Wake-Up call to the Sleeping Church that the Rapture to close-out the Church Age was Pending. But then, its Fulfillment would occur in Tandem with the Geo-Political Scheming of the Antichrist. Which at this Time, exactly on the 1260th Day, Breaks the Covenant that was Confirmed Prior with Israel and the Many. And it is from this Point forward, where the AntiChrist seeks to Destroy all the Jews and those that have come to Jesus for Salvation. It speaks of the Wrath of Satan seeking to Stop any Jew from saying, ‘Blessed is He that Comes in the Name of the LORD’.



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