A Prophetic Pattern Comparative Study

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Menorah of the Temple?
  • Are the 'Branches' time pieces and does it relate to the Rapture?
  • Is there a code to the Menorah in terms of typology of Feasts?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me. And having turned, I saw 7 Golden Lampstands, and among the Lampstands was One like the Son of Man, dressed in a long robe, with a golden sash around His chest.’ -Revelation 1:12-14

The purpose of this study is to suggest that a ‘Menorah’ typology can be conveyed during the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign on September 23, 2017. The typology of the Menorah with 7 branches correlates to the 7 luminaires the Virgo Sign will depict across the Ecliptic on that day. These 7 celestial luminaries are the only moving bodies within the constellation from Earth’s perspective. This assertion is highly suggestive but perhaps such a ‘Menorah’ typology at that place and time conveys the ‘Signature’ of the Creator that has patterned similar elements within Creation to include the Creation Week, the Jubilee Year Cycles, Pentecost and the 7-Churches of Asia, etc. If the Virgo Sign is to point to a major prophetic event, that remains to be seen but it does appear to be a piece of the prophetic puzzle for the ‘Last Generation’ of the End Times.

However, there are many skeptical commentaries regarding this astronomical alignment. This study will attempt to show that out of all the years of the Revelation 12 ‘rehearsals’, which occur every year in Virgo and in varying degrees, there is a convergence and synchronization of many other key and amazing variables. This Revelation 12 Virgo Sign in 2017 is not like any other Celestial Sign that might seem unapparent and/or insignificant. This study suggests that it is about a Biblically prophetic Sign dealing with YHVH’s timepiece, Israel and its national ensign, the Menorah – as a ‘Sign’. The Menorah was replicated on Earth, as it was and is in Heaven and given to Israel. One has to understand the context of the present day in terms of Biblical prophecy. Who is the ‘Sign’ for? Is it to get Israel’s attention? The followers of Jesus in the Church Age are privileged during this present ‘intermission’ to be given such ‘Signs’.

The Menorah Prophetic Pattern as the 7-Church Age is can also be pegged to the 7 Feasts of YHVH and Pentecost, etc. During this ‘Pentecostal Intermission’, the Church Age has been given much like Israel, the very Oracles of the Living Word, Jesus. However, the Gospel is also accompanied by Signs and Wonders. The light of the Gospel has been entrusted to the Body of Believers during this Church Age as a collective ‘Nation of Royal Priests’. It is comprised of men and women of faith and convection that rightly can and do attempt to divide the Word of Truth below and ‘read’ the ‘Signs’ above. Most assuredly, it is Jesus that is at the core of all Biblical Prophecy; a ‘more sure word of prophecy’. Thus, it is incumbent upon the Followers of Jesus within the Church Body to investigate such ‘Signs’ above.

Menorah Prophetic Pattern
Will the Church Body, much like Israel forfeit this privilege to even ascertain such ‘Celestial Signs’ as the Revelation 12 phenomenon? What this study seeks to introduce also is that the human form can also be depicted as a ‘Menorah’ anthropomorphically. For example, this is seen when the Hand Sign of the Jewish Priests pronounce their Blessings. This study thus also seeks to correlate not only the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign of 2017 with the Menorah Prophetic Pattern but also with the anthropomorphic nature of how even the human form is construed after such a Menorah prophetic template. The model of the Menorah was fashioned after an almond tree found in the Sinai Mountain regions where it was built by Moses after the Exodus. It was Jesus that was crucified in the midst of the week, the 4th Day that corresponded to the Servant Stem, etc.

Orientation from Right to Left Sequence on September 23 2017 during the Revelation 12 Sign.

VIRGO  ------------      (Servent Stem)              <------------  LEO  -------------
                   Left Hand                            Head                                 Right hand
Moon   Comet 67p         Jupiter               SUN            Mercury          Mars             Venus
    7              6                       5                     4                     3                    2                     1

As an aside note that is also fascinating to ascertain is the notion of the hand signals or signs. Such hand signs are prevalent for example with gangs, fraternities, Secret Societies, and for signing, etc. The human hands communicate a numerical language as each digit of the hand corresponds to a number or combination thereof much like the Hebrews and Greek alphabet has with each letter. Each letter in the human hand corresponds to a number value, etc. Even the very name of a finger, that `of a ‘digit’ comes from the meaning…‘number’ as the human hands are used to count’. Thus the point is that the hands functions much like a ‘key’ with various ‘numerical combinations’, etc. Even the apparent ‘design’ of the hands can be seen as a ‘key’.

Isn’t it the case that one uses the hands with a physical key to open and close doors or set a combination numerical lock to secure or unlock? This is why in the Bible, the hands are used as ‘keys’…human utensils to bless or curse, to communicate, etc. This can be ascertained with the hand gestures for example of the High Priest as he conveys this same numerical sequence as the hand signs are formed to make the Priestly Blessing. The joining of the fingers and outstretched arms depict, as if the ‘branches’ of the Menorah -a Servant, as a ‘Tree’, a ’Menorah’ before the Living Waters in the Presence of YHVH before His Throne. Ultimately it is Jesus that is the ‘Key’.

Pertaining to the ‘Menorah’ pattern on September 23, 2017, it is the case although it is an optical illusion as the Sun and planets travel along the Ecliptic in relation to Earth’s plain. Thus, around September and October the Sun starts to traverse or move across the constellation of Virgo. It starts from the ‘head’ region and in fact, such a start coincides with the start of the Mazzaroth or the zodiac Sign sequence that ends with Leo. It is a tapestry or the divine Plan of Redemption with the central theme of the Christ. Fall. Although there is an approximation of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign ‘every year’, there are distinguishing factors in the configuration of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign from all others in 2017 that are unique.

Uniqueness of the Revelation 12 Sign in 2017
There are other astronomically factors that have to be present to correspond precisely with the book of Revelation 12 depiction as given to the Apostle John by Jesus Himself. There has to be a ‘Crown of 12 Stars’ and the ‘birthing’ of the Manchild which this study suggests is the key and crucial factor in determining its uniqueness. Moreover, this study seeks to introduce further that the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign correlates celestially to the Menorah Prophetic Pattern. Pertaining to the ‘Crown of 12 Stars’, the current supposition is that there are 3 planets that align themselves with the main 9 stars of Leo to make up the ‘Crown ’of 12 Stars’. The following is the list of the variables that makes the approximation of the Revelation 12 Sign in 2017 unique.

1- 1260 days from the first Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad, all days inclusive
2- 33 days from the Great American Eclipse
3- In the 50th Jubilee from 1967 liberation of Jerusalem
4- In the 120 year of the 1st Zionist Congress
5- In the 120 Jubilee Cycle of time since Genesis
6- In the conjunction of the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s ‘birth’
7- Convergence at end of Sabbath and Rosh HaShanah, Creation Calendar
8- Conjunction of Moon with comet 67p
9- Planetary alignment of Venus-Mars-Mercury to Giza Pyramids
10- Starts with Venus the prior was aligned to the Christ Angle and Great Pyramid
11- Retrograde of Jupiter ‘gestation’ within ‘womb of Virgo’
12- Depicts a prophetic typological Menorah motif with the symmetrical 7 luminaries
13-There are 24 Jupiter retrogrades since the crucifixion, a factor of 8-8-8, the name of Jesus.

In actuality, the head of Virgo already has 12 Stars without such borrowing from Leo. What is unique about this 3-planet alignment of Venus-Mars-Mercury is that it approximates the angle of the 3 Pyramids of Giza. In particular, it is Venus that prior to the Virgo Sign is in alignment with the Christ Angle in reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Also, what this study suggests is that these 3-planets make up the 3 branches of the right side of the ‘Menorah’ typology and celestially during the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign. Such planets do also appear in the other Revelation 12 renditions but are not in such unique alignment as it will be in the Fall of 2017 and will never be. Given that Virgo is the only female ‘anthropomorphic’ Sign in the Mazzaroth, she is reclined and as the planets traverses the Sign along the Ecliptic, they appear to be ‘birthing’ out of the ‘womb’ of Virgo.

Another unique element that makes this Virgo Sign in 2017 unique is that the Comet 67p will be conjoined with the Moon at the precise time the Virgo Sign on the 23rd of September reaches its maximum just before sunset at the end of the Sabbath. What makes this Virgo Sign unique unlike all others in any given year, even the one that is purported to have occurred during the Garden of Eden is that it is if the comet is casting a light of a flashlight to highlight and accent this particular Revelation 12 rendition. In Virgo, the planet Jupiter will have been ‘birthed’ already for 13 days and the Moon will have reached Libra. It will take approximately 11 hours from that sunset on the 23rd, local time in Jerusalem. Thus, what these 3 heavenly luminaries depict are the 3 ‘branches’ of the Menorah to the left of the Servant Stem or middle lampstand of the Menorah where the Sun takes ‘center stage’, astronomically during the ‘Sign’.

A Critique of the Sign
Many have identified several problems with the supposed Vigo Sign of September 23, 2017. As those that seek truth and verification, the saying goes that ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’. There have been others that have tried and try to debunk the ‘Great Sign’ as having occurred several times already. Upon closer examination, the alignments do not satisfy the prime motif element of a corresponding ‘gestation of Jupiter’ in the ‘womb of Virgo’, This ‘key’ is what distinguishes the Virgo Sign of 2017 from all others astronomically at least. What makes this Revelation 12 Virgo Sign of 2017 unique is that it occurs in conjunction with other amazing convergence of other Signs. No other Revelation 12 Virgo Sign remotely occurs on such a timetable that speaks volumes of Biblical prophecy converging. The distinction of this version of the Revelation12 Virgo Sign has to do with ‘time and place’.

What would be some time markers that are prophetic possibly pertaining to the Sign? There are 2 events that in particular that converge at this time and place, mainly the 70th and 50th year anniversaries dealing with Israel. It has to do with its timing of how other apparent synchronized events and time markers converge as no other of its kind have. Granted there are some other close approximation of the Revelation 12 depiction as the constellation Virgo is the only female ‘Sign’ that is positioned to ‘birth’ heavenly bodies along the Ecliptic. This study argues that the key signature is the precise convergence of the retrograde of Jupiter occurring in the ‘womb’ area of Virgo. As noted, the Virgo Sign happens to coincide with a comet and the 3 planetary alignment. However this study suggests that the 3 planetary alignment of Venus-Mars-Mercury as mentioned prior have to do with the Christ Angle of the Great Pyramid more than anything else.

It would thus also be the Sign that the Creator, YHVH pre-determined to glorify the person, work and purpose of the Christ, Jesus related to a time and place of His birth, geographically even. Some rightly point out that the apparent depiction of Leo having only ‘9’ stars and with it the 3 planet alignments of Venus-Mars-Mercury constitutes the ‘Crown of 12 Stars’. It is a stretch as it depends on what depiction of Leo one is considering. In some Mazzaroth depictions, the constellation of Leo incorporates the front paws that includes Omicron Leonis, Other Zodiac renditions have also the hind leg that obviously has more than 9 stars, all inclusive. Those that have promulgated the theory of the 12 Star Crown of Leo with the planetary alignment have just counted the primary stars in Leo that make up only the core of the body of Leo per the software models of Stellarium.

Many however are alarmed that the Church Body in general and many Christians individually are ‘dabbling’ in the art of sorcery or witchcraft of Astrology in ascertaining the ‘Sign’ itself and its possible prophetic meaning or significance. Many are convinced that it is an absurd to think that the notion of the heavenly alignment on September 23, 2017 will be fulfilling the Revelation 12 ‘Sign’ in Virgo. Most make such an unfounded conclusion without knowledge in that most do not even consider the principles of Astronomy. It is probably one of the most sound and scientific realms to study as it is precise, down to the minute, repeatable, has patterns and can be replicated. This more than suffices for being a true science based on the Scientific Method of observation.

To reiterate, the point is that as the study suggests that even the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign is depicting a Menorah Prophetic Pattern. Celestially it is corresponding also to a numerical sequence starting with Venus and ends with the Moon. Astronomically, the Sun will be in the center as if a ‘Servant Stem’ of the Menorah. All the other heavenly bodies of ‘light’, 3 to the right, 3 to the left of the Sun is perhaps signaling the ‘ensign’ of Israel’s coat of arms even. This study also suggests that the human form, the body is as an ‘anthropomorphic’ Menorah. This is seen as the High Priest would pronounce the Blessing with the hands. The Breastplate would be as if the ‘light’ or ‘Sun’ emanating from the 4th or Servant Stem core of the human body, as a tree…a vine etc. in the Temple of YHVH, it was the middle ‘Servant Stem’ of the Menorah that the oil was poured first.

It is the Center Stem that the Oil is poured and from there the other lamps are fed, nourished and lit. Spiritually during this present Church Age, it is the oil, that of the Holy Spirit that nourishes and sustains the Anointing of a Disciple of Jesus; to live a life of right living or righteousness and holiness. This is impossible to accomplish by the sinful flesh; it is in fact opposed to such a condition. Such was the practice of anointing the heads of Kings, Priests, Prophets, and the sick with the ‘laying on the hand’ and with oil. What is most specactual to conceptualize astronomically during the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign of September 23, 2017 is that then the centerpiece of this ‘Celestial Menorah’ is the Sun.

This Menorah Prophetic Pattern ultimately corresponds to Jesus, the ‘Sun of Righteousness’ and Light of the World. This Menorah Prophetic Pattern, foremost speaks of Jesus that is seen and depicted in the Bible as being a metaphor for a ‘Tree’, The Branch (Tzemach) that is a Jewish euphemism for the coming Messiah, the Root of Jesse, etc. Jesus is also likened to The Vine that has branches and those that put their trust and faith for salvation from sins are grafted into that stock and are saved and nourishes. In fact, the name of Jesus in Hebrew consists of 4 characters but in the Hebrew has 7-points.

Even the name of Jesus written in Hebrew can correspond to the 7 lights of the Menorah, as if also to be the case with the 7 luminaries of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign. Jesus is the Center Stem of the true Menorah typology that is currently functioning as the High Priest before the Throne of YHVH. Jesus is the representative of Humanity, the 2nd Adam. Jesus is currently working to bless, trim, correct, feed and prepare His Bride. As Jesus functioned in the past in the Office the Prophet proclaiming the Gospel and is presently operating in the Office of the High Priest ‘blessing’ His People, one day that work will be done and He will come for His Bride to be met in the Air in the Office of the King.

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