Preparations for the Coming Messiah

  • What is the Nascent Sanhedrin in Israel all about?
  • Who makes-up such Men of this Religious Council?
  • What Role is it playing Prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And He taught daily in the Temple. But the Chief Priests and the Scribes and the Chief of the People sought to destroy Him.’ -Luke 19:47

The purpose of this study is to consider the contribution and work of the new re-constituted Sanhedrin that has played a pivotal role in bringing to pass the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. The Sanhedrin is a very ancient religious body that has its beginning with Moses. The study will present its historical inception and reason for existing. The study will also be critical of its disposition of ruling on behalf of Israel when it rejected Jesus as Messiah, for example. From a New Testament point of view, sadly at the core of this religious body is a spirit of Anti-Christ.

This is not to have it be labeled such as being derogatory but based on Biblical evaluation, this reconstituted religious ruling body will once again make the gravest of errors in their lack of true spiritual discernment. The specific decision is that it will accept the coming ‘Messiah’ that will not be Jesus, but Lucifer’s ‘Seed’, that is the Biblical AntiChrist. The Old Testament goes on to warn from the prophet Isaiah that this coming ‘Pact’ will be with none other than with ‘Hades’, or Death, Hell, etc. Why would such a prophecy be so harsh? In one sense, Jesus was just as harsh with the Sanhedrin, and for good reason. He had to be. There is a spiritual law in the Bible that states, ‘to those that are given much, much is required’.

The connotation is that the Sanhedrin, which represents the Elders of Zion that YHVH prescribed to Moses to initiate was to help him judge between the issues of the Earthly People of YHVH. The many issues and complaints from the multitude of the people tired-out Moses to the point of exhaustion. Such a religious ruling body had thus the same authority and power bestowed upon its appointees as did Moses from YHVH by ‘proxy’ and thus ‘the Seat of Moses’ that Jesus alluded to with arguments against the Sanhedrin of His day.

The Sanhedrin were to be 70 Elders from the 12 Tribes of Israel and would convene to legislate religious and/or judicial matters. The inauguration of the ‘Sanhedrin’ or the body of the 70 Elders of Zion plus Moses and Aaron or Joshua, (72) depending on interpretation and count were initiated directly by YHVH on Mount Sinai. This is the account of when YHVH commanded Moses to assemble the Elders and meet them halfway up the side of Mount Sinai on an open plain.

The Money Changers
This plain was then amazingly transformed as the veil between Heaven and Earth juxtaposed and YHVH came down to ‘dine’ personal with the ‘Sanhedrin’. What a spectacle that would have been and the impression left on the Learned Elders of Zion. It is no wonder why the Sanhedrin members became so haughty as they saw themselves above the ordinary masses of commoners. Most notably, corruption crept in as, for example, the positions were only given to the well-to-do, the literate and educated. However, as with any human institution, the ruling religious body became an economic and/or political entity over the span of Israel’s history.

The various positions were bought in some cases and during the times of conquest, foreign kings would even appoint who would be the High Priest that was the head of the corp. In some instances, the position of the High Priest became no more than a political post in allegiance to foreign powers so that such would maintain their privileges. For example, one of the primary reasons why the Sanhedrin was so adamantly opposed to the teachings of Jesus or His claim was that the Learned Elders of Zion feared losing their place of authority and power over the people.

The Learned Elders of Zion feared being exposed to how most if not all would enrich themselves with the Temple services. As to Jesus’ indictment of the Sanhedrin, such a ruling religious body, the highest in Israel made the House of YHVH into a ‘den of thieves’. This is why Jesus overturned the tables of the Money Changers and ended this lucrative money-making scam that the Sanhedrin sanctioned, and no doubt were given kick-backs. It was the case that such provided a needed services to exchange, for example the foreign currency to pay the Temple Tax. However, there was a level of racketeering as hidden fees were charged and the people were extorted who could barely afford the sacrifices as it was.

The Sanhedrin did not see their position of authority and power to help the people of how they could help themselves to the people. Also, sadly the Sanhedrin’s true allegiance came to light. For example, at the trial before Pontius Pilate, the religious ruling body of Israel paid allegiance not to YHVH or His true and only King, Jesus but rather to Caesar, whom they said, ‘we have no king but Caesar’. In essence, this body became the ‘Elite’ of Israel. Moreover, the qualification where ignored of appointed godly, humble men that knew the Word of YHVH and had zeal for the House of YHVH.

Sadly, on the contrary, Jesus exposed a conspiracy of the Sanhedrin that their under-handed dealings. Jesus, being GOD incarnate, saw through their minds and hearts and exposed them for what they were. The Sanhedrin had become, a ‘den of vipers’ and no more than ‘white-washed tombs’. It was for this evaluation, criticism and exposing that the Sanhedrin did conspire to murder Jesus. Another reason why the Sanhedrin despised Jesus was that Jesus rebuked them publicly and shamed them to their face before the people. This was too much for the Elders to bare, it was the same syndrome that King Herod had in being told that a ‘King of the Jews’ had been born.

The Seat of Moses
Upon hearing of the probable threat and loss of his kingship, Herod ordered the execution of all male Jewish babies 2 years and younger from Bethlehem and the surrounding villages for good measure. Does this sound like the ‘People’ of YHVH whom obtained rulership over the inheritance of Israel? No. Such were the workings of the ‘Invisible Hand’, the ‘Black Hand’ of the Luciferians for that is what they were according to Jesus. Jesus further exposed them for what they were and whose ‘King’ and ‘Lord’ they worshiped.

It was not YHVH nor Jesus but Lucifer. Jesus judged them for having their ‘Father’ be the Devil, not YHVH, etc. Even though the Sanhedrin did eventually judge Jesus for ‘blasphemy’, it was Jesus who passed judgment upon the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin believed that they condemned and judged Jesus, but it was to the contrary. However, YHVH allowed such a trial and false verdict to stand because it became the way Jesus was to be executed at the hand of the Romans. How sad, the day was to have Israel hand over their only means of national salvation and redemption to wicked men, the pagan Romans in this case to carry out the sentence by the torturous method of crucifixion.

For sure, the Gospel narratives of the New Testament paint a very bleak spiritual condition Israel had reached, and the Sanhedrin was the tip of the spear, etc. This is one of the main reasons the Elders dissuaded and still do the Jews from reading the New Testament. Why? It is because it is an expository reading and indictment of the Sanhedrin. Jesus admonished them that they should do as Moses did for they ‘sat in the Seat of Moses’ yet the Sanhedrin came together on this one issue, Jesus.

As the Sanhedrin was primarily made of the Pharisees and the Sadducees that were usually opposed to each other. This was more or less along the lines of the ‘conservatives’ against the ‘liberals’ or the Right vs. the Left, etc. There were other sects of Jewish groups such as the Essenes, the Scribes and the despised cadre of the Tax Collectors. In particular, the Tax Collectors worked for Rome and were seen and treated as ‘collaborators’. However, Jesus was what ‘gathered’ them together to conspire against Jesus. The true colors of the Sanhedrin of Jesus’ day culminated in the illegal trial that was conducted against Jesus.

All the ‘stops’ were pulled as every violation of the Mosaic Law to ensure a just and fair trial were intentionally ignored. Jesus’ trials took place in the dead of night, there were false paid witnesses that contradicted themselves. It is believed by many who study the End of Days that in terms of Bible Prophecy such a ruling religious body will also be part of the prophetic tapestry when Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is to be initiated. It is believed by many that in such a case, the Sanhedrin that is now in full function will in some way be part of who will have a say in representing Israel before the ‘Many’ regarding ‘confirming the Covenant’ with the coming AntiChrist.

A Religious Conflict
One possible speculation is that the current Sanhedrin will be the body that will legally have the authority and power to accept ‘him who will come in his own Name’, that being the AntiChrist. There will be a sweet deal made as the AntiChrist, unlike Jesus will confirm their authority and power to rule on religious matters, as the supreme law of the land perhaps, etc. It might well be the case that the AntiChrist will sanction the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. What is spectacular to consider is that the initiation of the Daily Sacrifices will then be done upon the Altar of Sacrifice that has now been re-dedicated.

As it could be noted from the leading members of the current reconstituted Sanhedrin when interviewed during the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice, such are in line with the Globalist agenda of having a ‘World Temple; that will be the focal point for ‘world peace’ and ‘unification’. This scenario will sadly come to pass but only because in the shadows, it is also the agenda of the Luciferians that have labored also to finally come to the conclusion of their ‘Great Work’. What is the Builder’s Great Work? This work is to inevitably enthrone Lucifer as the ‘God of all the Earth’ and Nations. The problem is that the mutual agendas then directly puts them in opposition to the claim Jesus now rightfully and legally has over such a Throne, Earth, Israel and Humanity.

Thus, what has been set-up currently and still to be revealed before the world’s eyes is also then the inevitable confrontation of the 2 Kings, the 2 Gods, the 2 Christs, the 2 Messiahs, etc. Now, how much power does the modern-day Sanhedrin in Israel have over the laws of the land? Technically Israel is a secular state. But for example, in one case, the Sanhedrin banned all Messianic Jews, those believing that Jesus is the Messiah from being recognized as ‘Jewish marriages’. The Sanhedrin ruled that a Jew who believes in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah is no longer considered a ‘Jew’ but a convert to Christianity.

For the purposes of marriage in Israel, this makes it impossible for Messianic Jews to get married inside of Israel and a traditional Jewish wedding. As one can see, the edicts coming from the Sanhedrin are not ‘Jesus-friendly’. More of this type of legislation and rulings against Jewish Christians, specifically are becoming the case that the Sanhedrin is exercising its influence over the secular government of Israel. Its influence is at least being made known as for example, when the Altar of Sacrifice was to be dedication, the Sanhedrin invited the main 70 Nations of the world and the Jerusalem City Council to attend.

They also admonished the candidates running for the mayor of Jerusalem during the recent elections that the one elected should make sure they ‘prepare to make way for the building of the 3rd Temple’. This type of influence is very telling and will only increase. It will increase to the point that they will usher in their long-awaited false Messiah and make a Covenant with ‘Death’ as the Bible foretells. What is also occurring in Israel, that is not being reported for political reasons is that the Ultra-Orthodox Jews are become bolder in their opposition to the Christian presence in Israel.

A Brood of Vipers
Such consider, for example the icons and idols of both the Roman Catholics and the Greek Orthodox as idolatrous that are defiling the Land of Promise. They do have a point. Nonetheless, the Sanhedrin is evolving itself foremost in the preparations of having come to pass, the construction of the 3rd Temple. For example, it was reported back in 2016 that the Sanhedrin had already chosen who is to be the High Priest for when the Daily Sacrifices commence. It was reported that specifically on the 29th of August 2016, that the Sanhedrin appointed Baruch Kahane to be High Priest or the Kohen Gadol so that sacrifices could possibly be implemented.

Who are the men that presently make up this reconstituted Grand Sanhedrin? Based on some research, some of the Sanhedrin members have been for example Rabbis Yisrael Ariel who founded the premier organization, the Temple Institute that has spear-headed the reconstitution of the Temple service. The institute has now completed the work of procuring the Biblically correct types of instruments, utensils, and accoutrements, except for the Ark of the Covenant. The institute has also founded the school to teach the Priests how to carry out the Daily Sacrificial Ordinance. It has been also Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute. There is possibly another Temple Institute member and now Israeli Knesset member, Yehuda Glick.

Glick is the one that was shot 4 times yet survived at point blank range by Muslims that sought to halt the work or the 3rd Temple. Hillel Weiss is currently the official Spokesman for the Sanhedrin. The following is just an observation but the name of the current leader, ‘Hillel’ is the Hebrew name for Lucifer. Is this the case of life mirroring art or the other way around? As to the legal structure of how the Sanhedrin works, there are no attorneys. Instead, the accused and witlessness stand in the presence of the 71 Elders of Zion and cross-examine each other.

The 71 Elders can then also question the accused, the accusers and the defense witnesses. Historically, it was in about 30 AD that the Great Sanhedrin lost its authority to prescribe capital punishment by the Romans you had conquered the domain of the Middle East. This is why when Jesus was brought before the Elders of Zion, Jesus was not given the opportunity to present witnesses but His own. It was the Sanhedrin that produced the false witnesses that could not corroborate the claim of ‘blasphemy’. The specific offense of Jesus was that He declared Himself to be ‘GOD” by stated that ‘He and the Father are One’.

In the Jewish custom, the first-born and male heir, that being the son, was and is considered as being equal in all sense of the word and understanding, equal to the father. Although one could prove in a court of law that the Torah does teach that the Messiah was to be divine and a ‘Son’, the ‘carnal’ elements of the human condition blinded the ruling council. This misunderstanding, but ‘truth’ was used against Jesus as a deposition to accuse and condemn Jesus with. As blasphemy was punishable by death, the Sanhedrin had to hand-over Jesus to Pilate, the Roman.

Not all of the Sanhedrin was compromised nor corrupt but given the limited glimpses that the Bible touches upon the dealings of the Sanhedrin, there was only a very small minority of godly men in the company. For example, there was Nicodemus, the ‘Teacher of Israel’ as how Jesus called him and member of the Council that came to Jesus at night for he did not want to be seen as sympathetic to Jesus. Then there was Joseph of Arimathea who was also a member of the Sanhedrin. He is the one who took Jesus Christ's body down from the cross and buried it in his own tomb in adjacent the place of the cross. The Sanhedrin failed and fail to this day to see that Jesus put a ‘curse’ on ‘their’ House. In what way?

Consider that one of the primary reasons for Jesus’ visitation was ‘to gather Jerusalem as a hen would gather her chicks.’ One of the sadist statements of the Bible is then when the Sanhedrin, i.e., Israel, ‘would not’. Because of this, Jesus declared a righteous judgment against national Israel and declared, ‘from now on your House will be left desolate’. ‘Their House’ was made desolate in 70 AD on the 9th of Av as the 1st Temple was made also desolate and is to this day. What this means is that no measure of effort or dedication from any or one institute, agency or organization would or could build the Temple until Jesus allowed it to be so.

And then only to further fulfill His plan and purpose to ‘gather’ the Earthly People of YHVH as He intended. Also, it was the same Sanhedrin that flogged the Disciples of Jesus for not stopping their public witness of Jesus’ resurrection. This happened to Stephen also as he was the first Christian martyr, found guilty of ‘blasphemy’ by the Sanhedrin and was stoned to death. Later on, it was the Apostle Paul that went before the Sanhedrin as well. As to the modern evolution and reconstitution of the Sanhedrin, according to research, the current attempt to re-institute ‘Semicha’ (Biblical ordination) to re-establish the Sanhedrin is the 6th attempt in the last 500 years.

Unlike previous attempts, for the first time there seems to be wide consensus among the leading Torah sages and Jews living in Israel for the pressing need to have such an institution at this time. According to Jewish scholars, it was the great Jewish sage Maimonides of Spain and other medieval commentators who suggested that, although the line of Semicha Moses had been broken in 425 AD, if the Elders in the land of Israel agree upon a single candidate being worthy of Semicha, that individual would have Semicha.

This condition could then grant it to others, thus enabling the re-establishment of the Sanhedrin. In 2004, various Rabbis first met to formulate what has been called the, ‘Nascent’ Sanhedrin. The word ‘nascent’ means ‘budding’, essentially meaning that all the pieces are not fully formed at its inception. The word ‘Sanhedrin’ means a ‘council’. In October 2004, a group of over 300 Rabbis representing varied communities in Israel gathered to perform a re-ordination ceremony of the Sanhedrin in Tiberias. Ironically, this was where the original Sanhedrin was disbanded as the Sanhedrin fled to the north in the Galilee, away from the Roman persecutions in 70 AD.

The Nascent Sanhedrin
Then on October 13, 2006, 71 Jewish religious leaders officially re-established the ancient Sanhedrin. Technically, the Sanhedrin is the Jewish Rabbinical ‘Parliament’. The Sanhedrin is considered the highest Jewish religious court to be a deliberative body. Ever since 2007, the present-day Sanhedrin Court along with various Temple Movement organizations have made it be known publicly that their plans are to resume the ancient Temple practices of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This was despite a religious ban on sacrifices by Muslims and even ‘mainstream’ religious Jews and that the Sanhedrin did not have an Altar of Sacrifice, until now.

The Sanhedrin has purchased herds of sheep for the ritual sacrifices. The Sanhedrin has on numerous occasions attempted several animal sacrifice during Passover, depending on the political and religious situation and on the controversial religious site. The Sanhedrin used to be the supreme religious court for all of Israel that resided on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, prior to its destruction by the Romans in 70 AD. Many cities had smaller Lesser Sanhedrins, but the Supreme Council in Jerusalem was called the Great Sanhedrin. It is this Great Sanhedrin that has now been re-established.

There were 3 places on the Temple Mount, mentioned in Mishnah Middot, where they used to meet. The most well-known location was the called the Chamber of Hewn Stone. This chamber was located to the southeast of the Temple. The Sanhedrin is described as a ‘House of Scholars or how others would label them the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’. This body represents the ‘Rights and Obligations’ of the people to the ‘Torah Constitution’. However, the Sanhedrin define as including the Torah, Talmud and the body of Rabbinic Jurisprudence that has been built up over the history of the Jewish People.

Based on the degree of preparation already achieved by the Temple Institute with their school of training and modern construction methods, it is estimated that according to their accounts, a pre-fabricated Temple structures can be temporary and prepared almost overnight. The biggest obstacle was educating the Kohanim, has now been achieved and their services were rendered during the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. Now even the choosing of the High Priest, as noted or the Kohen Gadol has been procured.

According to the Sanhedrin, it is only a matter of time before the Israeli government decides to permit not only the Daily Sacrifices but to build the 3rd Temple. They estimate that it would only take a few weeks to make preparations, assuming a temporary structure of sorts. The Israeli courts, including the Israeli Supreme Court, have generally agreed that religious observing Jews have the right to perform animal sacrifices. The permission by the Jerusalem City Council to allow the Sanhedrin to offer even the hind-leg of an animal sacrifice upon a rebuilt Altar of Sacrifice shows that the Israeli government is now increasingly growing sympathetic to such efforts.

The Dedications
This is taking into account repeatedly denied rights to do such that in the past, as the timing would have brought negative consequences given the Muslim opposition to the Jews in the Middle East. The Muslims have sought, with much success to use the United Nations in an attempt to de-legitimize the ancient Biblical and Jewish claims to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and Israel. The Muslims consider the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, of Noble Sanctuary, Islamic. Consider that the Dome of the Rock is not a Mosque. The only Mosque atop of the Temple platform is the al-Aqsa. The Muslims are fearful that the religious Jews will in some way or form need to demolish the Dome of the Rock to make way for the 3rd Temple.

This is assuming that it is the correct location of the Holy of Holies, which is not. What these studies strongly suggest is that the actual spot for the correct location of the Holy of Holies is at the Dome of the Tablets. Eventually, the Sanhedrin will succeed in establishing the Daily Sacrifices once again. This will be aided and sanctioned by whom they consider will be and whom they will accept as their ‘Jewish Messiah’. Why is the Daily Sacrifices so important that even Jesus spoke about it as a ‘Sign’? Consider that the Altar of Sacrifice is what is the means by which Humanity is granted a way back to reconciliation and restoration to YHVH. Essentially the Altar of Sacrifice represents a way back to enter into the Garden of Eden and with that, be able to partake of immortality.

It was an Altar that was first construed by YHVH Himself after the fall of Adam and Eve due to the sin of their disobedience in the Garden of Eden. Consider that it is Jerusalem, specifically, Mount Moriah and then on the very spot perhaps that Jesus was crucified where the ultimate ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ was once again provided by YHVH and for Eternity. Until the Jews will one day realize this truth, the Sanhedrin has vowed to now reconstitute the Daily Sacrifices given the amazing prophetic milestone reached that they have now rededicated the Altar of Sacrifice in this Last Generation. As to the legacy of the Sanhedrin, as noted, it had to move from Jerusalem to Galilee after the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD and the subsequent failure of the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 115–117 AD. In the late 200s, to avoid persecution, the name ‘Sanhedrin’ was no longer used.

Based on their own records, the last universally binding decision of the Great Sanhedrin occurred in clandestine in the year 358. This was a major decision to impact the whole of Judaism till the return of Jesus. This decision involved the Jewish method of calculating time to determine ‘the seasons, days and years’ along with the Feasts of YHVH based on Genesis 1:14. The traditional Hebrew Calendar was abandoned for the current Rabbinical or Hillel Calendar. The calendar is named after the Rabbi Hillel who proposed it based on mathematics. Here again, a very interesting link to the same name that is a derivation of the name, Lucifer the current leader has for the Sanhedrin. The Hillel Calendar was initiated due to the Diaspora where no witnesses could confirm the sightings of the Moons at the Temple. The Great Sanhedrin was finally disbanded in the year 425 after continued persecution.

The 3rd Temple Coins
As to the current activities of the Sanhedrin, they reached an incredible prophetic milestones ever since 2016. Since the Trump Decree in 2017, they commemorated a Temple Coin with the bust of King Cyrus and U.S. President Trump. In the days of the Temple, every male in Israel was obligated to donate a Half-Shekel of silver at the beginning of the month of Adar. This ‘tax’ was used to pay for the operating expenses of the Temple for the entire year.

According to the Sanhedrin, Jews and non-Jews alike who purchase the coins can consider it as fulfilling the Mitzvah (Torah commandment) of the Half Shekel required for sustaining the Temple Services. According to the present-day Sanhedrin, non-Jews are encouraged to also purchase the Temple Coin in order to take part in the efforts to eventually rebuild the 3rd Temple. Since the destruction of the 2nd Temple, there has been a tradition among many Jews to date an equivalent sum to give to charity as a gesture symbolizing the Biblical commandment. The Sanhedrin seek to renew the Daily Sacrifices of the Temple through the issuing of such coins.

A 2nd Temple Coin of Trump was made as well as one specifically for the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. Ambassador Haley was a staunch supporter of Israel at the United Nations as she knew here Bible well. The Sanhedrin specifically invited Haley to be a Guest of Honor at the 70 Nations dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. The plea was that it was imperative that all 70 Nations of the world take part in the preparations for the 3rd Temple in order for it to be truly a ‘House of prayer for all Nations’ according to the Sanhedrin. The Bible does teach that this is YHVH’s desire and objective, but it will not be fulfilled until Jesus returns.

The concept of 70 Nations is from the Bible. For example, the notion of the 70 Nations appears in reference to the 70 oxen that where offered in the Temple throughout Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles which has been traditionally now observed by the Nations, mainly by Christians that understand its Biblical symbology and purpose. The Sanhedrin is planning a conference in Jerusalem to present the ‘Organization of 70 Nations’ to the world and to invite the Nations to participate. It was reported that the Organization of the 70 Nations was officially initiated in September of 2018 at the World Creation Concert.

There was some response to this 70-Nation invitation by the Sanhedrin, most notably from Latin America as Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico officially signed a document pledging to take part. According to the charter of the organization, each Nation will be solely responsible for maintaining a fitting and proper justice system as per the ‘7 Noahide Laws ‘incumbent upon all of mankind. The Sanhedrin did reach a prophetic milestone with the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice on December 10, 2018. The Sanhedrin spokesman, Weiss, has stated that the Altar of Dedication would be bringing into the world the much-needed ‘holiness, purity, and humility’ to the Nations, etc. As to the 7 Noahide laws, such will be used to persecute and condemn Christians during the Tribulation Period. How so? It is because of the 2nd ‘Law’.

The Coming Abomination
If the New World Order religious prescribes only being ‘1 GOD”, then those to ascribe divinity to Jesus and/or who believe that Jesus is GOD will be guilty of blasphemy according to this Noahide Law. The punishment for blasphemy is death. The following are the 7 Noahide Laws for the Nations for the New Order.

Not to worship idols.
Not to blaspheme GOD.
To establish courts of justice.
Not to commit murder.
Not to commit adultery or sexual immorality.
Not to steal.
Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.

According to the Talmud, Rabbis agree that the 7 Laws were given to the sons of Noah. However, they disagree on precisely which laws were given to Adam and Eve. Then 6 of the 7 Laws are exegetically derived from passages in Genesis with the seventh being the establishing of courts. This coming judicial framework is just part of such ‘stepping-stones’ that are seen by End Times scholars as the means to unite the world into a New World Order.

Moreover, such an ‘Order’ will also be under a new ecumenical auspices of a hybridized Judaism that has been usurped by the Luciferians. Such a scenario will come to pass as Jesus foretold of its eventual fruition, that of their ‘Abomination of Desolation’ it will cause. Such tenants of what Judaism has become goes beyond what the Old and New Testaments prescribes, etc. Some Christians are concerned that increasingly, the notion of having the Noahide Laws enforced would be no different than enforcing the Islamic Sharia Law unto an unsuspecting and/or unwilling population or Nation for that matter.

What is the issue? The Noahide Laws of the Sanhedrin might sound fine and Biblical. The Noahide Laws are firmly based on the tenants of the Old Testament. However, all New Testament Christians or followers of Jesus would find themselves in direct violation of such ordinances that would be punishable by death. Many do believe that such a new ‘Religious Order will exist after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ takes place. Why? There will be a ‘spiritual vacuum’ left as there will no longer there be the Body of Christ on Earth with YHVH’s power and authority, etc. Having the ‘Restrainer’ be removed or ‘set aside’ will make way for such the Luciferian agenda to go un-checked.

The Noahide Laws, thus in turn could very well play into the coming persecution of those who follow or will follow the Lamb of YHVH, Jesus Christ during Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. For anyone not accepting of this new ‘religious’ Mark of the Beast system will be seen as unfit and not desirable to have alive in the coming Tribulation Period, and especially for the Jews in the 2nd part called specifically the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’. The disposition of the Sanhedrin during the times of Jesus and the Apostles was hostile to the Gospel message and are and still will be.
Such a message of Jesus and His Gospel exposes the realization that the Old Testament sacrificial ordinances have been fulfilled by Jesus. So too now and especially in the near future will this same Sanhedrin have the same anti-Christ disposition against the very followers of the one and only true Sacrifice, Jesus. It was Jesus that was consumed at the ‘Altar’ of the Cross of Calvary – once and for all to not only to cover or ‘atone’ for sin but to put away sin as far as ‘the East is from the West’.

In Luke 19:42, Jesus declares a judgment against Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple. As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it and said, ‘If only you had known on this day what would bring you peace! But now it is hidden from your eyes.’ Jesus essential declared that prophecy, His authority and power were sadly then going to be hidden from His Earthy People, the Jews and bestowed to another, It would be the present Body of Church made up of the Gentiles instead whom will be made to see and given His authority and power over prophecy of the Last Days.

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