Half-Time Worship Service

  • What makes the U.S. Super Bowl so Special?
  • Is there any Danger about being Competitive?
  • Why are Luciferian Motifs in the Half Time Show? 

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We know that the Half Time Shows of the American Super Bowls are just a ‘Church Service’ of Predictive Programming. It is exclusively an ‘American’ thing as such a Day is not really matched in other Sports and in other Nations, not even at the World Cup. Or if so, the Rival is the World Olympics. But like the World Cup, the Olympics, Rugby, etc., the Day is ‘Sacred’ and it is a ‘Worship Service’. It is like going to Church. Except in this case, all are attentive, Participants, Fanatics and give all their Heart, Mind and Strength.

The Owners and Organizers of such Venues have these Special Days and Time to Broadcast the Motifs and Innuendos of the Evil One that will further propagate all that stands for what is Holy, Godly and Good. And is it no Coincidence that the Organizers of such Venues are the very same ones, who own the Media Entertainment, the Medicine, and Money and the Magic? It is basically a Time when they give the Masses, ‘Bread and Circus’.

Now, nothing is wrong with watching a Good Game of competition. One has more of a Stake in the World Cup Football or Soccer in terms of ‘Investments’ in the Emotions and Attraction, sure. One does get it. And one does think Competition, by itself, is ‘Good’ and Necessary. But it is when Competition becomes an Obsession with Hurting or Replacing or bringing another Down, that is or becomes Problematic. For the Fans, or Fanatics, it is a Religion that becomes an issue, as the Video points out in America. Why America?

These Luciferian Themed ‘Worship Services’ taking place now every year at the Half-Time Show have been because America has basically turned its Back on the GOD of the Bible, Jesus, etc. And this is what is naturally filling the Void. It is a Social Darwinist ‘Evolutionary Mindset’ of the Survival of the Fittest. And The Luciferians could not be more Happier about it. So, can one argue that for the Vast Majority of Americans, Sports is just that Replacement?

Here below is a 44 Minute Expose on the ‘Sins’ of Competition and how Sports crosses the Line of becoming a Religion and a Vehicle or Means at Molding and Influencing the Masses. Again, the only part one disagrees with, is that ‘Competition’ is a Good Thing, when done in the Right Way or Manner. Why? One sees the opposite of instilling Children ‘Not to Compete’ in Academics. This is due to what happened in the 90s and 00’s with not ‘Competing’ at Schools in all aspects, Sports, Academics, etc. And? Everyone received a Trophy. Competition was made ‘Cheep’ and ‘Why even Bother’.

A Day of Solemn Assembly

Or like 1 High School ‘Woke’ Administrator in the USA, recently that withheld notifying several Senior Students of winning a National Merit Scholarship. Why? It was for fear that all the vast majority of Students in the School who did not try, could care less... would not ‘Feel’ less of Achievers. And this Opposite Mentality of not Competing is what leads to Communism or results in. Having lived and seen this 1st Hand in the former Soviet Union, everyone and everything will eventually come down, not up, put down to result in the Least Common Denominator in all things. The Result? A Collapsed Society.

Now, as to why the Superbowl has moved from January to February? Not sure. No doubt there are some Reasons and most that will not be divulged for the Public to know. However, what one does find interesting is how, Astronomically, the Game occurs right around the time of the Conjunction of that Green Comet, C/2022 E3 with Mars, the God of War. It is to the side of the Constellation of Taurus, which means Fierce Judgment to come. Nonetheless, the Superbowl Half-Time Show will have its Luciferian Broadcast or more like their Worship Service. It is much like what occurred at the 2023 Grammy Awards in the USA.

As one does not have TV, one only sees the Clips/Highlights from Posts Online. But, oh my. What a ‘Splendid’ Luciferian Worship Service it was, lWith all them Baphomets running around... And to tie it into the Comet? Is it no Coincidence that the Grammys happened around the Time the Green Comet Conjoined with the Star Capella in Auriga, the Shepherd? And? Capella means ‘Female Goat’. Think of them Red Horned ‘Baphomet’ Performers, but the Fallen State of Humanity, etc.

But in the True Archetype, Auriga is the Good Shepherd, Jesus, who is being ‘Pierced’ through the Heel by the Horn of Taurus, that signifies Fierce Judgment. That is what Jesus did for us at the Cross. He took the Fierce Judgment that is presently against Humanity for the same Sin of Rebellion Lucifer partook of, that of being Rebellious ‘Goats’. But in the Bosom of Auriga are Small Kids, but then, there is the Chief Star, Capella.

Auriga signifies that Jesus was and is the ‘Good Shepherd’, that He gave His Life, to leave the 99 of the Fold to go after, in this case the Goat, that typifies Rebellion and Stubbornness. It is Lucifer and his ‘Goats’, that is the ‘Worthless Shepherd’ Zechariah 11:17 as it states in the Old Testament about him. And here we have the Grammys that Glorifies and Praise Rebellion and Lucifer’s ‘Goats’ running around, in this Last Generation, that they want to be instead. The Leftist sure Love Lucifer.

Also note the coming 1 Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of the Ukraine. And the Date of February 24, 2022 Russia Invasion of Ukraine also connected to Comet C/2022 E3? Yes. It will be Conjoint Mars, the God of War in Taurus, 14 Day out or a 7-7 Day Count from February 10, 2023 = 50 Weeks. As Mars speaks of War, perhaps there will be a New Offense or an Escalation now that the U.S. and German Tanks are to take Delivery.

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