Dr. Tenpenny Interview Banned on YouTube

  • Why are qualified Doctors debating the mRNA shot being censored?
  • Will there be debilitating severe side-effects in 3-6 months?
  • What is in the mRNA shots that will compromise the Immune System?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing.’ -George Orwell

The following is a transcript of a very important interview by a qualified and certified Doctor warning the Public of the dangers in taking the COVID-19 shots. The interview was of Dr. Tenpenny and conducted by the DayStar Television Network. The interview was posted to the DayStar’s YouTube channel. The interview was subsequently censored and the video pulled having over 1.5 million views. The explanation of what the dangerous and untested for long-term side effects vaccine has been one of the best. Dr. Tenpenny uses simple terms and she communicated in a way that made it easy to comprehend the Science and ramification of why it is dangerous to be injected by this type of experimental mRNA into humans. The passage quoted will be italicized and certain portions will be colorized and/or in bold for emphasis. 

All right everybody, …thank you for being with us today and we are gonna segue over into something that many of you are interested in. And if you get a watch-out to have the whole family here because they're all interested in this as well. So, welcome family as we talk to Dr. Tenpenny. Dr. Tenpenny are you there? I am. Hello. Hey thanks for being here today on DayStar. I have watched many of your videos and many of our viewers have sent your videos to me. And they have said, ‘Joanie you want to have Dr. Tenpenny on.’ And one of the people that has mentioned about Dr. Tenpenny is your mother Jonathan, Catherine Weiss has watched a lot of her videos. But if you would for our audience today, DayStar goes into every country around the world in all over America.

Would you just give us a brief overview, if you will of who you are and a little bit about your qualifications to talk about COVID-19? Absolutely and thank you so much for being here. It is just such a God-Joy to me to be here. It really is. So, my background is in… my first career, I say I was in Emergency Medicine. I was Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and the Director of a Level 2 Trauma Center for almost 12 years. I moved to Cleveland in 1996 to open my Integrative Practice. I went to the National Vaccine Information Center meeting in Washington D.C. in September of 2000. It was a flyer that came in the mail, sat on my kitchen counter for weeks. And it just seemed like I could not quite throw it away. So, I was single at the time and I said, ‘well, there must be somebody there I’m supposed to meet.’

Well, as it turned out, it was not somebody, it was something. And I went down and I spent …I attended 4 days of that meeting. And I came home and said, ‘How in the world did I miss this?’ I grew up in a Chiropractic Family. My Grandfather my Father, 3 Uncles and 2 Cousins were Chiropractors. That is the reason I wanted to become an Osteopathic Physician was because I wanted to have that in my Musculoskeletal Medicine in my Armamentarium. And after I came back from that meeting I said, ‘I should probably look into this.’ Well, I started with the CDC documents; the General Recommendation of Vaccination, which was the 1998 version. They come out with one of those, every couple of years. And after I read it, I said, ‘This cannot possibly be it?’ This cannot possibly be what this whole industry is built on? Maybe I had to read a little more. And so that reading a little more has turned into more than 20 years.

Actually, I am going on 21 years and well beyond 40,000 hours’ worth of personal research that I have done investigating problems associated with vaccines.
You know, as a Physician we are taught that vaccines are safe, they are effective, they keep you from getting sick, they are harmless and they are absolutely necessary. And after 20 years of study and more than 40,000 hours of research, I can honestly say that none of those premises are true. So, Dr. Tenpenny, we have done course shows with Robert Kennedy Jr., with Del Bigtree and other significant Doctors that have talked about some of the information we need to know to be informed about vaccines. I wanted you to specifically address the COVID-19 Vaccine and maybe talk a little bit about the mRNA, because a lot of people do not realize that the 2 vaccines that they are using are experimental and that they have the mRNA also. I like for you to touch on the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine as well.

And again, we are not telling people what they are to do they, they have to do what they feel they need to do. And so, we are trying to bring information. We are trying to bring truth. My only wish here is to help People, just as I know that that that is your feeling as well. I am not paying you; you are not paying me. There is no Pharmaceutical backing us. We are simply sharing the truth especially with our audience, who many are Christians as well as you are. Yes. Well, it is a really important topic because it is on the top …on the head of everybody's mind these days. And all 3 of the shots are very important to talk about. And 2 of them are similar and 1 is very different.

So, the Messenger RNA Vaccine or Messenger RNA shot is the one that is involved with the Pfizer shot and the Moderna shot. And both of them come to the market in about the same time. And they inject a small little piece of Genetic Material.
Now keep in mind, that this Genetic Material, this type of injection has never been done before, ever. This is …all the animal …they've been trying to develop a Corona Virus Vaccine as far back as 2002. And they were never able to bring it to market because they could not prove safety. When they would inject the Corona Virus experimental vaccines into animals, they would get re-exposed with the Corona Virus. And they would come either deathly sick or die. So, the FDA said, ‘You cannot move this forward’. And the articles talk about the fact the Researchers said that, ‘We must proceed with great caution to move forward to develop a Corona Virus Vaccine in humans’, because of a process called, Antibody Dependent Enhancement which we can talk about.

But this is an ‘Experimental Vaccine’. When you think about vaccines, you know most people have had their children vaccinated. They probably were vaccinated as a kid. I mean, up through 1985, there were only 3 different shots. It was in 1991 when they started ramping-up the schedule to where now children get multiple doses of 16 or 17 different shots between birth and 18 years of age. They started ramping up the adult vaccination schedule in 2015. And so, everybody has …is very familiar with the term ‘vaccine’. And I think that everybody thinks that vaccines are uniform and they are all the same. And that you just inject a little piece of Viral Material and a little piece of Bacteria into the body. You develop an Antibody and you are protected. Well, it is much more complex than that. And all of those previous shots injected particles of Bacteria or whole intact viruses.

So, the Immune Response was completely different in these 2 vaccines, the Pfizer shot and the Moderna shot. They take a little piece of Genetic Material that is called Messenger RNA. And it is ‘encoded’. Meaning it's got a ‘Recipe’ written on it for a specific type of Protein. So, if you can keep that in mind …that when Messenger RNA, …it is a literally a ‘Messenger’. It takes a message from your Cellular DNA out into your cells with a ‘Recipe’. That it takes the Recipe to the Manufacturing Process. And that Manufacturing Process is called the Ribosomes. Think of the Ribosomes as an Assembly Line. So, they take the Recipe, they do from your DNA. The Messenger RNA goes out into the cell, delivers the Recipe to the Ribosomes. The Ribosomes then process the Recipe and make a Protein. That happens all day long, 24/7 in our bodies.

It is a normal process that happens inside of us. It helps us with repairs, like if you have had surgery or an injury or any of those things. It is all of those repair things.
Well what this these 2 injections have done is they have taken a piece of a Messenger RNA that has a Recipe written on it, designed in a lab. And that design, that Recipe is to go and make, through the Manufacturing Process a Protein called the Spike Protein. Those Messenger RNA little particles are extremely unstable. And in order to take them from the laboratory and get them into your body, they have to be wrapped around in a bubble of Lipid Coating. So, they put it in a bubble like a basketball. They put it in a Lipid Coating that has several different type of Lipids on it that have never been injected into human beings before.

So, we have never used this Lipid Interface in any of the previous vaccines. We do not know if all 3 of those …you know, if one of them are toxic. We do not know what happens when all 3 of them are together. There's been nothing called
Synergistic Toxicity Testing. They wrap around that Messenger RNA with the Recipe to keep it stable. And in the Pfizer shot, it has to be stored at like -70 degrees Fahrenheit or -60 degrees Centigrade. So, it is colder than the North Pole to keep it stable in order to get it from the lab, into the solution, to then be injected into your arm. So, that Lipid Coating has 1 of its chemicals on the outside like a shellac. On the outside of that Lipid Coating is something called Polyethylene Glycol. Polyethylene Glycol is known to cause big Allergic Reactions. And in my opinion, I believe that is what is responsible for a lot of people having the Allergic Reactions and going into Anaphylactic Shock which we've had 100’s of cases of that.

So, when they inject that Messenger RNA with the Recipe coded in the Lipids with the shellac around the outside of it into your body, that Lipid Protein binds with your cells and opens up. Think about it like cracking open like an egg and depositing that Messenger RNA with the Recipe inside of your cells. That Recipe then is run through the Ribosomes… Think of that as the ‘Factory’ to make the Protein. That Protein is called the Spike Protein. That Protein is supposed to be similar to the Spike Protein on the surface of the Corona Virus that is causing infection. The idea behind this process, is that if we create this Protein and then we create an Antibody to that Protein, we can take that Antibody and the next time the Corona Virus is floating around, we will glob onto its Spike Protein and neutralize it.

In theory, that is what is supposed to happen. But instead, what happens is once we have gone through that manufacturing, we have created that Spike Protein,
there are a lot of different things that can happen with it. For one thing, it can irrevocably bind to the surface of your cells. The other thing that Protein can do is go through a process called Transfection. Can go backwards. The Protein then can bind to your DNA and irreversibly change it. The 3rd thing that Spike Protein can do, once we have manufactured it, and yes we can make Antibodies to that Spike Protein. The problem is there is a real issue with the Antibodies that are created through this process. Under normal vaccination like for say, Flu Shots or the Measles or Shingles or the Chickenpox, we make a particular type of Antibody. That is called a ‘Neutralizing Antibody’.

When that binds to those recurrent viruses, it gobbles them up, brings in your White Blood Cells and disposes of it.
We do not even know that happens. It happens all day long in our Immune System. But the Anti-Spike Antibodies, I have mapped out about 10 different Mechanisms of Injury that that Anti-Spike Antibody can cause inside of your body…once it has been created by that process that manufacturing process I just described. That Anti-Spike Antibody that is supposed to be there to keep you from getting sick,actually if you produce it in very high quantities can have direct adverse effects on your tissues. Primarily your lungs but also to the liver to the kidney and to your heart. And there is multiple other mechanisms of how that Anti-Spike Antibody can cause harm. So, when people think about well, you know they say Corona Virus …all that circulating Corona Viruses out there that we've known have been around for, you know, since about 60 years they've been able to document Corona Viruses.

On an annual normal basis, Corona Viruses cause something that looks like the Flu. So, a lot …and we have heard that a lot. We have heard about Corona Virus illness and Corona Virus; you know causes kind of like a cold. So, if I get this shot, it is just like getting a Flu Shot? And it will keep me from getting sick like the flu shot's supposed to do? But the Moderna Vaccine and the Pfizer Shot, they act by a completely different mechanism. So, this is not just another Flu Shot.It is not FDA approved because remember, they have tried; been doing this for almost 20 years. They could not get it past Safety Studies and Efficacy Studies. Meaning, it keeps People from getting sick, it is completely experimental. They have never done this before. It was put into the market by something called an EUA which is Emergency [Use] Authorization.

So, under the stated Emergency of the pandemic, the Pharmaceutical Companies, Pfizer, Moderna …and there are 77 more of these shots, 77 more of these infection vaccinations under current development. And there is 78 more in animal studies. It is beyond me why we need 150 of these. But it was…it has never been. It [has] not been FDA approved. It is totally experimental. It is authorized only under ‘Experimental Emergency Use’. We have ‘0’ long-term studies on what is going to happen down the road with this Anti-Spike Antibody; what can happen with Autoimmune Diseases. With Neurological conditions. With Cardiovascular type of conditions. I
n fact, Humanity right now as we speak, we are the experiment. They will find out long-term what's happened to us, and we are their study.

Wow. Dr. Sherry, thank you so much for sharing all that information. I am curious. Can you tell us about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and how that one is different as well? It is very different because it bypasses that ‘Manufacturing Process’ and the Recipe, the manufacturing and the creating of the Protein. What they have actually done with the Johnson & Johnson shot, is they have actually taken an Adenovirus  …a typical Adenovirus that causes the cold. And they have shelled it out. They have taken the Genetic Material that Adenovirus out from the inside and they have taken an already been made Spike Protein and put it inside of the Adenovirus Shell. In order to grow that and replicate it…
to make it grow, they are using at least 1 and maybe 2 different types of Tissue Cells that come from Aborted Fetal Tissue.

One is called PCR.C6 which comes from Retinal Tissues of previously Aborted Fetal Tissues. And there is another one called HEK that comes from a kidney of a previously Aborted Fetus. They have to have …viruses in order to get a large enough quantity to manufacture a shot or a vaccine, they have to replicate in Living Tissues. That is why those tissues are used. So you have got this shell of an Adenovirus. And you have got the Protein inside of it. They inject that into your system. The shell of the Adenovirus binds to your cells and again opens up like an egg and deposits that Protein into your system. And the process begins to create the Anti-Spike Antibodies.
That is a ‘Foreign Protein’ that is just been deposited into your body. It activates many of your Toll-Like Receptors which I think are, ‘God’ inside of us. The Toll-Like Receptors separate Self from Non-Self.

And Toll-Like Receptors are able to tell what is a Foreign Protein versus your natural in Your-Body-Protein. There is a huge amount of Immunology that happens there. You get a lot of Cytokines which can cause inflammation. You activate the White Blood Cells, the Nutria-Cells in the bloodstream and the Macrophages in your tissue. There is all this activity that happens. An acute flare-up to create this Anti-Spike Antibody. Now the Anti-Spike Antibody is going to be the same or very similar in all 3 of those vaccines because that is the end result, is to make the Anti-Spike Antibody. Okay, so I know that the CDC …and they have actually given these numbers that, as of a few days ago there were 996 deaths from the COVID-19. Actually, I got some. It is actually more than that. Okay, that was about from about 4 weeks ago. The updated date that came from February the 28th, in 1 week, we went from 1,097 reported deaths to 1,278 reported deaths.

In 1 week, we went from just under
19,000 reported Adverse Events to over 25,000 report ‘Events’. That is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is a ‘voluntary reporting system’ and it is well known that that database captures about 10% of Adverse Events. So, we could be looking at right now as many as 12,000 deaths. And can you think of 1 single product …can you think of any product in any industry, across the board, any industry that if somewhere between 1200 and 12,000 people had been killed using it, in the first 10 weeks of use, that it would still be on the market?? And not only still on the market, but heavy-handedly pushed to get People to use it or to take it? It is just an enigma to me. And the real question is like you mentioned 6 months from now, a year from now that is when we are really going to see what these vaccines have done to People. And you expect what…Autoimmune Disorders, Heart, Kidney, Lung issues? Do you see that happening? All of them.

There was a study that came out the middle of January [2021] by a very well respected, highly respected immunology group in California. And what they did was they said when we create this Anti-Spike Antibody, does it just go after the virus, the one that you might be re-exposed to or maybe one of the Corona Viruses? Or can it cross-react with your body which is what Autoimmune Disease is? So, they took tissue samples and they put them in what they call ‘Little Wells’. They are like little wells; they look like little Dixie Cup Wells. And they put samples of 55 different tissue types in these Little Wells. Then they dropped Serum that had the Anti-Spike Antibody on it and saw what the reaction was. And what they found was that the Antibody cross-reacted with 28 different tissue types. One of the highest concentrations …one of the highest aggregations of where the Antibody attached to was the Mitochondria.

The Mitochondria are …the inner lining of the Mitochondria to be exact. The Mitochondria are little Organelles inside of every Muscle System in your body that they produce your chemistry. They produce your ‘gasoline’. And your body's gasoline is called ATP. So, ATP is the gasoline that runs your body. And it is produced internally by the Mitochondria.
The Antibody attack the Mitochondria and make it not work correctly. And I believe, it is my opinion that it is one of the reasons why one of the most profound side effects from the …after people have experienced that after they have received 1 of these 3 approved shots is profound fatigue. It is because you have just taken a handful of salt and you have thrown it in the engine of your car and you expect it to produce energy. It cannot produce energy.

In fact, the most common Side Effects that we see, you know even after the injection are headaches and profound fatigue. And they know that this Spike this Protein and they believe the Antibodies also can cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and get into the brain and attack at least 3 if not 4 different types of tissue types that were discovered by this group out of California who did the research. Also, one of the things that we just found out about is they …
for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they are actually testing it on infants and pregnant women. How is it possible or how is it legal to test it on a newborn when they cannot give consent? Well, that is a really good question. It would make you want to know how they approved any of the vaccines that are given to children under 6 months of age because they cannot give…

They cannot give a confirmed consent. When I started hearing that Johnson & Johnson wanted to now start testing this on newborns, I thought, ‘Why?’ The children under the age of 12 rarely, if ever contract this infection.
All of …the Death Rate amongst children under the age of 12 is as close to ‘0’ as it can possibly get. All of this nonsense that we have done, the destructive psychological emotional nonsense that we have done to children by masking them, separating them, keeping them from home, not allowing them to do any of the things that normal kids in grade school are supposed to do. Growing these children up to not understand the subtleties of facial expression. To make them be fearful of people who do not have a mask, to make them to be when they should be fearful of people who do have a mask, who might kidnap them.

I mean, what we …and now when they want to start trying to experiment with a completely experimental type of shot, never before done on human beings in general, now they want to do this on newborns? It is a crime against humanity! It is an absolute assault on Children of God! Wow. We only have a few minutes left. Susie quickly, your question? My question was, I know several people in my neighborhood and stuff who have gotten the vaccine, have talked about those same Side Effects that you mentioned. And so, you know it is natural to just worry about them. What advice would you give to People who have gotten these vaccines and are now getting this information? And they are scared. What would you say to them? Well, it is a disturbing answer that you do not want to hear. With the types of things that this injection does, it is binding the spike protein to the surface of your cells.

It is making an Antibody which means you are sensitized to that forever …’Genetic Binding’ through a process called
Transfection binding Spike Protein to your cells. Once you have been vaccinated, it is the ‘Mark’. You cannot become unvaccinated. A lot of the other vaccines …people want to know what they can do to detox from the Mercury or the Aluminum or the viruses. This is an irreversible thing. Once you have decided and made it an uninformed decision. I cannot tell you how many people say. ‘I do not want to hear about it, just give me the shot, I want to be back, convenience.’ ‘I want to be convenienced in my life’. So, you are changing, exchanging a lifetime of probable illness, possibly even death so you can be convenienced and get on an airplane and go to the store?? People really need to know about this.

I have been talking. I have done over 400 interviews in the last year about this. It is not …I have not been quiet about it and neither have a lot of other people. People really need to put their hand their lives in GOD's hands and not in the hands of a Pharmaceutical. Well Dr. Tenpenny, I know you are coming to DayStar in May. We look so forward to having you, but I feel like it was so important to have you today to share this information. You have shared it with the world today. I applaud you for that. I know that you are being censored. I know that we have been censored. I know all of the different Doctors I have had on have been censored. But we will continue to speak the truth in love. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for being here today and we hopefully will see you in a few weeks.


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