When Fiction Meets Reality

  • Did the X-Files TV Series have Predictive Programming?
  • What is that and did the Show forewarn of Pandemics?
  • How is the X-Files Narrative tied to Biblical Prophecy?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Those who can make you believe Absurdities can make you commit Atrocities’. -Voltaire

The purpose of this study is to consider the main Conspiratorial Narratives that ran through the very popular American Science Fiction TV Series called the X-Files. The ‘Conspiracies’ will be examined if, indeed, there was enough Predictive Programming that constituted a credible correlation from Science Fiction to Reality. Specifically, the study will examine Key Dialogs of the Series of Episode that alluded to the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ of a Virus and Vaccine to be injected into every Human Being Possible. The Question is, was that all Predictive Programming or has it all become a Reality?

If what the Dialog between the Main Characters was a Fore-Shadowing and perhaps a Warning of coming Worldwide Pandemics, i.e., COVID, Monkey Pox, it would make sense. One would not be surprised, as often is the case, that there is Truth in Conspiracy Theories. As one who studies the Occult, Luciferianism, Freemasonry and the New World Order, it is exactly what they were doing. This study is a result of prior Articles that first considered the significance of the Herculid Meteor Shower of Late May of 2022.The reason why that study was composed was how it was in the Constellation of Hercules, in that Messier 13 (M13) was where the 1st Human Radio Transmission was sent. And then 27 Years later from 1974, the Arecibo Message was ‘Answered’.

The ‘Answer’ was in the form of Crop Circles found near England’s Sacred Megalithic Stone Circles. The Message was interpreted to have been from ‘Aliens’ that are keeping themselves at a distance but have been involved with Humans since Creation. When discussing the Article, a Contributor at Revelation 12 Daily Blog, Archangel sarcastically noted that she was going to ‘Call Fox Mulder this instant!’ It was the stuff of the X-Files apparently. And Fox who? One had to look that up. Fox? Well, that started to become interesting, as those who study the Occult would realize that ‘Fox’ is Code for 666. As many know, it is a ‘cryptic’ 666 where the Letters F=6, O=60, and X=600 = 666, etc.

Why this Assessment of the X-Files? It is because the Biblical Prophecies appears to parallel this sort of X-Files Genre and Conspiracy Narrative. Thus, the X-Files ‘Prophecies’ as one calls the Evaluation of the Conspiratorial Narrative that will be based on the Biblical Perspective. Why this might be different than most, is that one has not seen an entire Episode, in all its run. Why not? One must divulge that during the 1990 and presently, one does not have a TV. If one ever remembers the phrase, ‘Kill Your TV’, it was taken seriously and for good reason. The rationale behind not having a TV is also based on keeping a ‘Clear and Sober’ Mind from Worldly ‘Programming.

Tell A Lie Enough Times…
It is also because, having studied the Occult, Luciferianism, Brain-Washing Techniques through Psychology, Political Science and Biology in College, one was and is convinced enough that TV is used as a Device to control the Prevailing Narratives and Thoughts of the People. Sure, there is a lot of ‘Good’ TV and the Internet is no different. It just depends on how one utilizes it. But with the Internet, one has more Control. At the onset of TV ‘Channeling’, there were only 3 in the USA, for example. There was ABC, CBS and NBC. And? Not many choices and basically, only 3 versions of the same story.

The point is that there have been many Scientific Studies on People that watch TV and/or see Movies. It is well documented that within mere Seconds, People are induced into a State of Hypnosis. The Blood-Flow decreases to the Frontal Lobe where Cognitive Thinking is made within the Brain. This then allows for any Suggestive Thoughts, Images and Narratives to saturate the Psyche of a person. Or in other words, a person can be easily Brain-Washed. That is what TV does. And whoever Controls TV, that is its ‘Programs’ or Broadcasting, as in Spells-Cast, can and do Control the People.

TV, Movies and Radio can influence People as one is already predisposed into believing Figures of Authority. And that is what those who own the TV Programs bank on accomplishing. For example, this notion of Controlling the Masses through Media Propaganda was highly effective during the Nazi Regime of Germany. Paul Joseph Goebbels was the German Nazi ‘Gauleiter’ or Chief Propagandist. It was all about Image and Show, Performance, etc. He coached Hitler in how to Speak, but in such a way that it made Women faint like at a Rock Concert. It is also no coincidence that the Root Word for ‘Media’ comes from Medium as in a State of Possession in which Entities can take over.

In the Bible, Lucifer is called the Prince of the Power of the Air, as in Air Waves. And the TV, Radio Broadcasting is done in Frequencies. This is not to say that just by listening to a good Song on the Radio or watching a Program on TV will result in a Demonic Possession. But, it has been studied and shown that Music, Vibration, Sound pierces the Soul of Humans, etc. So, the Point is that one must ‘Guard’ the Doors of one’s Senses and know what is being allowed in, into the Deepest Recesses of one’s Consciousness. The Luciferian Globalists know the Power of Persuasion and use this Medium to Control the Masses with.

This is why they have made it sure that they own all the Means of Communication. See Article in End Notes: ‘Documentary Exposes the Alarming Truth - TV Puts Us In Hypnotic State and Suppresses Critical Thinking’. The Mass Media can help keep People Entertained, Distracted, in Fear and when to spur-on Patriotism, for example. There have also been Articles written about how the Alphabet Agencies of the Federal Government in the USA, have infiltrated the Media since its beginning for such purposes. For example, during World War 2, the Department of War, later changed to the Department of Defense, contracted Hollywood to present War Reels at every Movie Theatre. They used Disney Characters, etc. And in Mao’s Communist  China, they used Comic Books to convey the ‘Glories of Communism’, etc.

Age of Conspiracies
Then after the War, the CIA, under Operation Mockingbird, was an effort, that is in place to this day, of planting CIA Operatives in every Major Newspaper Outlet. This was to influence Public Opinion when the Watergate Scandal broke, for example. And such efforts have not gone abated, but instead, thanks to orchestrated Government False Flags, like Waco, Oklahoma City and 9-11, the Iraq Invasion, etc., the Power-That-Be have consolidated the Mass Media to rally the People behind their Evil Plans. It is no Big Secret that the CIA and other Federal Agencies in the USA, have also infiltrated Hollywood and use their Skills and Services to ‘Program’ Messages to the Masses.

For example, the Movie about the release of the Americans taken Hostage at the Iranian Embassy clearly exposed how they enlist Hollywood Producers. The Movie was called Argo, where Ben Affleck, playing CIA Agent Tony Mendez utilized a fake Hollywood Production Company to fool the Iranians and rescue 6 American Diplomats, etc. Same thing with Stanley Kubrick and the issue of the Moon Landing Scenes. Now, it is the Age of the Smart-Phones, with such Social Media Platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Instagram, that Meta-Information started to be collected on its users.

How many? Billions of Users. The CIA, FBI and other Federal Agencies would only dream of achieving this scope of Intel. Essentially, one’s Smart-Phone is a live Spying Device for the Globalist Corporations in league with Federal Governments. Evidence? Consider when Pokemon Go came out. It was actually a CIA-Backed, NSA-Approved Spying Device that had Users give away all Privacy Rights. When one showed such Articles to University Colleagues and Students, their reactions were, ‘This cannot be true’. ‘It is a Conspiracy Theory’. ‘I do not care, I am not doing anything wrong’, etc.

So, the X-Files? One thinks that a person then, not having seen the Series, might provide a unique Perspective. But in order for one to do that, one had to Binge-Watch many of the online Summary Videos that broke down the Timeline. The following is one’s Assessment, to corroborate that the X-Files did in fact use Predictive Programming in conditioning the Masses for a coming Universal Virus and Vaccine tied to ‘Aliens’ and Disclosure. One had flippantly mentioned about the X-Files, ‘Did I Miss Anything’. Oh my Goodness. So, this topic had one go into the Rabbit Hole, retro-actively into the X-Files Genre. As one saw and listened to the Plot and Prevailing Narrative of the Show, one is now convinced that it is beyond Predictive Programming.

It was like ‘In your Face’ about what the Luciferians posing as ‘Aliens’ and Globalists were doing and are. Before analyzing the Key Dialogs of the Characters that promulgate the Virus-Vaccine-Alien Narrative, a brief background of the X-Files will be presented, in case anyone else is also not aware of the Plot. The X-Files had a little bit of every Genre for People. It had Aliens, Abductions, Ghosts, Demon Possession, Luciferians, Globalists, New World Order Elites, Satanists, Crazy Evangelicals, (Always in a Negative Light), Zombies, Reptilians, Secret Government Bases and Human Experiments, Secret Alien Treaties, Antarctica, Serial Killers, the Occult, etc. And it is all true in one’s Research. The following is taken from the Wikipedia Page for the X-Files that best explains its Narratives and Plot. Emphases added and edited for formatting.

The X-Files is an American Science Fiction Drama Television Series created by Chris Carter. The Series revolves around Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who investigate X-Files: Marginalized, Unsolved Cases involving Paranormal Phenomena.

The Original Television Series aired from September 1993 to May 2002, on Fox. The Program spanned 9 Seasons, with 202 Episodes. A short 10th Season consisting of 6 Episodes, ran from January to February 2016. Following the Ratings Success of this Revival, The X-Files returned for an 11th Season of 10 Episodes, which ran from January to March 2018.

In addition to the Television Series, 2 Feature Films have been released: The 1998 Film, The X-Files ,which took place as part of the TV Series continuity, and the Stand-Alone Film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, released in 2008, 6 Years after the Original Television Run had ended. At the start of their Investigations, Mulder believes in the existence of Aliens and the Paranormal while Scully, a Medical Doctor and a Skeptic, is assigned to Scientifically Analyze Mulder's Discoveries, offer Alternate Rational Theories to his Work, and thus return him to Mainstream Cases.

Early in the Series, both Agents become Pawns in a larger Conflict and come to trust only each other and a Few Select People. The Agents also discover an Agenda of the Government to keep Secret the Existence of Extra-Terrestrial Life. They develop a Close Relationship which begins as a Platonic Friendship but becomes a Romance by the end of the Series.

The following are some of the main ‘Conspiracy’ Theories pertaining to a Virus, Vaccine and Alien Involvement, bent on destroying Humanity. As there are too many Episodes, one cannot possibly address and consider every one of them. But these ones that are highlighted capture the Prevailing Narrative that the Satanic, Luciferian Elites are controlling and manipulating World Governments. World Leaders are in League with ‘Aliens’ in Genetically Altering the Human Genome through a Virus and ‘Vaccines’, etc.

The ‘Syndicate’ are basically the Luciferian Elites of the World, those of the Secret Societies and the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, etc. They are the ones that sold-out the Human Race by buying into the notion that through Trans-Humanism, they would be spared and rule what would be left on Earth as a Slave Race. Ironically, they were double-crossed and killed-off by the Aliens. For the purposes of the Biblical Perspective and Interpretation, wherever there is the Word, ‘Alien’, substitute that for ‘Fallen Angels’. For the Word, Virus, substitute Corona Virus and/or Monkey Pox. For the ’Syndicate’, substituted that for the Illuminati. The various portions of the Dialogs will be presented 1st and then at the end, one’s Assessment and Interpretation will be presented.

…’To unearth a Grand Conspiracy that points to World Governments collaborating with Aliens in a Hybrid Program. That would see Mankind eradicated. Inhabitant of this Planet, Bio-Engineered by the Grey Aliens. The Contagion is a combination of a Parasitic Virus mixed with an Aggressive Form of their DNA. Possessing a Form of Sapience, it was able to choose its Host at will, shared a Symbiotic Bond with the Alien Colonizers and transform People into Greys’.

‘A Secret, that Life came to Earth Millions of Years ago from a Meteor or a Rock from Mars. I believe that Virus infected Early Man and transformed his Physiology, changed him into something else. Into an Alien Life Form himself of this Virus. In 1947, when a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO Crash revealed the Virus. The Virus thrived underground’.

…’They learned of the Alien Plan to Re-Colonize the Earth. Is this all leading anywhere? Yeah, the Destruction of Mankind’.

‘Abduction by whom? By the Military working with the Government Conspirators to develop a Breed of Human Alien Hybrids that the Aliens would use as a Slave Race’.


‘Classified Studies were done to Military Installations. S4, Groom Lake Wright-Patterson and Dulce. Extracting Alien Tissue the Tests were done on Unsuspecting Living Subjects. And elaborately Staged Abductions in Crafts using Alien Technology recovered from the Down Saucers. Hybridization through Gene-Editing and Forced Implantation of Alien Embryos. Why do such a thing? Lie about it. All in Governments you own. Government lies, as a Matter of Course, as a matter of Policy.

The Tuskegee Experiments on Black Men in the 30s. Henrietta Lacks. What are they trying to do? That is the Missing Piece. But it is not hard to imagine a Government hiding, hoarding Alien Technology for 70 Years, at the expense of Human Life. And the Future of the Planet, driven not only by Corporate Greed but a Darker Objective, the Takeover of America. And then the World itself by any means necessary. However, Violent or Cruel or Efficient by Severe Drought, brought-on by Weather Wars.

Conducted secretly, using Aerial Contaminants and High-Altitude Electromagnetic Waves in a State of Perpetual War to create Problem-Reaction-Solution Scenarios to Distract, Enrage and Enslave American Citizens at Homes, with Tools like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. Which abridged the Constitution in the Name of National Security. The Militarization of Police Forces in Cities across the U.S. The building of Prison Camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with no Stated Purpose.

The Corporate Takeover of Food and Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care. Even the Military in Clandestine Agendas, to Fatten, Dull, Sicken and Control a Populace already consumed by Consumerism. And I encourage you all to go shopping more. A Government that taps your Phone. Collects your Data and Monitors your Whereabouts with Impunity.

A Government preparing to use that Data against you when it strikes. And the Final Takeover begins. The Takeover of America by a Well-Oiled and Well-Armed Multinational Group of Elites that will Cull, Kill and Subjugate… Happening as we sit here. It is happening all around us. The other Shoe waiting to drop. It will probably start on a Friday.

The Banks will announce a Security Action, necessitating their Computers to go Off-Line, all Weekend. Digital Money will disappear. They can just steal your Money, followed by the Detonation of Strategic Electromagnetic Pulse Bombs to knock out Major Grids. Well. Will seem like an Attack on America by Terrorists or Russia. Or a Simulated Alien Invasion using Alien Replica Vehicles that exist and are already in use.

An Alien Invasion of the U.S. The Russians tried in ’47. You cannot say these things. I am gonna say them. To many, it is Fear-Mongering, Clap-Trap Isolationist Techno-Paranoia. So bogus and dangerous and stupid, that it borders on Treason. Saying these things would be incredibly Irresponsible. It is Irresponsible not to say it, especially if it is the Truth’.

‘In 1988 there was an Out-Break of Hemorrhagic Fever in Sacramento California. The Truth would have caused Panic. Panic would have caused Lives. We controlled the Disease by controlling the Information. You cannot protect the Public by Lying to them. It is done every day’.

…’Are you Dr. Osborne? Are you the Prison Doctor? No. Who do you work for? The CDC. You work for the Centers for Disease Control. What are you doing here? Sir, I am a Medical Doctor. I want to know what is going on here. Sir? If you do not let me in a lot of People in Washington are gonna find out that you are conducting a Secret Experiment’.  

…’Seems to be some kind of Deadly Contagion sweeping the Lock-Down Population, well from what I have seen’.

…’See, the Alien Fetus would give us the Alien Genome, the DNA with which we could make a Human Hybrid ,a New Race Agent Mulder. An Alien Human Hybrid who could survive the Holocaust, so you could survive and live to see your Sister’.

…’The Plan is to Stall, to Resist, to work Secretly on a Vaccine. That was your Father's Idea. To use the Alien DNA to make a Vaccine to save everyone, the World was the reason I came along. But it is too late now. Colonization is going to begin. There will be a Sequence of Events. A State of Emergency will be declared because of a Massive Outbreak of the Alien Virus by Bees and the Takeover will begin’.

…’They Police us and Spy on us. Tell us that makes us Safer. We have never been in more Danger’.

…’I am a Representative to the Secretary General of the UN the United Nations. A Position giving you Unrestricted Access to countries and Leaders around the World is not that right? Yes. How did you use this Power? Basically to further the Interests of a Secretive Group of Men who called themselves the Syndicate? What were their Interests developing an Alien Virus Vaccine? Before the Russians developed one. Now they go about that by Testing Innocent Civilians all over the World.

Test Subjects were tracked through DNA Identifiers in their Smallpox Vaccination Scars without the Subject's knowledge. Mostly, some develop suspicions. I saw Russians who cut off their Arms to prevent being Tracked as they did to an American Man you worked quite intimately with? Yes. That looks tragic. Did you believe in the Syndicate and their International Conspiracy? No. I was paid for my expertise. In fact, you came to hate them. Yes.

It is why I helped Agent Mulder when he approached me. But you were found-out and the Syndicate punished you for this? They turned me into a Test Subject…were pretending to work with the Aliens to Infect the Entire Population with an Alien Virus. But the Conspirators were trying to save themselves by secretly and selfishly developing a Vaccine. The Conspirators believed all Life in the Universe had been Infected with a Virus including a Race of Shape-Shifting Alien Bounty Hunters, who policed the Conspiracy for the Aliens.

But they were wrong and it led to the destruction of the Conspiracy who destroyed it. A Group of Renegade Aliens who had avoided Infection with the Virus through Self-Disfigurement. And the Conspirators themselves, what happened to them? They are all Dead now, killed by the same Faceless Aliens. Then what are you afraid of now? Why resist testifying here today?  Because the Conspiracy continues, just in another Form by other Men.

Objection. Mr. Skinner cannot ask Questions and give the Answers. Sustained. Fox Mulder is on Trial for Murder here. The Man he is accused of killing is one of these New Conspirators, an Alien Replacement for a Human Being. What they are calling a Super Soldier. You can prove this can’t you? You know who these Men are. Do you not Mrs. Covarrubias? Now Mrs. Covarrubias, I asked you a question. I need an Answer. No, it is okay. Let her go. What the hell are you doing Holder? She is the last best Witness that we have. Does not matter. Thank you Mrs. Covarrubias. I got nothing else for you Mrs. Covarrubias’.

…’Your Flight is gonna make an Unscheduled Stop, in exactly 22 Minutes. Corner of Liberty in Washington. Lower Manhattan…They are going to crash the Plane into a World Trade Center’.

…’What is Scenario 12D? We know it is a War Game Scenario. That it has to do with Airline Counter-Terrorism. Why is it important enough to kill for? Because it is no longer a Game. If some Terrorist Group wants to act-out this Scenario, why target you for Assassination? Depends on who your Terrorists are. A Man who conceived of it in the first place? You are saying our Government plans to commit a Terrorist Act against a Domestic Airliner?

There you go, blaming the entire Government as usual. A Faction. A small faction. For what possible gain? The Cold War is over John. But with no Clear Enemy to Stockpile against the Arms Markets is flat. But bring down a fully loaded 727 into the middle of New York City, and you will find a dozen Tin-Pot Dictator, over the World, just clamoring to take responsibility and begging to be Smart-Bombed.
I cannot believe it. This is about increasing Arms Sales. When? Tonight. How are you going to stop them? Why did you not tell the World this? Go to the Press? You think I would still be drawing Breath, 30 minutes after I made that call? The Press? Who is going run this Story? We would. This? This is birdcage liner, Wild-Eyed Crap, right up there with Elvis is an Alien and 2-Headed Babies… Obviously they will read it. Do not be so damn Naïve’.


50 X-Files Matrix of Conspiracy ‘Facts’ – The X-Files Prophecies
The following is a Matrix of X-Files stated ‘Conspiracy Theories’ or ‘Facts’. Based on the explicit details of the above Narratives that specifically mentions each of the following Factors, the various Episodes of the X-Files do read like the Agenda of Lucifer. From a Biblical Narrative, they echo the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or the Secret Covenant, etc. See Articles in the End Notes. Based on the List, the X-Files Predictive Programming has been On-Point, intentional and now a Reality in many cases.

X-File Stated ‘Prophecies’                                                                     
Have a Grand Conspiracy by World Governments                      
Collaborate with an Alien Hybrid Program                                     
Eradicated Mankind with Bio-Engineered Viruses                       
Combine Contagion with Alien (Recombinant) DNA                    
Allow Aliens to Re-Colonizing Earth                                                
Develop a Breed of Human Alien Hybrids                                     
Have Humans become a Slave Race                                          
Classify Secret Studies on Military Installations                           
Test Unsuspecting Living Subjects                                                 
Allow Abduction for Human Hybridization                                      
Only have Governments use Alien Technology                            
Hybridize Humanity through Gene-Editing                                    
Force Implantation of Alien Embryos                                            
Conduct Tuskegee Experiments on Black Men                       
Government is to hoard Alien Technology only                           
Takeover of America and World through Violence                       
Induce Severe Drought brought-on by Weather Wars                
Conduct Aerial Contaminants, i.e., Chem-Trails                        
Use High-Altitude Electromagnetic Waves                                    
Have a State of Perpetual War                                                         
Create Problem-Reaction-Solution Scenarios                              
Distract, Enrage and Enslave American Citizens                         
Control America through Patriot Act and NDAA                          
Abridge Constitution in Name of National Security                     
Militarization of Police Forces                                                          
Build Prison FEMA Camps for no Reason                                    
Have Corporate Takeover of Food and Agriculture                     
Have Pharmaceuticals taking over Health Care                           
Fatten, Dull, Sicken and Control a Populace                                 
Promote Super Soldier Programs                                                   
Have Government taps Phones                                                       
Collects Data and Monitor People’s Whereabouts                      
Cull, Kill and Subjugate Humanity                                                   
Have Banks announce a Security Action for Collapse                
Computers to go offline to initiate Digital Money                          
Detonate Strategic Electromagnetic Pulse Bombs                     
Attack America by Terrorists and blame Russia                           
Control the Disease and Media Information                                  
Have CDC conduct Secret Experiments                                       
Release contagion on the Lock-Down Population                     
Have Sequence of Events                                                                 
Declare a State of Emergency                                                          
Police and Spy on the People                                                          
Represent the Secretary General of the UN                                  
Further the Interests of the Secretive Groups                               
Conduct Testing on Innocent Civilians                                           
Track People through DNA Identifiers                                             
Place Chips in Smallpox Vaccinations                                           
Infect the Entire Population with an Alien Virus                            
Have Government commit Terrorist Act against People         

Purity Virus
According to the Narrative, it was the Purity Virus from the Grey Aliens that was used as the method of attacking the Human Species, at the Genetic Level. It was a Bio-Engineered Parasite in the form of ‘Black Goo’ (Graphene Oxide) which would take over the Body and create a Symbiotic Bond between the Aliens and the Hosts that they occupied. The Syndicate worked hand-in-hand with the Grey Aliens to develop a means of Infecting as many People and as quickly as possible. The Syndicate developed a Vaccine in secret for themselves. There was a Character, dubbed, ‘The Cigarette Smoking Man’. He was one of the few faces associated with the Conspiracy.

He would block Mulder's efforts to reveal the Truth using their Men-In-Black. The Syndicate were just as bad as the Aliens in that they also performed many Human Genetic Experiments with the aim of achieving Genetic Hybridization. They controlled World Governments and more importantly, placed their World Leaders in Key World Leadership Positions to sign-away Citizen’s Rights and make Secret Scientific Studies of Alien Technology. But they keep the Advanced Alien Technology to themselves.

It is estimated that if Humanity had the true Advancements of all the Alien Technology it has been granted, it would be 100s of Years ahead of what the Average Human has now. Consider that at the present time, Probes are going to Mars, and reaching the Outer Limit of the Solar System, etc. Yet, most Driving Vehicles still are designed and operate on 1930’s Combustion Engine Technology. It is the X-Files FBI Agents Mulder and Scully that unearthed this ‘Grand Conspiracy’ in how the World Governments were collaborating with Aliens in a Hybrid Program that would see Mankind eradicated.

There was a passionate quest to find the Truth, as ‘There is a Lie out There’. The Series opens with a scene of the Icy Tundra of North Texas in 35,000 BC. There were 2 Cave-Men who stumbled into a Grey Alien Layer. The Alien kills 1 of the Caveman and Infects the other with the Extra-Terrestrial Purity Virus. The Aliens are actually the Original Inhabitants of Planet Earth. The Aliens Bio-Engineer a Virus to Infect all of Humanity with. The Parasitic Virus is a mix with an Aggressive Form of their Alien DNA. Why?

It possessed a Form of Sapience that is able to choose a  Human Body as a Host. In doing so, it will share a Genetic Symbiotic Bond with the Aliens. Or in other words, it makes the Human Body, more receptive, Genetically to the Genome of the ‘Aliens’ or Fallen Angels, that well possess the Human Bodies. The Alien’s Plan is to Re-Colonize Earth and transform Humans into Hybrids. Or in other words, the Fallen Angels and Lucifer seek to re-conquer the Earth and take sole possession of it, as they once had.

In the Series, the Aliens have Secret Underground Alien or Fallen Angel Bases in Antarctica. There are Massive Facilities run by the Syndicate or the Illuminati Secret Societies, etc. The X-Files also had a Character Nick-Named 'Deep Throat'. He was an FBI Agent. It is in reference to the Watergate Informant. Later on, the real ‘Deep Throat’ reveals himself as Mark Felt who was in the FBI, and not in the Nixon Administration. Deep Throat was the Pseudonym given to this Secret Informant, who provided Information in 1972 to the Reporters Bob Woodward, who shared it with Carl Bernstein.

Predictive Programming

As to Predictive Programming? What is that? At its core, it is a Tactic to reduce Resistance by introducing Concepts that seem far-fetched. They are continuously reintroduced to make the Concepts appear more likely and thus, acceptable. People are more likely to accept Ideas based on Repeated Exposure. To detractors, they mock the notion as being devised by Conspiracy Theorists, who claim that Nefarious Governments and/or Secret Groups of Elites use Movies or Books as a Mass Mind Control Tool to make a Population more accepting of Planned Future Events.

Consider the following close approximation when one alliterates the Name of ‘Marita Covarrubias of one of the Interview Scenes. The Name is clearly Spanish, but the Woman was very Nordic looking. Not that there are no Nordic-Looking Spaniards or Latin Americans but the Name is odd. Is it really, ‘March Corona-Virus’? Mari, is a derivation of Mars as in the Month of March, dedicated to the God of War. Are all these ‘Conspiracy Correlations’ Coincidences? This is an example of Predictive Programming.

Thus, was the Corona Virus Outbreak, Predictively Programed in the X-Files? One would conclude, Yes. It was intentionally over-blown in its scope as they led People to believe the Repeated Concept, etc. Did the WHO and World Governments overplay the COVID Plandemic? Yes. Like the Federal Agent Doctor who confronted Scully as they were performing illegal Scientific Virus Experimentations. He told Scully, ‘I will let you see what I want you to see’. This says it all. It is exactly what transpired. And in one’s Assessment, the Virus, Vaccine, ‘Alien’ Conspiracy has come to pass, a Reality.

The X-Files also spurned a Spin-Off TV Series, called the Lone Gunman. But it only lasted 1 Episode, the Pilot. In seeing what they had to say, pertaining to all things Conspiratorial, one can see why. It was another Predictive Programming about 9-11. Here is the Back-Story. The Lone Gunman aired for 1 Season with 13 Episodes from March 4 - June 1, 2001. The Episode was written by Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz. It was Directed by Rob Bowman for 21st Century FOX.

The Plot is about Rogue Agents from America's Back Ops Programs who tried to Hijack a U.S. Commercial Airliner. As it was scheduled to go to Boston's Logan Airport, it was to be taken over, remotely controlled to fly into the Twin Towers. The blame would be put on Terrorists to secure more funding for the National Security Agency NSA. This is the stuff of Tom Clancy who wrote about the same idea in his book ‘Debt of Honor’ which outlines a Terrorist Attack with an Airplane. It was written in 1994.

Nonetheless, the following will be one’s Assessment of the Series as it pertains to the Biblical Narrative that was woven through the many Episodes. One strongly suggests that Predictive Programming was at its finest. Many argue that the Episode did not ‘Predict’ anything. It does not name Names or Dates. Events portrayed in Movies and TV that end-up happening in Real Life may not be ‘Predictions’, but Coincidences. Perhaps. But consider that most of the 50 Points listed above are Themes found in the Bible as Prophecy for the Last Days. And it would be Circumstances that Humanity would be facing, is facing presently as forwarded by Jesus, as ‘In the Days of Noah’.

What were the Days of Noah like? It was about a Human Genetic Hybridization Program, Genesis 6. It was about Fallen Angels invading Earth in an attempt to take it over, as the Book of Enoch teaches. It was about the Episode of the Contingency of 200 Fallen Angels infiltrated Earth at Mount Hermon, etc. One will argue that it is not all of the over, just yet. This Genesis 6 was even incorporated in the X-Files Motif or Logo, in what it portrays. It is a Red Circle encompassing an ‘X’ or rather an encrypted Double DNA Helix. It is about altering the Human Genome. That is what one has argued the COVID Injections are all about with their mRNA Nano-Technology, etc.

The Motto or Mantra of the Show was, ‘The Truth is out There’. It should be more like, ‘The Lie is out There’. Some may criticize this Write-Up in stating correctly that there are numerous other Moves and books that suggest the same Narrative. Why the X-Files? To even suggest ‘Prophecies’? As noted, one has never seen the Series, so it is an honest Objective Perspective. The other is the degree of Detail and Consistency. But do note that one is intentionally interjecting Biblical Filters here to prove the 50 Points of the X-Files Predictive Programming. And? To provide Evidence and or Proof that Predictive Programming is real and being used. And?

That what is presently being perpetrated against Humanity with COVID, Monkey Pox, is basically off the Script of the various X-Files Episodes, dealing with Viruses-Vaccines-Aliens. One major difference between other TV Series and Movies is that Movies came and went. They were a ‘Single Shot’ and Broadcast. The X-Files had over a Decade-Long Running Narrative that, incrementally ‘Let the Cat out of the Bag’, as they say. It pertained to disclose further Details that are amazingly accurate. Or they have become a Reality, no longer Science Fiction or ‘Conspiracy, etc. When compared to what is happening now, it makes sense.

This is in terms of the Soft Disclosure of Alien Life, Technology, the Hybridization of Humanity, Super-Soldier Secret Projects, the Pharmaceuticals and the WHO taking over the Health of the World, an attempt to Inject all of Humanity with their Kill Shots, etc. These are all Facts and not Fiction. It is not about Viruses, although it does come from those Powers-That-Be or the ‘Syndicate’ Secret Societies and Not-So-Secret, that are seeking to subjugate the entire Human Race through them. The Injections are for the purpose of altering the Human Genome and enslave Humanity through Digital Wallets and Track-in-Tracing, Bio-Metric Vaccine Passports, etc.

The following is one’s Biblical Assessment, taking the 50 Points of the X-File Predictive Programming Points or ‘Prophecies’, as one would surmise and breaking them down. It starts in the Book of Genesis for Humanity. Based on one’s Interpretation of the Biblical Narrative, ‘Aliens’ or if one substitutes this word for Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, existed before Humanity was Created on Earth. They ruled on Earth but due to their Rebellion against YHVH, the Creator, they were castigated and lost their Positions of Power in Heaven and on Earth, but not entirely. There is a Global Conspiracy in that Lucifer is the ‘God of this World’, the Bible teaches. At least for now. It took Jesus, the Son of GOD to come as a Human, a Pure Genetic Human, to save Adam’s Fallen Race.

Biblical Narrative

The Payment had to be Genetically Equivalent, as in a Substitutionary Payment to Buy Back Humanity and restore it, Genetically. It was Lucifer in the Garden of Eden, of whom it says in Ezekiel and Isaiah that he had apparently some sort of Dominion over it, that he introduced ‘The Lie’ to Humanity. And Humanity bought it. According to the Bible, it was Lucifer who Deceived Eve and with Adam, joined the Rebellion against YHVH on Earth. Lucifer and His Fallen Angels, or ‘Aliens’ use willing People and Governments to push their Luciferian Agenda. And that is?

To Re-Colonize or essentially take back Earth from the Race of Humans that they see as a Threat. They seek to Deface the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH in Humanity at the Genetic Level. Thus, the quest to Hybridize Humanity, as that will spell the Doom of all Humans. Why? Jesus, as a Human, died for only Humans. Once the Mark of the Beast is taken, which is what COVID, Monkey Pox is designed to accomplish, it will alter the Genes of Humans. It will be enough so that it will be beyond the line of maintaining the Human Genome, exclusively. And thus, a Human Being becomes unable to be Saved by the Blood of Jesus.

As the Luciferian ‘Alien’ New World Order will eventually come, the reality is that the Engineered Plandemics have started their X-Files Extermination Protocols against Humanity. And sadly, Humans have sold-out the Human Race. The WHO, CDC, World Economic Forum, like the Syndicate believe their Bloodline will be allowed to live on and be incorporated in some sort of A.I. to also ‘Rule the World’. Not realizing that they are but Pawns in the Evil Fallen Angel Agenda to only leave enough Humans alive as a Slave Race to serve the ‘Aliens’ or Fallen Angels, etc.

The Transition or Trans-Humanization of Mankind is being presently done through the mRNA Injections that are now believed to have been Bio-Engineered. What some Scientists have discovered is that, for example, the COVID-19 Injections, at least some of them, essentially are acting, in a Human like a Venom of a Serpent. And here is one of the many Correlations to the Episodes in how the ‘Aliens’, being Reptilians are wanting to Infect as many Humans on the Plant to Contaminate, Cull and Control them by such means. It is well documented that many Investigators have uncovered that the U.S. Government, for example, is conducting Secret Medical Experiments in Military Basis, some Underground like in S4, Groom Lake, Dulce, etc.

It is rather interesting that the X-Files Series specifically noted how the Hybridization  Program of Humans would be done through Gene-Editing. And that is what mRNA is all about. Then as all this is being done, the ‘Conspiracy’ is also to take down the USA, in particular. Why the USA? It still has enough Bible Believers and Followers of Jesus. But the Spiritual Threshold is fast approaching a diminishing amount. The ‘Restrainer’ that currently holds back the full Effects and Outcome of the Luciferians in this present Church Age is about to be lifted. It will be initiated by Jesus’ own ‘Out of this World’ Escape or Rescue Operation, i.e., the Rapture event. But according to the X-Files Series, the way that the USA will be taken down will be done and is being done, through fomenting Violence, Hate, Division and Distraction.

Conspiracy Facts
All this is Reality now. This is exactly what has been going on, especially in the past few Years. Not only that but it is a Full Spectrum Dominance Attack in that these ‘Mad Scientists’, like Fauci and People like Gates and the like are inducing a Virus Wars against Humanity. There is to be also, a Constant State of War or Conflicts. Then there is to be Geo-Engineering of the Weather to bring about Severe Drought through Weather Weapons. They plainly state that the way America will be taken down will be through disrupting the Supply Chains, the Food and Fuel. Also through Chem-Trails, and even an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. This last one is yet to occur.

It will probably be the Tour-de-Force when it all does go down after the Rapture event. The various X-Files Episodes appear to, as a ‘matter of fact’, just plainly state what is going to happen in the Luciferian Globalist Plan. They even call it by its Name, ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’. As one who had not seen the X-Files Series, after hearing how they knew about how they were planning to ‘Take over the World’, it was clearly Predictive Programming at its best. It would be about the Militarization of the Police. Abridging the U.S. Constitution through ‘Patriot’ Acts. Creating False Flag Mass Shootings is to Disarm the Populace. It was to have the USA be Defenseless as it was the case in Australia.

And every Nation who has relinquished their Inalienable Right to Bear Arms, having a Dictator ruling the Nation, have always been Slaughtered and Enslaved. It is no ‘Conspiracy’ that the X-Files Series called for the World Government to have Corporations take over the Media and Medicine to control the People with. They have taken over Health, Food, Fuel, and Agriculture. This has happened now and is Real, no longer a ‘Conspiracy Theory. What is next? According to the X-Files, it is the coming Collapse of the U.S. Petro Dollar as a World Reserve Currency. At some Point in Time, a World Currency Reset will convert all Money into Digital Currently.

It is really, all in preparation for the Luciferian Mark of the Beast. All this COVID, Monkey Pox is a Mass Psychosis, a Mass Spell of Sorcery. It is the Biblical notion of Pharmakeía spoken of that would be the Prevailing Circumstance in the Last Days according to the Book of Revelation. Such X-Files Predictive Programming has ensnared Humanity into the clutches of Lucifer and his ‘Aliens’. Realize that in the Bible, Genesis 6 and in the Book of Enoch, these ‘Aliens’ came to Earth to specially Hybridize Humanity and in so doing, ensure Humanity’s Eternal Doom.

The Bible said that these Abductions of Humans, Genetic Experimentations occurred, ‘In the Days of Noah’. And it was 1 Prime Reason why YHVH pronounced Divine Judgment. But, such Fallen Angels continued ‘After’, and up to this Present Day. With COVID, they have intensified their Agenda through World Organizations like the WHO and the CDC, FDA, and the NIH in the USA, for example. They plainly state that their World Agencies like the World Economic Forum plant their Globalist Leaders in Key Positions, like Justin Trudeau that acts on their behalf, not that of Canadian Citizens, but his Luciferian Masters. They are the ones who orchestrate Wars like in the Ukraine, the Middle East, and Africa.

They have taken control of the Disease and Social Media to avert ‘Misinformation’. They are the ones who still insist on a State of Emergency. This is despite now being 3 Years from when they released their COVID Virus and then their Bio-Engineered Gene Altering mRNA Injections. They Spy on the World and promote the UN and the WHO. Case in point is the New Powers the WHO will have to override any National Sovereignty. They will have total discretion as to who gets to Lock-Down, war Masks, Have Exemption, if any, who can Travel and/or Work, etc. The Lock-Downs are to destroy the Economy of Nations and Impoverish the Masses, so as to Depend on the State.

And their main Requirement will be a Bio-Metric Passport that will allow the Globalist to Track and Trace any Human on Earth. The Series predicted that this Tracking would be based on ‘Internal DNA Identifiers’. The X-Files were obviously ahead of its Time. How did they know? Now, this is not to implicate the Writers, Producers and Directors, as such may not have known of what they were actually accomplishing. In many cases, the CIA and other Intelligence Agencies Compartmentalize Information and Contacts, etc. But in a lot of cases, they are on the Scam and Agenda. Or else, their Work would not be supported or allowed to be viewed.

The X-Files Predictively Programmed that the Alien Virus Vaccines they would be requiring People to take, would have the ability to Assemble into a ‘Chip’ or Transponder once inside the Human Body, etc. And that is exactly what the CEO of Pfizer stated in a World Economic Forum Panel. That 1 of their Pills, once swallowed would dissolve in the Stomach and would be a ‘Chip’ in itself. It would Transmit back, through Radio Frequency) to the Corporation and Insurance Companies, that a person was ‘Compliant’ in taking the State’s Mandate Medication. But to reiterate, other Movies have suggested the same Narrative and with same Circumstances or Outcomes. True.

However, the Detail and Breadth of such a Conspiratorial Narrative is beyond impressive. But in closing, as one is coming from a Biblical Point of View as the Motto of the X-Files states, the ‘Truth is Out There’. It is. His Name is Jesus the Christ. He will put a total stop to this Luciferian Agenda and Angelic ‘Alien’ Conspiracy. Their Luciferian Plans will fail. But until Jesus returns to Earth with the Resurrected and Raptures Believers that constituted the present Church Age, at the end of the Last Sabbath Cycle, the Luciferian Powers will have, to a degree, a Measure of Success.

However, it is Christ Jesus that will send the World the Strong Delusion, so that the World will believe ‘The Lie’, and in so doing, will not escape their Doom. Why? The Bible teaches that Humanity, knowing the Truth’, rather chose to reject it for ‘The Lie’ because their Deeds are Evil, and they Love it that way. The end of the X-File Conspiracy or ‘Prophecies will occur when Jesus will return. At that Time, the Luciferian AntiChrist and False Prophet will be cast into the Lake of Fire. It will be later that Lucifer himself along with his Legions of Fallen Angels or ‘Aliens’ will suffer the same Doom for all Eternity. No longer well the ‘Dragon’, be able to Introduce, Deceive, and Influence Evil and Sin or Rebellion against all that is Holy, Just and Good. It will just be an ‘X-File’ that will never be opened again.


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