Mars conjunction with the Pleiades on the 1260th Day

  • Is the Rapture year encoded in the text of the Revelation 12 Sign?
  • What motif or depiction will fulfill astronomically the 'Red Dragon'?
  • Is the Mars-Pleiades conjunction in 2021 on the 1260th day it?

by Luis B. Vega

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'Then another Sign appeared in Heaven: an enormous Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns on its heads. Its tail swept 33% of the Stars out of the sky and flung them to the Earth. The Dragon stood in front of the Woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.  She gave birth to a son, a Man-Child, who will rule all the Nations with an iron scepter.] And her child was snatched-up to GOD and to His throne. The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by GOD, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.’ -Revelation 12:3-6

The purpose of this study is to bring to one’s attention how the astronomical alignment of Mars with the Pleiades will look like on the 1260th day, out from the now infamous Revelation 12 Sign. The Sign occurred astronomically on September 23, 2017. The sensation of the event did stir quit a response, both good and bad. Many tried to debunk the assertion that it was a ‘Sign’ and that it was going to be the ‘Rapture’ event. Then others noted the prophetic significance of a wake-up call that did occur worldwide. The Sign has come and gone, that is what most have assumed, but has it really?

What this this study is strongly suggesting and has since the Sign occurred, its significance and/or effect or message is still in play. The Sign’s prophetic shelf-life is not over yet. This is one notion that will be discussed. Another assertion is what was, is or will be the ‘Red Dragon’ that occurs subsequent with the Sign? It is really the 2nd half of the story as they say. Many had and have come up with exorbitant amounts of theories since 2017 as to what the Red Dragon is or will be, from the constellation Draco, the Draconid meteors, and Mars.

But the purpose of this study is to ask, what does the sky look like on this 1260th day of March 6, 2021 since the Sign? Why 1260 days? It is because the Sign came in tact with such a numerical count that his study strongly suggests is the key to the Sign and its expiration day or perhaps its fulfillment and alluding to the year of when the Rapture event is to take place even. That will remain to be seen though. The question is asked nonetheless, would any of these or more factors come into focus based on this 1260-day factor? Yes. Mars. The planet Mars travels along the Ecliptic and close to the Pleiades on a regular cycle. The difference noted now is that it conjoins the Pleiades and what that represents in 2021 on the exact 1260th day since the September 23, 2017 alignment.

First, a short review of the Revelation 12 phenomena will be presented for context, then the assertion of where Mars will be on this 1260th day will be highlighted because it does appear to be the type of the illusive Red Dragon that many have tried to pinpoint. Years before the actual Sign occurred astronomically, there were many telltale bits of inferences from various sources pointing to this Sign as being of a monumental scale. There was the ‘Red Dragon’ nebula anomaly that is situated right at the Virgo region.

The Sign for the Season
It is the region where the birthing would occur in Virgo. This region happens to also have all its Stars labeled by a 666 numerical distinction based on the quadrant. Then there was the depiction of the Sign back in 2006 with the Da Vinci Code. Then later on as the Sign approached, famous signers like Beyonce mimicked or mocked the Sign in her rendition of a song with a choreography of Virgo and the 24 Elders around a throne even. Then came the movie Wonder Woman and the depictions of her persona as being the ‘Wonder’ in the sky. Then the re-release of Beauty and the Beast. It depicted a Beast, Leo type figure with a Maiden or Virgo. It was a clear reference to the Virgo-Leo motif that by the way is the beginning and the end of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac ‘storyline’.  Then there was the Conception Comet, the 3 Star alignment with Venus, Mars and Mercury that matched the size and alignment of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Why?

It is believed that the Great Pyramid alone is the Cosmic Clock for the world, as it not only holds the secrets in its stones of the circumference of the globe, but the speed of light and in turn, when time will end, etc. There was also the comet 67p that happened to appear 50 years from the 6-Day War when in Jerusalem as a type of the Woman in the Bible is referred to was liberated from the Muslims. So, as one can sense, this ‘Sign’ was and is something else to consider. The Revelation 12 Sign is taken from the account of the book of Revelation whereby a Sign in the heavens is given to the last living Apostle, John in the island of Patmos. These visions and Signs are part of the unveiling of the last years of human history by none other than Jesus Christ. It is about the ominous and perilous time of judgment to befall on a sinful and unrepentant Humanity that has turned its back of Jesus as the only way of salvation.

According to the Bible, there is a way of escape and is seen in ‘types and shadows’ throughout the Bible when it deals with the pending Wrath of YHVH. This is seen primarily in 2 particular examples that Jesus referenced how it would go down in the end of human history and how the ‘Escape’ would look like just before it. These 2 examples where the Days of Lot and the Days of Noah. In each case, there was an element of judgment pending and a way of escape for those followers of Christ. In the Revelation 12 Sign, there is a typology of a Woman in labor birthing a Man-Child. The décor is alluding to a multilayer of types, foremost, that being Israel, then Mary, and then the Bride of Christ. What set-off the Revelation 12 frenzy is that to begin with, the ‘Sign’ relatively occurs every year in the Fall season around September.

As the Sun and Moon traverses along the Ecliptic in Virgo, various planets might or might not align in that Sign of Virgo. What was unique is that in 2017, when the Sun was at the shoulder area of Virgo and the Moon was at the feet area of Virgo, is that the Planet Jupiter, the King Planet of the Messiah happened to do its retrograde in the ‘womb’ area of Virgo. And that period was for 9 months, as much as a human average pregnancy. Thus, there was a lot of commotion in the Prophecy Community that perhaps the Rapture was to take place then at the end of that time. This astronomical scenario was taken to be a possible literal fulfillment seen as a ‘birthing’ or completion of the Church Age and thus Rapture event. The reason why is that the actual word for what occurred next was the ‘snatching-up’ or Harpazo of the Man-Child to Heaven.

An Expiration Date of Prophecy
The 2nd half of the Sign, the Red Dragon then comes on the scene. This entity is seen as about to devour the Man-Child raptured up to Heaven but not succeeding. It thereafter chases after the Women who stays below and flees into the wilderness for 1260 days. This is the key, 1260 days is specifically noted that it is the halfway marker of Daniels’ 70th Week of Years, which is the last Sabbatical Cycle of time before Jesus returns then. This would allude to the total 2520-day count of the 7-year Tribulation Period. This is critical to understand as this study has asserted over the years even before the Sign ‘came and went’ that supposed that the Sign has a 1260 shelf life to it. And that date is March 6, 2021. Now this study is not declaring that on this date, the actual Rapture event is to occur. But what if perhaps it is in terms of the year?

This is only conjecture at this time. The day of the Rapture remains a mystery and one is of the opinion, based on reach up to know that the Rapture event is tied to a Wheat Harvest typology and is to occur more likely at the end of a Pentecost Feast Summer Harvest timing. How so? Well, the Sign is connected to the Rapture but at a Wheat Harvest timeframe. This is seen in Genesis with Joseph’s vision of the 12 Stars and sheaves of wheat that bowed down to him. Regardless, this study is thus wanting to draw one’s attention to how this 1260-day coefficient has been overlooked. And perhaps how it will play-out in the alignment of where Mars will be on that precise day. Based on the computer models of the Star’s and planet’s location. Mars is at a very interesting position.

Mars will be in conjunction with the Pleiades on this 1260th Day. Coincidence? Probably not. Is this then the true representation of the Red Dragon then? Maybe. Others over the years have attributed to some degree the Red Dragon as being Mars. The question remains though, is this depiction the actual fulfillment of the Sign as presented in Revelation chapter 12? That will remain to be seen and/or confirmed but the imagery is amazing for the following reasons. First, Mars is associated with the Planet of War. It is ominous with bringing chaos and conflict. This is an appropriate inference to the cause of Lucifer that seeks to disturb the plans of Christ found in the purpose of the Bride of Christ that is to ‘escape’ or ‘depart’ from the Wrath that is coming upon the world. After all, the 2 Moons of Mars are named Fear and Chaos no less.

The planet Mars also happens to be ‘red’ in color and matches the same color of the described ‘Red Dragon’ that seeks to assault the Woman, who represents Israel for sure and that will occur during the 7-year Tribulation Period. But leading up to that time in its dual fulfillment of the Bride of Christ, that is depicted in the book of Revelation having to do with a Menorah typology. The book of Revelation opens-up with the depiction of a risen Jesus Christ tending to the 7 Lights of the Church. This is represented by the literal 7 Churches of Asia of which Jesus sent a ‘report card’ to of their spiritual condition. And thus, the Pleiades that consists of a Star Cluster of 7 Stars is exactly representing this motif. The Pleiades has been talked about since ancient history and is even mentioned by YHVH several times in the Bible. It is referred to the ‘Congregation of the King’, the ‘7 Daughters of Atlas’, and so on. Its counterpart or mate is Orion that seeks to rescue her from the ‘Judgment’ of the fierce ‘wrath’ of Taurus.

Taurus is considered the Judge and associated with the strict Law that only captures and leads to death, etc. It is a celestial love story of sorts as Orion can be then seen as a ‘Matador’ conducting a ‘celestial bullfight’ for the captured 7 Maiden. It is then the typology that out of this entity, the Woman, or Virgo, the Man-Child is birthed, released and raptured. This of course in the Israel typology would definitely refer to Israel’s promised Messiah that was Jesus but rejected nationally. In the Bride of Christ typology, it would reference all those Church Age Followers of Jesus that collectively as the ‘Body of Christ’ is raptured up as the New Testament teaches clearly of this amazing and supernatural event to take place. Thus, can this depiction be seen in the Mars-Pleiades conjunction on March 6, 2021? Yes. And of all the days, right on the 1260th day that the Sign in Revelation 12 is attributed with.

As to the Revelation 12 Red Dragon? One is of the belief that the actual account or fulfillment of the 2nd Sign will be how the Nemesis or Black Sun system of the Red/Brown Dwarf planet with its 7 planets will be coming around at the 1260th day into the Tribulation Period. It has to do with one of the flybys of Planet X. This literal 1260th day would coincide with the Abomination of Desolation and the fleeing of the believing Remnant Jews going to Petra for the 2nd half of the 1260-day Great Tribulation portion. The Red Dragon Sign is in tandem in how Lucifer with his motif given of 7 heads and 10 horns speak of his 7 renditions of world empires and 10 kingdoms. They have been used to persecute YHVH’s People, both Jews and those Followers of Jesus throughout history. The flyby of Planet X will be coming from up under the Sun and near enough to then cause all those catastrophes recorded in Revelation.

As part of the Wrath, it will involve a worldwide earthquake, giant tsunamis, climate change as depicted in the book of Revelation. It will cause the launching of those 2 mountain size asteroids, one hitting the ocean and the other the land, etc. This ‘Red Dragon’ will be visible. The Earth is beginning to see its effects now with the uptake in all the meteors, asteroids and weather changes. So, as they do say, ‘what goes around, comes around’. Now, one is of the believe that the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred in September of 2017 was a forewarning, a foreshadowing of the Rapture event and how it will ultimately be fully fulfilled during the Tribulation Period. Thus, could the 3.5 or 1260 days be then a sort of countdown? Yes. For sure the Sign did wakeup a lot of people within and without the Church Body.

It also lent some credibility to the study of Biblical Astronomy that has unfortunately been suppressed by the Church, on purpose or due to ignorance. Again, on March 6, 2021, Mars is in front of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. Will it be the fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign? Will the Rapture or the Harpazo of the Body of Christ occur on this day? This is not known nor can be said for sure and this study is not asserting that, other than to draw one’s attention that the depiction and typology is striking given the expiration and shelf life date of the Sign, that being 1260 days. It could very likely be pointing more so to the year in which the Rapture is to take place, 2021. This would be especially true if one believes that Prophecy is following and aligned to the Sabbatical Cycle of time.

This would mean that based on such a counting, 2021 is the last or the 7th year in the current cycle since 2015, which by the way was 5776 (2015-16). That year had to do with the ‘Year of Light’, or Lucifer and the motif ‘Capstone’ of their truncated pyramid as displayed by the Luciferian overlords of this present evil world. For them, they are as much or more anxious to have the Body of Christ removed from off the planet so they can have a freehand in attempting to retain their power over Humanity and set-up Lucifer as their rightful ‘Anointed Christ’ and God.

Or as Jesus rightfully depicted him as being the ‘Red Dragon’, that Old Serpent the Devil. Regardless of the significance of the 1260th day from the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017, those Followers of Christ can take solace that as the Man-Child or Body of Christ us raptured up, the Red Dragon, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels will be cast down from ever accessing judicially the Courts of Heaven anymore to accuse the Brethren. But woe to the inhabitants of the world, for the Red Devil will be unleashed on them.

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