Secret Ley-Lines of the District of Columbia

  • What is the prophetic significance of all the monuments of D.C.?
  • What are the origins of such monuments to the Ancient Gods?
  • Is there a Typology of when the 'King of Atlantis' is to return?

by Luis B. Vega

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'So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of GOD.' - I Corinthians 4:1

The purpose of this study is to consider the various ley-lines of the District and the implications of the earthquake that shook the very foundation of the symbols of American power in the U.S. Capitol on August 5, 2011. The 5.9 earthquake that hit the District of Columbia in the East Coast of the USA has been unprecedented due to the lack of fault lines in that part of the nation. There is however the North American Craton Plate that has a ring border where the 37°-38° latitude is corresponding to the District. The national monument that was damaged the most was the Washington Monument. This is the Egyptian styled obelisk that stands at the juncture of the axis lines that intersect with the White House, Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. Most noticeably there was a significant fracture in the capstone of the Washington Monument, enough so to close the monument for extended repairs.

Perhaps the cracks in the Washington Monument incurred by the earthquake are more than just symbolic. This study will present some assertions to consider that the Washington Monument is just one of the many emblems of the power and might of the Globalist city or New Atlantis that incorporates Gematria secrets hidden in plain sight. According to the writings of occultists like Manly P. Hall and Francis Bacon, the layout of Washington D.C. was in honor of Columbia which is another masked identity for Atlantis and Lucifer as in the ancient ISIS of Egypt. This study suggests that the very plans of the Luciferians are edged in stone and sacred angles and ley-lines that are pegged to a scheduled countdown Masonic pyramid of time that even encodes the Martian Motif of the Cydonia pyramids.

Not only is this countdown inscribed in the Reverse Seal of the U.S that has the Masonic truncated pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer at the top. This same exact imagery is also incorporated in the Capitol Mall leading up to the Capitol Hill as a type of Doomsday Pyramid of years. This Luciferian countdown is the schedule of when the Republic is to be imploded based on the astronomical cycles of Venus and Sirius, aka ISIS to make way for the last Luciferian Masonic Empire that will eventually be ruled directly by Lucifer through his host, the AntiChrist. Is the USA, Columbia that is to usher in this new bird Phoenix or the New World Order. This Columbian district of power correlates to the same layout as London and Rome and is the current ‘Phoenix’ of power. There are 3 'Districts', Columbia, Vatican, and City as in the City of London that rule a facet of the world, religiously, economically, politically.

Columbian Copies
These Districts are not part of the city or nation for that fact, in general. All 3 world capitals also have the overall district layout in direct headings, proportion and novelties copied from the layout of Cydonia, Mars. This Mars city complex has a layout of 7 Pleiadian City pyramids, the massive Pentagon Pyramid and the Face of Mars.  As it directly relates to the District of Columbia; the Pentagon correlates to the D&M Pyramid fortress, the White House correlates to the Face of Alalu (Allah) and the 7 Pleiadian City complex corresponds to Rosslyn (Roswell), Alexandria. The Pentagon, Rosslyn, Virginia area and White House are connected to each other by similar angles and headings that copy the similar patterns found in Cydonia Mars. For example if you take DC’s latitude of 38.96°/2 = 19.48°. 

If the map layout is a Time/Space ‘Clock’ and there are 14 Total Steps from 1776 to the truncated top, then the last 14th Piece Capstone would be 2015-2022.

Using Latitude = Year Count
> 38.96° DC Latitude / 2 = 19.48°
> 19.5°(rounded)  x 13 steps = 253 Years

> 1776 + 246 years =  

If 2029 is the Maximum Limiest of the Calculation, it could allude to being the End of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. If one then Subtracts 7-Years, it will be 2022.

2029 - 7 Year Tribulation Period  =

What is amazing to consider pertains to the correlation of the Face of Mars with the White House area. It is interesting that the White House does only have an ‘Oval’ office on the West Wing of the complex. This position would correspond to the right eye of the Face of Mars. This ‘Face’ was and is the Mausoleum that was supposedly dedicated to the Rebel King of Nibiru and thus has an inference to a rulership and government of the White House who essentially houses the Ruler of the World.

This then suggests that it is no other than Lucifer that, as the ‘God of this World’ would have his signature motif in all the major capitals of the world, modern as they were in ancient ones, the ‘Throne of Lucifer’. The Oval Office thus connotes that this Lucifer has but 1 eye due to the supposed Angelic Wars and casualty of having his Left Eye taken out. Lucifer has the Right Eye only and thus correlates with the motifs of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ as depicted on the Reverse Seal of their religious order and nation, etc.

In fact D.C. is attributed to being the New Rome in the Americas due to its architecture but more importantly, due to is Luciferian centers of power that is said to echo that of the former Atlantis that Lucifer used to rule in some capacity. Moreover it is the Luciferians that are really the ones in power or behind the people in power that give a pretension of having the political officials 'elected' to represent the citizens by way of direct elections to place Representatives in the Congress, the White House or the Supreme Court.

Symbols of the Secrets

At a certain level and to a degree this is true but politicians in general will either be bribed, silenced, compromised, or threatened with harm to go along with the Luciferian Agenda. At the very ‘capstone’ of power are those that are not making decisions for the best interest of the Republic but have usurped the Republic through its monetary system, for example primarily to move forward the agenda of the Luciferians. At this level of power, the Presidential candidates for example are 'selected' and Presidents are predetermined.

The process of having to go through the motions of campaigning and electing is just a facade to consume the energies of the disgruntled Electorate. It gives the appearance that the Electorate has the power to 'change' government. This notion is not true, perhaps at the local city and municipal levels but not where it really counts and laws are made that affect the entire Republic. It is at this level of who gets taxed, who goes off to war, what national policy will be adhered to regarding abortion, gay marriages, prayer, religious expression and what will be its foreign policy, etc.

These globalist Luciferians have nothing but contempt for the US. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties afforded by the founders of the Republic. This notion is true because such documents are based and founded on 'alienable' rights, meaning human government does not grant nor cannot take such liberties from humans because they come directly from the Creator that gave government to Humanity after the Flood of Noah. Such governments are based on the rule of law that is just, moral, true and fair. Above all, such a government is but a reflection of the divine justice of the Creator that is righteous and holy.

To this end, the Luciferians seek to destroy such institutions and move nations instead under the banner of a United Nations of Earth much like Nimrod attempted with the Tower of Babel. To such in this 'shadow government' the Republic has only been a type of host as they are parasites sucking the monetary value of its worth as the bird lays the 'golden eggs'. More than just any type of bird, America is the ‘Phoenix’ that is currently ruling the ‘World Order’.

This study will highlight the fact that it is well-known that the District of Columbia street grid layouts are tied to esoteric and occult configurations. All over the city, monuments such as the Washington Monument pay respect and homage to the country’s former leaders, on the surface. Many that go see the amazing monuments presume that the imagery depicted is 'Christian' in origin with the sayings engraved on their facades, personages of their statues.

Such are really used to mask the Luciferian symbols of power and magic behind the facades. Such monuments are merely overlaid with Judeo-Christian double-speak verbiage because most Christians don't know any better. As Manley P. Hall instructed the occult, ‘Use a Christian veneer to mask our symbols and secrets.’ The Washington Monument is known as ‘Baal’s Shaft’, the ‘Needle of Isis’.

Luciferian Ley-Lines and Lies

The ‘Builders’ who have erected such monuments venerate the ’Wise One’, Lucifer, who is at war with the true Christ. The very core of the Capital center of power is laid out in Satanic pentagrams, inverted Rosicrucian Cross, after the blueprint of the Great Pyramid in Giza. Luciferians mock and counterfeit Christianity with their Rosicrucian Cross and Skull and Bones, the antithesis of the Cross of Calvary. The Obelisk is the final 14th member needed to resurrect Osiris and have it be the ’vessel’/body for the incarnation of Lucifer into the coming AntiChrist.

They seek to convince Humanity that they want to help elevate and liberate it from the bondage of the Judeo-Christian GOD YHVH of the Bible and replace it with the ‘pure Doctrine of Lucifer’.  To the ‘Builders’, Lucifer is the true ‘Christ’, the Light Bearer. This endeavor is the task of the secret societies 'Great Work' of which Paul warms in the Bible to expose with the true Light of Jesus Christ and get out of. This ‘Work’ calls for the implosion of the ‘Old Atlantis’ or the USA to make way for the ‘New World Order’

There appeared to be a year corresponding to the Jewish year of 5776 that was called the 'Year of Light'. This notion echoes the 1776 Year of Liberty that was proclaimed on July 4, 1776 that declared the U.S. Independent from Britain. This is what is standard and taught in the schools but behind its nuance of great beginnings for a nation, it is steeped in astrological dates based on the perigee of the Moon and the rise of ISIS. Furthermore, the U.S. Presidency is pegged with the rotation cycles of 4 and 8 years of Venus that is etched in the very framework of the 'Oval Office' of the White House.

Such are the inner workings of the Secret Societies that have been all along the designers and the 'Builders' of such a District dedicated to their ‘Columbine’. In America, or most politicians and businessmen and women, a career path or enterprise will most likely not succeed, flourish or be advertised if it is not under the influence and/or domain of the Masonic Luciferian ‘Orders in some way. This is especially true if such a company or personage is 1st rate and at a national and international caliber.

The core of Columbia is in a constant state of ‘work completion’, aside from natural build-up and progress. The central Mall and surrounding environs have always mirrored the stage or 'time' that the Luciferians have achieved and reached. This study suggests that the configuration of the Mall's ‘pyramid’ pattern leads to Capitol Hill. It is a direct composition and reflection of where the Luciferian work is at and still needs to be accomplished before the descent of their Lucifer ‘capstone clock’ can happen.

With each successive tier of their Luciferian unfinished pyramid, the time has gotten closer to the point that the current American Phoenix's lifespan is about to expire. Some have speculated that the USA only have certain years allotted to its history as a Republic before the Builders of Lucifer are then completely able to usher in their New World Order at the expense of America's demise. Most noticeably, in 2013 a 'skull-like’ configuration was added to the layout going up to the Capitol Building that corresponded to the 13th tier or level of this truncated pyramid. Many believe that it has a direct link to the 13 Crystal Skulls.

Satanic Structures

The 13 Skulls that traveled from New York to Los Angeles signaled the complete spiritual takeover of America's spiritual authority over the land. There is also the famous Pythagoras Triangle north of the Mall leading to the White House. One can overlay the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Pyramid of Giza -facing East-West with a slight truncated angle and it fits 99% the White House-Capitol Hill triangle alignment. The inside of the Pyramid was not measured until well into the 1800s to have known the degree of incline of the Ascending Shaft that the Mall Triangle is mirrored to.

How this triangle is associated with the 13 Crystal Skulls is that the skulls traveled from New York, the 1st Capital of the U.S. down a 45 degree slope through the heartland of America and ended up at the City of the Queen of the Angels, ISIS or perhaps it was of the Fallen Angels. As this Luciferian Columbian complex concerns the Office of the Presidency, an inverted broken pentagram protrudes north from the White House. The Knight’s Templar's Cross or ’double cross’ is also configured within its occultic ley-lines. This Rosicrucian Cross is up-side down from Capitol Hill and is not the Christian Cross where Jesus Cross redeemed lost Humanity by His shed Royal Blood.

Luciferians/Satanists mock and mimic it in exchange for the ‘Lie’ of Lucifer’s alternate Gospel of redemption and likewise promise of ‘eternal life’. This is the same promise Lucifer, like YHVH promised to Humanity since Eve wanted 'illumination' and 'awakening' in the Garden of Eden. According to the Bible, it was a lie and instead darkness and blindness set in for Humanity. It was because of Lucifer's false light deception that millions over the ages have fallen for this lie just like Eve.

The 4 main monuments at the core of Columbia are at the ends of each arm of this inverted Rosicrucian Cross. This Luciferian cross also configures a coffin. This emblem is very prominent in the iconoclasm of the Mason. The ‘Masonic Coffin’ emblems have a Skull and Bones preeminent with the number 555 on it that correlates to sacrifice and the height in feet of the Washington Monument.      

 555’ above ground + 111’ below ground   =
666 Feet

From a top view, the area in-between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial is where the World War 2 Memorial is situated. The layout is configured to that of a ‘skull and bones’ depiction. The focal point of this Satanic Cross is the Washington Monument. It is a masked rendition of the Eye of Horus or Lucifer at its phallic base and is at the heart of the Sacred Scarab; identified by an elongated hexagon whose base is set with the Washington Monument.

In the occult, a hexagram is the most powerful symbol of dark magic and is said to give protection and boundaries. The Scarab is a symbol of the resurrection power over death by bursting out onto the ‘New Order’ with the promise of ‘Eternal Life.’ The capstone of the Washington Monument is a mirror copy of the one on the Mall grid with 13 levels of casing stones. This was the focal point of the damage of the earthquake. The Monument is offset and not in direct line with the White House or the Jefferson Memorial but with the Grand 33 Masonic Lodge north of the inverted pentagram.

Spiritual Unfinished Temple

That Motif also has a 13 step pyramid on top of its Lodge and a “G” shaped building next to it. The coffin is from where the Grand Master AntiChrist awaits the ‘resurrection’ metaphorically or his ascension as the Luciferian worship the Dark Lord of Death. The Rosicrucian Cross has an Owl at its apex as if rising from the East. This ominous Satanic looking creature envelopes the entire Capitol Hill building with out-stretched arms. The Owl-Bat is one of the ancient renditions of Molech who was accompanied by the goddess Minerva or ISIS.

The owl is the creature that can see in the night and can rotate its head 360 degrees. This is a tell-tale sign of who has Congress under its wings and line of sight that can see the unseen of its members. The mounted winged-owl on Capitol Hill symbolizes the ‘All Wise One” that sees at night, the ‘Lord of the Night’ ready to descend and perch on top of the pyramid of 13 steps crowned by an ’Alien Skull’. If indeed the map layout of this Columbine Core is a time/space grid and there are 13 steps from 1776 to the truncated top, then there are various mathematical implications that can be calculated from various start dates related to the inception of the American Phoenix, the USA.

The levels of the unfinished pyramid that is both depicted in the Reverse Seal of the USA and the Mall pyramid leading to the Capitol Hill have 13 levels from its foundation level. The last piece will be the capstone.  There are several years that are important to consider in possibly calculating when the USA will have seen its conclusion and usage for the Luciferians to initiate their next 'bird'.

The most prominent one is 1776 where the U.S. declared its independence as a sovereign nation. This was not the date it won its independence. The count of years would start from 1777. Another date is the actual year that the U.S. won its independence from Britain in 1789. Given these 3 major dates, the following calculations are presented to ascertain the possible length of the life of the ‘American Phoenix’ is to have. If the Mall pyramid’s base is 1776 as the Reverse Seal of the USA depicts then from David Flynn’s research, the year 2016 will be when the change in the ‘Great Work’ will be consummated.
Meaning, Lucifer begins to descend as that Wise Old Owl to make his earthly physical manifestation complete onto the world scene; politically, spiritual, economically, etc. The pyramid is a masking of the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. In essence, all these occult symbols and secrets converge on the efforts by Lucifer and his Builders to secure the Temple of YHVH for Lucifer instead and enthrone him as Lord of this world. The Columbine core of the city grid is also a Star Chart mapping the plotting the ‘Blazing Star’ or as it is also known as Sirius and ISIS.

It is believed that it was from such stars where many of the Fallen Angels of Lucifer came from that ‘left their first estate’ in the Days of Noah and from prior times during the Golden Age of Atlantis. Has the GOD of Israel, the Creator of Heaven and Earth that dwells in His Holy Temple sent a warning to America and its Luciferian leaders of the judgment to come by the earthquake that cracked their temple?

There will continue to be increasing catastrophes that will weaken and divide the nation as the crack on the capstone of the Washington Monument prophetically signifies. Nonetheless, the USA as a ‘Phoenix’ has to be imploded in all aspects to resurrect the last Luciferian Masonic Empire or New World Order out of its ashes of the old Phoenix. This is being witnessed NOW in the USA with the economy, education, military and the Presidency in dire straits. To reiterate, if the core of Columbia's map grid is a star and prophetic time clock then it has been counting down to the completion of their ethereal unfinished pyramid 'Temple' since 1776 that the USA has solely been about.

The Masters of the Pyramid, the Luciferians have encrypted particular year increments of time that point to a particular year for the completion of their 'Great Work'.  This study suggests that each of the steps/years of the Reserve Seal of the U.S. and Mall pyramid has commemorated the eventual identification and manifestation of their long awaited ‘Architect of the Universe’, Lucifer. Will he himself arrive with all his Fallen Ones (Aliens?) on a specified year that the secret symbols of the monuments of Columbia depict? Does the USA only have certain years allotted to its history as a Republic before the New Order is ushered in by its demise?

The USA is being used by Globalists that rule the world to usher in their ‘Golden Age’ New World Order. And it is at the expense of the USA. This will be done through an economic collapse and martial law. This earthquake that occurred in 2011 has been the largest earthquake to date ever recorded for the District.  As the Builders of Lucifer have been busy as a bee hive to build Lucifer their Master a Temple, so too have the Builders of Jesus Christ been at work for the same purpose.

This assertion is taught by the Apostles in the New Testament where the Followers of Jesus are being built up as a Spiritual House and with 'Living Stones'. This is a better deal than what the Luciferians can best come up with. This notion could be plausible is that YHVH has also been at work, a great work of completing His Temple. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ not only paid for the sins of Humanity but bestowed on Humanity the privilege of becoming part of this Body.

It is the Church a building up of a Spiritual Temple, a House in which the All Mighty would dwell therein and rule the coming and true Age of Aquarius called the Millennial Reign of Christ. Thus this study stipulates that the finishing of the respective 'Temples' will coincide with each other’s completion; that of Christ's and the AntiChrist's. For Christ's Temple, it will be completed at the point of the Rapture of the Christians.

This event could be the timepiece that could possibly take place to coincide with the descent of Lucifer as the “Restrainer” would be set aside before that ’YEAR’ to expose who the AntiChrist will be and have free reign, but only for a little while as the little horn. Which Temple are you involved with building? The District of Columbia with the Pentagon emphasis is configured to the Cydonia, Maris Pleiadian pattern. This pattern is present in all the other major world capitals. There are 3 main components that involve a financial city that is build up, then there is an oval type of structure to correspond to the Face of Mars, as in this case the Oval Office.

Pleiadian Columbia

The Pentagon corresponds to the D&M Pyramid that is usually a fortress or prominent building. The entire Cydonia, Mars complex configures a hexagram that when superposed to the Columbia area produces an approximate correspondence with prominent landmarks at the junctures. Along with the ley-lines, there are unique measurements that span the distances from one component to the next. The measurements are an approximation based on Google Earth coordinates. All the prominent world capitals have this motif as a signature of a sacred knowledge that is very important and hidden in plain sight.

Who are the peoples behind this worldwide composition that extends back to the ancient pyramid sites of the world? In this rendition of the reflection from the Pleiades in the Cydonia, Mars configuration has the position flipped horizontally, truly a mirrored image on Earth as it is on mars. This pattern in DC is almost in the same position as that of the City of London with the financial skyscrapers corresponding to the stars of the constellation. Are these hexagram motifs and places on Earth a combination to pierce spiritual dimensions? What is the connection to the planet Mars and the veneration of the God of War?

Interestingly, the Pentagon being the offices of the Department of War (Mars) was began on September 11, 1941 Why is sacred geometry used and impeccable mathematical relationships used in the architecture of world capitals and ancient buildings such as pyramids and ziggurats? Evidently the rules of the world who have all the resources and power go to great lengths to incorporate this religion that mirrors the cosmology of the stars. One theory behind the constellation motifs etched in the architecture and positioning of landmarks is to keep track of time, celestial time at that.

The various pyramid configurations for example are based off of the Great Pyramid of Giza which is considered by some as an astronomical and astrological ‘clock of the universe. Based on the longitude to coordinate theory, the various measurements correlate to encrypted years. The purpose of this illustration is to show that the District of Columbia with the Pentagon emphasis is configured to the Cydonia, Maris Pleiadian pattern. This pattern is present in all the other major world capitals. There are 3 main components that involve a financial city that is build up, then there is an oval type of structure to correspond to the Face of Mars, as in this case the Oval Office.

The Pentagon corresponds to the D&M Pyramid that is usually a fortress or prominent building. The entire Cydonia, Mars complex configures a hexagram that when superposed to the Columbia area produces an approximate correspondence with prominent landmarks at the junctures. Along with the ley-lines, there are unique measurements that span the distances from one component to the next. The measurements are an approximation based on Google Earth coordinates. All the prominent world capitals have this motif as a signature of a sacred knowledge that is very important and hidden in plain sight.

Who are the peoples behind this worldwide composition that extends back to the ancient pyramid sites of the world? The DC city grid map is also a Star Chart mapping the plotting the “Blazing Star” and/or Cydonia, Mars. It is believed that it was from where many of the Fallen Angels came from that ‘left their first estate’ in the Days of Noah and prior. The Pentagon, Roselyn, VA area, and WH are connected and form similar patterns found in Cydonia Mars with a slight truncated angle alignment. The DC’s latitude is at 38.96°/2 = ~19.47° the same corresponding to the year or the Roswell incident in 1947.

The topography of Mars, other than the Sean of Mars canyon was unknown until the various NASA missions to Mars sent back phototropic landscapes only in the modern era, if the core of the White House complex is patterned after the Great Pyramid of Giza, then the King’s Chamber would function as an ‘hourglass’ of time. The Sarcophagus would correlate to the Oval Office and the White House would mirror as the apex or pinnacle as the Pentagram also terminates at the White House corresponding to the year 2016 or 5776. Do the coordinates from the God of War signify how long his lease on the U.S. Presidency will last?

Is the distance in Smoots from the Obelisk to the edge of the White House entrance an ‘Hourglass’ of time that is counting down to this event? Only time will tell but the speculation is intriguing given that the Great Pyramid pattern appears to be incorporated in the design. The purpose of this illustration is to show the Great Pyramid of Giza pattern superimposed over the White House complex. The designs suggest a possible keeping of time that is etched in the coordinates and localities of certain buildings.

The corresponding chambers appear to match although the template is skewed. According to David Flynn’s research, the Illuminati have incorporated the Great Pyramid’s geometry as it ’clocks’ the completion of their ‘Great Work’. A 7 years countdown began in 2009 as was the Temple of Solomon built in 7 years. In Freemasonry, 1776 was the ‘Year of Light’ as 5776 will be, Anno Lucis or Lucifer’s Year. The Great Pyramid is 481 feet tall with Capstone or 5776 ft.

The Great Pyramid’s perimeter is 3022 ft which equals the years from 962 BC to 2016. The year 2016 is 5776 in the Jewish calendar. There are 3022 Biblical years of 360 days that equal 2978 years. There are 2978 years from Solomon’s dedication of Temple in 962 BC to 2016. Will 5776 thus be a ‘capstone year’ to conclude and commence something new? Is this the Great Work of the Builders that rejected Jesus, the True Architect of the Universe to be completed in 2016?

From base of Great Pyramid to include Cap Stone = 5776 inches or 481 feet
481 Feet Radius x 2 = 962 ft. Diameter or 962 ft. Diameter x Pi (3.14…)
From 1776 Base Year = 19-year average X 13 Steps = 247 Years

247 Years + 1776 = 2023th year

One possible explanation why the Washington Monument is off-center, it appears could be to the correlation to the phi ratio. Using the spiral version for a better visual, if the fulcrum of the spiral is pegged to the Obelisk, then the terminal point will be the Oval Office. It would make since given the inference the Obelisk represents. Its reference is named Baal’s Shaft as in a phallus. It refers to Lucifer’ power and just what is influencing the man that sits in the Oval office that commands the economy, military and government of the world.

This illustration depicts the Great Pyramid pattern of the District of Columbia. The Great Pyramid pattern is not exactly a 1for 1 rendition, but the angles and geometry are incorporated to show an approximate match. One observation is that the phi ratio is apparently used from the Washington Monument to the Oval Office. The various shafts align to key boulevards with Orion and Sirius and prominent building with Thuban and Ursa Minor.

These 2 stars match with the Convention and Verison Centers.According to some renditions of the chronicles of ancient Earth before the Noah’s Flood and perhaps before Creation of Mankind, the storyline depicts a personage that was exiled to Mars, the former King of Nibiru. His followers await his resurrection to enthrone him once again as King over the whole Earth. This personage is what the Bible foretells will be the AntiChrist of Lucifer.

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