Occult Origins of the Coming Deception

  • What is the 'Alien Gospel' all about, who is the Savior?
  • What will be the New World Religion based upon?
  • How is the Narrative tied to what Aliens Teach?

by Luis B. Vega
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In the Book of Mark, chapter 1 there is the Account of how when Jesus entered a Synagogue in Capernaum on a Sabbath, they encountered a Demon-Possessed Man. Interestingly, the Demon acknowledged who Jesus was and what their End would be. It was about Timing. The Demons knew that their Doom was Pending. It is just a Matter of Time. How ironic that in a Synagogue of the Assembly of YHVH’s Earthly People, the Demons who Jesus was and Recognized Him. Yet, YHVH’s People did not, for the most part. Such can be the same, said about the Spiritual House of the Church Age.

When Jesus ‘Shows-Up’ amongst the Congregations as in the Book of Revelation 7 Churches, many Churches, especially in the West and in these Last Days do not recognize or know who Jesus is. Why? It is because the Pastors and/or the People have rather gone to the Doctrines of Demons. And as the Church no longer is holding to the Truth of the Bible and Jesus, Deception fills and has filled the Void. Thus, in essence, the Last Days Church is teaching Lies that have been taught by the Demons that have been allowed in. Why?

It is because the Church lost the Ability to Discern what is ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’, etc. And to that end, Lucifer is using the Churches, and all other World Religions to prepare the People for his ‘Alien’ AntiChrist Savior. The UFO Phenomena is a Preparation for the World to receive the Luciferian World Leader. The Bible calls him the AntiChrist. He will be the ‘Jesus’ to the Apostate Christian Church. He will be the Mahdi to the Muslims. He will be the Messiah to the Jews.

He will be the Last Incarnation of the Buddha, and the Return of Krishna to the Hindus. He will be the ‘Christ’ of the New Agers, etc. He will Be what you want him to Be. According to the late Benjamin Crème, the Advocate for the coming of Maitreya is preceded by the Manifestation of ‘Miracles’ and Apparition around the World. They are Deceived into thinking the Great Teacher is about to usher-in Humanity into a Golden Age of Peace and Security.

But the Luciferians have been busy in this Work of preparing the World for the ‘Alien’ AntiChrist. Take for example 1 of Lucifer’s Disciples, Alice Bailey. She was from the United Kingdom and her Publishing Company, Lucifer Trust later became Lucis Trust that works closely with the United Nations. She wrote a Book called, ‘A Treatise on White Magic’. She wrote about the DK Spirit Teacher, named Djwal Khul. He was and is, a supposed Spiritual Guide of Humanity and a Teacher. A ‘Christ’ that Reincarnates into People in each Generation.

Preparing the People

And is to be the Great Teacher during the 1000 Years of the Age of Aquarius. Djwal Khul’s Name appeared 1st in the Writings of Madame Blavatsky. She was one of the Founders of the Theosophical Society and Author of ‘The Secret Doctrine’, published in 1888. That is basically a Treatise, on how Lucifer is the True God and how they have a Plan to Reinstate him on Earth through their World Orders, etc. Her work and those of the like, basically accept that this DK was the Apparition of the Coming Christ or rather the AntiChrist. It is a clear example of the Spirit of AntiChrist at work in Real Time.

Here is an example of what this AntiChrist Demon had to say as he possessed her to then write about him and his purpose. One knows what that is. It is already Disclosed and Exposed to us by the Holy Spirit. It is a Spirit of Lies and Deception, etc. Bailey wrote in August 1934, as the voice of DK in the 1st Person. Note how he states that one will or can be more than ‘Christ Himself’. It is the same Lie of Lucifer given to Eve. And they all still believe it. This is why, by the way, one is leery of those Brethren that claim to be ‘Guided’ by a ‘Spirit’ and either Automatic Write or are Dictated to, Word for Word without Error or Retractions. Just Saying. 

‘[I am] a Tibetan Disciple of a certain Degree, and this tells you little, because we all are Disciples from the Humblest Aspirant up to, and beyond, the Christ Himself. I live in a Physical Body like other Men near the Border with Tibet and lead (seen from an Exoteric standpoint) temporarily a large group of Tibetan Lamas, as far as my other Duties permit’…

Bailey wrote that Djwal Kuhl’s intention was to reveal Esoteric Teachings that were of Value to the further training and instruction of Humanity. She believed that she was doing her Work on behalf of the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ of Advanced Beings, including Djwal Kuhl. These Spirit Begins convinced her and countless others, that their sole Interest in becoming Involved with Humanity, is to guide Humanity to a Climate of ‘Goodwill and Right Human Relations’. Why? It would be the way to usher-in their ‘Reappearance of the Christ, called by Theosophists, The Maitreya.

It is said that in her Meetings or really, Séances, some claimed to have seen Djwal Khul Manifest himself in a Room in which he sat with Madame Blavatsky. And what were some of their Studies? ‘The New World Religion’. Sound familiar? As to this coming Maitreya? It was the late Benjamin Crème, who asserted that the 2nd Coming of Jesus was going to be Maitreya. But their Deceptive Work goes on. But so does the Truth of the Real Christ, Jesus. So does their Watching and Waiting continue for their Christ, rather False Christ.

But so does the Bride of Christ Watches and Waits for the True Christ. Both Christs will Appear to Humanity. Humanity will again have a Choice. But for the Present Church Age, the issue is will one be Rapture Ready? For almost two thousand Years the Christian Belief is that Jesus will ‘Evacuate’ or Rapture from Earth all Believers in Jesus just prior to the 7-Year Tribulation Period. But likewise, for many Years now, the Luciferians and the New Age Movement, as an example among many more, have received messages from ‘Aliens’ and Spirit-Guides that ‘Mother Earth’ will need to ‘Cleanse’ herself 1st before their ‘Alien’ AntiChrist can make his Appearance.  

Man for the Age
The following is an old Interview of the Canadian named Roger Morneau who came out of the Occult. He gave his Testimony of his Involvement at the Highest Levels of Canadian Elite Establishment. What one will be highlighting is how at 1 Point in the Interview, Mr. Morneau elaborated on what one would describe Demons pretending to be ‘Aliens’ come to Earth to save it from pending Destruction.

For context, the discussion takes place as Mr. Morneau is becoming more interested in the Spiritism of the Group he is regularly meeting in High-End Wealthy Neighborhoods of Montreal. As he has established a Network of Contacts within the Group, more Information and ‘Knowledge’ is being given to him as he progresses through the various Levels of Initiation. In one of the Meetings, his is what transpired between Mr. Morneau and the Higher-Ups.

Higher-Ups:…Could I have a little bit more of your Time? I want to tell you something very interesting. He says, it is about the Grand Plan of the Master, the Master’s Grand Plan ‘Harvesting’ the Nations. For Harvesting the Multitudes of the Earth into his Cause, just before the close of the Great Controversy between the Forces of Good and Evil. So he continued.

Mr. Morneau: Then after we express our…We will be really interested to know more about the Activities of Spirits. And he said, It is going to be done in a Unique Manner. This Grand Plan is going to take People …they are gonna ‘Eat’ this stuff, because he says, Spirits…Demon Spirits will declare themselves to be Inhabitants of Far Distant Planets in the Galaxies…that are coming to warn Inhabitants of Planet Earth of the Impending Destruction of the Planet unless something seriously, property is done to avoid it.

Main Source
Roger Morneau A Trip Into The Supernatural
Spirit of Prophecy


To the Luciferians, their Explanation of all those Disappeared Christians is that they have been ‘Ejected’ from off Earth for having ‘Bad Vibratory Patterns. This ‘Cleansing’ will allow the Ascended Masters and the ‘Aliens’ to help bring forth their ‘Alien AntiChrist’. In turn, he will be bringing back the Golden Age upon the Earth once again. So, what about the supposed ‘Christians’ that will remain on Earth after the Rapture Event?

What about the False and Apostate Roman Catholic Religion that claims to be the True Successor to the Teachings of all things Jesus? Based on one’s Interpretation and Assessment, it will be the Roman Church that will be at the Forefront of Explaining-Away the Rapture. Whoever will be the Pope at that Time, will be ready to offer how it was the ‘Aliens’ that have shown-up that took all the ‘Bad’ Christians away. And the Rapture will be Global and experienced by all those that perhaps will have recorded so many People suddenly vanishing.

Soft Disclosure

As it is, when a Political, Social, Religious or Economic Event occurs on Earth, it is known instantaneously. The Spin will be the Alien Deception and how the Alien AntiChrist will quell the Fears of the entire World to take advantage of their Psychosis to entice them to believe Lucifer’s Lie. The Deception will make it seem now those that were Left Behind are the Fortunate and Privileged ones. They will be believing how this New World Leader will take the opportunity to force the Religion and Government into 1 Office, his. He will promise a 7-Year Peace and Safety Golden Age.

And that he's going to be out there when specifically, only the Followers of Jesus ‘Disappear’. He and the False Prophet will need to calm the People of all Faiths. This is why one is more convinced that the Luciferians are only allowing a Soft Disclosure to occur. They need to wait and Synchronize it to the Rapture Event. So, one is of the Opinion that the Vatican will have a large Part to Play during the 7-Year Tribulation Period. One does subscribe to the Notion that the False Roman Church is the Allegorical the Whore of Babylon, etc.

And the Pope will be instrumental in corralling the entire World into accepting the ‘Alien’ AntiChrist as their New Savior that has come from across the Universe to ‘Save’ them from utter Chaos. To this end, this is why the Vatican has some of the most powerful Telescopes on Earth. Why? On 1 Hand, one is also convinced that they are tracking the in-coming Trajectory of Planet X. For example, the Vatican has partnered-up with the University of Arizona in the USA to use the ‘Lucifer’ Telescope atop Mount Graham.

On the other Hand, they are monitoring all the ‘Alien’ activity that occurs in the immediate Inner Solar System. For years, it has been known that the Vatican has Telescopes looking for Life in other Planets. Since the late 2000s, the Vatican has had Conferences on Aliens. And what is the Vatican Connection with Aliens? The Vatican wants to be at the forefront when they do show up. They are now asserting that ‘Aliens’ may be ‘Free’ of Original Sin. And? This has tremendous Religious Implications and for those of the Faith in Jesus. How so?

The Roman Church is rationalizing that since Aliens have not ‘Fallen’, they are ‘Closer’ to GOD and thus have a purer Form of the Gospel and one in which Humanity can be taught about instead of what Jesus taught and gave to His Disciples. Thus, after the Rapture Event that closes-out the Church Age, the World will be looking to the remaining Religious Leaders of all the False Faiths for an Answer. This will be then the Point in Time that the Spin or the Alien Gospel will be introduced to the World.

It will be the ’Pure Doctrine of Lucifer’ that his Minions have been preparing the World since Eden. As the Vatican Spokesmen have stated On-the-Record, it is the Alien Brethren that will be Baptizing Humanity into their Faith. Imagine that. And the Bible? It will be Banned, in its Original Constitution. Only the Revised and Altered Versions, the ‘Alien Version’ will be perhaps allowed in circulation. The Point is that Lucifer’s AntiChrist will fuse the World’s Religions into 1 Cohesive Doctrine, his. And Humanity will thus look to the Aliens and the AntiChrist for their Salvations, etc.

Alien 'Good News'
This is why the Apostle Paul adamantly Warned of any Angel ‘Preaching’ another Gospel than the one found in Jesus only. Galatians 1:8. And Jesus warned in Matthew 24 to not be Deceived. It was the 1st of the many Signs the Disciples were asking about when He would be Setting-Up the Kingdom of Israel. It is the New Agers that say that Jesus is really a Descendant of the Aliens. But many in the Church are now also accepting this ‘Alien Gospel’.

They believe that the Virgin Birth is actually a result of an Alien Abduction, and that Jesus was a type of a Star-Child. Like in the Days of Noah, Jesus was Genetically Engineered at his 1st Coming. They believe that Jesus is coming but with the Aliens to ‘Save’ Humanity again. The Bible teaches that unfortunately the whole World will fall for it. There are countless People making themselves available to Channel the various Messages that are supposedly coming from across the Universe having Contact with such ‘Alien’ Beings.

What this means for the World, is that after the Rapture Event, the Bible will be rewritten. It already has been in Communist China. But it will be the Vatican, as the Head of the Ecumenical Movement that will spearhead the Explanation and put in Theological Context for the World to readily accept the Presence and Manifestation of the Alien ‘Saviors’. Then there has been the Media and Hollywood in how they too have contributed to the Ancient Alien Narrative.

The Theory is that it has been the Aliens that have Seeded or Created Humanity through a Hybridization Program. That they have never left but have been monitoring Humanity’s Progress towards evolving into ‘Gods’. However, when they do show-up, after the Rapture, they will demand, beyond mere expectation, to be listened to and obeyed. And as part of the Deception of the so-called ‘Aliens’, their False Gospel will promise the World their Golden Age. This is the other half of the Deception.

As there will be no Restrainer, the Bible does even teach that Lucifer will be given Total Control at that Place and Time. They will make it seem that those Left Behind are the ‘Chosen One’ and not the Exclusive Followers of Jesus. But it will be the Mass Psychosis that the World will experience after the Rapture Event that will Unite the entire World. During the Cold War, the following is what the late U.S President Ronald Reagan admitted would happen if Aliens showed-up. His Speech was given at the 43rd UN General Assembly Meeting on September 21, 1987, right on the Eve of the Fall Equinox.

‘In our Obsession with Antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the Members of Humanity. Perhaps we need some Outside, Universal Threat to make us recognize this Common Bond. I occasionally think how quickly our Differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an Alien Threat from outside this World. And yet, I ask you, is not an Alien Force already among us?’ The Rapture Event will be so traumatic that Humanity will cling to any Explanation, be it the Devil in Disguise. And that is precisely what will show-up.

Alien Threat

What will facilitate this Turning to the Aliens is that YHVH will have predisposed Humanity to believe the Lie. Since Humanity had Rejected Jesus and Christians, He now is Rejecting them. And He is giving them over to their Heart’s Desire. Instead of having Humanity Repent and turn to Jesus at such a Time, they will instead Turn to the ‘Ancient Aliens' that will offer them a ’Better Deal’. There will be no Threat to Humanity.

So, all of Humanity will band together in ‘Love, Peace and Brotherhood’, right? Well, initially yes at the Beginning. But is that not how Deception works? There is some ‘Truth’ to it? This is also how the late former Nazi Scientist that was appointed to lead NASA after World War 2 put it. His Name was Von Braun. Before he Died of Cancer, he had a sort of ‘Bed-Side’ Confession with this trusted Attendant. Von Braun stated that the aim of those in Power had an End Game of controlling Earth from Space.

But to get there, there had to be a series of ‘Enemies’ portrayed as needing the necessary Investment to make that come about. The 1st Threat would naturally be the Soviets, having come off the 2nd World War. Thus, there would be a need to have Space Based Weapons in orbit. Then, the next Enemy would be ‘Terrorist’. The War on Terror would ensue and the issue became, who was a ‘Terrorist’? Thus, there would be a need to Identify everyone on the Planet. This was coupled with the need to take-out 3rd World Nations.

The next ‘Enemy’ that the USA and the West would ‘Fight’ would be against Asteroids that would threaten to impact on Earth. Thus, the need to build Space-Based Weapons. Lastly, the ‘Last Enemy’ would be against what he called Alien Extra-Terrestrials. And thus, the need to build Space-Based Weapons against Aliens that would threaten Humanity. What is for sure and is coming is the Wrath of the Lamb. The coming Judgment of Jesus will be, as He described it, the worst in Human History. And as the Bible teaches that the Followers of Jesus are ‘Not Appointed unto Wrath’, the Evacuation has to occur before this coming Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

But the Luciferians have been hard at work in making sure that the Rapture Event will be Explained-Away. The World will not equate that Rapture with the Bible and the Promise of that ‘Open Door’ or how the Rapture was likened to the Circumstances of Lot in Sodom or Noah in the Ark. No, the Social Media and Hollywood Conditioning will shift the Rapture Event to the Alien Narrative that they have been propagating in all their Information or rather Disinformation.

This will be the Alien Deception and some who are sounding the Alarm Bell about the Alien Narrative are comparing it to how Columbus ‘Appeared’ 1st to the Carib Indians in the New World. They 1stt exchanged small Gifts. But when the Indians brought Gold, the Spanish enslaved them and systematically Murdered them due to Hard Labor. It was then that they had to import the African Slaves to continue Gold Mining. Thus, the ‘Close Encounter of the Columbus Kind’ did not fare well for the New World. Neither will the Alien Disclosure when that happens after the Rapture. At first, the Aliens and World Leaders, Religious Leaders will exchange Gifts.

Branding the Body 666
Then the Aliens by way of their AntiChrist Leader will Enslave them and brand them with a Mark, 666. Take Hollywood for example. Has one noticed how in the last 2 Decades or so, the resurgence in Super-Hero Characters have exploded onto the Scene and Blockbuster Movies? Captain America, Aqua man, the Justice League, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Bat-Man, Super-Man, Ant-Man, X-Men and The Avengers to name a few. What do they all have in common? They are products of Military Hybridization Secret Programs such as the Super-Soldier Programs.

They are enhanced Humans crossed with other DNA Mutant aspects that give them Super-Human Abilities. And that is what People want. The very Rich and Famous want to ‘Live Forever 21’. They are into the Trans-Humanism quest to transfer their Consciousness or ‘Soul’ into ‘Borgs’ or Machines that can outlive Humanity’s Problem of Death of the Human Body. But ask, why does the Body die? It is because of the same Deception that came from the same Reptile ‘Shining One’, better known as Lucifer in Disguise back in Eden.

The Human Body was not meant to Die, nor the Soul. And YHVH warned Adam and Eve that if there would be Disobedience, the Outcome or Consequence of that would be ‘Death’. A Death of not only the Body, but the Soul, etc. But in 1 Movie, among many, the Finale of The Avengers Movie had a ‘Thanos’, a God-Like Character striving to acquire the Stones of Destiny to have the Power to ‘Disappear’ half of the Life in the Universe. Why? Over-Population. Seriously? In a vast Universe that is Trillions of Light Years in any Direction and full of Trillions of Planets that could perhaps sustain Life or other forms of Life? And there is ‘No Room’?

Thanos is a Super-Villain from the Moon Titan. He is a powerful Eternal, a Hybrid
that after successfully acquiring the Stones of Destiny, assembles them in a Glove. He then snaps his Fingers and half of the Beings in the Universe just Disappear as they flake-away. Does this Scenario not have incredible Biblical Undertones and also with the Book of Enoch pertinent to the 200 Watchers that came down on Mount Hermon?

So, for those who are going to be left behind, like the Native American Carib Peoples of the New World, it will be the worst Time in the History of Mankind. The Aliens and their Human ‘Useful Idiots’, both Political and Religious, will be getting the People of Earth to think, after the Rapture Event occurs that Mankind will be ‘Great’. But not realizing the Deception that they have just entered into Man's worst Nightmare. Why? It is a Spiritual War just like in all those Hollywood Super-Hero Movies portrayed as an overall Theme.

The Good News of the Bible is that Jesus came to Rescue the Lost and Perished going to Hell. It was through His Willing Offering at the Cross of Calvary that changed that Destiny. But as YHVH respects Free Will, He has left that Choice to each Sovereign Individual. At some Point in one’s Life, one will have to either Accept or Reject Jesus. That decision will seal one’s Fate for all Eternity. Regardless, the Wrath of the Lamb is coming. But all those that put their Trust and Faith in Jesus’ Blood are Covered, Paid and Delivered.

But before the Wrath is dispensed, Jesus is coming for His Bride in what the Bible teaches is the Rapture Event, where the Followers of Jesus will meet Jesus in the Clouds, no Rockets or UFOs required. As the Last Few Years of this Church Age are approaching, the ‘Vail’ is thinning. Perhaps this is why there is a frenzy of ‘Alien’ Activity that is just Bursting at the Seams as they say. Seems now it is a Common Topic and not a Day goes by with ‘News’ about an Alien or UFO Encounter.

In one’s Opinion, it is due in part, to the increase in Lawlessness but the Weakening of the Church Witness. In the Vacuum, the ‘Ancient Alien’ Narrative is giving way and has pretty much now become Main-Stream. So, when they do ‘Show-Up’…It will not phase most of the World. What one believes will phase a lot of People in the World and especially those that know they got ‘Left Behind’, initially will be the Millions Missing that People around the World will demand an Explanation.

The Rapture Event will be a Moment in Human History. It is going to change Society as it is known. But this Event will be coming in Tandem with sort or type of Technology that the Aliens will come in to Explain-it-Away. Such Technology as ChatGPT is the case that they just now have allowed it to be released to the Public. As it has often been said, by many Whistleblowers that have come out of such Agencies or Black-Ops, is that the world is like 70-100 Years behind what is currently being allowed to be divulged and handled. ChatGPT is just the ‘Beginning’ of what it will be used for, from here-on-out.

And like all new forms of Technology, it will be used for the ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’. What is amazing is that the A.I. searches ALL the known Data Points of All the Information Gathered on the Internet, in Real Time; that People have used over the Decades to formulate their Responses from. But it responds with the Answers in Seconds. And it is only going to get better as the A.I. gets ‘Smarter’. It is literally the ‘Borg’ and it will be no Wonder how that Image that the 2nd Beast, the World Religious Leader will set-up in the Temple will be the Hub or A.I. ‘Brains’ for the AntiChrist’s Rule.

It will parallel the Golden Statue of Nebuchadnezzar that was 60 Cubits High by 6 Cubits Wide and 6 Cubits in Length. This New A.I. Capabilities will also involve Quantum Computing Power. This is an amazing Field of Study, in that the A.I. goes outside this Dimension to do it! This is what CERN is doing. So, guess who is there giving the Answers? This A.I. ‘Hive Mind’ Statue will be what the AntiChrist, like Nebuchadnezzar will require All the World to ‘Worship’ or ‘Download the App’, but into one’s Genome. It will literally then be able to Monitor, Track and Surveil 8 Billion People, All at once, in Real Time.

Essentially, Lucifer will have to have this Handicap, because he knows he is not YHVH that Sees All and Knows All, All the Time. Going off the Theme of an A.I’ Golden Statue, that will be set-up at the Half-Way Point of the Tribulation. It will be when the AntiChrist reveals his True Intention, breaks the 7-Year Covenant with Israel and starts to require All People to receive his Mark, Name or Number in their Right Hand-Harm or Forehead or be Killed based on the Synagogue of Satan’s Noahide Laws. If you say ‘Jesus is LORD’ during that Time, like it was in the Days of the Roman Caesars = Blasphemy and punishable by Capital Punishment.

CHART: Ghost in the Machine – A.I. Abomination of Desolation

For the Chart, what one did was to overlay the ‘Metal Messiah’ of Kingdoms since Babylon. One then Transposed them, Anthropomorphically, like the very Statue of Nebuchadnezzar and it gives one then a relative notion of how long they lasted or are to last. And this is then based on the Body that is in Phi Ratio of Years on the Timeline of Years. This is why one has pointed-out those Times and Prophecy happens in Phi Ratio of Time. The Point? The Church Age is at the End. It is now only a matter of a Few Years at most. But, so far, one still believes that the Rapture Event is not or cannot be ‘Imminent’, as it can occur at ‘Any Time’.

Why not, here is one’s Logic. And how does one combat Deception? It is called ‘Truth’. In a Hebrew Study of the Word, ‘Emet’. Emet means ‘Truth’. As it is known now that the Hebrew, like the Greek has a Number Correspondence, its Numerical Value also ‘Speaks’ of Meaning, Teaching and can be a ‘Sign’, etc. Prime Examples are the Alef and the Tav, the Beginning and the End.  This is Jesus, as one has come to Extrapolate it, Prophetically and is Valid Biblically, etc. So, the Hebrew Word Emet means ‘Truth’. And? If one takes the meaning of the 3 Hebrew Letters, then the following.

1. Alef
2. Mem
3. Tav

You get what ‘Truth’ means, is that it consists of a ‘Beginning, a Middle and an End’. Truth is about giving or knowing or understating the ‘Whole Thing’ or Account. Meaning, that when Jesus stated about Himself, ‘I AM the Truth’… He was reiterating that He is ‘The Emet’, the Beginning, Middle and End.  Jesus was saying, in an Encrypted way but clear in the Jews knowing that it was as if saying, ‘I AM’. It was the very same Person revealed and said to Moses.

And the Synagogue of Satan knew this when they heard Jesus say that about Himself. They were livid, etc. But one’s Point is that it is Prophetic Motif or Divine Pattern found in other Aspects of Prophecy, like with the Rapture? Any other Patterns one can think of? Yes. This is how the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac is laid-out. There are 3 Sections to the Star-Story of Jesus in the Sky, through the 12 Signs, etc.

There is a Beginning, starting with Virgo, September-October. Then a Middle, with Aquarius-Pisces in February, reaching a Climax. Then concluding or having its End with Leo in July-August. So, one’s Thought was how what YHVH starts, being ‘Truth’, that has a Beginning, a Middle and an End to it, to all things YHVH/JESUS does…Then this Pattern or Motif goes for all His Works of Wonder: Creation, 7-Day Re-Creation Week, 7 Feasts, one’s Lifespan, Career, a Marriage and the Church Age.

End of the Age
As it relates to the Rapture, this is why the Rapture Event, when it happens Cannot be ‘Imminent’, in one’s Assessment. Thus, one holds to this ‘Divine Logic’, perhaps that is why, when the Rapture happens, it will not be on a ‘Random’ Day but at the ‘End’… At the End of what? The Age. The Age of Grace. When that Last Non-Jew gets saved and/or is the 153rd Fish ‘Caught in the Net’. The Dragnet! Many would agree that pertinent to the Church Age, as a Backdrop and Cycle, it had a Beginning Day, Pentecost.

And one contends that Day was the 2nd 50 Day Count, correlating to the Feast of New Wine, sometime in Mid-July, etc. But the Church Age had its Climax or Middle. That was the Dark Ages. And now, it is at its ‘End’. That is ‘Truth’. This is Jesus because He is Working it. ‘Emet’ or Truth is just then a Reflection of Himself upon the Church, which is His Body. So, it has to have a Beginning, a Middle and End. Jesus did not Die or come to an ‘End’ of His Rescue Mission on just any Random Day. It was not ‘Imminent’.

No, it was on a Passover, in the Midst of the Week, a Wednesday, at a Specific Time, 3pm, on his 33rd Year, etc. ‘At the Right Time, Jesus Died for us. This is what our Brother shared a few Posts ago. If one uses this ‘Emet’ Hebrew Word Motif and Template, thus superimposed onto the Church Age when one can come to a Reasonable Conclusion that the Rapture, which concludes this Church Age, has to occur on a Specific Day.

And the Day that only Jesus knows. Remember Jesus told His Disciples by the Shore, before His Departure, that He would be with them, even until the ‘End of the Age’. Jesus spoke ‘Emet’. He and the Disciples then presumed a Beginning, a Middle and an End. An Alef, a Mem and a Tav, etc. We are the Tav, we are the Tav. This is Dispensationalism. Jesus taught that. And in the New Testament, there is Teaching that supports this Doctrine of Ages or ‘Dispensation’ in how Judgments are compared to ‘In Ages Past’…What Ages?

Pre-Post Flood of Noah. And if one believes in the ‘Gap Theory’, as I do, in the Pre-Post Adam and Re-Creation of Earth by way of the Garden of Eden. The Free Online Link, specifically to this Emet or TRUTH Hebrew Word Study Poster is as the following Address. One can Download this Poster and Print any or have for Personal Reference and/or Study. One can take the PDF on a Thumb Drive, and if so desired, go to one’s local Printing Shop to print out a Copy based on desired Size, etc.

Poster: Hebrew Word Study – Emet = TRUTH


However, the Request to have them Ordered for Purchased Online, like with Zazzle, out of Convenience, was also Requested. The Online Link to the Store, specific to this Emet or TRUTH Hebrew Word Study is as follows.


Your Support and Patronage is Greatly Appreciated, as you Help such an Independent Researcher, Citizen Journalist, Author, Writer and Graphic Artist as myself.  




Why the World will Believe the Lie
If ‘Aliens’ were to return to Earth and ‘show-up’, what would they find on Earth? What would they say about the Human Condition? The purpose of this Book is to present the Rationale as to why the Alien Disclosure has not been allowed to be made. Full Disclosure is Reserved or Withheld for when the True Biblical Rapture does occur. How come? If the Alien Disclosure would have been ‘Officially’ Released or made already, especially since World War 2, then an Explanation of ‘Who did it’ and ‘What happened’, would not be readily accepted by Billions of People that will demand an Answer. 

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