Message of Divine Judgment

  • Was the toppling of the National Tree an Omen?
  • What were the possible Prophetic Significances?
  • How is the Event tied to the Spiritual Conditon?

by Luis B. Vega
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'After the Philistines had captured the Ark of God, they took it from Ebenezer to Ashdod, carried it into the Temple of Dagon, and set it beside his Statue. When the People of Ashdod got up early the next Morning, there was Dagon, Fallen on his Face before the Ark of YHVH. So they took Dagon and returned him to his Place’. -1 Samuel 5:1-3

The purpose of this study is to provide a Commentary and one’s ‘Interpretations’ of the Fall of the U.S. National Christ-Mass Tree that occurred on November 28, 2023 . One would agree that it was a Poetic Metaphor of what is going to happen or has begun to happen to the USA, sadly. Christmas Trees topple down and happen all the Time. But when it is specifically a National Symbol ‘Cut-Down’ is Divine Judgment. Evil in the USA is reaching or has reached Critical-Mass in terms of all the Wrong that is now just left Un-Checked... Every Nation has Evil and all that is ‘Bad’. But as the USA, in one’s Opinion is the ‘Golden Head’ of the Proverbial Structure of World Empires, presently, as with the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar, it eventually toppled. 1 Day so will the Mighty USA.

One is reminded of the Verse in Revelation that speaks about how the World lamented the Fall of Babylon. And the Merchants of ‘Venice’, I mean of the World cried over how they could no longer ‘Do Business’ in that City by the Shoreline. But was and is Eye-Opening about this Great City or Nation, is that in the List of ‘Commodities’, there are ‘Human Slaves’ and the ‘Souls of Men’ that are ‘Bought and Sold’. And? Consider what has happened and is, at the U.S Border. Or how one can see that as a Metaphorical ‘Shoreline’ also in how Millions have just walked-over the Line and are Unaccounted for. There are Multiple Sources, reported of how all those Under-Aged, and Unaccompanied Minors and Teenagers have been ‘Trafficked’ for Forced Labor or sold as Sex Slaves all over the USA. And worse, they are being used for Organ Harvesting.

All this occurring in the USA, not China or Russia or in some Backward Middle Eastern Hell-Hole of a Country. It is about the Cry of the Abused and the Innocence of Children on this U.S. Border ‘Shoreline’ that the ‘Merchants of Venice’ are Buying and Selling Humans as Slaves and Trafficking their very Souls. The other ‘Sins’ of the USA is how despite the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade, most States in the Union have elected to continue with Abortion ‘Rights’. It is very clear that the Majority of American Women, Females prefer to hand over their Unborn into the Scalpels of Luciferian Molech’s. Then there is the Gender War that has redefined what a Man and a Woman are.

Catch and Release

Biology does not Count anymore. It has become a Debate of wanting to live in False Reality and Deny Basic Science. So, when Pastors are being Arrested for protesting Drag Queen Story Hours to Children at the Public Libraries across the USA, or Women are being Arrested for Silently Praying in front of Abortion Clinics? The Threshold of Sin YHVH is tolerating has perhaps reached its Full Measure that has filled up the ‘Cup of National Judgment’. Thus, when 'Events' like the Toppling and Fall of the National Emblem or Symbol occur or in this case, dealing with a Pagan Symbol of Fertility, it is about a 'Divine' Message that GOD is communicating by the Event.

Events like this Toppling of the National Christmas Tree reminds one of the Time the Statue of Dagon also was Toppled and fell to the Ground. It occurred when the Ark of the Covenant was captured by the 'Palestinians', I mean the Philistines. It was and is about Divine Judgment and the Need to Release the ‘Ark’, or the 'Articles' that belong to YHVH. The God of the Philistines, the Fish God toppled and fell next to the captured Ark. A Plague was sent among the Philistines. It was such a Horrible Devastation in Ancient Gaza, that the People and eventually its Leaders pleaded with Israel to ‘Stop’ and set the Ark or what was Captured, Free to return to Israel where it belongs, in the House of the LORD.

Perhaps in this case, one can make a Link to the People of YHVH, that have been Captured in a similar manner by Hamas in Gaza or the Children at the U.S. Border is what YHV is Signaling that need to be Released. Why the USA? It has clout still in how  it can Pressure, both Hamas and Israel to act. Consider then when this ‘Divine Event’ and Message, in one’s Biblical Interpretation occurred. It was on November 28, 2023. The Day was the 332nd Day of the Year (333rd in Leap Years) in the Gregorian Calendar. There are then, amazingly, 33 Days remaining until the End of the Year.

November 28, 2023 = 332nd Day of the Year with 33 Days remaining of the Year.

For those that study the Language of Luciferians, it is their 'Signature' Number Calling of ‘322’, as in Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, etc. The Number 322 has many Hidden Meanings but the Conventional ones are that it has to do with a Date, an Event and a Motif. That Date is March 22, which is associated with the Spring Equinox. This is the Time is the Universe of Time, where the Sun 'Resets' Time in that all things Begin ‘Anew’ as in the New Year. Then the Number 322 is a Mockery of the Crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross, which by the Way was a Tree.

And that Tree did not Fall as the Son of GOD hung there until He Died in the Flesh. The Death of the Messiah was NOT a Sacrifice. It was an Offering, a Free Will One. Sacrifices are not Consensual. Jesus' Body was emptied of the 'Water and the Blood' to Pay for the Sin of Humanity's Unfaithfulness and Disobedience. Thus, the Name 'Skull and Bones' is an Encrypted Motif Inference to the Cross, with the Intersection of Jesus' Bones, that were not Broken and forms the ‘Cross’ Motif of the Skull and Bones. The Cross was situated on Mount Calvary, which in Latin means the ‘Place of the Skull’. One is convinced that the Crucifixion Site was just outside the Damascus Gate.

Let My People Go

It was the Crossroads of Jerusalem and the entire World, really. And amazingly, there is a ‘Skull’ Depiction of the Façade on the Side of the Hill, which is actually still Mount Moriah. Skull Façade has not been mostly Destroyed by both the Jews and Muslims in an attempt to literally ‘Deface’ the Imagery that looks like a Skull. Why? It gives Credibility to the Gospel Accounts and the Time and Place that changed Humanity’s Destiny forever. Thus, the Crucifixion Site was between the Skull Façade and the Garden Tomb, all by the way in Phi Ratio of their exact Distances and 2520 Years from Skull Façade to the Garden Tomb. See Antique Photo of the ‘Crucifixion Crossroads’.

Chart: Crucifixion Crossroads


As one can See for those who can and 'Know', the Toppling of the National Christ-Mass Tree, in the USA on November 28, 2023 was a Luciferian Signature due to its Date and 322 Numerical Association and Occult Inference. But it was allowed by YHVH to Message and Broadcast that this Event of the Toppling of the National 'Christ-Mass' Tree was not a 'Natural' Occurring Event, despite ‘Strong Winds’.

Perhaps it is for the very Reason that in fact, it is that unbeknownst to most Americans and the World, the USA had helped Hamas in Preparing for their October 7, 2023 War. This is according to the Military Intel Monkey Werx US received and reported on his YouTube Channel. The U.S. Military had trained the Palestinian Police/Security Units just weeks before and given them Equipment and Arms. And all that Training served to stage the Hamas Attack and Coordination Assault that could not have happened with such Training, one is convinced, Militarily.

Thus, in Metaphorical but Biblical Terms, those ‘Philistines’, in turn were the ones that Attacked Israel and captured the 'Ark' of YHVH’s People. Which are the Prized Possession and Center Article in the Temple or House of YHVH, or in this case, ‘Israel’ And this is despite their ‘Partial Spiritual Blindness’ to Jesus. But that is the exact Spiritual Condition Israel had during the Time of the Judges when the Ark of the Covenant was Captured by the Philistines.

It is as if Hamas went inside the House of YHVH, into the Holy of Holies and dragged-out the Ark of the Covenant in a ‘Golf-Cart’. YHVH, then as now, is not happy when you mess with His Earthly Children of Covenant. It does not matter, in this case of having some 239 Jewish and other Nationality Hostages deal with how the Nation of Israel has 'Mis-Behaved' or have become due to Disobedience and Unfaithfulness.

So, was such a Message to Israel’s ‘Big Brother’ Biden to not Pressure Israel in accepting Cease-Fires that only are giving Hamas Time and an Excuse to Regroup and Recalibrate their Offenses against Israel? But the coming War, the real one of Psalm 83, in one’s Interpretation is what will be used to show Israel, the Muslims of Palestine, Hamas and the World that YHVH is GOD and Sovereign. And that he wants His ‘Ark’, His Prized Possession, which is His People sent back to Israel.

Or else, the Symbols and God of the ‘Palestinians’ and Americans will keep Toppling and Falling.


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