An Accident? A False Flag? A Terrorist Attack?

by Luis B. Vega
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The following will be a Commentary of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. Key is the author that penned the National Anthem called the Star Spangled Banner. On March 26, 2024, at 1:28 a.m. EDT (05:28 UTC), the 1 Mile span of the Francis Scott Key Bridge across the Patapsco River between Baltimore and Dundalk, Maryland. The collapse of the Bridge occurred after the Container Ship, named Dali struck one of its Support Pillars.

One will touch upon what has been reported, known and speculated, as of this Post with a Layer of Biblical Innuendo. One will see why. What was so spectacular is just how fast the Bridge collapsed, like a House of Cards. One hopes the Disaster is not indicative or a Prophetic Euphemism of how Fast and Fragile the Fall of the USA will be. To that end, one will provide a Commentary that will touch upon the Fragility of Current Events and the State of the USA and the World in general.

As many People can attest, the World is coming unhinged and about to ‘Collage’ like such a Bridge. If what the Topics and Typologies are suggesting though, what is coming is just how Fragile the USA has become in many respects. Sure, there is still a lot of Good in the USA, but there is a lot of Bad, and the Bad is exponentially increasing and winning, in one’s Opinion.

Anway, so sad to hear about the People missing and the Terror they must have felt diving into the Water in total Darkness. It reminded one of the San Francisco Earthquake back in 1989, during the Baseball World Series. The Earthquake cracked the San Francisco Bridge and the TV News showed cars plummeting down to the People's Death. Horrible. The following touches upon Back-Up Safety Systems. It has to do with how a U.S. Navy Man responded to the Key’s Bridge Collapsing.

One received this in an Email that one thought was worth noting and sharing. Emphasis added. Not sure if it is making the Rounds Online. One is not a Naval Expert to know the Logistical Differences, but it sounds about right. If any others here are Ex-Navy, perhaps this Assessment presented can be verified. Note that the former U.S. Navy Technician is comparing Naval Vessels with Commercial Ships.

In response to the Ship hitting the Francis Scott Keys Bridge, March 26, 2024.

I respectfully submit the following:

In the Larger Ocean Going Vessels, there is no Mechanical Connection between the Rudder and the Steering Wheel (Helm). The Ship's Rudder and Helm are connected to each other by Symcor/Servo Motors. The Helm Motor is the Master Synchro and the Rudder Motor is the Slave Servo. The Slave Servo mimics whatever the Synchro Motor does.

I served on 2 Ships during my 8 Year Navy Career as an Electronics Tech. First one - USS Dubuque LPD 8, an Amphibious Assault Ship approx. 565 Feet in length. In the Dubuque, there were Triple Redundancies. Each set of Synchro/Servos had their own separate Isolated Electrical Back-Up System with Battery Back-Up. In the event the Ship lost Electrical Power, the Isolated Separate System for the Synchro/Servo would not lose Electrical Power and the Ship would still have the ability to Steer.

If the Primary Synchro/Servo Electrical System went down, it only required the Officer of the Deck to ‘Flip a Switch’ to change over the Redundant System and that was almost instantaneous. Second one was USS Cocopa ATF 101, an ocean-going Tug. In the case of the Cocopa, there was only 1 Back-Up System with Battery Back-Up and it, along with the Main System, had its own Electrical System. It only required the ‘Flip of a Switch’ to do the Change-Over.

These were a real Pain to work on and were always a Priority for Maintenance. I hated to work on them because it was such a Critical Component for the Ship and it was easy to get them screwed-up. Ugh - Nuff said about my Tech Duties for Uncle Sam. Now to the Bridge Incident with the ‘apparent’ Loss of Steering.

My Opinion - Ships do not lose Steering!!! Ships that are carrying Cargoes that are that Expensive, are going to have Back-Up Systems for their Synchro/Servos. Like U.S. Navy Ships - the Synchro/Servos have their own Isolated Electrical Systems so that if the Ship loses Electrical Power, they do not lose Steerage. So, where does this take us?? I think it was a Terrorist Attack for the following Reasons.

1 - It would be a real Fluke to have the Synchro/Servos and their Redundant System, all Go-Out at the same Time.

2 - The Feds were calling this a NON TERRORIST Event, 3 Hours after it happened. How could they know?  They were not even on the Ship till Hours later. 

3 - The Feds never Lie or try to cover any Thing up.

4 - Cloward/Piven Agenda of overloading the System as the way to Destroy our Country. This Incident Kills the Economy of a City by taking-out its Main Traffic Corridor and eliminating any Imports.

5 - I believe there will be more such ‘Accidents’ in the very Near Future.



Who Benefits?
The following are some Perspectives of just how this Bridge Collapse will affect the USA. According to Research, the Port of Baltimore is within the Top 10 Ports of all of the USA. And it is in the Top 5 of those Ports on the East Coast. It is ranked #1 in terms of Vehicle, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, Gypsum, Commodities like Sugar, Salt, and Fertilizer. Evidently, the Port and Harbor is out of Commission until the Wreckage can be cleared. This will take Months if not 1 or 2 Years. This will affect the Price of Food, primarily. It has also been reported that the 2 Drivers, 1 is from India and the other is from the Ukraine.

It is reported that the Cargo Ship, Dali lost Power on 2 occasions but attempted to correct itself. Nonetheless, the Ship hit 1 of the Main Support Columns that suspended the entire 1 Mile long Bridge, etc. It should be noted that back in 2016, the Ship had a minor Collision at the Dock in a Port in Belgium. Luckily, the Bridge was not crowded with Rush-Hour Traffic as it is reported that nearly 20,000 Vehicles crossed the Bridge on a Given Day. At the Time of the Bridge Collapse, the Water Temperature was around 40 Degree Fahrenheit. This next portion will delve into the Conspiratorial. As a Working Framework, one has to ask the following Questions. Was the Event any of the following?

1. Random Accident?
2. Sabotage Attack?
3. Justification for Federal Spending on Ukraine?
4. False Flag to determine a Desired Outcome.

There have been several associations to Predictive Programming being associated with the Key’s Bridge Collage. One of them is based on a Famous Painting by the Spanish Salvador Dali. Consider that this Connection is being made because the Name of the Cargo Ship is ‘Dali’. And? Salvador Dali who, in 1945, painted The Broken Bridge and the Dream set in the 'First Days of Spring'.. Thus, there is a Direct Association with a Ship’s Name and a Collapsed Bridge. Coincidence? Perhaps. But then, the other Piece of Predictive Programming comes from the Theme of Civil War in the USA.

This was insinuated by the Obama Movie called, ‘Leave the World Behind’. And? As noted, the exact Time that the Recording of the Ship, named Dali hit the Support Column on the Key’s Bridge was at 1 Hour and 28 Minutes, Local Time AM. People who have seen the Obama Movie noted that at precisely the 128 Minute Marker, a Cargo Ship named ‘White Lion’ runs-aground on a Beach.  

For example, it was shared on one’s Social Blog Post, at Revelation 12 Daily, that ‘Exactly 128 Days after the Birthday of Francis Scott Key, the Bridge bearing his Name was taken down by being hit by the Freight Cargo Ship, Dali. This event also transpired 128 days after Joe Biden's Birthday. Others note that the Ship lost Power and that is indicative of the Predictive Programming, that the Power Grid of the USA will ‘Go Down’ at some point. This Event has been seen by many People having Dreams and Vision and even in the Movies, etc. Other People, like Lara Logan believe it was Sabotage.

Possible Outcomes

On Lara Logan’s X Post, she basically surmises the following. She makes inferences to a National Divide, Civil War, Conspiracy of Federal Agencies knowing about this beforehand, etc. From purely a Political Science Perspective and Assessment, and knowing what is coming, the Reset, one wholeheartedly agrees with her Statements. Emphasis added with Capitalization.

Multiple Intel Sources: Baltimore Bridge Collapse was an ‘Absolutely Brilliant Strategic Attack’ on US Critical Infrastructure - most likely Cyber - and our Intel Agencies know it. In Information Warfare Terms, they just divided the US along the Mason Dixon Line exactly like the Civil War. 2nd Busiest Strategic Roadway in the Nation for Hazardous Material now down for 4-5 Years - which is how long they say it will take to recover.

Bridge was built specifically to move Hazardous Material - Fuel, Diesel, Propane Gas, Nitrogen, Highly Flammable Materials, Chemicals and Oversized Cargo that cannot fit in the Tunnels - that Supply Chain now crippled. Make no Mistake: this was an Extraordinary Attack in terms of Planning, Timing and Execution. The 2 Critical Components on that Bridge are the 2 Load-Bearing Pylons on each END, closest to the SHORE. They are bigger, thicker and deeper than anything else.

These are the Anchor Points, and they knew that hitting either one of them would be a Fatal Wound to the Integrity of the Bridge. Half a Mile of Bridge went in the River - likely you will have to build a new one. Also caused so much Damage to the Structural Integrity of the Bottom Concrete Part that you cannot see and will not know until they take the Wreckage apart. Structural Destruction likely Absolute. Attack perfectly Targeted. “They have figured out how to bring us Down. As long as you stay away from the Teeth of the US Military, you can pick the US apart. We are Arrogant and Ignorant - Lethal Combination.

Obama said they would ‘Fundamentally Change America’ and they did. We are in a Free-Fall Ride on a Roller Coaster right now - No Brakes - just picking up Speed. The Footage shows the Cargo Ship never got in the Approach Lane in the Channel. You have to be in the Channel before you get into that Turn. Location was Precise/Deliberate: Chose a Bend in the River where you have to slow down and commit yourself - once you are committed in that area there is not enough room to maneuver. Should have had a Harbor Pilot to pilot the Boat. You are not supposed to traverse any Obstacles without the Harbor Pilot.

They chose a Full Moon so they would have Maximum Tidal Shift - rise and fall. Brisk Flow in that River on a Normal Day and have had a lot of Rain recently, so Water was already moving along at a good pace. Hit it with enough Kinetic Energy to knock the Load-Bearing Pylon out from under the Highway - which fatally weakens the Span and then 50 percent of the bridge fell into the Water. All these Factors when you look at it - this is how you teach People how to do this Type of Attack and there are so few People left in the System who know this.

We have a Junior Varsity Team on the Field. Tremendous Navigational Obstruction. Huge Logistical Nightmare to clean this up. Number of Dead is tragic, but not the whole Measure of the Attack. That Kind-of Bridge is constantly under Repair - always at Night because there is so much traffic and they cannot obstruct that during the Day. So concern is for Repair Guys who were on Foot (out of their Vehicles) working who may now be in the Water - 48 Degrees at most at this Time of Year.

When you choke-off Baltimore, you have cut the main North-South Hazardous Corridor (I-95) in half. Now has to go around the City - or go somewhere else. To move some of that Cargo through the Tunnels, you may be able to get a Permit but those are slow to get and require an Escort System that is expensive and has to be done at Night. For every $100 Dollars that goes into the City, $12 comes from Shipping. Believe this will cripple the City of Baltimore at a time when they do not have the Resources to recover.


What stuck-out in particular was how keen she was about the Event happening on a Full Moon. In fact, according to the Torah Calendar, that is the ‘Real Passover’ Date. But also consider that in the Rabbinical Calendar, it was just as the Minor Jewish Feast of Purim had ended. In 2024 Purim begin Saturday night, March 23 and continued through Sunday, March 24, extending through Monday in Jerusalem. And? It so happened to also be a ‘Blood Moon’, although Penumbral and not easily discerned by Direct Observation. Nonetheless, ominous in how it is covered. Or was it mere Coincidence also?

The Feast of Purim commemorates the attempted Genocide of the Jews living in the Empire of Persia, Modern Iran. The Plot was discovered by the Jewish Queen, named Esther. Thanks to her Uncle, Mordecai, they were to perish unless she acted on behalf of the Jews. She did at great Personal Risk and had the King decree that the Jews could defend themselves on the Day of Casting Lots. And that is where the Name Purim comes from. On that Day, the Jews took Revenge on their Enemies and Killed them and plundered their Wealth. Then Haman and his 10 Sons were hung on the Gallows that he had built specifically for Mordecai and the Jews, to have exterminated them.

However, in Modernity, the Feast of Purim has degenerated into an Excuse to have the Jews treat it as a ‘Halloween Costume’ Event and get Drunk. Note that the Attack occurred on the Conclusion of Purim, on a Blood Moon as the USA had obtained from blocking or Vetoing the U.N. Resolution to impose a Cease-Fire in Gaza on Israel. Many End Times Students of Prophecy are noting that this could have been a Retaliation by the Synagogue of Satan for the USA not standing with Israel in its Hamas War in Gaza.

So, that is how the Collapse of the Key’s Bridge is seen as possibly Prophetic then. Is this Israel Connection another mere Coincidence? Or that of the Blood Moon that went on2 Weeks before the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024? Which happened to be on the Jewish New Year of Nisan 1? And? Such a Blood Moon is a prelude to the Grand Event yet to come upon the USA. The moon took 4 Hours and 40 Minutes (44) to glide across the pale Outer Fringe (Penumbra) of the Earth's Shadow, but never reached the Shadow's Dark Umbra.

Note that March's Final Full Moon before the Total Solar Eclipse in April is called the ‘Worm Moon’. Why is it called that? According to the Old Farmer's Almanac. ‘Roots start to push their way up through the Soil, and the Earth experiences a Re-Birth as it awakens from its Winter Slumber’. At this Time of the Year, the Native Americans observed the following. ‘The Ground begins to soften enough for Earthworms to reappear, inviting Robins and other birds to feed – a True Sign of Spring’.

It is about a ‘Port-al’ and a ‘Key’

The Almanac also said that another Explanation for the Worm Moon Name refers to a different sort of Worm, the Beetle Larvae; which begin to emerge from the thawing Bark of Trees and other Winter Hideouts at this Time of the Year. As one can sense or perhaps perceive, the Event, associated with Celestial Significance, Jewish Feast of Purim and Conspiratorial Innuendos speak of a Reset, a Rebirth that Spring designates in terms of Time.

And one would venture to say that the USA is about to ‘Die’ to allow the New World Order to be ‘Re-Born’ on the ‘Other Side’ or Time. And in the aspect of Luciferian Predictive Programming, the Powers-that-Be are broadcasting that Notion through a Synchronization utilizing Celestial and Kabbalistic Inferences pegged to Real Time with Real Events, in one’s Assessment.

The following Section is one’s Inference of the Key’s Bridge Collapse with the Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory, in the Context of possible Predictive Programming going on. How so? One will speculate a possible Rapture Event Correlation going on with the main Tenets of the Theory. It is mainly that the Acts 2 Event, when the Holy Spirit came down to Indwell the Followers of Jesus, was the True Pentecost and occurred on the Feast of New Wine.

This Place and Time, based on an April 14, 32 AD Crucifixion Day, calculates to that having occurred on a July 23. One has ‘Triangulated’ that Date to be on the Astrological Leo New Year and at the ‘Mythical’ Lion’s Gate. Thus, one’s Leo New Year Rapture Theory, is that the July 23 (723) Date could be then when the Church Age is to conclude, as it began. That is the Theory. For more Information about this Theory, see the following Article about how one compiled an entire Book about it.

End of the Church Age Commission​

Now, as to the Year? Based on one same 32 AD Crucifixion Year Supposition, that would be 2024. How so? One would be using the 1 Year = 1000 Year Prophetic Equivalency to then add the Year Factor from 32 AD. The resulting Year would be 2032.If one then subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period, that would mean that in the Fall of 2025 would be when the Tribulation Period would start or should start.

Of course, this is all Speculative. The Point is that one would presume the Rapture Year would be prior, based on a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. Thus, 2024 could see the Rapture Event occur, and that on the Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate, etc. This is just for Context to then associate the Motif of the Key’s Bridge Collapse in the following manner to this Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Theory.  It also has to do with a ‘Key’. And this based on the Promise given to the Church of Philadelphia by a Risen Jesus. Jesus stated that He has the Key of David and has seen before that Type of Church, an Open Port-al, or Door of Escape, etc.

Predictive Programming?

The 1st Linkage has to do with the Day Count from the Bride Collapse to the July 23 (723) Date for 2024. Notice that as the 119 is the Reversal of 911, so is the 327 Number Factor a Reversal of 723. Coincidence? Perhaps. But one clearly sees here a ‘911’ Innuendo of a False Flag Attack upon the USA. If indeed the Key’s Bridge was a Deliberate Attack, it would make sense.

March 26, 2024 to July 23, 2024 (723)
= 119 Days (911)
= 3 Months, 27 Days Excluding The End Date. (327)

Then the following are Correlations to the Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory. Consider that the Harbor leading up to the Port or ‘Port-al’ of Baltimore is as a Door or Gate. The Bridge derives its Name from Francis Scott Key, who penned the Star-Spangled Banner that became the National Anthem of the USA, etc. As noted, Astrologically it is on a July 23 that the Leo New Year occurs, and the Lion’s Gate opens. And the Pleiades-Orion-Sirius ‘Chi-Rho’ Key aligns with the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is the Pathway to Heaven, the ‘Combination’ needed as the Ancient Egyptians considered that Time and Place the Transformation and Transition of the Body.

It is when the Mortal Bodies became Immortal as they were led through the Lion’s Gate to ‘Ascend to the Stars’, etc. One is just making the Metaphorical Correlation, that as the ‘Key’ Bridge collapsed, that signified the ’Opening’ of the Harbor Port or Door. Ironically, it will be Opened for the Followers of Jesus, but has Closed for the City of Baltimore. In this Metaphor, Baltimore resents the World and its dire Conditions. It will negatively affect its Economy and Well-Being. That will be the reality after the Rapture Event for the entire World.

Here is one’s attempt at Triangulating 3 main Data Points to the Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory. It is contingent upon the Summer Wheat Harvest that turns White is completed by July 23 of a given Year, etc. Notice that the Cargo Ship in the Obama Movie was named ‘White Lion’. The Port of Baltimore comes from the Notion of a Door. The Name of the Bridge was known as ‘Keys’. In the Obama Movie, it appeared the Cargo Ship was ‘aiming’ for the Nuclear Family, American that used to symbolize the ‘Pillar’ of Society and Civilization. You had a Father, Male. There was the Wife, a Female, and the ideal Son, a Male and a Daughter, an Ideal Family unit, etc. The Son realized something was amiss with the Cargo Ship and alerted the Family.

However, only after the Cargo Ship, obviously not relenting or changing course did the Family move away from the Direct Path of Impact, as the Family was as a ‘Support Column’, if you will. One sees a Predictive Programming going on here, if one attempts to Connect the Dots. Coincidence? Perhaps, but the 3 Main Motif that constitute the Leo New Year, a Key, a Portal are canny, in one’s Opinion. And that the Key’s Bridge Collapse, perhaps is tied to the Rapture Event. As noted, being exactly 119 Days from the End of the White Wheat Harvest in July 23, which is the Leo or Lion New Year. And that the ‘Key’ and the Port, as in Door or Lion’s Gate has been ‘Activated’. Perhaps.

One is only pointing-out that based on the Day Count, it correlates to the actual Astrological Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate. All that remains is the Key to complete the ‘Combination’. But it is also on this Day, as mentioned that the Lion’s Gate is opened by the Celestial Key of the combinations of the Pleiades-Orion-Sirius Constellation. That is what makes the Chi-Rho Motif that the Vatican uses, for example. Thus, one is considering the July 23 (723) Place and Time, always the Highest Watch Time in any given Year.

Will it occur as the Predictive Programming is implying or one is Interpretant it as? As one often states, ‘Time will Always Tell the Truth’. So, one is only suggesting that the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse could have been a Predictive Programming Ploy. Was it to alert of the coming ‘Opening’ of the ‘Door’ with the ‘Key’ that will activate the Port or Portal Opening? And True to the Rapture Theme and Promise, it is about the 3rd Stage of the Salvation that has to do with the Glorification and Transformation of the Body. Did not YHVH promise the Prophet Daniel, that those who turned many to Righteousness would ‘Shine like the Stars in Heaven?’ 

‘And many who Sleep in the Dust of the Earth will Awake, some to Everlasting Life, but others to Shame and Everlasting Contempt. Then the Wise will Shine like the Brightness of the Heavens, and those who lead Many to Righteousness will Shine like the Stars forever and ever. But you, Daniel, shut-up these Words and Seal the Book until the Time of the End. Many will Roam to-and-from, and Knowledge will increase’. -Daniel 12-2-4



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