Red Dragon of the Revelation

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Nemesis 2nd Sun system?
  • Are the fly-bys of Nibiru time pieces of when the Ages come and go?
  • Is the cataclysms of the book of Revelation the result of Planet X?

by Luis B. Vega

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From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200Leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the Signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.’-1 Chronicles 12:32

The purpose of this study is to analyze several of the Bible Codes as they pertain to the Planet X phenomenon. This study suggests that such a phenomenon is a sequel and subsequent appearance as a ‘sign’ related to the Revelation 12 Great Sign of Virgo. This Bible Codes do appear to correlate to the possible association of the Revelation 12 Red Dragon as being astronomically, the appearance of Planet X and its effects thereafter. The main terms used will be Nibiru, Star, Destroyer, etc. The following matrices will present the Bible Codes that have been annotated from the studies of code searcher Jonathan Matthew Wright over the years.

This study suggests the matrices found by him appear to be Biblically reliable and valid and thus could present prophetic urgency for the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel to evaluate. The true test of the Bible Codes as being prophecy is that the Bible Codes should lead a reader to Jesus Christ; to a greater and deeper appreciation of the Living Word. As the codesearcher rightly describes, YHVH has placed every letter of the Bible in a particular location that corresponds to a number and symbol. What the modern computer has allowed this Last Generation to do is to accurately examine the Bible in patterns based on equal letter distance sequences in a matter of seconds. This epitomizes the prophetic condition of the Last Days of how knowledge, travel and information in this context would increase.

It is also the case that the author’s own research into prophetic timelines based on the celestial codes pertaining to astronomical patterns, appear to be validating the Bible Codes and vice versa. The Planet X Bible Codes suggests that the year 5777-78, that is 2017-18, will be the culmination of several prophetic time lines converging and synchronizing simultaneously These prophetic converging events include the Year of Jubilee, and then perhaps the Rapture, the Sudden Destruction, i.e., World War III, the economic collapse and the emergence of the New World Order along with its AntiChrist and the rebuilt 3rd Temple. These are a lot of prophecies yet to occur and will need to occur in the not too distant prophetic future, nonetheless. Perhaps it will be the case that during one or several of YHVH’s appointed times or Feasts, such events could be directly tied to the dates that that may be being ushered by such celestial signs as the Great Sign of Virgo and the Red Dragon typology.

Circumstantial Evidence
This study identifies 10 Bible Code matrices that appear unique as each particular code matrix is indeed a ‘modern day Ephod' as they are presented. However, they are not to be predictors of events, but there is divine revelation to be considered and some will inevitably be predictive in composition. According to the code searcher the Bible Codes are possibly another witness to the authenticity of the Word of YHVH in these Last Days. These Planet X Bible Codes are presented for one’s own study, reference, discernment, and consideration. For an explanation and study of each of the chart matrix tables, visit the code searcher’s YouTube channel, ‘Codesearcher dotnet’.

The statements and explanation presented by Wright on video are not necessarily the views and opinions of the writer, but most are agreeable in principle. The annotated Planet X Bible Code charts have been published with the permission of its author. The work of code searcher Jonathan Matthew Wright has produced over hundreds of Bible code that have been annotated by way of charts for study and illustration. These Planet X Bible Code matrices can be downloaded for free at a better resolution and in PDF format. These annotated charts can be found achieved at the following website address. The website was created to catalog the Bible Code charts from the YouTube video series. No other websites on the planet has as many Biblically inspired code matrices made available for free downloading than this site has in these Last Days.


The webpage also has other resources such as eschatological studies, charts and posters. To reiterate, this series of annotated Bible Code charts pertaining to Planet X and presented in this study consist of 10matrices that are transcribed from the study and teaching of Jonathan Matthew Wright. The Bible Codes presented in this study span several years that correlate to the start of the code searcher’s online video publications. The synopsis of each chart will try to capture the core teaching and the explanation will be presented in paraphrase format. The synopsis of the matrices will attempt to convey the thoughts and rationale behind the tables as much as it has been understood as the wording is taken from the YouTube channel video series.

The ELS or terms of any one given code chart are not all inclusive and not all the thoughts contained in the on-line studies will be detailed. The Axis Term and Row Skip width will be capitalized for emphasis. In each of the written summaries, the terms or ELS words and/or phrases found in the matrix tables will be italicized for distinction. The Row Skip as well the Axis Term will also be notes for location reference in the written summaries. The computer program used for searching the Planet X Bible Codes is TorahSoft. The following are the explanation of the Planet X Bible Code matrices with annotated descriptions in English translated from the Hebrew code matrix tables. The Bible Code charts are listed in numerical order for easier reference. As noted, not all the terms mentioned in the online video study series will be noted on the code tables. In some cases, the numbers 1-10 will be not be spelled out but noted numerically for emphasis.


1. The Destroyer Comes I
Width: 11800 Center: 423351
The Axis Term is Destroyer is Coming.
This term in the matrix is another name for the Red Dragon mentioned in the book of Revelation. The term is vertical with some cross terms that intersects it. One term is Abaddon, which is associated with being the ‘King of the Abyss’ or Apollyon, otherwise known as Apollo. The other intersecting term with the Destroyer is Coming is The Fallen. This speaks that in the Days of Noah just before the return of Jesus, the Fallen Angels would be active as they were then. The word Nibiru is identified.

Other terms in the matrix includes Dragon, War, 2016, Judgment and The Gathering. This term of The Gathering is a harvest word that can be used for the Rapture, for example. A unique term is also found, The Hidden that could speak of those raptured and found in Heaven’s ‘Chamber’ that is spoken by Isaiah in the Old Testament. The other unique word association has to do with the terms, The Beast that also touches on the Axis Term and with Wormwood. If one reads the book of Revelation, it will be self-evident that such terms suggest whom the players will be that could possible confirm the coming of the Destroyer, Red Dragon to execute judgment upon an unrepentant world. The question remains, will this agent by the fabled 2nd Sun Nemesis system?

2. The Destroyer is Coming II
Width: 11800 Center: 423351
Destroyer is Coming. The Axis Term is also same.
This is the same matrix as number 1 but with an expanded terminology of word associated with the Axis Term. The terms that are brought out in this expanded version are the following: The Virgin, Marduk, Wandering, Leviathan, and Comet. What this matrix brings out is a further strengthening of the terms that attest to the Revelation 12 Red Dragon being possibly Planet X as the term, The Virgin, Dragon and Wandering speak of the irregular elliptical circuit that the Nemesis 2ndSun apparently has. Some speculate that it has its orbit much like that of a ‘comet’, thus the term.

3. Confirmation of Nibiru
Width: 39 Center: 229669
The Axis Term is plainly Nibiru.
It is a rather small skip and concise matrix with few terms but very poignant. Only 1 term crosses the main axis that is seen as significant, End of Days. What is also unique is that a parallel term that runs also vertical to the main Axis Term is A Warning. The other main terms are Is Seen, Star, the Son of Jesse and Wormwood. This matrix speaks to the terms found also in the book of Revelation of how one of the 2 main asteroids that will hit the Earth will be called ‘Wormwood’. The whole book of Revelation is a warning that the coming Destroyer or the Red Dragon2ndSun that is also referred to by many other names such as the Black Sun, the Dark Star, etc., will be seen eventually by all of Humanity from Earth in the End of Days.

4. A Star that Falls -Nibiru
Width: 50 Center: 247091
The Axis Term is A Star that Falls.
It is insinuating Nibiru’s effects due to its debris trails that the Earth will pass twice as the 2ndSun system Nemesis will leave on its way in and out of the Solar System. In this matrix, the Axis Term is at a slant but has several cross terms that are telling. One term is The Stars, the others are Nibiru, and In the Heavens. The other main term is The Pit that has with its clustering the terms, Raphaim and Shedim as in ‘demons’. Will such a scenario account for the association that is also seen and spoken about in the book of Revelation where it describes how legions of demons will break through the dimensions to create havoc on the Earth and its inhabitants as instruments of the Wrath of the Lamb. The secondary terms themselves have terms that cross them.

For example, in the case of In The Heavens, the term, A Sign occurs 3 times. In the term for Nibiru, the words The Blast, Heaven, Satan, and Lucifer are all interconnected. This perhaps speaks how in the book of Revelation the asteroids that will come will produce a cataclysmic blast from the Heavens and no doubt such signs will be in conjunctions with the lying wonders of Lucifer, which is Satan, etc. No doubt such events are clearly ‘signs’ that Jesus warned would occur and to look for. The other terms in the matrix that are significant are as follows; Angel, Day of Sabbath, Judgment, The Beast, Days of Noah, etc. The last secondary cluster of terms has to do with To Warn or Shout. In this term, a cluster of words speak to the effects of Wormwood. The terms that touch on the word To Warn are In the World, Wormwood, and Will Fall.

5. Star Nibiru
Width: 27518 Center: 399531
The Axis Term is Star Nibiru.
It is a vertical alignment with about 4 cross terms that intersect it. Whenever such terms cross each other, it signifies a stronger emphases and connection that adds to the meaning. These terms in turn construct a possible ‘picture’ of what the matrix is possibly divulging. One of the terms that intersects the Star Nibiru is Wormwood. The other term is Blood Moons. Other terms are Venus, Prophets, April, Concealed and Comet. With such rich terminology, it can be suggesting that in fact the speculation that the Nemesis2ndSun is ‘concealed’ is because as a Giant Red Dwarf, it is absorbing light and not emitting it. Thus, this is why it takes an infrared telescope to see it as the term Hidden is noted. There are other planets that are noted, Jupiter and Saturn. It is Jupiter that plays a central role in the Revelation 12 Sign in Virgo and perhaps elsewhere.

Other terms that are in the matrix that are significant are 7 Days that could be alluding to the 7-year Tribulation period perhaps that will see such amazing ‘signs’ in the Heavens. Also, there is the term, Mountain of Astonishment and 2 Witnesses. Perhaps the timeline is being associated that when such calamities are befalling Earth, it will be during the time the 2 Witnesses are ministering in Jerusalem for those 1260 days, thus the term, To the Children of Israel. Many believe that the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign is for Israel although it has echoes and a definition of the same word used to describe the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The main argument of this study supposes that if the heavenly bodies, such as the planets are the elements that give the constellation its ‘sign’ significance, the motifs are thus correlated to a heavenly body. Thus, so too should the Red Dragon be, ergo, Planet X.

6. Nibiru Destroyer I
Width: 2202 Center: 1116965
The Axis Term is Nibiru.
The main term that is vertical is accompanied by 2 other vertical terms, Fire and Star Shade. It is peculiar but there are 2 other terms that dissect it, 20 Years and Black. This code matrix is a bit more challenging to ascertain its meaning. Perhaps the term 20 Years has to do with how many years NASA, a term also found in the matrix has known about Planet X but has covered it up. Near the cluster is the term Death that could suggest that the effects of Nibiru will no doubt cause black fire and a possible eclipse that is alluded to by the ‘shade’ made by the ‘star’. It is believed by some that have created models of this Planet X flyby that at some point a total eclipse will be occurring that will blackout the light of the sun for several days even. Next to the cluster around the Axis Term is The Fallen.

Such will have a hand in orchestrating this series of calamities. Other terms in the matrix are Wormwood, Concealed, The Star, The Dragon, Hidden, NASA and Unknown Things. Evidently, the events of the coming Destroyer will be so profound, many will not know what to make of it. As it can be seen in the various Planet X matrices, there are recurring patterns of the same terminology that is consistent with the attributes of a 2ndSun Nemesis star system that is coming. The circumstantial evidence of what has been happening to the Earth’s ecological systems attests to the fact that ‘things are not normal’. There is a massive upswing since 2010 in earthquakes, solar flares, mass animal die-offs, adverse weather patterns, increase in active volcanoes, the creeping of the Magnetic North Pole and more. Not only is the Earth being affected but it has been observed and recorded that the Gas Planets are heating up and storms are being formed that have never been perpetuated.

7. Nibiru Destroyer II
Width: 2021 Center: 1022589
The Axis Term is The Star Nibiru.
This matrix is very simple and only has 4 terms to consider. The main vertical Axis Term is accompanied by a parallel term, The Blood. There is also Wormwood and Abaddon. Such an association suggests that here will be a lot of bloodshed once the Pit where Abaddon is opened where he and his minions have been chained-up for such a place and hour as the Tribulation period. It might very well also coincide with the 2ndasteroid that will hit the Earth and perhaps that is what will help to cause the Bottomless Pit to open up its sealed dimensions that have kept such demonic forces at bay and incarcerated for such as time as foretold by the book of Enoch. It is recorded in the accounts of Enoch that in the Last Generation, the same rebellious Fallen Angels that descended on Mt. Hermon will be released.

These are said to be the ‘Titans’ or Satans that been reserved in darkness to fulfill a destiny of judgment upon Humanity. As the motif of the Red Dragon with 7 heads is revealed eventually, the argument of this study suggests that the Seal Judgments amounts to the effects of having such a 2ndSun Nemesis star system flyby the inner Solar System. Not only does the motif metaphorically have layers of prophecy to suggest that the Red Dragon certainly represents Lucifer’s dominion and work on Earth but that it has to also astronomically correlate to heavenly bodies as does the other half of the revealed typology depicted in the story line of the book of Revelation.

8. Nibiru –Destroyer III
Width: 50 Center: 247091
The Axis Term is also just Nibiru.
It is at a skip of 50 in this case, but some rather unique terms associated with it. There are 2 terms are near and one intersects the main vertical term, that being Son of Joseph. It is interesting to interpolate the notion that during the cataclysmic effects of the coming of Nibiru, the supposition is that it will coincide with the Wrath of the Lamb and in fact, it is what will be used to administer the Seal Judgments upon the Earth and its last wicked generation. The term Sons of Joseph has a connotation that indeed, the last week of Daniel’s prophetic countdown will see Israel or the ‘Sons of Joseph’ go through the ‘Time of Trouble’. In this particular matrix, the term Meteor is found intersecting The Word of YHVH and touching up against the Sons of Joseph. It is understood that there will be 2 asteroids that will hit Earth during the 7-year Tribulation period.

One will correspond as the Earth goes through the debris field of either the actual Nemesis2ndSun or of the path of its Planet X satellite. This 1stone will hit the water. This is described in the book of Revelation as a ‘Mountain of Fire’ that will destroy life in the oceans, etc. Thus, the term Fire from Mashiach is noted on the matrix as it is Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that has been found worthy to break the Seal Judgments and execute justice on Earth. The 2ndasteroid, that which is called specifically Wormwood will hit the land and turn the waters to make them poisonous due to its metal content. This 2ndone will come as a result of Earth passing the tail of the Destroyer or the Red Dragon Planet X as it rotates around the path in about a 5-month subsequent time frame. It should be noted that the actual body or system is referred to as Nemesis. This is the binary 2ndSun and it is alleged to have 7 planets or satellites. Out of those 7 bodies, 1 is the infamous Planet X that is often named Nibiru.

9. Fire and Fear –Nibiru
Width: 815Center: 239471
The Axis Term is Fire and Fear.
This matrix is full of terms that can provide some clues as to the nature of what is coming by way of the 2ndSun Nemesis star system. The Axis Term on this matrix is at an angle and several other terms cross it. Such terms are Soul connected with Gog, America as Nibiru is connected with Death. There is also the terms Judgement of Elohim, Redemption connecting with Yeshua, A Star is connecting with End of Days and the USA. The Axis Term is also ‘capped’ by several other terms, In The Panic, America and Wormwood.

There are also several dates starting with 2015, 2016, until 2017, and2018. Perhaps this is the timespan that Nibiru started to ramp up its trajectory to make its debut in 2018. There is also an anomaly of 27 times that the term Families appears in the matrix. No doubt if and when, according to the book of Revelation, such calamities will be occurring on Earth as the Wrath of the Lamb, there will be mass panic and fear. Many believe that the advent of such a Planet X or Nemesis star system will start or correspond with the beginning of the Tribulation period.

10. Revelation 12 -The Gathering
Width: 50Center: 301721
The Axis Term is Star Nibiru.
This particular matrix has not only the central theme of the coming of Nibiru, the Red Dragon of Revelation 12 but the constructs of the possible ‘gathering’ to occur in terms of a possible ‘rapture’ associated with the motifs of the Revelation Great Sign of chapter 12. The main Axis Term is vertical and has only 1 intersection with a term, that of the Days of Distress. There are other intersections that are just as interesting to consider. There is Nibiru occurring twice that intersects5777 which is 2017. Will this be the year that Nibiru is to debut at some point? Many are suggesting that the Red Dragon of the Great Sign of Revelation 12 also has to have its astronomical equivalency.

Technically, the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign occurs on the 3rdday of the new Jewish year of 5778. The constellation of Virgo by itself is ‘sign-less’ aside from the names of each of its 12 stars that are prophetic and tell of the redemptive story of the coming of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus. It is the heavenly bodies as in the planets that make it have a ‘Sign’ as the place and time become significant. In this case, September 23, 2017, just after Rosh HaShanah that the alignments appear to depict the motifs spoken and described by the Apostle John as he is being shown the Great Sign in Heaven.

Thus, likewise, the Red Dragon that occurs before the ‘rapture’ of the Man Child also has to have its celestial bodies come into play. Other terms associated with the matrix are United States, The Warning, Comet, Star, Judgment, The Virgin and MOSSAD as in a foundation or ‘Rod of Judgment’, etc. This study highly suggests that the 7-headed Red Dragon will be the 7-planet Nemesis2ndSun star system. If it is to be made visible in some way for all to see on Earth without a doubt on late September of 2017, that remains to be seen but the Destroyer is coming according to the Bible Codes.

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