I-Ching End of Time Sequences

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Mayan end of calendar?
  • What are the origins of such a numerical sequence of events?
  • Is there a typology of when the 'Age' is to conclude?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to highlight several key and unique properties of the Time-Wave Zero Theory. The theory purports that the patterns of all of Humanity’s history is encoded in the I-Ching. All events since Humanity started to record history correlates to trends or dates called ’Novelty.’ In turn, the Novelty appears to assert a downward ‘countdown’ to major historical events such as calamities and disasters and perhaps the end of Time itself. This Time-Wave Zero Theory culminated at the infamous Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012. The Web-Bot is another system that seeks to ascertain such future trends. The Web-Bot uses the collective ‘consciousness’ of the internet to anticipate stress or pressure points related to search topics. These stress-point or trends in time are described as ‘Release Language’ which is negative (-) or ’Tension’ which is positive (+). At the flashpoint of these occurrence, a major global event is thus projected to occur; either positive or negative.

These theories with their applications are nonetheless possibly also associated with the certain anticipated prophetic events. Both the Time-Wave theory and the Web-Bot converged on the same date of the end of the Mayan long-count. It was to have been a ‘countdown’ to the culminating passage of the Solar System through the Galactic Core that would have signaled the ‘End of the Age’ on December 21, 2012. This analysis and illustration will attempt to correlate several dates and events that are known facts to see if there is any reference to the sequence to test the validity of the Novelty Theory in particular. The timeline presented in this study will feature the timespan from May to December of 2012. The Jewish Feasts, starting with Pentecost will be incorporated onto the timeline. Lastly the remaining celestial eclipses of 2012 will also be plotted out to see, if indeed the I-Ching numerical sequence has any prophetic correlation.

Based on the analysis of the data presented, it appears that the Time-Wave Zero Theory is valid, to a degree. The word 'Ching' means scroll or a book. The word 'I' is attributed to calamity and disaster. So, from the inception, it is a sort of ‘Oracle of Doom’. The I-Ching is one of the oldest Chinese text ever discovered perhaps going as far back as 2500 BC. It is a system of foretelling comparable to geometria of the West. The I-Ching pronounces statements, oracles or ‘omens’ represented by 64 sets of 6 lines each called ‘Hexagrams’. It uses combinations of the Hexagrams that are thought to record ‘all’ of human history as a numerical code. Each Hexagram is a figure composed of 6 stacked horizontal lines. Each line is either Yang, a solid line or Yin, a broken line with a gap in the center. The Yang represents the Male Creative Principle; the Yin represents the Female Receptive Principle. This coded numerical system initially is said to have been used for cosmic calculations.

Novelty Theory
The principle assertion is that the ‘future’ has already been encoded in numbers and that all major human events can be extrapolated from such numerical factors. Over the centuries, it has degraded to the level of common use for divination –as in horoscopes.  As an example of its influence, the flag of South Korea contains the Taiji symbol, or Tàijítú. It is the Yin and Yang in dynamic balance, called Taegeuk in Korean. It represents the ‘origin’ of all things in the Universe.

Terence K. McKenna came up with a Time-Wave Zero Theory that took the I-Ching sequences and configured it as a numerological logarithm formula. He purported that the I-Ching could thus calculate mathematically, the ebb and flow of human history or ‘Novelty.’ This extrapolation in turn could be plotted out on a graph systematically to see if it had patterns. He defined Novelty as ‘the increase over time in the Universe's inter-connectedness or organized complexity’. McKenna expressed this notion of Novelty in a computer software program which produces a waveform which he named Time-Wave Zero.

Based on McKenna's interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching, the graph appears to show great periods of Novelty corresponding with major shifts in Humanity's biological and socio-cultural evolution. He believed that the events of any given time are recursively related to the events of other times. For his calibration of the Novelty in reference to the time-chart or the ‘Time-Wave Zero’ graph, he chose the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as the basis for calculating Humanity’s history past, present and future. Some critics of McKenna's work assert that his theory is no better than a self-fulfilling prophecy of inevitable probability.

According to McKenna, the Universe has a ‘Teleological Attractor‘. It is the concept that at the end of time the inter-connectedness of Humanity increases. Eventually this Attractor reaches a singularity point in time which he calls the Infinite Complexity. According to the software program, this ‘Point of Singularity’ like the I-Ching occurred on December 21, 2012.  At this point in time, in the I-Ching was said to have been where ‘anything and everything imaginable will occur simultaneously’. This is there the study crosses over to the esoteric because it so happens that there is no more Novelty beyond the end date of December 21, 2012 according to the software models. Moreover, McKenna’s research and work that led to this interesting theory of Time took him to seek out various uninhibited psychedelic experiment which are not recommended nor condoned.

It was through such experiments with mind and body altering drugs that led him to be in ‘contact’ with what he called the ‘Logos’ at one point. As he described it, it was the informative and spiritual voice that he believed was the universal ‘religious principle’ that prompted him to explore the I-Ching system and later on led him to the Novelty Theory. Although his research and work took him to esoteric and New Age realms forbidden by the Bible teachings, there can be at least, a mathematical appreciation for entertaining the notion that Human history does come in reliable and systematical patterns.

The Web-Bot refers to an Internet Bot software program that is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking the collective keywords searches entered on the entire Internet. It was originally developed to predict Stock Market trends in the late 1990s. The creators of the Web-Bot Project keep the technology updated along with its algorithms. The yearly predictions are sold via the website. In 2012, the following predictions were made. One supposed predicting will be that a 2nd Depression world-wide and, in the USA, would have occurred. That there would have been a massive devaluation of the U.S. currency along with hyperinflation. This combination alone would have in turn triggered mass layoffs, bankruptcies, and the popping of the fraudulent derivatives bubble. The Web-Bot had gained interest because of its purported 2012 dooms-day scenario. Moreover, it was also predicted that a cataclysm would have devastated the planet on December 21, 2012.

This catastrophe may have included a reversing of Earth's magnetic poles or a small series of nuclear attacks leading up to World War 3. The predictions do not call for a complete end of the world or Time as the Time-Wave Theory suggests although a data gap had been found to extend 2012. One explanation for this ‘Gap’ was that the planet gets hit by a massive Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP) brought about by devastating solar flare activity that knocks out world power grids. Also, a new form of ‘capitalism’ is said to emerge around 2017–2020 because of the chaos ensued. Critics of the Bot state that according to the predictions the future is always bleak and getting worse. Others state that the Bot’s predictions are very vague, written in language that is difficult to understand to the point of becoming irrelevant. The following are some observations.

1. It appears that the remaining Eclipses of 2012 correlated to ‘Dips’ in the graph or as a negative ‘Release Language’. A negative aspect.
2. It appears that the remaining Jewish Feast from Pentecost also correlated to a ‘Spike’ with ‘Tension Language’. A positive aspect.
3. It appears that the remaining Equinoxes/Solstices of 2012 correlated to ‘Dips’ in the graph or as a negative ‘Release Language’. A negative aspect.

Not to add to the sensationalism regarding December 21, 2012, but there are several Biblical correlations to these 2 systems presented. Those that subscribe to the literal interpretation of the Bible realize that 2012, as a date, came and went much like Y2K in 2000. On the other hand, the Biblical prophecies of the coming events mirror these 2 systems to a certain degree. The Bible, for example does speak of the world or Humanity in general is getting worse by the day and not better according to the Apostles Paul and Peter in their writings. They describe a world in the Last Days just before the Return of Jesus that will be fast on track to self-destruction. Moreover the book of Revelation speaks of such global calamities that resemble the effects of what the Web-Bot and the Time-Wave Zero software programs project such as nuclear war, solar flares, asteroids hitting the Earth, mass death, famine, super inflation and a new world currency.

Prophetic Time
According to the Bible, such extra-Biblical accounts of possible dooms-day scenarios, be it through mathematical algorithms or not, lends credibility to the certainty of their fulfillment at some point in time. Perhaps the 'Tension' and 'Novelty' language attributed to such mathematical probabilities is nothing more than the correlating 'birth pangs' alluded to by the Bible that are to occur leading up to the Rapture, for one. It is something to just take note of and spiritual discern. Jesus Christ Himself did speak that ‘if the coming days were not ‘cut short’, no flesh would remain alive.’ He described the near coming future as being so bleak that it could not compare to all the atrocities Humanity has incurred upon others and itself combined.

Nonetheless, with such a bleak prophetic prognostication, coming in the near future, Followers of Jesus Christ realize that Christ made provisions to ‘escape’ such circumstances. Foremost, having a saving relationship with the Savior. Many Biblical scholars speculate that in part, some of the ‘Release Language’ or Novelty will be sparked by the Rapture that is promised to occur before such calamities that this study suggests is the makeup of the Wrath coming from the Seal Judgments of the book of Revelation. Thus, the Bride of Christ cannot be subjected to this same Wrath depending on one's interpretation of such Scripture. As to when will this Wrath of the Lamb start to happen?

All the variables and factors of the predicted Time-Wave and Web-Bot events are right out of the pages of the book of Revelation. The difference is that such catastrophes and calamities are but the prophetic Seal Judgment of Jesus Christ against a Christ-rejecting world. Many Biblical scholars attribute such Web-Bot and Time-Wave Zero assertions to the category of the ‘Doctrines of Demons’ in how such information had its source in the occult and from spiritual entities within the spirit realm, The Bible clearly reveals that such a place is none other than the abode of the ‘Principalities and Power’ from on high, i.e., the Fallen Angel spirit realm of Lucifer's domain. Perhaps the sensationalism of the end of the Mayan Calendar to have ended in the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 was but a Satanic diversion.

It might have been a plan to have the masses be off-guard and so disillusioned thereafter that when the true events occur, most will be found unprepared and unable to explain the conditions nor think clearly as to the alternatives that might exist aside from what that coming AntiChrist will offer without a choice to go or take any alternative venues. If one thing had come true about the 'end' of the Mayan Calendar is that since 2012 the Earth and the world has started to see a rapid acceleration of all such catastrophic variables begin to elevate in frequency and intensity. By studying the timeline and graph provided, one can see that there have been several significant dips and spikes correlated to significant world altering events.

To reiterate, how the Time-Wave Zero and Web-Bot predictions intersect with Biblical prophecy of the Last Days is that all that the software predicted is exactly what the Bible also has already been written to occur. Such amazing events that are said to happen on Earth will occur exactly as they has been written. The Rapture timing remains a mystery but if the Time-Wave Zero Theory and the Web-Bot are any indication of what is in store for Earth and the world, such an anticipated prophetic event could occur after 2012.

If the 2012 end date was actually a beginning date of sorts and if one were to add a prophetic count along the lines of a 3.5 year or 1260-day countdown from December 21, 2012 date the resulting timeframe would correspond to the fall of 2015. Many believe this timeframe will actually be the beginning of the end prophetically. It might very well be the time that all the book of Revelation factors actually converges and play-out on a global scale. 

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