Tipping Points and End of America

  • Is the USA a special nation and trully 'exceptional' among nations?
  • Has the life-span of the nation come to a sad end due to rebellion?
  • What does the future hold for the nation that was once a 'Virgin'?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘This word came to Jeremiah from the Lord: Arise and go down to the potter’s house; there you will hear My Word. I went down to the potter’s house and there he was, working at the wheel. Whenever the vessel of clay he was making turned out badly in his hand, he tried again, making another vessel of whatever sort he pleased. Then the Word of the LORD came to me: Can I not do to you, House of Israel, (America) as this potter has done? -Oracle of the LORD. Indeed, like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my Hand, House of Israel (America). At one moment I may decree concerning a nation or kingdom that I will uproot and tear down and destroy it; but if that nation against whom I have decreed turns from its evil, then I will have a change of heart regarding the evil which I have decreed.

At another moment, I may decree concerning a nation or kingdom that I will build up and plant it; but if that nation does what is evil in my eyes, refusing to obey my voice, then I will have a change of heart regarding the good with which I planned to bless it. And now, tell this to the people of Judah (America) and the inhabitants of Jerusalem (New York): Thus, says the LORD: Look, I am fashioning evil against you and making a plan. Return, all of you, from your evil way; reform your ways and your deeds. But they will say, 'No use! We will follow our own devices; each one of us will behave according to the stubbornness of our evil hearts!’ -Jeremiah 18:1-12

The purpose of this paper is to serve as an admonishment to the Last Days Church in general and America specifically. It sadly appears that the Virgin Daughter of America has reached or is beyond the tipping point morally, politically, economically and spiritually. Since 9-11 instead of getting closer to GOD, becoming more moral, righteous and holy, it has been the opposite as she is refusing to return, reform and allow GOD to refashion her from her falling. The symptoms of this amoral disease is seen in the orchestrated assault on Biblical Christianity and Christians be they businessmen and women or preachers based on a new morality or expectation of it.

This assault is not being done by some foreign Muslim menace or terrorist group but by the very neighbors and people that have lost their moral compass as has it government. There is now a hardening of America’s heart, even in the heartland. These alarming trends of open intolerance against Biblical morality will have America reap what she has sown. There is now a polarization of its society occurring in the land at home and intimidation and defeat at the hands of her enemies abroad. There always has been an assault on YHVH’s people but there is an apparent dichotomy in America now. The issue is whether Biblical Christianity is legally relevant or should it continue to be protected in America.

New Morality

Should Christians for example not be legally required to perform a service or an act that goes against what the Bible clearly states is sinful or against their conviction? The politically correct answer based on an amoral society that America has now become is that Christians, regardless of their convictions, have to compromise their faith and oblige a particular community’s demands or a State’s law. For some Christians the issue is the acceptance of those that chose a sinful lifestyle for example as this is at the core of America’s new morality, which is really no morality at all or amorality. This topic has reached a tipping point to the levels of a national debate and backlash in America against traditional Biblical Christian morality.

With a new morality comes a new logic. What most refuse to accept is that preferring or practicing a deviant sexual lifestyle is not the same as being protected due to one’s race for example. Being of a particular race is not a matter of choice or a moral issue, it is not an issue of right or wrong as is sexual behavior, choices and practices for example. On one front, what the community of such deviant lifestyles seek to obtain from a civil rights approach at imposing their morality on America is to remove the moral stigma and guilt their lifestyle is associated with and wrap themselves with the usurped flag of the civil rights struggle. At the core of the revisionist morality that the Virgin Daughter of America has accepted instead of the laws protecting the freedom of religion is the loss of potential revenue in the pretext of ‘defending’ religions freedom.

Based on the best economic forecasts, the economy of America is about to implode in the fall. Perhaps America is on the verge of total collapse with ensuing Martial Law, detentions, guarantees, food riots and the suspension of all Civil Rights. All that is argued at the forefront of the national dialog now is the issue that 3% of a particular population have persuaded the vast majority of America now into believing that Bible believing Christians should be ok with legally protecting immorality for the sake of not disturbing the Final Four basketball finals. Astonishingly it is only a 3% minority population, as determined by the CDC that has used, is using and will use business and America’s love for making money to trump the morality of Bible believing Christians in America.

The irony is that it was America’s Christian morality that set the stage for the greatest opportunity to have civil rights of any nation on Earth because America was founded on Biblical morality based on the principles of Jesus Christ. The acceptance of an alternate morality has been so impressed and conditioned upon the Virgin Daughter of America that it has been convinced such an alternative morality is an issue of civil rights now. What is worse is that what has fueled the revisionist re-wording of such Religious Laws has not been necessarily affected by the protests or backlash of the 3% and their supporters to include some people that call themselves Christina but don’t believe the Bible or ignore the words of Jesus. The major influence to revise the language of the Religious Laws in the books is due to the potential loss of revenue that many American states and cities fear. It is not that Jesus needs the State’s permission to preach the Gospel or to amend His expectations of what Biblical morality should be or what type of sexual practices should be legal.

A Divided Christian Witness

After all, marriage, sex and the family design is patterned after the Creator. It is Jesus’ design based on the Philippians 3:20 and Genesis 1:1. Mankind has redefined marriage and sex since the Fall of the 1st marriage between one man, Adam and one woman, Eve. What is prophetic is that what Jesus stated about what the Last Days would be perplexed with just before His return was that the world, nations would be divided amongst themselves based on race and that the days would be as they were in Noah’s day. Such days were in part characterized by immorality, amorality were different types of sexual practices would be occurring and different types of ‘marriages’ would be occurring. After the resurrection of Jesus and His directive to preach repentance unto salvation, the leaders of the nation of Israel’s ruling council prohibited the Disciples by decree from further preaching because it was offensive and it brought to light the sins of the nation, their leaders and people.

The correct response of the Disciples was that there is a higher law that Christians live by and are accountable to. The Bible does teach followers of Jesus to be good hard working citizens of a nation and obey the laws but when a law goes contrary to the belief of the Bible, the Christian must stand on principle of conscience and conviction no matter what the cost. For the Disciples of Jesus it was lashes on the back but they kept preaching. Eventually all were murdered except the Apostle John, the youngest. For many Christians currently in the world, they are being slaughtered; they are experiencing beheadings, rape, and murder at the hands of the Muslims. Will or could this type of persecution upon Bible believing Christian come to America based on its new morality? The answer is yes.

One point is that while most Bible believing Christians around the world are being martyred by Muslims in atrocious ways, the prevailing attitudes of American’s new morality supported by some Christians has split the church in America. On one hand regarding same sex marriage, sexual preference and such affronts on traditional and accepted social norms, many mainline denomination do not see it as deviant and/or sinful as the Bible teaches. In fact many so-called Christian denominations practice the ordination and marriage of such. Then, the apparent Evangelical Christians that do stand-up or speak-up against America’s New Morality are intimidated not to and are portrayed by the media as intolerant and bigoted and should not be worthy of legal protection by the State that was founded upon such religious freedom and morality.

The issue is that religious rights can be guaranteed by the State eventually and it is not the State that guarantees them. Christianity is about Jesus and being a witness of His transforming work of taking good and bad sinners and making them GOD’s Treasure in Earthen Vessels. And as usual the ‘Freedom of Religion’ laws do not really provide freedom of religion. Thanks to the Luciferian controlled media and Federal Judges that overturn referendums voted by the majority of voters there is now a criminalization of Christianity ensuing in America. Its objective is to silence the Christian witness in America. It will eventually succeed as it has to a certain extent already. The Biblical preaching that alternative lifestyles based on preferred sexual practices are sinful will soon be a hate crime and not tolerated because such a replacement morality.

Americans do not want a constant reminder of guilt lingering around. This is a spiritual principle as the Bible teaches that the darkness hates the light and is irritated by it because it exposes sin. The Bible will soon be a hate-book to be banned and those associating or practicing the ‘radical’ form of evangelical Christianity that is not politically correct will be jailed as it is the case in most of Europe now. As in other nations that have gone down this road of becoming amoral, those that do not go along will be targeted…quarantined for reeducation or worse. The point is that America may very well believe that it is so progressive and illuminated that it has reached its Utopia as the French Revolution promises, what it got was the Reign of Terror. These same blueprint protocols have been implemented now in America. The promise is always that it will achieve utopia but it will go the way of tyrannical dictatorships as the laws are never neutral and instead will be Anti-Christian.

When such a tipping point occurs in a nation once ruled by Biblical morality, the end result will eventually lead to the mass slaughter of not only is Christians but those deemed not suitable to be part of the system. Case in point are the failed state of the Middle East where Christians, Jews and Muslims are systematically being slaughtered. Slowly but surely, the Bible believing Christians who still stand on the WORD are being targeted and it is done by legislation on one hand. On the other, Bible believing Christians that have the means and power to influence and counteract such an onslaught don’t. How this America’s new morality protocols are seen in other venues that are attempting to silence Christianity is at the university level.

For example, the California State University system has implemented a decree coming down from the Governor that all university clubs have to have a non-discriminatory clause in their respective bylaws to allow any and all to join a club on campus. This would seem noble and progressive enough but the underlying intent is to curtail the power and influence of religious clubs, mainly to target the Christian ones that are most active, visible and effective at witnessing and evangelizing. As college campuses are one of the greatest mission fields, the Luciferians now have achieved a victory by this directive that was decreed by one man. The point is that the same argument of ‘civil rights’ was used to persuade a blanket decree without ‘democracy’.

There was no discussion of having students, staff, and parents or the public that pay the taxes to review and vote on such an issue. Moreover students that pay in their tuition and fees the right to access facilities and classrooms are being denied their right to assemble. The CSU system is the largest in the world with over hundreds of thousands of students not just attending from California, but other states in the Union of America and from other countries. For some students, foreign and domestic, it is the only exposure to the Gospel of Jesus they will ever get to hear and see. As the ‘none-discriminatory’ clause then means is that for example, the club leaders that are elected have to allow for any student regardless if they subscribe or believe in the mission and/or purpose of a particular club. Thus a club can be subverted and run and governed contrary to the club’s directives and purpose for its existing. So this means that Satanists can run and lead an InterVarsity club, in prayer, worship, Bible Study, etc.

National Introspections

This is the point that such could be used to subvert and undermine the directives of the club, especially if it is Christian. This is the cause and its desired effect. What are the odd of this actually happening? One thing is for sure, the ‘none-discriminatory’ clause is again double-speak as it discriminates against Christians who wish to uphold their conviction that their club leaders by Christians. Despite attempts at meeting and at reaching a solution, the edict stands. This is just an example of how the divide within the Church in America is seen and done by the few legally.

On one hand there are Bible believing Christians that are doing all they can to make others aware of this underhanded decree by the Governor being pressured by special interests. The argument is again based on having ‘equality and access for all’. Then on the other hand there are those Christians that do nothing to speak or protest such attempts to silence Evangelical Christianity. Here is an online link to article about is religious discrimination by the State. The point is this is an example of the trends that are alarming as America’s new morality has crossed the tipping point were Christianity is being systematically marginalized legally.


Evangelical Christians, along with Home-Schoolers, those that are Constitutionalists, Libertarians, etc., are already on the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Army’s list of fringe radicals and terrorists watches. This is thanks to the Patriot Act that in part is really another example of double-speak to be used against the Patriots of America. Is this why the police all over the nation have been militarized? Is there a reason for domestic military drills and training? The Virgin Daughter of America was founded by Bible believing Christians escaping political persecution by the State in an attempt to live a life for the true King, Jesus in holiness and based on the principles of true peace, love and the pursuit of happiness. Sadly this is over now for America.

Does a nation have an end? Has the Virgin Daughter of America seen the sun setting now? Many would say yes based on the apathy of the legacy of such people that were willing to sacrifice all to ensure such liberties. The Christian precepts of the Virgin Daughter of America allowed for the creation of a nation that for the first time in human history would be ruled by the people, in theory, that all were equal without having to be burned at the stake or murdered for their choice practice of religion.

This society based on the laws of YHVH created the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth. The average family used to have a lifestyle and standard of living with guaranteed alienable rights that surpassed the likes of monarchs of the Old World. And when its Biblical morality was challenged as with ungodly human slavery, it took a civil war to rectify it. Why? It is because by ensuring freedom of speech for example, of assembly and of religion, it also guarantees those that are contrary to such liberties to likewise exercise them. The point that those in such communities that demand such rights to practice them are using the courts now to do away with the moral foundations.

Thus, those who seek to silence and do away with all those that would be critical of their lifestyle fail to have learned from history that once the protection against the State is removed the State has ended up imposing tyranny in the end to all. No nation can be blessed by YHVH or truly be free if it is not based on the righteous precepts of the Bible, especially the New Testament. It is not that ‘God should bless America’ but that America should bless God’. Such communities have now taken the fight for their imposed new morality to the heartland of America where one would hardly believe it could have become an issue. The contention is that a Christian business should not have the right to refuse catering based on the owner’s religious convictions of not wanting to partake in them.

Doesn’t a business now currently have the prerogative to refuse service to clients for example that have ‘no shirts or shoes’?  The choice of who a person is having sex with is not a civil rights issue as race, gender, etc., and should not be. America’s national outcry and protests against Religious Freedom have reached intolerant levels for even a Christian establishment’s right to even voice their opposing opinion based on religious conviction. Demonstrators against the Religious Freedom laws in unison recited the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘One nation under GOD… How hypocritical in that they invoke the GOD of which the Virgin Daughter of America based its laws under. Such a community and even some Christians supporting such an alternative morality are always saying that Jesus taught never to judge and was all about love and acceptance.

The Bible teaches that Jesus spent time with the ‘sinners’ and ate with the IRS but for the reason that He came for the sick and the Lost House of Israel. He sought repentance by showing compassion and mercy. The religious too, on the other hand He was harsh with because they knew better but Jesus’ morality and expectation is still, ‘go and sin no more’. The dichotomy that is occurring in America now is the fruit of decades of their work that is not just to obtain legitimacy pertaining to their alternative lifestyles, legally. The point is that such seek to have an accepted notion of normality about the new morality of America they have imposed; Bible believing Christians are in the way because the light hurts their eyes. Their efforts have come to the point that the tables have been turned on the American general consciousness as they are effectively convincing Main Street America that it is the Bible believing Christians who are now not ‘normal’ and are to be legally marginalized.

The point is that when a nation’s laws are based on amoral and/or immoral standards of lifestyles and behavior, there is no value of the human soul, spirit and body as the laws are deferred only to the State as the ultimate authority. As history has attested to, a State will always go the way of a Nazi Germany or a Stalinist Russia. This is where America is at. It is at the crossroads and at a juncture of a transformation that has come as a result of the spiritual vacuum that has come in because she has turned her back on YHVH, the same GOD of Israel as He is the LORD over the nations. America started out as a vessel in the Potter’s hand that Jeremiah 18 speaks about concerning the same moral state of affairs for Israel. Will America go the way of Israel as the LORD allowed her enemies to conquer from within and without because she loved her sin and refused to return, reform and not refuse the LORD’s correction?

Judgment Tipping Point

As noted, the symptoms of such a divergence of and a replacement of morality of a nation can be seen by the overtaking of her enemies at home and abroad and also by the type of President it was appointed to have, not elected. Many would argue that based on the relevant morality America is accepting, it is reflected in the type of President it has. As it pertains to America’s enemies abroad, the current President is reluctant to equate ISIS with Islamic terror and call evil, evil. Many believe that Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a crypto Muslim that is doing all he can at every crisis with radical Islamic crimes at home to ‘sanitize’ them and blames it on radicals that are attempting to ‘perverse’ it. Unlike Jesus’ ministry and beginnings, the Disciples of Jesus did not go on a murderous hell bent conquest of submit or die. The Roman Catholic Church did this but it was not Christian to torture and administer an Inquisition.

True Christianity’s history was, is and will be one of martyrdom at the arenas filled with lions and crucifixions from its very beginnings. Jesus’ Christianity was not a bloody history of conquest as it was with the inception of the false prophet Mohammed with Islam. What the Crusades were, was a Roman Catholic conquest in the name of Jesus, this is the example of the attempted ‘perversion’. It is a matter of history that Mohammed murdered his way through the conquest of the Middle East. His disciples to this day are only following the core values expected of their master. Mohammed set such a protocol of terror and bloodshed specifically designed against the Jews and Christians and codified it in their so called ‘sacred’ book of systematic evil, terror and murder.

Obama dearly would want to believe that Islam could be as the Christianity of Jesus, the true and last Prophet of YHVH but it can never be. This study suggests that the rise of ISIS and their Barack Hussein Obama are part of the Last Days' prophetic signs of judgment upon America because she no longer wanted to be in the Potter’s wheel and continue in the ways of the LORD. America has stopped dealing with her sins but has instead embraced them. In YHVH’s economy, when a country reaches these tipping points, there is nothing but defeat, conquest and occupation left as it was for Israel. Many Christian Believers are having visions and dreams about the invasion and nuking of America. As to the time frame? Perhaps it will occur during the Tribulation. If the Rapture does not happen soon after the 2014-15 Tetrad period or within a year or so after, American Christians are going to see persecution of the likes of the Middle East and it is already occurring. What will it look like?

It could look  little Christian Yazidi girls are being sold as sex slaves by Muslim Jihadists in the Middle East as young as 9 years old. An NBC News special report stated that what is occurring is ‘pure evil’. The little girls are raped until they bleed on end for months at a time. The young Christian Yazidi men are beheaded (21 Coptic Christian 7-7-7). Others are burned alive and as ISIS captures a Christian city, they systematically slaughter even the children. Yet Obama reiterates that ‘the U.S. is not at war with Islam’ nor ‘will it ever be at war with Islam’. On one hand he is even helping Iran with coordinated fights against ISIS in Iraq all the while he is arming ISIS to fight against Assad of Syria still. All the while Christians are being slaughtered overseas.

America’s New Morality

Meanwhile back at home, as Christian women and young girls are subjected to such atrocities of Muslim sadomasochism, in American women flocked to see the release of the 50 Shades of Grey in record numbers. What is so disturbing is that the movie depicts the same sadomasochist perverted appetites of the Muslim men of ISIS. Ironically this man in the movie is so conveniently named ‘Christian’ as if to mock and muddy the reputation of Christian manhood and morality.

This woman in the movie seeks to have the same effects of obtaining sexual pleasure from pain to the point of blood. Is this movie in America at this time any indication of the callousness of America that she is so numb to what is about to happen to her? Many would agree that it is America's time for judgment; a tipping point has been reached in that her time is up as she has not been willing to repent. This will be the same case of the last facet of the Church Age that is Laodicea. It is said of her that the LORD gave her time to repent but she was unwilling. Is it no different now for Americans in general and for the Church of Jesus in America specifically? This echoes the judgment that came upon Israel. YHVH warned His nation through Jeremiah and gave an object lesson of the Potter and the Clay.

Israel got to the point as the Church of Ephesus that lost her 1st Love. There is a remedy as it was prescribed by the Great Physician, to Remember, Repent and Redo. This same solution was given to Israel through Jeremiah and the parable of the Potter’s Wheel. Sadly the heart of Israel as it is now for America and its President is that it will get harder and thus national judgment of the likes of which America has not seen will be seen. If America is as a woman, a euphemism that she is often attributed to wants sexual pain, blood, rape and torture, she will have it. Perhaps it might even be caused by the hands of like-minded maniacs as the Muslim ISIS fighters that will continue to behead those that come to faith in Jesus during the Tribulation period.

Could there be a fair trade? Could the American women that want such ‘kink’ go over to the sexual exploit of ISIS or Boko Haram in Nigeria that kidnaps young Christian girls for slavery in exchange for the innocent little Christian girls the Muslim Jihadists are raping and mutilating indiscriminately? The Muslim Jihadists that are selling little girls into sexual slavery are no better than the 50 Shades of sadomasochistic psychopaths; but wait, their Muslim god is ‘Great’. Wait, Virgin America now has become so bored in her prosperity and affluence that the natural sexual relations cannot satisfy her but pain, torture to the point of blood.

And such want to make it legal as a ‘civil liberty’ and right to do so. Like Israel pursuing her many ‘lovers’, America, even as a type, American women seek to satisfy divergent and perverted appetites within a new morality. The Jesus warned of the doctrines of Jezebels within His Church that causes many to commit fornication and sexual sin even to this day. It is bad enough that the Church is tempted by sexual sin from without but it is also coming from within. What the communities that engage in such practices would want is to have America think that it is ‘normal’. In terms of Libertarian principles, people can do what they want behind their closed doors but please don’t call it Christian.

The Apostle Paul recognized this proclivity even back when he addressed sexual sin in the Church, as many were turning to deviancy. This issue is the same, it occurred at the beginning as it is at the end even now. Many students of prophecy say that there needs to be persecution in America to cause repentance, in and out of the Church. Such say that in tears Paul had a similar burden for Israel’s repentance as did Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet, but she was not willing. He wept because of Israel’s ‘new morality’ she had embraced and he knew what would become of her, her destruction.

Most Bible believing Christians in the world suffer hunger and poverty and go without and depend on others for food and/or shelter at times. Many are persecuted for merely being Christian. The point being is that it does cost them everything to stand for YHVH’s morality. In America, Christianity and her ‘covenant with YHVH has fast become a cheap thing to exchange and cast aside for a new morality of only the 3%. It is the age of Laodicean Church which in itself is the sign that the Church Age is about to end.

On one had the most prominent Christian ministers pray to Isa at Obama’s inauguration and other Christian celebrities embrace same sex marriages as in the church and this is not to mention the full-on apostasy of whole denomination that practice and perform gay marriages. Such can do what they will but please don’t call it Christian, or in the Name of the Holy LORD Jesus, who designed, created and sanctioned marriage between Adam and Eve, a man and a woman.  Then there are Christian artists that erroneously believe Isa, the Muslim Jesus is the same Jesus of the Bible. Let’s do a comparison study of each Prophet based on the tenants of their respective scripture.

Muslim Isa or Jesus of the Quran
Is not GOD Creator
Not GOD the SON
Was only a Prophet
Is a Slave of Allah
Did not die physically on the cross
A disciple took his place
Did not resurrect
Will return to help the Mahdi
Converted to Islam
Will kill Christians for not submitting to Allah
Will kill Jews and tear down the Crosses
Will ‘correct’ His teaching as he was misunderstood

Christian Jesus of the Bible

Is GOD the Creator
Is GOD the SON
Was not only a Prophet, but Priest and King
Came to set the Slaves of Allah, aka Satan
Died physically on the cross
A disciple took his place
Resurrected on the 3rd Day as the Sign of Jonah
Will return to destroy the Mahdi
Will convert Islam
Will destroy His enemies in the brightness of His Appearance

United States of Laodicea
So when a beguiled Christian foolishly says or exclaims that Isa is the same Jesus of the Bible, they in fact are attesting that they either don’t know their Bible or refuse to believe the principle elements of what Christianity is founded upon. Thus to have the main Christian preachers of this current generation pray in the name of Isa, is attesting to the degree of just how far, how apostate this Laodicean Age period has summed up its end. It's the 'average' American, the church bench-warmer that has had it so good all these years that has been fattened for the slaughter; it will really be hard for such. The Laodicean Church has really done a number on America.

In general, most Christians are not prepared, spiritually for what is coming to America. Such have not been taught the deep promises of the LORD because they have been fed with lullaby entertainment and just spiritual milk...and really don't know how to 'trust the LORD' when it all will come crashing down. America has been so mesmerized by the 'show' and distractions. Consider this astonishing and frightful statistic of when America has gone through terrible times. At the time of the Stock Market crash of 1929, 90% if American lived in rural areas. Only about 10% of Americans lived in big cities.

Most Americans had home-grown garden plots and were self-sustaining for the most part. There was no national income tax to the degree that it is implemented now that’s to the Money Changers of Jekyll Island (look it up) and yet it is estimated that nearly 3 to 4 million Americans died of starvation when there was only 120 million in the nation. Now in this current time it is 90% of Americans that live in big metropolitan centers. Only about 10% of Americans live in rural areas and can sustain themselves off the land. If one does a straight proportion, this would mean that in today’s numbers 8-10 million would die of starvation outright if and when the Stock Market collapses. This statistic would be valid if 90% still lived in farms and had victory gardens, this is not the case.

3/120 = x/320
120x = 320(3) or 960
x = 120/960
x= 8 million

Today in America, there are over 50 million on some type of full to partial food stamps and the real unemployment is around 20-23%. What would one think if a similar Stock Market crash occurred that could be worse? Based on the inverted statistics, it would be 50-70 million at least if not 1/3 of the total population that would die of starvation, mostly in the cities. It is that serious knowing what is on the horizon for America. When mass martyrdom comes to America, if pre or post Rapture, it will take a special calling for any of GOD’s true People as martyrdom requires.  

As a whole, the American Church until then has not experienced that nor are they prepared for what is possibly coming. Jesus promised the Church that wrath and judgment are not to be experienced by the Bride of Christ. But if dark and evil days are ahead before the Rapture, then the LORD will allow persecution not seen or experienced in America before.

Yet even if it were to be so as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stated to the King, ‘Our GOD is able to deliver us, but if He does not, we will not bow down to your idol’. Even if it were so, then she, the Bride of Jesus of all that have been persecuted based on history knows better than all of the suffering she has had to endure throughout the Church Age. The point is that the Church Age has been about persecution that the LORD Jesus clearly said would occur and has permitted, but not wrath or judgment. The Church Age is about a harvest that perhaps ends on a Feast Day of the LORD as the commissioning and harvest begins for the subsequent Fest Day. The Church Age is about Jesus building a Spiritual House out of living stones, etc.

It is about a lowly Earthen Vessel made from Earth. It is about the Potter, the Creator… Jesus has chosen to mold, fashion, break and place this treasure into His very Glory. The Bride of Christ knows what it is to be a martyr because to live be Christ, to die is gain as Paul said it. She knows how to bend, to turn because she has surrendered to the Potter’s hands for His purpose and plan. This is the key and the secret of an overcoming Church, submission, humility and the Lordship of Jesus. It is trusting in the Potter, Jesus that is key to this peace and secret of the Overcomer in times of trouble.

Imagine the horrors of the what the People of Jesus are having to endure even now at the hands of the so called ‘peaceful’ religion of Islam and that for the most part is occurring in the Muslim countries, but now in Europe, South American and even in the heartland of America. Imagine this reality in every city and town that will be the case during the Tribulation. It is that Lucifer and his ISIS, his Muslim minions and Police State to come have in store for America, for the world. It is always veiled in the promise of a ‘Utopia’. Like the French Revolution the end result will be a Reign of Terror full of death. The other secret of an Overcomer in Jesus is that such cannot kill someone that is already ‘dead’… This term is defined by Jesus as not having been loving one’s life to preserve it but to ‘waste it’ on the Great Commissions.

 Did not the LORD Jesus say that if one would seek to save one’s life, it would be lost and that those that seek to give their lives for His sake and the Kingdom will find it, and to Everlasting Life?  Every day is a new day to turn to the LORD. Like Israel, the Virgin Daughter of America can still find time to allow the LORD to correct her, mold her, and reshape her into the Holy Vessel she once was. The LORD Jesus is the Potter and the nations and people of Earth are His Clay. What America needs is to Remember her covenants with YHVH and Reform her ways. She needs to turn and allow the LORD to use that turning to once again place Jesus’ Treasure in Earthen vessels before it’s too late. Is it too late?


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