Astronomical Sign Confirmation a July Harvest?

  • Are there 'Ratpure Signs' in the Sun, Moon and the Stars?
  • Is the Convergence of Asteroids/Comets in Leo Significant?
  • Does this Sign in Leo suggest a Rapture Wheat Harvest?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And I looked and saw a White Cloud, and seated on the Cloud was One like the Son of Man, with a Golden Crown on His Head and a Sharp Sickle in His Hand. 1Then another Angel came out of the Temple, crying out in a Loud Voice to the One seated on the Cloud, Swing Your Sickle and Reap, because the Time has come to Harvest; for the Crop of the Earth is Ripe’. -Revelation 15:14-15

The purpose of this report is to Comment on a Video that shows a Comet, C/2021 P4 Atlas and 2 Asteroids approaching the Constellation of Leo. When? July 23, 2022. Seemingly, such occurrences may not be significant or noteworthy in themselves, but if Conjoining at a specific Coordinate, then the Names, Places and Dates associated with this Astronomical Convergence strongly suggests Significance. As it pertains to the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, the 12 Main Constellations are fixed.

Aside from the fact that each has a Perspective of the Redeemer, Jesus, it is when Comets, Asteroids, Lunar and Solar Eclipse are in their Back-Drop, that then, it bears-out specific Meaning and Inferences as to Prophetic Signs. This is what one will comment on, based on the Findings of a Couple, Patrick and Christina from Las Vegas who posted the Celestial Convergence in Leo on their YouTube Channel, HourlyWatch. After reviewing the Video Clip, one is convinced that it is a Bonafede Rapture Sign.

Many sincere Watchers of the End Times that look to the Constellation will Project upon them certain ‘Rapture’ Innuendos that are frankly, not there or contrived. But in this case, what one is saying is that this is a clear example of a ‘Rapture Sign’ if there ever was one. One received an Email from a certain Steve K., that follows one’s Work. In the Email he enthusiastically shared how a Video from the YouTube Channel, Hourly Watch produced a very interesting connection to the Rapture and perhaps its Timing. This was based on their Astronomical Observation using the Stellarium Software.

RAPTURE: More Proof He's Coming to get us
Hourly Watch YouTube Channel

Some might recognize this YouTube Channel that made the Find and posted the Video about it. They are a Dear Couple. One sees their Work, here and there. But so sad to hear about Christina’s Cancer. One hopes and prays she gets cured. One is glad when Christ Jesus gives such amazing ‘Intel’ into the inferred ‘Rapture Sing’ to other Believers and Followers of Jesus. It goes to show you how Christ Confounds the so-called Wise of this World as such do not see or care as to how Significant this is.

Harvest is Ripe Now
If it be the Rapture Wheat Harvest? It remains to be seen. The Video Presentation posted by both Patrick and Christina, showed how an Asteroid named Yeshuhua is headed for the King Star in Leo, named Regulus. It also is being accompanied by another Asteroid in front of it, that is called Adorea. According to the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia, Adorea comes from the Word, Ador. This is in reference to ‘Wheat’. It has its origins in Ancient Latin wherein Cakes were made and offered as ‘Adoration’ or Praise to the Gods, etc. So, this is getting interesting.

You have 2 Asteroids, 1 named ‘Yeshuhua’, from a close derivation of Yeshua. And then you have the accompanying 2nd Asteroid named Adorea, for Wheat. And? They are headed, as mentioned to the King Star, which Patrick noted is considered the Handle of the Sickle. What Sickle? If one looks at the Celestial Motif Outline of the Constellation of Leo’s Head, it bears resemblance to a Sickle. The Sickle is usually associated with the Wheat Harvest. The Mazzaroth concludes the Celestial Storyline of the Redeemer, Jesus, the Lion of Judah. Following are some of the Prophetic Significances correlations to Leo that come to mind.

1. Leo is the Last Constellation that begins with Virgo. Leo signifies the Triumph of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah over Hydra, the Sea Monster.

2. Leo signifies the Conquering King that is depicted in both a Sickle Harvest in Joel 3 and Revelation 17. In both instances, it is Jesus that Commands the Sickle to be thrust, to Harvest.

3. Leo represents the Shepherd King, as not only the 2 Asteroids are accompanying each other to the King Star of Regulus in Leo, but so is the Comet Atlas.

4. The Comet Atlas approaching Leo at the same time, is a 3rd Witness, as the Asteroid Yeshuhua, is coming to take hold of the Handle of Leo’s Harvest Sickle to reap the Wheat.

5. Why Atas? In the Star Cluster of the Pleiades that depicts the 7 Maidens or the 7 Churches of Asia, per Revelation, it is Jesus that is the Shepherd that tends to them. This ‘Shephard Star’ is called Atlas and is accompanied by Pleione that helps the Shepherd tend the Little Flock, etc.

So, as one can see, this Astronomical Convergence is extremely Prophetically Significant in one’s Opinion. Why? As noted and shown by Patrick and Christina, the Convergence occurs when? It will be on July 23, 2022, exactly. And? This is the speculated Date that one has been studying for about 2 Years, specifically in how it is a High Rapture Watch Day. Once can read the various Articles that Argue this Hypothesis. The Links will be provided in the End Notes.

Of course, it can be Mere Coincidence. And as one always cautions others about ‘Rapture Signs’, ‘The Sign is not the Event’. This was the issue with the Revelation 12 Sign, for example. But in this case, it could be that the Approach of the 3 ‘Witnesses’ are the Sign, evidently. And the Point of Convergence would be the Date, that is, July 23, 2022. Clearly, this Astronomical Depiction is one of ‘Yeshuhua’ the King coming as the Shepherd, ‘Atlas’ to take hold of the Leo ‘Sickle’ to Harvest the ‘Adorea’, Wheat. All 3 Elements happen to converge in the King Star of Regulus in Leo on July 23, 2022.

Reaping What Has Been Sowed
As noted, the Main Star of Leo is Regulus. In fact, Regulus is 1 of the 4 Cardinal Stars that define the Known Universe. It is considered the ‘Handle’ of the Sickle that signifies the Reaping of the Wheat. Now to the Question and Prophetic Inference. Will the Rapture occur on July 23, 2022? That will remain to be seen. One cannot say.

However, consider the Timing of this Celestial Convergence. Mid-July is when, more-or-less, the Wheat Harvest is about wrapping-up and the First Fruit of the New Wine or Grapes are celebrated. The following will be some Astronomical Particulars of the 3 Factors that are converging: Yeshuhua, Adorea and Atlas. The following is according to Research.

3241 Yeshuhua
It is an Asteroid, a Large Rock that Orbits the Sun, mainly between the Orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Usually, it will just be referred to as Yeshuhua. Asteroids tend to be irregularly shaped. Its Name and Number is allocated to it by the Minor Planet Center (MPC), part of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Some Asteroids are dedicated by the Discoverers to People or Named after Mythology. Those Asteroids not Named will be assigned Letters and the Year discovered.

268 Adorea
It is a very large Main Belt Asteroid, about 140 KM in Width. It was discovered by A. Borrelly on June 8, 1887 in Marseilles, France. This Asteroid is a Member of the Themis Family. It is classified as a Primitive Carbonaceous F-Type/C-Type Asteroid. It is orbiting the Sun at a Distance of 3.09 AU with an Orbital Eccentricity (Ovalness) of 0.14 and a Period of 5.44 Years. In Astrology, there are a few Interpretations of Adorea. It has to do with Adoration and Wheat from where Cake-Meals were made for the Gods, etc.

C/2021 P4 (Atlas)
Comets are Intrinsically Highly Unpredictable Objects, since their Brightness depends on the scattering of Sunlight from Dust Particles in the Comet's Coma and Tail. This Dust is continually streaming away from the Comet's Nucleus. For 2022, Atlas will make its closest approach at a Distance of 1.08 AU on Saturday, 30 July 2022. This happens to be the end of the 2 Week of Mourning, out of the 3 Weeks that leads-up to the 9th of Av.


To reiterate, as to the July 23 Date for 2022? One cannot say with 100% certainty ‘that this will be it’. One can only surely Wish and Hope so. And one will be a bit or a lot Disappointed, However, those Watching for the Rapture Sings and Timing agree that the Rapture Event is that close. All the ‘Prophetic Indicators’ seem to be jumping off the Charts. In one’s Assessment, what ‘Seals the Deal’, that the Year 2022 is ‘it’, is the Super Shemitah of Israel. This also Converges in the Fall of 2022 that starts a Cycle

That is, that the 70 Years from 1952, is when Israel first ‘Clocked’ their Shemitah Count and became Synchronized with the Count again. This is monumental in helping Understand and Ascertain the True Countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week or Last Shemitah. One strongly suggests that this Convergence of the Super Shemitah will start Daniel’s 70th one, i.e., the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or the Tribulation Period of 7 Years, etc.

A Resurrection and Rapture
Here below is a verse that encapsulates the disparaging condition of Israel and why there is a need for this Last Week. She will be thrust into Daniel’s 70thh Week of Year or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Why? It is because the Summer Wheat Harvest has passed, and they refused to be ‘Saved’ in Jesus, etc.

‘Listen to the Cry of the Daughter of my People from a Land far away: Is the LORD no longer in Zion? Is her King no longer there? Why have they provoked Me to anger with their Carved Images, with their Worthless Foreign Idols? The Harvest has Passed, the Summer has ended, but we have not been Saved. For the Brokenness of the Daughter of my People I am Crushed. I Mourn; Horror has gripped me’. – Jeremiah 8:19-21

Salvation is in the Summer.

Again, in one’s Estimation and Studying Prophecy for Decades, it cannot get any more Mathematical, Prophetic than this Scenario concerning the 70-Year Sabbath Count. If these Astronomical Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars above and the Geo-Political Events on Earth below are not it, then one does not know what that will be or look like. Realize that at no other Time will these Signs, Above and Below ever Converge and Synchronize like this again. Any Time, 5 to 10 Years-out will not fulfill the Prophetic Clues rendered in the Bible that were given for such Confirmation of the Scenario, now.

Here below is a verse that encapsulates the disparaging condition of Israel, in how she failed at Evangelizing the World, as she gave ‘Birth’ to Wind. Yet, despite its Failings, a Promise of Resurrection and Rapture is assured, in the Morning. It has Prophetic Echoes of the Revelation 12 Sign, and in one’s Opinion what the Carina, the ‘Beloved’ James Webb Telescope Image could be alluding to.

‘As a Woman with Child about to give Birth Writhes and Cries out in Pain, so were we in Your presence, O LORD. We were with Child; we Writhed in Pain; but we gave Birth to Wind. We have given no Salvation to the Earth, nor brought any Life into the World. Your Dead will Live; their Bodies will Rise. Awake and Sing, you who Dwell in the Dust! For your Dew is like the Dew of the Morning, and the Earth will bring forth her Dead’. -Isaiah 26:17-19

Salvation is in the Morning.

So, as mentioned, to all those that are watching this July 23 (723) ‘Code’ or Signaling, one is just having to be Cautiously Optimistic. Also, remember that there will be that 2 Day Difference of any given Day that is watched due to Time Zone/Hemisphere. One is also is using ‘Jerusalem Time' and Day Markers, etc. Nonetheless for 2022, such Calculations are based on one’s best Guestimate.

As to the Specific ‘Day and Hour”. Again, a lot is assumed also here as it depends on also on the Watches of the Day. Based on the limited Intel from Acts 2, it is understood it was the 1st Watch. So, that would be from 6am to 9am. One can surmise that the Coming Down of the Holy Spirit occurred just after Sunrise, at 6am, on the 1st Watch of the Day. It was when the Disciples gathered on that Sabbath Morning in the Temple.

Wheat and Tares

In fact, Peter did narrow down the Time, saying it was not even 9am, as they were Mocked about speaking in other Known Languages but appearing like speaking ‘Gibberish’ to some. It was because the Crowd assumed the Disciples were Drunk on the New Wine. There is at least a Maximum of a 3 Hour Window, calibrated to one’s Time Zone to consider. The https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html  Website has a Time Zone Converter that one can set to be in sync with Jerusalem Time. The following is one’s “Rapture Time Zone Map’.

Chart: Rapture Time Zone Map

But as to the Finding of the Synchronization going on there in Leo by Patrick and Christiana? Wow. What a Rapture Picture they took. This July 23 'Thing' is turning out to be something. Like with the James Webb Infrared Telescope, whose 1stt Targeted Image as of the Galaxy Cluster in Volans, SMAC 0723. All these Astronomical Signs are confirming something, specifically? One can venture to say that it is all about the coming Rapture to conclude the Church Age Dispensation.

So, the Celestial Motif of Adorea, the Wheat Harvest, the Sickle Handle in Leo, the Name Yeshuhua, with Comet Atlas as the Shepherd of the Pleiades, in the Congregation of the King-Shepherd? This whole Converge of all these 3 Celestial Signs reminded one of a Chart one did back in 2020. It was about the ‘Rapture Roar’ in Leo. It was about a Nova Burst that came out of the ‘Mouth’ Area of Leo.

One likened it to how Jesus is ‘Mounting-Up’ and getting ready to Ride as He ‘Roars’ in anticipation of coming for the Bride. She, as a Motif of the Wheat, is ready for Harvest. This is why this is the End of the Church Age. How so? Realize that the Parable about the Wheat and the Tares is now fulfilled. As most Professing ‘Christian’ Denominations have sided with Woke Political Correctness over the Authority and Power of the Word, the Bible, they have ‘separated’ themselves as the Tares, now that the Church Age Gains have matured.

In other words, 0ne can easily see the ‘Division’ of who are the Tares and who is the Wheat to Harvest. Thus, July 23, 2022 is a High Watch Day, the highest for the Year in 2022 for one personally, based on Years of Research. And now with the Comet ‘Yeshua’ and Asteroid ‘Wheat’ converging in Leo on the 23rd? Just a mere Coincidence/ Of course, if it turns out to be another ‘Nothing Burger’, and the Rapture Watch continues.

from what one and other ‘see’, the World is primed for the Transference of Dispensations in the Fall of 2022. As mentioned, it is this Super Shemitah that is Converging. This Seals the Deal or it ‘Confirms the Covenant’, in one’s Estimation. Here is the Premise. As the 70 Year Sabbaths end on September 26, 2022, the 70th Week or last Sabbath Cycle of Daniel begins in October after the Fall Feasts are done.

Of course, all Conjecture but it looks Promising and Plausible. As one knows, Biblical Prophecy can only be seen through a ‘Fogged-Up’ Window or Looking Glass. One is having to Navigate through the Prophecy Fog... but going forward, nonetheless. Here below are some detailed Charts that illustrate how the 10 Super Shemitahs look like. It is especially interesting in Details and Day Counts based on the 70-Year Countdown since 1952. Why 1952? It is when Israel ‘Clocked’ its 1st Shemitah back in the Promised Land.

Chart: The Super Shemitah of Israel

Why the Factor of 10 is Extremely Significant is that one will suggest another Prophet Parallel dealing with the 10 Shemitah’s since 1952. The Parallel is taken from how many Generations there were from Adam to Noah. How many? 10. Thus, after the 10th Generation, the Judgment fell upon the entire World, i.e., the Flood.

One then can Correlate the 10 Sabbath Cycles, since 1952, to strongly suggest that a similar Prophetic Pattern and Countdown is in play. In that, from 1952 as an ‘Adam Year’ to 2022, the Day of Noah, the World will for the 2nd time in Human History be entirely Judged. This is only, of course Evidence or Proof to some People that this Fall will indeed have Daniel’s 70th Week commence the Worldwide ‘Flood’ 2.0.

Judgment of Entire World begins in the 10th Generation

ADAM                                                                                          Noah = Judgment

    1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9        10    

 ‘Beginning’ of Shemitah Countdown of 7 Year Sabbath Cycles

1952 1959 1966 1973 1980 1987 1994 2001 2008 2015 2022 = Noah 2.0 Judgment

But to reiterate, July 23, 2022 is just a High Watch Day, the highest for the Year in 2022, based on all one’s Research. And now with the Asteroid Yeshuhua, ‘Yeshua’ and Asteroid Adorea, ‘Wheat’ along with Comet Atlas, the ‘Shepherd of the Pleiades', all converging in Leo on July 23, 2022? Just a mere Coincidence?

Pertaining to just how close the 70th Week of Daniel is to begin, Iran now says it has the Bomb. It then snuck-in a Grand Shipment on a 747 to Damascus, as Biden was Signing the 666 Day Jerusalem Declaration. This Declaration assures that Israel will be Divided based on the 1967 Borders. What could possibly go wrong? Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83…is 'Guaranteed' now.

‘Let the Nations be Roused and Advance to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit down to Judge all the Nations on every side. Swing the Sickle, for the Harvest is Ripe. Come, Trample the Grapes, for the Winepress is full; the Wine Vats overflow because their Wickedness is Great. Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of decision!’ -Joel 3:12-14


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