How the New World Order Eradicates Christianity

  • What is the Syrian Civil War about and how did it start?
  • What caused the rise of Extremist Islam and why is Syria key?
  • Why are the ancient communities of Christians targeted?

by Luis B. Vega
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'Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all Nations for my Name’s sake… They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service.' – Matthew 24:9 & John 16:2

The purpose of this study to highlight the events and concerns of the prolonged Civil War in Syria. It will be from a different perspective that is currently being portrayed by the main-stream Western media that is intentionally misleading the US people and especially the Christian community in many aspects of the Arab uprisings. A brief historical backdrop of Syrian’s religious demographics and history will be given to provide context for this current civil war that like Libya, has been supported by the US government. The key player, nations and strategies will be identified and considered as it all is in preparations for the inevitable Luciferian New World Order that will lead the world to the Battle of Armageddon.

 It appears that the Satanic Global Establishment that is behind the political, economic, social world scenes, yet again is bringing down this nation before our very eyes. Their political cadre unleashed by the Arab uprisings has been nothing more than an Islamic-Jihadist struggle with an underlying aim to eradicate Christianity from the entire Middle East. The Western and al-Jazeera media outlets have filtered out travesties perpetrated by the Jihadist against the minority ethnic Christian communities–like in the other Arab nations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria. These rationales presented here are only suggestive but taken from what has already transpired and documented in the Middle East.

This timeframe is since the U.S. Iraqi Invasion to the Arab Spring of 2010, to the Syrian Uprising since 2011 and now to the current Syrian Civil War. It is only a matter of time before Syria will fall -as the Globalists have designed it to be. A post Assad Syria will most likely be ruled by a zealous and radical Islamic religious government, which in turn, will contribute to the instability of the region. This is the End Game plan. Perhaps it will be at this next political stage, wherein the radical Jihadist ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA) will plan to unleash the captured chemical and biological stockpiles on Israel.
This scenario in turn could have Israel preemptively strike Damascus with a nuclear devise per Isaiah 17. Although the civil war has taken a toll of the city and much of it is in ruins, it is not like what Isaiah 17 portrays of having it cease to be a city in 1 day. The Arab uprisings have been the cause to sweep in ‘democracy’ to replace the old corrupt U.S. Backed ‘Guards’ in the Middle East; it has spelled doom and genocide to come, for non-Muslim ethnic and religious groups, mainly the Christians.

This is the same game plan that the Satanic Global Establishment used the Catholic ‘Crusades’ in the name of ‘Christ’ to sweep over the Middle East and Jerusalem then in the ‘Dark Ages’. They are now once again using this same End Game plan –of an ‘Islamic Crusade’ to consolidate control of the region and to destroy God’s People as before. This is being done now by mustering up the hateful religious zeal of the Islamic religion against Jews and Christians to massacre and slaughter them on a mass scale. Once the Rapture takes place, a ‘Dark Age’ is to be initiated during the Tribulation as described in the Book of Revelation that will continue this practice on a global level. It appears that the same demonic evil spirit, that in ancient times opposed God’s People -such as in Persia during the time of the Prophet Daniel, has now risen in these Last Days to do the same -particularly in the Middle East.

It is the very one that fought with the Arch Angel Gabriel and is predicted that this same Fallen Angel and spirit would come, once again to do battle with his cadre of evil legions unleashed in these End Times against God’s people. The world is witnessing now in the modern age the renaissance of this evil spirit and demon, the Prince of Persia in the Middle East. It is self-evident that this Satanic inspired and empowered movement disguised as political and democratic front is designed for this specific task. It is designed to aid the ushering in of their Muslim Mahdi or AntiChrist –the very ‘One’ that the Luciferian Money Changers and the Satanic Globalists worship. Whomever controls the Middle East and its resources, controls the world. With the oil, gas fields and mineral resources to plunder through new modern-aided technologies, etc.

The Globalist establishment is seeking total consolidation of such shipping lanes, pipelines, resources and the souls of men to be turned over into the hands of the coming New Age AntiChrist. As it was then with the Luciferian globalist of the 1100s during the Catholic Crusades, the financing and political backing of the religious extremists by the Luciferian Money Changers and Satanic Globalists of that time were used to only seek total control of the region for their exploits and purposes –mainly to control the ancient trading routes, shipping lanes and to destroy God’s People and seize Jerusalem. This same End Game plane is once again now in place. Their current support for ‘democratic’ movements in the Middle East has only served as a sort of ‘reverse-psychology’ not only for people in the Middle East but for the general consumption of the West.

In the past, the Global establishment would forcefully aide corrupt strong-men and toppled elected governments in the Middle East. If you study the history of such Arab corrupt regimes, the Shaw of Iran, Kaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, Hussein of Iraq -were all installed by CIA as US backed dictators and assets. As it pertains to the control of the Middle East, the Globalists have now ‘re-invented’ themselves and are now invested, as a whole in the political, democratic and religious aspirations of the region’s peoples as a façade that will accomplish even more than before. There are legitimate Arab grievances against their tyrannical Muslim rulers that have been propped up and supported by outside Luciferian Globalist masters-the US and World Bank establishment mainly. But if one can see through the current political façade, the Luciferians have used such ‘democratic’ movements now.

This is knowing full well that behind them are the Islamists that are in place or will be to be utilized to further their Satanic agenda. This agenda in part will be to usher in the Mahdi and bring in their New World Order upon the whole world that will be centered in Jerusalem. The Islamists-Jihadist like the Fee Syrian Army mercenaries will be placed in power in the Middle East by design and will be ordered by the world Luciferian globalists to topple other governments deemed necessary for their purposes and plans, i.e. Israel. Their eventual goal? Jerusalem and the destruction of God’s People, both Jewish and Christian, specifically when the AntiChrist breaks his covenant with Israel in the ‘midst’ of the week during the Tribulation to come as described in the Book of Revelation. In the current case with Syria, it is becoming more apparent that the Free Syrian Army Rebels real purpose is to ultimately implement their religious radical Islamic regimes that will be intolerant of any other theocratic faiths; in fact their religion demands it.

In this case, it is mainly the Christian Witness that is to suffer -either by slaughter, persecution, or exile –as it is occurring in Syria at this present time. If you study Communications and/or Marketing techniques, you will understand that ‘labels’ presented to the public are actually what the product is not. The ‘Fee Syrian Army’ (FSA) is a case in point; it is neither Free, Syrian nor an Army. The FSA is made up of repressive Muslim Jihadist, mercenaries such as al-Qaida from other Arab countries supported by outside forces like the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and the Saudi’s bent on a sadistic religious quest to implement their Islamic Qu’ranic protocols on a nation and subjugate GOD’s People to tyranny, torture and destruction. The world can concretely measure the negative effects from the ‘Arab Spring’ and the current Civil War in Syria on the religious non-Muslim minorities in those Muslimmajority countries.

The controlled western media has hailed this Arab uprising, to forcibly introduce western style ‘democracy’ into the region, as a political movement. This is the façade the western media has sold the story. It has not been widely reported of the genocide of Christians in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, and Syria at the hands of the Satanic inspired and led Islamic Jihadist. The western media in turn and the current Secretary of State for the USA has in turn blamed the Assad’s government for massacres that eyewitnesses have declared were perpetrated by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to muster up international support. To the Rebels that include mercenaries from Arabia, Iraq, Libya and al-Qaida, their Islamic religion provides the only rallying cry; it is to rid the land of Christians and infidels.

These foreign fighters consider themselves to be in a holy war. In Syria now, as in other surrounding Arab countries, the Jihadists are bent on a ‘Islamic Crusade’ against the ‘atheist regime’ of Assad whom they consider an Alawi secularist infidel. Such Jihadists are not interested in democracy nor human rights for minorities. This viewpoint is not even touched upon by the Western Luciferian controlled media at all.
The Globalists support of the current Jihadist movement in the Middle East recognize that this ‘spirit’ or movement is foremost a spiritual conquest. The work of the Globalist with their media has been to deceive the West into thinking that this uprising is about ‘democracy’ and will of the people. It is not.  Due in part, to the Middle East culture, there is no separation of Mosque and State.

It is not about Democracy
To a Muslim, their political movement is a religious movement. Democracy is a foreign concept to a Muslim. A Muslim cannot be governed by ‘democracy’, his or her Koran forbids it. The Islamic culture has never known such a concept nor welcomes it, nor can it implement it for that matter because their religion, Islam prohibits it. Study Islamic history and this assertion will be confirmed. The goal of the Luciferian Globalist and Satanic Money Changers are aligned with Islam in that they are using it as a tool that will hand over to Lucifer himself his throne on Earth in the near future on the Temple Mount rebuilt 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. It is exactly what the New World Order (NWO) –Luciferians have designed all along. It is not about spreading ‘democracy’ to the Middle East. Furthermore, the US, EU, UN have not had and do not have the average Arab, US Citizen’s or Christian’s best interest in mind when dealing with such overt and covert operation in the Middle East.

How can the US State Department, Kerry, Obama and the UN demand that Assad provide and give ‘freedom’ and civil rights to its citizenry when back home in the USA, it has been the attempt by the very same Globalist and Money Changers to take away or restrict the very inalienable rights guaranteed to US Citizens in the US Constitution? If that were the case that the US, EU, or UN indeed supports democracy around the world, it would not have supported covert CIA efforts to overthrow genuine democratic movements around the world since World War II. Here are but 2 examples of a long dirty laundry list of democracy snuffed out by the USA.

1) IRAN: In the 1953, an actual democratic process was adhered to in Iran before the Shaw was in power through Mosadek. The government was overthrown by the CIA backed opposition because the Iranian government would not give contracts to mine and drill oil for the major US oil companies.

2) CHILE: In 1973, the same goes for Allende of Chile for nationalizing the copper mines. The CIA led and backed Pinochet’s overthrow of the government. This started decades of torture and oppression of a population that like the Arabs, only wanted a fare wage. 

Despite the repressive regime of Assad in Syria, he is defending this government as any sovereign government would logically do and be expected to. This essay is in no way condoning the killings but there is an all-out assault from outside Satanic forces against Assad, which the US is being used to be part of. Assad’s government has been the only Arab-Muslim country that has given the Christian community there more freedoms than in any other Muslim nation. Compared to all other Muslim-Arab governments, Syria has been more tolerant of Christians than any other in the region.

If one thinks that the US, EU, Arab mainstream media is accurately portraying the Arab uprising, it is not the case. It is the Luciferians Money Changers and the Satanic Globalists Masters that control the world news outlets. News is filtered down to the masses and in the USA. The Globalists want the ‘sheeple’ to only see and have impressed into one’s psyche what ‘program’ they want you to have. The reports and images coming from Western news outlets have been one of ‘Arab unity’ and a cause for ‘democracy’. It is not such a thing.

The Double-Standard
These sweeping so called ‘democracy’ movements that has been supported by the US, EU, the UN, NATO and Sunni majority Arab countries have only been used much like Hitler used ‘democracy’ to gain power and then destroy it. This is the same game plan the Muslims are using. To America’s and Obama’s shame, the US joined the EU and NATO to support and fight alongside al-Qaida in Libya against Kaddafi to topple his government and murder him. So too now in Syria, the USA, NATO, the CIA, MOSSAD, and MI6 –along with Arabia and Turkey have been arming and/or transporting al-Qaida fighters and Jihadist mercenaries to Syria. All these entities, to some measure, are supplying direct funds and weaponry to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) against the sovereign government of Assad as they did in Libya.

Many Christians in the West, especially in the USA are not really aware of the plight of their fellow Brethren – by design. The Western controlled media has done a superb job in masquerading the evil underlying intent of the Globalists. They have only portrayed the ‘Rebels’ as democracy-loving freedom fighters. The main-stream media has done a wonderful job of putting the wool over the eyes of the American public. The American public is too busy being entertained and in debt, by design to notice that tax-payer money is directly being given to these murderous Islamic armies whose religious duty and quest is to decimate the Christian Witness in the Middle East under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’.

This current ‘Arab renaissance’ is nothing more than a Luciferian Globalist attempt bent on a ‘crusade’ to slaughter, eradicate the non-Muslim minorities in an ethnic cleansing of Christians, ironically supported by the Western ‘Christian’ West. The term, ‘Arab Spring’ was taken from the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia against the Soviets during the Cold War to conjure up images of a fight for ‘freedom’. Such a spirit now has only brought about bondage and intense persecution of Christians in this region as a whole. As the Soviets crushed, repressed, and tortured the Resistance, thousands fled –if they could. It is the same case now with the Christian communities that have been in the Middle East since the time of the Apostle Paul.

Middle East Christians are experiencing the Arab Islamic ‘democracy’ firsthand. From eye-witness testimonies on the ground, the mercenaries backed by the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Arabia, Turkey, and the puppet Arab League are bent of a Jihad against the Christians and Alawis. They see it as their Holy War (Jihad) to rid the Muslim world of such people. What is occurring in the Muslim world is called genocide. Here is but a small taste of what is to come during the Tribulation Period foretold in the Book of Revelation. The AntiChrist will use the same tactics that the radical Islamists live by as they have taken overpower in the following countries of the Middle East. Why? Because the source is the same, Lucifer the father of lies, the Lord of the flies, death, and destruction whose nature is but to steal, kill and destroy.

The US led Globalist coalition of nations that invaded Iraq resulted in the mass exodus of the ancient Chaldean Churches that had been perhaps founded by St. Peter; of whom an Epistle is written to them in Babylon. Constant attacks by Muslim extremists plagued the Christian churches with bombs, killings, kidnapping, and harassment. There are virtually no indigenous Iraqi Christians left that at least will worship or congregate publicly.

Despite years of the US Army’s presence, billions of US taxpayer dollars and support, there are no more Christian churches remaining standing. Virtually all have been bombed, burnt to the ground, or destroyed. Despite billions of foreign aid from US tax payers, no protection of the Christian community was even considered nor guaranteed in practice despite the usual political rhetoric of religious tolerance on the part of the Islamic government and new constitution. As in most other Muslim nations, Christians are barred from holding high political offices. There are virtually no indigenous Afghani Christians left that at least will worship or congregate publicly. Yet the Afghan President, a former Exxon executive is hailed and applauded in Congress.

This is where the Arab Spring began. The ensuing repercussions of a majority Islamists fascist ‘democracy’ that took over the government has allowed publicly the beheading of Muslim ‘converts’ to Christianity as seen on YouTube in gruesome detail.

Despite Coptic Christians in Egypt’s coming out in support of the ‘Revolution’ for democracy and change during their Arab Spring, most of the churches have been set on fire or have suffered damage beyond proper repair after the Muslim Brotherhood gained control of the Government. Although Copts make up at least 6 million of the Egyptian population, not one Copt is permitted to hold a high elected political office nor can ever become the President of Egypt.

The US-NATO backed Islamists showed its true horrific bloody colors of red for the bloodshed in their ethnic cleansing of Christians from rebel held territory in Libya. Migrant Black Africans workers from Equatorial Africa, who are mostly Christian, were especially singled out and slaughtered in droves for having either aided or abated in Kaddafi’s cause. To the shame of the USA, it sided and aided with the very al-Qaida fighters the US Army fought off in Iraq and Afghanistan -at the expense of countless young US servicemen and women’s blood. Christian cemeteries that have been established since the times of the Apostles have been desecrated. There are virtually no indigenous Libyan Christians left that at least will worship or congregate publicly.

Now Syria is the next nation in line to be orchestrated to fall as the NWO and the Western backed ‘Free Syrian Army’ decimates the Christian populations like in all other Middle East countries, it has been involved in ‘liberating’. These Christian minority enclaves in Syria have been in the Middle East for thousands of years; since Christ’s Apostles ventured beyond Jerusalem due to the then persecution from the Zionist Religious Money Changers of their day. To ascertain the complexity of the civil war raging in Syria against Assad, one has to look at whom and why the Sunnis, in mass droves, are being supported by the West, Arabia and Turkey. Why are the Luciferian Globalists hell-bent on destroying this government in Syria as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, etc?

Brief Syrian Historical Background
Syria, as a modern country, was carved out of the Ottoman Empire after World War I by France and England. Syria, like Israel is at the crossroads of trade and waterways of the world. This has characterized its demographics with all types of religions, ethnic people since the times of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Turks. One common trait of all these ruling empires was that they split ethnic and religious groups down the middle with a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that kept the population segregated and secluded from each other –as not to have any one become a majority.

It was from the 1500’s that the long reign of the Ottoman Turks allowed the Sunni Muslims to become the power rulers with total control over Syria’s population, wealth and resources. Under the majority Sunni population, Syrian minority Muslim groups like the Alawi as well as the Christians and Jews endured intense persecution by the Sunni majority. The Alawi are a Shi’ite sect but were and are considered ‘heretical’ in Islamic theology because they incorporate many Christianized pagan holidays like Christmas (Yule Day) and Ester (Ishtar-Isis) and the Jewish Passover, Palm Sunday with the observance of Bread and Wine, etc.

For centuries, these Alawi and Christian populations were marginalized and bared from political representation in any significant measure in Syrian politics. It was not until the desolation of the joint Syria-Egypt alliance in the mid-1960s that Alawi military officers took control of the political government and rulership through a military coup. Precisely, it has the father of the current Assad who took control of Syria. Having this joint history in common with the other persecuted Christian minority groups, the Alawi rulers of Syria better understand the need for tolerance and acceptance amongst ethnic and religious Syrian groups. Since the Assad regime has been in power in Syria, the Christian communities, at least, had enjoyed a measure of reprieve from severe persecution by the Sunni Muslims.

This current liberation and so called ‘democratic’ fight in Syria are nothing more than a ‘revenge’ on the part of the Sunni majority in Syria who never forgave themselves for allowing the Alawi coup-d’état to take place under their watch. They have a vengeance to also eradicate all traces of Christianity in the process for being somewhat sympatric to the Alawi government; their Islamic religion demands it at its core. There have been eyewitness of fleeing Christian refugees that the ‘freedom fighter’ of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ are announcing publicly that Christians are to vacate rebel controlled territory or face death. The ultimatum of Mohammed’s merciful and peace loving religion only choice for the infidels is to, 1) submit to Islam or 2) be beheaded.

In a political comparison, we could see how in the USA as in Syria the same globalist End-Game will someday possibly occur in the USA. How would the USA’s government react if China and Russia along with covert Black-opts from some other country’s secret intelligence apparatus like the CIA was funneling guns to the 3-4 million illegal immigrant population of the USA to take back Atzlan?  For a comparative perspective of the international intervention occurring in Syria and in the Middle East as a whole, a comparative to the USA and Mexico will be given. What if some foreign nations were inciting the 11 million plus Mexicans in the US Southwest to protest their rights?

What if the cause was a Mexican Spring uprising for a just cause by the millions to give the Southwest back to Mexico? What if the illegal alien movement was deemed a purely ‘democratic’ phenomena and the Media did not broadcast the real intent of the organization such as MEChA whose goal is for all Anglos to be expelled from Atzlan-Mexica territory (the Southwest) or suffer penalty of death?  What if the illegal aliens demanded that the US borders be redefined to the Pre Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty, in essence giving back all of the Southwest before the Mexican-American War of the 1840s?

What if the Luciferian Globalist transported extremist radicals from other Latin America countries to set off bombs in the major cities, attack government buildings, slaughter innocent Anglo civilians and blaming them on the US government? What if other zealous Latin mercenaries came to fight alongside transported by Mexico’s military alliances with other nations that are funneling money, arms and supplies to the illegal alien’s cause? What if China froze all US assets on the global markets and Russia stopped all shipment of oil to the USA? I think the point comes across load and clear. This will come to America one day as part of the LORD’s judgment on the sins of the USA, but that is for another study.

The current conflict in Syria is being presented to the world by the Globalists as one that exists between an 'evil regime' of Assad against an overwhelmingly oppressed population seeking democracy. The turning point for the continued existence of Assad’s government will be the Battle for Aleppo, Syrians largest city. If Aleppo falls to the Muslim Rebels, it is only a matter of time that so too will Damascus with Assad fall also. Aleppo is the crucial fight that could determine the direction of the Jihadist uprising against Assad. Thanks to the tactics of the Luciferian Money Changers and Satanic Globalist, a sovereign country like Syria is being taken down and systematically decimated.

This is a classic text-book case of how the NWO cadre of evil has destroyed a country’s sovereignty and economy. Currently Syria’s inflation is spiraling. This is how the world Bankers destroys a country through austerity and sanctions; they devalue its currency, they block their energy sources, they boycott their exports. They then use their media to broadcast a perception that Syria as a pariah state that needs a regime change and needs to be invaded for the sake of the children that the USA is helping foster those that perform such atrocities. This End Game plan is straight out of the Protocols of Zion.

Religions of Syria
90% Muslim 
-Sunni 74%
-Alawites 11%
-Druze 6%
-Ismailites 1%
-Total Shi’ite .5%

The largest religious group in Syria are the Sunni Muslims, of whom about 80% are native Syrian Arabs, with the remainder being Kurds, Turkomans, Circassians and Palestinians.

Alawis constitute Syria's largest religious minority. They live chiefly along the coast in Latakia Province. For centuries, the Alawis constituted Syria's most repressed and exploited minority. It was not until Alawi President Hafez Assad; the father of the current Assad came to power in 1970 that the Alawi persecutions by the Sunnis stopped.

The Druze
The Druze religion is a tenth-century offshoot of Islam, but Muslims view Druze’s as heretical. Druze’s incorporate a lot of the Christian and Jewish religious practices.

The semi nomadic Yazidis religion dates back to the time of the Umayyad caliphate. The Yazidi religion has elements of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as paganism. Yazidis consider the Bible and the Qur'an as sacred. They are often called ‘devil worshipers’ by the Sunnis. Yazidis are said to worship a Fallen Angel that is symbolized as Peacock (NBC?) called Malik Taus.

10% Christian
Under Assad, Christians enjoy a measure of freedom to worship in Syria. In fact, Christians were granted a degree of religious freedom not seen in most other Middle Eastern countries to this day. Christianity in Syria is recognized and there are National holidays even to include Christmas, New Year’s day, and Easter. The Christian Churches are divided into 2 main cohorts.

1) The Catholic Churches have their own Patriarch, although the highest position is the Pope in Rome.
2) The Orthodox Churches also have their own patriarchs.  The Armenians are under the guidance of the chief Patriarch in Armenia.
3) Protestant Churches are very few and are under the guidance of a Thinodus or Priesthood.

Catholic Churches
-Greek Catholics
-Syrian Catholics
-Armenian Catholics
-Chaldean Catholics
-Maronite Catholics
-Latin Roman Catholics

Orthodox Churches
-Greek Orthodox
-Syrian Orthodox
-Armenian Orthodox


St. Paul's Church
This church in Damascus stands in memory of St. Paul of the New Testament, whose name was Saul of Tarsus. He was charged by the Religious Jews of the Temple to destroy the ‘Christian’ Witness after Christ’s Resurrection. The Christians were first called Followers of ‘The Way’ but were first called ‘Christians’ in Antioch. According to the Bible, as Paul approached the village of Daraya, a burst of a bright light blinded him as he heard the voice of Jesus Christ.

Paul was led to Damascus who was attended by Hananiya (Ananias), one of Christ's disciples. Later on, Paul, as a Jew became one of the staunchest advocates of Christianity. His Jewish brethren sought to kill him because of his conversion to Christianity and example to fellow Jews. He was hiding in a house by the city wall in Damascus. The church is said to be located at the site of his escape. He traveled to Antioch, Athens, and Rome after a brief stay in Jerusalem. He continued to teach and preach the Gospel of Christ until he was martyred by Nero in Rome.

Saint Simeon Stylites Church
This Christian church near Aleppo is considered to be one of the oldest surviving churches in the world. It is now destroyed.

Languages of Syria

Stats on Syria
-Capital: Damascus
-Latitude: 33°30’ N 36°18’ E
-Government: Unitary semi-presidential Constitutional Republic
-Independence: from France: 17 Apr 1946, from United Arab Republic: 28 Sep1961 
-Area: Total 185,180 km2 (89th largest in world)
-Population: ~23 Million
-GDP: $59.957 billion
-Per capita: ~$6,000
-Currency: Syrian Pound

Entities supporting ‘Free Syrian Army’
Sunni Muslim countries like Arabia and Turkey are funneling arms and money to the cohort of Muslim extremist and mercenary Rebels that constitute the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The extremist Anti-Christian Jihadists see this uprising as a Holy War against Assad, whom as an Alawi Muslim is considered a heretic, no better than the Christians and Infidels.

-Muslim Brotherhood
-Arab League

Entities supporting ‘Free Syrian Army’

Globalist entities form outside of Syria are also funneling weapons to the Free Syrian Army. Various intelligence secret agencies have funneled Jihadist mercenaries directly from Libya, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt in an attempt to topple the Syrian government. What has been done to Libya is what is going to happen to Syria at some point in time.

-Saudi Arabia

Entities supporting Assad government

Despite a counter balance to the Western-led coalition of support for the Rebels against the Syrian government of Assad, Russia, China and Iran remain at bay. Syria is Russia’s number 1 buyer of weapons systems. Syria also has a military pack with Hezbollah and Iran. Iran and Russia both have Naval Military bases on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. Russia’s Putin is still seeking out his position in relation to the new Arab renaissance

-Russian Federation
-People’s Republic of China
-Islamic (Shi’ite) Republic of Iran

The Domino Effect
The Arab Spring has cascaded throughout the Arab region with the fall of several regimes now since 2010. Most noticeably in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the ‘democratic’ uprising shifted from being a political movement to a religious fervor and because that has also changed the paradigm and balance of Power in the region. It has also testing the post-Cold War alliances and tension in the region between the Superpower of Russia and the USA. Nonetheless, this is how the NWO takes down a government and systematically eradicates Christianity from the Middle East.

The Christian Exodus
In general, the US State Department is deliberately turning a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Muslim worlds whose churches are being systematically destroyed. Under president Obama, the US State Department, in an unprecedented move, purged the sections dealing with religious persecution from its recently released Country Reports on Human Rights. America used to be voice for the voiceless and a defender of religious liberty and human rights around the world –at least on paper…but now the US government under the leadership of a president that is more sympathetic with the Muslims has chosen to encourage and aid their cause.

Didn’t Obama even state that the only thing that was in his way that needed to be taken out in America was ‘Christmas’? For example, the Obama administration insists that the Syrian crisis has nothing to do with religion, even as Obama offered his hearty blessings to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president, in the midst of allegations of electoral fraud. Now, the Muslim Brotherhood has initiated armed militias inside Syria. Moreover, the major source media of the West is not allowing the average American to see Christians who are being robbed, imprisoned and/or murdered in the aftermath of the ‘Arab Spring’ which in all purposes, is really the Islamic uprisings. How can they when now over 50% of Americans are too busy in support gay marriage and condemns businesses for contributing to traditional marriage values or censoring opposition as hate speech.

All the while America’s state of immorality is now praising Amazon for contributing to gay marriage causes yet forcing out the CEO of the Firefox internet browser for having personally contributed to pro-traditional marriage years prior. Currently, a mass exodus of thousands of Christians is taking place in Syria, as the mainstream Western media only seam to glorify the Rebel’s cause at any price. From Christian eye-witness accounts on the ground in Syria, the so-called freedom fighters in Syria appear just as concerned with the destruction of Christianity and Alawis as they are with political regime change and ‘democracy’. For example, the Christian population of Qusayr, near Homs, has fled following an ultimatum issued by the Free Syrian Army commander, Abdel Salam Harba to convert to Islam, leave or be killed. Mosques in Rebel territory have also issued ultimatums for Christians to leave.

It is reported that at other Rebel Free Syrian Army leaders are publicly stating that Christians will have to be cleansed from rebel-held territory and will have no place in the new Islamic Syria where priests, pastors and ministers are beheaded and nuns, and ley people are raped. There are few places in the Middle East left where Christians can go. In other reports coming out from Human Rights Groups, it has been reported that some Free Syrian Army (Muslims) elements are actually keeping some Christians from fleeing because they want to use them as bargaining chips with the West done the road. The USA will at some stage reach a ‘faith’ tipping point with the LORD that will deliver the nation to the judgments mostly reserved to the enemies of the LORD. Despite the USA portrayed as a ‘Christian Nation’, no such thing now exists according the declared statement from its current ‘elected’ President as he excuses the nation before world.

The nation has been duped to support foreign wars in the Middle East and corrupt Muslim governments that have ushered extremist Islamic regimes bent on eradicating the small Christian Witness–what’s left of it and to destroy Israel off the face of the world’s maps. Many do not realize that there are spots and pockets of Christian communities in Syria that still speak the ancient language of Aramaic. This is the original language spoken in the region during the time of Jesus, of whom He also conversed in. Specifically, the community on the North-Eastern region of Kamechliye bordering Turkey and Iraq. Despite speaking Aramaic, these Christians are the direct descendants of the Assyrians as in Nineveh of the Bible. These were the fierce and ferocious fighters dreaded for their cruelty in the ancient world. They are the very ones that led into captivity the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel.

Glory departing - Christian Witness Leaving
Sadly, spiritually speaking the ‘Christian Witness’ is also being snuffed out in America as there has been a sort of Christian exodus from the Churches. In the Middle East it is due to genocide, in America it is due to wickedness. Moreover, the LORD appears to incrementally remove, from the US Populace, the Christian Witness it has now come to be intolerable to most Americans. The USA has been basking on the ‘after-glow’ of a once righteous and pious Christian majority and nation -despite the many sins of its People and Government. Now, in general like in the Old Testament times of Israel, when Israel could no longer desire to follow the LORD’s commandments, it was led into captivity as its Temple was leveled to the ground.

Perhaps America’s ‘temples’ will be leveled to the ground also someday as the ‘Glory of the LORD’ in the Land has departed rhetorically speaking. What are America’s Temples? They are the Malls. Thus, at some point in time, the economy and the money that is used to have Americans go and worship and sacrifice their lives for plastic produces will come to a crashing halt. One day their Temple will close and the sheeple will go into captivity just like the ancient Israelites. If the Rapture of the Church is to take place fairly soon, and that it might coincide with some ‘sudden destruction’, no other place on Earth would be so ideal as the Middle East that would be the trigger to usher such an event. The exodus of the Christian Witness in Syria as in all other Muslim countries just might be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps the LORD is physically removing His people before total annihilation and judgment of the region.

It would be at this stage that the LORD would, out of His mercy, still provide a Witness unto Himself through the 144,000 and the 2 Witnesses once the Christian Church is removed by way of the Rapture. The LORD will always have Himself a Witness. Perhaps the world is witnessing the close of the Door to Noah’s Ark, figuratively speaking. It might be the case that the Ark is ready to be lifted up upon the waters of the coming world-wide judgment of the LORD over the whole of the Earth. As hard as it is to see fellow Christians suffer persecution, death, and exile, it may yet be a sort of final call for the Gospel of Christ to the Middle East before the Rapture for the following reasons.

1) The LORD is removing His people physically from harm’s way in a greater scope as He did with Sodom & Gomorrah before judgment fell upon the people and region. Perhaps as the fight between the Arabs and the Jews finally comes to a head, the region will experience some sort of nuclear exchange that by this time, the majority of the Christians would have fled by such a time.

2) The LORD is removing the final Christian Witness of Christ to the Muslims before the AntiChrist is to be revealed. This would mean that this last nation to fall, Syria, would be a sort of ‘last chance’ the Muslims have to repent and believe the only saving grace of the Gospel of the True Christ of the Cross.

These rationales presented in this essay are only given in light of the possible immanent Rapture of the Church. Perhaps this current political-religious fanatic movement will be used of the LORD as a refining with a ‘fire.’ As the Christian witness started there, perhaps it will also likewise end there in the Middle East. It might be that we are witnessing the last stages of the ‘Gospel Witness’ of the Church Age before the Rapture happens. Until that day, in the meanwhile, the Christian witness in the Middle East continues as the suffering Christians in the Middle East are subject to persecution and martyrdom.

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