Present Circumstances that are Leading-Up to the Mark

  • Are the COVID-19 Shots the Biblical Mark of the Beast?
  • What is the Mark and what does it have to do with Salvation ?
  • Is the COVID pandemic reality an orchestrated effort to let to it?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And I saw as it were a Sea of Glass mingled with Fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the Beast, and over his Image, and over his Mark, and over the Number of his Name [6-6-6], stand on the Sea of Glass, having the Harps of YHVH.’ -Revelation 15

The purpose of this lengthy study is to chronicle and document the various COVID-19 events that many are convinced are leading-up to the Biblical notion of the Mark of the Beast. The Mark is real, serious and fast approaching. The study will not delve into what the Mark of the Beast is exactly as that is illusive at best to determine. The theories range from an RFID Chip Implant, to worshipping GOD on a Sunday to the ancient Greek inscription that denotes the name of the Muslim God, Allah, etc. This study will only seek to show how the present trajectory by means of the COVID pandemic or plandemic is setting the stage for this Mark to be taken, willingly by most People of the World. To this end, this study will chronicle various key articles, presentations, interviews and write-ups that this Author believes are pertinent to the alternative narrative that is increasing being silenced, censored and banned, intentionally.

The intended Audience of this study and information provided are for those primarily that are familiar with Biblical Eschatology or the Study of End Times. However, the study is set-up to demonstrate to the average Reader that indeed the COVID-19 pandemic has been a ‘cover’ or an excuse to have a well-orchestrated implementation of the necessary ‘building-blocks’ that will facilitate the People taking upon their Body the Mark of the Beast, when that time comes. The COVID-19 pandemic has been all about total control and a psyop, guided by only a single Scientific Official Narrative. One thing is for sure about what the Mark of the Beast will be all about. It will be about absolute control of all aspects of a human’s life; Mind, Body and down to the Soul as well. This is the key and the warning for this study as this ‘Control Grid’ is happening now. More astonishing is the total control of one’s Body, biometrically as it is the gateway to the Mind and Soul.

This is the core reason for the study that seeks to demonstrate with Scientific evidence that the COVID-19 Injections are doing just that. It would appear that the COVID-19 Injections are serving a multipurpose role. It is introducing the necessary ‘Platform Scaffolding’ that will eventually link-up the human Body with Nano-Technology and Mechanical Interfacing to the Block Chain, for example. This will facilitate a Biometric Identification and Digital Wallet for every human that will then be tracked and controlled. The human Body will be GPS monitored 24/7. Even one’s bodily functions, whereabouts and Thought Patterns will be surveilled. This will occur in those that survive its dire Adverse Effects and not die. This is the other functionality of the Injections.

It is about to get Biblical

Why this study to ascertain if the COVID Injections are the Mark of the Beast? It is because the World is about to get Biblical. It will be shown that the mRNA COVID-19 Injections are filled with Neuro Toxins, Lipids, Hydrogel where the Body is ‘hacked’ to produce the very portion of the actual COVID-19 Virus. It is literally being given to the majority of all the healthy People on the planet. But that the Body will essentially self-destruct as it fights its very own Organs due to Auto Immunity that is designed to occur. This will kill-off millions in a projected 2-3-year period, as that is a primary motive for the Reset to occur. As stipulated by Klaus Schwab, the coming 4th Industrial Revolution is not about the People. Thus, there needs to be less of them to manage and control. And excess People cannot be allowed to consume all ‘their’ resources, etc. That is why they, being Eugenicist, must cull the World Population down by 90%.

The COVID-19 Injections will do this outright if not by their other effect of rendering most of the Child-Bearing Population sterile or infertile. A subsequent consequence is more insidious and as it is downright Satanic at the core. What the Eugenicists are wanting to do, is what really is essentially has been the quest of Lucifer to do to Humanity since the Garden of Eden. It is to ‘rewrite’ the Genetic Code of Humanity. Yes, Lucifer is real. Those that are managing these pandemics believe and follow him more than anything else. And in so doing, they seek to deface the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH encoded into the very Genome of Humanity. Why? It is to ‘reprogram’ Humanity into the new ‘Image and Likeness’, of Lucifer’s. Now most not exposed to such suppositions would render his Author and study as nothing more than outlandish Conspiratorial nonsense.

But it is about to get ‘Biblical’ in the World and this study is an attempt to warn the People of what is foretold. But the evidence is becoming self-evident, day-by-day as it proves how the Bible is true and if so, one’s Mind, Body and Soul is in the balance. They are in the crosshairs of who will possess them and whom one allows to possess them. It really will come down to a choice, Jesus or Lucifer. To take the COVID Injections or not. Those that do not will lose their ability to work, for example. They will not be able to go to school, or a University, etc. Such People will be relegated to a 2nd Class status. Such will not be able to travel or have mobility in the Public Square. Those not ‘vaccinated’ will eventually be forcibly Quarantined and not allowed to join Society.

The studies will show that it is not about COVID as even those that are COVID Recovered, which is the ideal as such have lifelong Natural Immunity to the virus and its Variants, will still be required to be ‘vaccinated’. Universities, Sporting Venues or other Businesses will not recognize Natural Immunity. Where is the Science and logic in that? There is no logic nor reason why. That is the plan because it is not about COVID. Then it will be shown that Preventative Treatments with such drugs as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin among others do work but have been suppressed in the USA. And this alone would be cause to suspend the Mass Vaccination Programs as the condition is that only ‘Emergency Vaccines’ can be authorized if no other form or Effective Treatment is available. In other countries, it is outright banned if Doctors treat Patients with such drugs. Many Doctors have been thrown in jail already or threatened with having their Medical License suspended.

The 3rd Wave is a Charm

It will be shown that the COVID pandemic has been hyped and perpetuated by elevated and inaccurate Death Rates. There is a constant psyop of Fearmongering and now that Variants are on the way. It is even though all virus Variants are less potent than the original. If there are any so-called Variants that are more potent than the original, it is because they are releasing more deadly ones. It seems that with the independent research that accompanied the pandemic, some initial evidence that was deemed ‘Conspiratorial’ is now center stage in the Mainstream Media. Case in point was the evidence that Fauci conspired to circumvent U.S. safety measures to not conduct Corona Virus Gain of Function research in the USA and on humans. Gain of Function is essentially inventing ways to make a virus more lethal, contagious and potent.

Fauci then funneled Tax Payer money by way of Canada to the Wuhan Bio Lab to do that for him. And then he disclosed that there certainty was going to be a ‘Surprise Outbreak’ during the Trump’s Administration. How would he have known that? It was part of the plan. And this after Chinese Defectors that worked in the Wuhan Bio Lab attested to this fact. His emails obtained show a clear connection to these assertions that are undeniable. Yet, the ‘Show must go on’ and the Mass Vaccination Programs continue despite the fact that the mRNA targeting COVID-19 is now rendered useless as the COVID-19 original virus has fizzled-out in the General Population. It seems that one would hope and expect that the Scientists would be convinced of their own Science to react to this truth at least. But that is not the case. Why not? It is part of the plan.

It is not about COVID-19. As it is, the Official Narrative is that the 3rd Wave is going to be worse. And once the natural Flu Season hits, the spike in Deaths will not be blamed on the COVID Injections but on those ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ for refusing to take the Shots. And thus, efforts to double-down and pressure the Un-Vaccinated will be intolerable. As it is, all the Deaths associated with the COVID-19 Injections cannot be attributed to a person’s death because of it. All this is by way of background and context to demonstrate that there is a direct causality in the present COVID-19 Injection Programs and the coming Control Grid. For sure, the COVID-19 pandemic is preparing the World for the coming ‘Mark’. What is this Mark? In a brief explanation, the last book of the Bible describes a time when towards the end of a 7-year period of time that will culminate in the return of Jesus, there will be a Leader, a Man that will come on the World Stage.

This World Leader will not be any ordinary human as he will have all the abilities, skills and knowledge to bring together a World on the brink of extinction. The World will be seeking a World Leader as it gets to a point of ‘Critical Mass’, but by design. This World Leader will offer the solutions and with the power to actually deliver on his promises, initially. Of course the Bible teaches that this Man will have divine help, but not from the Creator GOD, YHVH but rather from the ‘God of this World’, Lucifer. This Man will be given supernatural powers to perform Signs and Wonders to unite the World. There will be a World Government and he will rally all the Nations around his persona and religious persuasion. After 3.5-years, he will mandate a ‘Mark’. This Mark will be associated with his Name and Number, which the Bible discloses will be 6-6-6.

Altering the Human Genome

It is at this point in time, that all of Humanity will be forced to demonstrate a ‘Loyalty Test’. In order to participate in ‘Normal Social Activities’ like shopping, traveling, and social interacting among other events like attending public events, one must take to the Body his ‘Mark, Name or Number’. It is not specified clearly what that will look like or be composed of, other than it will be a ‘Mark’ to the Right Hand or the Head on a human’s Body. It is very interesting that it is in those precise areas where Body-Heat escapes the most. It is thought that with such a construct, the Body-Heat will power the Mark or provide the necessary Energy for it to function and connect to the ‘Control Grid’. Apparently, it will be connected to some sort of A.I. as purchases will be monitored, for example. And that in fact, one cannot ‘Buy or Sell’ unless one has this ‘Mark’ to do so.

By not having the Mark, it would be one thing that People could still survive through alternative means or by being self-sufficient, for example. Others could or would rely on the Bartering System, and so on. But this will not be allowed. The Bible teaches that this World Leader will demand the absolute resolve of everyone on the planet to take on this Mark to their Body. And if not? The consequence will be a Capital Crime and punished by decapitation. This ‘infraction’ will be tied to the Noahide Laws. Those that will be refusing to take on the Mark of this World Leader whom the Bible describes as the ‘Beast’ will be put to Death, automatically. It is that dire and serous of a decision. It will be a matter of Life or Death. What is wrong with taking this Mark to the Body then?

The issue is that the Bible teaches that in some form or fashion, by taking to the Body this Mark of the Beast, it will change the Human Genome so much that it will render a human, a non-human. And thus, a human taking the Mark cannot be redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Why not? It is because Jesus only came on a Rescue Mission to restore the Fallen Race of Adam and Eve, totally being humans genetically. With such technology presently being injected into the Bodies of millions across the Globe, Humanity has arrived at a time as it was like in ‘the Days of Noah’ and that Jesus warned about. In the book of Daniel, YHVH warned the Prophet that in the Last Generation, the Fallen Angels would once again be ‘mixing or mingling their Seed with the Seed of Men’. This to mean that there would be a mixing at the genetic level.

This type of crossing Species and altering the Gene Pool of humans with Fallen Angels is what led YHVH to destroy the World of Noah that started with the first human, Adam. This was and is the ‘Red Line’ for YHVH. What this study contends is that this COVID-19 pandemic has been carefully orchestrated as a means to do the same. And to this end, to condition, set-up the Control Grid and prepare the World to take the Mark of the Beast. It will be seen as a work of ‘Salvation’ helping Humanity overcome and conquer certain diseases, ailments and genetic obstacles. This ‘Beast’ whom the Bible has several names for, such as the Lawless One, the Man of Sin, or the Son of Perdition will be seen as a ‘Savior’ and how he like a Prometheus type will appear to have given Humanity the ‘Secret’ to Immortality and Godhood. The appeal and psychological conditioning will be such that accompanied by the ‘Strong Delusion’ that will be sent by YHVH, it will be irresistible for a mere Mortal to not want to take the Mark to become a ‘God’ in comparison to what one is as opposed to what one could become.

A Global Conspiracy

This after all, has been the false promise Lucifer had introduced to the 1st human couple, the Man and his Wife in the Garden of Eden. Yet, at the time of the End, which is now, People have and are believing this same Lie. The reason why it is so serious is that People now are being conditioned psychologically to believe the Government, Scientists and Doctors along with bought Politicians that the COVID-19 Shots are ‘Safe and Effective’. This is despite the increasing Death Rates from their being Adverse Effect as the Injections have never been given to humans before. The deal is that the Bible warns that anyone taking the Mark of the Beast will essentially alter their Human Genome beyond the ‘Red Line’ and thus, cannot be ‘Saved’. One will be condemned to the Lake of Fire, forever. This is no light matter but all People will know this clearly.

This is the difference between what is going on now with the mRNA Injections in which most People on the contrary, do not know nor have a clue about then. It will be so severe of a decision then, that before the rollout of the Mark occurs, YHVH will dispatch an Angel to circle the Earth and in every language that can be understood, will be warning every Human Being not to take the Mark of the Beast. And then the Angel proceeds to tell of its eternal consequences. At that point, as it is now with the COVID-19 Injections, it is a matter of who does one listen to and believe. It seems there are 2 parallel realities of how People choose. In one ‘Reality’, People listen and hear the Official Scientific Narrative. They cannot help but be convinced that there is really a pandemic and People are dropping dead like flies, as they say. And that it cannot be soon enough for them to get the shots as they line-up without any questions asked. They obey and do what the Authorities tell them is best for their own ‘Health and Safety’.

On the other hand, to the contrary there are those in a parallel ‘Reality’ that are not plugged into the ‘Matrix’ and do not listen to the Government Authorities or their appointed Scientists and Doctors. They look at alternative rendering of facts and figures and what other Doctors and Scientists are saying to the contrary. To such, how could it not be anything but a Global Conspiracy of the 1st Order? At this stage in the timeline heading towards the Day of the Mark, such People can perhaps survive or have alternative venues to feed, work and live. However, this liberty and opportunity will be short-lived once the World Leader whom the Bible calls the AntiChrist will be revealed.

But for those that do listen to the Words of the Bible and its warnings, it does foretell of such a coming day and condition regarding Mandated Injections. Such People see that it is all coming together as it is what the Bible teaches will come to pass. One could say with confidence that Humanity is well on its way to the Mark. It is amazing though that the Body of Christ has been given this intel ahead of time; of what all this is leading to. For their part, they, the People that are on the side of wanting to usher-in this coming World Leader, they too are obliged in some capacity to also have to tell all the World ahead of time of what they are doing to Humanity or plan to do. And one means is through all their Scientific Research Papers of what they exactly will be doing to humans with such Mark of the Beast technology and Control Grid. They intend to convert every human Body in to a ‘Node’, a Bio-Computer to control and program. It would be one thing is this technology would be used to improve and help Humanity, but it is not.

The Beast System

Even with such pretexts of ‘curing Cancer’, such technology ends-up curtailing, harming and destroying Humanity. Why? It will be utilized, at the hands of Luciferian Eugenicists, Psychopaths and Pedophiles who run the World to control all of Humanity, biometrically. And that is what COVID is really all about. And they are insisting in a New Humanity, a New ‘Identity’, going forward now with their anticipated ‘Reset’. They also are keeping a Prophetic Pulse on the Signs of the Time. They know a ‘Transition’ is about to occur. This type of ‘New Humanity’ and New Identity will only, can only be allowed to enter into their reconstituted lost Golden Age or World Order. Any other humans that relents or objects to being ‘integrated’, biologically into their ‘Control Grid’ by way of their COVID Injections and ultimately the Mark into one’s Body will have to be eliminated.

And they will murder million if necessary, as in their Doctrine or Philosophy of Eugenics insinuates, Mass Death or murder is a formality. It is needed in order to force-evolve Humanity into their next ‘Stage’, in their ‘evolutionary’ quest to become Immortal and Gods. It is obvious that this Author is coming from the Biblical perspective that ‘Immortality’ can be obtained. That it has already been obtained but through Jesus. In contrast, those that have rejected Jesus’ offer of Justification, Salvation and Bodily Glorification erroneously believe that Lucifer has the better deal. The Cabal that currently runs this World and has control over all its resources has sided with Lucifer. They seek to rebuild their lost Utopia, Atlantis and King by accepting that it is necessary to forcibly transition or ‘Reset’ Humanity into their next ‘Order’ even if against its will.

It is likened as a ‘birthing’ that will be painful, bloody and traumatic. This is what is coming and is corroborated by Jesus in the Bible. It goes along with their Luciferian Axiom of ‘Order out of Chaos’. That is to say that their coming ‘Order’ will require Mass Death to also double as a Mass Satanic Blood Ritual to have their ‘Order’ birthed and initiated with. Of course, it is only they at the top that will enter into all their benefits. All the masses below will not and just will need to be culled and controlled to a manageable Population level…Let us see, how about less than 500 million worldwide? This would be just the equivalent of the People living in Canada, the USA and Mexico. No South America. No Europe. No Africa. No Middle East. No Asia. No Australia, etc. Yet the delusion and deceptive ‘Spell’ cast upon the world is working as those in positions of Authority and Power to stop this COVID Madness leading to the Mark are not doing so.

They are, ‘Just Following Orders’ from Government Agencies that are not elected nor accountable to the Citizenry. Even with the Death Rate presently of COVID-19 now leveled-off, there is no longer a need to be under a worldwide ‘Emergency’ status nor FEMA in the USA, for example. All this COVID Madness could go away if in the USA, for example the U.S. President would change the status, no longer being an ‘Emergency’. But he will not. Why not? The Control Grid is the plan. This is the reply that Officials say when challenged about it, ‘We follow and abide by the CDC Guidelines’. Who made the CDC the Ruling Governing Body in the country that now dictates every aspect of one’s life? And anyone challenging or even raising questions about it are suspect and become ‘the problem’ now. All the while, reports are mounting of increased Adverse Reactions and Death and now they are injecting Toddlers even.

Sign of the Mark

One was wondering, why for example in the USA has the U.S. Population been ‘Lobotomized’ into not seeing this COVID Hysteria and Farce for what it is? To a large extend, it has been because of decades of drug use, both legal and illegal that has dulled the Minds and Cognition of the People. It is hard to ‘fight back’ in this type of condition. But it is hard to fight against a ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ that is assaulting Humanity on all sides. There is Fluoride in the water, Metals in the Air, Pesticides in the Food, Drugs in the Body, Evolution taught in the schools, Socialism in the Universities. But GOD. And now their ‘Tour de Force’, Mass Vaccinations Programs under the pretext of a COVID pandemonium. No questions asked. And as to their Injections, the People taking on this Experiment, must take all the Risk. It is the Pharmaceuticals that have ‘Total Immunity’, guaranteed from any prosecution or lawsuits. Nice.

So, when the ‘Switch’ is to be turned-on and the 5G/6G will be turned-up to full or elevated capacity, their ‘Sky-Net’ will come online and everyone having taken the COVID Injections will also ‘come online’. As mentioned, such Bodies will now be a ‘Node’ in their Control Grid, a ‘Battery’ just like in the Matrix movie and a GPS Tracking Neuro-Biological Living Agent. And as it has been argued, once a human Body has been altered through their Geo-Engineering Products like a Monsanto Seed, they can legally claim rights over that human Body. Why? Natural life cannot be Patented. However, technology to do so comes under their Patent. If one receives the COVID-19 Injections, one is essentially relinquishing one’s sovereignty and control over one’s Body. One will be at their mercy within the Beast System or ‘Control Grid’ as they can now, with impunity and at will, transmit Signals, through Radio, Light and Sounds.

This is what the Control Grid will look like. It will be about either ‘uploading’ information or ‘downloading’ information and/or ‘Apps’ or Commands just like if one was a ‘Computer’. That is the plan. And that has been the plan. And this type of ‘Human’ upgrade or ‘Reset’ will be just like in a Computer that has to be ‘turned off’ to then be ‘turned on’ to apply its new ‘Operating System’ or ‘Identity’. Or in other words, it is about taking on a New Identity, theirs in the making. It is these types of humans that will only be allowed to enter into their coming COVID World Order. One will see if the Schools, Universities and Businesses will honor the Medical and Religious Exemptions they are guaranteeing now. One doubts this as the Prime Minister of the UK, for example has stated that there will be ‘No Exemptions’ and everyone has to be ‘vaccinated’.

It is not about the COVID as it was Bio-Engineered and released on Humanity. And now they play the role of ‘Saviors’ in providing their solution to it. It has come down to a Tower of Babel moment where Jesus has to come down to intervene and stop this Madness. Or else, Humanity’s Identity as He had designed and intended will forever be genetically altered and beyond the ability to be redeemed. During the Tower of Babel, it was Nimrod, the Son of Cush that was involved in Genetic Manipulation of the Human Genome. He somehow cracked the Genetic Code and injected himself with a type of serum that enabled him to become a ‘Giant’. It was a transformation at the genetic level and that is what is happening to Humanity now, wholesale. It is about transforming Humanity’s Identity that was divinely mirrored to be that of the Creator’s, YHVH.

A Shot in the Dark

It is rather interesting that to the Freemasons and Satanists, they await the same Savior. To them, Nimrod was the 1st Mason. This Biblical AntiChrist will be the embodiment of Nimrod. Humanity has technologically arrived at a similar time where humans now have the same technology to alter the Human Genome, just like in the days of Nimrod. However, their Genetic Cocktail infused into the Bodies of billions will backfire. At a certain point, as part of a Divine Judgment unleashed by Jesus, all those that have willfully and gladly receive the Mark of the Beast will breakout in Soars. And it will be shown that there will be a lot of People during those days that will refuse the Mark of the Beast. It will cost them their physical lives but their Soul will be saved.

However, now consider what will be the spiritual ramifications if one does take this Mark of the Beast. There are those proponents of the argument that stipulate that just by taking the COVID-19 Injections, that it is the Mark of the Beast. And that by taking the COVID Injections into one’s Body, one is now forever damned to Hell because of it. This is false and based on faulty logic, reasoning and misinterpretation of Biblical Scripture. The following will be addressing more so those that hold to this argument and are within the Bible-Believing Camp. The spiritual ramification will not result in the loss of one’s Salvation by taking an Immunization Shot. The argument is that the mRNA does or will alter one’s DNA. This is substantiated by several Scientific Papers. But so does Natural Radiation alter DNA in one’s Body. So, that being the case, will Radiation cause one to forfeit the secure work that Jesus obtained at the Cross? No. This argument is absurd.

Cancer is the generic term used when one’s DNA goes ‘haywire’ and cannot stop copying incorrect DNA Gene Sequences. And thus, Cell Mutations occur that kill the Tissue, Cells, Organs and eventually the whole Body because of it. Does Cancer then cause one to physically suffer the loss of one’s Salvation because one’s DNA has been physically altered? One’s Salvation, secured eternally in Jesus is not predicated on the condition of one’s Genetic Makeup, in so much as these type of mRNA Injections are concerned. Now, once the actual Mark of the Beast application is taken, out of one’s own Informed Consent and does inter one’s Body, that will be the case where the ‘Red Line’ is crossed. It is stipulated that when the Mark does come, it will somehow change the DNA enough to cross the threshold of rendering humans, no longer humans.

One sees that at a certain point, the DNA will be altered enough that humans will not be able to die even, for at least 5 months. So, the promise of the coming AntiChrist to deliver on a Device and/or Application to the Body that will render humans ‘Immortal’ will work, but for a brief time. However, has it been reported that those having taken the mRNA Shots have not been able to die? No. The difference is that not only will the Mark result in very painful and dreaded Physical Consequences, but its Spiritual Eternal Consequences will forfeit one’s Soul for all Eternity. As it is, Jesus promises a new Glorified Body. Now as to the meaning of the Mark’s numerical value of 6-6-6? The assertion about the Allah connection is very interesting. It goes something like this. The Greek Letter Σ was often represented with a Lunate Sigma. In the Epigraphic Form, it looks like the letter C. What will be shown below is that the numerical value of 6-6-6 of the Mark of the Beast can be also attributed to the numerical value of ‘Jesus Christ’.

Number of the Beast 666

This to say that Jesus is not the Mark of the Beast but a ‘Mark’ nonetheless. It would appear that this mysterious Name, Number and Mark has both a ‘thesis’ and ‘antithesis’ to it as they mirror the duality of Jesus and Lucifer in so far as they epitomize the ‘Seeds’ that are at war with each other as foretold in Genesis 3:15. Some do nonetheless promote this ‘Allah’ theory and connection as being 1 of many meanings of the 6-6-6 numerical value. There is evidence that Lucifer is tied to this ancient Moon Goddess. Consider the following Geek numerical value allocations when applying the Mark of the Beast numerical value to ‘Jesus Christ’ in Greek.

In Greek, the word, ‘Mark’ is
Strong’s G5480 which means a Mark or as in to Carve.
It is related to the Greek word,
Chxs Strong’s G5516.

Ιησούς = Jesus = ( and IC)
Χριστός = Christ = (ΧΣ and ΧC)

Christ = ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ = Christogram = ΧΣ
ΧΣ + ϛ = The Ligature of Sigma (Σ) and tau (Τ) = ΧΣϛ =

χξς = 666
ΧΣϛ = 666

ΧΣϛ form is the one found in the oldest manuscripts containing Revelation 13:18.
666  = 600 + 60 + 6

6 =  Sinful Man
60  = 6 X 10 - Sinful Man disobeying YHVH`s Law
600  = 6 X 10 X 10 - Sinful Man controlled by the Spirit of Complete Lawlessness.

Note how the Christogram ΧΣ, which is the ‘Nomen Sacrum’ of ‘Christ’ in the abbreviated form in Greek is rendered by affixing the letter Stigma as a Noun στίγμα which means, ‘A Mark, Dot, Puncture, or generally, A Sign’. In the Allah version, the same numerical coefficient is rendered 6-6-6 when depicted sideways.

Allah            Greek Letter       Value
χ =                   600
ϛ =                   6
=                   60        

Note that the word for “Mark’, written in the Codex Vaticanus, around 350 AD is interpreted by some to mean and signify the anagram for the Muslim word, ‘Allah-u Akbar’. And it is emblematic of the Bismillah, which literally reads, ‘In the Name of Allah’ in Arabic. So, is it then ‘academic’ to say that in some fashion, the ‘Mark, Name and Number of the Beast’ will have something to do with the Moon God of the Muslims, as in Lucifer? Will this be part of the Mark’s nomenclature?

Informed Consent

Whatever the Mark of the Beast will look like, every person on Earth will have Informed Consent about it before receiving it. It will not be like the current circumstance with the COVID-19 Injections where most People do not know about Informed Consent. YHVH will make sure of it that all of Humanity is aware that they must have full Informed Consent about it. Why? It is so serous as to determine one’s Eternal Destiny by this sole decision. It is that serious. So, it cannot be a happenstance of not realizing or being ignorant or unawares that the mRNA COVID-19 Injection is the Mark of the Beast. Those that espouse to this warped belief go so far as to insinuate on behalf of GOD, the Judge that a person’s Name will be ‘blotted-off’ the pages of the Lamb’s Book of Life’. What if a person is not ‘Saved’ to begin with and has no Name written to erase?

And what about, ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’? What about the Children that have been given or will be given this mRNA Toxic Poison? They say that such are ‘Innocent’ and ‘GOD will understand’. Or that ‘GOD knows their heart’. Really? So, by this mere definition and application of such logic, then all those Adults that likewise were or are ‘Innocent’ of not knowing what they were being injected with that lost their Salvation because of it will likewise be ‘Innocent’ of their decision, no? Most People who have taken the mRNA COVID Injections have not been informed of their rights. Nor have they been advised of the dangers of this Experimental Medical Product. And who is to say, some Health Care Worker, accidentally gives an Injection to a person by accident?

Or what if a person acquires an Injection or of the coming Microneedle Array Patch and applies that to another person as a ‘weapon’ without their knowledge? Will such persons then forfeit their Salvation because of this physical application or lack of Informed Consent? No, it is not about how an mRNA Injection will cause a Believer in Christ to forfeit one’s Salvation. And this is assuming a person is ‘Saved’ to begin with. Those People not believing in Jesus or ‘Saved’ then have nothing to lose if the case was/is that this current rendition of the COVID Injections are the Mark of the Beast. And if the argument is that again, it is all about the altering of DNA in ones’ Body, what about when the Body is killed or destroyed as in the case where Bodies are disintegrated?

Nonetheless, this Mark applied to the Right Hand or Head of a human will backfire as they all will eventually break-out in Soares, all over their Body. It is believed to be an Allergic Reaction or physical rejections of some sort. But realize that the Human Genome is something not to be missed with nor alerted without suffering the consequence. It is something that even Lucifer and his Fallen Angels have attempted to dabble in but not with much success at mastering this Creation Secret and construct that only YHVH is privy to. Then consider that the Mark of the Beast comes in a 3-fold application. It can be a Mark. I can be an acquisition of his Name. Or it can be a rendering of his Number. All these will nonetheless be associated with the required Informed Consent that has to be given by AntiChrist, not a ‘shot in the arm’. The Soul and Spirit cannot be ‘lost’, contingent upon the perversion of one’s physical DNA.

Temple of the Body

YHVH knows each Genetic Code of every human ever created. As the Body is made of the same minerals and composition of the Earth, a Physical Body can thus be reconstituted by just knowing the Genetic Key or Code. This will be the case when Jesus comes for His Bride at the Resurrection and Rapture event to close-out the Gentile Church Age. He will be dispensing-out one’s Glorified Bodies that Jesus promised and is the last of the 3-fold Salvation phases: Spirit, Soul and Body, etc. But only that in Jesus’ case, unlike Lucifer, one’s Glorified Body will be of pure light, indestructible and in comparison to mere Mortals, ‘God-Like’ in power and abilities.

This is something Lucifer cannot and will not be able to deliver on his promise to all those that decided to take on his Identity and Mark. His human Minions do not realize that he has successfully deceived a rebellious Humanity to trust and believe in his Science to do the same. They will all realize, if at all too late that they have just been ‘Useful Idiots’ in Lucifer grand scheme of things. A misguided and deceived Humanity believes in Lucifer’s lies that he can render the Alchemy needed to transform their Lead into Gold. But it will be a Magic or sorcery that will be found wanting. This issue of whether the mRNA Injections are the Mark of the Beast is a serious topic. Those that believe that the mRNA COVID Injections are the Mark of the Beast might be sincere but so are its questions and objections to it.

One realized that other Bible-Believers have different theological stances and/or interpretations that one may not agree on. Of course, such say that their interpretations come directly from the Bible. So, one cannot argue with that other than to prove Scripture with Scripture and move on. It is interesting that usually People who hold to this faulty version and interpretation that the mRNA COVID Injections are the Mark of the Beast will also believe that the Body of Christ is already in the midst of the 7-year Tribulation Period. Or that the ‘True Israel’ is the Church, etc. And thus, that the Rapture Event cannot be Pre-Tribulation as some believe the Bible teaches that. And what does the Biblical Scriptures say as to the background and context of when the Mark of the Beast is to be rolled-out? And in what constitution, circumstances or conditions?

Here are the tests. If the current mRNA COVID-19 Injections are the Mark of the Beast as some adamantly purport, then the following conditions must be in place. First, has the Restrainer been set aside to real the AntiChrist? No. Has the AntiChrist now been clearly revealed and identified? No. Surely this is to be realized without a doubt around the World. What happened to the 1st 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Seals? One would surely be able to clearly know now in hindsight what they were? Has there been a Peace that is supposed to envelope the whole world with? No. Has there been a war that is to have killed ¼ of the World’s Population or just over 2 billion People now? No. Have an additional 2 billion People died since 3.5 years ago if one is presently in the midst of the 7-year Tribulation Period due to famine and natural disasters? No.

The Number does not Add up

Has there been a Total Darkness that has come over the Beast Kingdom for 3 days? No. Has the worldwide earthquake that kills thousands of People taken place? No. Have the 2 Asteroids that hit land and sea and cause millions to die come around? No. And if truly, the Body of Christ is now in the midst of the 7-year Tribulation Period, at the 3.5 halfway time marker, has the 3rd Temple been built? No. How is Lucifer, possessing the AntiChrist going to Stand and then Sit on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies and proclaim himself GOD without it? Of course, as to this argument, such purport that this scenario is a ‘spiritualization’ of the events in how Lucifer by way of the mRNA Injections will be taking up ‘residence’ in the Holy Temple of one’s Body. Absurd.

But this is assuming of only those that are Saved in Jesus that are deemed ‘Holy’. What of the billions of People that are not Followers of Jesus? Are their Bodies not holy or just as much to be desired to be ‘defiled’ by Lucifer? If taking the mRNA COVID Injections is the act of making one’s Body the ‘Abomination of Desolation’, Jesus said to then run for the hills in Judah’. How can Billions of People then all fit in Israel and specifically around Jerusalem to do so? And with the travel restrictions that one now needs the COVID-19 Injection to travel, how is that going to be accomplished? If the mRNA COVID-19 Injections are the Mark of the Beast, is it compulsory or suffer a Death Sentence? And those that do not take these COVID Injections now, but refuse, are such being decapitated presently? No. Are millions being Guillotined? No.

As one can see, this argument that the mRNA COVID Injections are the Mark of the Beast is false as it does not square-up with the needed intricacies of prophecy as properly interpreted and applied to the present time and condition from Scripture. It is highly improbable that if there is a 3.5-year time interval remaining, all that is to transpire in Daniel and Revelation cannot playout. It is statistically impossible. One is whole-heartedly agreeing with such that the COVID Injections are dangerous, a ‘Death Sentence’ and should not be taken on the pure Science alone. And one would agree that most Evangelical Pastors and other ‘Christian’ Agencies have sold out the Flocks.

Such have not been watchful Shepherds but have been ‘Hirelings’ that have capitulated to the Authorities without question. There have been some, a few that have resisted and stood-up as they should but have been silenced and/or jailed. It is rather interesting that Casinos, Liquor Stores, Strip Bars, Sports Venues have been allowed to function but not Churches. And People are being arrested for not wearing Masks. Probably the worst-case abuse of Civil Liberties has been by far in Canada out of all places one would expect this type of Control Grid to rollout from. The other countries are England and Australia. But to this end, the purpose of this study has been to note the gradual steps that will lead, are leading-up to the Mark of the Beast. It is in hopes that People, both Followers of Jesus and those that are not would take heed and break the Alchemist Luciferian Spell that has been cast upon the whole World. It is about to get Biblical.

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