End of the Age and Rapture of the Bride

  • Is there a hidden message or code in the Passover event?
  • How does the constellation of Aquarius tie-in with the Rapture?
  • Is there an astronomical Sign pertinent to the Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then came the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John saying , “Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover …As you enter the city a Man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters…He will show you a large Upper Room all furnished. Make preparation there.’ –Luke 22

The purpose of this study is to present a purely speculative analogy of the Passover as a typology relating to when will the ‘End of the Age’ and the Rapture of the Church occur. This approach will be a ‘type and shadow’ approach of interpretation. The Biblical account of the last Passover Seder that occurred with Jesus Christ and His Followers in the Upper Room will be taken according to the New Testament Gospel narratives. The Passover account in the 1st Century is striking. It might be a possibility that the LORD provided ‘Codes’ or Signs to His Disciples regarding the end of the Church Age, even before it began. As Christ gave those Signs to His disciples, of the New Covenant, the LORD’s Supper of what to look for in the 1st century Passover, the same ‘Signs’ could be a ‘Code’ also to be relevant to the End Times seen in the Aquarius Code.

This ‘Aquarius Codes’ could very well be foreshadowing the ‘last’ Passover of the Christian Era in the year that the ‘Sign’ of the ‘Man carrying a Jar of Water’ is to occur in. Will this be the year that this ‘Sign of Aquarius’ occurs heralding the end of the Church Age and the Rapture of the Church? There are 2 specific ‘Signs’ that Jesus Christ revealed at the Passover Meal to His disciples to recognize and follow. Both were and are very peculiar given the context of the time and place. The 1st Code was the ‘Aquarius Code’, that of a Man carrying a Jar of Water and the large prepared Upper Room in a house during a very crowded time in Jerusalem. Both of these ‘Signs’ lead the Disciples to answer the questions of ‘where’ and ‘when’ for the Passover and perhaps to the ‘End of the Church Age’ as it was revealed by the New Covenant to come through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of YHVH.

Could these corresponding Signs, as then now likewise be the hidden ‘Codes’ that are a type of the events that would likewise be fulfilled in our near future…in this Last Generation? Are these ‘Signs’ even relevant for His disciples today as they were for them then? The association to the LORD’s Supper elements and perceived hidden ‘Aquarius Code’ in this context is in no way predicting a set time or date of the possible anticipated departure of the Bride of Christ to the ‘Celestial Upper Room’. Nor is this illustration an attempt to provide a time-frame as to when the end of the Dispensation of Grace is to conclude. The overall aim of this typological analysis study though, is to speculatively draw attention to the possible hidden associations given the types or ‘Codes’ in the Passover account of the 1st century.

Cosmic Typologies
Here are the following associations as typologies. The ‘Man carrying the Jar of Water’ could be a type of ‘Aquarius’ signaling the end of the Church Age. The ‘Upper Room’ can be a type of the prepared Marriage Supper of the Lamb banquet hall in Heaven. The 4 Passover Cups could be a type of the 4 dispensational eras of the Church Age and beyond. The 5th Passover Cup of ‘Elijah’ could be a type of the 1 prophetic Week of Years Israel is to experience bitterness during the Tribulation Period. From the Mark 14:25 account, the singing at the end of the Passover with the singing of the Hallel Psalms could be a type possibly referencing to the time span from in years.

This time would correlate to the week-long or 7 day period that Jewish observant where to still eat the unleavened bread and bitter herb after the Passover. This Sabbatical Year begins the last or 70th Week of Years per Daniel. It is the start of the bitter time for Israel as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that could commence as it would correlate to the ‘Aquarius Code’ alluded to at this Passover time. A brief overview of the Passover elements will be highlighted. Note that the 7-year long time span of 360 Jewish Biblical days will be less than a modern 365-day count for the Tribulation Period. Also, the Psalm-to-year theory of association to years per chance can just be mere speculation. It is thus a type and shadow consideration only.

As noted, the key is the association that is remarkable, that of the of the 'Man carrying a Jar of War' in relationship to the timing of the coming Age of Aquarius that is to occur at the end of the ‘Old Order’ or Age. Could this ‘Man caring a Jar of Water’ be the ‘Code’ as it was in the 1st century to imply that we are in that 'season' now that will witness the Last Passover for Christians of the Church Age? This would correspond to the type of how the Disciples then were led to the ‘Prepared Large Upper Room’ of a particular house. So now then would the Followers of Christ -down through the Ages be led and ushered into the ‘Prepared Heavenly Upper Room’ in the House of the LORD to abide with the LORD forever. There, Christ, as the Groom or in this case, the ‘Greater Aquarius’ has been preparing the Mansions for His Bride for the past 1980 plus years. If so, this would signal just how close the end of the Church Age is then to when the Disciples of Christ will likewise be led ‘up’ or Raptured to the LORD’s ‘Upper Room’.

It has long been talked about and anticipated that many people from diverse beliefs and cultures, ancient and modern await a global transition and transformation of Humanity. This is the anticipated 5th Age of Aquarius. It so happens that this New Age is to coincide with coming Luciferian New World Order. There is dispute as to when the actual time will ‘clock over’ from Pisces to Aquarius but many were convinced that it has begun, at least astronomically. This Age is described to have transforming qualities. It is said to be a coming Age of peace, joy and brotherhood …as the song goes. Yet this aspiration of Humanity has remained allusive since the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden according to Genesis. Many peoples though, throughout recorded history have written about such a coming time. Others longed and anticipated that Humanity could somehow overcome its faults and attain a quantum leap to this Age. Perhaps it could be accomplished through Transhumanism as Mankind would ‘shed’ humanity aside with the help of advanced geo-engineering.

Age of Aquarius
Despite the esoteric connotations, in no other time in history has this possibility now come to a realization within this lifetime, literally with the technology of genetic engineering. Astronomically, it will be this present generation that will witness this cosmic ‘Sign’ or Code of the ‘Man carrying a Jar of Water’, Aquarius of the Passover comes about. For the past 2000 years, humanity has astronomically been under the house of Pisces, the ‘fish’. Many would concur that this current Age has typified the Christian Church Age. There is the famous Christian ‘fish’ on vehicles as it was used as a symbol of Christian gatherings since the 1st Century. This symbol is the word ichthys which means fish in Greek. The letters are also the initials of Greek words that mean ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior’ or Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter.

At no other point in Church history could the Disciples of Christ see this ‘Aquarius Sign’ about to change or say, ‘here it is’ until now. If Humanity has indeed reached the end of the ‘Age of the Fish’, which has been the Christian witness to the World, then what is left is but the pouring out of the LORD’s wrath and judgment. Jesus Himself did also refer to there being and end of the Age as well. As the Scriptures state, the LORD will pour out His Wrath on the world at large -with a promise to witness to Israel specifically for their final national redemption. Could this be then referring to the ‘week’ that Jews still had to eat bitter herbs and the unsatisfying unleavened bread after the Passover for 7 days? Could this correlate to the 5th Cup of Elijah and of Elijah’s literal return to witness to national Israel within the 7 Days? Could his type and shadow literally occur at the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age?

Why is the ‘Aquarius Code’ pertinent? One may not realize the significance in the modern culture of the peculiarity of this odd occurrence of a ‘Man carrying a Jar of Water’. However, in the context of the 1st century this was unheard of and unseen. In those days, the women bore the heavy labor or chores of drawing and hauling water as it is still the case in most 3rd world nations to this day. The Disciples would not have missed this very odd ‘Sign’ given to them. Shall the Church not either? Perhaps this ‘Sign’ was a code to echo down the Ages since that last Passover with the LORD Jesus putting His Bride on notice of the ‘when’ or at least the season of the Rapture to the 'Celestial Upper Room' is to occur? Christ has revealed some particulars of the Marriage Supper from the book of Revelation as to where it will be but also when?

Perhaps it has to do astronomically with the Aquarius Code given to His Disciples that ‘when you see a Man with a Jar of Water’ aka the Sign of Aquarius coming, is when the ‘Heavenly Upper Room’ will have been finally prepared. It might be at that time and place that the Bride will be gathered and led there as the Disciples were to sup with the LORD in the full realization of His declared Promise to do so in the Kingdom. ‘I eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer, For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds it fulfillment in the Kingdom of God.’ -Luke 22:15  Using only the events of the last Passover account of Christ with His Disciples as a type and shadow of possible overtones to the end of the Age and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ a timeline is set in place to project the 4 Passover/Seder Cups of Redemption. The first 3 Cups of the Passover perhaps could likewise be a type and shadow or ‘Code’ hidden in Passover.

4 Cups and Return of Elijah
Interestingly, the meaning of each of the 4 Cups seems to reflect the tone of the 7 Church Ages of the past 1980+ years corresponding to those cups. Furthermore, the 4th Cup called the Hallel Cup would then correspond to the Millennial Reign of Christ that is to last for a 1000 years after the end of the Tribulation period as some interpret the End of Days scenarios. The term Hallel is where the word ‘hallelujah’ comes from which means laud and/or praise, i.e., worship. There is a dark side to this root word as it is also the connotation of the very name of Lucifer in Hebrew, Hêlêl, etc.

If the 4 Cups are overplayed onto a timeline from 32 AD as the accepted time of Christ’s year and the time of His death to the present Age and then project it onto the future, once can ascertain that the first 3 Cups echo this process of the Christian experience as seen in the LORD’s Passover prophetic Code of Time and the Aquarius typology perhaps. This process has been true with what Christ has being doing to His Bride up until the Wedding Supper of the Lamb commences. One can see the ‘manifold wisdom of God’ in the Plan of Redemption in the 4 Cups during the Passover:

1) Sanctification
2) Purification 
3) Redemption (Rapture)
4) Glorification

During the coming Church Age, Christ has set His Bride apart and has been washing her with His Word in preparation for the Wedding when He will present her to Himself without sin at the end of the Church Age marked by the Resurrection and Rapture of His Bride. This is now all possible because Christ is the true Passover; He is the greatest of the ‘type and shadow’ of Aquarius that pours out his live for the ‘Pisces’ or fish, etc., that fulfilled the true type in Jesus. He was the Lamb that was without sin or blemish, the sacrifice for sin. In Jewish custom and tradition, a 5th Cup is called the Cup of Elijah. At every Jewish Passover Seder a place and Cup is set for Elijah in anticipation of his coming. Scripture does declare that Elijah is to herald the coming of the Messiah.

According to the book of Revelation, 2 Witnesses will come to witness to the nation of Israel before the true Messiah, Jesus is to return. Sadly, it will be a time as it was when the ‘Law and the Prophets’ operated in Israel during the Old Testament dispensation. It will be a time when the nation of Israel is brought back in national repentance from the false Messiah, the AntiChrist. It will only be then and there when they will ‘see Him whom they have pierced’ at the end of the Tribulation Period at Armageddon.

Perhaps as many speculate, one of the 2 Witnesses will indeed be Elijah -as he did not experience ‘death’ but was raptured away in the ‘Celestial Limousine’. And wasn’t Elijah one of the 2 discoursing with a transfigured Jesus on the Mountain of Transfiguration exactly talking perhaps about their mission to Jerusalem at the End of Days? Elijah could thus be witnessing during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble then, the bitter Tribulation Period to come upon Israel that was no better than when Elijah was alive during in the days of Ahab. Elijah happened to minister during a time when Israel wavered between 2 opinions. It was a time of drought for 3.5-year, unbelief, and tribulation for Israel.

Hallel Psalms
The Hallel Psalms are another possible ‘shadow and type’ to consider as a hidden ‘Aquarius Code’ given to the disciples by Christ at the conclusion of the Passover meal. These are the songs that were sung as the Israelites ascended up to Mount Zion to the Temple to present their offerings and worship. From the Mark 14:25 account, the signing at the end of the Passover of the Hallel Psalms could be then a type or code corresponding to the time span of the years. Some others have given studies on this or a various of it, etc. The type or code of the Hallel Psalms could thus be associated with the ‘week’ long experience of Israel to suffer on the Mount of Olives, i.e., the Tribulation Period. Then it will be a long and bitter 7-year period as it was for the LORD Himself there and then in the Garden of Gethsemane as He suffered before being crucified, resurrected and then glorified. 

Thus, possibly if this particular time frame of Psalms-to-Year theory is to correlate with the end of the Church Age, it would be a type and shadow of the coming 7-year betrayal of Israel as it was with the LORD after the Passover. This ‘1 Week’ mentioned above for Israel, would encompass the typology of what Judas did, perhaps then starting possibly when there is an astronomical array occurring in Aquarius perhaps. Note that Judas left the Passover meal before the 3rd Cup of Redemption was pronounced. It was at this time that Christ instituted the LORD’s Supper or Communion for His Disciples to observe until the Feast in Glory is to be observed. Judas willingly went over to the ‘AntiChrist’ of that time. He sided with Herod and the False Prophets of Israel’s corrupt Sanhedrin in allegiance to them and made a ‘Covenant of Death’ with them. This is exactly what national Israel will do with the coming AntiChrist when the Bride leaves.

Perhaps because of the disappearance of massive numbers of Christians -whom many had supported Israel are gone, will Israel be forced to deal with what they may think as their only guarantee to their ‘Peace and Security’? Yes. Will this then be the time that correlates to when the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is to be concluded? Yes. Will it be pegged to the 7 days after a certain Passover? Most likely. Will this time of trouble correspond to Daniel’s chapter 9? Yes. The book of Revelation would concur that at least in the last half of the 42 Jewish month period, the Vile/Bowl Judgments of the Wrath of the Lamb will be poured out like Aquarius. The Seder plainly means ‘order’ as in a course of a meal in succession. Passover is a festival of YHVH that demonstrates the progressive Plan of Redemption; of Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification.

As noted, this is typified by the 4 Cups of wine during the Passover meal, it is a prophetic pattern. The Passover tells the story of Israel being delivered from the slavery in Egypt during the time of Moses. The Passover is thus a progressive history lesson of what YHVH did, is doing and has yet do to in terms of the Resurrection and Rapture, the 2nd coming, and the Millennial, etc. The Passover in itself is a ‘type and shadow’. For those believing in Jesus we too have been delivered. Egypt represents the flesh, enslavement to sin and ultimate spiritual death. The splashing of the Passover Lamb’s blood upon the doorposts and lintel of the Hebrew households before they left Egypt was and is a beautiful type of Jesus’ blood. Jesus Christ is the Passover lamb that has brought deliverance in this fallen world from the penalty of sin, which is eternal death.
Passover Elements
The Passover story begins in Exodus 6:6-7. This is where God declares the 4 ‘I Wills’.  These are the 4 expressions of the Redemption Plan of YHVH that He offers to Humanity, but here to Israel in particular. The 4 Cups observed during the Passover meal speak of each ‘I Will’.

1) "I will take you out of Egypt",
2) "I will deliver you from Egyptian slavery",
3) "I will redeem you with a demonstration of my power"
4) "I will acquire you as a nation"

This can be also said, spiritual of what has, is and will occur for Christ’s Bride during the Church Age. Before the Passover meal can begin, all leaven, which is a symbol of sin must be removed from homes. The evening before, a sweep of the home is conducted to ensure that no leaven is found. Only unleavened bread is to be used for the feast.

1st Cup
This Cup is called the Cup of Sanctification alluding to the separation from the world and sin. Christ paid with His own physical body and blood to purchase Humanity back from the bondage of sin and death. Furthermore, Christ not only ransomed Mankind but bestows the Adam’s Race the right and privileges as sons, co-heirs with Christ Jesus.

2nd Cup
This Cup is often referred to as the Cup of Affliction. Its purpose is to be reminded of the Ten Plagues of Egypt and the suffering under the harsh rule of the Egyptians.

The Afikomen is that piece of matzoth as the Jews call the ‘Unleavened Bread’. At the beginning of the Passover meal, 3 pieces of matza are placed into 3 compartments in a bag. The middle piece of matzo is taken out. It is broken in half and is placed back into the bag. The other half is wrapped in a linen napkin and hidden in the home. This Afikomen is then searched out and then presented after the meal. The Afikomen is an astonishing picture of Jesus Christ’s work of redemption. He too was broken in death, wrapped in a shroud and hidden in the tomb to be found later after the Passover meal having been resurrected and presented to the people of Israel and the world for that matter.

3rd Cup
This Cup is called the Cup of Redemption filled after supper. It is the one Jesus, as Messiah lifted and said, ‘This cup that is poured out for you is the New Covenant in my blood.’

4th Cup
The Cup is called the Cup of Hallel. Hallel in Hebrew means praise. The 4th Cup is the final cup. It is the one that Jesus Christ as the Messiah said He would not drink until that day when He will drink it new [wine-end of Pentecost wheat harvest] in the Kingdom of God.

5th Cup
This Cup is called the Cup of Elijah, was filled but not drunk. A place setting remains empty for Elijah the prophet. He is the honored guest at every Jewish Passover table. The Jewish people expect Elijah to come at Passover and announce the coming of the Messiah (Malachi 4:5).

To Followers of Christ, the sinless life is pictured in the Unleavened Bread of the Passover. Foremost, it is a picture of Jesus who was perfectly sinless and whose body was striped, pierced and broken for mankind. The traditional Jewish Unleavened Bread has stripes and tiny holes. Such a provision will be promised by the False Messiah that will come on the scene to take up the spiritual vacuum. Thus, this time period of the coming Aquarius Age will come as Humanity experiences a transformation of sorts. As noted, this time coming upon Israel could be like the long ‘dark night’ Christ had to endure suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. The singing of the Hallel songs by Jesus and all the Disciples, minus Judas at this time was done at the conclusion of the meal. Afterwards they then headed out for the Mount of Olives to have an all-night of prayer. Astonishing, this is where the long night of the betrayal occurred for Jesus.

One has to realize that if one knows the geography of the Jerusalem, you had to first go up through Mount Zion. Then down and up to get to the Garden on the eastern slopes of the Temple Mount. Likewise, the true Disciples of Christ after the ‘last Passover’ on Earth, are to be guided/Raptured up to Mount Zion in the Heavenlies where they will stay awaiting the discipline that is to come upon national Israel. This Time of Jacob’s Troubles is designed to lead national Israel to a final national repentance. This will only happen at the return of Christ from heavenly Mount Zion with the Hosts of Heaven and the Redeemed to the earthly Mount of Olives eventually. It is interesting that Christ will touchdown on the very Mount of Olives opposite Mount Zion where He suffered as promised by the Angels that told the disciples that He would. As an aside note, Jerusalem is set-up upon 7 hills or mounts, etc.

He will descend opposite the rebuilt 3rd Temple that will have been defiled by the AntiChrist. He will enter it through the Golden Gate as He had done prior to His Last Passover to redeem His House, City and Nation. Not many realize that the Jews still are obligated to eat Unleavened Bread, bitter herbs etc., at every meal for 7 days after the Passover. It is usually the more observant Jews that do this. This could be yet another possible ‘Code’ within the Passover. This 7-day period of time after the Passover could be a shadow and type of the 7-year Tribulation Period that is to come upon Israel, as understood by many that study End Times. Thus, if the Age of Aquarius soon to arrive in the form of the New World Order, then the ‘Banquet Halls of Glory are ready for when The Departure occurs to experience the conclusion of Passover in the Kingdom.

Perhaps this time is when Elijah is to return as 1 of the 2 Witnesses to national Israel. The LORD does not leave Himself without a Witness. Yet for the nation of Israel, it will be a ‘week’ of 7 prophetic days of years of un-fulfillment as in ‘Unleavened Bread’ and of bitterness. This will be brought about by Israel’s acceptance of the false Messiah and the False Prophet that will eventually lead to horrific persecution that is to follow. How fitting to have the Sign of a ‘Man pouring out water’ -Aquarius as a possible ‘Code’ of pending judgment, not love, peace and harmony as the occult deceptively tries to portray it will be. The true coming Age of Aquarius can and only will happen during the Millennial Reign of Christ of 1000 years on earth literally from Jerusalem after the Tribulation Period.

Upper Room is Prepared
Another peculiar ‘Sign’ that seems a bit odd and that could be another hidden ’Code’ for the Church at the End of Days is that of a large prepared Upper Room itself. Can this be none other than a type and shadow of the ‘Upper Room’ that immediately follows the ‘Sign’ of the ‘Man carrying the Jar of Water’? Consider the context again of the time and place of this 1st century Passover. One has to realize that the population of Jerusalem swelled up to 7-10x more than it could accommodate due to the Passover Feast. It was 1 of the 3 Feasts required of YHVH regarding the Temple at Jerusalem. These narrative echoes of the Feast where there was not enough ‘room at the inn’ for when Christ was to be born in Bethlehem.

To have a ‘large upper room, furnished’ yet reserved at a whim would have been astonishing. Every inch of the city would have been contested and spoken for during this national feast. The point is that the New Covenant made at that place and time in the Upper Room will conclude at a future Pentecost Feast. It will be the 2nd of the 3 Feasts, the last being Sukkot. Realize also that due to travel and obligations, many Jews of the time had to leave early and thus could celebrate the Passover early as in the case of the LORD and His Disciples. Technically, what the Disciples celebrated with Christ was not on the actual Passover timing but before.

The actual timing of the Passover was to be celebrated in the evening after the lambs were sacrifices starting around 9am and then at 3pm to correspond with the Morning and Evening Sacrifices. It was at this precise time that Christ Jesus was nailed and died on the Cross -the next day. It truly depicting and Lamb of YHVH that was slaughtered to take away the sin of the world.  Thus, Passover is a promise yet to be completed for the Bride of Christ. Jesus Christ Himself at the Passover (John 14) promised to return to take His Followers to be where He is now, in the ‘Upper Room’ of sorts, in Glory.

He promised that in this ‘meanwhile’ on Earth over the Christian Church Age, He has been preparing Mansions in His Father’s House for His Bride. This room has to be a ‘large’ one because it would need to accommodate the millions if not billions over the Ages that have placed their faith and trust in Jesus as the only Savior. As Christ had prepared a large furnished room above the city in the 1st century, so too will He have prepared the same for His Followers after the 'last Passover to be observed by the Church in this World. He promised. When? When the Bride is directed to the ‘Aquarius Code’ perhaps. It will be at that time when the Rapture and resurrection of the Dead might well occur. Where? In the Banquet Halls of Glory where He places His banner over His Bride in Love.

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