Throne Room of the Prince of Persia

  • The ancient Persian temples were configured according to the Stars.
  • Such an ancient city design was based off of the Pleiades.
  • Spiritual energies open 'portals' or Stargates with such geometry.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘As for me, I heard but could not understand; so I said, my lord, what will be the outcome of these events?" He said, "Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the End Time. Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand.’
–Daniel 12:8-10

The purpose of this study is to consider the ancient ley-lines of one of the ancient Persian capitals where the Prophet Daniel is said to have last lived and been buried. Daniel is perhaps one of the greatest Prophets that ever lived concerning the revelation of YHVH in the Bible. Ironically, the Prophet Daniel is not considering a ‘Prophet’ in Jewish theology although they include the book in the cannon of their Holy Scriptures. This book is not however considered to the 1st degree of importance as are the others and it could be for some particular reasons. It is the Christian Church that recognizes Daniel as a Prophet of the 1st degree and whom the secrets of Heaven and Earth were given to. It is YHVH Himself that holds Daniel in high esteem. As to Daniel, he is one of the ones named that could not even stay a judgment against Israel, if he prayed.

The writings of Daniel speak of the spiritual and even psychological condition of YHVH’s earthly People while in exile in Babylon and then subsequently in Persia. To Daniel is revealed the entire blueprint of the world empires since after the Flood of Noah and how it would conclude before Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming. Astonishing, it was given to Daniel the timeline of when Jesus’ 1st coming was to occur, right down to the day. The book of Daniel, although highly contested as there being ever such a man on one hand and not considered primary sourced for eschatology on the other attests to its contention because of its message. It judges YHVH’s People for their constant insubordination, failure to keep the Covenant and not head to the Signs of YHVH, much like today.

The book of Daniel justifies the judgments of YHVH against His earthly People, the Jews as they endure the Diaspora from the land of Judea and Samaria. Furthermore, the book of Daniel is very relevant still to this day as it has not concluded nor fulfilled in what is to come, the 70th Week of Years that, according to how some interpret the 70 Weeks of Daniel, the last Week of Years is yet to be completed. To the Evangelical Christians, such believe that this timeframe will be taken up as Daniel’s counterpart in the New Testament, that of John with the book of Revelation will be conclude from chapters 5 onward. Why this is so profound and important to YHVH’s Spiritual People that is the Body of Christ is that Daniel was specifically told that such revelation was to be loosed for people to understand in the Last Days specifically and only then.

The illustration will show that like most ancient places of royal palaces and temples of worship, the particular layout of such complexes were configured to mirror the Stars of Heaven or ‘Heaven’ itself. It was understood and believed that it was from the Stars that the ‘gods’ had come and seeded Humanity. To this end, the kings and priests of the various civilizations constructed their temples and places according to the constellations, sacred geometry and mathematics. What is amazing this that the recurring them or template comes not from Earth but from Mars. As the Viking Probes were first sent to Mars by NASA, the images of the surface of Mars have made many people perplexed. It is even more so now as the various Mars Land Rovers that are producing even more anomalies as to Mar’s ancient past appear to corroborate that Mars has traces of civilization , pyramids, structures that are unexplained.

One specific complex of structures is found in the Cydonia regions where there is a notable pyramid city structures and the famous Face of Mars. What is astonishing is that the ancient civilization had an understanding that there was a ‘Face’ structure or temple on Mars. It was the subject of their writing in the first ever recordings of human knowledge, that of the Sumerians. Such knew that there was also a Solar System with 9 plants and that a 10th one was the Destroyer, Red Dragon that cause the destruction of former Ages, such as Atlantis and Mas, etc. This Cydonia complex layout is what is patterned all over Earth, even now as then and where Daniel lived, in Babylon and then in Susa. The flowing section will delve into the approximate configuration of the Persian Empire capital of Susa where the Prophet Daniel last had his revelation. It is believed that this tomb, among many other contenders to be the Tomb of Daniel.

Daniel’s tomb is situated to the west of the Susa mounds on the Karkheh River facing Jerusalem as no doubt Daniel longed to return to Jerusalem, which is exactly 666 nautical miles to the Temple Mount. It is currently as Muslim mosque as Islam recognizes Daniel as a Prophet. This capital city of Darius I, the Mede is called Shushan or Shush. It is in the Khuzestan Province or Shi’ite Muslim Iran. Once Babylon was captured by Cyrus the Great, the Persian, the dual rulers of this empire forged the 2nd world empire according to the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar's dream that the Prophet Daniel interpreted. The 2 arms of the 2nd Beast were Cyrus and Darius and the empire correlated to a Bear with 3 ribs. They symbolized the 3 main Aryan tribes of the empire. The bear also had one side elevated to suggest that the Persians would dominate the empire as the ’Prince of Persia’ is even a factor spiritually to this day.

With such understanding of this ancient history, even in the context of the Bible there is a connection to the Stars, Angels and Spiritual Warfare, etc. Thus it would make sense of what the following ascertains concerning the layout of the ancient Persian Capital of Darius I at Susa are all about. There are 3 mounds in the core of the city that had the Apadana or Throne Hall. It was adjacent the 7-chamber Royal Palace that housed the various Royals, etc. This is where Esther was brought and lived. This is where the King wanted to show off Vashti the Queen but refused and order a national ‘Royal Beauty Pageant’ for her replacement. This is also however, where Haman lived as well and sought to destroy the Jews in one day, Purim. It was at this Throne Hall that Esther approached the King as the scepter was extended to her to save the Jews.

Susa was the place where the Prophet Daniel was thrown to the Lions’ Den and after YHVH sending and Angel to guard him, the enemies of YHVH’s People and their families were in turn cast into the den. The Apadana is modeled exactly after the one also built in Persepolis. It had 72 columns which has a numerical factor of 6 and a fractal of the measure of time, that of 72 degrees for 1 arch of celestial time in the Procession of the Equinox, etc. The Throne Chair was situated towards the back but tin a particular spot unapparent. However, if one superimposes the Great Pyramid template that are aligned to Orion’s Belt, the Great Sphinx is thus positions as the Throne Chair, as the ‘Head’ of the Empire, etc. Amazing, this Orion Star alignment is in line with the 7 chambers of the Royal Palace that corresponds to the Pleiades Star cluster.

The actual dimension of the Pleiades is in phi ratio and matches the square layout and foundation of the entire structure of the Royal Palace; the ‘Palace of the Pleiadians’, etc. The Apadana is in approximate phi ratio to the Royal Palace which is amazing to consider as no royal building was just arbitrarily build anywhere. As the Palace and Throne of Darius I was correlated to the Pleiades, the Acropolis was correlated to the D&M Pentagon fortress of Mars. This structure was situated in the other mound to the south and elevated as well. The topography even suggests a 5-sided rampart where currently a castle fortress still stands from the rubble of the former glory in Daniel and Esther’s day. The triangulation of these 2 mound and structure gives position to the area that is actually encloses a rectangular depression in the ground. This is suggested that it correlates to the Face of Mars.

If one does superimpose the Cydonia Martian Motif, it does appear to match although it is elongated in the case of Susa. The configuration at Susa is at an approximate 45 degreed rotation clockwise from that in Mars. What is also interesting to observe is that the reverse triangle fashioned by the motif to construe a hexagram has the ley-lines in the direction of Daniel’s tomb and that of the Armory that when the Orion constellation outline is also superimpose from the reference points of the Royal Palace, corresponds to the Dragon Nebula of Orion. It is approximately at 33 degrees of a slope from the Orion Belt Star of Alnitak. The book of Daniel is considered the as the book of Revelation and also speaks of ‘Stars’. In the parting remarks of the Angel to Daniel, he asserts that those who turn men towards righteousness will one day ‘shine like the Stars in Heave’. It is in the book of Revelation of the New Testament where the prophecies given to Daniel converge.

The book of Revelation is where one picks-up where the other left off. Daniel represents a generation that pledged to not defile themselves with the contemporary society and norms of the world and its ‘AntiChrist’ system and spirit. Daniel represents the best of YHVH’s People in the mist of failure, morally and spiritually. Lucifer knows that if he can get the youth and young generation, he has a nation in his grasp, power and influence. It is no different now in that the world seeks to change the norms, the spiritual ’Covenants’ between the Creator, YHVH and His People by compromising with the world’s standards. This was seen in how the Persian Empire sought to forcefully assimilate the Jews by culture, name, and religion, etc., even dietary customs.  What does this look like today, in the West in particular?

In the USA, it looks like when the Mayor of Houston, a professed lesbian sought to forcefully demand the sermon notes of Christian Pastor to make sure no disparaging and judgmental comments would be made against the LGBT+ community. It looks like when gay couples now emboldened by the U.S. Supreme Court unconstitutional decision to legalize same sex marriage force Christian bakeries, photographers and other business to go out of business for not meeting their demand to forcefully provide services. In Europe, it looks like the Islamization of the culture due to the abandonment of Christianity. It looks like all the cathedrals turning into mosques. It looks like mass murder attacks by Muslim terrorists. It looks like what is happening in Sweden where certain politicians seek to forcefully have Christian clergy marry same sex couples or be imprisoned and/or fined, etc.

In the Middle East, it looks like the Christian Genocide at the hands of Muslims and on and on. Jesus did say that there would be coming a day, and perhaps it has arrived that all nations or peoples would hate ‘you’, on account of Jesus. This means those Christians, or those that follow and seek to make a stance for Jesus in the Last Days. Just for wanting or believing in Jesus and His teachings. This is just as it was for Daniel and Esther in their days. It is this type of commitment and humility however that YHVH seeks; a heart after the Christ that loves Jesus first above all else. To this type of person, YHVH highly esteemed and revealed the secrets of Heaven as in the case of Daniel. He was given the interpretation of dreams of the world kings and emperors of this day. Daniel was made the head Astrology of the Royal Court even.

It is believed that Daniel founded a school for such knowledge that even led to the Persian Magi to seek the King of the Jews, Jesus that Daniel foretold would come. The Magi were led by the Sign of the Stars in the constellations even, as it is to this day with the return of the Christ Stars and the Revelation 12 Sign. What is rather astonishing is that the revelation given to the Prophet Daniel involved himself and his dealing in relation to it. Daniel was amazingly privileged to serve in the royal court of the King of Babylon, that of Nebuchadnezzar and then subsequently Cyrus the Persian and Darius the Mede. In fact, these were the 2 world empires revealed to Daniel that would set the countdown to not only the 2nd Temple, but the 3rd Temple. It also provide a timeline of the AntiChrist Empires that would be destroyed in the end. This will be realized at Jesus’ return.

Jesus will be that Rock that comes down from Heaven to judge the nations. Jesus alone rightly has recovered all power and dominion on Earth due to His work on the Cross of Calvary as it was taken back from Lucifer. Indeed, the life of Daniel was and is foremost a lesion on Spiritual Warfare. The life of Daniel and Esther shows how from their youth, right down to Daniel’s old age, Daniel had to content for the Faith. One would think that after having gone through so much trials, Daniel more-or-less would have lived a ‘retired’ lifestyle in the end. This is not the case as the account is that even in his former years, he was still tested with the event of the Den of Lions incident. This was a factor of how the world will be relentless in accusing and belittling the People of YHVH and will even fabricate legal loopholes to stop the influence of godly men and women of YHVH that they might have or have on this present evil age.

Such was the case also with Esther and Mordechai that later on due to their faith and commitment to YHVH and YHVH’s People would also save YHVH’s People. The Spiritual Warfare is real for if not, then the Apostle Paul would not have written Galatians 6. A glimpse of this Spiritual Warfare was revealed in the 22-day delay of Daniel’s prayer in which the Angel Gabriel had to call the Angel Michael to help ward-off this powerful Fallen Angel called the ‘Prince of Persia’ that has sway, spiritually as a Principality and Power example over nations like Persia and to this day. In fact, this battle is not over just yet. Susa is also the place where Nehemiah, who was the Cupbearer to Artaxerxes was granted permission to make sure the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple. Along with Ezra and Zerubbabel, such men took the challenge of reconstructing the fallen ‘Tent of David’ in the midst of opposition.

Such is the case now as Jews from various organization are striving to reconstruct the Temple and all its furnishings and ordinances in the midst of world opposition it seems. This opposition is but the façade of the great spiritual warfare presently in place. There has been a 2000 year reprieve as the forces on each side will once against take arms in Heaven. This is what will occur soon after the Revelation 12 Sign. There will be war in Heaven and at the midpoint of the 7-Year Week of Years per Daniel, this ‘Celestial Battle’ between Lucifer and his Fallen Angles will battle with Michael and his Holy Angels. Lucifer will loose and be expelled forever more and cast down to Earth. He then will exclusively be bound by space and time, the dimension of the lowly humans he no less reviles to conclude Daniel’s revelation of the Last Days that converge on Jesus’ 2nd coming.  

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