YouTube Channel Presentation - June 5, 2020

  • What is Transhumanism, is a threat to what 'Human' means?
  • An agenda in companies and governments coming together?
  • Will the coming COVID-19 vaccine be safe enough to take?

Transcribed by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this information piece is to present a written transcript of the research, findings and warnings from Dr. Carrie Madej on her YouTube channel. It is a groundbreaking presentation among many she has done since the COVID-19 contagion was released. However, due to her videos being censored by YouTube and taken down, it is important to have a transcript in written format. This transcript documents the important information that goes contrary to the ‘official scientific narrative’ regarding COVID-19.

Dr. Carrie Madej, DO is an Internal Medicine Specialist from the USA and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Kansas City University of Medicine, Bioscience College of Osteopathic Medicine medical school in 2001. She directed two large medical clinics in the State of Georgia, USA. Since her 20’s, she has been fascinated by vaccines and studied them ever since. Her in-depth research led her to discover what the proposed technologies are for in the new COVID-19 vaccines and warns of the dangers it possesses. She has passionately embarked on a quest to inform the public about its dangers.

‘What do you think about going from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0? And what does that mean? Well, going from humans as we now know ourselves to human 2.0 has something to do with Transhumanism. If you're not familiar with that term it is about taking humans, as we know ourselves and melding with Artificial intelligence. Kind of like being in The Matrix if you have ever seen that movie. And that may seem kind of cool to you [or] we might have some ‘superhuman abilities’. Maybe be able to think of something and it happens. Maybe have some physical abilities that would be almost superhuman-like. That is the idea. That is what you see sci-fi movies. And for myself, thinking about this topic, I am like, well I have some time.

I think that is many years in the future. However, this question, this idea is now right in this moment. We need to make a decision and I found out that we need to make a decision about this. Because I investigated the proposed COVID-19 vaccine, and this is my alarm call to the world. I looked at the pros and cons and it frightens me. And I want you to know about this. You need to be very well informed because this new vaccine is not like your normal Flu vaccine. This is something very different this is something brand new this is something completely experimental on the human race. And it is not just about being a different vaccine.

There are technologies that are being introduced with this vaccine that can change the way we live, who we are, and what we are. And very quickly. I think that you know some people, that you might know these names. Elon Musk who is the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Automotive. As well as Ray Kurzweil, who is one of the bigwigs of Google. These are self-proclaimed Transhumanists. They believe that we should go to Human 2.0 and they are very big proponents of this. There is a lot of other people that you might know their names. They are also involved with this so you should look that up. I think the easiest way to explain this for you to go with one of the front runners for the vaccine. And go into a little bit of the history and tell you how they want to make the vaccine. And I think that will speak volumes. So, for instance, Moderna is one of the front runners for the COVID-19 vaccine

You should know that Moderna was founded by a person from Harvard, Derek Rossi and this researcher [who] actually were successful in taking some modified RNA and were able to reprogram a stem cell in the body and change the function of the stem cell. He actually made it genetically modified, okay. So, you can see, he proved that you can genetically modify something by using modified RNA. So, they founded the company Moderna on this concept. It is kind of a ‘new kid on the block’, okay. It is not been around that long. In fact, it has not even made any vaccine for a human before. It has made no medicine for a human before. This will be their first run. You must know that Moderna was in the news recently because it really fast-tracked.

It is like the other companies. It is fast-tracking the vaccine. It is going from Phase 1 to Phase 2 very, very quickly. In fact, it is gone from Phase 1 to Phase 3. And its experiments from March of this year until currently, I mean that is unbelievable. It usually takes 5 or 6 years. How are they able to do this with the safety and efficacy data that we need? And I want you to know that in Phase 2, we only use between -they are only using between 30 and 45 humans in Moderna's test study. They only used 45 humans and with the High Dose Vaccine group’, they got 100% of those people getting systemic side effects! 100%. That is only in the Short Side Effect Profile. In the Low Dose Vaccine, 80% got Systemic Side Effects. Now we do not even know the long term side effects from that. We would need a lot longer time right, maybe years.

But we do know, based on previous animal studies of using this technology that you are going to experiment, you can expect possibly increased cancer rates, increased mutant genes. Mutagenesis also increases autoimmune reactions. For instance, in some of the ferret studies, they saw that when the ferret was introduced to the virus, that they were trying to protect the ferret from, after the ferret got the vaccine, they actually had an exaggerated immune response. It actually hurt the ferret. They had more lung inflammation, more lung fluid. Even some problems with their liver. It actually hurt them. They had a poorer response. Okay. So, those are longer-term reactions and that could be seen with this vaccine. But we do not know the data yet. So, it is not without risk and how are they doing this? Well, they are actually suggesting using a platform. Let me just explain how they would administer the vaccine. So, the vaccine, there is an idea called Microneedle Platform. Okay. This was developed by MIT, and they said it could be very easily produced. Okay. And mass-produced.

This is why they are proposing this technology and many millions of vaccines could be made quickly. They could also be administered by yourself. So, the idea is to get a band-aid. It looks like a band-aid you buy in the drugstore. It is shipped to you through Amazon or UPS or some other shipping service. You take it out of the package, you put it on your hand like this and then you take the sticker off and voila, you have been vaccinated. So how is that possible? Well, in this band-aid, it has little tiny spicules, little, tiny needles. And this was designed after a snake viper fang bite. Okay. Or snake viper bangs. So little snake bites. Anyway, in these tiny little spicules, they claim you won't really feel it that much. There is their little Hydrogel. It is a material called Hydrogel. Inside the Hydrogel would be a Luciferase Enzyme as well as the vaccine itself. Okay, So, what is all that?

So, first of all, you are getting the vaccine. It is modified RNA or modified DNA. Let us take modern modified RNA. So, in that modified RNA, the idea is that the Micro Needles would puncture into your cell membrane. Okay. And this synthetic piece of an RNA? It is a code for the part of the virus they could use a synthetic DNA to code for that part of the virus [that] would go into your nucleus. Your body would start transcribing it; would start reading it and making more of that part of the virus. Well, why would we want to make more of the virus or part of the virus? The idea is your body would get used to seeing it. It would know how to make antibodies and would have an improved T-Cell response. And the idea is then when you [get sick] in the future, your body would already know how to fight it. And it would be a better response. That is the idea. The problem with that is they are using something called, a process called Transfection.

And Transfection is a way that we make genetically modified organisms. Okay. I think you know about those fruits and vegetables? They are not as healthy as the normal wild type [of] fruit and vegetables. So, possibly you could extrapolate that to a human. If we become ‘genetically modified’, we would not be as healthy. Okay. We do not have long-term studies on this. Anyway, this is unbelievable, and you know the vaccine manufacturers have made the statement, ‘this will not alter our DNA, our genome.’ I say that is not true. Because if we use this process to make a genetically modified organism why would it not do the same thing to a human? I do not know why they are saying that. Now if you look at the definition of Transfection, it will tell you that it can be a temporary change in the cell.

And I think that is what the vaccine manufacturers are banking on. It is temporary or it is a possibility for it to become stable, to be taken-up into the Genome and so stable that it will start replicating when the Genome replicates. Meaning, it is now [a] permanent part of your genome. That is a chance that we are taking so it could be temporary, or it could be permanent. And we would never know that for years down the road. Honestly, so here we go. We have got something that can alter our genome. It is a possibility. And another thing on that. If they are altering the Genome, what would be the effects? I told you previously some of the side effects. But also, we need to know that this is a synthetic piece of DNA or RNA. Okay. And if it becomes taken up into the Genome of a human, it is synthetic. It is not from nature.
And if you look at the Supreme Court Justice ruling on synthetic DNA or genes, it can be patented.

And patents have owners. So, what does that mean for us? What if this gets into our Genome? Does that mean Moderna or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or the Department of Defense, all of these people who are involved in the patents are somehow going to own part of our Genome? It is a possibility. You need to know that. So, that is one part of this delivery system, just one. Now let me go to the next. The next part of the delivery system is a Luciferase Enzyme. Okay. They named it. They patented it ‘Luciferase. I do not like that name Luciferase because it has bioluminescent qualities. Which means it can produce a light or has a light source. And all of this would be under your skin. And you cannot see it. Now the Luciferase is an idea because they want to make sure that you are vaccinated. They do not trust medical records. They do not trust you saying that ‘you got vaccinated.’

They want to make sure, make sure it was successful, a successful Transfection, a successful ‘gene modification’. So, when you get the Luciferase Enzyme, if you have an iPhone or special app on the iPhone, you can scan over that area and it will give a digital code, a digital imprint, a digital pattern. Something that will identify that you were vaccinated. It holds your vaccination record. It also gives you an ID, a number, a Bar Code, a branding; whatever you want to call it, a tattoo. It is all the same thing. You now become like a ‘product’. So, we have that now. The third thing I mentioned was Hydrogel. So, Hydrogel is actually an invention from DARPA, the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency. This is some kind of a sci-fi kind of a group from the Department of Defense - Pentagon of the U.S. government.

They make these fantastic inventions. So, one of them is Hydrogel. Hydrogel? You can go on YouTube. Look on YouTube. Look at Profusa. [It] is one of the companies. DARPA as well as Hydrogel. And you will find some little 2-minute clips that they describe. So, Hydrogel is Nanotechnology microscopic ‘little robots’. And these little robots actually, I know it sounds crazy. It is still crazy to me, but it is possible. Okay. They can disassemble, reassemble, assemble into and make different things. So, with this Hydrogel, it is really Nanotechnology. So, that is something you know, ‘robotic’ or something that is Artificial Intelligence. It has the ability to connect with Artificial Intelligence, So, this means that a human can now connect to directly and gather information from our bodies.

And gather it and connect with your smartphone with the Cloud with some other smart device. And once this is done, this is 24 hours a day-7 days a week, 365 days a year. Think about that! Think about how immediately that could change our privacy! Immediately can change our autonomy. Immediately change our freedoms. This can gather data like, your blood sugar, your oxygen, your blood pressure. Okay. Those sound great but it also can gather many other things. It can gather, they say your emotions or your menstrual cycle, your activity. If you have fallen, your nutrients in your body. If you took medicines. It has a potential to see if you took illicit drugs. It’s got a potential to see almost anything that goes on in your body. And all of this information is going where? That has not been addressed. Who is protecting this information? What are they using it for? This is really serious stuff guys. This is all being proposed to being unveiled in the next vaccine. Okay.

The other thing to know is with this Nanotechnology Hydrogel Artificial Intelligence, you know hookup just like your cell phone. You can send a text message. You can send an email. But also, you can receive them back. So, that means we could receive information. What information would be coming back into us? Would it affect our mood? Our behavior? Would it affect you? Know how we think or our memories? If you haven not watched the movie Matrix, I think you should. I think there is some truths in that in that movie. [I] see so many wrong things with this vaccine. And I see that we are not talking about it or the major media. And I see that I feel that these companies are outright lying to us when they say they cannot affect our DNA. Because by all definitions that they are using can affect our DNA. So, guys I wanted to make this video [presentation] short because I wanted to get the point across.

I wanted you to really do your own research. So, know that there are many risks that we are seeing here. And there is some we really need to know if we really want to go from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0. And let me also tell you that there are some major names behind these vaccines. You are always going to see like the Department of Defense from the U.S. government. Sometimes Darkwell. Like I told you, why is the Military involved with our vaccines? You see the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation everywhere with this. If you look, you will find that name almost always. And let us go back to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I want you to look up what? Let us look at the track record. Let us look at what the man stands for. His family comes from a family of Eugenicists. What does Eugenics mean? Population control.

Meaning there are too many people on the planet. It is important to know he has been on video stating that he thinks, ‘with a very good new vaccine we could get the Earth's population to be decreased by 10%-15%.’ Well who is going to stay and who is going to go? And who is he to decide? He does not have medical background. No epidemiology background. No science background. He is not a doctor. [He is] a software tech, that is what he has. I would also like you to realize, I always look at who has a vested interest. What are their motivations? What is his motivation right? We already know his family background. Well, what is great concerning to me is that DARPA, this Military Agency as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are very interested in something called Gene Drive Research or Technology or Gene Extinction Technology.

And it is exactly what it sounds like. By using Genetic Mutations, by [the] use of Transfection, for instance you can exterminate an entire species from the planet! They are proposing to use this for mosquitoes, for instance in Africa. But guys, our world is a delicate ecosystem. Who is who to say one species goes? You destroy one species; you could affect an entire ecosystem. So, when you exterminate an entire species, you will affect an entire ecosystem. It is a very delicate balance and who is to say who is going to stay and who is going to go? Who has got that knowledge? Why are we not talking about this? And guys, if we can do it to an insect, we can do it to an animal. We can do it to a human! I bring this up because if these agencies that are behind the vaccine also stand for that, do you trust them with your health? Do you trust them with your family? Do you trust them with our children? The other thing is we are rushing this to production. What is the motivation behind that?

We need to really think about this. I have also stated in the past that we need to know that there are, at least in the United States. There are mandates passed that make the vaccine manufacturers have no liability, zero liability for any harm done to any human. If people are killed. If they are hurt. If they're paralyzed. If they are maimed for life. It does not matter. You have no recourse. And they still make all their profits, So, there is no incentive for them to make it safe. Anyway, I also want you to know that one of the mandates, the Emergency Preparedness Act. That is that says, they can force a vaccine on us. They cannot force a vaccine if there is a viable treatment for the COVID-19. And I want you to know that Doctors around the world are being censored about treatment options for COVID-19 or prevention for COVID-19. Because, if there is a true treatment or prevention, then they cannot force this vaccine on us.

I want to bring that up because what in the world is the motivation of doing this? Is it really in the health of all of us? As a Doctor, I cannot see how this is in the true health of the entire world. I think there is another motive. Another agenda [is] going on. The more I look at this, the more that comes up. So, I will leave you with this. I want to make this short and sweet. Sweet so that you can digest this and think about it. Do you really want to go to Human 2.0? I do not think it is a fantasy you see in the movies. We need to come together. And we need to unify our voices. Because people in positions of power taking care of our health are not in our best interest. But together, we have power to gather, united, our voice is strong. So, I encourage you to do critical thinking. Do your own research. Join groups in your State. Go to your State Legislature and you tell them no! No to these experiments on humans. No to invasion of privacy! No to censorship! We are sovereign human souls. And we need to take our rights back! Thank you for listening. And you know I always say in my videos, with the greatest of love and the greatest of peace.

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