Programming Living Tissue to Change Behavior and Beliefs

  • Do the COVID-19 Injections have Magnetic Nano-Technology in them?
  • What will this Nano-Technology do inside the human body and why?
  • Is there a plan to control all of Humanity, behaviors and beliefs? Yes.

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Weapons of our Warfare are not the Weapons of the World. Instead, they have Divine Power to demolish Strongholds. We tear down Arguments and every Presumption set up against the Knowledge of GOD; and we take captive every Thought to make it obedient to Christ. And we will be ready to punish every Act of Disobedience, as soon as your Obedience is complete.’ -1 Corinthians 10:3-6

The purpose of this study is to consider an article that was written back in 2016 about the new Nano-Technology that would essentially control people at the DNA or molecular level. Many at the time paid no attention to this sort of reporting as it would seem something out of Sci-Fi horror movies like Marvel’s ‘Magneto’. This fiction is now fact and has arrived. Where? It has been incorporated within the Experimental mRNA COVID-19 Injections. Such articles are being revisited and investigated as there has been a phenomenon of magnets apparently ‘sticking’ to the surface of where many People have been injected with the COVID-19 shots. It does not appear to occur in all cases.

But then there are those instances where if one is connected to a Blue Tooth network, appliances, TV’s and computers prompt the injected person to ‘log-on’ using the COVID-19 Injection Pass Word. What did the 2016 article state? Its long title was, ‘Genetically Engineered 'Magneto' Protein Remotely Controls Brain and Behavior’. This is the stuff of Military Secret ‘Super Soldier’ research, which it has occurred under the various branches of not only the USA Military but other World Governments. The following analysis is taken from the article within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic or is it ‘plandemic’. The crisis has been a perfect opportunity to inject People with ‘Magneto’. The article reported that Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the ‘Brain Circuits’ associated with complex behaviors.

This procedure is done by using Genetic Engineering to create a Magnetized Protein, thus the ‘Magneto’ euphemism that activates specific groups of Nerve Cells from a distance. In turn, a pulse of Light, a Radio Frequency or a specific Sound could activate these Magnetic Proteins in one’s body. This is reminiscent of how in the Bible, during the Babylonian Captivity, the Golden Statue that was erected had to be worshiped every time there was a Sound or a playing of a certain musical instrument. At which time, all the People in the realm had to stop and bow down to the Image of the ‘Beast’ and worship it. Fast forward into the 21st Century, the coming fulfilment of a similar prophetic scenario will be occurring during Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, much like it occurred during his time and generation. Anyone not obeying the mandate would be put to death.

The ‘GOD’ Gene

It was real then and it will be real in the coming years when the False Prophet does also erect an ‘Image’ to the Beast or the World Leader. And anyone not taking his Mark will be put to death by Guillotine. It was and will be a protocol of mind controlling the entire world. The issue will be, ’whom do you worship?’ Ironically, during the 2nd Gulf War, there was even research in this precise location, no less of how to identify and isolate the ‘GOD Gene’. Why? It would be so as to ‘extract’ it from People as to not make them ‘radical’ and murder in the ‘Name of their Religion’, for example. In this case, this type of research had Muslims and Islam in mind, pun intended. But with such technology, this could apply to any aspect, belief or topic that, say a Government would like to erase from a population’s ‘mind’. It could be who they respect or hate, or ‘worship’, etc.

It is believed that the Human Brain generates behavior and it is one of the ultimate goals of Neuro-Science to ‘crack its code’. Why? To control it. If one does this or has the power, such persons or ‘person’ has the power to rule the entire planet. The 1st steps have already been accomplished. The entire human DNA Genome has been mapped. Under the Obama Administration, the entire Brain has been mapped. All these pre-requisites have been made and now every human body will have to be merged with the ‘Grid’. And the Injections under the cover of a ‘Novel Virus’, COVID-19 that has been Bio-Engineered has been the perfect cover. The Endgame is to control People; what they think, what they do and whom they worship. This plan will essentially erase Free Will and Bodily Sovereignty in exchange for convenience of technology.

The technology now exists that the ‘Controllers’ can remotely control specified groups of People and Neurons through ‘Neuronal Circuits’. Essentially, the human body is being reduced to 1s and 0s, circuits and bits of data that can be then identified, read and programed just like a Computer Software Program. According to the report, the most powerful of these remoted controlling protocols is a method called Opto-Genetics. This protocol enables Researchers to switch clusters of related Neurons in a human body, on or off on a millisecond-by-millisecond timescale. And how is this done? It is executed through pulses of Laser Light. Another recently developed method, is called Chemo-Genetics. It uses Engineered Proteins, like that of the new mRNA that produces the ‘Spike Protein’ against COVID-19 that are activated by Designer Drugs.

And these Drugs are also thus injected within the solution of the Experimental mRNA injections. They can be targeted to specific cell types or People and/or races. For example, what if a certain race has a character trait that is not looked upon favorably in the new coming COVID World Order? The ‘Controllers’ can use these Magneto Proteins at the DNA level to turn on-or-off certain Biological Neurons and thus effect a behavior as an outcome. The report warned that there is potential danger or concerns of such technology being used within the human body to control the body. Since 2016, however such concerns have all but been either illuminated or set-aside regardless of unknown Long-Term Effects. The solution has been to go with the Nano-Technology that will be built upon with further COVID Injections. The report stated that this ‘Magneto’ method had been developed and advanced in the Lab of Ali Güler’s at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

A Magnetic Attraction

The University published their findings in the Journal, Nature Neuroscience. They reported that Nano-Particulates, ‘Magneto’ are non-invasive and activate Neurons rapidly and reversibly. So, how would the Nano-Bot operate and do in the human body? It has been shown that Nerve Cell Proteins can be activated by heat. Then by applying pressure, they can be Genetically Engineered so that they become sensitive to Radio Waves and Magnetic Fields. This is accomplished by attaching them to an Iron-Storing Protein called Ferritin that naturally is already produced by the human body. As it is, the human body already has Inorganic Paramagnetic Particles. These would then be concentrated to ‘Magnetize’ the human body so it can be essentially like either a ‘Transmitter’ or ‘Transponder’, that can receive Light, Sound and Radio Frequencies.

On the outset, this type of Scientific Research is amazing, cutting-edge and would promise much benefit for Humanity in alleviating diseases, suffering, and Death. For example, the report went on to cite how this Magneto Technology has already been used to regulate Blood Glucose levels in Mice. But the issue for some is that this new Nano-Technology can also be used to ‘Zombify’ Humanity. It has the potential in the wrong hands to subjugate Humanity into a ‘Bee Hive’ type of existence and a quest to have an Evolutionary ‘Great Leap Forward’. In terms of a technical nature on how Nano-Bots would work, the protocols are dependent on a protein called TRPV4. This protein is sensitive to temperature and stretching forces. It is these 2 factors that then provide the stimuli to open all the Central Pore or cells in a human body to allow magnetization.

This would then allow the Electrical Currents, such as Light, Sound or Radio Frequencies to flow through the Cell Membranes. This in turn would cause the Nervous Impulses that travel into the Spinal Cord and then up to the Brain. How the ‘Magneto’ Effect comes then into play is that the protocols magnetize the living tissue to produce a ‘torque’ or Rotating Forces that activates the TRPV4. This would thus open its central pore. But to do all this, it does then require a measure of Genetic Engineering to fuse the protein to the Para-Magnetic region of Ferritin in the body. Solution? How about having all this produced and packaged in an Injection? Many People would be hesitant to have this Medical Procedure done on them. How about use a virus, Lockdowns, worldwide hysteria and fear to push People to take an Experimental mRNA Injection that has all this? Has it been thoroughly tested on humans before? No, but no worries.

What can possibly go wrong? Well, as it is, it has come now to the Main Stream News that Dr. Fauci had funded millions of U.S. Dollars to the Wuhan Bio Lab in China for Gain of Function Research. Or how to make the Bio-Engineered Corona Virus more deadly and contagious. And how from that Lab, the virus was deliberately released. The report stated that together with Short DNA Sequences, or the mRNA material, it would be what is needed then to signal cells in the body to transport proteins, as in the COVID-19 Spike Protein. In this case, they eventually attack themselves to the Nerve Cell Membrane. It has been an ingenious plan. Then when they introduced this genetic construct into human Embryonic Kidney Cells growing in Petri dishes, the cells synthesized the ‘Magneto’ Protein and inserted it into their membrane. The result? A Magnetic Field was activated by the engineered TRPV1 Protein.


Could such a Magneto Effect be then the cause of how magnets are sticking to the area where People have received the COVID-19 Injections? Perhaps. However, the Magnetic Effect of the COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’, technically not a vaccine is due to the use of the Ferritin ‘Nano-Cage’ Drug Delivery System. Why some People are experiencing the magnetization of the Injection spot is that not all the COVID-19 Injections use the Ferritin Nano-Cages. Note that there are some of the other Nano-Tech platforms that are in use are the following.

1. Bacteriophage P22
2. Polymer Nano-Particles
3. Liposome
4. Lipid Nano-Particles
5. Cowpea Mosaic Virus

When did this al start? In the 50 years since the Cowpea Mosaic Virus (CPMV) was identifies, it became one of the most intensely studied Plant Viruses. However, the research of the past 15-20 years has shifted from studying the underlying Genetics and Structure of the virus to focusing on ways in which it can be exploited, biotechnology. This work led first to the use of Virus Particles to present Peptides. Then to the creation of a variety of Replicating Virus Vectors. And finally, to the development of a highly efficient Protein Expression System that does not require Viral Replication. So, how will this new Magneto technology create the ‘Bee Hive’ mentality and control? Many People believe that the mRNA Injections are or will be connected to the 5G Frequency System.

Some Doctors and Scientists have publicly come out and presented lectures on how People will die from this Electromagnetic Radiation that will destroy the Natural Immune System. This will also then contribute to the mass world Population Reduction efforts. How so? Other Scientists and Doctors have also publicly come on record to suggest that this Magneto Technology will make People sterile, develop tumors, and trigger an Auto-Immune Reaction or attack against one’s body. This has been stated by the former Vice President of Pfizer, Dr. Yeadon. People are not realizing that as they take this Experimental mRNA Injection thinking they are now ‘100% immune’, they are part of the greatest Medical Experiment in human history and perhaps the begins fraud and psyop in human history. Now some People are dispelling the notion that magnets can stick to People’s shoulders where they received the Injection.

Some have demonstrated that not having yet received the COVID-19 Injections, magnets can still get ‘stuck’ in People’s shoulders. However, it should be noted that prior vaccinations already taken and now within the body’s Blood Stream might have this same technology and effect. Consider that the mRNA, and DNA technology being injected into humans are Genetic Engineering Devices. They were initially drafted as an idea for dealing with Terminal Cancer and that research had problems with them. Now, due to the hyped ‘State of Emergency’ that will never be lifted now, the Globalists are using this same Gene Editing technology to violate one’s Human Rights on every level. They have expertly crafted this program for their Depopulation Agenda. It has been no secret that Eugenicists have publicly stated this quest in their won publications.

Resistance is Futile

What they Magneto Effect is doing is hijacking the Genetic Code of any person who gets the Experimental mRNA Injections supposedly for the COVID-19 Virus. In reality, it is a Medical Device injected into the human body in order to destroy Humanity on 1 level and objective. The other level and objective are to then ‘control’ those that survive the dangerous Adverse Effects on the other side. Is it no coincidence that this latest ‘plandemic’ is occurring just as A.I or Artificial Intelligence is coming of age and implementation? And if the clandestine objective is to control all of Humanity, as much as possible and change them essentially to computers, can they also be ‘hacked’ then? Yes. Consider a perspective from one who writes codes for AI.

For those that work as Programmers writing Code, Algorithms for AI Machine Learning, they can appreciate the following analysis. The concern is that there have been no Bio-Security Measures taken for the mRNA Platform to make sure no Nano-Optogenetics Biotechnology could be used to install LMOs. Why? Luminopsins can be included in the carrier they use like Lipids. And the concern and most likely case is that the Corona Virus, being part of the Adenovirus family has the potential of interacting with the Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated Designer Drugs (DREADDs). This is a Designer Drug that can then gain access to one’s Brain's Inter-Oceptions pathways.

Or in other words, the COVID-19 mRNA Injections are specifically bio-Engineered to break the Brain-Blood Barrier. And the mRNA is encapsulated in Lipids. So, why are DREADDs, used? It has been used because they allow for the ability to manipulate Neurons without having to ever implant anything into the human body or Brain. There is no need for Elon Musk’s Brain Circuit Board or Chips even. Once these Opsins are injected inside the human body, they can be expressed in the Eyes, Brain, or Skin, etc. And? They can be then turned on-or-off by way of their Neurons and to manipulate behavior. What would that look like? It could be sudden fear, weakness, energy, or serve as an emotional feedback loop. At that point, it is or will be pure psychological.

There is of course much potential in this Magneto Tech for the advancement of Medicines and Biofeedback. However, without taking the time to understand these novel platforms' security vulnerabilities, they can also open a Pandora Box of a near-future where the human Brain's 8th sense of Interoception can be disrupted, remotely. But this this the plan. This 8th sense plays a key role in how the human Brain projects control over the internal body and organs, triggering conscious behavior and subconsciousness auto-pilot Neuronal Activities. The terrifying fact is that Opsins can be activated via remote control by flashes of Light, Sound or EMF Pulses.

Much has been discovered about our little talked about, but all-important 8th sense of Interoception. This type of research is fascinating and echoes the Super Hero Comics of Dr. Magneto. He is the Nemesis that seeks to control the world through thoughts but only if his ‘Magnetic’ abilities are unthwarted. The real live Magneto Medical Protocol have been proved to work as they facilitate the increase in Calcium Ions that can then be concentrated within living cells. To prove this, the Researchers inserted the Magneto DNA Sequence (mRNA) into the Genome of a virus. They then injected Mice to study.

Dr. Magneto

Together with the Encoded Protein, like it is with the COVID-19 mRNA Spike Protein, this regulatory DNA Sequences caused the construct to be expressed only in specified types of Neurons in the Living Cells. What does this mean? It means that Humanity now has the power and ability to target any type of Neurons in the human body. Every type of translatable movement or thought can now be isolated and controlled, shut off or turned on. And all this done through Light, Sound or a Radio Frequency once this Nano-Technology is fully injected into the human body and fully operational. And indeed, this is now the case as the protocols of this type of ‘Magneto’ Nano-Technology was then injected through a virus into the Brains of Mice.

It was proven by successfully targeting the Entorhinal Cortex. Upon dissecting the Brain of the Mice to identify the cells that had the Magneto DNA Sequence, it was shown that applying the Magnetic Field to the Brain became activated and thus, the cells produced Nervous Impulses. Other tests also determined that the Magneto Effect can be used to manipulate Neuronal Activity in living tissue and can target specific Neurons. The report went on to state that in 1 particular experiment, it showed how the Nano-Particulates do and will indeed control behavior. In one final experiment, the researchers injected the Magneto Nano-Tech into the Striatum of freely behaving Mice. It is the deep brain structure containing Dopamine-Producing Neurons that are involved in reward and motivation.

They then placed the Mice into an apparatus split into Magnetized and Non-Magnetized sections. Mice expressing Magneto spent far more time in the Magnetized areas than Mice that did not. Why? It is because the activation of the protein caused a Striatal Neurons Expressing that released Dopamine. So, the Mice that were ‘Magnetized’ found being in those ‘Magnetized’ areas rewarding. This shows proof that Magneto Technology can remotely control the firing of Neurons deep within the Brain, and also control Complex Behaviors. Then there is the wild assertion that this type of Nano-Technology can also then be used to transfer and implant Human Consciousness and Memories even.

This suggests that Humanity has reached a level in which they are ‘Gods’ or have God-Like Powers. It now has the technology to either extend life perpetually, that is to say Immortality. Or it can continue with the same Consciousness but can now be transferred into another living biological host body or even an Android. But as it is reported now, it is certain that this type of Magneto Technology can and will control Human Neuronal Activity. Hello Mark of the Beast. This new field of ‘Magneto-Genetics’ has now been added to the study of Neuro-Science. It will provide the Science needed to control Brain Development and Function in humans. It has begun with the Experimental mRNA COVID Injections. And it has become 1 more step closer to the realization of what is prophetically bound to occur to Humanity, the Revelation 13 Mark of the Beast set-up. Resistance will be Futile.

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