Turning of the Sun’s Circuit

by Luis B. Vega
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The following is a Study of a Presentation that one found very interesting and intriguing about telling Time, Prophetic and Celestial Time. It is based on the Biblical Precepts of the Movements or ‘Circuit’ of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The Presentation is called, The Calendar: YHVH's Timepiece by The Way Biblical Fellowship YouTube Channel. One will be paraphrasing the Discourse in italicized format with one’s Commentary. The main Premise is that the Notion of the Months is not necessarily based on when the New Moon is sighted. Throughout the Presentation, many Biblical Verses are shown that there are less accurate Translations of the Bible that insinuated this Misconception. Why the ‘Big Deal’?

For one’s purposes and objective, one is not so much focusing on this New Moon Argument that does not determine when the New Months is to be derived. And contrary to Popular Phonetic Transliteration of the Word, ‘Moon’ to mean ‘Month’, is inaccurate. What one is interested in and will highlight in the Paraphrase is how the Presenter understands and presents the Notion that the Sun is in a ‘Circuit’ and has a Beginning, a Middle and an End Trajectory that Defines a Year. Of course, then the next Question or Mystery of what is a Year is up for debate. Realize, there are several Calendars: Solar, Tropical, Sidereal. This will be an Extreme Dive into Biblical Astronomy.

Then there is what one deems the Galactic and the Astronomical, Calendars, etc. What one wishes to emphasize from the Presentation is that for the purposes of arguing that the Leo New Year Rapture Theory appears to match this Understanding. How so? One is arguing that precisely at the Mid-Point of the ‘Circuit’ of the Sun, or as in other Verses in Scripture, it speaks about the ‘Return’ or the Turning of the Year’. That is what the Leo New Year is about. It is a ‘New Year’ because it has ‘Turned’, ‘Returned’ and starts a New Year, Astronomically. And as one has presented in prior Research, one is more convinced that this ‘Galactic’ New Year that is Delineated at Leo on a July 23 Month and Date is when the Acts 2 Pentecost Event occurred.

It was a New Beginning, the Start of the Initiation of the Church Age with ‘Power from on High’ for the Disciples of Jesus to carry-out the Great Commission into the World and during the Church Age. Thus, one’s Leo New Year Rapture Theory, at the Lion’s Gate is when one is Postulating that the Rapture Event to close-out the Church Age, will likewise occur on its Anniversary. Or in other words, at the ‘Return’ or the ‘Turning’ of the Year. The Presenter does a nice job in defining, more accurately, the Biblical Verses that bring-out the Meaning of the Terms that helps to appreciate the Scriptures in a whole New Light.

The Sun and the Moon and the Stars are his Time-Piece and they're the things that tell us the various aspects of things. The Word that is translated as Month, what we have in English is Month is, Moeds, or at Appointed Time. Numbers 28:2 states that, ‘On the beginnings of your Months you bring near a Burnt Offering’, etc. But in Numbers 28:11, YHVH reiterates the bringing of the Offerings , but at the Beginning of the Chodeshim, Plural. What is the difference? It is referred to in other portions of Scripture like Trees whose Fruit is produced every Chodesh, Singular.

And Elohim said, let Lights come to be in the Firmament of the Heavens to separate the Day from the Night let them be for Signs and Appointed Times [Chodeshim] and Days. -Genesis 1:14

Now in the Book of Revelation 22 there is a reference to another river. This River has the Water of Life. It is made available during the Millennial Kingdom. Its Life Source comes from the very Throne Room of YHVH. And on either side of the river is the Tree of Life. Obviously this infers that there will be more than just 1, as it was the case in Eden, etc. Here is the Clincher. They bore Fruit 12 Times, every Chodesh. Thus, one can presumably infer that a Chodesh is a Period of a Month, being 12 in 1 Year.

But what type of Year? Solar having 360 Days or 364 or 365 Days a Year? This is one clear Argument why the Modern Rabbinical Lunar Calendar based on the Hillel 2 Calculations made after the Roman Diaspora becomes un-synchronized to the point that they have to add a 13th Month every so often to synchronize with the Solar Year. What is a Lunar Year then?

Lunar Month = 29.53 Days
29.53 Days x 12 Months = 354.36 Day/Year

This is why the Solar Year is what YHVH has used to Delineate the 4 Divisions of Time. These are Marked by the 2 Solstices and the 3 Equinoxes, etc. And it is in the backdrop of the 12 Constellations that determines where the Sun is at and ‘What Time it is’. Now there has to be taken into account that there is Precession of the Equinox occurring at any given Time. This is the Movement of the Constellations in the Backdrop of the Sun that will ‘Shift’ where the Sun is at, relative to Time. For example, there is a popular Misconception that seems to not be willing to ‘let go’ of pertaining to when the New Year began that determined the 1st Religious New Year of Nisan.

Many End Times Teachers insist that, disregarding the Precession of the Stars, that when the Sun is in Aries, that is what determines the New Year. No. It is the Spring Equinox that does that. This is why, 2000 Years ago, yes, the Sun was in Aries as Josephus noted, relative to this Time. But now in the mid 2020’s, the Sun is no longer in Aries during the Spring Equinox.  Now realize that where the Sun starts and ends is pivotal to the Circuit of the Sun that travels along the Ecliptic.

And Astronomically, it starts in Leo, July 23 And Ends In Virgo. Conversely, Based On The Mazzaroth, The Cosmic Storyline of the Messiah starts with Virgo And Ends with Leo, the Lion, etc. But the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac, In Circular Format is as a Giant Clock Construed By The Stars Or The 12 Constellations. Consider the following inferences.

‘And he put down the Black Robe Priests whom the Kings of Yehudah had appointed to burn Incense on the High Places in the Cities of Yehudah and in the Places all around Yerushalayim and those who burned Incense to Ba’al, to the Sun to the Moon and to the Constellations, and all the Hosts of the Heavens’. -2 Kings 23:5

‘Constellations’ means ‘Lodging Places ‘or Inns. These are the ‘Tents’ that King David referred to in Psalm 19. But the most common Hebrew inference to the 12 Constellations is called the Mazzaroth. -Gesenius Hebrew Lexicon

‘Do you bring out the Constellations and its Season? Or do you lead the bear with its Sons? Do you know the Laws of the Heavens? Or do you set the Rule over the Earth? -Job 38:32-33

Notice that it is YHVH, the Creator of the Sun, Moon and the Stars that is speaking to Job. It inferred from the Context that the Earth is affected by their Meaning and Configuration and Seasons. Why? It is because YHVH determined it to be so.  No, it is not all Pagan. Or most Believers and Followers of Jesus do not want to have anything to do with the Constellations that have devolved to Daily Horoscope and Chart Readings.

That has been on purpose by Lucifer and his Minions that have corrupted this Sacred Knowledge and Understanding. It is because YHVH put the Storyline of the Gospel in the Stars. IT is the Story of how to get ‘Saved’. What Humanity has done, is to Worship the Sun, Moon and the Stars, as Paul exported the Body of Christ to not Worship the Creation as the Pagans do but the Creator, Jesus.

‘You are exhausted by your many Councils; let the Astrologers, the Stargazers, and those who Prognosticate by the New Moons [Chodeshim] stand up and save you from what is coming upon you’. - Isaiah 47:13

Thus, one can infer and correlate, correctly from Scripture, that the New Month is synonymous with the Word, Term and Concept of Chodeshim. Note that when YHVH instructed Moses and Aaron to switch the Head of the Year, or Rosh HaShanah from the Month of Tishrei, to Nisan, that was based on the Term, ‘Chodeshim’.

‘This Chodesh is the Beginning of Chodeshim for you, it is the 1st Chodeshim of the Year for you’. -Exodus 12:2

But here is the Point. The Beginning of the Religious New Year, pertinent to the Command of YHVH is based, not on the Month starting on a New Moon, or Full Moon. Or rather, no Moon Cycle at all. It is just that the Term Chodeshim, refers to the Term Month. That is all. Thus, it is the Reason why the Lunar Calendar is not the Means to determine the Feasts of YHVH or the Appointed Times, as in the Moedim.

This is why in the Book of Jubilees, it was foretold that Israel will forsake the Mazzaroth Calendar and use other Forms of Calculating Time that would confuse Time. How is this Confusion, deliberately made? Are there some Scriptural References one can point to? Yes. Consider the passage about the New Moon being correlated to the New Month.

And David said to Yehonathan. See, Tomorrow is the New Moon, and I ought to sit with the King to eat. But let me go, and I shall hide in the Field until he 3rd Day at Evening’. -1 Samuel 20:5

And David said to Yehonathan. See, Tomorrow is the Chodesh, and I ought to sit with the King to eat. But let me go, and I shall hide in the Field until he 3rd Day at Evening’. -1 Samuel 20:5

In the Greek, the Word for Month is tied to a ‘New Moon’. In the Strong’s G3376 for ‘Month’, it states that the Word is after the use of the Hebrew ‘Chodesh’ which denote both a Month and the New Moon. It does not actually denote that so all. This is how the ‘Confusion’ is coded in the Study Lexicons.

‘Let no Man therefore judge you in Meat, or in Drink, or in respect of a Holyday, or of the New Moon, or of the Sabbath Days’. -Colossians 2:16

‘Let no Man therefore judge you in Meat, or in Drink, or in respect of a Holyday, or of the Neomenia, or of the Sabbath Days’. -Colossians 2:16

The Greek Word Neomenia does not mean New Moon, as the Term for Moon in the Greek is altogether a different Word, ‘Selene’, φεγγάρι. The Point, again is that it should read, ‘New Month’, not ‘New Moon’. It is to strengthen the Argument that New Months do not start on New Moons. Thus, using the Stars to track Time it's a Pagan Concept. It is what YHVH commanded Humanity to precisely keep Track of Time with. All Ancient Civilizations understood this.

This is the Reason for the various Giant Megalithic Monuments or ‘Clocks’ that were set-up for this Tracking.  But again, one has to ‘adjust’ for the Precession of the Movements of the 12 Constellations or the Stars, relative to the Sun from Earth’s Perspective. The Tropical Year, measuring the Cycle of Seasons for example, the Time from one Solstice to another or 1 Equinox to another, is about 20 Minutes shorter than the Sidereal Year, which is measured by the Sun's Apparent Position relative to the Stars.

After about 26,000 Years the difference amounts to 1 Year, so the Positions of the Seasons relative to the Orbit are back where they started. For identical Reasons the Apparent Position of the Sun relative to the Backdrop of the Stars at some Seasonally Fixed Time, slowly Regresses a full 360 Degrees through all 12 Traditional Constellations of the Zodiac, at the Rate of about 50.3 Seconds of Arc per Year or 1 Degree every 71.6 Years.

At present, the Rate of Precession corresponds to a Period of 25,772 Years but the Rate itself varies somewhat with Time, so one cannot say that in exactly 25,772 Years the Earth's Axis will be back to where it is now. The Point is that the Equinox moves throughout the Year. Here is what Philo stated about the Creation.

‘The Sun to the Great Lord of the Day bringing about 2 Equinoxes each Year in Spring and Autumn the Spring Equinox in the Constellation of the Ram and the Autumn Equinox in that of the State of the Scales, supplies very Clear Evidence of the Sacred Dignity of the 7th Number, for each of the Equinoxes occurs in the 7th Month and during them, there is enjoinment by Law the keeping of the Greatest National Festivals, since at both of them all Fruits of the Earth Ripen, in the Spring the Wheat and all else that is sown, and in Autumn the Fruit of the Vine and most of the other Fruit-Trees’. -Section 39

Note then that it is in the 1st 50 Day count from the Day after Passover that the 1st Shavuot of the 3 occurs. This is the Ripening of the Wheat Grain, or what is referred to as the First Fruits. Then on the 2nd 50 Day Count, it pertains to the Ripening of the Grapes, or the First Fruits of the Wine.

This is where one argues the Acts 2 Pentecost or 2nd Shavuot occurred. This marked the Astronomical Leo New Year and the ‘Opening’ of the Lion’s Gate, or the Gates of Heaven that poured-out the Holy Spirit as promised by Jeus and foretold in the Book of Joel. The 3rd Count of 50 Days pertains to the Ripening of the Oil. Where is this found in the Bible or inferred to? It Is found in Deuteronomy.

‘Then I shall give you the Rain for the Land and its Season, the Early Rain [Autumn] and the Latter Rain [Spring], and you shall gather in your Grain and your New Wine and your Oil’. -Deuteronomy 11:14

This is why, even in the World, and not following the Understanding of YHVH for Salvation, Humanity still knew the Workings of the Planting, Tilling, and Harvesting Cycles to survive and produce Food to survive. And those Seasons were based on the 12 Constellations and where the Sun was at in particular. They also provided the Cycle of when People would observe their Festivals, just the same as YHVH ordered them for Israel to show-up for, i.e., the Moedim, etc.

For example the 2 Feasts of YHVH, the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Sukkot, both were 7 Days. And the deterring Factor of knowing when to ‘Count’ the Days to determine that were based on when the Solstices had occurred., the Spring and the Fall ones, respectively. This is why, after the Summer Solstice would the Summer Wheat be Harvested or needed to be Harvested.

Note that in the Bible, there are not 2 Seasons, the Hot one and the Cold one. They would be called, all-inclusive, Summer and Winter. So, the Point is that in some instances, when the Bible infers or speaks about a ‘Summer’ or Winter’, it may include the Spring and the Autumn to consider.

In Psalm 74:17, YHVH declares that He has established the Day and the Night. But that interestingly, He has also set the Borders of the Earth for its Light and Night, and the Summer and Winter, etc. The following is how Philo acknowledges the existence of Moses, the Biblical Character and the Event of the Exodus. He recognizes how YHVH had Moses establish the New Month. But note that it was not and should be not, based on the New Moon, necessarily.

‘Moses puts down the Beginning of the Vernal Equinox as marking the 1st Month [Chodesh] of the Year’. -Philo Moses to 222

According to Philo, the Hebrew New Month is to be based on the Spring Equinox. It marks the New Month. Thus, this is supposed to be the Month of Nisan. After the Equinox has happened the Fruit will be ripe. It is the Right Time to prepare for Harvest. It is not explicitly referred to in Scripture, but it is referred to in terms that implies it after the Equinox. These are the Chodeshim of the year.

The Seasons, very slightly as there are different Dates to the ones that are used with the Traditional Dates of when Sun is in the Signs. The following are the Time Markers or Chodeshim that the Sun enters the House or ‘Tent’ of each of the 12 Constellations of the Mazzaroth. Note that this is solely based off of the Solar Year and using the Gregorian Calendar.

1-January 19, Sun enters Capricorn
2-February 16, Sun enters Aquarius
3-March 12, Sun enters Pisces
4-April 19, Sun enters Aries
5-May 14, Sun enters Taurus
6-June 21, Sun enters Gemini
7-July 23, Sun enters Cancer
8-August 21, Sun enters Leo
9-September 16, Sun enters Virgo
10-October 31, Sun enters Libra
11-November 25, Sun enters Scorpio
12-December 20, Sun enters Sagittarius

Presently, the Spring Equinox is in the Month of March and in the Sign of Pisces. The Equinoxes are always in the 7th Month. As to the Circuit? The Sun is in the firmament according to Psalm 19. The Sun is traveling on a Circuit or going Forth and Returning. It is wherein the Sun travels through the 1st 6 Signs. This is when the 1st Chodesh is observed. That is when the Feast of Unleavened Bread is observed.

Then around the Time of the Solstice, is when the Sun will start its Journey or Circuit back through the other 6 Signs with the same, starting with the 7th Chodesh which is when Sukkot is observed. The following Verse will further show how Mis-Translated Words or Terms can have an effect on the Meaning and Interpretation of the Context and message YHVH is conveying. Consider the Problem of how Sukkot is not observed in the 12th Chodesh, or ‘End’ of the Year. It is in the Middle of the Year.

‘And thou shalt observe the Feast of Weeks of the First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest [1st 50 Day Count Shavuot] and the Feast of In-Gathering at the Year's End’. -Exodus 34:22 King James Version

‘They say in a Holiday of a Period the 7nth you shall observe to Me the Beginning of the Harvest of Wheat and a Holiday Gathering being in the Middle of the Year’. -Exodus 34:22 Septuagint Version

And a Feast of Weeks thou dost observe for thyself; First Fruits of Wheat Harvest; and the Feast of Ingathering at the Revolution of the Year. -Exodus 34:22 Young’s Literal Translation

Here is where one interjects the Leo New Year Rapture Theory being at the Lion’s Gate, at this particular Time and Place. Why? One is of the Interpretation that the ‘Middle of the Year’ and at the ‘Revolution’ of the Year is pertaining to exactly the Leo New Year. The Dead Give-Away is when the ‘Revolution’ is complete. That is what the Leo New Year is all about.

This Notion of the Revolution is about the Sun going out through the 1st 6 Chodeshim and then you have this ‘Turning’ in its Cycle. Consider the Word used as a ‘Revolution’ or  a Course, a Circuit coming about. It is the Hebrew Word, Tquphah Strong’s 8622 tek-oo-faw. It is used in several different ways in the Bible. Basically what it is talking about is the ‘Turning of the Circuit’. Thus, the Turning is when the sun's gone out - its Midway Point. One is conjecturing that it is at the Lion’s Gate being the Leo New Year, on a July 23 that this ‘Turning of the Circuit’ occurs.

And it came to be at the Turning [Tquphah] of the Circuit of the Year, that the Army of Aram came up against him. And they came into Yehudah and Yerushalayim and destroyed tall the Rulers of the People from among the People and sent all their Spoils to the King of Darmaseq. -2 Chronicles 24:23

‘And according to the Season of the Offsprings [of the Sun of the Circuits], and the Returns of the Months’ [Moons in this case]. -Deuteronomy 33:14

In the New Testament the Word for ‘Circuit’ or a Turning only appears once. It is the Word Tropé Strong’s G5157. It means a Turning of the Heavenly Bodies.

‘Every Good Gift and every Perfect Gift is from Above and cometh down from the Father of Lights, with whom is no Variableness, neither Shadow of Turning’. -James 1:17

What about that Phrase of the ‘Father of Lights’? It is the Lights that Elohim made at Creation, the Sun, Moon, and the Stars. YHVH is Father of the Lights in the Heavens. Thus, the Notion of Variableness of neither having a Shadow or Turning, pertains to the turning of the Heavenly Lights and their Circuit. Job talks about the 12 Constellations and their Circuit.

‘Or will you open Mazuroth in its Time? And has for us with its Tail will you lead it? And do you know the Circuits of the Heavens, or the Things under Heaven with 1 Accord taking place? -Job 38:32-33 Septuagint

And a Feast of Weeks thou dost observe for thyself; First Fruits of Wheat Harvest; and the Feast of Ingathering at the Turning of the Circuit of the Year. -Exodus 34:22 ISR Translation

The Notion is of the Sun, ‘Outgoing’ of the Year, as some Translations it. Think of the Sun going through the Exit or coming to an End then it's going to come into the New Year. It is when there will be those Renewals and it will go through the Constellations. It has to do with the Exit of the Year or making Exits into the New Year. It has to do with the Conclusion of the year. In the actual Greek, the Word used is ‘Exodus’. That is what the Exodus was about. It was an Exit or a Departure. It is about a Going Out then on the Latter Half of the Year, referred to as the Sun ‘Departing’ from the Year, etc.

This Research is why one is more convinced that the ‘Turning of the Year’, or the Circuit pertains to the Leo New Year. That is Where and When the Sun begins anew, the New Year, Astronomically. And amazingly, it is tied to a Departure or that of an Exit. Does not the Rapture Event signal such an Endeavor and Expectation? Is not the Rapture Event a Departure, an Apostasia and that of an ‘Exodus’ or Exiting from off this Planet Earth?

In 2 Samuel 11:1, it says, ‘And it came to be at the Return of the Year’…This is another Word which shows again the Reference to this Cycle of the Sun going Out and Returning. This word for ‘Turn’ is the Word Teshuva. It means, ‘Repentance’. It is only actually used 8 Times in the entirety of the Scriptures. It comes from the Word, to return. Thus, in an Astronomical Context, it is a Completion of a Year Return over 1 Year.

It would be when the Sun would go out and then make Teshuvah and it would Return. So, it came to be at the Turning of the Year, is referring to these Cycles of ‘Returning’ all the way through.

‘And know and see what you should do, for at the Return of the Year the King of Aram is coming off against you’. -1 Kings 20:22

‘And it came to be at the Return of the Year, at the [Teshuvah of the Year] the Ben-Hadad mustered the Arameans and went off to Apheq to fight against Yisra’el’. -1 Kings 20:26

The following Portion of the Presentation will focus on the Celestial Movements of the Moon.

‘That Night - let Darkness seize it. let it not be included among the Days of the Year, like not come into the Number of the Months’. -Job 3:6

Now commonly, the Word for Moon is translated ‘This Month’. But it does not mean Month at all. it is the Tradition, that when a Moon is used, it must be talking about the Month. It is because People used the Moon for Months.

So they just put the Word, Month instead. But in the Hebrew, the Word for Months is ‘Yerach’, Strong’s 3391. Yerach does not ever mean Month. This is why People get confused about that. In the Hebrew used in the Verse, it is ‘Yerachim’. so it is not Moon, it is Moons, plural.

What the word ‘Yerach’ actually means, by association, the biblical usage is sometimes month so sometimes its say month. That is not what the word means. A better Translation is Lunation. lunation is from when you have a New Moon and it is all Darkness. then you go through to a Full Moon and then the moon waxes. It is a Period of 29.53 Days.

‘So am I allotted Months of Futility, and Nights of Trouble have been appointed to me’. -Job 7:3

It should read, a ‘Moon’ a Futility is the same thing as a ‘Night of Trouble’. So, sometimes when it talks about Moons, it is talking about Nights. Sometimes and sometimes it is not. Here is another example where Yerach is translated ‘This Moon’ and it cannot be translated, ‘This Month’.

‘No longer does your Sun go down, nor your Moon withdraw itself, for YHVH shall be your Everlasting Light, and the Days of your Mourning shall be ended. -Isaiah 60:20

Just look-up the Word, ‘Yerach’, inferred as ‘Moon’ incorrectly and every Time it is mistranslated it will make much more sense.

‘A man of the house of Levi went and married the Daughter of Levi and the Woman conceived and bore a Son and she saw that he was a Lovely Child she hid him 3 Moons.’ - Exodus 2:1-2

The Point is that 3 Moons does not necessarily equate to 3 Months. The Moon is another way to reckon Time. It is part of his time-piece. The Sun and the Stars delineate the Chodeshim. The Moons are distinct Periods of Time and they are Things that YHVH refers to all throughout the Scripture.

Sometimes it is a Moon, as a Period of Time. Sometimes it will be a Chodeshim. In 2 Kings 15:13 it is referred to as a ‘Moon of Days’ as a Lunation. In Job 3;6, it says, ‘Come into the Number of Moons’. This Day Count is different. It is about 1 being about how many ‘Nights’, and the other is about Lunations. In Job 39:2, YHVH is speaking to Job and asks him, ‘Do you Number the Moons they complete? Do you know the Time when they bear Young?

‘in the 4th year the Foundation of the house of Yehovah was laid, in the Month Ziv’. In the 11th Year in the Month Bul the 8th Month the House was completed in all its Matters and according to its Plans thus he built it for 7 Years’. -1 King 6:37-38

The Point here, is that People reading the Text would assume that the Word, ‘Month’ is interchangeable to mean Chodesh. The Word, ‘Month Ziv’, is actually the Hebrew Word, Yerach. A more accurate rendering should be, pertaining to the 8th Month, that it is within the 8th Month. The Biblical Calendar is based on a 7-Day Week.

For example, the Native Americans gave each Full Moon a Nickname to keep track of the Seasons. The Lunar Month Names related to an Activity or an Event which took place at that Time in each Location. However it was not a Uniform System as Tribes used different Names and count Moons differently. Some Tribes, for example, counted 4 Seasons a Year, while others counted 5.

Then to define the Year, some counted 12 Moons while others said they were 13, etc. The Colonial Americans adopted some of the Moon Names and applied them to their own Calendar System, which is why they are still in existence Today, according to the farmers Farmer’s Almanac. So, here are some of the Names of the Moon used.

January: Wolf Moon

This Moon was named because Villagers used to hear Packs of Wolves howling and hunting around this Time of Year.

February: Snow Moon

This Moon Name was because it snowed in that Month in America. Traditionally, it is also referred to as the Hunger Moon because Hunting was difficult when it was snowing.

March: Worm Moon
As Temperatures warm, Earthworm Castes begin to appear and Birds begin finding Food. It is also known as Sap Moon, Crow Moon and Lenten Moon.

March: Pink Moon
Known as the Pink Moon after the Pink Wildflowers which appear in the US and Canada in Early Spring. This Moon is also known as Egg Moon due to the Spring Egg-Laying Season. Some Coastal Tribes refer to it as Fish Moon because it appeared at the same time as the Shad swimming upstream.

May: Flower Moon

Spring has officially sprung by the Time May arrives, the Flowers and colorful Blooms dot the Landscape. This Moon is also known as Corn Planting Moon, as Crops are sown in Time for Harvest, or Bright Moon because this Full Moon is known to be one of the brightest. Some People refer to it as Milk Moon.

June: Strawberry Moon
This moon is named after the beginning of the Strawberry Picking Season. Its other Names are Rose Moon, Hot Moon, or Hay Moon as Hay is typically harvested around now. It occurs in the same Month as the Summer Solstice, the Longest Day of the Year at 17 Hours of Daylight.

July Thunder moon

Named due to the prevalence of Summer Thunderstorms. It is sometimes referred to as the Full Book Moon because at this Time of the Year a Buck’s Antlers are fully grown.

August: Sturgeon Moon

Tribes in North America typically caught Sturgeon during this Month, but also it is when Grain and Corn were gathered so it is also referred to as Grain moon.

September: Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is the Name given to the 1st Full Moon that takes place closest to the Autumnal Equinox. It was during September that most of the Crops were harvested ahead of Autumn and this Moon would give Light to Farmers so they could carry on working longer in the Evening. Also called Barley Moon for Corn Moon or Fruit Moon.

October: Hunter's Moon
As People plan for the Cold Months, the October Moon came to signify the Ideal Time for hunting Game, which were becoming fatter from eating Falling Grains. This Month is also known as the Travel Moon and Dying Grass Moon.

November: Frost Moon
The 1st of the Winter Frost historically begins around now and Winter begins to bite, leading to this Month's Moon Moniker. It is also known as the Beaver Moon.

December: Cold Moon
The Nights are long and dark and Winter’s grip tightens, hence this Moon's Name.


Then we come to the ‘Month’ or Moon Ziv. The Hebrew Word, Ziv means ‘Brightness’. The Word, Bul as in the Month, means ‘Increase of Produce’. And that is October and November. That is when the Animals were getting fatter. It is also right after they would have brought in all of the crops.

So, one can see why they would have named these Moons certain Things, according to what was going on in the Land. But it does not mean that the Word for Moon is to be used interchangeably with what Chodesh is referring to, a Period of Time.

‘And all the Men of Yisra'el assembled to King Shelomoh at the Festival in the Moon of Eythanim, he of the 7th Chodesh’. -1 Kings 8:2

When reading this Passage, People assume that the 8th Month is called Eythanim. But that is not what the Word means. It means ‘Enduring’. So, it could be called the ‘Enduring Moon’, and ‘He of the 7th Chodesh’, etc.

Note that this 8th Month corresponds to a Month that will be in October of some Year. This is based on one’s Theory that when the coming False Jewish False Messiah makes the Covenant, the Confirming will occur as a Rehearsal of this Pattern established by King Solomon. One is conjecturing that the Confirming the Covenant will be with the L’Rabbim or the Sanhedrin of the 70 Elders of Zion. And that the Covenant will be that of Moses. The occasion will be the dedication of the 3rdD Temple as it was with Solomone, thus one calls this AntiChrist King of the Jews, the Solomon 2.0.

So, if YHVH called the 1st Month Aviv, why is it called Nisan as Esther 3:7 calls it, ‘The Chodesh of Nisan?’ It is because the Meaning of the Hebrew Word, ‘Nisan’ means ‘Their Flight’, as in the Exodus. And this is when Passover took place, etc. These Things were given for Signs and for Times and for Days and for Years. The Moon is for Signs. The Moon does give Signs. One is not saying that there is any Relevance to these things.

Harvest Moon: A Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox.
Black Moon: A 2nd New Moon in a Calendar Month.
Blue Moon:   A 2nd Full Moon in a Calendar Month.

‘He made the Moon for Appointed Times. The Sun knows it is going down’. -Psalm 104:19

In the Book of Enoch, he makes reference to the fact that the Sky is divided-up into 6 Gates. In fact, the Sky, or the Firmament that encompasses the Sun, Moon and the Stars are governed by 7 Celestial Gates. This Notion is patterned after what Heaven or the Heavenly Jerusalem is configured to, in some instances. And it is how the Earthly Jerusalem is also configured to the 7 Main Open Gates, presently. This Pattern is also mirrored with the 7 Main Stars of the Constellation of Orion. This is why one has provided Proof that the 3rd Temple is correlated with the Belt Star of Mintaka.

All that to say that as Heaven and Earth are defined by the 7 Doors or ‘Star-Gates, so is the Heavenlies. Consider that the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes are ‘Gates’ that the Sun traverses through or reaches as a Marker of Time. Then there are the 2 Cardinal Gates of the Golden Gate; the Silver Gate that define the Expanse of the entire visible Universe, from Earth’s Perspective. And it is Orion at the Gate of Man and Ophiuchus at the Gate of GOD that are the Guardians of these Star-Gates. This is a total of 6 Gates mentioned by Enoch. What is the 7th Gate? The 7th Gate is what one’ Leo New Year Rapture Theory is predicated upon. It is the Lion’s Gate.

  Golden Gate          Equinox           Solstice         Lion’s Gate        Equinox             Solstice             Silver Gate

           1                        2                       3                      4                       5                       6                         7

And in certain Months [Chodesh] she alters her Setting and in certain [Position] she pursues her own peculiar Course. In 2 Months the Moon sets with the Sun; in those 2 Middle Portals the 3rd and the 4th. She goes forth for 7 Days and, turns about and returns again through the Portal where the Sun rises, and accomplishes all her Light; and she recedes from the Sun, and in 8 Days she enters the 6th Portal from which the Sun goes out. And when the Sun goes forth from the 4th Portal she goes forth 7 Days, until she goes forth from the 5th and turns back again in 7 Days into the 4th Portal accomplishes all her Light; she recedes and enters into the 1st Portal in 8 Days.

She returns again in 7 Days into the 4th Portal from which the Sun goes forth. Thus, I saw their position how the Moons rose and the Sun set in those Days’. -Book of Enoch.

The Moon sets and the Sun sets in the same place on the Equinox and it is only on the Equinox so this is the Path of the Sun on that day is the path of the Moon on the same Position in the Sky.

The Moon's Orbital Motion combined with the larger Orbit of the Earth around the Sun carries it farther Eastward among the Constellations of the Zodiac from Night to Night. At any 1 Moon-Rise, the Moon occupies a particular Place on the Celestial Sphere (the Great Dome of the Heavens) but when the Earth turns towards the Point 24 Hours later the Moon has moved off to the East about 12 Degrees, and it takes an average of 50 Minutes longer for the Earth to rotate toward the Moon and for the moon thus to ‘Rise’.

But around the Date of the Harvest Moon, the moon rises about the same Time. Why? Remember that the Zodiac is the Band of Constellations through which the Moon travels from Night to Night. The Section of the Zodiac Band in which the Full Moon travels around the start of Autumn is the Section that forms the most Shallow Angle with

the Eastern Horizon. Because the Moon's Orbit on successive nights is more nearly parallel to the horizon at that time, its relationship to the Eastern Horizon does not change appreciably and the Earth does not have to turn as far as to bring up the Moon.

The Moon may rise as little as 23 Minutes later on several Nights before and after the Full Harvest Moon, about 42 Degrees North Latitude, which means Extra Light at the Peak Harvest Time near Autumn by the Time the Moon has reached the Last Quarter, however, the Typical 50-Minute Delay has returned.

The start of Spring, the opposite applies. The Full Moon is in the Section of the Zodiac that has the Steepest Angle with respect to the Eastern Horizon. For several Days bracketing the Full Moon nearest the Vernal Equinox, the delay in Moon-Rises as much as 75 Minutes at 42 Degrees North Latitude.

The use of the Moon for determining the Chodeshim had to come from somewhere. The Place that it actually comes from, is from Babylon. Babylon used the Moon to determine what a Month is. And what they would call a Month was what we would call a Moon. What scripture calls a Moon. Babylon had the Pagan Priesthood which spread into Assyria. The Border between Babylon and Assyria was somewhat Artificial to their Priesthood.

Before Babylon conquered Assyria’s Capital City, Nineveh in 612 BC, this Priesthood performed their Nightly Observations at the Heavens and made their 1st Forays Mathematical Astronomy. The Kings of Assyria recognized the supposed Powers of this Priesthood and received Letters from them…

‘On the 30th I saw the Moon and it was in a High Position for the 30th Day; presently it will be as high as it stands on the 2nd Day. If agreeable to the King my Lord let the King wait for a Report from the City of Ashshur. The King Lord may then determine for us the 1st Day of the Month’.
-Letter Number 303

So, this whole thing about the Sighted Moon is where it comes from. These are the people who were doing it when they went into Babylon. And then suddenly their language changed for certain things. We see in Ezra 6:15 where it says, ‘And this House was completed on the 3rd Day of the Moon of Adar’. This is significant because this is a Transliteration in the Hebrew of a Babylonian Month Name or a Babylonian Moon Name.

The Babylonian Month of Adar means ‘Glorious’. Then in Nehemiah 6:15 that says, ‘And the Wall was completed on the 25th of Elul’. This is another Hebrew Transliteration of a Babylonian Moon Name. Elul means ‘Nothingness’. It does not really sound like a Name that YHVH gives to His Moons. But this is the sort of thing that a Nihilistic Culture of Babylon would say, ‘On the Moon of Nothingness’. Then what about the Moon's Phases in Scripture because the Moon has Phases. So, what is the Significance in the Moon? Probably the Phases of the Moon. The Moon Phases are mentioned in Scripture. But it is not quite as Significant as perhaps thought.

‘Come, take our fill of Love until Morning. Let us delight ourselves with Love for my Husband this not at Home. He is gone on a Long Journey. He took a Bag of Silver with him. He comes home on the Day of the New Moon’. With her many Words she leads him Astray. With her Smooth Lips she seduces him’. -Proverb 7:18-21

The word translated as ‘New Moon’, translated in the King James Version is ‘Full Moon’. The Hebrew Word is ‘Kece’. This is a very Strange Word but it is relevant to the Conversation on the Calendar. It does not mean ‘Full Moon’. In the Hebrew, ‘Kece’ means Full Moon. That is what some People think that this Word means. Gesenius said the following.

‘The Etymology is not clear to me, for it is not satisfactory to say that it is so-called from the Whole Moon being covered with Light’. Verbs of ‘Covering’ are often applied in the sense of Hiding and Covering over but never as far as I know to mean, ‘Covered in Light’.

The Word, which is its Root-Word is ‘Kecer’, means ‘Cover’, ‘Conceal’ or ‘Hide’. The verb means that it is ‘Covered’ and Obscured. This is from the Dead Sea Scrolls. 69. The Phases of the Moon, 4Q317. This is what they thought about the Phases of the Moon and the Reason for including this. It is not to say that Dead Sea Scrolls have anything going on. There are lots of errors found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It is not an ‘Accurate Inspired Picture’ of what was going on. It just tells about their Observations of the Sky. Consider the following stated by them, talking about this Piece of Writing about the Phases of the Moon.

‘The System that he uses to describe the Moon may strike the Reader as peculiar. It is really not so much peculiar as Theological -certainly Biblical in the Eyes of its Adherents. The Writer conceives of the Lunar Month in terms of the Moon being Obscured or Revealed’.

Thus, based on this Interpretation, the Full Moon is not covered with Light. Maybe it is talking in these terms of it being Obscured or fully Covered over. This is a difficult Word to translate.

‘Blow up the Trumpet in the New Moon or in the Full Moon on our Solemn Feast Day’. -Psalm 81:3

Here is where People will say, ‘Look, it is right here, by the Moon. It has got to be by the Moon’. There is only 1 Day that you blow the Trumpets on a New Moon. That is on the Feast of Trumpets. And then by the Time it is the Full Moon, it is the Sukkot. No. If

you go by the New Moon, as the Start of the Month, and you are saying that Marks Trumpets, then 14 Days later is not Sukkot. It does not really work on that basis. But it does not Work linguistically.

Trump during the Chodesh - a Trumpet on the Well-Marked Day of your holiday!’ -Psalm 81:3 ISR Version

This Word is not really clear what it means. But the Word for ‘New Moon’ is ‘Chodesh’. It does not say anything about them, the Moon being ‘New’. It does not say I think about that being the Phase of the Moon. The Word translated in the King James Version is, ‘In the Time Appointed’. It certainly does not mean nothing to do with Times or being Appointed.

‘He covers the Face of the Full Moon and spreads over his Cloud’. -Job 26:9 KJV

The word being used there full moon doesn't mean full moon, it is the Word, ‘Kece’ again. It has to do with it being Obscured.

‘Covering the Surface of His Throne, spreading His Cloud over it’. -Job 26:9 ISR Version

Taking hold of the Face of the Throne, spreading His Cloud over it’. -Job 26:9 Young’s Literal Translation

So, it is not the Full Moon here. You see that this Translation has difficulties with this Word. There is another Word as well. As noted, there is Kecer, which is the Full Moon or Covered Moon, as it has been interpreted, even though it says nothing about the Moon. It is just something to do with something being ‘Covered’. Then there is the Word, as well which is very close to it. It is the Word ‘Kisse’, Strong’s H3678.

So, it means, Seat of Honor, the Throne Seat, Sitting on a Throne, Royal Dignity, Authority, Power and it is from the same root word as Kece. Here is the suggested better Translation. What is clear is that it has nothing to do with the Feast of Trumpets being on the New Moon.

‘Blow the Trumpet in the Chodesh in Authority, Power on our Solemn Feast Day’. -Job 26:9

Isaiah 30:26 gives us another word for moon…and light of the moon shall be the light of the Sun. The Sun here, wherever this Word, ‘Moon’ is, being contrasted with the Sun certainly suggests that it is the Moon. It is not. The Word in Hebrew means ‘White’. It is some kind of reference to its Whiteness or its Brightness.

In Song the Songs 6:10 it says, ‘Who is she who shines forth is the Morning. Fair as the ‘Moon’. No, it is pertaining to Brightness. It can thus suggest that this is the Full Moon when the Moon is Bright when it is white in the Sky. Thus, one has presented References to it being ‘Covered’ and the other being ‘White’.

In Conclusion YHVH has given the Giant Time-Piece in the Sky. He has given the Chodeshim which seemed fixed in the Sky. The Sun goes through the Chodeshim and that gives the Chodeshim, not the Months. The Moon goes through the Chodeshim. That gives the Sun and the Moon Rising at the same Time or them Setting in the same part of the Sky.

It is all important for the reckoning of these things. It is all right there in Scripture but there are no Problems that people have suggested with this. It actually does refine it and give a Better Understanding of it when investigating these Things. So, the Sun and the moon through the Chodeshim. It speaks of them ‘Going Forth’. It speaks of them ‘Returning’ as well.

And this is Calendar of YHVH. He has given it. It is right there. All that we actually needed to do all along, was to look up at the Sky and say, ‘What is actually happening Here?’ It is because He told Humanity that it is the way of reckoning these Things. I think that we should pray.

Father, Thank You that you have shown us these Things. I do not know why You have chosen to show it at this Time or Words to achieve. But I pray that your Name is Glorified its Exalted through these Things as your People Return to follow in your Ways. They can begin to Return to follow in the Calendar that you have laid-out for us. Thank You that you have brought all of us together Today. Thank You that you brought all the People from all over the world to come to Sukkot. Thank You that we can Rejoice in these Things before you as your People. I do not know what you are doing, but I Thank You for it. Amen.




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