End of Church Age and Reign of Jesus

  • How is Death of the Queen related to the End of Days?
  • Is there any Prophetic Correlations to the Rapture?
  • Does the 70-Year Reign signal the End of the Church Age?

by Luis B. Vega

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Elizabeth II Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
1926 – 2022 (96 Years)
Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Realms
1952 – 2022 (70 Years)

Given the Passing of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, one would like to correlate, if possible, interesting Prophetic Innuendos based on the duration of the Queen’s Reign, being 70 Years and how a King is to come to Reign. These 2 Primary Factors, of a Death of a Queen and Reign of King, one to liken them to the Moon, represented by the Queen, and the King, represented by the Sun. These 2 main Prophetic Innuendos are based on how one has ascertained that the Sun, Moon and Stars will configure on 9-11 from the vantage point of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel. Why 9-11, 2022?

It is based on the Notion that one believes that the Date was when the True Monarch and Sovereign of All, King Jesus was Born, i.e., the King of the Jews, etc. But one 1st needs to read-up on a Prior Article assessing the Astronomical Array that occurs on this Day of September 11, 2022. It will provide the Context necessary for the Explanation one will present of the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars that appear to echo, on Earth, the passing of a Queen and the Reign of the Coming King Metaphor.

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One does see a Biblical Prophetic Pattern of Royalty being Magnified and there being a Time of a ‘Hand-Off’. Surely, a 70-Year Timeframe has Ended and is ‘Ending’. Will this Passing of the Queen and the Coming King, mirror the one that is coming with the ‘Death’ or End of the Long-Reign of the Church Age ‘Queen’? And now thereafter, there will be the coming Reign of Jesus to return and Rule Earth as the Revelation 12 Sign portrays? One will thus, correlate the King with the Sun and the Queen with the Moon.

So, with the Passing of the Queen of England and her 70-Year Reign, a King comes to Reign thereafter. Does this mirror how the End of the Church Age is at Hand and the Rapture Event will usher-in the King Coming to Rule? When? It is now King Charles III that will be crowned King on Earth. But Jesus is Crowned in Heaven. But as one and others suspect, on Earth, this Earthly King is what has been and will be used to facilitate the ‘Trillions at his Disposal’ to usher-in their Luciferian Globalist Reset. He will not be the ‘Defender of the Faith’, in this case the Church of England.

A Service and Duty Completed

The former Prince of Wales has been more so defending the Muslim Faith. One would venture to surmise that as an AntiChrist Type, he is being presented as the Mild-Mannered Prince that is riding on the Sympathy and Respect due to his Mother Death. One is not criticizing him for that. What one is suggesting is that, given Time, such a Deminer will change much like it will be with the actual AntiChrist figure. Once the Rapture Event occurs, the AntiChrist will be revealed and ‘conquer’ the World through Peace to only then turn on the World and burn it down to take as many with him to Hell.

So, how is the Death of the Queen and the Reign of a King even relevant to such Prophetic Signs? The following will touch upon this Rationale of why such Signs seen in the Sun, Moon and the Stars on 9-11 in 2022, perhaps are mirroring the Passing of a Queen and coming of a King Typology. If anything can be said of the Queen, despite her Detractors or Critics, that do have a Valid Points in criticizing her Reign, she kept her Word and Commitment to Serve. This can be said of the Church Body in Parallel and in General and of the Bride of Christ, specifically.

The Philadelphian Type of Christian ‘Bride’ or Queen has been Faithful to Keep her Sacred Oath to her ‘Husband’, Jesus. Her Oath is as a Marriage to Jesus to Keep. And She has not Denied Jesus’ Name. This is 1 Key Characteristic of the Queen of England, ascribed to the Bride of Christ. Consider then that in the case of the Bride of Christ, her Tenure one Earth will 1 Day also End. Her Royal Commission will 1 Day also come to an End as she is called ‘Home’, the Church Age ’70 Prophetic Reign will end. How so. Consider that there were 7 Churches of Asia that Jesus used to exemplify the Spiritual Conditions of each.

And how many Bible Scholars attribute this Church Age of the 7 Churches of Asia as such a Fractal of a 7, compounded 10 times to arrive at a ‘70’ Coefficient of Time and Service. Service of what? The Church Age has been a Special Time where Jews and Non-Jews can just, ‘Call upon the Name of Jesus’ to be Saved and Redeemed. It is a Special Time wherein the Holy Spirit Retrains All-Out-Evil and Indwells the Believers.

But how is the Passing of the Queen and the coming King relevant to an Anniversary of a 9-11 Event and 7-7-7 Shemitah Anniversary? As one knows, one and others do hold that Jesus was Born on September 11, -3 BC. That happened to be Tishri 1. And then 1.5 Years later, the Magi came to Bethlehem on Christmas Day, the 25th of -2 BC. It is when the King Planet Jupiter Astronomically made its Retrograde in Virgo and then ‘Stood Still’ due to this Effect, etc.

Based on these Celestial Occurrences, the Years before or after -3 BC did not Synchronize then with Jesus’ Birth-Day. All those Conjunctions occurred in Virgo, Leo with Jupiter and Venus. The Synchronization to the Birth-Day of Jesus involved the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter at the King Star, Regulus in the King Sign of Leo. And then also with the Double Conjunction of Jupiter, with Venus in Leo also. What is interesting to note is that indeed, if Jesus was Born in -3 BC and Died in 32 AD, it was a Period of 5 Shemitahs or Sabbath Cycles. -3 BC + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 32 AD.

A Long-Time Reign

And it is known in Biblical Terms that 5 is the Number of Grace and Unmerited Favor. That is why Jesus was Born as a King to give to Humanity Grace and Favor as a  Pledge and He did keep His Word. And that is what the ‘70’ Year Church Age has been about. It is about Redeeming the Fish. The Question remains, will there be, Metaphorically but Eschatologically an Expiration Day coming fairly soon of the ‘Queen’ of Jesus as in a Death or End of a similar 70-Year Timeframe? Is it any Coincidence that in 2022, is the Beginning of a New Shemitah Cycle as a 70-Year Period Ends?

To reiterate, the 9-11, 2022 Anniversary is also Synchronized with another End Date. This End Date concerns the 21-Year or 7-7-7 Shemitah Countdown from the 2002 9-11 Globalist Attacks, it seems the 9-11 in 2022 is a Mile Stone like no other. It is about an End of a Reign, i.e., the Church Age that can be likened to the Body of Christ that is Female in Motif, as was the Queen of England. And how she Ruled for a ‘Long Time’ and was Faithful to her Pledge to Serve. Is the Church Age; and her Prophetic ‘70 Years’, about to ‘Expire’ also to make way for the King? Biblically speaking, Yes.

-Queen Elizabeth can be likened to the Female Body of Christ, the Queen of Christ.
-The Queen on Earth was and is Faithful in her Pledge to Serve.
-A Long Time Duration of 70 Years as is the Church Age a Compound of 7 Churches.

-King Charles can be likened to the Conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter in Pisces
-The King Comes as the Monarch to loosen the Bonds of the Beast, Cetus.
-A Jubilee Count ends at the 70-Year with a Rapture Release of the ‘Fish’ by Pegasus.

The name Elizabeth is a Biblical Name of Hebrew Origin. Its earliest Origins can be traced back to the Old Testament of the Bible, where it was defined as ‘God is my Oath’ in Hebrew. And that is what Queen Elizabeth Pledged and Fulfilled, to her Credit and Character. This is despite what many have criticized her for overseeing a Genocidal Colonial Empire, but no different than the likes of the Portuguese, Spanish and French had also. And then a Beginning of the Reign of the King as in Charles III.

The name Charles is of German and French Origins which means ‘Free Man’. The Name derives from the Germanic name Karl, meaning Free-Man. The Royal Name began as Charlemagne before being shortened to Charles or Carlos, etc. And that is the Theme that one sees in the Alignment and Conjunction of the Sun, Moon and the Stars on 9-11, 2022. It is about the King coming, Jupiter, that is to loosen the Bonds that the Beast, that comes out of the Sea, has had on the Fish of Pisces throughout the Church Age.

One thus Prophetically surmises that it is about a Timing and Reckoning of an Expiration of a Pledge and Service as in a ‘Death’. Or as in an End of an Epoch and a Birth or beginning of a Reign. Consider that when the End of the Church Age occurs, it can be likened to a ‘Death’. And ‘Death’ of a Queen. How so? Did not Jesus command the Church Age Believers to be as Wise as Doves and as Cunning as Serpents?

Of course this is in the Context of utilizing the Gospel to win Souls for the Kingdom. But as it is known that Snakes shed their Skin, it is an amazing Metaphor of a ‘Dying’ taking place and a New Body or ‘Re-Birth’ being constituted. This is exactly what will take place at the Time of the Resurrection and Rapture Event that will ‘Expire’ or End the Church Age at the End of its 70-Year Prophetic Timeframe. It will be as a ‘Birth’ that the Revelation 12 Sign depicts. But, once the Rapture Event occurs, it is technically when Jesus, the Lion of Judah, the King, All Sovereign Monarch begins to Reign over the Earth. King Jesus will be the Long-Awaited Monarch that has also had to ‘wait’ for this Office of King.

Jesus is Prophet, Priest and King. Jesus came 1st as The Prophet. He warned Israel 1stt and the World, all inclusive of the Wrath and Judgment to come. He Died on the Cross of Calvary to secure a ‘Portal’ or Door of Escape and Rescue. He left Earth to prepare a Chamber in His Father’s House with a Pledge to return one day. In the meanwhile, as He is Constructing the Chambers, the Holy Spirit, Jesus sent is constructing the Bride, the Queen that 1 Day will be finished. This Day will coincide with the Rapture as a Terminal Point.

Jesus in the meantime is as the High Priest that is Intercession on behalf of His Flock to Sanctify the Bride and make her ready for the Presentation and Coronation that will follow. This will occur as Jesus then functions as King and takes on the Mantel of Sovereign Monarch of all the Universe. And it is He as the GOD-Man that will Judge both the Dead and Living on Judgment Day. One would advise to get to Know Him as Savior now and not as Sovereign then. But in the Case of Jesus, the Reign will begin when His Bride, His Queen sits in the Court of Heaven and is Witness to the Breaking of the Seal Judgments.

This will be the Wrath of the Lamb that is coming Upon the Earth Dwellers in that 1 Hour of Testing. Again, is it then Coincidence that in terms of Shemitah Years, the 9-11 Anniversary is Synchronized to the 70 Years also since 1952, the Year the Queen of England was Crowned? It was on a Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle when Israel, in the Modern Era, had returned to the Promised Land. This is after gaining its Independence in 1948. It is only after that Israel began to Rule as a Sovereign Nation since 1948, of which the Shemitahs are directly tied to occurred in 1952. Is it coincidence that the 70th Year being 2022 is a Jubilee Year as it was with the Queen of England?

And how the Jubilee has profound Prophetic Implications of a loosening of the Cords of Bondage? Has not the Body of Christ been Earth-Bound and Restrained, to a Degree by the Beast System? However, such Bonds will be finally broken when the Rapture occurs and the Bride Rises, swiftly as that Fish riding Pegasus to meet Jesus in the Clouds. To the Luciferian Globalists, the Rapture Event will usher-in their King, rather than Jesus, whom they Rejected and stated that they, ‘Rather have Caesar as King’. To them, they can say, ‘The Queen is Dead’, in reference to the Church Age Believers, collectively. And they will say, ‘Long Live the King’, inferring to the AntiChrist False Messiah.

Again, is the Signaling of what has occurred on Earth below by the ‘Death’ of a Queen’s Reign and a Birth of a King’s Dominion, is what is being Spiritually Broadcasted and how it will coincide, soon in Heaven above regarding the End of the Church Age and the soon Beginning of the Reign of the AntiChrist? One may not know the precise Day and Time, but according to the Bible, one does know the Season and General Series of Events that will play-out Prophetically. The Devil is in the Details.


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