Prophetic Phi Ratio Patterns for 3rd Temple

  • What is the Abomination spoken Daniel and Jesus?
  • Is there a Timeline when Temples were Destroyed?
  • Does this Pattern have a Mathematical Phi Ratio?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘But when ye shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing where it ought not, let (him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judea flee to the Mountains.’ -Mark 13:14

The purpose of this study is to highlight several Key and unique Time and Date Properties of the ‘Abomination of Desolations’, spoken about in the Bible regarding the Temples of YHVH. These are the Destructions that took place during the Periods of the 1st and 2nd Temples of YHVH in Israel. This location in Jerusalem specifically is on what is referred today as the Temple Mount.

The Sequence of the Dates and Times recorded in the History of such prior Desolations, could perhaps suggest a Time Period in the Near Future, of when the Last Desolation is to occur. This Future Time Period, based on Prior Date Periods could help in determining where the 3rd Temple is to be built on the Temple Mount and when the coming Abomination of Desolation will occur as spoken by the Prophet Daniel and reiterated by Jesus on the Mount of Olives.

According to some Interpretations of the Bible, this subsequent 3rd Temple will likewise suffer the same Fate of a ‘Desolation’ and perhaps an all-out Destruction, of a yet future Desolation, as it occurred to the prior 2 Temples, on the 9th of Av. Will this Date also be correlated to the 3rd Temple? This study takes the position that a literal 3rd Temple is to be rebuilt. The Bible speaks of a Prophetic Future ‘Desolation’ that a False Messiah will make as the Nation of Israel will accept and will eventually allow for a 3rd Temple.

He will convince National Israel that he is the long-awaited and True Messiah. But at the ‘Mid-Point’, he will Defile the Temple by ‘Sitting’ in the Holy of Holies. This Event, in part, will be the Abomination of Desolation. The other part has to do with the False Prophet that will erect an Idol. This Future Event was referred to by Jesus Christ as being the ‘Abomination of Desolations’ that was revealed to the Prophet Daniel.

It will involve the very Ark of the Covenant … ’So that he as God sits in the Temple of God, shewing himself that he is God’. This Interpretation thus necessitates a literal 3rd Temple that will have to be built. This Accretion is according to how some interpret the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Thus, the 3rd Temple will once again pertain to a Time Period where the Jewish Nation will have the Stewardship of a Physical Temple after the Rapture of True Christians from the Earth as some interpret End Time Events.

This Assumption should not be confused with the ‘Spiritual’ Components that currently make-up the ‘Temple of God’ as in the Body of Christ that the Apostle Paul teaches in the New Testament. This Spiritual Temple specifically pertains to the current Church Age that some say is about to End. This will occur before the 3rd Temple goes up. Based on the Phi Ratio or the prior Desolations of the Temples, the Time Period with Special Emphasis is in 2018. Why? That Year is when a very Symbolic Temple event occurred. This Event was the Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice. Now, as to when the 3rd Temple? This study will base it on certain Mathematical Probabilities based on prior Temple Desolations.

The Desolation Patterns presented will incorporate Phi and Pi Coefficients and are subject to Speculation. Other Evidence to support this Desolation Theory. It is Speculated that the 3rd Temple might be built 7 Years after this 2018 Temple Rededication Event. It will be shown that it is based also on several Numerical and Astronomical ’Patterns’ of when Solomon’s and Herod’s Temples were destroyed. The 2 prior Temples were Destroyed on the same Jewish Calendar, on the 9th of Av. The Primary Pattern looked at, for this Desolation Theory is that of a 70-Year Period of Time directly related to the 2 prior Temples.

Each of these 70-Year Periods were directly associated with a Period and a Judgment. They followed either before or after the Temple’s Desolation or Destruction. Perhaps this same Desolation Pattern will reoccur pertaining to the 3rd 70-Year and 7-Year Pattern that has been associated with the previous 2 Temples. There are also other Numerical Calculations that will be presented that bring-up specific Year and Date Associations. These are based on purely Mathematical Number Computations. One such Year or Number is 586.

It is not the intent of this study to ‘Fix a Date’ for when the 3rd Temple is to be built. This study suggests that given the Time and Date Sequences of prior Temple Periods, the Desolation Patterns present a very Unique Convergence to a specific Time Period, soon to come to pass. This Desolation Theory only seeks to suggest, that this Period of Time, based on Phi Ratio of Time, leads to a Highly Probable Date Period of when the 3rd Temple might begin. In terms of Celestial Sign accompanying the prior Desolations, consider the ones that accompanied the Rebirth of Israel. It is particularly significant that Israel became a UN Member sovereign state on November 5, 1949, just 29 days after one of the Tetrad’s Blood Moon occurred on the Feast of Sukkot October 7, 1949.

A Tetrad Blood Moon again occurred during the Passover Season of 1967, precisely on April 24, 1967, just 44 days from June 7, 1967. This is when the Temple Mount was Recaptured by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) for the first time since 70 AD, some 1,948 Years from 1948. As to the Tetrad Sequence, their Pattern strongly supports the Notion that soon After the Tetrad of 2014-15, there could be a very Prophetic Event concerning the Nation of Israel pertinent to the 3rd Temple. But how long is ‘Soon’? Based on the Tetrad Template Theory, a Prophetic Event is based off of the Phi Ratio Proportion of the last 3 Blood Moon Tetrads: 1949-50, 1967-68, and 2014-15. Thus, the next ‘Event’ is 2025.

2018 Year Factor
This would mean that one could possibly see the beginnings of the decree to build the 3rd Temple. What was more significant about the last Tetrad of 2014-15 was that it occurred in the ‘Midst’ of the 2 Central Blood Moons from 2011 to 2018 that spanned a perfect 7-Year Period. Thus, the coming ‘Celestial Signs’ point to a possible time frame that echoes the 70-Year Pattern.

This 70-year pattern converged in 2018 as it was the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel being ‘Birthed in a Day’ in 1948. Could 2025 then be the Year the 3rd Temple is either started or completed? The year 2018 would thus constitute the ‘Countdown. Perhaps this Celestial Pattern could be the start of the literal 7-Year Tribulation Period starting sometime in 2025?

If the Desolation Theory holds, then this 7-Year Period is signaling 2025? Then indeed, the Abomination of Desolation that is to come will be in the ‘Midst’ of that 7-Year Period of Time. That Point in Time would correspond to the year 2029. It would be the Mid-Point of this Last Prophetic 7-Year Tribulation Period Time Piece that will then see the Return of Jesus. This Assertion that is talked about in the Bible has many Christians and Theologians Disputing its timing though.

Regardless, there will be a certain Prophetic Year in which the final Week of Years that Daniel spoke about will occur. If the Desolation Pattern follows that 2018 was when 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time commenced the Countdown to 2025, then 3.5 years later on, is when the 3rdd and Final Desolation will occur. It will be ‘In the midst’ that the AntiChrist orders a halt to the Daily Sacrifices at the 3rd Temple, according to some interpretations of the Bible.

Thus, based on the 10-Year Count from the 2014-15 Tetrad and the Central Blood Moon over Jerusalem in 2018, the year 2025 could be when perhaps the AntiChrist will be revealed, and the Daily Sacrifices of the 3rd Temple will commence. This means though, that if one Subscribes to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, it suggests that 2024 will be it. And what is the Desolation? It is when 3.5 Years thereafter, as in Passover of 2029, the Antichrist will cause the Abomination of Desolation.

It is caused when he Proclaims himself ‘God’ as he sits on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. It will be from that Mid-Point on that he will demand Worship from the Jews and the World, for that matter as the Covenant with ‘Death’ will be broken. He thereafter will seek to Persecute the Jews and those Christians converted after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that will not adhere to this Abomination and Blasphemy.

It will be a Time when Israel will realize that this AntiChrist Figure was and is the False Messiah and the Remnant of Israel will flee to Petra. In the Book of Revelation 12:14 it states the following. ‘The Woman was given the 2 Wings of a Great Eagle, so that she might Fly to the place prepared for her in the Wilderness, (Petra) where she would be taken care of for a Time, Times and Half a Time, out of the Serpent's reach (AntiChrist)’.

Prophetic Date Markers
If and when one will do a study on the 1st Temple, most often referred to as Solomon’s Temple, one will realize fairly quickly that the Research is not clear as to when the Construction of the Temple was 1st started. One will find alternate and competing Start Dates ranging from 833 BC, 965 BC, and 970 BC and on and on.

What is commonly accepted and agreed upon without much Dispute is the Date in which the 1st Temple was Destroyed. The Date of 586 BC, is 1 of the 2 Dates primarily used for this study that will be assumed to be Reliable. Thus, the Date has to do with the Total Destruction of Solomon’s Temple is 586 BC. The next Reliable and Academically agreed-upon Date is when Herod’s Temple was Destroyed, in AD 70.

From these 2 Established Dates, the Desolation Theory presented in this study seeks to only Test by the Extrapolation of these 2 Prior Dates, a 3rd Date that can be Ascertained to Predict the possible Timing of when the 3rd Temple is to be built or ‘Desolated’. This is done by incorporating a Phi and Pi Coefficient to these KEY and Verifiable Dates on the Timeline.

The 1st Variable used for this study will be Pi. The Pi (π) Variable will be taken from the research and work of the late David Flynn in establishing the Dedication Day of the 1st Temple as being 962 BC. The 962 BC Date has been chosen instead for this study over the more Speculative dates presented by other Research.

1) Date #1: 586 BC The 2nd Temple, Solomon’s was Destroyed. (a 70-Year lull between Temples)

2) Date #2: 70 AD The TIME the 2nd Temple, Herod’s was Destroyed. (a 2nd 70-Year Count)

3) Date #3: 2025 the Time the 3rd Temple has begun?

1st Temple destroyed:    9th of Av 586 BC
2nd Temple destroyed:   9th of Av 70 AD
3rd Temple desolated?:  9th of Av Year? 2029?

These 3 Dates appear to have a Pi corresponding Mathematical Principle associated to them. This Numerical Coefficient would make this Date related to the Great Pyramids of Giza according to Flynn. Some Researchers have actually provided Correlations taken from Isaiah 19 that present the Great Pyramid as a Type of or Model after the Temple of YHVH in terms of Dimension and Proportion. The 2nd Variable used for this study will be Phi.

Another specific Numerical Value that will be used is ‘1948’. This Date will incorporate the factor of ‘1948’ as a Year and Numerical Value that will have a Phi Ratio (Φ) ascribed to it. The Numerical Factor of 1948 is used as the Template because it corresponds to the Year Israel declared its Sovereignty as a Nation, ‘reborn’ on May 14, 1948.

With this in Mind, the Desolation Theory and Speculation involves the Testing of the 3rd 70-Year Time Period that culminates and is calculated to 2018. Adding 7-Years Cycle = 2025. The Pattern is Examined as the 3rd 70-Year Pattern occurred when 1,948 Years are added from 70 AD. Thus, it was when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed that then corresponds to the Year 2018. The year 2018 is 70 years from 1948 and fits the pattern.

Further, if you add a 50-Year Period from when the 2nd Tetrad occurred in 1967-68, the resulting year is 2018 also. Based on this Mathematical Pattern, the 70-year Babylonian Captivity between the Destruction of Solomon’s Temple in 586 BC to the beginning of the Construction in 515 BC of Zerubbabel’s Temple was ‘In the Midst’. And?

It was in the Middle of the Phi Ratio of Years when overlaying the Phi Ratio of 1948 Years from the Bench-Mark Date of 70 AD. The 3rd Variable considered for this study is the 9th of Av Prophetic Pattern. This Notorious Date in the Jewish Calendar is when the 1st and 2nd Temples were Destroyed. Perhaps it will be a Corresponding Date, when the Bowl Judgments begin to be poured-out directly onto the Kingdom of the AntiChrist.

Geographically, the Seal Judgements it will be centered on the 3rd Temple built on the Temple Mount In Israel. Could this coming Abomination of Desolation likewise occur on the 9th of Av? Revelation 16:10 states the following. ‘The 5th Angel poured out his Bowl on the Throne of the Beast, and its Kingdom was plunged into Darkness’.

Many Religious Jews still sense a need and are ‘Lacking’ without the Temple. Until the 3rd Temple is built, Judaism is sort of not Validated, because of this Missing Connection to YHVH, that was only possible through the Temple. Along with the Temple, the Ark of the Covenant also will be associated with the 3rd Temple. There will be an unveiling of it, because it is this Majestic Article that will necessitate a Temple to house it.

Thus, at some Tipping Point in Israel, the need for a 3rd Temple will be turned into a Political Mandate that has to accommodate the 3rd Temple in order to give, not only the State of Israel ‘Legitimacy’ but Validate Rabbinical Judaism as well. As Hosea 3:4 states the following ‘For the Israelites will live Many Days without King or Prince, without Sacrifice or Sacred Stones, without Ephod or Household Gods.’

What better Ancient and Historical Artifact than the actual Ark of the Covenant that Moses had constructed to be made Manifest by the False Messiah to National Israel. The Sanhedrin will accept. And what better Persons than Moses and Elijah to return and Witness against Israel for entering into such a ‘Covenant with Death’. As some interpret it, Elijah will return to deal with Israel as he had in the time of the corrupt Kings such as Ahab with Jezebel.

Seemingly, Israel today finds itself in the same Spiritual Condition ever since its Rebellion and Rejection of YHVH’s True Messiah, Jesus Christ. It was1,984 Years ago from 2018. This is taken from the presumed Crucifixion Date of 32 AD. And by the way as an aside note, 19-84 is a Reverse Rendering of 19-48.

Temple Mount
The Commission of Moses and Elijah, as the 2 Witnesses will be the Agent calling for Israel’s Reconciliation. Both had done it in the Past. They are aware of the Hard Heart and Disposition of the Jewish Nation. What is at stake for the Jewish Nation and the rest of Humanity, according to the Books of Daniel and Revelation is Unfinished Business.

This Unfinished Business has to do with Israel’s Reconciliation with Jesus. The Supposition of this study is that this Reconciliation culminates with the 3rd Temple at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. This issue is still to be Resolved between Jesus and His Earthly People, the Jews. There is also the Judgment of YHVH upon the Nations of the World for their Treatment of Israel and Christians. Yet, Israel does see all the Prescriptions as revealed to the Prophet Daniel in this 70th-Year Generation from 1948.
So, if the Phi Ratio of prior Temple Desolations is any indication of the Prophetic Time, then Israel and the World are about to enter into a Period that Jesus warned about to His Disciples during the Olivet Discourse. Currently, the Temple Mount houses 1 Islamic Shrine and 1 Mosque, which according to Islamic Tradition, the Dome of the Rock is the 3rd Holiest Site, next to Mecca and Medina for Muslims. Because of the Muslim Occupation of the Temple Mount, there has been a Struggle of Faiths, between the Muslims and the Jews over this Worship Site.

This Constant Struggle has involved Religious Fervor, Hate and Violence on both sides over the Temple Mount among other Disputed Issues between them. Many see that this Religious Struggle for the ‘Birth-Right’ will trigger World War 3 at some Point. As mentioned before, ironically the Temple Mount, although Captured by Israel during the 6-Day War in 1967, was given over to the administration of the Jerusalem Muslim Waqf as a ‘Good Will’ Political Gesture.

After the 6-Day War of 1967, the Decision was made by the Israeli Government to only allow the Waqf the Administration of the Temple Mount. It was agreed upon and certain Prescriptions were stipulated; that of avoiding any Desecration of the Temple Mount and provide Freedom of Access to all Religious Groups. This has not been the Practice by the Waqf since 1967.

Over the recent Decades, there has been Documented Evidence of Massive Desecration going on at the Temple Mount. The Muslims are attempting to Deface and Erase any Remnants of a Jewish Presence on the Temple Mount, under the guise of ‘Renovation’ Projects. Technically, Israel has total Sovereignty over the Temple Mount, but it is the King of Jordan that has Political Rights. Based on the Treaty of 1967, Jordan still has a Legal Right to it as well, so it is rather Complicated.

Furthermore, Israel is a Secular State that sees this Religious Issue of a 3rd Temple very Problematic in terms of Geo-Politics and its Muslim Neighbors. Although Freedom of Access has been the Law in Theory, in Practice, the Secular Israeli Government currently enforces the Ban on non-Muslim Prayer on the site as a ‘Security Measure’. Oftentimes, Israeli Police have to escort Jews and Christians on Tours.

Mathematical Associations

Any Non-Muslims who are observed Praying on the Temple Mount are often Expelled and Escorted-Out by Vigilant Muslims. The Rationale behind this Current Policy and Practice by the Israeli Government, is that there is ‘Fear’ of Muslim Rioting or Intifadas as they have occurred in the Past. As the Volatility of the Political, Social, Religious and Economic Conditions are ever-changing in the Middle East, the Prophetic Clock is ticking away.

This in turn, at some Point in Time, will force Israel’s Secular Government to have to deal directly with the issue of a 3rd Temple of YHVH. It will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is not a matter of ‘If but When’. And when this happens, Israel will become the Crucible of YHVH’s Prophetic Epicenter to the Countdown to Armageddon, Jesus’ Return and the Kingdom Promised to Israel.

No Small Matters. Incidentally, beforehand, so too will the New World Order and the coming AntiChrist, for that matter seek to Eclipse YHVH’s plan for the Temple of YHVH. This Usurping of the 3rd Temple will be done with the Help and Work of the Religious False Prophet, whoever he might be. But it will be done through Deceit, Lying Wonders and Signs. The coming False Messiah will even cause ‘Fire’ to come down from the sky as described in the Bible.

Israel will once again be led into the ‘Valley of Decision’ as in the days of Elijah when he caused Fire to come down in Full View of Israel. It was as an Admonition from YHVH to not have a Wavering and Unbelieving Heart toward the Relationship they had with YHVH and which ‘God’ Israel would serve. Perhaps Elijah as 1 of the 2 Witnesses during Jacob’s Trouble will likewise withhold the Rain and Call Fire Down. The following are some of the Calculations.

Starting from King Solomon, there were a total of 21 Kings who Ruled in Judah. This is a (7 x 3) or a 7-7-7 pattern.

1ST TEMPLE: 969 BC to 962 BC
= A 7 Year Period to build the Temple.

2ND TEMPLE: AD 63 to 70 AD
= A 7 Year Period culminating just before Destruction of Temple.

3RD TEMPLE? AD 2025 to 2032?
= A 7 Year Period with an Abomination of Desolation of Temple.

1st Temple - Destroyed at Beginning of 70 Year Period

2nd Temple - Destroyed at End of 70-Year Period

3rd Temple - Desolation at the Midst of a 7 Year Period?

The Tradition of the Jews demand that this coming of Elijah occur before the Messiah can be accepted by them. The difference is that then; the Jewish Nation will choose a False Messiah that will ‘Come in his own Name’. This is the one that Jesus warned against. As the Demand for a 3rd Temple once again, by the Jewish Nation is ever-increasing, it so happens that Numerically and Astronomically, there are several Phenomena that are converging on a Period of Time like no other based on the Signs of the Sun, Moon and Stars.

This specific Period of Time involves the years since 1948, with an emphasis on 2018. Nonetheless this study has pointed-out how certain Numbers and Year Dates keep Reoccurring or are Associated to the prior Temple Abomination of Desolations. If one adds the Year Solomon’s Temple began in 969 BC to its Destruction in 586 BC, the result is 383 Years. Then if one adds 383 Years to the duration of the 2nd Temple, Zerubbabel’s from 515 BC to 70 AD the result is 586 Years.

If one adds 515 BC, the Time Zerubbabel's Temple was finished to 70 AD years, the time the 2nd Temple was destroyed, the result is 586 years. If one takes the year 586 BC, the time Solomon’s Temple was destroyed minus 515 BC years when Zerubbabel’s Temple was finished, one gets 70 Years. It is the duration in between the destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the start of the building of Zerubbabel’s Temple or the Babylonian Captivity. It was the same year the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. It gives the exact year Solomon’s Temple was Destroyed.

If the Precedence of the prior Abomination of Desolations or Destructions of the Jewish Temples are any indication of what is to come, then Prophetically, the Jewish Nation will soon be at the Fulcrum of a Monumental Prophetic Time as it directly relates to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.

1st Temple
Solomon erected other Temples for his many Wives. He became an Apostate as a result and was paid a Salary of 666 Pieces of Gold. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon as a Type of AntiChrist eventually destroyed the Temple of Solomon in 586 BC. ‘They set-up their Abominations in the House that is called by my Name, to Defile it’. -Jeremiah 32:34

2nd Temple
Antiochus IV Epiphanies, another Type of AntiChrist Desecrated the 2nd Temple. He erected a Statue of Zeus and Sacrificed a Pig on the Altar around ~167 BC. Prince Titus eventually Destroyed the Zerubbabel’s Temple in AD 70.

3rd Temple
The coming Last AntiChrist will directly be involved with the 3rd Temple. The Temple Mount has been Desolated during the ‘Trodden Down of the Gentiles’ as in the Church Age. It has been Occupied by Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Crusaders, Ottomans, British. These are Types of the AntiChrist System.

Since the Beginning of the Church Age, Israel has had no Physical Temple. There was, however, a short Overlap from the Acts 2 Pentecost to 70 AD of approximately 38 years. This is assuming 32 AD was when Jesus was Crucified. Note when Jesus started His Public Ministry. He was 30 Years Old as the Bible states. In the Fall of 28 AD. Then 40 Years later, the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD.

Jesus’s Ministry Start                                      Temple Destroyed
|------------------------------ 40 Years -----------------------------|
30 Years Old                                                         = 70th year

If 1 Generation = 53 years
If one add 53 Years (1 Generation) to 691 AD
= when Dome of Rock Construction begun

Then 691 AD + 53 Year Generation factor
= 744 Years, which is a Phi Ratio to 1948.

If 1 Generation = 52 years
52 years x 7 cycles = 364 (Solar Prophetic Year)
744 Years Phi Ratio of 1948 - 586 BC when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed = 188 Cycle of Years

And what about Jesus’ Temple? Messiah has been building a Spiritual Temple that is the Bride of Christ using ‘Living Stones’ during this present Church Age ‘Dispensation’. For example, if each of the 7 Churches of Asia is a subset of the whole Age, each is as a Branch of the Menorah. And they become a Type of Prophetic Time. The average Cycle has been an ~283-Year Average Duration of Time when pegged to the Jubilee Year count of 7-Year Sabbatical Cycles.

The Bible declares that YHVH Mandated the Stewardship of the Temple of YHVH to the Jewish Nation. But the Temples were also intended to be the ‘House of Prayer’ for all the Nations. With such Honor and Stewardship comes much Responsibility. It is also a Double-Edged Sword in that such Stewardship, over the Temples became a Burden to the Jewish Nation. Likewise, this Apostasy can and does occur also to Christians in dealing with the Spiritual House Christ is currently building with ‘Living Stones’.

YHVH is a Holy GOD. The Abominations of Desolation was and is but a Symptom of Man’s inability to uphold YHVH’s Righteous Requirements. This is due to the Sinful Nature and Love of Sin Humanity has. Mankind falls short of being able to uphold YHVH’s Integrity. Humanity, as a Fallen Race, according to the Bible is in Sin, and cannot ‘Save’ itself from Eternal Damnation, because of this Human Condition; but if not for the work of GOD the Son, Jesus.

GOD the Son was born as a Human, yet fully GOD and Fully Human to show the Human Race the Full Extent of the Father’s Love for the World. Jesus Christ imputed His Righteousness to all Humanity; to those that will avail themselves through Repentance, as to turn and have a Change of Mind and Believing Faith in what Jesus accomplished and has to offer.

House Stewardship
Christ was able to accomplish this Substitutionary Work because there was no Sin, nor Sin Nature in Him, Humanly Speaking. Jesus was a Perfect, Sinless Human Representative of all Humanity, and for all Humanity Jesus Christ is thus called the Last Adam. All due to Jesus’ Loving Relationship with the Father, toward a Fallen Race of Humanity. This Reconciliation to the Father, was demonstrated through His Mercy and Grace accomplished through the Death and Suffering of Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary.

It was a Substitutionary Death, 1 for All. The Cost of Sin is the Eternal Death and Separation from the True and Living GOD, YHVH. Over 1984 years ago, Jesus Christ bridged this Separation by Paying the Cost to Reconcile Humanity back to the Father. It Cost Jesus Everything. It was at the Cost of His own Separation, experienced at the Cross of Calvary. This Human Substitution demanded Perfection. Only Jesus can fulfill this Requirement and thus was able to Pay for Humanity’s Restitution by His Sacrifice.

Yet, the Principle remains the same for the YHVH’s People even now as it was for National Israel. The Standard regarding His ‘Temple’, in the Spiritual Sense and practically is for one’s own bodies to be maintained Holy or Set Apart. Now according to the Bible, a Believer in Jesus is likened to the ‘Temple for the Holy Spirit’. The Jews did not, nor could not, uphold such a Majestic Standard as evident in the 2 Temple’s prior Abomination of Desolations and subsequent Judgment upon YHVH’s People for their Sin and Defilement of YHVH’s Temple.

Amazingly, Believers and Followers of the True Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ have been provided ‘Someone’ that National Israel did not have, the Comforter. It is the Holy Spirit that enables YHVH’s Power to have Jesus’ Work through His People and override the Sinful Nature. This is done through the Indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit in one’s Body. It is referred to as the ‘Temple of the Holy Spirit’.

In fact, it is just a ‘Down Payment’ or Deposit as 2 Corinthians 1:22 states. It is a Glory fully yet to come upon the New Incorruptible Bodies that are to be Transformed at the Point of the Resurrection and Rapture when the Church Age ‘Temple’ is Completed. It is GOD the Holy Spirit that Empowers the Disciples of Christ to Uphold, Maintain and Live-Out such a High Standard before Men and YHVH. Followers of Jesus Christ just have to be Faithful to Daily Confess Sins and Work at Forsaking the Love of the World.

‘For the Grace of GOD has Appeared that offers Salvation to all People. It Teaches us to say ‘No’ to Ungodliness and Worldly Passions, and to live Self-Controlled, Upright and Godly Lives in this Present Age, while we wait for the Blessed Hope—the Appearing of the Glory of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us to Redeem us from all Wickedness and to Purify for Himself a People that are His very own, Eager to do what is Good.’ -Titus 2:11-14

Sin in the Camp
In the current Church Age, the Apostle Paul likewise Warns the Body of Christ, Jesus’ Spiritual Temple that Unrepentant Sin will likewise cause Desolation and Compromise the Witness of Christ to the World. Paul likens the Human Body as a Mysterious ‘Spiritual Temple’ that YHVH is in there somehow. But it is not a Possession. He is using each individual Believer in Jesus Christ to construct a ‘Spiritual House’ in which the LORD Himself will Dwell in the midst, 1 Glorious Day. Moreover, it is a ‘Bride’ that is being Constructed-Out of the Last Adam, i.e., Jesus much like Eve was from the side of the 1st Adam in Eden.

It is incumbent upon those that Profess Christ as LORD and Savior, to live a Holy Life and present one’s Physical Body not as a ‘Dead Sacrifice’ but a Living One. This means that as Followers of Jesus Christ, as one goes through Life, there is a Constant Need to Choose against what would Compromise and/or cause Defilement to the Physical Bodies and Jesus’ Reputation, so much as it can be helped to avoid ‘Abomination of Desolations’ as a Type.

This is primarily in Spiritual Terms, as Jesus stated clearly, that it is not what goes into a Body that Defiles it but what comes out of it. The Bride of Christ needs to Guard what is allowed, by way of the Body’s Gateways that can cause Damage to the Body of Christ. Currently, many are seeing before their very eyes in the World and Church, the Defilement or ‘Desolations’ that are now being openly embraced outside. But more shockingly, is what is happening inside what is so-called the Mainstream ‘Christian Church’. Many Followers of Christ recognize that one is living in the ‘Laodicean’ Church Age, in general.

Nowhere else is this Condition more prevalent than in the USA and Western Europe. In many Segments of Christendom, the rule of the people has forced Christ Outside the Church in Exchange for the World’s Standards of what is Right and Wrong, Good and Evil. Presently, the Church Age is currently still in the Mixing of the Wheat, the Tares, the Sheep and the Goats. It will be this way until the ‘Separation’ at the Rapture by Jesus happens.

Many looking at such Prophetic Patterns as presented in this study of prior Temple Abomination of Desolations and Destruction cannot help but realize just how close the countdown to the Blessed Hope is. Perhaps this ‘Harvesting’ and End-Gathering as it was for the Jews at the End of World War 2, will likewise trigger a Time of Ingathering, just before the Convergence of this possible up-and-coming 7-Year Countdown from 2018 that could very well Mark the Event concerning the 3rd Temple.

May the Bride not cause nor allow ‘Abomination of Desolations’ in her ‘Temple’. May she be found Faithful of her Stewardship before Men and YHVH. May the Bride of Christ continually avail herself of the Cleansing Power of Jesus’ Blood through Prayer, Fellowship, Study and Witness. As she Practices these Spiritual Truths, Christ’s Promise to her, His Bride, is that He will be ever Faithful to continue to Wash her with His Word and Precious Blood.

Jesus also promised a Door of Escape from the ‘Hour of Trial’ that is to come upon the Earth. This Justifying, Sanctifying and Purifying Work of Christ through the Holy Spirit, will allow her to Escape. One Day, she will be presented Spotless before the Father in Glory. By some interpretations, this will occur after the Rapture as the Bride, the Accused, will face Lucifer her Adversary.

This Celestial Session will be for her ‘Adjudication’ during the Breaking of the Seal Judgments by the Groom, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus. The Seals Judgments are in essence the Judgment upon the World and Lucifer. Lucifer will from that time be totally Expelled from the Celestial Temple, never to return although he will amass one Last Assault as described in Revelation chapter 12.

At that time, Christ the Groom will usher the Bride into the real Holy of Holies or ‘Chamber’ as in a Sukkah in the True Temple and House of YHVH in Heaven. It will be as written how she will be Shielded from the ‘Indignation’ that is to come on Earth. The Temple of YHVH is described as having many ‘Mansions’ prepared for her in the True House of the Father, etc.

This is even so in the New Jerusalem, that is to come down from Heaven ‘as a Bride adorned for her Husband. May the Bride be as fit Vessels, suited for a Place in the New Jerusalem that will be YHVH’s Temple of Worship and Prayer for all the Nations That Temple will never see any more Abomination of Desolation ever again.




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