Is there a Gap of Time from the Rapture
to the start of the 7-Year Tribulation?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to make some Theological Observation to show why one is more convinced that the Church Age started on that Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event. Why is this being focused upon? One surmises that the End of the Church Age might very well End on its Anniversary. It is one’s Rationale that determining its Start Year could be an Important clue as to what Year it is to Conclude. This Supposition will be contrasted to how some Brethren presume that Passover is when the Rapture could take place or should.

And that the Dispensation of the Law of Christ or of Salvation being attained by Faith through Grace commenced on the Day of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus. All that is technically correct. However, one is more so arguing that the Church Age started later with the ‘Birth’ or Initiation of the Body of Christ that had not existed that Second of Time after Jesus’ Birth. One contends that there is in fact a Gap of Time needed to establish the Foundations for the Church Age Commission to be Implemented.

However, that the End of its Commission will nonetheless coincide and synchronize with not only the End of the Church Age, but the End of the Dispensation of the Law of Grace. One is just Delineating those as being Mutually Exclusive for better Theological comprehension, perhaps. One is just offering one’s Understanding and Interpretation, as you know, not saying one is ‘Right’. But one may not be ‘Wrong’ either. As to the Question of, does or did or will the Dispensations change during an Acts 2 Pentecost July 23 ‘Leo’ New Year?

First, one has to assess if one even ‘accepts’ the Doctrine or Teaching of Dispensations. Most of the Professing Church does not. So, have that in Mind. Of those that do, as oneself, one just applies the Principle of ‘Prophecy is Pattern’ in how prior Changes, primarily that of Noah, based on Rabbinical Tradition and Teaching, and Sinai, all occurred on that Pentecost ‘New Year’ of Leo, Astronomically that one is espousing as a Working Theory.

And here again, it is based if one accepts the notion of that being the 99th Day from Exodus, Nisan 15, etc. This alone would ‘Disqualify’ any Assertion that it is in Nissan, at the 1st Month as Reassigned to be by YHVH to Moses of when the Dispensations ‘Change-Over’, officially. Now to be clear, one has been arguing, more so, when the specific Delineation of the Church Age Started and when it will End.

Departure of Disciples

One thinks that most would agree or are, that the End of the Church Age will occur with the Rapture Event. And one personally believes that is based on the ‘Extraction’ of the Bride of Christ’s Departure or ‘Apostacy’ Interpretation, etc. The Question is then, when did it ‘Start’?

1. At Jesus’ Day of His Death, or Burial, or Resurrection, there and then?
2. At Jesus’ 2nd Coming?

One would agree, technically with the Notion, that at the Point of Jesus’ Death was there and then, that from that Second going forward, no more Blood Sacrifice of Earthly Animal Blood would be required. And not that it was the Blood of Bulls or Goats that took away Sin or can. They were Object Lessons pointing to the ‘Human’ Lamb that could only, Jesus, etc. The Age of Grace began.

One has argued before though, that there was a Transition Period from the Death, Burial and Resurrection Sabbath to the Descent of GOD the Holy Spirit, in Corporate Form as recorded in Acts 2. This is what one is arguing was the ‘Birth’ of the Corporate ‘Body of Christ’ on Earth. This Entity never existed before, and not even the Second after Jesus Died, was Buried and was Raised back to Life, etc.

This is to insinuate that although the Dispensation did start at the Moment of Jesus Death, Burial and Resurrection, there was yet the ‘Corporate Body of Jesus’, of Christ on Earth to be ‘Built’. And this ‘Divine Construction’ has been on-going to this Day.  The New Testament teaches that Spiritual Building or Temple is being Build-Up by Living Stones. Thus, this is one’s Point.

One’s Argument is focused on this Corporate Living Organism called the Body of Christ, that was ‘Birthed’ or Initiated during that Acts 2 Pentecost, 99 Days after Nisan 15. Realize this Factual Circumstance is Historical in that the Records describe an actual Transition Time-Frame that existed for 38 Years. This ‘Overlap’ was how the Jews still kept the Temple Service and Day-In, Day-Out, the Sacrificial Ordinances of offering the Blood of Lambs still was carried out.

This lasted until the Physical Temple was Destroyed by the Prince that Came, Titus in 70 AD. As an Aside Note, that 38 Numerical Year Factor was the exact Number of Years that the Invalid was ‘Stuck’ at the Pool of Bethesda, meaning ‘House of Mercy’, wherein an Angel of YHVH would stir-up the Waters of Healing. Note the Year Difference of that being the 38th Year to then the 70th Year of the Destruction of the Temple.

70 AD – 38 Year Factor of Israel’s Invalid Condition = 32

Perhaps that Year difference of 32 signaled the Year, 32 AD in which Jesus indeed Died and marked the End, literally of Israel’s Prophetic Healing, etc. One’s Point is that the Disciples, knowing and realizing the Finished Work of the Messiah at the Cross, still continued participating in the Temple Association. They still met Daily there in the Temple Precinct.

It is about the 70th Week

And how in Acts, the Apostle Paul even came to Jerusalem for the exact purpose of fulfilling a Vow at the Temple. Acts 21:30. That was the Issue that caused a Riot and Paul had to be saved by the Roman Garrison sent to protect him from the Jewish Mob for bringing a Gentile to the Temple, etc. Thus, again, if ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, one is just presuming that with the End of the Church Age, there is, in one’s Estimation a Transition Period to when the remaining 7 Years of Daniel’s 70 Year Prophecy will commence thereafter, but also with a Transitory Phase as it was in the 1st Century.

And that last Segment of the 70th Week does not ‘Finish’ the Church Age nor would the 2nd Coming of Jesus, in one’s Interpretation. Why Not? Consider that Intermission of the Church Age, is precisely to procure Jesus His Bride, from among the predominantly Gentile Church, i.e., Boaz and Ruth Typology.

Then there is that Typology also of Joseph with the Daughter of the Egyptian High Priest, or of Rahab with 1 of the 2 Spies hid in Jericho, etc. It will not be 38 Years or 10 or 5, but within a 1 Years’ Time, perhaps. But if one is arguing that the Dispensation occurred the Moment the Resurrection Event occurred, then this means that with the Rapture Event, that next Second will have to start the 70th Week of Daniel. This scenario, in one’s Estimation, is ‘Impossible’. Here is what the 70th Week, that of the 7 Years Remaining of that prior Dispensation will accomplish. See Daniel 9:24.

‘At the Beginning of your Petitions, an Answer went out, and I have come to tell you, for you are highly Precious. So consider the Message and Understand the Vision:

1-70 Weeks are Decreed for your People and your Holy City
2-to stop their transgression,
3-to put an end to sin,
4-to make atonement for iniquity,
5-to bring in everlasting righteousness,
6-to seal up vision and prophecy, and
7- to anoint the Most Holy Place.

All that to say, that what is foretold has to occur, has not happened nor will the exact Moment or Second after the Bride Building is finished and Extracted from Earth. There are 2 Circumstances or Factors In-Play to consider that should be Definition, Prophetically. One is of the Interpretation that there is a Crossover. And that, although one would agree and accept that the Dispensations changed with Jesus, so did the Covenant. Agreed. But that the specific Entity of the Body of Christ came later and that is what is to determine the End of the Dispensation that has constituted the Church Age.

Or in other words, regardless if one does not agree when the Church Age ‘Started’, its ‘Ending’ will converge or Synchronize with the End of the Dispensation of Grace. As it was noted, after the Rapture Event, the Age of Grace will be no more. So, to better grasp one’s Rationale, consider the Church Age ‘Circle’ within the overall-arching Age of Grace Circle. But the Age of Grace did not begin, ‘Start’ or was ‘Birthed’ the specific Body of Christ on that Acts 2 Pentecost Event.

It is about a Separation Process

But rather, that the Acts 2 Event was on a New Wine Feast, on the ‘Leo’ New Year, Astronomical that signaled the End and Beginning Sequence, nonetheless. But then the following Assertion was noted.

‘The Gift of the Spirit may not have been given until Pentecost, but the Commission had already been given to the Apostles to make Disciples of all Nations. That was given when Jesus 1st appeared to them Post-Resurrection. That tells us the Dispensation of Grace had already begun before Pentecost’.

All this is technically True. However, one has missed the Condition that Jesus instructed the Disciple with, precisely about this. Jesus told them to ‘Wait’ in Jerusalem and not leave so as to ‘Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit’, etc. In fact the Disciples did not ‘Wait’ as Instructed by Jesus and returned to their Fishing Enterprise up in Galilee. This is 1 Condition to consider. The other will be based on one’s Military Experience.

When one Signed-Up to be in the Military, there was a Contract written-up that one then went over the Conditions. One had the opportunity to agree, or not, to the specific Conditions and the Duration of Time, as in a Date to Begin and a Date to End the Commission of Service. Note that once the Last Day of the Commission had been achieved, there was a Separation Time-Frame wherein a Soldier is Transitioned-Out from military to Civilian Life, etc. A Soldier does not leave the Military Base or Deployment and is ushered-out the very next Day one’s Commission is completed.

All that to insinuate, that perhaps that is what occurred after Jesus’ Resurrection. There was a Time-Frame of a Transition that needed to then Prepare the Disciples for the Birthing of the Church, for which they were not Ready for. And that perhaps, at the End of the Church Commission, there will be that Separation Time-Frame of sorts as it was with the 38 Years that then stopped the Daily Sacrifices in 70 AD. And? It will be then when another Prince that will Come, that will re-initiate them. It was only after several Appearances of Jesus that finally convinced the Disciples of all the Significance of the Resurrection and its Testimony.

Only then were they then bold enough to show-up at the Temple having ‘No Fear’ of the Repercussions of the Sanhedrin. It is this Religious Body that forbade their Testimony of Jesus to be made to Israel and the whole World after the Acts 2 Pentecost Birth of the Body of Christ, etc. During the 70th Week sometime after the Rapture Event that will be exactly as it was in the Book of Acts, one contends, i.e., Noahide Laws, etc.

So, to reiterate, one is in Total Agreement that the Dispensation from being Under the Law of Moses that Kills, to being under the New Covenant of the Law of Grace that gives Life, started that Second after Jesus’ Death. And even then, Jesus had to present His own Blood to that Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies in Heaven, thus a Transition Stage, even so. But one is not arguing necessarily when that Dispensation Started, but more so when the Body of Christ Started and when that will End. Why? It has to do with a Temple and its building-up of it.

Prophecy is Pattern

Realize that as an 'Adam' Type, Jesus was ‘Put to Sleep’ and from His Side being Pierced, that Blood and Water is what has constituted the Material used to which the Bride of Jesus, much like Adam, is ‘Building’ Eve. Realize that according to the Genesis Account, Adam was Created out of Nothing. But Eve was Created out of Something, the Material of Adam, etc. This is why one is of the interpretation, that the ‘Eve’ or the Bride of Christ is as that Temple that is Scripturally taught in the Bible.

It is Spiritually being Build-Up until that last Living Stone or ‘Brick’ is set in place. And as a further Metaphor of Construction, realize that the Corner-Stone 1st has to be set. A Building does not suddenly spring-up out of any Foundation, or else it will not be Integral, Aligned or Sound. And that ‘Building-Up’ of the ‘Eve’ Building did not happen at the precise Moment the Veil or Curtain was torn in half, from Top to Bottom, etc.

One is then just surmising that if Prophecy is Pattern, it will be the Rapture Event that Concludes that Spiritual Temple, the Bride of Christ, etc. How if that will coincide with the End of the actual Dispensation of Grace also? One argues, ‘Yes’. It would appear as well, because there will no longer be a Covenant of Grace, but of being back under the Law of Moses during the Tribulation Period. At that Time, most all who Call Upon the Name of Jesus, will be Martyred. It is because of the implemented Noahide Laws, one is convinced. Once Israel will be controlled, Religiously by the Nascent Sanhedrin, anyone believing Jesus is LORD or GOD will be Guilty of a Blasphemous Offense and punishable by Decapitation.

So, this is one’s Rationale why one is more so focused on when the Body of Christ Began and perhaps it will End, if Prophecy is Pattern on that Leo ‘New Year’ that corresponds to a July 23 Summer Wheat Harvest. And that one is more convinced that it coincides with what the Acts 2 Pentecost was all about, the Beginning of the Church Age Body of Christ. And perhaps, if ‘Prophecy if Pattern’, when the Church Age will End.

And that there will be about 1 Years’ worth of a Transitory Overlap as it was in the Time of Acts, by 38 Years precisely at that Time. One does see a Transitory Phase that one likens to a Military Separation Period from a Commission having been completed. That although, technically, one agrees that the Dispensation of Grace started the Second after Jesus Died, the Church or Body of Christ had not yet been ‘Born’, collectively as a Body, corporately that is like ‘Eve’ being ‘Constructed from Adam or in this case, Jesus, if that makes sense.




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