Observations and Commentary

  • When will Armageddon occur and why?
  • How is that Battle related to the Return of Jesus.
  • What will be the Outcome of the Event?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider when does the Battle of Armageddon occur. One was asked this Question as to its Timing. From what one understands and interprets of the Return of Jesus Scenario, it will be the Last Day of the Tribulation Period. The Battle of Armageddon will coincide with the Return of Jesus and His Bride, for that ‘Touch-Down’. This Day will be when Jesus’ Foot touches-down on the very Spot where He had Ascended, back in the 1st Century. That is where presently the Dome of the Ascension is at. And that Year, one surmises was 32 AD. Now will Jesus’ Return exactly occur 2000 Years in the Future? Will that Year, being 2032 exactly turn out to be based on the 1 Day to 1000 Year Pattern? It will remain to be seen.

But Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is 7 Years that is divided in Halves. This is to then presume that the Return of Jesus will be on the 2520th Day or at the Conclusion of the 2nd Half of the 1260th Day. It is the Battle of Armageddon that culminates in Jerusalem. It is for the sole purpose of Lucifer attempting to prevent Jesus from Returning and taking over all Power and Authority from him on Earth. Realize that Jesus already has all that since His Resurrection but has not implemented it on Earth, until His Return. It is at Jesus’ Return that He then sets-up His Kingdom in preparation for the Millennium.

Armageddon is a literal place. It initially will be the Staging Ground in Megiddo, by the Sea where all the Armies of the World will 1st gather to then make their way to Jerusalem. Lucifer and his AntiChrist and False Prophet know that Jesus, His Bride at His side and the Angelic Armies will be coming back to Earth. And they will be piercing the Dimensions of Time and Space to appear then. Perhaps even through the Star-Gate of the Silver Gate as that is what corresponds to the ‘Gate of Man’. And what the Dome of Ascension is corresponding to, even in its Color, and by no accident is that it is opposite the Golden Gate. That Gate is also referred to as the Eastern Gate that has the Double Arches and is attached to the Temple Mount Platform, etc.

The End of the 7 Year Tribulation that is concluded by the Battle of Armageddon is based on how Daniel 9:27, in one’s Interpretation is an overlap of the 2 Christs and 2 Timelines. How so? One sees that the Timeline of the AntiChrist picks-up where the Timeline of Jesus Christ left at. It has to do with the Midst of a Mid-Point. And that Factor is dealing with the 2 Sets of 3.5 Years. This is where Students of End Times get Confused and Misinterpret this Overlap in that many attribute to Jesus what should not be with the AntiChrist. That to say, one does not see the entire Tribulation Period being only 3.5 Years as some People do. Why? For example, the ‘He’ that Confirms the Covenant then ‘Breaks’ it at the Mid-Point is not Jesus.

2 Christs 2 Timelines

That Timeline is of the Antichrist when, at the 1260th Day is when he then is given 100% Power and Authority over all things and when the Mark Mandate is implemented and enforced, etc. This starts at the Mid-Point of the Week that Daneil clearly delineates Between the initial Start of the Covenant that the Messiah who was Cut-Off at a corresponding Mid-Point of a 3.5 Year Half of Daniel’s 7 Year Sabbath of Time in question that would or will fulfill the total 490 Year Prophecy (70 x 7 Years).

There is yet a Time-Frame of a 7 Year Period that Israel still owes YHVH for not keeping the Sabbath of the Land. It is also part of Prophetic Equation of the 69 Years or 483 Years Israel has completed of its Discipline. The Calculus does not work-out if one just factors-in a 3.5 Year Tribulation Period into these 2 Factors. Thus, one thinks the Confusion comes about, in that it is at the Mid-Point, that the 2 Christs and the 2 Timeline Pivot on each other at that Nexus of Time, Past, Present and Future.

If it was Christ that ‘Confirmed the Covenant’ as many Anti-Dispensationalist make the Argument, when has He, Jesus then ‘Broken’ it. And which Covenant was? The Mosaic, the Abrahamic, David, Noahide? And if it was Jesus that made the Covenant in the Midst of the Passion Week, that does not make sense. Why not? It was actually before His Crucifixion, at the LORD’s Supper where Jesus did make or ‘Confirm a Covenant’ and that was the initiation of the New Covenant. But all this is just how one sees and perceives it, not saying one is Right about it.

Realize that Lucifer is a ‘Christ’ also. How so? Lucifer is the ‘Anointed Cherub’. This is essentially and technically the ‘Christ’ Cherub as Christ means the ‘Anointed One’, etc. As mentioned, the 2 Halves of the respective 3.5 Years of each Christ is superimposed on the Timeline to complete the full 7-Year Sabbath that remains to complete the 490 Year Decree. Here is an attempt at depicting this Overlap in Daniel 9:27.

Surmised that began His Public Ministry on a Shemitah Cycle of 7 Years.

28 AD |------------1260 Day Ministry-------------| 32 AD = 3.5 Years
Cut-OFF in the Midst of Week (Passion Week = Wednesday)

Surmised that it will conclude the 7-Year Prophetic Allotment of the Cycle of Years.

2029 28 AD |----1260 Day Jacob’s Trouble---| 2032 AD = 3.5 Years

TOTAL = 7 Years

Here is one’s Theory on this Dual Prophetic Overlap in reference to the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. The Tribulation Period does not have to start or will not start as one now perceives it, on a Shemitah Cycle as most if not all End Times Students have supposed. If this Shemitah Theory is to be Correct and True, then the Tribulation Period has to start at the next 7-Year Cycle, which is the Year 2029.

It is about a Mid-Point

This Year would put the Fig Tree Generation well beyond a Natural Human Life-Span. One is more convinced, at this point in one’s Learning Curve, that 2029 is not the ‘Beginning’ of the Tribulation Period, but rather its Mid-Point. It would mean Jesus would not come in the Generation that saw Israel be Reborn in 1 Day as most will have Died by then. Now one does believe and is convinced that rather, it is a Sabbath Cycle of Year one should be Discerning, not the Shemitah Cycle. Why not?

They are not the same. The Shemitah Cycles are ‘Fixed’ to when Israel entered the Promised Land. And when they 1st started to Harvest a Crop. The Sabbath Cyle is relative to any Start Date and can occur at any Interval of Time. Which in this case, one would be or is applying this Assertion to when the 7-Year Tribulation Period will commence. And that the Point is that it will be a Sabbath of Time, 7 Years but not starting on a Shemitah Cycle, etc.

That means that the Tribulation Period does not have to be or coincide with a Shemitah Cycle. Well, not its Beginning at least. How so? All that to say, is that the Shemitah Cycle is True and Correct, but that there is an Overlap based on Daniel 9:27. Meaning that it is the next Sabbath Cycle that the Year will not Mark the Start of the Tribulation Period, but rather its Mid-Point and that Year is? 2029. Here is the Math.

Present Shemitah Cycle: 2022-2029
2029 + 1260 Days or 42 Months/3.5 Years = 2032 (Return of Jesus?)

Thus, if one Reverse Engineers the 7 Sabbath of Years Cycle from 2032

2032 – 7 = 2025 (Start of the 7-Year Tribulation Period?)

This is why one’s present Tribulation Timeline is thus from a Fall 2025-2032 Time-Frame. Which means that the Rapture Window is now as Narrow as but 1 Year of Tolerance in terms of Measurement and Timing. Thus, the Rapture Year would then be or have to be 2024. It is now that close in one’s Calculations. It is only Conjecture, as no one can know for sure until the Pentecost New Wine Theory is Tested each Year.

The July Summer New Wine Theory comes into play in one’s Calculations is how one has argued for Decades that a Summer Wheat New Wine Pentecost of Acts 2 is when the Church Age began. And the Logic is that at such an Anniversary, in some Year, it is when the Church Age will End. And what Ends the Church Age is the Resurrection and Rapture Event. That is why the July New Wine Pentecost for 2024 is ‘Monumental’ for one personally. Here is one’s latest Research on the Matter.

One was re-studying the Details of the Timeline that Solomon took to Build the Temple of YHVH. One thinks that each Number, Measurement, Month, Day and Timing are Prophetic and Echo perhaps how it will Repeat itself for the 3rd Temple. How so? Consider the 7-7-7 Association with the Start and Finishing of the 1st Temple, and when it was Dedicated. And how the 723 Comes-Up even here. The following is the Biblical Account of the Details in terms of the Timing of when the 1st Temple began and was finished.

Pattern is Prophecy

Notice the Numbers that are extremely Significant, in terms of other Prophetic Correlations, like to the Exodus Duration and that of the Prophecy of Daniel, mainly 480 Years. And then notice when the 1st Temple was Completed. You had the 11th Year and it took 7 Years to complete it. Here is a 7-11 Code perhaps encrypted within the Construction. The Factor of a 7-11 is the Proportion of the Great Pyramid. And? One has also argued and presented Evidence that the Temple of YHVH follows the Outline of the Chambers.

The 3 Main Chambers of the Great Pyramid correspond to the 3 Main Sections of the Temple of YHVH. These are the King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber and the Pit. They are ordered by Size and one argues that they reflect the Celestial Pattern of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. How they correspond to the Temple of YHVH is that the King’s Chamber corresponds to the Holy of Holies. The Queen’s Chamber corresponds to the Court of the Women. Then the ‘Pit’ corresponds to the Church of All Nations, whose Ceiling is decorated with Stars, etc.

What follows is the Number 7 Factors that one has assessed occurs and is tied to a July Wheat Harvest Timing. Now one cannot prove that it is linked or will be linked to the Rapture Timing. But one is only pointing out that there is that ‘723’ or of a July 23 Time Date Marker of the Timing it took to build the Temple of YHVH on Earth. That Date of a July 23, is when one is considering it to be a High Rapture Watch Date, in any given Year.

1 KINGS 6:1
During the Month of Ziv, [Iyar] which was the 2 Month of the 4th Year of Solomon’s Reign over Israel, 480 Years after the Israelis left the Land of Egypt, Solomon began to build YHVH’s Temple.

(7 Years)

1 KINGS 6:38

The Temple was completely finished according to its Plans and Specifications in the 8 Month [October] of the 11th year of Solomon’s Reign, that is, during the Month of Bul [Heshvan]. It took about 7 Years to build.

Then if you take the Start Month of when the Temple was begun, in April and then take the Month that it was Completed, in October, the span of Time was 7 Months.

2nd Month Ziv or Iyar

(7 Months)

8th Month Bul Heshvan


Summer Rapture Window?

Why one introduces the Notion of the Month of July is that if one again takes the Start Month of when the Temple was begun, in April and then takes the Month that it was Completed, in October, the Mid-Month was exactly the Month of July. The Month of July is the 7th Month in the Gregorian Calendar. It has 31 Days and the 15th Day is the Mid-Point of the Month of July. If one then adds a factor of 7 Days, excluding Start and End Date from the Half-Way Point, the Date will be July 23.

July 15

(7 Days)

July 23


And? Well, how one would see a Possible July 723 Rapture Window is how the Dedication of the Temple in October by Solomon would match one’s Fall 2025-2032 Timeline. How so? As one has also presented one’s Theory of the Temple Dedication, one is more convinced that the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ is the Mosaic one that will put Israel under the Law again. And that it will be made with the ‘Many’ that is L’Rabbim in Hebrew, to infer ‘Many Teachers’ as in the Learned Elders of Zion, etc. In these Modern Times, it will be the Nascent Sanhedrin.

It has taken on the Stewardship of the ‘Council of the 70’ that Moses constituted to help Judge the Affairs of Israel during the Exodus, etc. This would appear to corroborate one’s Scenario that when the 3rd Temple is to be Dedication, it will be in similar Fashion as Solomon did and in the same Timing. The Bible teaches that the Dedication of the Temple took place after Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. That is how the Precedence of the 8th Day was Established in how Solomon kept the People for 1 Extra Day as he gave them all Gifts. This became Shemini Atzerets or the 8th Day. But there is more.

Then on the 9th Day, that being what is now Simchat Torah, that is when King Solomon ‘Confirmed the Covenant’ or read aloud the Torah of Moses, the Commandments, which are Conditional, etc. This is why one is more convinced this could be or should be the Proper Interpretation of the ‘Confirming the Covenant’, and not necessarily a Geo-Political Peace and Security Deal. Although that could come into play as well. But foremost, the End Times has focused, from the Promised Land, then Jerusalem and now the Prize, the Temple. It is about Israel and its Rendezvous with its Destiny and Appointment yet to come with Jesus. Israel will see Jesus again.

This is why one is excited about the October 18, 2024 Sabbath of Beginnings that would then appear to start the Daily Sacrifices. This is assuming the Dedication of the Temple has been done and the Ashes of the Red Heifer had been procured and the Building then could have taken 7 months from the Month it started and finished per the Template of Solomon’s Timeline Pattern. This is where one then can plug-in the halves of the 1260 Day Set of Times to one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. And Amazingly, they land on the Feast Days, well approximately. What is or will be Key is Passover 2029.

That is as far as one has gotten with this 2025-2032 Timeline Line. One has shared it before many times here but it is the following.

OCTOBER 18, 2024 Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah
+ 1260 Days = April 1, 2029

(Passover and End of Shemitah at Mid-Point of Tribulation?)
+ 1260 Days = September 11, 2032

(On Sabbath of Return, week of Yom Teruah?)
= Battle of Armageddon

One has also shared the Theory that as it could appear to be the case that Jesus is returning on the very Anniversary of His 1st Appearing in the Flesh, back on September 11, -3 BC. That would be amazing. And that if one’s other Theory of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year, then if the Day-to-Year Prophecy Template is correct, then that will be exactly 2 Prophetic Days or 2000 Years to the Day. So, this is where one is at on the New Wine Pentecost 723 Learning Curve. One hopes to develop these Points more in detail as the Holy Spirit leads.


Return of the King
The purpose of this Book is to investigate and ascertain the possible Prophetic Variables that will lead to the ultimate Battle of Armageddon. The Presumption is that certain Events in the Middle East, in particular, have been building up perhaps to this Apocalyptic Event that will involve the Nations of the World, the Redemption of Israel and the Return of the King, Jesus Christ.  Although the Topic of Armageddon has a multitude of possible Themes to consider, only certain aspects relevant to the Theory of its Biblical Fulfillment.


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