Lucifer’s War on Christmas

  • Is there a current genocide of Christians occurring in the world?
  • What religion and/or peoples are the main perpetrator of this?
  • Is there an evil agenda behind this that is spiritual in nature?

by Luis B. Vega

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Yeshua said to them: “Timeless truth I speak to you: Before Abraham would exist, I AM THE LIVING GOD.” – Jesus Christ

The purposes of this study it to illustrate the partial solar eclipse that takes place on October 23, 2014. What is particular about this partial eclipse is that it occurs over North America, primarily centered over the United States with a special emphasis on Phoenix, Arizona that is at the 33-degree latitude. From this reference point of Phoenix, Arizona, the partial solar eclipse also has a conjunction with the planet Venus and amazingly at a 33-degree angle from the Ecliptic. Another unique characteristic is that this partial eclipse has an astronomical imagery of the Islamic Star and Crescent symbology that the Moon produces as it partially blocks the Sun in direct alignment to Venus. This study suggests that this particular partial eclipse has strong prophetic connotations of the Luciferian kind.

The Star and Crescent and the number 33 are highly venerated and used as ‘codes’ to advance and signal major developments in the Luciferian agenda to usher in their coming AntiChrist and have one last persecution of ‘Virgo’, the Church of Jesus before she is raptured from Earth.  The eclipse could very well be an omen of an intensification of the ongoing persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ by the Muslims in these Last Days that has constituted a ‘Christian Holocaust’ and genocide, particularly in the Middle East. Perhaps the eclipse is an omen of the persecution that will be visited upon the lands of the modern-day Egypt that the USA has become. The severe persecution of the Church has been occurring in Iraq and Syria that prophetically are the strongholds of Satan and his Gates of Hell that have been opened in preparation for the coming ‘Golden Age’ and Lucifer’s last Kingdom and his AntiChrist.

This coming AntiChrist in some mysterious way perhaps might be sold as being the 12th Imam, that is the Mahdi that many are speculating will be the reason why during the Tribulation Period, those that do not take the Mark or branding of the Beast will be decapitated. Christians are ‘Marked’ now. The letter “N” in Arabic has been used by ISIS to mark the homes of Nazarenes/Christians to be targeted by the militants.
It is grotesque that the Muslims who say they are a religion of peace are branding Christian homes and household for forced conversion, tax or beheading. It has been reported and confirmed that such Muslims in Syria and Iraq have decapitated children, are raping little girls and selling them in the town squares as sex slaves. The young men are being crucified publically and systematically machine-gunned to death in mass graves that they are forced to dig.

The War on Christmas
Where are the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims? Where is the UN? Where is the EU? Where are the Christians of prominent power and influence whose voice in not being heard? If the Pope was truly the ‘Vicar of Christ’ on Earth, why is he not saying anything about the persecution of ‘his church’ it is not there. It is not there because it is not his church and this ‘Christian Holocaust’ is going exactly according to the plan of the ‘War on Christmas’ that the Luciferians in power vowed to fight. Through executive orders, ‘Battlefield USA’ is just about ready for the coming collapse of America. It will be a time when Martial Law will supersede the U.S. Constitution and any Civil Liberties of the land will be suspended as they were during the Civil War. Guns will be confiscated so the masses will not be able to defend themselves and end up as the Christians in Syria and Iraq. Relentless False Flags using mass gun shoot-outs are being intensified.

As Lincoln, U.S., Presidents have been directed to systematically concentrate all judicial, legislative and executive powers into the Office of the Presidency in the pretext of an orchestrated false national emergency. Through False Flags, engineered viruses and open borders for example, the USA is being set up for eventual collapse and ensuing persecution of the Muslim kind. Overseas, using ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, the USA has used the pretext of ‘saving the Christians’ to go into Syria and back into Iraq to eventually destroy them. Such are making the world believe such coalitions of the willing are going to save the day. However, the training, arms and funding of ISIS, in part has been paid by the American Tax Payers.

It has been well documented that al-Qaida has morphed into ISIS and has been the creation of the western covert-ops like the CIA, British and Saudi Intelligence and MOSSAD. This modern Army of Mohamed, ISIS was funded and trained to topple the Arab Spring nations that have gone after the ancient Christian Witness. What is the End Game plan? Once the Christian Witness is murdered, ISIS will turn its forces against Israel. This will force the Confirming the Covenant with the ‘Many’ spoken by the prophet Daniel. This Covenant with Death, as Isaiah 28:18 puts it will be forged by Israel’s Luciferian ‘Shadow Governments’ and personages who dictate world political, economic and military policy based on their worship of Lucifer and of Death.

This cadre of evil are the very ones that through their economic sanctions starved hundreds of thousands Iraqi children during the Gulf Wars of the Bushes of whom then Secretary of State Albright said on national TV that…’it was worth it’. Such have a Satanic hatred for Jesus Christ and thus His Church, His ‘Virgo. What this study is suggesting is that the partial eclipse it depicting the one last onslaught by the ‘Serpent’ god of the Star and Crescent, Allah on 1 level and the call to awaken of the Bride of Christ on another level. Perhaps this is a prelude warning of the LORD to wake up the Bride and put her on notice. It is the call to get the ‘Wise Virgins’ and have their lamp, their torches lit up bright in anticipation for the Groom’s soon midnight call. In calligraphic Arabic, a ‘Snake’ or ‘Dragon’ is the representation of the word Allah. This is the Seal of Mohamed icon that is on their Black Flag. Jesus did forewarn His Church of such persecutions at the hands of such Black Flag armies of Mohamed and the like throughout the Church Age, even until the very end of the Church Age.

The Gates of Hell
Jesus promised not to leave the Church alone and that He would be with her until the very end of her Witness and Commission on Earth. Jesus forewarned that the Satanic Gates of Hell would try to overcome the Church but it will not. The Church is invincible because it has the ‘shout of the King’ in her midst. The Church since its inception has known nothing but murder, rape, enslavement, and death. It has been permitted by the Christ Jesus for some reason yet to be fully comprehended. The Church has been allowed to suffer through such persecution. Even during the Tribulation Period, those coming to faith in Jesus will subsequently be beheaded by the AntiChrist by the ‘Black Army’ of his False Prophet. Such are the ones seen crying out from under the Altar in Heaven for the blood spilt by the enemies of the Cross of Calvary as depicted in the book of Revelation.

To this quandary, YHVH responds that such needed to be comforted for a time until the full measure of their fellow Brethren were martyred. Thus there is a ‘Spiritual Count’ of some sort that is taking place that is beyond understand at least on these side of Eternity. This is why the book of Revelation thus extols the Believers in Christ to have patience and endurance for what is to come. As it pertains to the ‘sleeping’ Church in America, it will be very hard times as the Church has not been taught about persecution nor has it really experienced it to cope with it. Perhaps as the Church of Jesus is suffering beyond measure in the Middle East, the partial solar eclipse over America is signaling that it will be next and that the protocols of the Muslims will be implemented in the lands that once had a strong Christian witness.

The ‘War on Christmas’ will ultimately shift to Battlefield USA as all power will be channeled through the Presidency to be no better than a dictatorship of the likes of Stalin, Mao, etc. This study suggests that as the ‘Christian Holocaust’ has been occurring in the Middle East. In the West, primarily in the USA, a large percentage of the Church of Jesus Christ has been lulled to sleep as the ‘strong man’ has entered the house and bound the head of the home and plundered its wealth figuratively speaking. What this partial eclipse could be prophetically signaling is 2-fold in its significance. On one level, it is signaling that the Church of Jesus, as a ‘Virgo’ has her lamp in hand and is shining bright.

She is awakened to the last hour of her persecution as she has lit the lamp given to her for the ‘midnight call’ as the trump of the Groom is about to sound. Secondly, the imagery of the Star and Crescent omen could mean that for America, the ‘Virgin…the Muslim protocols of submit, pay tax or die will come in like manner to the American lands as they have in the Middle East for centuries. In fact, this Muslim persecution has already started in America; it has begun to happen. Muslim beheadings of Americans have been going on but they have not been reported by the mainstream media. If they are, they has been portrayed or reported as an arbitrary act of violence, not a religious crime based on the tenants of the commands of Mohammed himself. It is a Muslim protocol to forcefully convert and have all ‘infidels’ submit to the Star and Crescent ‘god’ Allah or be beheaded. To reiterate, the partial eclipse of October 23, 2014 occurs in Virgo as Venus is in the ‘womb’ of Virgo about to be birthed a day later.

A Spiritual Struggle
This study also suggests that based on the laws of duality, during the eclipse, Venus is attributed to Lucifer the ‘Son of the Dawn’ as opposed to Jesus, the Bright and Morning Star. The associations and connotations of planets is not astrology as Jesus interpreted His very person with Venus in the book of Revelation. During this specific time when Venus conjoins with the eclipse, it is associated with the Star and Crescent symbol of Allah as it produces the Satanic Seal of Mohamed to have purported magical powers.

'Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.' -Qur’an:9:5

'Crushing the heads of the infidels and splitting their skulls with sharp swords, we continually thrust and cut at the enemy. Blood gushed from their deep wounds as the battle wore them down. We conquered bearing the Prophet’s fluttering war banner. Our cavalry was submerged in rising dust, and our spears quivered, but by us the Prophet gained victory.' -Ishaq:578

This is the time, this is the generation that the Church needs its Witness to be burning bright; as if carried by her left arm as Virgo will depict this ‘image’ during the partial eclipse. The eclipse will occur in the late afternoon local time and will appear as a woman with a bright light or lamp in her hand. This image does not occur for 8 years. Every 8 years, Venus is relatively in the same position in Virgo but at no other times in decades but in 2014 and 2022 does it conjoin a partial solar eclipse. This occurrence produces the Star and Crescent and torch imagery. Only in 2014 did Virgo travel through and out of the ‘womb’ as if birthed by Virgo, the 2022 event does not. Since 1948, a Venus conjunction with a partial solar eclipse in Virgo that produces a Star, Crescent, and dualism of the Virgin with Lamb in hand only happened in 2014. This imagery then occurs only 8 years later in 2022, then 48 years later in 2070. The time from 2014 to 2070 = 56 year (divided by 7 times) = 8 cycles.

1948 – Israel becomes a state
2014 – Eclipse: October 23
2022 – Eclipse: October 25 = (8 years, 2 day difference)
2070 – From 2022, it will be the 49th year, a 7 x 7

A day later after the partial eclipse, Venus appears as if it ‘escapes’ and is birthed out of the ‘womb’ of Virgo. Perhaps the duality also renders Venus as the type of the Church that is undergoing severe persecution by the armies of Mohamed but then is to be raptured out from the clutches of Allah’s armies very soon. This is of course speculation and based on Biblical typology. The 3rd typology is that of Virgo being the Betrothed, having the eclipse as a bright torch representative of her faithful Witness and endurance against the Armies of Hell as she has stood watch to hear for the Groom’s call. It would also then call for the admonition of her Maidens who were the wise ones to likewise wake up as it has come to the time of the end of the Church Age when the ‘wise Maidens’ need to turn up their lamps. This imagery perhaps could prophetically allude to the LORD giving His Church the wake up call to have her lamp now burn bright as the ‘Rapture Call’ from the Groom, Jesus will be proclaimed at a ‘midnight’ hour.

The Wake-Up Call
This is the time for the Church in the West, in America to wake up and shine; it is the last hour, the last year perhaps as many Signs point to 2022-25 as the converging of many prophetic timelines since 2010. This study nonetheless suggests that based on the depiction of this eclipse and conjunction, it is as though the symbols of Mohamed’s wrath against Jesus’ Church will sadly take a more atrocious turn for the worst until the Rapture. Until the delivery of the Church Age occurs perhaps, the level of Satanic atrocities will reach levels of genocide at the hands of the Satanic army of the Star and Crescent, the symbol of Mohamed. The Black Flag Army bears the symbol of Mohamed that require submission to their ‘god’ of the Star and Crescent Allah or Death. As throughout the Church’s history, the Serpent Lucifer is using his Black Flag Army of Mohamed to destroy the Middle East Christian communities of ancient Mesopotamia…from Bagdad, Mosul, and Erbil to Aleppo, etc.

Their grand prize will ultimately be Jerusalem. If and when the Assad government is finally overrun, the war crimes by the Jihadists Muslims against the minority religious population of Syria and Iraq will be on par with those of Mao. The Star and Crescent symbol is not necessarily Islamic, even most Muslims would agree to this fact as it really only became associated with Islam due to the Ottoman Empire and symbols of the Caliphate. It is similar in the notion of how the Star of David became the symbol for Israel although no such symbol existed or was attributed to the Kings of Israel except perhaps the Seal of Solomon when he delved in the dark secrets of Luciferian Mystery Religions. The symbol is pre-Flood as some of the Sumerian scroll cylinders depict such a symbol attributed to a planet associated with the ‘gods’ of Nibiru and of the Pleiades.

This symbol of the Star and Crescent is attributed to Inanna that is ISIS like the current army of Mohamed that is also known as Venus or Lucifer as in Ishtar. Many might assume that the symbol of the Star and Crescent represents the Moon and Venus but some studies suggest that it is actually an eclipse or that of a planet. This symbol has had its origins in the Middle East nonetheless and has been incorporated in many of the Masonic emblems for example in the West. In fact, the Masons regard the Qur’an on equal par as divine revelation as that of the Bible. In Freemasonry, Venus is attributed to be the ‘Blazing Star’ or Torch as in Lucifer. Lucifer is the Phoenix that rises out of ashes commemorating his fall and struggle, as in Atlas to ascend and reign over the Cosmos form the Throne in Zion.

The Freemasons accept the Qur’an is divine revelation. Perhaps technically as it has its origin from the ‘Heavenlies’ but it is not of YHVH’s Heavenlies but of Lucifer. The Qur’an is one of the 3 main books on display in their Lodges by which they perform Luciferian mystery religious incantations and magic according to former ex-Masons. As the Star and Crescent symbol is associated with Mohamed and Islam in particular, the emblem was part of the pantheon of gods of the Ishmaelites in Arabia. Their center of worship was at Mecca. In particular, there was a Ka’aba that held the supposed stone that fell from heaven, alluding to Lucifer. According to the most prevalent research, the Arabs’ supreme deity was called Al-ila the Moon Goddess whose symbol was the Star and Crescent, i.e., Venus, Isis…aka, the Phoenix, Lucifer, etc. 

The ‘God’ of the Crescent
Astronomically, Venus is the ‘Morning Star’ or the ‘Evening Star’ depending on its position in the Heavens. Based on the Law of Duality, Venus has a dual connotation in nature and character attribute to it. Lucifer according to Scripture seeks to deface YHVH’s true creation and cosmic association, as reflected in the heavens with the Sun, Moon, Star and eclipses, etc. This Fallen Angel, Lucifer with alliance from Humanity attempts to reverse the order and meaning of God’s creation through its symbols based on the Law of Duality. This contest and duality has been the theme as displayed in the Stars and depictions during such occurrences as eclipses and planetary conjunctions for example.

The occult has usurped the real meaning attributed to the true Morning Star, Jesus Christ. According the very words of a risen and glorified Jesus Christ from the book of Revelation 22, Jesus Christ Himself said that He is the ‘Bright and Morning Star’, Venus not Lucifer. To the occult, Venus is Lucifer and an evil sign of Witchcraft with the inverted pentagram symbol. Venus is associated with Lucifer’s pentagram depicting 2 horns pointing up like a Bull (Taurus) that is meant to be an affront to Heaven and YHVH Himself. To the esoteric, Venus has both male and female principles. Some well-known names of Venus since ancient times have been Ishtar, Isis, Inanna, and Diana, etc. Others like the Masons attribute their ‘Blazing Star’ to symbolize Venus as Lucifer himself.

This star is directly associated to the ‘Illuminated One’ also known as the Phoenix or the Shining One as in a Serpent that again in Arabic calligraphy, the name for Allah is a Serpent. Behind this façade of ‘Allah’ is the usurper ‘light bearer’ Fallen Angel Lucifer. Venus is also the nocturnal representation of the hidden Sun-god Osiris or Orion. Astronomically and depending on what place one is at on the planet, the eclipse of 2022 will actually depict the occultation of Venus that is the Moon will eclipse Venus instead of the Sun as if to hide Venus. Astronomically, Venus makes unique geometric configurations as it orbits the Sun. All the planets have amazing orbital patterns and have accompanied frequencies based on their mass and size. For Venus, 1 unique and recognizable pattern that occurs at the end of its 8-year cycle is a ‘rose’ geometric pattern. Another pattern that is also produced at the end of the 4-year cycle is a 5-pointed pentagram or ‘Star’ geometric pattern.

The entire orbit of Venus around the Sun is referred to as an 8-year ‘pentagonal cycle’. This cycle makes exactly 13 revolutions during the 8-years pentagram cycle. To the occult, 13 is significant as Venus is also a perverted symbol for the Rosicrucian Cross and the Satanic pentagram talisman utilized by witches. Sorcerers use these symbols of Lucifer extensively in ceremonial magic to evoke the help of demons. The 8-year cycle produces what many have named a ‘Bellerose Flower’ pattern. How it is associated with a ‘cross’ is that when Venus lies directly in front of the Sun and in line with Earth, it coincides with the Solstice and Eclipse intersections or Celestial Cross. This is where the Rosicrucian has a direct connection of the ‘Rose within a Cross’. It is a reverse of the Lutheran ‘Cross in the Rose’. 

This is basically alluding to the worship and adoration of Venus or its implied representation of Lucifer. It is not alluding to either the cross of Christ or the ‘Rose of Sharon’ as the Jewish Messiah is often referred to it as. As it has been noted, the 4-year trajectory of Venus produces the ancient symbol, which is the 5-pointed pentagram ‘Star of Lucifer’. A pentagon is a regular five-sided polygon. The pentacle is the five-pointed star and the pentagram is the five-pointed star inscribed in a circle. Because of Venus’ 8-year cycle that happens to coincide with the partial eclipse to produce the Star and Crescent symbol of Mohamed, many are suspecting that the coming of the Muslim Mahdi is at hand. In addition, the star incorporates the Golden Ratio or phi ratio.

Thus, the ‘star’ pattern can be associated with a symbol of the infinite or a 9 backwards. In ancient pagan numerology, the number 9 is the number of the circle, which is a symbol of infinity or immortality. This is because the number 5 and its geometric configuration repeats and reproduces its exact image endlessly by way of the phi ratio and looks like a ‘9’ when configured. If one is a Beatles fan, one will remember a song that just repeats the lyrics, ‘Number 9, Number 9”…etc. The Beatles were in the ‘know’ about Venus and the pentagram secrets of the Luciferians. There is a 3rd association with a pentagram 5-pointed star. This pattern deals with the human form. The five points of the star represent the head, arms, and legs of the human body. This configuration is called ‘Microcosmic Man’ or Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Some believe that the Cosmos is actually formed like a body.

Venus thus depicts a microcosm of the Universe by the human outstretched arms and legs fits perfectly in a circle and is proportionately outlined by the pentagram. It is in Jesus Christ’s human body that was prepared as the New Testament teaches that ‘in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead’. In Jesus Christ, there is neither opposition nor opposing duality. The measure of all things is in Christ Jesus and His Hypostatic Union of GOD and Man, the true duality in harmony and not opposed to each other in mortal combat like that of Islam against Christianity and Judaism. There are Muslims that do disassociate themselves with the symbol of the Star and Crescent much like some Jews do about the Star of David or some Christians with the Cross of Calvary symbol itself. As there are many denominations within Christianity, so too within Islam is there a struggle waging of whose version of the successor to Mohamed will prevail, primarily that of the Sunni or that of the Shi’ite.

Presently, the ancient Assyrian Christians of Iraq and Syria, as a type of Virgo are taking the brunt of Lucifer’s ‘War on Christmas’ he has been waging as the Serpent ever since he had dealings with another Virgo type, Eve in the Garden of Eden. To reiterate, this study suggests that the partial eclipse of the Star and Crescent has echoes of the Virgo and Dragon Sign of Revelation 12. It may not be that far-fetched to ascertain the notion that this Satanic Serpent of a religious army is occurring prophetically along the lines of the Revelation 12 Sign. This Serpent has sought to devour the Male Child and make war with the Woman even before the days of Jesus on Earth. Jesus stated that, ‘he who hates Me, loves Death.’ What is the ‘Will of Allah’? It is to subjugate all peoples of the world under the Symbol of Mohamed, by force, tax or death by beheading. These Islamic protocols come directly out of their so-called holy Qur’an as stated before.

The Sign of the Serpent
The Black Flag Army of Mohamed is literally symbolized by the Serpent, i.e., Lucifer as their calligraphic name for Allah renders a ‘Serpent’. Thus the partial eclipse is depicting Venus as Lucifer, the Serpent that is going up against the Church and destroy her Man-child, her Witness in the USA perhaps as the eclipses occurs over the core of the USA. As Venus is ‘birthed’ the day after the eclipse in Virgo, it could be a foreshadowing of how the Bride of Christ will soon be whisked away and up into Heaven. Why? The Bride of Christ is what stands spiritually in way of the Luciferians in achieving their goal of eradicating the Christian Witness in the Middle East and America. It is needed to make way for their demonic spirits, Fallen Angels, false Prophet and AntiChrist to come on the scene.

Why such Christians stand in the way is because they are the receptacle of the Restrainer that impedes all-out Satanic evil upon the world. If one can imagine the horrors of the atrocities the army of Mohamed is doing in the name of their god Allah, one can only imagine the apocalypse to come as Jesus stated that if it were not for His intervention, no humanity would be left alive. The current Muslim persecution of Christians constitutes genocide and a ‘Christian Holocaust’ that is designed to only help usher in the next Age led by Lucifer’s AntiChrist and False Prophet based on a new economy and new religion. The level of the coming persecution during the Tribulation Period will be so severe that Jesus also stated that there has none like it neither occurred in the past nor will in the future.

Satan knows his time is short and that the Rapture of the Church is at the door. Thus, he is ramping up the persecution such of the likes when Mohamed first unleashed his murderous conquests out of Arabia and decimated the Jewish and Christian communities there before conquering the whole of the Middle East and North Africa. As it has been noted before by others, the Muslim Fez or hat was originally white in color. The Muslims would dip their hats with the blood of the Christians they massacred in North Africa as a trophy of their spoils. This is the same hat worn by the Shiners. Lucifer’s Black Flag Army of ‘Death and Destruction’ also echoes that of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. Such a religion of Islam is based on the love of death, not love as opposed to Christianity and the teaching of Jesus, GOD the SON.

It has also been well documented that even the Pan-Arab flags of the core of the Middle East like that of the Palestinians are White, Red, Black and Green. These Arab flag colors are precisely the colors of the coming 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse that correspond to false peace with AntiChrist/Mahdi, War, Plagues, Death and Hell. According to the book of Revelation, they will be released at the beginning as the first 4 Seal Judgments after the Rapture at some point in time. This study suggests that the actual breaking of the Seals cannot be initiated until the Bride of Christ takes her seat and the Judicial Court begins its session based on Daniel 7:9 and Revelation 4:4. It will be at this time that the Lamb of YHVH, Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will take the Scroll and being the pronouncement against Lucifer and his armies from Hell on Earth. The Seal Judgments, like all prophecy has had its renditions and types throughout human history.

Christ reemphasized the prophecy of Daniel that for example, war would continue until the very end. It will be at the Battle of Armageddon, a war at which time, Jesus will dip His robe with the blood of the Luciferian Armies of Hell as He destroys them with the brightness of His coming and the Sword that comes out of this mouth as depicted in the book of Revelation. At this time, the Bible foretells that Jesus Christ will avenge the blood, the beheadings, the rapes, and the enslavement of little girls, the crucifixions by the hands of the army of Mohamed. Jesus is not the ‘Isa’ of the Qur’an, He is not the false prophet coming alongside the Mahdi to destroy the ‘Cross’ and covert all Christians and Jews to Islam. Until that time, all throughout the Church Age has the world had its full measure of false religions, antichrists, war, plagues and death as Islam is presently demonstrating against the ancient Christian Witness. It will be during the Tribulation period that Jesus with His raptured Bride at His side in Heaven administers the Wrath against this coming Luciferian and ‘Muslim’ Age.

It will be a time where the AntiChrist will use such a protocol of the Muslims to behead any of those that refuse to submit Lucifer’s will for his is the true ‘Allah’. This is the definition of Islam, to ‘submit’ to the will of Allah, not to YHVH as no Muslim would dare say ‘Great is YHVH’ or ‘Jehovah Akbar’. Those beguiled and foolish Christian who believes that the God of the Muslims is the GOD of Abraham, Jacob is either deceived or willfully ignorant that Islam at its core is a religion of Lucifer and anti-Christian. The Apostles of Christ gave this test in the Scriptures to prove if such a religion is of YHVH. Any person, entity, or religion, for that matter that denies that Jesus, GOD Almighty came in the flesh is of the AntiChrist. Jesus stated that throughout the Church Age history up to the very end of the Age, there would be those that Lucifer that is the Dragon, the Ancient Serpent would raise up men and women that would refute Jesus’ teaching.

‘For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess that Yeshua The Messiah has come in the flesh; such a person is a deceiver and antichrist’.’ - 2 John 1:7

It is clear that Jesus taught that He was the Great ‘I AM’. In the ancient Aramaic translation of the New Testament, Yeshua said to them: ‘Timeless truth I speak to you: Before Abraham would exist, I AM THE LIVING GOD’ …that is Jesus was GOD the SON. Nonetheless, this whole religion of Islam is predicated on this one axiom, the denial of Jesus as the GOD the SON. The Muslims have this denial written around the Dome of the Rock in the very Temple Mount where the House of YHVH once stood and will again to the north of the Dome of the Rock. The Muslims blaspheme in stating that ‘GOD has no SON’, yet the sacred book of the Tanakh alludes to numerous times of there being a SON.

'Worship YHVH (not Allah) with reverence and rejoice with trembling. Kiss The SON (GOD), lest Lord Jehovah be angry, and you be destroyed from His way because His wrath burns even a little; blessed are all who trust upon Him.' – Psalm 2:13-12 Aramaic version

Islam is a religion that seeks to replace Jesus Christ as that is what ‘anti’ means, to be against or instead. The denial of Jesus as GOD according to the New Testament is blasphemy and at its sources is Satanic. This is the Witness for which the Church of Jesus is persecuted for. Such false teachings that deny Jesus’ divine nature come from Lucifer through such means, among many as with false religions like Islam. The core teaching of Islam is the denial of Jesus’ divinity, the Cross of Calvary and even His resurrection. Jesus Himself warned His Church that many would come in His name and those with this spirit of AntiChrist would kill the Nazarenes as the Muslims call the Christians thinking they are doing their God Allah a favor. This has been the contention ever since Lucifer’s fall and will only be concluded at the return of Jesus Christ. Until that time, His Bride of Christ needs to be awakened and have her torch brightly burning despite the Holocaust she has had to go through as she awaits the Blessed Hope that perhaps is soon take place.

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