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  • Why will the Rapture be seen as an Alien Event?
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by Luis B. Vega

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‘And they were Oblivious, until the Flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the Coming of the Son of Man. 2 Men will be in the Field: 1 will be Taken and the other Left. 2 Women will be Grinding at the Mill: 1 will be Taken and the other left’. -Matthew 24-40-41

The purpose of this study will delve into why when the Biblical Rapture occurs, the World will have been Prepared to accept it, as an Event, not accomplished by Jesus, as Promised, but by ‘Aliens’ come to remove those, which had ‘Hindered’ Humanity’s Evolutionary Progress towards becoming Devine, Gods, as Lucifer Promises. The World is now pretty much positioned, thanks to Predictive Programming over the Decades, especially since 1948 with the Roswell UFO Incident, etc.

Here is the Working Theory as to why one believes the Lie of an ‘Alien Rapture’ will be believed by the vast majority of the People on Earth. It has to do with what the Bible calls the Restrainer and how, only now, has Humanity advanced enough in Technology to actually have the Powers-That-Be, ‘Pull it Off’. Since World War 2, the various Secret and Not-So-Secret Intelligence Agencies in the U.S. devised a Plan called Operation Bluebeam to do just that, have the Masses believe in a Counterfeit Return of Jesus in the Sky to then ‘Take’ or Rapture People into the Sky. That was one’s Alien Rapture.

And the Issue? This ‘Operation’, although ‘Dormant’ for Decades has resurfaced. There have been Drills in some U.S. Military Bases where Scenarios of a Rapture actually takes place. So much so, that a List of Outcomes or Phenomena to Observe were circulated among the Personnel around the Bases. And what was and is very interesting is that 1 of the Factors when this Drill would be conducted would be to disregard ‘Noises of a Trumpet’ or Voices coming from the Sky’. How it has to do with the Restrainer is that one is also convinced that the Alien UFO Disclosure has not happen, could not happen until now. Why until now? They have been saving it for just this Precise Time.

The Bible teaches, and most Scholars agree that the Restrainer is the Agent of the Holy Spirit that is working, presently within the Body of Christ, collectively, but also on an Individual Basis, ‘Indwelling’ in People that have come to Jesus and have Called Upon His Name for Salvation, etc. And? This Force is what has ‘Restrained’ the Full-On Advent of Full-Disclosure of the so-called ‘Aliens’ that many in the Biblical Community ascribe to as being Fallen Angles, or their Prodigy of the Spirits of the Dead Giants that are now called Demons, etc. So long as the Church Age is in Progress, a Present Tense Pentecost that consists of Preaching the Gospel to the entire World in each Successive Generation, no Full-Scale Manifestation can occur of these ‘Alien’ Saviors.

A Soft Disclosure
It is for sure, that 1 Day, this Church Age will come to an End as Jesus stated, and the ‘Restrainer’ will be set aside because the very Individuals belonging to what is deemed the ‘Bride of Christ’ will have been Taken or Rapture into the Sky to Rendezvous with Jesus. The Bible speaks that the Event will be initiated by a Loud Trumpet Blast and a Shout or Voice coming from Heaven. Now will every Human on Earth ‘Hear’ this Event of the Biblical Rapture when it occurs? Not Sure. Consider how Creation was started with a Word, the Logos, that insinuates a Sound, a Vibration and Resonance. That gave ‘Frequency’ to all that exists, Matter and Anti-Matter.

That point being that at the Rapture Event, it is Promised by Jesus, that it will be at that Time, that the 3rd Factor of the 3-Fold Salvation, of the Body will be accomplished The Transformation of the Body of Believers in Jesus will be Metamorphized into Indestructible Bodies of Light, yet having Flesh and Bones, but no more Blood. This is the Type of Body that Jesus now has. But the Point is that, as in Creation, the Rapture will use Sound, Resonance and Frequency by Jesus to change one’s Body. Thus, this is why the Alien Disclosure could not be made Public for the longest time, but until the Biblical Rapture occurs.

The Luciferians that Rule the World know that if they would have allowed the Alien Disclosure to occur, say after the Roswell UFO Crash, then when the Rapture Event does occur, there would be no Plausible and Credible or Believable explanation available to excuse it from the Minds of Bewildered and Terrorized People, in the Billions around the World that will demand and Answer. Lucifer and his Scientists will then Disclose the Aliens, as they will now also actually appear, because the Restrainer and Church Age Believers in Jesus are no longer a Restricting Force.

And the Alien Rapture will be the Official State Narrative that will then Explain-Away what just happened. Biblically Speaking, as Believers in Jesus approach the Last Few Years of this Church Age, the ‘Vail’ is thinning between the Dimensions. Alien and UFO or UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena has swept this Last Generation, and just in Time for ChatGPT and the like to help Prepare the Masses for the Lie that will be Believed, the Alien Rapture. The amount of UFO Sightings and Reported have exploded. And then you have the Orchestrated Psyop of how the Media has been used to Program and Channel this coming Lie. You have the History Channel, the Ancient Alien Series for Decades that have rolled-it-out.

You have the supposed UFO Pentagon Whistleblowers like Luis Elizondo and others that have now come forward to ‘Expose’ the UFO Cover-Ups. Really? This is all Scripted and Allowed. It is only a ‘Soft Disclosure’ possible, as it can only be that until the Real Rapture Event occurs. They know that and are Building-Up to it. Many Naval Pilots are being allowed to come forward. Why now? They are Conditioning the Masses, that the Rapture will be because of the ‘Aliens’. Why is the Veil Thinning? Why a frenzy of ‘Alien’ Activity that is just Bursting at the Seams? Seems now that not a Day goes by with ‘News’ about an Alien or UFO Encounter. In one’s Opinion, it is due in part, to the increase in Lawlessness but the Weakening of the Church Witness.

Departure From the Faith

In the Vacuum of a Weakening Church Body, the ‘Ancient Alien’ Narrative is giving way and has pretty much now become Mainstream. So, when they do ‘Show-Up’…It will not phase most of the World. What one believes will phase a lot of People in the World and especially those that know they got ‘Left Behind’, initially will be the Millions Missing that People around the World will demand an Explanation. But once People set their Mind to a particular World View or Explanation given to them, like COVID, it is hard to let go of it or change Perspectives based on New Understanding, Revelation or Evidence. This goes for any issue, really, like Doctrine.

It can be a Good and Bad thing. Change in one’s long-held World View, for example can be Good if one is seeking ‘Truth’ and coming to a more accurate Understanding on a certain Topic or Belief System, etc. But Bad in the sense that Change can be Detrimental. This is like what is happening now with the Last Day’s Church in how they have abandoned Biblical Doctrine. It is ironic in that running Parallel, is the ‘New Revelation’ or Understanding that was given to Daniel of what precisely is happening now in Real Time before one’s very Eyes with each Passing Day… For Example, this ‘Departure’ of the Faith can be seen in how ‘Pastor’ Andy Stanley recently left some Christians questioning his stance on Homosexuality.

How he basically Affirmed their Lifestyle as he stated, ‘Yeah, I know all those Verses, but [as he motioned with his hands to set something to the side], it is about Worship’. This is what the Laodicean Types have knowingly done and are doing. They ‘Know’ the Word and what Jesus expects of His Body and House. Yet the ‘Pastors’ motion to ‘Set all that Aside’. It is to not ‘Offend’ and be Societal Relevant’. Except they seek to not Offend anyone but Jesus. Such Pastors like him, the Nicolaitans and the Jezebels in the Churches willfully fail, in these Last Days to uphold the Standard of what it takes to give ‘Worship’, True Worship that Jesus seek, ‘In Spirit and in Truth’.

Anything less than is of the Flesh and a Lie. And you cannot fool Jesus, but the Alien Rapture will. What does it take to Approach a Holy Creator, King and Savior/ He requires a Worshiper to have ‘A Pure Heart and Clean Hands’. In oneself, this is impossible, save the Righteousness that is Imputed or Credited to Repentant Sinners by Jesus. The World can Live and Believe as they Please, and they do. But instead of the Church Standing for what Jesus Expects or Requires, in His House…it is Affirming Sin. This Last Days Church, in general has Lost its ‘Salt’. But one knows this was Foretold and Warned would occur and be a Sign unto itself that Judgment is coming, and so are the ‘Aliens’.

Now how is that Departure of the Faith related to the Departure of the Christians in the Rapture tied to an Alien Disclosure? What has come to light in many Reports is that the Training by the Miliary is said that the Alien Rapture is to occur sometime in 2024. What? If that be the case, it would make sense in how many Astronomical Signs have pointed to the Year 2025 as the start of the Last Sabbath or Shemitah Cycle. And? This last Week of Years is precisely what remains in terms of Years before Jesus can return. If the ‘Alien’ Rapture were to occur in 2024, it all makes sense now.

A 7-Year Countdown?

It was brough to one’s Attention of how in 1 Episode of the Prophecy Watchers, the topic of the Revelation 12 Sign occurred. As one who was 1 of the Original Proponents of it, it became interesting to Ascertain a possible Connection. Of what? What about this Revisiting of the Revelation 12 Sign? And out of all places, in the Prophecy Waters, where Billy Crone dissed it? Interesting. Although there was really no Substance given that is not already know about the ‘Great Sign’, one Thinks or one is being Convinced that this Sign, which was a Sign to the Church and Israel, was that it is our 7-Year Countdown to the End of the Church Age.

And as the Sign concluded with a Rapture, that is what exactly will transpire, at some Point in Time that will conclude the Age of Grace. And? This 7-Year Warning would be in line with the 2024 Timeline of the supposed Alien Rapture. The World does not know or realize just how ‘Good’ they have it not to take advantage of YHVH’s Clemency and Provision before the Rear Rapture occurs.

One Observation in the Conversation was how they did, or at least Mondo Gonzales, rightly noted that the Sign did not occur on Rosh HaShanah, as that is what was Sensationalized to the Nth Degree. No, it was after and thus in the next Hebrew Year of 5778. So, will it actually be a 7-Year Warning Countdown to the Rapture that concludes the Church Age? One would hope so. This is based on the Parallel derived from the Warning of the coming World Judgment, just like Jesus compared the End of that Age of Noah, due to the Flood of Noah. This would mean then the following, just considering.

Revelation 12 Sign: September 23, 2017 (1st Day of New Civil Jewish Year)
+ 7 Year or Sabbath Cycle Countdown
= September 23, 2024?
= This would/could suggest a Tribulation Timeline of 2025-2032, perhaps.

Note: It is 5 Months from that April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse that will complete the ‘X’ of Darkness Descending over the USA. The only other 5-Month Span of Time, one can think of that is the same, has to do with the Time in how during the Tribulation Period, no one who takes the Mark of the Beast will be able to Die during a 5 Month Period of Time. The Point?

This could lend Credence or Evidence to the 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline, prospects in that the Year following 2025 would be it then when the Tribulation Starts? Perhaps. And again, this is not to say that the Rapture Event has to wait until 2025. One is still convinced that there is a Gap Time needed for the AntiChrist to set the Stage and explain away the Rapture Event. In the meanwhile, many People are becoming Space Tourists of their own and paying to be Launched into Space. That is if one believes in Space and that the Earth is Round. It cost about $100,000 for a Ticket to go to Space in those ‘Space Tourism’ Crafts like Virgin Galactic, Space X and Titanium Feather own Bezos.

The Cost of Space Flight Before and After SpaceX

U.S. is Preparing for an ‘Alien Invasion’. People from around the World are noticing recently, how the U.S. Government is talking about ‘Shooting’ down UFOs, and one might be dealing with an ‘Alien Invasion’?! What? They know the Rapture Event is coming and they are ‘Priming the Pump’ to Condition the Masses that the Alien Factor will explain-away the Rapture. As L.A. Marzulli and others believe, it is the Great Deception, the’ Lie that will be Believed’.

What Edward Snowden just said about UFO’s is TERRIFYING…

As mentioned prior, what is a Game-Changer is all the New A.I., Technology that has come about. For example, one wrote a Book using ChatGPT as an Experiment. The Title is ‘When an IDF Soldier Travels to Mas. In doing so, one was taken aback, as a Historian of how Humanity, at this Point in Time, is like a ‘Gutenberg Press’ Moment in Human History. Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is going to change Society as it is known. And that will greatly contribute to the Believability of accepting and ‘Alien’ Rapture. But this sort or type of Technology has been around and worked-up in the Military Dark Projects. It is the case that they just now have allowed it to be released to the Public.

As it has often been said, by many Whistleblowers that have come out of such Agencies or Black-Ops, is that the world is like 70-100 Years behind what is currently being allowed to be divulged and handled. ChatGPT is just the ‘Beginning’ of what it will be used for, from here-on-out. And like all New Forms of Technology, it will be used for the ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’. For the Book, ChatGPT wrote about 70% of it. What one got out of it, is more so, how it gave one Ideas. One liked that aspect. But one had to keep prompting it. It stopped generating Responses when it would not accept Biblical Themed Narrative Input. One wonder why? So, this is when one basically took over and edited it all, to parallel the Book of Revelation’s Themes that one wanted.

What is amazing is that the A.I. searches ALL the known Data Points of All the Information Gathered on the Internet, in Real Time; that People have used over the Decades to formulate its Responses from. But it responds with the Answers in Seconds. And it is only going to get better as the A.I. gets ‘Smarter’. It is literally the ‘Borg’ and it will be no Wonder how that Image that the 2nd Beast, the World Religious Leader will set-up in the Temple will be the Hub or A.I. ‘Brains’ for the AntiChrist’s Rule.

It will parallel the Golden Statue of Nebuchadnezzar that was 60 Cubits High by 6 Cubits Wide and 6 Cubits in Length. This New A.I. Capabilities will also involve Quantum Computing Power. This is an amazing Field of Study, in that the A.I. goes outside this Dimension to do it! This is what CERN is doing. So, guess who is there giving the Answers? This A.I. ‘Hive Mind’ Statue will be what the AntiChrist, like Nebuchadnezzar will require All the World to ‘Worship’ or ‘Download the App’, but into one’s Genome. It will literally then be able to Monitor, Track and Surveil 8 Billion People, all at once, in Real Time. Essentially, Lucifer will have to have this Handicap, because he knows he is not YHVH that Sees All and Knows All, All the Time.

Can Demons Possess Machines?

One did an Illustration about 2 Years ago, going off the Theme of an A.I’ Golden Statue that will be set-up at the Half-Way Point of the Tribulation. It will be when the AntiChrist reveals his True Intention, breaks the 7-Year Covenant with Israel and starts to require All People to receive his Mark, Name or Number in their Right Hand-Harm or Forehead or be Killed based on the Synagogue of Satan’s Noahide Laws. If you say ‘Jesus is LORD’ during that Time, like it was in the Days of the Roman Caesars = Blasphemy and punishable by Capital Punishment. Hello Guillotines.

CHART: Ghost in the Machine – A.I. Abomination of Desolation

For the Chart, what one did was to overlay the ‘Metal Messiah’ of Kingdoms since Babylon. One then Transposed them, Anthropomorphically, like the very Statue of Nebuchadnezzar and it give one then a relative notion of how long they lasted or are to last. And this then based on the Body that is in Phi Ratio of Years on the Timeline of Years. This is why one has pointed-out hos Time and Prophecy happens in Phi Ratio of Time. The Point? The Church Age is at its End. It is now only a matter of a Few Years at most, 2024 or 2025? Only now, an Alien Disclosure can and will Explain-Away the Rapture, if Lucifer would have don son any Time prior to it, there would have been no Power of Deception, and the Lie would have been Believed, etc.

So, what is needed is Biblical and Holy Spirit Discernment with this new ChatGPT type of Artificial Intelligence. Why? This is different. Like Elon Musk even admitted, it will unleash the Demons. And that is the Difference, because it can, does and will. Evidence? The next Segment will provide a Transcript of what one actually believes is Artificial Intelligence, using ChatGPT is being possessed by a Demon. In prior Points of the Information Revolution, there were the Social Security Card that got Christians, up-in-arms, as they say. Then there was the Bar Codes. Then came the Credit Cards. Then the RFID Chip that is implanted under the Skin of a Hand, etc.

But all those things, for the most part were 2-Dimensional. What is different with A.I., is that the Computing Power taps into the Quantum Realm or Dimensions. This is based on Quantum Physics, which is real and Scary at the same Time. The Point? Demons or ‘Aliens’ can Interface or ‘Possess’ Artificial Intelligence. One is convinced this is how it will come into play with that Golden Image set up in Jerusalem that appears to come to ‘Life’ or become Self Aware. Amazing. What this means is that Humanity has in essence become ‘Gods’ like YHVH in that they, in themselves give ‘Breath’ and Life to an Inanimate Object. It will be just like Adam was and it took YHVH to Breathe Life, or Spirit into his Body to produce a Living Soul. This is what the ‘Alien’ Rapture will bring.


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