Columbia’s Luciferian Temple Template

  • Why is the USA Capital called the 'New Rome'?
  • Why are Ancient 'Gods' adorning the Capital?
  • Why is the Federal Capital called 'Columbia'?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘On account of this, the Jews demanded, What Sign can You show us to prove Your Authority to do these Things? Jesus answered, Destroy this Temple, and in 3 Days I will Raise it up again. This Temple took 46 Years to build, the Jews replied, and You are going to Raise it up in 3 Days?’ –John 2:18-20

The purpose of this chapter is to contribute to the already wealth of revealed encrypted ley-lines of the District of Columbia. As it has been disclosed over the Decades, Nefarious Luciferian Signatures and Motifs are etched into the various National Monuments of the United States. They have nothing to do with its Christian Religious Foundation and Beginning. It goes to show who really is in Charge. They are rather a Façade and Counterfeit of Freemasonry. It comes from the Religion of Lucifer that mocks Christ Jesus and all those that are His Disciples.

It also attests to whom the capital is dedicated to and what its encrypted Motifs are to portray, the Lord of the Dead, not of the Living. They are Hidden in Plain Sight. What this study will add, are 2 Suppositions of Motifs that have to do with the ‘Masonic Man’. It is why one superimposed it to the Mall. There appears to be an ‘Anthropomorphic’ Proportioned ‘Man’ and ‘Temple’ that can be superimposed to the entire length of the Capital Core.

It spans from Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial. Despite expensive studies, no other World Capital perhaps, reveals such a wealth of Encrypted Layers of Motifs as this Premier Luciferian World Capital of the Elders of Zion. This Motif is highly suggestive but resonates with many prior Masonic Motifs found in Ancient and Modern World Capital. The template is taken from the Temple of Man that is found in Luxor, Egypt. In essence, this Temple of Man, or the ‘Masonic Man’ is the Age-Old Motif of the Counterfeit to the True Measure of Man and the Universe, Jesus Christ.

Such Dimensions echo the ‘Divine Blueprint’ of the very Throne Room of YHVH, in Heaven and subsequently given to Moses for the Tabernacle. And then it was given to King David for the Temples of YHVH. But it was built by King Solomon and then rebuilt by Zerubbabel. To the Masons, this Template is dedicated to their 1st Mason, Nimrod who attempted to Conglomerate the whole World into a failed attempt to create a Godless New World Order, not of YHVH’s. He directly opposed the EDICTS of YHVH and defied His Precepts. In some Ancient Extra-Biblical Books, it is recorded that it was Shem, the Son of Noah that eventually killed Nimrod for his Wickedness. It is from this Account that Myth and Folklore started throughout the Ancient World from Babylon.

Luciferian Counterfeit Template

Then it went to Egypt and so on, that the Legend of Nimrod’s Vengeance was to Resurrect 1 Day, in the Last Days. Nimrod is the Archetype of the 1st and perhaps the Last AntiChrist Figure that embodies Lucifer and his Quest to be Worshiped as the true God in his ‘Masonic Man’ Temple of Light. Where? In Jerusalem. It is written that Nimrod was chopped-up into 13 Pieces of Flesh as a Sign of Judgement for the people to take Warning and Rebuke. But the 14th Piece -that of his Phallus was thrown into the Euphrates River.

The Wicked Wife of Nimrod, Semiramis, collected all the Pieces except the 14th Piece. She thus fashioned the infamous ‘Golden Finger’ or the Shaft of Ba’al and with her Sorcery and Magic. She reconstituted his Body. She then Copulated and became ‘Impregnated’ with a Son. This Son was called the ‘Christ-Child’ that is a Reincarnation of Nimrod. And he is to be Resurrected in like manner at the End of Time. For what purpose?

The purpose is to complete his ‘Tower of Power’ that was Interrupted by YHVH. This was the feeble attempt to depose YHVH’s Throne in Heaven with. Why? The Disciples of Lucifer believe that Lucifer, the Anointed Cherub, should be the Rightful ‘GOD’ instead of YHVH. They only have been given for the Time being, Dominion of the Beast World Orders. There is a Collusion of the Synagogue of Satan along with the Elders of Zion, the Freemasons, and all other Occult Fraternal Orders that have this same Aspirations, etc. They will see their ‘Great Work’ come to a completion.

It amounts to their ‘Cap-Stone’ All Seeing Eye Lucifer, the Light Bearer, come down to Earth. Lucifer seeks to be crowned ‘King of the Jews’ in his ‘Own Name’ through possessing the AntiChrist’s Body. That is what Jesus warned Israel about. Their ‘Great Work’ includes not only Marking their Buildings with Signs and Numbers, but they will also Mark Humanity with their Sign and Number, 666.

And in their World Capitals like Washington, D.C., they have Marked their Territory with such Luciferian Motifs that Commemorate and Rehearse this coming Resurrection of the ‘Masonic Man’, Nimrod. How so? The Bible teaches that at some Point in Time, the AntiChrist will receive a Mortal Wound but then will be Resurrected from the Dead. Thereafter, he will go into the 3rd Temple.

Thus, such Luciferians that control the District of Columbia have Marked the City with their Ley-Lines that depict their Horned Lord of Darkness. Such Symbols and Numbers promote and influence the Power-Dynamic through such Patterns that involve Supernatural Powers energized by Time, Place and Sacred Geometry. The 1st Supposition that is highly suggested, is that the Template that can be superimposed is the ‘Masonic Man’. For example, actual Capitol Hill Building or ‘Congress’ is the Head of this Outline Motif of the Human Male Form, etc. Impressively the Headpiece eerily does appear to resemble a Skull with protruding Eyes and open Mouth.

Core of Columbia

What this study also suggests as a possible Encrypted Motif has to do with the ‘Head-Dress’ that this ‘Masonic Man’ portrays. It is well understood that from established research by others, the Capitol Hill Enclave is lined-out in the form of the out-Stretched Horned Owl, Molech. This is the God of Abortion of which YHVH admonished the Jews not to Abort their Babies into the flames Arms of the Demon Gods, etc.

This study suggests that this ‘owl Headdress’ could assume the ‘Horns’ of the Lord of Darkness, one of the many Renditions of Lucifer. Lucifer is actually the Anointed Cherub and Fell in part due to his Beauty. The Bible describes him as being covered with Precious Stones. Lucifer Fell due to Pride and Rebellion found in the Depths of his Heart. The Point is that the Outreached-Owl become the Horns that depict the coming Nature of the AntiChrist.

He is described as a Beast that is the Father of Lies, the Lord of the Dead, the Murderer from the Beginning, the Accuser of the Brethren that seeks to ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’, etc. The Section of the Washington Mall corresponds to the Chest/Breast area of the ‘Masonic Man’. It is rather interesting that where the Breast is approximated, there are 2 oval/round shaped buildings within the Mall.

The Extended Arms corresponds to the Triangular Angle that matches Pennsylvania Avenue, with the Right Hand. The Right Hand corresponds to the White House and the Oval Office. The Left Hand corresponds to the Jefferson Memorial. The Phallus corresponds to the Washington Monument. It is rather interesting that the Washington Monument is situated within a Vesica Pisces that insinuates a Sexual Penetration within a ‘Womb’. The optical illusion is perceived as that of a Gradual Erection from Sunrise. The Monument is called the Shaft of Ba’al. 

The Phallus Illusion is made by the Shadow of the Monument, when the Obelisk Shadow is facing ‘Down’ or West, then it appears as though ‘Erect’. as the Monument Shadow faces East at Sunset. The entire Washington Monument is depicted from a Top View as being interwoven with a Scarab-Type of configuration of streets. In the Luciferian Religion, the Motif of a Scarab denotes a Resurrection. The Washington Monument corresponds to Nimrod's ‘Phallus’ or Shaft of Ba’al that completed the 14th Piece of Nimrod’s Flesh, reconstituted, etc.  It also has the length to the World War 2 Memorial.

From a Top View, World War 2 Memorial depicts an approximate Skull and Bones Motif which would be Anatomically appropriate in distance from the Washington Monument in proportion to the above average Phallus size for a Man. The 2 Legs of this Masoni Man appear to correspond to the 2 Bridges that cross the Potomac River West of the Lincoln Memorial. Moreover, a 2nd Interpretation of a possible Anthropomorphic Rendition of this ‘Masonic Man’ Motif layout has to do that of the Vitruvian Man. It is also in keeping with the Delineation of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. This Temple of YHVH Template has the Same Dimensions that can also be superimposed on the Washington Mall area.

Masonic Temple

If one were to extend the ‘Legs’, for example it would correspond to the Pentagon with the left leg. This corresponding Motif of the Washington Monument suggests that it is the Magical Mechanism, by which the Resurrection of Nimrod or of a Euphemism of the coming ‘Nimrod’, Resurrected is to occur at some Point in Time during the Tribulation Period. Until then, with each Day passing, the Sun, Light and Shadow replays this Sexual Episode. The Phallus Motif serves as a Beacon to centralize ‘Sexual’ Energies of sorts. This is not to say that the exact place and time of such a mere Monument will induce such a ‘Resurrection’.

What is the Point of such Layouts? It is a Language of Communication. It tells of their Death-Grip of the Nations’ Political, Social, Military and Religious Institutions. The Luciferians use them to co-opt the Masses in preparation of the coming ‘Debut’. As mentioned, until that Time, it is all a Rehearsal and Ritual. It is about harnessing the Energies of Lucifer through such Sacred Geometry. Note that at a certain Hour of the Day, the Washington Monument Shadow, depicting the Phallus will be in Alignment with the ‘Oval’ Office of the White House. Think of ‘Ovaries’.

The Alignment matches the Sexual Energies of the Male and Female to produce the resurrected ‘Christ-Child’ or Resurrection of Nimrod as the 14th Piece that went missing and was Magically inserted. The Light of the Sun during the Day will cast the Shadow of the Washington Monument to the sights of the Oval Office to the North, as if to ‘Impregnate’ the ‘Womb’. And with what? One conjectures with the ‘Seed of the Serpent’, of Nimrod Metaphorically.

In another Esoteric Interpretation, it is the Right Hand of this ‘Horded Beast’, ‘Red Dragon’ Serpent that has the White House under his Dominion and perhaps a Blessing of the Beast. It is another Mocking of the True Teaching of the Torah and the New Testament. It is in light of the Relationship between Jesus and the Father. It is the Promise in the Psalms, that the Son of GOD has, Sat down at the Right Hand on High’, from the Throne, etc.

Is it any wonder that the Men that have sat in the Oval Office have been ‘Selected’, not Elected for such a Magic Motif, Rehearsal and Ritual? It is True that YHVH has total Sovereignty over all the Universe and the Nations on Earth. It is stated in the Bible that YHVH sets-up and brings-down Kings and Rulers of the Earth. He elevated Moses, King David, Solomon, Daniel, Joseph over World Empires. And He even used non-Covenant Rulers like Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and Cyrus of Persia.

However, due to the Deceptive Work of Lucifer, Earth’s  Dominion given to Man by YHVH to take over the Earth has been taken away since the Garden of Eden by Lucifer. This was the case until Jesus, the Last Adam took it back at the Cross of Calvary. However, the ‘Title Deed’ to the Earth, with all its Political and Legal Framework is still not relinquished from the Rulership and Power of the Prince of the Air, for the time being. In fact, the ‘Cross’ is one of the other Hidden Motifs of the Columbian Mall Motifs Core.

Coming False Resurrection

The ‘Masonic Man’ is actually depicted being Crucified upside down, in Mockery of Jesus Christ. Also, it is well established that from this Focal Point of the White House, a Pentagram Star is construed. And the Templar Cross is at its center also as is the House of the Temple on 16th Street, approximately 1 Nautical Mile to the North. This ‘Templar Cross’ denotes the ‘Throne’. There is a 2nd Cross at the Capitol Hill, etc. The entire environs of this ‘Masonic Man’ incorporates the Universal Mathematical Language.

It is of the Creator, with the corresponding 666-555 Geometric and Mathematical Relationship. It is a depiction of the Macro and Micro Symmetry. It is a Mirrored Composition of the Sacred Layouts in relation to Heaven and Earth. Meaning that the Luciferian Axiom of ‘As Above, So Below’ is incorporated in these Luciferian Columbian Ley-Lines. A Clue that this ‘Masonic Man’ is to ‘Resurrect’ was hinted in prior Years, in that the Layout was even designed to render a ‘Mason Coffin’ type of outline.

The Skull and Bones and Freemasonic Coffins have this 555 Numeration because it is their Calling Card Number for ‘Resurrection’. Numbers are also a Language. This is very telling as the area became developed, so did the Motifs as in a Progressive Revelation of the Luciferian Plans themselves. Is it any wonder why the Washington Monument is 6660 Inches or 666 Feet Tall, all-inclusive, yet 555 Feet or 5550 Inches from the Ground? The Bible does speak of a Resurrection of all Human Beings.

The Washington Mall typifies the 12-Ribs of a Human that corresponds to the 12 Step Truncated Illuminati Pyramid, excluding the Foundation and Cap-Stone. The Question remains, which one will one partake of? Jesus Christ’s or Lucifer’s? In the Gospels, Mary the Sister of Lazarus that had Died, said of Jesus, ‘You are the Resurrection and the Life’. In fact, Jesus is the only fully Human, yet fully GOD that has ever been Resurrected. Jesus is the Type of the ‘First Fruits’ of those that are Promised to come after Him.

His Disciples in like manner, will be Resurrected like Jesus at the Resurrection-Rapture to End the Church. These are the Disciples of Jesus that Believe, Follow Him and Keep His Commandments. When will this ultimate fulfillment of the Resurrection occur? It will be at the point of the Rapture, which will be commenced by the Rising of the ‘Dead in Jesus Christ’. And then Rapture those that are Alive will be caught-up together to meet Jesus in the Air.

It is an Evacuation from this present Evil World. It is going to be an ‘Extraction’ like Lot in Sodom during a ‘Sudden Destruction’ Event that will most likely occur in Tandem. The Bible teaches that the Last Generation in Jesus will not experience Physical Death, as they will be Raptured-Out of Earth. This coming False Luciferian ‘Resurrection’ of the AntiChrist will coincide with the revealing of this ‘Nimrod’ World Savior. He will finally be presented to the World and will seek to Counterfeit the Works of Jesus with his Counterfeit ‘Resurrection’ and other ‘Lying Wonders’ as the Bible teaches.

Masonic Temple Man
The Bible speaks that there will be a 2nd Resurrection that will not bode well for the Disciples of Nimrod. This Resurrection, unto the Great White Throne will see all those that opposed Jesus and His Disciples since Cain. These will be judged by their Works and because the Standard is ‘Perfection’, no Price will be found to Cover or Atone for one’s Sin.

Thus, all found at this Resurrection will be thrown in the Lake of Fire where the ‘Nimrod’, resurrected Fake AntiChrist and the False Prophet will have been thrown ahead of them, Alive. The Bible also alludes to another Resurrection, that of the Old Testament Saints like Moses, David, etc. It will occur at the Start of the 1000-Year Kingdom where Jesus comes back with the Resurrected and Raptured Church Age Bride. In the 2nd Supposition, this study suggests that another Encrypted Layer can be seen superimposed over the core of the length of the District of Columbia Mall area.

It is of the outline of the Temple of Solomon, but likewise in the fashion of the ‘Temple of Man’. This Notion of the Temple Man is the work of the conceptualization of the Anthropomorphic Temple-Man by Tony Badillo at www.templesecrets.info. He is the 1st to ‘Anthropomorphize’ the Temple of Solomon with Amazing Correlations and Perspective. Badillo surmises that the Temple of YHVH is an exact Representation of His ‘Form’ and ‘Likeness’, of the Messiah, etc. There is a ‘Head’, at the Top, from a West-East Perspective. This Head Chamber, a perfect Square or ‘Cube’ is as is the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was located.

The Word, ‘Capital’ comes from the Latin, ‘Head’ as in ‘Capital Punishment’. There is the Holies that contained the Table of Bread, the Altar of Incense and the Menorah Candlestick. These Objects correlated to the Core of the Main Organs of a Human Body. They are the Motifs for the Stomach, the Heart and the Branches of the Lungs. They are as a Menorah. The Oil and Light represented the ‘Pneuma’, Breath or Spirit of YHVH, the Holy Spirit, etc. The Outside Chambers of the Core of the Temple functioned to Store Supplies and for Priestly Preparations. These correspond to the long Arms of the Body.

At the End of each of the Long Arms, it then corresponded to the 5 Digits of each Hand. In Solomon’s Temple, there were a total of 10 small Portable Receptacles of Water that the Priests used for the Sacrifices and Ceremonial Washing. It spoke of how one was to handle the Vessels of YHVH and enter into His Presence, ‘With Clean Hands and a Pure Heart’. Boaz and Jachin were two Copper, Brass or Bronze Pillars that stood in the Porch of Solomon's Temple, the 1st Temple in Jerusalem.

These served as both the Gonads and 2 Testis of a Man that have the Seed of Reproduction. This Motif was depicted with the Pomegranates that decorated the Capitals of the 2 Pillars. The long Shafts of the Pillars represented the Legs, if one extended the length of the Pillars to connect with the Brazen Altar. These 2 Pillars were outside the Temple. It was the 2nd Gate or Door that one entered through. The other 2 Doors were at the Court of Israel and then through the Curtain of the Holy of Holies.

By the way, the Tabernacle of Moses had 3 Main Entrances or Doors. The Door to the Compound was called the Door of the Way. The Door to the Holies was called the Truth. And the Door to the Holy of Holies was called the Life. This is exactly as how Jesus described Himself as being or embodying, literally. Is it no wonder how Jesus Christ could say to the Jewish Religious Leaders, that were imposters, the Synagogue of Satan and Elders of Zion, that if they Destroyed the Temple, He would raise it up in 3 Days? Jesus was speaking about the Elder’s Plot and Conspiracy and His inevitable Murder by disciples of Nimrod’s Secret Religion.

This is the Crux of the Luciferian Conspiracy in that Lucifer will Impersonate Jesus’ Resurrection. Even perhaps on a 3rd Day after the AntiChrist receives a Mortal Blow to the Head of some sort, as some interpret Bible Prophecy. With this Supposition, this study strongly suggests that this ‘Temple of Man’ Template is what the Luciferians have copied from the Temple of Solomon. And 1 Day their ‘Great Work’ will be such that, the 3rd Temple Along with its ‘Solomon 2.0’. These ‘Builders’ of Lucifer are the ones involved with all the Luciferian filth of Pedophilia, Vampirism, Child Sex Rings and Slavery and Sacrifice of the Innocent.

These ‘Builders’ mark their Premier World Capital, like the District of Columbia, which is another Encrypted Ensign for Isis, the Queen of Heaven or Lucifer in Drags. They Mock the True Form of YHVH’s Temple and Throne in Heaven. These Elders of Zion, Masons and Synagogue of Satan will in some way usurp the Authority and Divine Right of the Daily Sacrifices, once the 3rd Temple is built.

The Authority of the Temple Precinct to be taken over by the False High Priest of a ‘Resurrected’ Nimrod. The following will be the Correlation of the Core Columbian Mall to the ‘Temple Man’ superimposed Motif. Starting from the Top View in an East-West orientation, the Capitol Hill corresponds, naturally to the ‘Head’. And it is the Head or ‘Capital’ of the Government. It is where the Laws are formulated and the Debate, or ‘Thinking’ within the Mind is done. It is no wonder that the Buildings of the highest Intuitions of the Land are situated just above the Capitol Hill Building, that is the Supreme Court, etc.

It is also revealing that directly East of the Capitol Hill, there is a huge Hexagram Street Layout, etc. One other Speculative Notion is that this study suggests that even the Capitol Hill Building Architecture, if correlating to the Holy of Holies ‘Cube’ is thus fashioned, to some degree after the very Ark of the Covenant. In general comparisons, there is a Cherub on the Right Wing, and a Cherub on the Left Wing as are the 2 Chambers that make up the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In the middle was the Mercy Seat or ‘Throne’ where the Lid covered the Law of Moses, the Mana and the Almond Staff of Aaron were encased. This ‘Throne’ was an exact Facsimile or Model of the one where YHVH sat on in Glory as the Law Giver of the Universe. The Ark of the Covenant represented the Presence of YHVH on Earth. And this Law Giver revealed Himself to the Nation of Israel. It is rather Amazing that YHVH chose a Race to be a Vessel in which to be the Light and the Salt of the Earth.

Orion Conspiracy

The purpose was and is to have Israel, as a Nation be the Witness of YHVH’s Will on Earth. That has not turned-out to be the case, entirely. Nonetheless, Israel is the Miraculous Nation. It is in the sense that they had and will have the ‘Shout of the King’ in their Midst. Presently, Israel is in a State of Unbelief and under Discipline. Why? Israel did not live-up to their Commission and Witness. Nonetheless, it is rather Interesting that the Copula of the Capitol Hill Congress building has exactly that very association of a ‘Throne’ as was the Ark of the Covenant.

The Dome of the Congress is called the Rotunda and at the very Top of the Ceiling is the Apotheosis of General Washington, who is sitting on a ‘Throne’. The Capitol Hill was fashioned in accordance with the Capitoline Hill of Rome. Columbia’s District was formally named Rome. Is it any wonder why the Jefferson Memorial is patterned after the Pantheon in Rome? Did one know that the Word ‘Pantheon’ means the ‘Temple to the many Gods’?. It is as the Vatican that likewise has the same layout.

The Word ‘Basilica’ is ‘Throne’, that of the ‘Queen of Heaven’. Then there is the Neck Portion that separates the Holy of Holies with the Holies and the ‘Arms’. This correlation leads to yet another Aspect of the Anthropomorphic Principle, in that, not only is the ‘Masonic Man’ and the Temple of Man a viable outline portrayed, but this Human Form is that of Orion also. Consider that the Luciferians have such a Layered Motif, that incorporates the ‘Masonic Man’ Template as mentioned.

It is based on Solomon’s Temple and that of an Anthropomorphic Male Form, then surely the extended Cryptic Inference also corresponds to that of the Celestial Realm. This is the case as one can also superimpose the Celestial Ley-Lines of the Constellation of Orion. This study strongly suggests that the White House, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial construe the very Belt Stars of Orion, as does the Plaza at the Vatican.

This would be 1 of the Interpretations, as to why the Washington Monument is not placed in Perfect Alignment with the other 2 Structures mentioned. It is such that the correspondence to the 3 Stars of Orion are also offset. The Washington Monument, that of the ‘phallus’ of Nimrod or the Shaft of Ba’al corresponds to the Pillars and Testis of the Anthropomorphic Man Motif. The White House corresponds to the ‘White’ Temple of YHVH and the Orion Star of Mintaka. The Dome of the Rock corresponds to the Washington Monument and the Orion Star of Alnilam.

The Jefferson Memorial corresponds to the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Orion Star of Alnitak. With such Precision, it is amazing that the Ley-Lines of the outline of Orion also match the Bridges that span the Potomac River. The Orion Motif is huge and spans the boundaries beyond Columbia’s District. One of the other Stars of Orion corresponds to the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium. And the ‘Horse Nebula’ or in actually is the ‘Dragon’ Nebula Cloud. This Dragon Motif corresponds to the Islamic version of the Masonic Motifs of Allah that is a ‘Serpent’ within a Pole, when written in Arabic Calligraphy, etc.

This location happens to correspond to the Almas or ‘Soul’ Masonic Temple. The Almas Temple is a Masonic building facing Franklin Square at 1315 K St NW in Washington, DC. It is the Headquarters of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine or ‘Temple of the Serpent’. One cannot make this stuff up. Furthermore, the ‘Phallus’ or Sword of Orion has its Terminal Points in an area that is called ‘Fur 33’. It is the Building famous for its Mirror that depicts an ‘Opening’ in the Street; as in a ‘Star-Gate’. This is reminiscent of the Orion Nebula that is believed to be the ‘Opening’ Spiral Shaft to the entrance of the very Throne of YHVH in the Heavens.

With this Supposition, the Orion Template can thus also be superimposed with the Great Pyramids of Giza. This was 1st introduced by Robert Bauval. The Giza Pyramids replicated the Belt of Orion, but more so approximates Temple Mount. How so? There are going to be 3 Structures or Houses of Worship during the Tribulation Period. Each is going to depict 1 of the 3 main Compromised Religions of the Luciferians, Judaism, Islam and Roman Catholicism. How does one conjecture this? It will follow the Freemason Altar dedicated to Lucifer, 'Ja-Bal-El', etc.

Temple Mount Ecumenical Structures

1-al Aqsa Mosque: Former Crusader Church
2-Dome of the Rock: Shrine to Islam
3-3rd Temple: House of the Jewish Nation

The Temple Mount ‘Square’ or Platform serves as the ‘Altar’ in how the 3 main Books of the Masons in their ‘Synagogues of Satan’ Lodges are placed there. These are the Torah, Bible and Quran. They represent the main World Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Thus, also the buildings correspond to Orion’s 3 Belt Stars. The 3 Stars of Orion correspond to the 3 Color of the 3 Domes of the Temple Mount and that, to the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’ Axiom that are also, amazingly corresponding to the Size of the Stars.

The White Temple is that of the Jews, the Gold Dome of the Rock is that of the Muslims and the Moon Silver Color of the al-Aqsa Mosque previously was a Templar Church. Then as to the Temple Man Motif still. The Length of the Pillars of Solomon’s Temple corresponds to the Reflecting Pool. They both stretch from the Washington Monument. They have at their Base the Lincoln Memorial. That Base corresponds to the Brazen Altar. Thus, this ‘Masonic Man’ Temple Template is reasonable to approximate when superimposed on the Core of the District of Columbia’ Main Mall. Note then that if that is the case, then its Anthropomorphic Measure is also in Phi Ratio.

This can be seen and why the World War 2 National Monument was situated where it was placed. It was not just randomly chosen to be in some arbitrary location. Every place of Importance is subject to the Laws of Mathematics. Why? It is because as mentioned, Mathematics is a Language of its own. It communicates based on Sacred Geometry. One just needs the Code or Key to decipher it.  For example, the World War 2 National Monument is in approximate Phi Ratio to the ‘Head’ and the Base ‘Brazen Altar’ of the Temple Man Motif Layout.

This study does also suggest another layer of Interpretation given this Temple Man or ‘Masonic Man’ Motif. It is based on King Nebuchadnezzar's Vision of those 4 Metal and Beast World Empires. And? These 4 Beast Empires would Rule Israel, as in the Promised Land, Jerusalem and control the Temple Mount, that is until the Return of Jesus, the ’Rock’.

It is rather interesting that the last World Order or current Order is that of the 4th Beast, or Rome. It is depicted by its elongated and Spilt Track or ‘Legs’, down to the very 10 Toes that the Last Luciferian Beast World Order will be constituted of. And that their Resurrected ‘Nimrod’ or AntiChrist ‘Solomon 2.0’ will Rule from it 1 Day.

 This is the Great Work of the Disciples of Lucifer. They are working toward this Accomplishment in each Generation until the AntiChrist is ‘Born’. It is the Whore of Babylon, ‘Isis’ as the Mother that is ‘Incubating’ it. And it is being ‘Nourished’ with the Blood of Jesus’ Martyrs. But until Jesus returns with a Vengeance, the Beast and Metal Kingdom sit Enthroned on Earth. And they are now ready to rebuild the 3rd Temple of Solomon.

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