When is the Next One?

  • What is or will be World War 3 and how will it Start?
  • Do World Wars have certain Patterns that Repeat or are?
  • What did Jesus have to say about Wars in the End Days?

by Luis B. Vega

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For many will come in My Name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will Deceive many. You will hear of Wars and Rumors of Wars, but see to it that you are not Alarmed. These Things must happen, but the End is still to come. Nation will rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom. There will be Famines and Earthquakes in Various Places’. -Matthew 24:5-7

So, it would seem the World is on the Brink of World War 3. In seeing American Mainstream Networks online, one would never know it is virtually here. The Atmosphere in the USA is Tame in comparison to Foreign News Outlets that are tracking this World War 3 ‘God of War’. He is on the March, it seems, that is growing Stronger by the Day. But in seeing the Foreign Press, one would think that World War 3 WW3 is about to bust-out, any Minute now. For sure, it is a clear case of ‘Wars and Rumors of Wars’ going on presently that Jesus Warned about would be as ‘Signs’ of a coming Reset. To this End, one will attempt to present Evidence from 2 Perspectives. An Aspect will have the Events be Analyzed, from a Political Scientist Point of View. But also, the Events presented will be in Context, in light of Biblical Prophecy. Why?

It is because the Bible or Jesus spoke of a coming World War 3. And in fact, there are more ‘World Wars’ beyond to come, sadly. So, War Preparations are the Order of the Day; for their New World Order that is. The Present Pressing of World War 3, by the Globalist is about their ‘Reset’ It is on track to ultimately lead the World into World War 3. This is especially the case, if the World War Pattern one has Researched since 2015 is Plausible, then it would explain why things are happening now, exactly as Planned. And a Key Indicator is that ,soon after a major Financial Collapse in the Financial System occurs, World Wars break-out as a ‘Solution’ or Reaction or Intended Outcome. One would say, ‘Going to War’, is a Distraction from their Financial Reset. The Outcome is always a Redistribution of further Control Wealth, Resources, Currency and People.  

And that the ‘Peace Agencies’ that emerge, to so-called, ‘Keep the Peace’ after these Planned Wars is a Farce. It is these Luciferian Globalists ‘Peace’ Agencies that have been set-up to prepare the entire World for an even bigger War next Time. But this one will truly be an all-encompassing ‘World War’. A True World War, but that will be centered in the Middle East, in Israel, because of Jerusalem, etc. The Military Escalating Offensives in the World are looking pretty Dire. Remember that this Prelude or Reset is a 5th Generation War Front and Theatre that is being Perpetrated against the World. On the Homefront, in the United States? It is also about ‘Battlefield America’, as they wage Warfare on Americans' own Soil and against its own Citizens. That is what the Patriot Act was and is for, as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

It is a Controlled Demolition

If one Realizes this and Understands the Cabal’s or Deep State End-Game, one can see why they have targeted the Infrastructures, Food Supplied and Rail Lines, etc. It is really about a Full-Spectrum Dominance Effort and Psychological Campaign, all-encompassing. This is what COVID was really all about. And that includes Weather and Earthquake Weaponry and Manipulation, i.e., HAARP. And it is Amazing, just how fast the so-called Leaders of the ‘Free World’ are becoming Totalitarian Dictatorships, i.e., the Governments of the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, etc. They have to as their World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leaders’ are positioned for such Purposes.

The Leaders of the West, of the E.U., of NATO are feeding the War Effort, on behalf of their supposed Democratically-Elected Bodies. They are all too Eager to bring this present World Order to an Implosion. Remember that they have to induce their Chaos, so that they can then implement their Order. As to the Phoenix Motif, this is why they have to ‘Kill’ the current Order along with their Systems. It is, so that out of its Ashes and Blood, the Birth of their New Order one will emerge, i.e., their Reset. So, it is about needing to Kill the Finances, Businesses, the Supply Chain, Money Supply, Credit, etc.

The International Bankers deliberately Inflate all Prices of Commodities to Impoverish everyone. It is so through Inflation, they become Weak on many Levels, Financially, Socially, Politically, Pharmaceutically. The Masses can then be reduced to ‘Bread and Circus’. It is about keeping the Masses in an induced Psychos of Fear, Dependent and Required Mandatory Compliance. And it is to make them as Chronically Sick with their mRNA Shots, as possible, for example. And along their Protocols, if not to Kill as many in the Process. It is also through Up-Ending Sound Societal Norms, such as Family, Gender, Faith, etc. It is about calling what is Good, Evil and calling what is Evil, Good.

It is a 5th Generation War that induces Confusion and Doubt, Despair and Depression. All this is what is feeding the ‘Ghosts in the Machines’, being perpetrated by their ‘Reset’ that will lead to their 3r World War. But back around 2015, during the Obama Years, this sort of Fear of World War 3 Theatre and Apprehension was being implemented then. So much so, that many believed Obama was surely the Biblical AntiChrist. People still do. It seems that at that time, World War 3 was the Trajectory. But then Trump happened. He got in the Way and Forestalled their Timeline, or rather YHVH allowed Trump. And as most realize, Biden is really Obama’s 3rd Term.

So, perhaps YHVH did give the World and especially the USA a Reprieve. But like Israel and the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree, one could Argue that the World and the USA, as a whole, did not get closer to Jesus or come to Jesus, Repenting, Turning. Have they? No. They have instead Hardened their Hearts even more so. Of course, in the ‘Divine Reprieve’, one would say, Throngs of People in the USA and the World have gotten Saved because of the Hardening of People’s Hearts. Many have been ‘Unplugged’ from the Matrix. They saw the Pending Doom of World War 3 looming over their Daily Horizon. But these Schemes of Fear are now the Reality, once again.

It is about Time World War 3 Starts

And now, their War-Footing is Back-on-Track, and this Time, it will Proceed and Succeed, in one’s Prophetic Opinion. If the Chart one plotted with the Timeline of the World Wars and World Orders, back in 2015 was and is of any Indication, it is Time. When? Now. The USA is really already at War with Russia. One Person did a comparison of how, before the War in the Ukraine, for example, it had owed the World Bank about $100 Billion Dollars. Yet, as of now, the U.S. Taxpayers have handed over $150 Billion to Ukraine, thanks to Biden and the Democrats. With this amount of Money alone, they could have paid-off all of Ukraine’s Foreign Debt. But the U.S. Government will not Pay all of the American Student’s Debts. The Ukrainian Debt belongs to the Ukrainian Bankers.

But regardless of the Elite borrowing the Money and only receiving the Foreign Aid or themselves, the World Bank required the Ukrainian Government, Cronies of the World Economic Forum too, to put in place the Austerity Measures against the Ukrainian Citizens. This is what happened in France in 2023. They, the Luciferian Powers-That-Be, ordered Macron to increase the Retirement Age, for example. It is they that are made to Pay with Inflation and War. This is the Globalist Game Plan for countless Countries that Impoverish the Masses and Induce Mass Immigration Waves.
This is how they have taken over and Control the Masses, etc. And will those $150 Billion Dollars given to the Ukrainian Bankers go to the Suffering People of the Ukraine? No. It will go to the Usual Suspects of the Corrupt Luciferian Cabal Bankers and to the Arms and Military Manufacturers. They are all one-in-the-same. And for what? To Kill more Christian Orthodox Slavs. That is the Plan. It is to induce as much Pain and Suffering, because Blood-Shed is what feeds the Fallen Angels and Demons that are summoned by these Ritualistic Murders that target Civilians in the Crosshairs.

The Demonic Forces are Gathering Strength through Bloodshed as that is what is required to Feed their Reset that will lead to the ‘Birth’ or Debut of their Christ Leader, Lucifer. He is the Embodiment of that Rising Phoenix Masonic Motif. His AntiChrist will soon use World War 3 to usher-in a False Peace and with False Promises of a New Reality and New Humanity, the World will Fall for it. But the Reset and Word War 3 is being Perpetrated by Both-Sides. Why would one say that? It is because Putin, like Zelensky, is a Former Graduate of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leader Institute.

Lucifer has always played both Sides. But all that to say that one did a Chart, plotting the World Wars so far, mainly, World War 1 and 2 back in 2015. And on the Timeline one also incorporated the Pattern of the Tetrads and the Emergence of the World Government Agencies that came after, as a Direct Result of the Planned World Wars. Mainly, these have been the League of Nations, and the United Nations, all Luciferin to the core. What one did is to incorporate one’s Theory that Prophecy occurs or is Measured, Mathematically and can thus be predicted based on a Phi Ratio Sequencing. This means that if one knows 2 Points on the Timeline, and applying this Phi Ratio Template, one can Triangulate the 3rd End Point. This is based on the Golden Mean of Sacred Measurement, etc.

Phi Ratio World Wars

Thus, if World War 2 occurred in 1914-17, and World War 2 occurred in 1939-45, guess what Year World War 3 is to Begin? 2023 or thereabouts. See Chart for a Visual. So, a Reader brought this to one’s Attention and one took a look at the Chart again. So, here we are, 2023, as of this Writing. Who would have Known or Though that it would come to this Year already. Now, that Phi Ratio Template can be off by, say +/- 2-3 Years. It is just a Theory. It is because one is not sure if to place the Template, based on when the World Wars Started or Ended. So, it can be an Average.

Chart: World Wars and New World Order Patterns – In Phi Ratio


So, is one saying World Wars occur ‘Mathematically? Yes. Nonetheless, this Tolerance or Discrepancy of Years is within the ‘Zone’ now. It is NOW that World War 3 is to occur, based on this Phi Ratio Theory (2023-2024-2025), perhaps. In fact, the Chart caught the Attention of the Naval Intelligence Agency and paid a visit to one's Website. But as to Discrepancy? One does have this Question. ‘What Defines what World War 3 is or will be? Will the Ukraine War lead to World War 3? Sure looks like it. But what about the Psalm 83 War? One does agree that it is still a War to come. Or what about the Ezekiel 38 War?

That War will also involve a vast Coalition of Nations from 3 Continents no less. One would say, that is World War 3. But Prophetically Speaking, ‘Wars and Rumors of War’ are the Order of the Day, it seems. It is now very Real, presently, like never before. And the so-called Democrats in the USA and the other Cronies of the World, like Trudeau, Macron, all of NATO, are Actively Pushing for World War 3. It is at the Bequest of their Luciferians Overlords who own them. And it is they and their Military Industrial Complex, that make the Nuclear Warheads and Armaments that are ‘Killing, Stealing and Destroying’.

They are following the Protocols of their Father, the Devil. This is what Jesus said of Them. This is the Language and Nature of Lucifer, their ‘Christ’. Is there any Hope? Not in this World. Here is Hope. It is a Person. It is a ‘He’, Jesus. And He has a Blessed Hope. Jesus is not Calling or Instructing His Body of Believers while still on Earth to ‘Save Earth’, Geo-Politically. That is beyond the Point of No Return now. It is now about a Plan of Escape, of an Evacuation, a Departure, etc. It is and will be much like it was with Noah and the Ark of Salvation. The only Real Solution for the World, at this Point in Time, is a Biblical one.

And that is Jesus. For those who hold to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, the Rapture Event will take place prior to when that Last 7-Year Tribulation Period will Commence. Now here is the issue, World War 3 could occur before that Time. But one Clue, as to the Timing of the Rapture is that it is understood that the Rapture Departure is also tied to a ‘Sudden Destruction’ Event. Note that the ‘Destruction’ will be ‘theirs’, not ‘ours’ as1 Thessalonians 5:3 teaches. So, it is the ‘Sudden Destruction’ that is the Clue.

It is About an End of a Generation

But World War 3 is becoming all too real and perhaps to face the entire World, directly and like never before in the Near Future. So, with this Backdrop, one will thus Examine the Signs of the Globalist Reset that one Conjectures has to do also with Israel. And that the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree. Why? One Postulates that the actual Year Count from the Parable is 5 Years. And one is Convinced, that the Fig Tree in the Bible is in Inference to Israel. But specifically Pertinent for the Last Days, its Last Generation that started the Countdown since 1948.

If one uses the Base Year of the 70th Year as being the Prophetic Fulfillment of Israel’s Maturing, as a Fig Tree since its Independence in 1948. So, that would mean that in 2018, was the 70th Year. It is when this Sign of the Unfruitful Fig Tree could then be Applied. It is only a Consideration. This would mean then, that the 5-Year Allotment concludes in 2023, on May 14. But Prophetically Speaking, then it is no Coincidence how Israel, in 2023 is wrestling with the Judicial Reform Issue. It is basically Soul-Searching and how it is needing to be Defined from this point, going forward.

It is really a Clash between Religion and Secularism and which one will prevail and what the Jewish People, as a Nation will be ‘Defined’ with and as. So, 2023 is the Turning Point for Israel as a Nation. And the Issue? It is about Identity. It is about a Re-Definition of that for the Nation and perhaps even Individuals. Presently, one is Surmising that the World is going through a ‘Gap Time’ of 3.5 Years since 2022. One Contends that it is about a Reset that is Re-Defining of ‘Everything’. But it is also a Spiritual Reset and Transition. And this Nuance is not just Pertinent to Israel. It is about the Spirit of the Age, the Church Age that is coming to a Close and how YHVH is to Reset back to Israel. But the Reset of the Globalists is the Opposite.

At the Core, it is about Perversion that seeks to up-root all things. Consider the Issue of Human Identity. It is that Humanity has sought to go-away from YHVH’s Image and Likeness or Identity. Humanity is seeking a Reset also to Re-Define itself, but in its own Terms. Which usually will not result in anything Good or Edifying. On the Contrary, it is about Lucifer’s Agenda to Destroy and Deface Humanity, systematically and he is succeeding in that aspect, not only in Israel but in the USA and the West in-general also. But in some parts of the World and in some States in the USA, there is a Bush-Back also going on. It is indicative of the Division and Struggle for the Soul of the Nations and Israel.

But as one can surmise from Biblical Prophecy, it will be the Religious Right in Israel that will eventually Control its ‘National Identity’ and will ‘Reset’ it. This will set the Stage for Netanyahu and the ‘Elders’ to prepare the Temple and for the Debut of their Long-Awaited Political Messiah, in one’s Opinion. On the List of Messiah Contenders? At the top is Jerad Kushner, or someone like him. Just Speculating…So back to the Signs of the Globalist Reset leading-up to World War 3? That is what will set the Stage for the coming Tribulation Period. The Signs themselves are based on the Olivet Discourse. What one has done is to Employ a Verse-to-Year Correspondence, based on what is occurring presently, as it pertains to Israel, the Middle East and then the World.

Day Count Observations

It starts with Verse 25 to 32. Yes, might be a Rabbit Hole and Trail, but Interesting because it does appear to Infer to a possible 2025-2032 Timeline then. But as one Stipulates, Conditionally, as one who holds to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Interpretation, the Rapture Event is believed to occur before the Last Sabbath of the Land is required of Israel by YHVH to be Paid in Full. The Church Body has no Direct Covenant to the Land, nor Owes YHVH any such type of Debt that would Afford her to partake of Israel’s Judgment, which the 7-Year Tribulation Period will be all about.

And that from NOW until the Fall of 2025, as mentioned many times, the Rapture Window is presently at a level ‘REPCON 1’.  So, from May 14, 2023, going forward is Extremely a High Watch Time and very Important. But based on what one will present it would appear that the Year 2024 is pointing more so the Rapture Year. It is only a Best Guess Prediction, but because of the Evidence one is considering at the moment. And that the Rapture Event is totally Independent of when the 70th Week starts the 1620 Day Count of Jacob’s Trouble. It is primarily based on the following Factor of a 7-Year Countdown.

The Revelation 12 Sign 2017 + 7 Year Countdown = 2024

Als, one is Convinced that since 2022, there is a present 1260 Day Count in Effect, in one's Estimation. This is how this Present Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah is ‘Split’ in a sense. So, what happened to the 1st Half? That ‘Half’, it is argued is what Jesus only Fulfilled during His Ministry, that one Surmises was from Fall of 28 Ad to Spring of 32 AD. The Year 28 AD was the start of a Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle. So, what is this Precise ‘Gap Time’ Theory based on?  It is where Jesus left-off and how that will perhaps Conclude the Church Age, if one uses the 2022 Base Year, starting from Passover.

Passover of 2022, April 12  + 1260 Day Count = 2025 Year with the End of Yom Teruah

And as noted, in 2025, the Feast of Trumpets begins on September 23, as the Revelation 12 Sign did. As to the Matthew 24 Verses from 25 to 32, perhaps it might be a Stretch, that it could Correspond to 2025 to 2032. But if one reads the Verses, with this in Mind, there is ‘Some’ Inference noted. So, again, just Speculating that it could be a Possibility, Prophetically.

Chart: Matthew 24 Signs with Verse-to-Year possible


As some People would about this, ‘There is ‘Something Biblical Going On’…For sure. As a Foreshadowing of Jacob’s Trouble? Most definitely, one would Agree to that. Or it could be. But here are some Year Counts, that one has been going over and thinking about in regard to how soon World War 3 is to start. They are just Very Interesting.

April 12 32 AD (Midst of the Passover Lamb having to be Examined by High Priest)
+ 40 Times a 50 Year Count = Wednesday, April 14, 2032.

It is About the Timing
It is just as one has Calculated, that the Passover of Jesus was on Wednesday, April 14, 32 AD, exactly 2000 Years to the Day. But for the Year 2032, Passover in the Rabbinical Calendar, will be on March 27. It is a Difference of exactly 18 Days (6-6-6). And realize that in 2025, the Year one is Conjecturing could be the Start of the Tribulation Period, Rosh HaShanah, in that Year occurs on September 23. It is the Day, just like the Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017. And? It is the 8-Year Anniversary. Knowing what is known about the Meaning of Number 8, it Represents ‘New Beginnings’.

Perhaps a ‘Witness’ that this 2025-2032 is a New Beginning or the Beginning of Jacob’s Trouble? So, these are but a few of the Signs of the Globalist Reset to go over in how they are Pushing the World to the next World War. So, one would say to People, it is not if, but when World War 3 will start. It has already. But the purpose of these Calculations is to show how such a Countdown is Contingent upon Biblical Prophecy. And that it is Intertwined with the Destiny of Israel? Why is that?

According to 1 Interpretation in the Bible, Israel is the Center-Piece of the End Times and how it will be a Key Factor that will contribute to World War. Presently, it is still mostly ‘Behind the Vail’, but increasingly, the Countdown Timelines that one presents will demonstrate this Assertions. How so? One believes that there are several ‘Countdowns’ in-play, currently and just depends what one is looking at, Prophetically. Here is the Shorthand Version of the Primary ones, especially why 2022 is a ‘Countdown’ from Passover.

A Countdown, one is Convinced, has been occurring since1952 and directly related to the Promised Land, i.e., Israel. How so? It deals with the Land Sabbaths. It is because the coming Tribulation Period, one has argued, is just 1 Aspect of how the 70th Week of Daniel deals with what is still ‘Owed’ by Israel. It has to do with the Sabbaths of the Land that Jews did not keep and YHVH has held them Accountable. 1 Week is left.

The Full Measure of Sabbaths have not been Paid yet. There is yet 1 Last Sabbath that remains Outstanding. That is Daniel’s 70Th Week. Thus, the Year 1952 was a Shemitah, the 1st since Israel returned to the Promised Land, as in May 14, 1948, as a Sovereign Nation. Although Modern and Secular. And this Countdown Timeline has a Double Application and Outcome. So, 2022 is also an ‘End’ of this Countdown.

1. From 1952 + 70 Years = 2022

Then, the other Countdown in-play, is from the Year 2022 that Concluded 1 of the Year Counts from 1952. From this End-Point, a New Countdown Emerges. Thus, the Year 2022 is also where a Subsequent Countdown ‘Begins’. This Countdown from 2022 is what one Conjectures is made up of the ‘Gap Time’. These 1260 Days are just before the 70th Week of Daniel Commences. Then one uses Nisan and with Passover to begin that Countdown of 1260 Days. And the End Date is 2025. It is the 8th Year of the Revelation 12 Sign. The Number 8 Signifies ‘New Start’. Of course, this is all Speculation. But this Time-Frame consists of 3.5 Years.

2. From Passover of 2022 + 1260 Days = Feast of Trumpets in 2025

Then the Subsequent Countdown has to do with the 2nd Portion of the one from the Year, 1952. This is the 2nd Aspect of it as mentioned. As one applied the 70 Year Marker, to be 2022 from 1952, one can then also apply the other Year Factor of 80 Years from 1952. This is taken to be Prophetic by many Watchmen from Psalm 90. Perhaps, but one is Entertaining it. Thus the following. Note that according to the Torah Calendar, in 1952, Rosh HaShanah was on September 22 and the Fall Equinox was on September 23, etc.

3. From September 1952 + 80 Years = Rosh HaShanah of September 6,

Thus, for the Feast of Trumpets in 2032, the following Weekly Sabbath will be September 11. This is the Day, the Sabbath, that one is ‘Projecting’ could be then the Day that Jesus is to Return. This Day Count from 1952 to 2032 would be the following. Of course, all Conjecture and one is just sharing one’s Observations. One cannot be 100% Certain. These are just Speculated Timelines but based on Key Start Years.

September 22, 1952 to
September 11, 2032
=29,209 days
= 79 Years, 11 Months, 20 Days
80 Years Rounded-Up

It would be just 10 Days shy of a Perfect Count. So, that is the Best one can do with what one Knows, at this Point in the Learning Curve. Nonetheless, one has attempted to literally ‘Connect the Dots’ or Years in this case, of how from 1952, that connects to 2022. And from 2022, that Connects to 2025. And then to 2032, etc. And? Well, in knowing this and dealing with ‘Near Approximations’ since 32 AD, it is an attempt to draw Attention of just how close the Church Age to End.

And that with that Event Pending, i.e., the Rapture, the Present Protocols of the Luciferian Reset is preparing the World for World War 3.As far as the Topic of Israel and its Last Sabbath of the Land owed? One is Arguing that this Timeline of a 2025-2032 Time-Frame, has to be then the Maximum Extent, Prophetically. It is Contingent upon the Shelf-Life of the Last Generation for the Fig Tree Parable to be Valid and be Realized. If one uses the Start Year of 1948, the Prophecy goes beyond the Range and would not be Valid.

In one’s Estimation, the Countdown Start Year should Commence from 1952 for the reasons stated above. But as far as 1952, 2022 and 2032? These Points point to the coming of World War 3 and the Start of Daniel’s Last Sabbath of Years. It would appear that all these Countdowns are Converging and tied to these 3 Respective Years. They do ‘Appear’ to Synchronize, but it remains to be Realized. Regardless, even with just an Approximation, the Resurrection-Rapture Event that concluded the Church Age is that Close. One Surmises, at most, a 2-Year Tolerance since 2022, if at all.

And again, the Countdowns and Timelines based on the Prophetic Notion that 1 Day is as 1000 Year, i.e., since Jesus’ Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension and the Start of the Church Age at Pentecost, the 2nd 50 Day Count that was the Feast of New Wine, etc.


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