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  • Does the Menorah have Hidden Prophetic Meaning?
  • What do its Numbers, Letters and Words mean?
  • Does it give a Messages about Church Age and Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I turned around to see the Voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned I saw 7 Golden Lampstands, and among the Lampstands was Someone [Jesus] like a Son of Man, dressed in a Robe reaching down to His Feet and with a Golden Sash around His Chest. …In His Right Hand He held 7 Stars, and coming out of His Mouth was a sharp, Double-Edged Sword. His Face was like the Sun shining in all its Brilliance’. -Revelation 1:12-16

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the Numerical Value and Word Meaning of the 7-Branch Menorah found in the Bible. Such Numerical Value, Letter and Word Associations could perhaps give some Prophetic Glimpses as to the Nature of what it that is being communicated Prophetically and what is the Meaning that could be Extrapolated from its Values in terms of Types and Shadows pertaining to the Timing of the End of the Church Age and the Rapture Event.

One believes that the Menorah Pattern follows the 7-Day Creation accounting, the 7-Feasts of YHVH prophetically and the 7 Churches from the Book of Revelation, for example. The Menorah is the National Symbol of Modern Israel given by YHVH to Moses as a type of the real one in Heaven. The Menorah is a Candelabra of 7 Lights that lit the Holies within the Tabernacle of Moses and the 2 subsequent Temples in Jerusalem. It is fashioned after an Almond Tree with Nodes and Blossoming Flower Adornments.

Also, the Menorah is a Type and Shadow of the Human Form or a Body, etc. One Reader of one’s Articles noted that one had written an article about the Dimensions of the Tesseract and its Association to the Number 4 and the Hebrew Letter, Dalet, which means ‘Door’. The Connection was made to the Menorah in how a ‘Door’ is promised to the Church of Philadelphia Type Prophetically and how the Dalet, as the 4th Letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet corresponds to the 4th Branch of the Menorah that corresponds to Pentecost, the 4th Feast of YHVH, etc.

This is one of the Key Associations and Meaning of the Menorah and how that will fulfill Pentecost Prophetically, pertaining to the Church Age and the Rapture Timing. Many believe that the present Dispensation is currently an on-going ‘Harvesting’ of Souls, all inclusive of both Jew and Gentile based on Grace and not Law. This ‘Intermission’ between the fulfillment of the Spring Feasts of YHVH, Prophetically by Jesus as Prophet will also see the fulfillment of the Fall Feast of YHVH by Jesus as King at His 2nd coming. Presently though, Jesus is ministering as High Priest tending to the 7-Branch ‘Church Menorah’.

Prophetic Patterns
Thus, the Typology and Symbolism fuses with Israel and the Church, but in different Dispensations of Time. Even though presently since 1948 there has been an Overlap of ‘Bodies’, both of Israel and the Church on Earth as it was at the very beginning when the Church started on a Pentecost in 32 AD. Once the Church Age is Consummated, perhaps at a corresponding Pentecost is when the return to the ‘Law’, Signs and Wonders will commence for Israel in the need to fulfill Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. This is known as the Tribulation Period.

This has to occur, per the Calculations given to Daniel, and due to the Dire Spiritual Condition Israel finds itself in and will be. As the Body of Christ leaves Earth, Israel will only have the AntiChrist to rely on thereafter. Israel as a ‘Body’, Nationally has not realized just how fortunate Israel has been to have the True Body of Christ Present and Overlapping for this short amount of time since 1948. Israel does not realize what they have that will be taken soon and how they could have come to the True Messiah because of the Body’s Witness, although the Last Rendition, that of the Laodicean, is not the best, but the worst.

Thus, one believes that the Menorah Typology is inferring its 4th Center Servant Stem to that of the Rapture Event to be fulfilled at a Pentecost Season as it is the ‘Prophetic’ Season still In-Progress; with the present Church Age being in progress, 1 Soul being saved or ‘Harvested’ at a Time. And that it has to concur on a Pentecost Feast Day. Now, many who have read these Articles know of one’s theory of the Pentecost Double Count of 49 + 50 Days. But that has been presented in many other studies that will be linked in the End-Notes. The Spring Feasts were what happened in the Past, the Fall Feasts are what Prophetically will occur in the Future, but Christ is always Working.

The Present Tense Work, is the Pentecostal Intermission, called the present Church Age. This means that if and when the ‘Extraction’ of the Bride of Christ is to occur, it will be during the 4th Feast of YHVH, Pentecost. This is when the ‘Open Door’ will open with a call to ‘Come Up’, as John heard in the Book of Revelation in chapter 4. Thus, the Inference is also how the Center Feast, Pentecost will thus correspond with a Summer Calling-Up through a Door, a Dalet, the 4th Letter in Hebrew and Feast of YHVH that will conclude the Church Age with the Rapture Event. How so?

Consider that if one ascribes an Anthropomorphic Facet to the Menorah, the Center Stem is where the Head is. Thus, realize that no other Feast of YHVH would or could correspond to the Head or Headship of Christ but during when Jesus is emphatically referred to as the ‘Head’ over the Body of Christ on Earth. And that Time is only during the present ‘Pentecostal Age’. The Menorah is a Piece of Furniture that YHVH, was given to Moses and instructed to Copy, as a Facsimile of the one that exists in Heaven before the very Throne Room of YHVH. It is set from a Center Stem that Branches flank from the Center with 3 corresponding Branches on each side. Thus, there are a total of 7 Branches with the middle one having an Extended Length above the rest in most renditions. It is from this Center Stem, or Column that also serves as the Stabilizing Base that is also often referred to as the Servant’s Stem. Why?

Revealing the ‘Pierced One’
It is because from that Center Branch that is where the rest of the Branches are serviced or lit with. This is often inferred as a corresponding picture of Jesus. The Menorah is essentially a Direct Prophetic Inference to Jesus as a type. For this study, the Menorah will be attributed to the 1st 7 Numbers and then with the 1st 7 Letters in the Hebrew Alphabet or in this case, the Alef Bet. This Name is simply the Derivation of the 1st 2 Letters. Then the Association will be made by attributing the Name Significance of each Word Meaning that amazingly does appear to present a ‘Picture’.

The Menorah is said to be a Copy of a Tree, and that specifically of an Almond Tree. It was the Almond Tree that adorned Mount Sinai. It is where YHVH came down to meet the Nation of Israel after the Exodus from Egypt. The Staff of Aaron was made from this Almond Tree and subsequently how the Menorah was to be a Rendition of such a Tree in Heaven. Almond means ‘To Watch’. The Almond Tree blooms in Mid-Winter with its Petals that open-up into a 5-Pointed Pentagram Flower. As the Flowers, all White in Color adorn the Almond Tree, it is as though they are ‘Stars’ flickering in the Tree.

                                                                            MENORAH PATTERN
                                                                                            10                                                                             28
Alef                        Bet                         Gimel                 Dalet                        He                Vav                   Zayin
 1                            2                              3                           4                               5                    6                       7
ז       ו       ה          ד         ג         ב         א   

Adonai                 House                    Lift-Up                  Door                    Reveal               Nail              Pierced
PASSOVER                                                                 PENTECOST                                                         TABERNACLES

What the Menorah also represents is the Human Form of the Body. In the Bible, there are many Inferences to how the Human Form is compared and likened to a Tree. Considers how the Levitical Priesthood blessed the People of Israel at the Temple Ceremonies. They would stand with Feet outward, at an angle with Hands extended up to configure the ‘Star Trek Vulcan Salute’ or Greetings. In this Typology, the Human Body constitutes the 7 Branches of the Menorah. How? With 1 Arm, the combined Fingers of 1 Hand made the Hebrew Letter Shin, on 1 side of the Body. Then with the other Arm, the same Shin Sign is made with the 3 Points of the combined Fingers.

What was left was the ‘Head’ that was as the Center Stem flanked by the 2 Arms. Interestingly, the letter Shin is the 21st letter, a Factor of 7-7-7. This is an Amazing Picture of how Jesus exactly stated how He is the Vine and His Followers and Disciples are His Branches. All the Nourishment comes from the Center Stem, or in this case, from Christ Jesus who is the Head of the Body, etc. This same Menorah Imagery is seen in the Book of Revelation as Jesus is as the High Priest within the Holies of the Temple of YHVH ministering to the ‘7-Stars’ that adorn the 7 Lampstands. As the Good Physician, Jesus is Evaluating and taking a Diagnostic Assessment of the Fire’s Purity of His Churches and ‘Watching’. But then if one ascribes the 1st 7 Numbers, Letters and Words to the 7 Branches of the Menorah, the following is what is conveyed.

Crucifixion of Adonai
This is the Hidden Message and Code of the Menorah. It is about Revealing Jesus as the ‘Nailed and Pierced One’ that is in the House of GOD and how YHVH lifts-up the Door as He wants everyone to come in to see this Amazing Spectacle of what GOD the Son did on behalf of who? A Lost Humanity on Earth. The 1st 7 Letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet are Alef, Bet, Gimel, Dalet, He, Vav, Zayin. Then consider what their Names mean. Alef connotes Adonai. Bet connotes a House.

Gimel connotes a Lifting-up. Dalet connotes a Door. He connotes a Revealing. Vav connotes a Nail. And lastly Zayin connotes a Piercing. This Echoes the Crucifixion in that the Bible starts with who YHVH is and what GOD the Son did and how in the End, Israel will see Him whom they Pierced, etc. At the Core of the Code is the Hidden Meaning or Message that YHVH seeks to convey to the Universe, Humanity and especially His People. What is that message?

The 7-Word Code and the 7-Letter Code also correspond to the Creation Code that will be presented here as well as a complimentary from another study by that Name. It has to do with the 1st 7 Words of the Bible, of Creation, another Menorah Pattern. And how the Alef and the Bet, the ‘Frist and the Last’ Letters are attributed to Jesus Christ, of whom He Himself ascribed its meaning and fulfillment to in the Book of Revelation. If one composes the meaning of these 1st 7 Words to their Corresponding Depiction, given the Menorah Pattern, the following is what it means.

(1) GOD seeks to have you come into His (2) House as He (3) Lifts up the (4) Door to (5) Reveal and show you He who was (6) Nailed and (7) Pierced.

At the Core of the Creation Code, one will also find Jesus ‘Hidden’ but Defined as the Alef and the Tav. One will find that it means, ‘Adonai on the Cross’. Jesus is found in the Alef-Bet in that each Letter is a particular Facet of the Character and Person of the Messiah. Each Letter is a ‘code’ that reveals the Hidden Meaning also based on the Letter’s Root Definition. Based on the meaning, it is an Amazing Revelation of Jesus’ 1st Coming and 2nd Coming. It is a ‘Veiled’ Depiction of the Messiah being Crucified.

The Tav represents the means by which Jesus secured the ‘Eternal Covenant’. Jesus was Marked by the Nails on His Hand to Seal that Covenant that was Unconditional on the Cross. The following is the ‘Creation Code’ of the 1st 7-Word Sentence of Creation found in the Book of Genesis 1:1. Interestingly, there are 28 Letters total. This is the same Numerical Value as the sum total of the Menorah 1-7 Numerical Count of 28.

      7                    6                    5                                              3                        2                      1
 וְאֵת                  הָאָרֶץ                 בְּרֵאשִׁית                  ברָא                    אֹלהִים               אֵת                הַשּׁמִַים    
the Earth.          and          the Heaven            (silent)                 GOD                 created       In the Beginning

    776                853              8064                    853                      430                   1254                 7225
 Ha’ares           we’et        hassamayim              ‘et                    ‘Elohim                 bara               Beresit
                                                             Creator Son of GOD

Hidden ‘Codes’ in the Bible?
The Alef denotes how the Coming King was and is a Teacher, Meek, as Joshua, a Leader. He is the LORD that is to Reign on Earth at His 2nd Coming as the Conqueror over Sin, Death and Lucifer. The 2nd Word in the ‘Creation Code’ infers a Creator. In Colossians 1:16, the New Testament declares that it is indeed Jesus who is the Creator. ‘For by Him (Yeshua) ALL things were created that are in Heaven and that are on Earth.’

The 3-Character Word בָּרָא  are made-up of the Beyt that in Paleo-Hebrew was depicted as a House or Tent. The next Letter is the Rash. It denoted a Man’s Head to infer a 1st Rank or Sequence in an Order. The last Character was the Al that was depicting an Ox’s Head. Here is the Veiled Menorah Pattern. It is of Yeshua’s Name in Hebrew. Hebrew is read Right to Left.

7 6    5   432    1
י ש ו ע

The Term ‘Creator’ can be simplified to its Pictorial Core that means ‘GOD the SON’ or The ‘Son of GOD’. Literally, the ‘Code of Creation’ can be read as the following. ‘In the Beginning, GOD the SON, GOD, The Beginning and the END (Jesus) created the Heavens and the Earth.’ One of the Main Themes of the Bible is the Person of the King, the Messiah. He is often shrouded with Mystery and is Hidden in many aspects. For example, the Messiah was to have Died and be Hid as the Afikomen. Due to Israel’s Rejection of Jesus, He hid His Face from them, as it were.

It will not be until, as Zechariah states that Israel turns to ‘Look upon Him whom they Pierced’ that Jesus will Reveal Himself again to them, as they will say, ‘Blessed is He that Comes in the Name of the LORD.’ As to Pentecost, the 4th Feast and Jesus’ Current Office and Work as High Priest, is there a Connection to other Hidden Codes found in the Bible based on the Menorah Pattern? Yes. There was a famous Jewish Rabbi that was a Bible Code Searcher. His name was Weissmandel and he spent a lifetime searching Hidden Patterns in the Torah. He noticed that if one took the 1st Letter ‘T’ in the Book of Genesis and counted 50 Letters consecutively, the word ‘Torah’ would be spelled-out; TORH in Hebrew.

      1                     2                                            4                         5              
Genesis          Exodus            Leviticus       Numbers         Deuteronomy                                 
 TORH             TORH              (PRIEST)           HROT                 HROT

Weissmandel called this type of Pattern an Equidistant Letter Sequence, or ELS for short. This also occurred in Exodus. However, in Numbers and Deuteronomy, Weissmandel found the Torah ELS occurred backwards (HROT) using the same 50 Letter Interval Count. The Center Book of the Torah is Leviticus, that highlights the Priesthood of YHVH. Why 50? The number 50 is ‘Code’ for the Year of Jubilee, the Year that all things are Redeemed and Restored, etc. Jesus at the Cross of Calvary accomplished this.

Personified Pieces

50 is also associated with Pentecost, the ‘Center Stem’ Feast of YHVH and how that denotes a Labor of a Priesthood Intercession. Every 50th Letter Count Code, a Jubilee Type of Restoration and Redemption. What Feast, Prophetically is Jesus laboring in now? Pentecost. And what Office is Jesus operating in? The High Priest. According to Bible Code Searchers, the best Medium for identifying Codes in the Bible is in the original Hebrew as it is the direct form of the written Word given to Moses by YHVH.

However, the Jewish Code Searchers that examine Bible Codes do not normally utilize the rest of the Bible, which are the Prophets. The main Reason that the Rabbis avoid the Prophets is that the codes will clearly reveal a Plethora of Axis, ELS Terms for Jesus. In the Plain Text, the Name Yeshua is rendered ‘Jesus’, which the Rabbis refuse to acknowledge. Thus, there is a Debate within the Bible Code Searchers, mainly Jews and Christians, in the Interpretation of who Jesus is when it comes-up in Scripture.

‘I AM – the Alefאֵ  and the Tavת The Beginning and the End’ – Jesus

There are Amazing Clues that are attributed to the True Fingerprint of the Creator’s Codes ‘Hidden’ or Veiled in Plain Sight, even in His Name. The Name Yeshua, as the WORD in Hebrew can also be seen as the same ‘Code’ of a 7-Branch Menorah Pattern. It is a Unique Supposition, based on the short spelling of Jesus. Such also corresponds to the ‘Servant Stem’. It foretold of the Servitude Jesus would give to Humanity, no less to Redeem such out of Destruction, that would chose Jesus. Why Humans? Humans are made in the ‘Image and Likeness’ of the Creator. No other Created Beings, not even the Angels are created with such Attributes, having the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH.

Hebrew Alefbet System Correlation

DAY     LETTER         VALUE            PLANET         METAL             WEEK
1          Alef                 1                      Sun                 Gold                Sunday
2          Beth               2                      Moon               Silver               Monday
3          Gimel              3                      Mars                Iron                 Tuesday
4          Dalet               4                      Mercury          Quicksilver       Wednesday
5          He                   5                     Jupiter             Tin                   Thursday
6          Vav                 6                      Venus             Copper              Friday
7          Zayin               7                      Saturn             Lead                Saturday

The following is a Comparison of how the Alef and the Tav, both can be Delineated to expound on the 2 Advents of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Likewise, such Events appear to also follow the 7-Branch Menorah Pattern. Jesus clearly Declared that He is the ‘Alpha and Omega’ in Greek or the Alef and the Tav in Hebrew as it is encoded in Genesis 1:1. What this study wishes to bring out this similarity of how as a Menorah Pattern within the ‘Creation Code’ itself is Poignant. As the Imagery, beginning with Jesus, in the Midst of the Verse is ‘veiled’ in Genesis, this Logos is revealed in the Book of Revelation.

Jesus Himself stated that the Scriptures attest to His Person. As noted, in the Book of Revelation, Jesus is revealed as the ‘Beginning and the End’, the Alef and the Tav. In the original Greek, it is the Alpha and Omega. And this is now in the same logic used of the Menorah Pattern, one can Extrapolate then how Pentecost is most likely when Jesus’ High Priestly Office began and will end. When? When the Body of Christ is completed and the Rapture occurs.

The Last
The End
The Mark
To Seal
A Covenant
On Cross
Lamb of YHVH
Messiah ben Yosef

​(The Crucifixion)

The First
The Beginning
The Teacher
Is Meek
a Leader
Is Adonai
King of kings
Messiah ben David
(The Millennial Kingdom)

And so what do the Numbers mean that are associated with the Menorah Pattern Prophetically? Consider that if one Numbers each of the 7 Branches with the Numbers starting from the Left, assuming a Western Orientation of Counting, the following is depicted. The Numbers 1 to 4, when added consecutively, will equal 10. It is the Center Stem, that of Pentecost that is thus associated with the number 10. Consider that at Mount Sinai, the 10 Commandments were given at a Pentecost (New Wine). Then the continued Count will render a total of the Number 28. The following Biblical Meaning of the Numbers 10 and 28 will be presented from BibleStudy.com with emphasis.

Number 10
Ten is viewed as a Complete and Perfect Number, as is 3, 7 and 12. It is made up of 4, the Number of the Physical Creation, and 6, the Number of Man. As such, 10 signifies Testimony, Law, Responsibility and the Completeness of Order. In Genesis 1 the phrase ‘God said’ occurs 10 Times, which is a Testimony of His Creative Power. GOD gave the 10 Commandments to Man. The Passover Lamb was selected on Day 10 of the 1st Month as Jesus, the Lamb that takes away the Sins of the World. Day 10 of the 7th Month is the Day of Atonement.

The last ‘New World Order’ of Man under Satan is Symbolized Prophetically by the 10 Toes of Daniel 2 and the 10 Horns of Revelation 13 and 17. There were 10 Generations of Man that lived on the Earth before the Flood. Noah, the 10th Generation, was 600 Years when he and 7 other Family Members entered the Ark. In the Bible, there were 10 Women who caused the Death of another Person. There were 10 Plagues of God that were sent to Ancient Egypt. There are at least 10 Books, mentioned in the Old Testament, which did not become part of the finalized Bible read Today.

Number 28
The Number 28 derives part of its Meaning from the fact that it is the Product of 7 (a Biblically Perfect Numeral) and 4. There are 28 Writers of the Old Testament. The Phrase ‘The Lamb’, used to refer to Jesus Christ as the Lamb that takes away the Sins of the World, occurs 28 Times in the Bible. The WORD ‘Hallelujah’ also appears 28 times. The Name David appears in 28 Books of the Bible. The Book of Mark has 28 direct Old Testament Quotations. The Book of Acts, with its 28 Chapters, is the longest Book in the New Testament. A set of 10 Curtains YHVH commanded to be made for the Tabernacle. Each Curtain in this set had to be 28 Cubits Long and 4 Cubits Wide.

To further Elaborate on the Menorah and its Prophetic Pattern, it is just 1 of the many Furnishings found in the Temple of YHVH in Heaven. The Earthly Shadow and type was seen in the Tabernacle and subsequent Temples and in fact each of the Furnishings is but a Facet and Reflection of Jesus as already noted. For example, as the Earthly Jerusalem was and is a Copy of the Heavenly one. Let one consider its Entrance. There is 1st, the Double Doors of the Golden Gate on the East Side.

These are the Double Arch Ways. This is in fact how the Logo of McDonalds derives its Iconography. It is not the letter M, but the Inference to the Double Golden Gate Doors that one enters Heaven through to get into YHVH’s House, both on Earth as it is in Heaven. Then there is the Altar, then the Basin of Water that in Heaven corresponds to the Glassy Sea.

Then there are the Holies that contain the Table of Bread, the Menorah and the Altar of Incense. The Holy of Holies was in the Innermost Place that housed the Ark of the Covenant. This was the Throne Seat where YHVH placed His Divine Presence in the midst of Israel on Earth. With all these Pieces, the Heavenly Versions are all accounted for except the Table of Bread. The Table of Bread is not mentioned nor seen/described when the Bible teaches about what the Throne Room of YHVH is like through the few Visions that are recorded.

This is because Jesus is the Bread of Life and is the Living Personification of that, in that case. In fact, each FACET of the items found in the House of YHVH are but a Reflection of Jesus’ Attributes and Disposition. For example, the Golden Gate. Jesus stated that, ‘I AM the Door’, etc. The Glassy Sea speaks of how Jesus washes His People with the Word of GOD. Then how the Altar is there as described in the Book of Revelation pertaining to how the Martyrs are accounted there. It is as if those who were slain like the Oxen and Bulls were being offered-up as a Sacrifice, etc.

Limits of Time
Then the Holies reflected how Jesus is the Bread of Life, the Light of the World. And it is through Jesus that one’s Worship is acceptable as a ‘Sweet Savor’, through the Altar of Incense. Lastly, the Ark is a multifaceted array of Jesus’ work in how He is the Law Giver yet how His Mercy triumphs over the Law. And how the Mana was another depiction of the Bread that came down from Heaven, etc. And then like the Staff of Aaron, re-budded, Jesus resurrected back to Life after accomplishing His Redemptive Work on the Cross of Calvary. Lastly, the Menorah Pattern is also tied Astronomically to the Seasons based on the Equinoxes and Solstices.

If the New Year is determined by the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox, this would Calibrate when, for example, Passover would occur, on the 1st Full Moon. This same Pattern, for the Fall Feasts would occur after the Fall Equinox and thus the Feast of Trumpets would occur at the sighting of the Sliver of the New Moon. This would place the Summer Solstice when Pentecost would commence. But due to the Theory of having a 49 + 50-Day Double Count per 1 interpretation of Leviticus 23, the Pentecost in Question would be the 2nd of the 3 Shavuot Counts. This 2nd 50 Day Count would correlate then to the Minor Summer Feast of New Wine, just as it is stated in the Book of Acts.


     Spring Equinox                                        Summer Solstice                                               Fall Equinox
Mar 20 + 1st New Moon                                          Jun 20                                               Sep 22 + 1st New Moon

                 1st Month                                     
49th Day + 50 Days                                               7th Month
                        |----------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|  = (177 days)
                        On Full Moon                                       |---1st---
2nd---3rd---|                                     1st New Moon

                           Passover                                                  Pentecost                                              Tabernacles         
                                 |--------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------| = (177 days)

It would place the 2nd 50-Day Count as the Pentecost, the Center Timeframe in Late-July from Equinox to Equinox at are exactly in 6-Month Intervals and just over 180 Days (186). From the Beginning of the 1st Month to the 7th Month would be precisely 177 Days. This is the same Day-Count of 177 Days when Passover would then start on a Full Moon as would the Tabernacles start on a Full Moon.

This is to say that the 7 Feasts of YHVH are Synchronized Astronomically in Perfect Harmony, Limit and Cycles. Lastly, another Piece of Evidence, using Numbers to suggest the 2nd Shavuot was the Pentecost of New Wine in Acts 2 will involve the span of Number from Nisan to Tishrei. If Nisan is 1 and Tishrei is 180 on a 360 Day Circle, guess what Number would be when, ‘Pentecost had Fully Come’? 120. This is assuming a 30-Day Month Count.

Nisan                     Tammuz                  Tishrei
120                          180 / 360 Day ‘Circle’ of Time

And this is the Numerical Coefficient of how many Core Disciples were at the ‘House’ as in the House of the LORD on the Temple Mount, not the Upper Room, as Tradition has taught. Those saved that Day, 3000, could not have fit in the Narrow Streets of the Upper Room on Mount Zion, but on the Temple Platform? Yes, as the Crowds all gathered to Watch and Hear this Spectacle of how the Prophecy of Joel had come to pass.

This does then lend some Credibility to how then the 49-day and the 50-day Chiastic ‘Fold’ from such a Timespan would render the Menorah Pattern a Valid Depiction of how YHVH Marked the Seasons and Limits of Time Reckoning. And how the Center Stem or the corresponding 4th Feast Time of Pentecost is indeed a Summer Timeframe Wheat Harvest. And it is the Feast that corresponds to the Door, the Dalet and the ‘Head’ that soon will be connected with the Body that is presently on Earth, but not for long as it awaits anticipating its Reunion in the Clouds.

This study is Dedicated to Daniel Matson on his Passing and Work as a Watchman.
April 17, 2021


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