A 7-Year Anniversary Forewarning

of the Rapture Year?

by Luis B. Vega
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Have you heard/seen the latest of the Revelation 12 Sign Connection to the U.S. National Debt Clock? Several Brethren have commented on their YouTube Channels about it. It is neat that this Brother, the Author of the U.S. Debt Clock, apparently is a ‘Fan’ of the Revelation12 Sign. Nice. One senses that, 2024, being the 7th Year from September 23, 2017, might very well be its 7th Year Countdown. Countdown to what? The Rapture. Why is that? Realize that at the core of the Motif or Depiction of the Book of Revelation Chapter 12 Imagery, portrayed by Jesus and given to the Apostle John, was, is and will be all about a Rapture Event.

One is not saying that the Rapture will or is to occur on that precise Anniversary in the September Month of 2024. But more so, within the Year, perhaps? However, the ‘Secret’ Link showing the Revelation 12 Sign had been on the U.S. Debt Clock site since Thanksgiving of 2023 and up until a few days going into the New Year of 2024. According to some Posts, the Debt Clock was started in 2008 by a California Attorney named John G. Warren. Or it could be a ‘Thomas’ as that is 1 of the Names that show-up in the Infographics.

Apparently, the App that one can download to install in one’s Smart Devices originates from Chrono Numeric Labs. According to Manta, Chrono Numeric Labs, LLC, a Software Developer, located in Flint, Michigan, etc. One does find it interesting that in researching the Website using the Web.Archive.org site, the U.S. National Debt reached $33 Trillion USD right after September 11, 2023. And on September 23rd, the Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign, the U.S. National Debt reached $33,333,000,000,000 USD. Coincidence? Serendipity?

Serendipity /sĕr″ən-dĭp′ĭ-tē/
-The Faculty of making Fortunate Discoveries by Accident.
-The Fact or Occurrence of such Discoveries.
-An Instance of making such a Discovery.

Does this Link in itself constitute a ‘Sign’ that the Rapture Year will be 2024? If the Economic Indicators are of any Foresight, the Economic Collage is also pending sometime in late 2024, so say the Financial Pundits. However, with each New Year rolling-out such Economic Prognostication have come-and-gone. One thing is for sure, the Temporary ‘Band-Aid’ Solutions to the World Economies are pushing Inflation higher or will. The Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar will still be shrinking.

Who is Getting Raptured?

At some Point in Time, the World Reserve Currency that the Rulers of this World use will abandon the U.S. Dollar. It is only a matter of Time. But as one has said over the Years the Revelation 12 Sign is still ‘Alive and Kicking’. It is still ‘Signaling’ what it was intended to do. It is signaling a Rapture Event to occur. And as one surmises, its literal fulfillment, Astronomically and Geo-Political will come to a Head in 2029. Why? That is when the King Planet, Jupiter will be next in the Constellation of Virgo, as it was in 2017. Jupiter is called by the Jews, the Planet of the Messiah. It is not of the AntiChrist as some have Interpreted this ‘Secret Link’ to mean.

Given the Metaphorically Correspondence of the Sign, that most would agree, it was the ‘Man-Child’ that was Born. Most End Time Students would agree that it was and is or will be a Representation of the Messiah. In that case, it is a direct inference to Jesus that eventually will sit down on David’s Throne to Rule with an Iron-Scepter on Earth. This was and is Messianic in Retrospect. But to suggest then that this Sign is ‘birthing’ instead of the AntiChrist? One just does not see it. So, the AntiChrist is going to be Raptured and Rule the Nations from YHVH’s Throne in Heaven?

Now one can give some slack as that is what Lucifer will actually end-up doing, but on Earth, as that has been his Desire before his Fall. And that Event, the Abomination of Desolation will be accomplished by Proxy though the Body of the AntiChrist, etc. But one is convinced that in 2029 is when the Sign could be correlated to the actual Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. Of course, this Supposition is based on one’s Fall 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline. And only because Jupiter will not be in the Constellation of Virgo for another 12 Years, in 2041.

Thus, this is why one puts more Interest in the 2024 Year, as a High Rapture Watch Window to consider. But hopefully for the Perspective of Heaven. Now it is True that Jesus was never ‘Harpazó-ed’. Technically, one understands, as others have brought it to one’s attention, that Jesus Ascended or was Translated from Earth to Heaven after His Resurrection. The Greek Word is Anabainō, etc. Nonetheless, many End Time Students of Prophecy, as are the Luciferians are taking or interpreting the Man-Child as the Pagan Jupiter iteration to suggest a coming Birthing is rather of the AntiChrist.

One is of the Interpretation, that on this side of the Rapture, the Revelation12 Sign depiction of the Rapture Event is that the Man-Child does represent the Body of Jesus that will be Raptured-Away, up to Heaven before the Red Dragon comes calling to thereafter menace the Woman, i.e., Israel that ‘Birthed’ it. Now it was also noted by a Sister in Christ, Lyn Melvin at https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com that Jesus had not Ascended after His Resurrection.

Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet Ascended to my Father: but go to my Brethren, and say unto them, I Ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and [to] my GOD, and your GOD. - John 20:17 KJV

Was Jesus Raptured?

Technically, this is correct, but after Jesus Resurrected ,He then Appeared, 1st to the Apostles in the Upper Room. Then Jesus Appeared a 2nd Time, and then on the Shore of Galilee, etc. So, in such cases, was it Jesus that was the Man-Child that did go up to Heaven? Yes and No. Of course, this Notion of going to the Presence of the Father in Heaven to then come back down, possibly is not taught in Church. What is for sure, is that the Final Ascension or the only one, took place at the Pinnacle of Mount of Olives.

But realize that after the Resurrection, the Glorified Body that Jesus now has and all those that follow Him at the Resurrection and Rapture that concludes the Church Age will also, have the ability to translate in and out-of-Earth into Heaven as Jesus did and does presently. Nonetheless, one can perhaps see an angle of Interpretation that one does not but can respect it. It is not so much that the Luciferians attribute the Motif of the Planet Jupiter to their AntiChrist, which they do. Jupiter, after all, is the Roman version of Zeus and from there, it is that of Ba’al, the God of the Lightning Bolt, etc.

What one was and is a bit perplexed is how some Brethren have insinuated that it is also the case or agree or are interpreting this ‘Pop-Up’ of the Revelation 12 Sign, in regard to the ‘Secret Link’ of the U.S. National Debt Clock as being ‘Nefarious’ and that of the Debut of the AntiChrist. Perhaps. One is not claiming to be ‘Right’ or one’s Version is the ‘Official’ one, or insisting it has to be. One for sure does not have the Final Word on the ‘Proper’ and Correct Interpretation of the Revelation 12 Sign.

It would have been nice to actually contact the Author of that Revelation12 Sign Pop-Up that came about and was noted until the ‘Secret Link’ content changed around the 3rd of January of the New Year 2024. It would have been nice to know his reasoning or intent in posting it and his Explanation of it. From what little one has read, as mentioned, he is a supposed Christian, Patriot and a ‘Fan’ of the Revelation 12 Sign. So, to have then Brethren read into it as being possibly a ‘Nefarious’ Sign, instead of an Encouragement, seemed to be a contradiction of sorts in one’s mind. But that is just one’s Assessment.

One admits that one does not really have a handle on it, so one just has a very limited Scope of Vision as to what to really ascertain from it as that Revelation 12 Sign Depiction has now been replaced anyway. Not that one is Sensitive but for example, one has a Logo on most Charts of the Up-Side Down Masonic Square and Compass. One has posted the Explanation thoroughly on one’s website but one has come across YouTube Videos expressly ‘Waring’ People that one is a ‘Mason’, Satanic and to be avoided.

All they had to do is Contact me to get an Explanation or Clarification or to refer them to the About Link on one’s Website, etc. Some have and do contact me about it. But it is those that do not and then insinuate the worst of what one actually intended to be the total opposite. That is all. Or there is that Brother Bruce Peters that seems to condemn anyone he does not agree with. For example, one had sent Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 a copy of one’s ‘Pentecost New Wine’ Book. It is about the possible Rapture Timing connected to a July Summer Wheat Harvest Season.

Secret Rapture

And that the Acts 2 Pentecost is corresponding to the Feast of the New Wine, etc. Well, Bruce Peters was altered by it as some of his Followers had commented on his Hit-Job of Brother Tyler’s Posting of how he had received the Book and was excited to go over it, etc. This did not sit well with the Accuser of the Brethren. And Bruce Peters then criticized me from reading on my Amazon Book Profile, that at that time of that Description, I had written only 33 Books. And sure enough, Peters stated that one was ‘Satanic’ enough to then insinuate that I have Nefarious Intentions to ‘Seduce’ the Body of Christ with such Books and that ‘I have no business Writing about Eschatology’.

Aside from the usual Detractors, it seems the Secret Link in the U.S. National Debt Clock is messaging a variety of Innuendos that the Author wishes to expose or alert the Public too. Perhaps, part of the Secret Link and Innuendos was the Revelation 12 Sign because that in itself is ‘Secret Link’, Prophetically that Jesus has given the Body to be aware of and take seriously. That will be interesting to see what comes next if he keeps-up that Secret Link going from now on. But would agree with all you said about the more probable Interpretation of who and what is the Man-Child referring to.

It is clearly a Rapture Depiction. That was in fact one’s Argument and Point during the early discovery for the Sign of why one did not agree it was pertaining to the Rapture of the Church Age Believers. It is a very complicated Sign and multilayered Prophecy that spans Eternity Past, Present and Future, in one’s Opinion. It is not clear-cut. This was one’s Argument of why the Man-Child, although a Rapture Depictions, could not have been that of the Church Age Rapture we are expecting. Why Not? It is because we are not ‘Born’ of Israel, but Jesus Himself. Jesus was born of Israel. It is a case of Prophetic Lines Blurring but it was argued many times how it is of Jesus, by Proxy, as He is the Head of the Church.

And when the Rapture Event does occur, on that Day, the Body will ‘Join’ with the Head’, that being Jesus. So, one can loosely interpret that although Jesus Himself was not Raptured, but Ascended, He will, by Proxy of His Body that is still on Earth. It is in the sense that the Church Age is a whole other ‘Body’, and a separate Entity than that the Body of Israel or House of Israel, etc. Although it was because of the Rejection of Israel in not receiving their Groom, that Betrothal has been transferred to the Church Age Body of Believers that will then constitute the Bride of Christ, etc.

Yet, the Imagery is that of a Rapture, clearly in so much as the Church Age Overcomer, like the Man-Child that overcame and sat down to Rule with that Iron Scepter, is also promised. We too will Sit and Rule on the Throne, as Jesus Overcame and sat on His Throne, which is and will be Amazing. But then it is the Woman, i.e., Israel that gave this Birth but is not Raptured, to Escape upward or Heaven-ward. But rather she is appointed to Escape Earth-ward and to the Wilderness for that Period of 1260 Days. And this is the Clue then that it pertains to Israel as that is when the AntiChrist breaks this Covenant with the ‘Many’ and seeks to destroy her from that Point going forward. So, this is just a sliver of the overlapping Prophetic Layers that one is ever attempting to peel-off like that of the Layers of an Onion, and it makes one cry.


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