The Total Solar Eclipse Dividing America

  • Is American witnessing the 'Rape' of this civilization?
  • How are Americans 'Slave's in the 'Roman' Auction Block?
  • Why are corporate Elites given bail-outs and not Americans?

by Luis B. Vega

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The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes to offer to the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to arouse my anger. – Jeremiah 7:18

The purpose of this study is to analyze the possible prophetic and esoteric implications of the total solar eclipse that crosses America on August 21, 2017. What is unique about this crossing is that it dissects the entire nation from west to east at a diagonal. Certain places near the point of Greatest Eclipse allude to a spiritual connection with Egypt, Isis and the dividing of the nation, at least geographically. This study suggests a spiritual correlation to this celestial phenomenon mirrors the rise of the Spirit of Isis or Satan over America. This demonic spirit has now dissected or divided the land on many levels, racially, economically, politically, morally, socially, etc. This has been brought about by design as the end-game for America. For this purpose, Obama was chosen to implement this ‘Change’, these divisions and consolidate all power to the ‘Pharaoh’.

America’s new morality, by design appears to directly correlate to the influence of the Spirit of Isis, the Queen of Heaven that has been allowed to creep in over the decades and replace the once worship of the GOD of the Bible in America. This in part occurred because the American Church of Jesus went to sleep with all the acquired prosperity. It left the door open for the Spirit of Egypt, of Obama to come in and ‘Change’ the nation. This Spirit of Isis is very anti-Christian. As noted, the rise of the Spirit of Isis over America mirrors the peculiar celestial alignments on August 21, 2017 that suggests several prophetic nuances that will be considered. Most notably the eclipse path on Earth traverses through the heart of America. The eclipse’s apex over America takes place relatively close to the replica of the Temple to Isis in Nashville, Tennessee.

The illustration accompanying this study will show the Greatest Eclipse on this day. The direction of the cosmos will show the eclipse occurring southeast in Leo from the Temple of Isis or Diana in Nashville. What the illustration will show is that a ‘pyramid’ configuration off of the horizon can be construed with Venus or Isis at its pinnacle. Adjacent to this pinnacle is the constellation Gemini. This study suggests that it is an inference to the ascent of the 2 counter Witnesses, that of the coming AntiChrist and False Prophet that are to be revealed after the Rapture Event. The core of this celestial pyramid is the constellation Hydra that is ascending directly up to the ‘capstone’. This is a clear reference to the rise of the Beast, the Red Dragon or rise of the New Phoenix World Order spoken about in the book of Revelation. What is spectacular is that flanked at each end of the pyramid base is Virgo on one side and Argo on the other.

A Prophetic Picture

The revealing and ascension of the Beast and his 2 Witnesses will take place after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ as she, like Noah, is aboard the Ark and taken to safety. What is left to content with this Hydra is Leo or Israel as this study will bring out metaphorically. This celestial configuration on August 21, 2017 over the heart of America could very well represent Israel during the time of the Tribulation that will involve the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that will see her wrestle with the Serpent much like Ophiuchus with Serpens that seeks to usurp the Crown. This alignment has innuendos of how Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the LORD and how Jacob had to be humbled of his pride. This is exactly the reason for the Tribulation among several others. The current secular nation of Israel is like a Jacob that is still wrestling with YHVH, with the identity of Jesus and has to be turned into a true Israel, a Prince of YHVH.

Israel will need to be refined and purified to meet the Messiah, Jesus once it is humbled spiritually foremost. It will be as in the end of Jacob’s labor of 7 years as it was how long the ‘troubles’ lasted in the arrangement to obtain a bride, Rachel. What is also spectacular is that this celestial ‘picture’ over the Temple of Isis at the point of Greatest Eclipse in Nashville, Tennessee is that all these celestial coordinates are in phi ratio to their time and place. This mirrors that same place geographically upon the continental USA from where the eclipse enters the USA from the west and from where it exits in the east. What is alarming is that the center line of this mathematical relationship geographically corresponds to the Mississippi and New Madrid earthquake fault line. Why would America by dissected in such a way? Could it be for one reason that millions of its aborted babies are allowed to be dissected alive as the undercover Planned Parenthood videos attest to?

Why would the continental states be physically divided down the Mississippi and the New Madrid line? Could it be because America’s prophetic role in the Last Days is to divide Israel’s land that Joel warns that the nation that does it will also be divided? What does the new morality look like in America anyhow? It is the redefinition of what marriage is and the legalization of same sex marriage. It looks like the aborted baby body parts sold to market for profit and Satanic rituals. It looks like literal Baphomet statutes publicly going up as the 10 Commandments are coming down. It looks like Kali; the God of Destruction being flashed in the nation’s iconoclastic ‘idols’.

It also looks like a federal government conspiring with the Pentagon that is now on record stating that the number one ‘terror’ threat in America is not Islam but Christians, particularly those believing in the End Times scenario and those that have guns. The Gospel is not allowed to be preached by military Chaplains as Christians cannot witness even their personal faith among the ranks. The Obama Administration along with the Pentagon and other foreign assets such as the CIA, MOSSAD created and fund ISIS, the militant Islamic group that is slaughtering Christians in Syria, Iraq and North Africa. The pretext has already been tried by Obama and Kerry to invade yet another country, Syria that has not invaded the USA. This has been the effects of America’s new morality. It is also the outcome of Obama’s foreign policy, which is really not his but he implements it at the bequest of the central Banksters and Wall Street mafia.

 ‘X’ Marks the Spot

The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will enter the continental USA around the area of Lincoln Beach in Oregon. What is amazing, as others have pointed out is that this traversing of a total solar eclipse across America has not occurred since 1918, exactly 99 years. The solar eclipse’s Maximum will be just south of Carbondale in Illinois and will exit the nation in the direct path of Columbia, South Carolina and Charleston. It is rather interesting that there is another total solar eclipse that will intersect this Maximum Eclipse point just south of Carbonville, Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest. This will occur on April 8, 2024 and comes from the southern diagonal to form an ‘X’. Many believe that this ‘X’ that marks the spot is a type of prophetic celestial mark for the USA. This study will show the direct link between these points and Egypt.

Aug 21, 2017                                                                                              Apr 8, 2024
solar eclipse                       6 years 7 months 19 days                                solar eclipse
|--------------------------------------------- 2423 day ----------------------------------------------------|

The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will last about 2 minutes, 40 seconds. The swath of the shadow will touch the United States for only 1h 33m 16.8s. As noted, the location in the USA near the Maximum of the eclipse path that has a direct association to the Spirit of Isis over America will be in Nashville, Tennessee which means ‘dweller near the ash tree’. Astonishingly this is the place where there is actually an exact replica of the Temple to Artemis, of Isis that was in Ephesus. A brief history of the deity of Isis will be given for context as she is known from ancient times with many names such as Diana, Venus, Semiramis, etc.

As noted, the focal cross point of the 2 eclipses will be just south of Carbondale in the Shawnee National Forest. It is exactly 2 hour and 39 minutes without traffic according to destination online web calculations to Nashville. Does this also allude to the 239 code or 9-23 of September 23, 2015 Yom Kippur date in some way? Interestingly, from Yom Kippur on September 23, 2015 to the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 is exactly 699 days including end date or 99 weeks apart. From the March 20, 2015 Equinox Eclipse to this ‘X’ eclipse intersection is exactly 700 days or 1 year 11 months (1-1-1) and a (7-11).

Specifically, the 2017 eclipse is in conjunction with Regulus, the Star of the King in Leo. It is attributed to that of the type of the Messiah, the King of Kings. The Bible also states that there is a dichotomy of persons regarding the Christs and lions. There is another type of Lion that seeks to roam and devour; that is Lucifer. This study suggests that the eclipse occurring in Leo is the dark side of the dichotomy in that the Spirit of Isis has let loose Satan in America and has been given authority now to devour her. This will lead to judgment eventually as perhaps the ‘X’ is prophetically signifying that America is to be either divided or taken out in some fashion. Many point out the fact that the ‘X’ focal point is adjacent to the New Madrid earthquake fault line. Many are having visions and dreams in which the land of America will be divided literally upon this celestial mark mirrored on Earth along the New Madrid earthquake fault line. The mighty Mississippi river will converge with the Great Lakes and with the Gulf to inundate the heartland.

A House Divided Has Fallen

On one level of interpretation the mark basically ‘X’s out America for national judgment due to forsaking the true GOD of the Bible, YHVH and exchanging it for the Spirit of Isis. As noted, the point of the Greatest Eclipse, GE is in approximate phi ratio of space from the west coast border, the east coast border and the New Madrid fault line. What this study is suggesting is that the ‘X’ that marks the spot that is in approximate phi ratio could be linked in some prophetic and/or astronomical time marker to herald such an event. In essence the Mississippi river, much like the Nile of Egypt is the dividing point of the continental nation geographically. Many Believers and those Esoteric are having dreams and visions that the New Madrid earthquake fault line will at some point and time give way and ‘split’ the nation due to a divine national judgment.

Why would America be divided in such a way? America has become an agent of evil and terror in the world that is inducing the ‘chaos’ to bring about the New Order of the Luciferians. The Banksters construe ‘terror’ false flags in the nation. The tactics are the same since 9-11, designed to induce fear to have any remaining civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution nullified. The age-old Machiavellian dialectic of divide and conquer has been implemented very well as the USA is ripe with strife and divided in almost all levels, polarized, by design. In the world, the Central Banksters have destabilized the Middle East as they seek yet another ‘regime change’ in Syria. In the pretext of ‘saving’ the people from Assad, by way of America and NATO, they have armed and funded the Muslim terrorist ISIS that is committing genocide. These have been the signature of the Luciferians that currently rule the world by creating chaos out of order.

Spiritually, in America her new morality and ‘Change’ especially since 9-11 has not made America grow closer to the Creator GOD YHVH. Instead, America has crossed the line in her decisions to redefine marriage and denies the culpability of harvesting baby parts of the over 70 million murdered babies since 1973. With such a Spirit of Isis, of Egypt upon the land, its last appointed President is seen to many as the American Pharaoh that has brought with him the same Spirit of Isis, of the Moon Goddess. Obama is the personification of America’s ‘Change’; he is the Manchurian Candidate. It is the ‘Change’ he promised which in essence was a complete turning away from the GOD of the Bible and opening the land up to the Spirit of Isis. Concretely, sympathizers of the Terrorist Islamic group ISIS are now carrying out shootings and killings even in the Hartland of America, Tennessee where the Temple to Isis is located.

This Temple, the Queen of Heaven, aka Lucifer in Nashville has the same approximate floor plan to the Tabernacle and Temples of YHVH. There is a Portico, a Holies and a Holy of Holies. YHVH would send Prophets to warn the people and supplicate a need for repentance. What is astonishing is that this Temple to Isis, in Ephesus is where the resurrected LORD Jesus admonished the 1st Church of the 7 Menorah candlestick to repent and return to her ‘1st love’.  Like the parallel in the Bible with Israel, the People of YHVH set up idols and temples for the demonic deity Isis, in that case she was called Astarte. It was full-on Satanism where Astarte was also the Moon Goddess as in Allah, thus the influence of Islam and infiltration of America by Islam that started with Obama. Barak Hussein Obama is the first U.S. President with a Muslim name.

Islam, in the Spirit of Isis, Egypt - Slavery

This next section will be very critical of Islam and the double standard Obama has toward Islam. In light of the Muslim shooting and killing of military recruiters in Tennessee in 2015, Obama’s Homeland Security Chief refuses to associate Islamic terrorists with terrorism because it’s not politically correct. However one can judge a type of tree by its fruit as Jesus said. This is the crux of the matter with Islam, which is the Spirit of Isis. No good tree can bear bad fruit and no bad tree can produce good fruit. It is a spiritual law in nature and eschatology. As it is based on historical trends and patterns, Islam is a ‘bad’ tree. The Jesus of the Muslims is not the Jesus of the New Testament. In the Gospels there is an occasion where the Disciples come across others that were also preaching and testifying of Jesus.

The Disciples asked Jesus if such persons needed to be told to stop. Jesus told them, ‘Do not hinder him, for there is no one who will perform a miracle in My name, and be able soon afterward to speak evil of Me. For he who is not against us is for us.’  Some Christians interpret that just believing in Jesus can apply to the Muslims. The Muslim expose of Jesus or Isa by merely having a ‘Jesus’ recognized as a ‘prophet’ of Allah amounts to doing the same work or is of the same ‘testimony’ and coming from the same source and power as found in the Gospels. This is not the case. The Muslim Jesus, Isa is not doing the same work because they are of the same vine, Jesus, same spirit and testimony. If one would have asked those other persons, ‘is Jesus LORD?’ Is Jesus the SON of GOD? They would have said yes, Muslims can’t say this.

Jesus goes on to state another pertinent spiritual law, a house divided cannot stand. Meaning the workers of Satan are not going to preach Jesus of the New Testament because it divides their kingdom. Eschatologically, some Christians believe that some Muslims are saved because they merely believe in Jesus’ 2nd coming. Well, even the demons believe in Jesus and in His return. The Muslim Isa is not the same Jesus of the New Testament. In these Last Days the Spirit of Isis has energized the ‘sons of disobedience’; the Muslims that are let loose from the gates of Hell as it were in the Middle East and have even touched the heartland of America with their evil. They are on a Satanic frenzy of beheading, raping and running sex trades with girls they enslave. This is a cause to have righteous indignation and it is in order.

If Muslims believe in the same 'Jesus' of the New Testament they would not be slaughtering His Sheep. Just because some Muslims believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus does not make them ‘right’ or ‘saved’. As in the Old Covenant YHVH made specifically to Abraham and his descendants, it could be kept and perhaps one could be found in ‘right standing’ with the LORD. The Apostle Paul even boasted that he had. That was his point that righteousness could be attained by the law although hard as it is, most can't uphold it. And even if one did, it was not enough to earn Eternal Life. The point is that the New Covenant provides a righteousness that surpasses even that of the Pharisees that Jesus told them exists apart from the Law and a person must have in order to enter the Kingdom or be saved. Believing in Jesus coming back does not give one this imputed righteousness. It is only Jesus that could have and did this on Humanity's behalf.

The LORD will judge the thoughts and intent of the heart but the Judge will be Jesus, the Biblical Jesus. His standard for judging will be His perfect sinless life that must be exchanged, thus to be born again as Jesus told the religious Jew, Nicodemus. It's not just by intellect that one is made 'right' or obtains Eternal Life. Eternal Life is not determined by a religion, it’s predicated on a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s not who one knows but who knows you. If Jesus does not know you, one is in trouble. One can have all the head knowledge about Jesus as many religions do like Islam but like Jesus even warned that many at the Last Judgment will just pay lip service or may even have done amazing things but Jesus will say, I never knew you...etc. Thus to insinuate that some Muslims are on 'Jesus’ side’ because they believe that Jesus is to return is not valid. Why? The reason is because it is not the same Jesus of the Bible.

Any ex-Muslim who has come to Christ Jesus will testify of this. If Muslims are on the 'same' side as Christian then why do they kill those that want to come to 'Jesus'? No, Islam embodies the Spirit of Isis, of the AntiChrist, a religion of Satan that only seeks to kill, steal ad destroy. If one does a bit more studying on the Islamic Jesus, one will quickly come to find out that to Muslims, Jesus did not literally and physically die on the Cross. This negates the hope of the Resurrection. Muslims deny that the Biblical Jesus is the SON of GOD in essence GOD the SON, Emmanuel, GOD with us, literally in the flesh. Muslims deny the hypostatic union or incarnation of Jesus. The Muslims have verses around the Dome of the Rock like a billboard stating in paraphrase, ‘People of the Book, Christian, and Allah has no Son, stop blaspheming’, etc. Clearly Islam is an anti-Christ organized and systematic theological religion.

The Muslim believe that Jesus will come back to behead all the Christians because he was ‘tricked’ and now believes in Allah and Mohammed was the last Prophet. This Muslim Isa is going to tear down all the Crosses. It sounds more like the AntiChrist of the Christians. The Muslim Jesus is a ‘slave of Allah’, in the Quran as stated and will be subservient of the Mahdi. He would be more akin to the Pope as he is going to be a religious prophet that will be turning all the misled Christians and Jews for that matter to Allah and the Mahdi. There is even some measure of confusion among the Muslims in the interpretation of the Mahdi. The Mahdi is portrayed as being handsome and a royal king but in other interpretations, the Mahdi will command the armies of the west from where the sun will rise. He is to have that 1 eye as a distinctive mark.

There are those that believe that this prophecy of the coming Muslim liberator is ascribed to Obama, a dark tall man, Commander in Chief of the greatest army on Earth in the west and his logo is the rising sun. Perhaps he will have 1 eye as the mortal wound to the head given to him by an assassination attempt will take it out. This is to many the point in time where he is resurrected after 3 days in keeping with the mockery of the true Christ, Jesus and how the Muslims will venerate this false Messiah. Perhaps this will be Obama’s calling card and occupation after his Presidency. So the Muslims do not have the same spirit of Jesus and of prophecy. In Revelation 19:10 it states that all prophecy is to testify of Jesus. One then has to ask what prophecy? It comes from the very words and testimony of Jesus Himself. I and the Father are One. I am the Messiah, I am the Lamb that takes the sin of the world, on and on.

Prophetic Paths

The Muslim Jesus negates all the essential tenants of the New Testament. The Muslim Jesus, whoever it will be can be assured of one thing, it will come in the power of Satan, with lying wonders and cosmic signs as the Bible states because it is infused by the Spirit of AntiChrist. In the Epistles, John warns the Body of Christ to test the spirits of prophets, revelations and visions as in prophecy to see if it is of the same vine. This is the test, he who testifies that Jesus, is the SON of GOD, GOD the Son come in the flesh is of GOD, is of YHVH. If not, it is of the AntiChrist. Based on this test alone, the Muslim Isa to come is of a different spirit, difference source, and different ‘father’ – the father of lies that only comes to divide as he apparently will with Israel and the USA subsequently. Many are attributing this event based on America’s role in dividing Jerusalem and Israel in a possible Peace for Land treaty that could be the condition for establishing of the Palestinian state.

As noted, the area that many are anticipating such a geographical division is in the area near the ‘X’ that marks the spot of the 2 crossing eclipses. The Mississippi is mathematically in approximation to the phi ratio of the continental landmass of the USA from the east coast to the west coast. It also mirrors the same proportions and latitude of that of Egypt in relation to the Nile River. The Mississippi courses down to the Gulf. The Nile River flows up to the Mediterranean and on the same longitude respectfully. The Spirit of Egypt, that of Isis in particular is also astonishingly linked directly to the places where this celestial convergence of the total solar eclipses cross paths. To many the ‘X’ conjunction striking at the heart of America is like a double witness.

West Coast                                                          New Madrid Φ Fault line                            East Coast

California                                                                    Mississippi River                                         Maine

The nearest town to this ‘X’ is called Carbondale, Illinois. Based on research, this town is known as ‘Little Egypt’. The path of the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse intersection will be in Makanda. According to research, Makanda means ‘the Star of Egypt’. Thus it can be seen that there is possibly a confirmation of the prophetic and esoteric kind implicating such places and times. They appear to directly associate the rise and dominance of the Satanic forces of Isis over America. On another level of metaphorical interpretation, Carbon-dale can be seen as how America has reverted back to the basic non-worthy element of common coal, of carbon from the glorious state of becoming a ‘diamond’.

This is from the stipulation that metaphorically America before was once a diamond. Diamonds are made from carbon, from coal that is subjected to great pressure and heat or fire over time. Diamonds are the hardest elements known on Earth. Diamonds are used to adorn crowns and scepters, etc. Could it be that America, by allowing this Spirit of Isis over the Land, this Spirit of Egypt, allowed this ‘Change’ that the American Pharaoh embodies to bring a slow and gradual divine judgment? The world has literally seen America degenerate into a coal-colored wasteland.

Celestial Correlations

Those that study End Time prophecy question America’ role. It remains allusive and a mystery to an extent. America does play a role in the Last Days but perhaps to induce the worldwide chaos of its Central Banksters to birth the AntiChrist, the Horus from the Queen of Heaven, Isis. It appears that America will be used as a surrogate mother to then be done away with and consumed as the mythical Phoenix of Egypt to birth the new one that is depicted by Hydra rising during the eclipse over the Temple of Isis in Nashville. This mystical bird’s birth is encrypted on the Reverse Seal of the USA. The scheduled implosion of America is set from how 1776 was its beginning and possibly 5776 is its end.

This study suggests that based on the celestial alignments, America’s tenure as the Old Order Phoenix has to burn in chaos so that the New World Order Phoenix can be birthed from her ashes. Will these ashes be literal? Will they constitute a nuclear burning of the land and its cities with fire? Will this time from 2017-2024 see the time when the AntiChrist is to rise and rule for the last 42 months of the prophetic week of Daniel?  As noted, the spiritual compromise of America has led to the rise of the Spirit of Isis over America; the Spirit of the AntiChrist that denies Jesus. This new morality of America appears to go hand in hand with the rise of Islam and the rise of its terror group ISIS that Obama, the CIA and the Pentagon along with Saudis, British and MOSSAD have trained and fund.

What this study is insinuating is that celestially on this day of the total eclipse of August 21, 2017, it is Lucifer that is rising, the Dragon that the illustration depicts over the Temple of Isis in Nashville. The Temple of Artemis was one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. It was located in the plain of Ephesus in Asia Minor, now Turkey. Ephesus is one of the 7 Churches of the Menorah of the book of Revelation. This city had a very powerful demonic force behind its economy, religion and political structure. It was believed that a meteor fell from heaven and it was venerated much like the case in Mecca and other ancient religious temples.

It was the Apostle Paul that preached in Ephesus against the false demonic idol of the Moon Goddess and the Queen of Heaven in the amphitheater. He was shouted down for 2 hours before being dragged to prison. Paul preached that the Creator does not live in temples made by hands. The counterfeit temple of Lucifer’s many impersonations require human sacrifices. The Temple of Isis at Ephesus was ascribed to a ‘Fallen Angel’ that took residence in the temple and required either human sacrifices or a steady stream of worship offerings.

The industry of organized religion flourished as temple prostitutes, both male and female were incorporated as part of a sacrificial offering. Much like in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, the people wanted to join themselves to the so called ‘divine being’ or the Fallen Angles in hopes of becoming one or obtaining superhuman power to be transformed beyond being just mere mortals. To a degree through witchcraft and human sacrifice, demons would and do bestow extra-sensory powers to control people, places and time.

Point of No Return 

The goddess Artemis of the Greeks later became Diana to the Romans that adopted the religion as they usurped the empire of Alexander. Before the Greeks, this same entity was known and worshipped as Al-lah, the Moon Goddess of the Muslims, Isis in Egypt and before that, Semiraris of Babylon going all the way back to Nimrod. The universality of this Fallen Angel deity was that she was the Queen of Heaven and to some a Perverted Trans-Gendering of Lucifer due to his beauty and narcissism. When Christianity could not be destroyed by persecution and slaughter in the Roman arenas, the Emperor just usurped the Christian names by replacing the pagan name.

This was the case with Isis, as Diana became Mary, the ‘Mother of God’ and the Queen of the Angels of Heaven. Moreover the Roman Catholic Church later on venerated Mary as a co-redeemer as Jesus and that she too was immaculately birthed without original sin. In the accompanying illustrated chart, the atmosphere is deleted to show more of the effect that is taking place. During the totality or maximum of the solar eclipse that will run on the Ecliptic against the southeast skyline of Nashville that day, Venus, aka Isis is ascending corresponding to the Temple of Isis dedicated to her in the replica Temple.

Another interpretation of Nash-ville is a rendering of the place of the Serpent, as in Nachash the Shining One. What is prominent on the day of the total solar eclipse over Nashville is that a line can be drawn from the Ecliptic to the horizon of the sky. This geometry produces a pyramid from the base of the horizon and the Temple of Isis. At the pinnacle of the capstone is Venus in Gemini. Venus, again is another rendition of Isis, the Queen of Heaven. Thus on this day on the rising horizon above the Temple to Isis in America, the planet of Isis, Venus in the esoteric interpretation is preeminent as the ‘capstone’ of the geometrical pyramid.

This depiction is insinuating a correlation to the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer in the Reverse Seal of the USA that is to ‘crown’ the tower, the pyramid. Will this be the time that signals that Lucifer has finally descended and is manifested fully in the AntiChrist and the world? As noted, what is also prominent is that ascending up through the heart of this celestial pyramid is the constellation Hydra. The depiction is that of the Dragon, Satan of old that seeks to be the Capstone. Lucifer is the alternative stone or Rock, the Shining Serpent that the Builders have accepted instead of Christ Jesus, the true Rock of Ages. What is noticeable also that at this time, the Virgin of Christ, Virgo is flanking the west side of the base of this celestial pyramid.

On the right side of the pyramid base is the ascendency of Argo, the Ark, as in Noah’s Ark that was the vessel of deliverance. Here again we have the dichotomy of a picture depicting the duality of opposites. The total solar eclipse takes place in the star Regulus in Leo with Mars in the upper proximity and with Mercury in the lower proximity to this eclipse. As Mars is the god of War and Mercury is the Messenger of the god, while such a celestial depiction means that a major war will be forthcoming, maybe even that of the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel as Leo and Hydra battle it out? Moreover this Mars, Regulus and Mercury alignment is in exact alignment to the 3 Pyramids of Giza.

Fall of the Mighty Giant

As an aside note, mathematically this pyramid depiction upon the horizon on the day of the total solar eclipse east of the Temple of Isis in Nashville, Tennessee is also in approximate phi ratio proportions from the base of the pyramid to the alignment perpendicularly of the solar eclipse in Regulus to the right side edge of the pyramid to the maximum arc of the phi ratio spiral that runs through Venus. The phi ratio spiral focuses on the delineation of the Mazzaroth between Virgo and Leo. What this study is suggesting is that the rise of Venus, of Isis along with Hydra is perhaps corresponding to the Fall of America. It does appear to be exactly what is happening to America on Earth as it is in Heaven with the direct associations to the demonic and evil Spirit of ISIS in the Middle East.

The connection is the location as the celestial Star of Isis is directly in line with the location of the ‘Little Egypt’ that associates it with America. Many believe that America has been double crossed on one level by the America Pharaoh that has set up America to be X’d out as a nation for judgment. Many believe that America is in her last hour, the last chapter as she has blatantly turned to idolatry in the land. Instead of exporting virtue, morality, honest governance, the President’s that embodies the nation’s spirit is arguing his new morality to other nations that need to accept the Gay Agenda when he travels abroad representing America. This occurred when Obama went to visit his native land of Kenya.

In a country that is struggling with the onslaught of the Muslim menace, hunger, unemployment, famine and AIDS, Obama lectured the nations on the Gay Agenda instead. What is staggering to consider is that the Kenyan U.S. President not only has fostered the Spirit of Isis ‘Change’ in America but preaches it to replace morality and redefine the core tenets of what propagates Humanity around the world. This is how far the USA has fallen and wants the nations to follow suit. Obama seeks to export this same Spirit of Isis, of Sodom and Gomorrah to corrupt other nations by taking the new vile morality of America into the land of his birth. According to the hierarchical needs of Maslow, food, water and shelter are the primary issues concerning a developing population. When a nation’s primary issue for the majority of its people is daily survival, the ideals of gay rights does not resonate nor put food on the table at the end of the day.

It took a real Black President, Kenyatta to point out that in his nation, the government would not force an issue the majority of the people do not accept as it has done in America. Although warned not to bring up the issue of Kenya accepting homosexuality, Obama pressed on to lecture the nation with the false realization that America champions the rights of the disenfranchised. According to Obama’s estimation when a segment of a population is marginalized it opens up the door for abuse. All the while since 9-11, Obama and his predecessors under the direction of their Banksters masters have systematically eroded the civil liberties of a whole nation. They have all but nullified the U.S. Constitution and have concentrated all power to the Presidency for an opportune time of a national catastrophe or emergency to fully take over with absolute power to rule.

Handwriting on the Wall

Even though according to the government’s own surveys, only less than 2% of the U.S. is really homosexual, the Supreme Court took it upon itself to reinterpret the Constitution and redefine what marriage is by legalizing gay marriage despite the referendums of many states and struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. As if the White House knew of the inevitable outcome, the White House was decorated in the gay flag rainbow colors, without missing a beat. All the while it took 5 days and under pressure from the public outcry of the President not paying proper tribute to the murdered U.S. military servicemen that a Muslim perpetrated specifically on behalf of ISIS in the heart of the nation, Tennessee.

Meanwhile in America, currently, the director of the Homeland Security either under a direct prerogative or threat set a new policy of disassociating any Muslim acts of terrorism as being directly influence or as a result of Islamic radicalization. Then a bill has now been introduced in Congress that would amend the unconstitutional Patriot Act that is really targeted at the Patriots. This bill calls for a whole new department of counter-terrorism be set up that will work with FEMA. Its task is to identify and round-up those deemed ‘terrorists’ or Enemies of the State radicalized that will either have to either be forced re-educated and segregated in FEMA Camps as retired U.S. Army W. Clark suggested. This new morality is endangering Biblical Christianity as it is opposed to the Spirit of Isis. Obama has truly shown that he is in fact the Manchurian Candidate. He peddles the perversion of his Luciferian Wall Street and Federal Reserve Banksters' behalf on one hand and endless wars and provocations on the other.

Is America truly at its end and about to fall? One can make a general comparison of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue of the man with 5 different alloys and segments of the body. In terms of judgment upon America, each strata of alloy alluded to a condition and value of the element and worth of the empire. The value diminished from top to bottom and this analogy can be applied to the USA in the following regard. Many have been receiving visions and dreams about an asteroid or rock hitting the Caribbean basin primarily Puerto Rico that will affect primarily the eastern seaboard of the USA, This study suggests that this is indicative of the Rock, as in the island that will fall and bring down the 13 original colonies situated in the east coast personified as the mighty statue.

Metaphorically America can be likened to that of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue that fell by this stone or ‘island’ rock type that hit at the base of its feet. If one metaphorically were to compare the USA as a configuration of this statue model, the asteroid would be Puerto Rico as that rock that comes from heaven to smash and destroy it is projected to smash near that area. As Nebuchadnezzar’s statue started with gold, silver, bronze, iron and then iron mixed with clay, the empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and a revived Rome clearly are believed to apply prophetically and historically. If this principle is extrapolated to the USA, it starts with the golden age of the young Republic, then the Civil War ensues as the arms split a north and a south silver age. Then the expansion of America occurred through ‘Manifest Destiny’ that saw the core of the continent developed. Then the long legs and toes that completes a mixing as the entire southwest was acquired from Mexico.

This span from sea to shining sea defined the 4 corners of America. The long period of a separation as to the legs of iron characterized the industrialization of the US but it seemed that 2 nations emerged from it, those of the haves and have nots. At the last hour and perhaps chapter of the once glorious Republic, the short span of a mixing and change has occurred. This ‘mixing’ has solidified under Obama as he himself is of a racial mixing personifying this precise time and purpose for America. He was as if the ‘Cleaner’ to make sure the ‘corporation’, America, Inc. would implode and fall. This iron mixing with clay speaks to many levels of open border  immigration, the racial tension, the moral and spiritual failure that appear to go hand in hand with its economic collapse and fall.

To reiterate, America is not only in a state of spiritual decay but that of physical decay, as typified by Detroit and many other places that look like 3rd world countries. As noted it was in Detroit that for the first time in U.S. history a public unveiling of a Satanic Baphomet statue. It was dedicated to Lucifer and was erected in the outskirts of the decaying and dying city that once was as a Diamond of the nation. Detroit has suffered the ‘Change’ Obama promised to bring to America and how America will end. The cause of this spiritual and physical decay, in part, has been because America has turned away from the GOD of the Bible. America has replaced Jesus Christ with the Spirit of Isis over the land of Satanism literally as the Empire State Building even flashes images of Kali, the Destroyer that eerily perhaps foreshadows the destruction of America. America as a whole has exchanged the light of Jesus Christ for worthless Satanic idols because of the sin she seeks to revel in that the Spirit of Isis brings.

For example, the former CIA and Defense Minister has lifted the protective ban against gay men being part of the Boy Scouts of America. In rural Iowa, middle schools are now subjected to student assemblies were the Gay Agenda is forced upon impressionable children indoctrinating them on how to use strap-ons, perform oral and anal sex in the guise of stopping bullying. In the U.S. Army, men are forced to wear women’s high heel shoes as part of sensitivity training. The 10 Commandments are banned from court houses of law and justice that are founded in such laws. The LORD will not stand idle and not judge a nation that forgets its GOD. For this rebellion the LORD has gradually been touching America’s ‘diamonds’ metaphorically.

Slowly the LORD has touched the very wealth, the diamond cores of the nation’s pride and strength, its natural resources. These diamonds are the natural resources that were a blessing from the LORD that made America great. Now these diamonds have now regressed back into greyish coals. America is sick. It has radiation on the west coast from the Fukushima disaster. There is the 1000 year drought in California and crop failures in America’s bread baskets. There was the oil spill that poisoned the Gulf, massive unprecedented magnitudes of tornadoes in the Midwest with record cold and heat in New England. Geoengineering chemtrails pan the skies of the entire nation that are slowly poisoning the environment and people. There is the issue of open border immigration that is being used as a political ploy to divide and conquer America from within and to possibly foment race wars.

There are also the orchestrated mass shootings by government operatives. To this end the Luciferians seek one last remaining objective, to disarm and confiscate the more than 300,000 pieces of arms Americans have. The government knows that a society cannot be taken down that easily without first taking the guns as Hitler stated. What will come next is wholesale slaughter. The prelude to the judgment of America has already begun. The Luciferins have really done a good job at dividing the USA. They have used such venues as the Judicial Branch to subvert Christianity and destroy the family though un-Biblical laws. They have corrupted the youth and indebted the nation to the point of bankruptcy, a fall and implosion is all but assured. The fall of America will be like the last hours of the Biblical siege of Babylon when Belshazzar was king and held a glutinous banquet and used the Holy Vessels of YHVH’s Temple.

Because of such decadence and debauchery against the Holy Vessels of the Temple and contempt against YHVH’s people and edicts, like in the fall of Babylon the LORD will overthrow America from within and in one night. It is becoming true for America’s judgment as Belshazzar banqueted in debauchery. The King and his cabinet and dignitaries were unaware of the waters of the city, as their main ‘diamond’ or resource was gradually drying up much like the 1000-year droughts in the west. There was also a conspiracy occurring by Babylon’s enemies, the Medes and the Persians that were to overthrow Babylon and be the next New World Order. The ancient Iranians, the Persians will likewise double cross the mighty American Phoenix with the Iran Nuclear Treaty.

That very night based on the words of YHVH’s prophet, Daniel the Handwriting on the Wall came to pass as a judgment was decreed by the Sovereign LORD; the mighty city and nation collapsed that very night and without a fight. The Old Phoenix, America has been set up for such a similar fall as the new one is to arise out of its chaos. This study has suggested that perhaps the rise of the spirit of Isis, of Diana the Moon goddess in America will birth the Sun-King, the AntiChrist in some fashion. Perhaps the USA in some prophetic way is playing the key role to birth this New World Order through chaos and its AntiChrist ‘Sun-King’. What arose with the new empire or kingdom was the spirit of the demonic Fallen Angel of the Prince of Persia. This is the progression the Spirit of Isis will lead to, an escalation of the Luciferian kind where his Fallen Angels will have total demonic sway over the nations.

Such is the condition of America that has paved the way for the coming AntiChrist with her fornications and idolatry. This is what turning from a gracious and merciful LORD looks like. The condition becomes true of what Jesus said about backsliding. This time around, there will not be any Banker bailouts by Obama after the collapse. Will America prophetically be that agent of change that is to ‘birth’ the New Order and the AntiChrist? Based on such celestial signals of the rise of Isis over America, it would appear that it will be. The Nation that once was a beacon of holiness and virtue, although not perfect, compared to the rest of the world, was like a lighthouse to the nations. How sad and embarrassing that Obama has brought this type of ‘Change’ and accompanying spirit to America. It has basically ‘transgendered’ the nation as it is divided now and it will fall. The American Phoenix has fallen.  

‘The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth’. – Matthew 6:22-24

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