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by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to depict on a Timeline, the Essene Frame of Mind and Time. This is how they Cataloged and Delineated ‘Time’ since Adam. What one has done is to break-down the Components of how they interpreted Time. Then one has compared that Timeline with the Congenital one that most Students of End Time Prophecy are most familiar with and have worked with. The Community of the Essenes, their Theology, what they Believed and how they lived has been limited to few Sources.

It has not really been until the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Topic of the Essenes has resurfaced. It is mainly because all the Scrolls are attributed to how the Essene Community kept them, studied them and believed them. The following is the Timeline of Human History since Adam, according to the Essene Calendar Calculations. They Delineate the span of 7000 Years into 4 Ages.  The initial 3 Ages span 2000 Years each with the remaining Sabbath Age for 1000 Years. The 4 Ages are as follows.

1. Age of Chaos
2. Age of Torah
3. Ag of Grace (Church Age)
4. Age of Rest

Each Age is further divided into 4 Sections of Time called Onahs. Each Onah consists of a duration of 500 Years each to make an Age. A  Delineation of Time is made with the Onahs in that for each of the 4 Onahs, each is made-up of 10 Jubilees. Thus, 10 Segments of 50-Year equates to the 500 Years of 1 Onah.

14 Onahs x 500 Year Each = 7000 Years

There are a total of 12 Onah, excluding the 1000 Year Age of Rest or the Millennial Kingdom. One conjectures that each of the 12 Onah corresponds to 1 of the 12 Constellations of the Sky. And that in turn constitutes the 12 Tribes of Israel, respectively.  But the Total amount of Onah to complete the 7000 Year Age of Man on Earth is 14. Then the next Count has to do with how many Onahs there are that equate this same Time-Frame. According to the Essenes, the 3 initial Ages are made-up of 120 Jubilee Counts of 50 Years. This brings the Timeline to 6000 Years, excluding the Age of Rest.

50 Years x 120 Jubilees = 6000 Years

Forbidden Fruit
With the Age of Rest included, the Jubilee Count will be 140 Jubilees. What the Essene Calendar appears to convey, is that it is also based on the 7-Day Creation Week Pattern of Dispensations. Of course, the Study of the Essenes is not without Controversy. They are seen as either a Cult, a Sect, a Radical Fringe Group to the Sons and Disciples of the Zadok Priest who maintained the Pure Form of Torah Judaism. Or that it was just too ‘Christian’ for the Pharisees and Sadducees as they hijacked Judaism to be practiced as it is Today.

But most notably, due to the Research and Work of Dr. Ken Johnson of BibleFacts.org, he is the one that has brought to light and Life, the resurgence in the Interest in the Essene Calendar. Primarily, it is because the Essenes calculated the Year of the Messiah’s Death, that would be in the Gregorian Year of 32 AD. And that more astonishingly, that based on their Timeline, the Year 2075 was when the Start of the last Sabbath Cycle would complete the Last Prophetic Week of Daniel.

2025 + 50 Year (1 Jubilee) = 2075

But here is the Controversy or Discrepancy of their Timeline. They surmise, by their Year Count, that it will not be until the Year 2075 that the last Age, that Age of Rest and the start of the 13th Onah or the 130th Jubilee will start. This makes then a Year Factor of 50 Years or 1 Jubilee of a Difference to account for. That is the Mystery that plagues those that subscribe to the Essene Calendar Calculations. To possibly rectify this 50 Year Discrepancy is that, perhaps after Jesus returns to set up the Age of Rest, 1000 Year Reign on Earth from Jerusalem, there will be a 43 Year Transition Time.

One has always ‘Romantically’ envisioned that once Jesus returns, it would be only within those 75 Days, ‘Extra’, mentioned also in Daniel’s Equations. One has thought, and it still can be the case, that it would only take 75 Days for the Transition from the Tribulation Period to enter into the Kingdom Age. But what if it is 43 Years according to 1 Interpretation based on the Essene Count? Here is one’s  Rationale and Conjecture. It is modelled after the Israelites entered the Promised Land, Returned to Modern Day Israel and thus, perhaps will dictate the same Prophetic Blueprint of sorts.

Consider the Prophetic Template given to Moses by YHVH about ‘Entering the Land’. From Leviticus 19:23-24. ‘When you enter the Land and Plant any Kind of Tree for Food, you shall regard the Fruit as Forbidden. For 3 Years it will be Forbidden to you and must not be eaten. In the 4th Year all its Fruit must be Consecrated as a Praise Offering to the LORD’.

First, as one has discussed the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree, this is why one is more convinced that it should be 1952, not 1948 that the End Time Count should start at. As Israel entered back to the Promised Land, in 1948, the Land had to ‘Wait’ for its Fruit to be Consecrated and not ‘Forbidden Fruit’. Thus, it would be in 1952, which happened to be Synchronized back to the Shemitah Count that one uses to determine then, the possible End of the Church Age.

1948 + 3 Year Fruit Probation = 1952 + 80 Year Generation = 2032 - 7 Years = 2025

Thus, what if this same Forbidden Fruit Probation of the New Millennial Promised Land will also be in-play? What if after Jesus returns, say in 2032 as one presently surmises, and one adds a 40 Year Factor of ‘Testing’ and then the 3 Year Fruit Probation for a total of 43 Years from 2032? That would end in 2075 and Synchronize with the Essene Calendar. All just interesting to consider and contemplate as Conjecture.

2032 + 40 Years of Testing = 2072 + 3 Years of Fruit Probation = 2075

You are more versed in the Research of the Essenes than I am! Good for you. I cannot Answer you, as that is where I am at on my ‘Learning Curve’. You make Valid Points that I too have pondered and cannot Reconcile the Year Counts, at this Point in Time. It is just that we do not have ‘All’ the Information and the Data on the Scrolls has been selectively released.

There are parts of the Essene Calculations that I agree with, like the 32 AD Crucifixion Year and the 2025 Start of the Tribulation. But it is only because I had come to these Calculations Independently of me knowing about the Essenes. So, we have to wait and see if both our Theories and Calculations will turn out to be True, as well as that of the Essenes with their 2075 Year, start of the Age of Rest Factor.

But not much longer to go now. However, as I replied to one of my Readers, if the Essenes have it ‘Wrong’, and that is the Best one can do or go by, as far as Prophetic Calculations go, we are a Sorry Bunch. But the Leo New Year Theory is giving me Hope and a Confirmation of how that ‘723’ Code, in my case, it was there all along. It is about the Lion’s Gate! It is a Place and Time, and perhaps of the Rapture Event itself. I will try to explain in the next few Posts.


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