Joshua Possessing Lucifer’s Stronghold

  • Does the layout of ancient Jericho mirror Cydonia, Mars?
  • Has YHVH encoded events of Jericho with future judgment?
  • Is Rahab a type of the pre-Tribulation Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘On the 7th Day, they got up at Day-Break and Marched around the City [Jericho] 7 Times in the same manner, except that on that Day they Circled the City 7 Times. The 7 Time around, when the [7] Priests sounded the 7 Trumpet Blast, Joshua commanded the Army, Shout! For the LORD has given you the City!  The City and all that is in it are to be Devoted to the LORD. Only Rahab the Prostitute and all who are with her in her House shall be Spared, because she hid the Spies we sent’. -Joshua 5:15-17

This study is inspired by the Article entitled, Mathematical Prophecy or Predicting the Future by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, June 18, 2018 from BreakingIsraelsNews.com. The Theory of Kullok is astonishing if True. What was noted was the Year of the Crossing of the Jordan River by the Israelites. With respect to this Time Marker, the 1st City the Israelites encountered was Jericho. Thus, a look at Jericho’s Ancient Ley-Lines to see if there is any Astronomical Correlation is presented. True to form, the Ancient City of Jericho, of the Moon Goddess, also appears to configure the Martian Motif Layout. 

This study suggests that Jericho Proper, mainly that the Ancient Citadel of Jericho was constructed as a Motif to the Pleiades Star Cluster. For Context, as to Kellock’s Theory, the following Excerpts will be noted. ‘The Inclination of the Planet on the Year of the Immigration plus the Constant Angular Value equals the Latitude of a Border of Israel’, Kullok said. ‘The Mean Inclination of the Earth’s Axis has decreased continuously during the 3,500 Years investigated in this study; from the Biblical Time Israel crossed the Jordan River after their…Exodus from Egypt until Present Times’, Kullok explained.

‘For each Point in Time, Biblical and Historical, the Earth’s Axis has a different Mean Inclination or Axial Tilt. For the contrary, the Latitude of Physical and Biblical Borders (or Places), are fixed Geographical Values obtained in accordance with the Book of Joshua. The Algorithm is a Mathematical Expression involving a Correlation between Points in Time of History and the Latitude of a Place or Border in the…Land of Israel’.

‘The Formula means that if I know the Latitude of the Border, I subtract the Constant Angular Value to obtain the Mean Inclination of the Earth, from where the Time at which this Inclination took place gives the Date of the Event’. ‘Conversely, if I know the Date, I can use the Formula, insert the Axial Value and get the Latitude of the Border. This is an Absolute Correlation.’ ‘Put simply, the Discovery shows that the Jews come back to Israel at Fixed Times that are set in the Forces of Nature, in the Sun, Stars, and Earth,’ Kullok said. ‘The Timings given by the Algorithm are Predefined by Astronomic and Geographic Physical Factors, which are not under Human Control,’ explained Kullok.

Historical Context

‘This means that the Timing of a Significant Number of Biblical and Historical Events involving the Migratory Movements of the Israelites to-and-from the Biblical Land was and will be Predefined’. In terms of the Historical Legacy of Jericho, it is currently in the Palestinian Territories and is located near the Jordan River in the West Bank part of Ancient Judea. It is the Administrative Seat of the Jericho Governorate and is governed by the Fatah Faction of the Palestinian National Authority, formally known as the PLO.

Jericho was occupied by Jordan from1949 to 1967 and has been held under Israeli Control since 1967. The Israeli Administration of it was handed over to the Palestinian Authority in 1994. Jericho is described in the Hebrew Bible as the ‘City of Palm Trees’. Jericho's Name in Hebrew, Yeriẖo. It is generally thought to derive from the Canaanite word ‘Rea’ which means ‘Fragrant’. Other Theories hold that its name originated from the Canaanite word for Moon, or the Name of the Lunar Deity, ‘Yarikh’, etc. 

Jericho alternatively can mean the ‘City of Man’ where the center of the Worship of the Moon God, Al-lah was venerated and took place. This practice would coincide with the Face of Mars, Ala-lu, the supposed King Nibiru ‘God’ who became an Outcast to Mars from Earth. This Religious Concept came actually from Semiramis and Nimrod in Shinar. The Christian Gospels state that Jesus of Nazareth, as the ‘Greater Joshua’ passed through Jericho where He healed the Blind Beggars. This Miracle inspired a Local Chief Tax-Collector named Zacchaeus to Repent of his Dishonest Practices.

The Road between Jerusalem and Jericho is the setting for the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It was in Jericho that the amazing Biblical Story of Joshua tells how the Walls ‘Came Down’ at the Instructions of YHVH. Joshua, a Type of Jesus, as the ‘Captain of our Salvation’, sent 2 Spies to scope-out the condition within the City beforehand. It was Rahab, the Prostitute that lived in the Wall’s Edge. It was the most venerable and 1st Line of Defense to Fall. She stated that the People of the City knew of the Exploits of the Israelites, and this after 40 Years the Exodus from Egypt.

What is notable is that the Crossing of the Israelites occurred using the Ark of the Covenant that split the Jordan River as it also occurred at the Red Sea Crossing. The Israelites crossed the Jordan River also on Dry Ground. And 12 Stones were placed in the middle of the River as a Witness. Sadly, 2 Tribes of Israel stayed on the Eastern Side of the Jordan River. There was also that episode of ‘Io’ that was a Hard Lesson for Israel to learn. It says that in order for YHVH’s People to Advance and conquer Enemy Territory and Strongholds, there must be Absolute Obedience, Truth and Holiness.

It is essentially YHVH that is fighting the Battles and they are foremost Spiritual Ones. It is very interesting that in Joshua 5, before the Siege of Jericho began, Joshua had a Christophany Appearance of his very type and speaks to the Spiritual Warfare Aspect. Now Joshua would have recognized this as the LORD, not a mere ‘Man’ as that was the Protocol given to Moses on Mount Sinai, etc. ‘Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked-up and saw a Man standing in front of him with a Drawn Sword in His Hand. Joshua went-up to Him and asked, Are you for us or for our Enemies?

Martian Motif Connection

Neither, He replied, but as Commander of the Army of the LORD, I have now come. Then Joshua fell Face-Down to the Ground in Reverence, and asked him, What Message does my LORD have for His Servant? The Commander of the LORD’s Army replied, take off your Sandals, for the Place where you are standing is Holy. And Joshua did so’. Interestingly, Joshua defeated all the Canaanites except Bashan of the Golan Heights, the Jebusites of Jerusalem and the Philistines of Gaza. These are the very Places that are even now in Modern Times, the Strongholds of the Palestinians.

Joshua also Cursed anyone who would rebuild Jericho. In the case of Jericho, the Israelites had to be Circumcised before crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. They would then observe the Passover for the 1st Time without Mana, as it had stopped appearing after this Time. YHVH instructed Joshua to Command the Priests of Israel and all the Fighting Men to March around Jericho in a 3-Tiermanner. There were to be 7 Priests leading the Company of all the Fighting Men with the Ark of the Covenant. 

The Occasion was to have the Company March around the City. The Israelites were to March for 6 Days around Jericho and on the 7th Day, March 7 Times and then Blow their 7 Trumpets. With this, the Vibrations and Resonance of all the Shouts of the Israelites made for the Walls of Jericho to Fall, except that of Rahab’s Section. If this seems like a Nice Bedtime Story Telling. Consider the 2018 World Cup Match between the Defender, Germany against Mexico. When the Winning Goal was made by Mexico, at that Precise Time in Mexico City, a ‘Man-Made’ Earthquake was registered.

It is also akin to striking a certain Pitch-Key with a Tunning Fork, etc.  Compare having the Walls tumble-down on just certain Locales or individual Buildings. But imagine the Veracity of a Seismic Vibration concentrated on an entire ‘City’? As to the Spirituality of the Warfare and ‘Demolishing Lucifer’s Strongholds’? The Apostle Paul in Galatians taught that the People of Jesus, while still on Earth, ‘Wrestle not with Flesh and Blood but with Principalities, Powers and Strongholds in High Places’, etc.

What were the Israelites doing as they MARCHED around Jericho initially for the 6 Days? They were Marching in Silence? They Prayed, they were Meditating. Their Concentric Force, Individually and Corporately, accumulated Spiritually in a Vortex of Power. Then it was Released on the 7th Day with their Collective Resonance through their Shouting. As the Bricks, no doubt probably had Silica, or Crystals, perhaps such a Resonance in Sound made them Vibrate and dislocate their Bonds from one another. 

Rahab and her Family’s part of the Wall did not Fall and were Saved by Joshua, who means ‘Salvation’ from the Judgment and Destruction of Jericho. Even so, the Genealogy of Jesus notes that her Bloodline was incorporated into the very Lineage of the Messiah. The next Segment will explain the Ancient City of Jericho appears to also be constructed with particular Ley-Lines that mirror the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex- as a Star Gate. Like many other Ancient City-States Strongholds, both Ancient and Modern on Earth, Jericho had a Direct Connection to a Mars Portal Layout.

Lucifer Effect

This ‘Pleiadian’ Martian Motif Star Gate Triangulation appears to be orientated with a 180 Degrees Horizontal Inversion from that of Cydonia, Mars that is at a 45 Degree Arc. Pertaining to the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Anomalies, there are 3 Main Pyramid Structures that comprise the Martian Motif. The Main Components of the Martian Motif consist of the famous Face of Mars that is purported to be the Mausoleum of the former ‘Rebel King’ of Nibiru.

This Entity is a type of Lucifer’s Personage and Narrative. Then there is the Giant Pentagon Fortress and the Pleiadian Pyramid City. These 3 Martian Structures triangulate each other and would make-up the Core of a large Metropolitan City on Earth. What is astonishing is that such a Martian Motif seen implemented in the Architecture of almost all the Ancient Civilizations on Earth is also incorporated in almost all Major Modern World Capitals as well.

This started, at least based on the Archeological Record after the Flood of Noah with Babylon and Sumer. Why this particular Triangulation? One Theorizes that in some Mysterious Way, such Ley-Lines are what the Very Throne of YHVH is configured to. And that the 3 Structures correspond to the Tri-Unity of the GOD-Head, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

But that this Divine Triangulation that is also Astronomically replicated in the Stars has been hijacked by Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. And when Stationed on Earth, such and those that ‘Left their 1st Estate’ to co-habit with Earth Women, in violation of the ‘Prime Directive’ divulged such a Sacred Triangulation to Mankind to Replicate it Powers that construe Star Gates, etc.

1. Giant Pentagon Fortress    = GOD the Father
2. Small Face of Mars             = GOD the Son
3. 7 Pyramid Pleiadian City    = GOD the Holy Spirit

As noted, even now in the Modern Era, the same Cydonia, Mars Motif and Triangulation is incorporated into the Major World Capitals. Why? They are ‘Star Gates’ for the Fallen Angels to Traverse through, to-and-fro. The Geometric Ley-Lines of Jericho’s City Layout is clearly set to the Cydonia, Mars Ley-Lines in the following manner. The local area of the Spanish Gardens, adjacent to the City Stadium has a direct correlation to the Martian Face or ‘Mausoleum’ to Ala-lu. The 2nd Structure is the Pleiadian Pyramid City Complex of 7 Buildings spanning over 10 Miles in Diameter on Mars. 

This Pleiadian Motif pertains to the Ancient City of Jericho that was enclosed by Concentric Walls. It is suggested to have been a City Complex or Metropolis much like the one it correlates to the various Financial Centers of the World Capitals that include Centers of Worship. etc. The Prominent Star of this Pleiadian Pattern in Jericho is that of the City Fortress Main Gate itself. The City layout does approximate a Pleiades Elongated Layout. However, due to Erosion and Deterioration, it is not possible to ascertain the 7 Distinct Markers that would correspond to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades.

Captain of Salvation

The only Evidence seen is the Orientation of the Ancient City Layout and the Ley-Line of the current streets that from the site, approximates the line from Alcyone to Atlas, etc. The last Structure of the Martian Motifs that of the Giant ‘Pentagon’. It is a 5-Sided Massive Pyramid often referred to as the ‘Diamond Pyramid’. In many of the Ancient City correspondences, an actual Fort or Stronghold stood in such a Triangulation Pattern.

How the Martian Motif is tied to the Ley-Lines of Ancient Cities, Temples and Structures has to do with a Lost Knowledge and Connection of the Martian Civilization. But these are not ‘Alien’ Races but Fallen Angels masquerading as such. They were the ‘Gods’ that conveyed to the few and selected ‘Priestly’ Class on Earth. These later constituted the Evil Luciferian Secret Societies, etc. These then became the Luciferian Bloodlines that Rule the World from ‘Behind the Curtain’.

And they use their Power to maintain their Dominance, Legacy through their Control of Humanity through Governments, the Media, Militaries, Medicine and Money. The following are some Geographic Observations with respect to Jericho. Even though Jericho is believed to be the ‘oldest city on Earth’, it is not. It is more likely that other Ancient Sites have been, mainly in the Core of the Ancient Middle East, near Ur, Eridu and the Like where it is said that the Heart of the Garden of Eden existed and still does.

Jericho to Jordan River
365 Arc-Seconds, Map Length
7 Miles

Jericho to Jerusalem, Temple Mount

12 Nautical Miles

Jericho to Mt. Sinai

180 Degrees Heading
365 KM  

Such Ancient Sites as Jericho, even after the Flood of Noah continued to venerate such Martian ‘Gods’ through Temples placed in Coordinates exacting of those in other Worlds or Dimensions. The various Temple Layouts are designed and correspond to the Sacred Ley-Lines of such Constellations as Orion, Taurus, and the Pleiades, for example. This Cosmic Template is replete in being some sort of Standard Pattern that is Replicated in all Ancient Types of Centers of Worship, Finance and/or Government. 

Such a Martian Motif Triangulation is observed in all Continents but is seen and can only be appreciated from the Air. One might ask, what does all this have to do with Today, the Bible and Jesus? Good Question. Everything. The answer is what does correlate with the Biblical Narrative, of Salvation, Fallen Angels, a War, Lucifer, Redemption and a Possessing of Lucifer’s Stronghold to be taken over on Earth, as it is in Heaven. It is about a War and in the Balance? The Spoils are? The Human Soul. So, was some sort of Resonance responsible for the Walls of Jericho coming down?
Consider the Timing of the Article by Kullok, the Anomaly of the World Cup Earthquake and the Pending Rapture Event that will occur before the 7-Year Last Sabbath, per the Prophet Daniel. The Story of Jericho is a Greater Metaphor. It is a Greater Metaphor about a Greater Joshua, Jesus. It is about the Coming Judgment upon the City of the Moon Goddess and Man. It is about Re-Possessing the Strongholds in the Promised Land that Lucifer stole from Eve and Adam. It is a ‘Reconquista’ of the Garden of Eden by the People being led by Jesus, etc.

It is Jesus who Demolished the Strongholds against Humanity at the Cross of Calvary. The World’s Jericho’s or ‘Cities of Man‘ are about to be Sieged and Destroyed by Jesus, who overcame Lucifer, Sin and Death. This coming Judgment will be unleashed by the 7-Seal Judgments. Jericho stood in Direct Opposition to the Will of YHVH and His People. YHVH is about to unleash the 7-Fold Seals of Judgment upon this World like the 7-Fod Encirclement of Jericho, and then it Fell.

The Walls of the Enemies of the Cross of Christ, presently Ruling and Controlling all of Humanity will soon be crumbling-down, but not before the Rapture of those Rehab Types takes place. The Rapture of the Bride of Christ will be as Rahab being spared form the Wrath and Judgment of Joshua. Jesus will return to set-up His Kingdom and True City of GOD on Earth. Thus, consider that if the Biblical Narrative is valid and true, There was a Historical Joshua. And it was he and YHVH’s People that collectively as a Body, a Church in the Wilderness, Conquered and Destroyed the ‘Pleiadian’ City of Jericho as a Prophetic Typology, led by the Greater Joshua, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is He who has Destroyed and will Destroy such ‘Pleiadian’ or Luciferian Strongholds that Masquerade themselves as ‘Beings of Light’ and Benevolence Ascended Masters, Avatars, etc. Such are strongly suggested to be nothing more than the part of the Fallen Angelic Race that is in Rebellion against the Creator YHVH and Jesus Christ. They have Intervened, Genetically even in the Affairs of Humanity to thwart the Plan of Redemption for Mankind. Why?

It is Humanity that YHVH chose to bestow His ‘Image and Likeness’. And that it was in a Collective Aspect that the Bride of Christ and that of National Israel would Possess the Eternal Inheritance, not Angels nor Lucifer, etc. Jesus will return after the Rapture Event at the end of the 7-Year Last Sabbath Time Period to ultimately destroy the Citadels, the ‘Strongholds’ and wall of such Abodes of the Fallen Ones, both on Earth, as it in Heaven. 


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