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by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then the Kings of the Earth, the Nobles, the Commanders, the Rich, the Mighty, and every Slave and Free Man hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. And they said to the mountains and the rocks, Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the Throne, and from the Wrath of the Lamb. For the Great Day of Their Wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?’ -Revelation 6:15-17

The purpose of this study is to critique an Episode of the History Channel Series entitled, America Unearthed hosted by Forensic Geologist, Scott Wolter. The Series was pertaining to Season 2, Episode 2. It dealt with the Investigation of the Denver International Airport hidden or ‘supposed’ Hidden Motifs and Murals displaying Ominous and Apocalyptic Programming, Hidden in Plain Sight. At the End, there is even an Alien Link. Why this is pertinent to consider is that the Premise of the Episode took on the Notion that those behind such a Place and that of the Georgia Guidestones are linked to the Cabal that seeks to control the World and Reduce its Population by 90%. How?

As it was suggested in the Episode, by unleashed a Virus that caused a Plandemic to implement a Genocidal Plan to usher in their New World Order. What is rather telling is that the Episode was Filmed and Produced several Years before the Condition of a Pandemic or ‘Plandemic’ threatened the World with Genocide and an Economic Collapse. As it is, the Lock-Down and Forced Mandates have devastated entire Nations, far beyond the False Number of COVID-19 Reported Deaths that are still being Reported, etc.

And the Talk of an ‘Economic Reset’ by the likes of Klaus Schwab is mirroring the Script of the Episode or is it the other way around. What this study will focus on is the apparent Psychology that was used in delivering the Conclusion of the matter, if either unawares by the Forensic Geologist or Producers, ‘Aliens’ below. For sure, the Episode gave some Amazing New Insight into the Debate about the disturbing Motifs and Murals of the International Airport in Denver, Colorado and the Georgia Guidestones, near Elberton, Georgia in the USA, that were.

The Episode 1st starts by taking on the Challenge of the Suspicion that the Airport is said to have Underground Tunnels connecting it to a Network involving the military and Alien Entities. That the Underground Facility is a Base, among many. That the Airport Runways construe a Nazi Swastika Motif when viewed from the Sky. And that the Murals depicted by the Artist Leo Tanguma encrypted a Timeline and a foretelling of the coming Apocalypse upon the World that will then usher in the New World Order. It programs the Death of Christianity and the rise of the Ancient ‘Spirits’, etc.

Rise of the Reich

It is rather telling that in one of the Center-Pieces, depicting the Children of the World dawning their Ethnic Garb, it is the German Blond Boy that is forging the Sword into Plow as foretold in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah. The 4th Reich is said to be the 4th Beast Kingdom that is depicted in the Book of Daniel and Revelation. Now in the Last Days, the New World Order will last but 7 Years whereby the coming Luciferian AntiChrist will forge a False Peace upon the World after a War, Economic Collapse and the Rapture of the True Christians from off the Planet.

In the Ensuing Chaos, they will usher in their ‘Order’ to Control and Brand every Human with a Number. This is now coming to light that it will eventually be done through the Micro-Needle Patch that will introduce mRNA to the Human Body that will change ones’ DNA. It will also contain a Hydrogel Element that will have Nano-Particulates that will link one’s Body to the Internet via 5G+. It is no Accident that the 5G Towers went-up during the Lock-Down. Essentially, the Framework is now being implemented for the ‘Mark’. This type of Mandated Vaccine will be then linked to a Federal Reserve ‘Digital Wallet’ whereby one’s Crypto-Currency will be Monitored, Deposited or Disabled.

This Vaccine does not require Refrigeration that otherwise would be unsustainable as multiple doses are going to be needed to be ‘Updated’, up to ~28 Billion Doses, etc. In this case, they will be uploaded remotely by a Microwave Frequency, thus the 5G+. The Verification of the Implant will be visible in Infrared Scanners as the Filament Residue of the Vaccine will be laced with Luciferase. In Tandem with the Vision of the Brave New World, there are other Motifs allocated around the Airport Lobbies that depict Gruesome Gargoyles coming out of Suitcases, a Mining Cart with the Element Sign for Gold and Silver, etc. The Gold and Silver Mining Cart is a hidden motif of the powers of the 2 Trees of Genesis, Eternal Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil. From the Lord of the Rings, a reference to Lucifer, it is reminiscent of the Hair of Galadriel, both Gold and Silver and how that gave her their Power from the 2 Tree's, etc.

It also suggests the Golden and Silver Gates of the Heavens as many of the Motifs the Luciferians use are intertwined with Astronomy. Then there is the Denver New World Airport Commission stone that is laid by the Masons. The Masonic Stone Slab is a ‘Corner Stone’ that is a Euphemism of the Capstone of a Pyramid and is the ‘Capital’ or Head of the Body that is finished by its ‘Crowning’. To the Luciferians, Lucifer is and will be the New World Order, their ‘Head’ or Capital. This ‘Great Work’ is depicted by the All-Seeing Eye. It is the same Motif rendered as the Reverse Seal of the USA.

And it goes to show that they are in fact, the Power and Rulers of the ‘Other side of the Coin’, literally for the USA. They are the ‘Deep State’, etc. What is rather odd, is that if one does Research on this Agency, it does not exist. It might have been an Ad-Hoc or Temporary Assigned Committee of sorts but there is no Record of Meeting other that it was under the Auspices of the Freemasons. The Date is also very telling, March 19, 1994. That is on the Eve of the Spring Equinox. It is rather impressive how the Episode decided to delve into this sort of subject as other prior ones like that of Jesse Ventura had, a former Navy Seal, Bodyguard, Professional Wrestler and Minnesota Governor.

Hidden in Plain Sight

He called the Show, ‘Conspiracy’. It was Canceled for getting too close to the Truth of the matter. This History Channel Series of America Unearthed obviously has been given ‘Permission’ to ask those Questions and even get to the edge of the literal ‘Entrance’ to the Underground ‘Alien’ Facilities that do exist. It was just another attempt at Concealing and Revealing at the same Time. It is the Hallmark of the Luciferians, whether either known to the host or not. One thing is for sure; this Investigation did shed some new Light into the Genre and details of the Conspiracy with New Footage and Interviews perhaps not possible before or otherwise.

One example of the ‘set-up’ for the show is how a phone call was made by the show’s Host to the Denver Airport Public Relations Representative. And it so happens that out of the blue, she cordially accepted the request to show the host the ‘Underground’ Chambers. No Right-Minded Person would ever expect this to be granted or occur, especially if a serious attempt to uncover the Façade of the Motifs and Murals were at stake. What is striking is that given the COVID-19 ‘Plandemic’ that was carried-out, the Premise of the Questions had occurred just like the show presumed; it is still In-Play. 

As it was noted in the Comment Section of the YouTube posting on October 4, 2020, the blue colored ‘Blucifer’ was not mentioned nor considered. This Blucifer is a Play on Words for Lucifer as the Stallion standing at one of the Main Entrances to the Airport and is a Gigantic Ominous Looking Horse with Demonic Red Eyes. It is a fact that in sculpting the figure, the Artist was killed by a piece of Stone that fell on him and crushed him to Death while working on it. Perhaps a mere coincidence. The other Structure that was considered by reference given by one of the interviewees was the Georgia Guidestones.

As of the airing of the Episode, it was a monument that most have considered the 10 Commandments of Lucifer. It is a series of Giant Granite Slabs that have these 10 Commandments in 8 different Languages, both Ancient and Modern. What is rather peculiar, and perplexing is that the 1st Commandment is to ’Maintain the World Population at 500,000’. Consider that it is based on a Presumption that something or someone has already reduced the World Population to that amount from 8 Billion. It is essentially the Genocide of 90% of the present Peoples of the World. But if one studies the Background of such Luciferians, Freemasons and the likes of those that are pushing for World Mandatory Vaccines, they are Eugenicists.

Such are the ones that, admittingly seek to Reduce World Population as they see most as ‘Useless Eaters’ consuming ‘their’ Limited Resources of the Planet and ‘Nature’. And that Humans are the cause of ‘Climate Change’, Pollution and Poverty, etc. Climate Change is real. The Climate Changes at least 4 Times if not at least 2 Times in the World at any given Time. There is Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. What they mean to say, without saying it, is that Humans are to blame. They fail to mention, for Perspective, that on one hand, the Paris and Rio Treaties do not sanction the most Polluting nations on Earth, presently China and India.

End Game
Yet what would occur with such a Treaty is that in the pretext of ‘Saving the Environment’ they will seek to shut down the Economies of the USA primarily and that of Europe. It is not about cleaning the Air and Water; it is about a Transfer of Power, Wealth and Resources. It is rather ironic that these same Luciferians that Rule and Run the World, presently until Jesus returns, are the Owners of such Industries that have and are Polluting and Destroying the Earth. In fact, YHVH has taken notice of this and even has promised that at His return, ‘He will Destroy those who have Destroyed the Earth’. Natural occurring factors are also overlooked.

Just in 1 Major Volcano Eruption, there are Gases and Pollution emitted into the Earth’s Atmosphere that equals Decades of Automobile Emissions in the USA alone. Should they not ban Volcanoes then? As to the Georgia Guidestones. It was rather insightful to actually have heard the Eyewitness of the Banker, Wyatt Martin being interviewed that brokered the Deal and said, ‘Mr. R.C. Christian’. Obviously, another Play on Words mocking Christ and His Christians. Many rightly point out that it is Code for the Roth-Childs or the Red Shield containing the Hexagram of the Star of Remphan, that is Saturn, etc.

Or that of the Rosi-Crucians, one of the Ancient Secret Societies of the Luciferians masquerading themselves as ‘Christians’ for cover. It was also very insightful now the Original Designs were meant to also construe an outer Ring of Slab Stones to mark the movement of the Moon. It would be much like the layout of Stonehenge and many other Ancient Similar Stone Circle Sites found around the World. Interestingly, it has been at such sites that a myriad of Crop Circles have appeared and most with Alien Connotations or Connections. Such Ancient Sacred Sites were a ‘Cosmic Clock’ that tracked the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc.

They were pegged to the Movement of the Precession of the Equinoxes, essentially, Astro-Archeology as the sacred sites were built on Earth’s Energy Ley-Lines that construed ‘Portal’s or Star Gates that pierced Dimensions, etc. And such is the place at the Denver International Airport and the Georgia Guidestones. Why the Denver ‘World’ International Airport? It is believed by many that after a Worldwide Cataclysm, whatever causes it, the North American continent will dramatically be reconfigured with an Inland Sea as the Nation is basically split in half from the New Madrid Fault Line. Due to the Elevation of the Rocky Mountains, it will serve as a perfect Protection. Is it any wonder why the CIA moved one of its Main Offices there?

Or why all the major National Security Agency NSA Computers that are gathering and storing all forms of not only USA Citizens, but the World’s Communications are located there in the High Desert Plains of Utah? It will be a New World Order Center of Power. Such places will also be a Refuge for the World Elite or the Luciferians that have only prepared and will protect themselves. This is of course futile and momentary as the Bible does corroborate this Scenario and their Endeavor. But it will not work entirely for them in the end. As it does say in the Book of Revelation, they will not Escape the coming Wrath of the Lamb, that is Jesus.

Ancient Aliens Underground
The Interview with the ‘Conspiracy Factualist’, Greg Ericson, did infer to the Work and Research of Philip Schneider who did expose the Underground Networks. The Network is not only under Denver but in Dulce in New Mexico, Write Patterson in Ohio and other such as China Lake and Edward’s Air Force base in California. He purports that such Places are Bases that are being used for Geo-Engineering Purposes in partnership with Aliens or ‘Fallen Angels’. He was Murdered, Poisoned for having exposed this undertaking. This is where the meat of the matter for the Episode got very interesting if not unapparent to most.

At the End of the Episode, the Forensic Geologist escorted by the Denver Airport Representative toured the Underground Facility that was filmed. However, the Narrative given for ‘cover’ was that the area was a Former Baggage Processing Staging Area, which might have been the case. But in the use of the Facility it was noted that the Engineering was less than standard and expensive to maintain. As a result, the area was ‘Abandoned’. Then at the Closing of the Episode, it was very particular where they stopped with their Go-Cart. It was at that Underground ‘Abandoned’ Baggage Processing Area in front of a massive concrete section of the facility.

It is as though they were positioned on purpose, both stood about right at what would be the ‘Entrance’. What is given to show but not shown, but only for those with ‘Eyes to See’ perhaps is that the Parting Shot or Film Frame from off that Wall was of an outline of a Grey Alien. Coincidence? Graffiti? Amazingly, the shot is in reverse order. This is another Telltale Sign of the Freemasons and Luciferians. It is exactly where the Forensic Geologist was standing in front of the ‘Door’, during the filming in the process of discussing the theory with the Airport Representative.
The Frame pans out with this ‘Grey Alien’ at the 38:11-13 Minute Marker, as if to show that, yes, this is the Entrance, the ‘Doorway’ that is shut to everyone not Authorized or ‘Initiated’ and that an ‘Alien Sentinel’ is standing at the Gate protecting it. The point is that such a Staging Ground of the Abandoned Baggage Processing Area would be and is a Perfect Cover to tell the People. It would prevent the Public or preying Investigators from having any Reason to venture down there. It is essentially like a Military No-Man’s Land Buffer Zone. It is highly unlikely that given the enormous cost of space to maintain and use at any given Airport that such a space would be kept in a state of ‘Abandonment’. There are Safety Issues and the need to either Demolish or Revamp the area, if at least for other usage of space, but not likely and that is the point.

The Conclusion of the Show was rather predictable in that the Forensic Geologist could not conclude that there is ‘Evidence’ that the Sites are constructed with all that has been ‘Conspired’. But that is exactly what the purpose of the show was to be about and allowed. And given the Timing of the Airing of the Show, after Years of not being rolled-out until now is just another of the Luciferian Playbook ‘Moda Operandi’, or Modes of operation. They need to convey to the World what they plan to do and are. As to releasing a Deadly Virus, controlling the World and reducing the World Population by 90%? It is a clear Textbook Case of Disinformation at its best or worst. 

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Georgia Guidestones

Alien Swastikas


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