Conspiracy of the Sanhedrin?

  • What is the Altar of Sacrifice all about?
  • When are the Jews expecting the Daily Sacrifices to occur?
  • What role does this Altar play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘From the 1st day of the 7th month began they to offer Burnt Offerings unto YHVH. But the foundation of the Temple of YHVH was not yet laid. They gave money also unto the Masons, and to the carpenters; and meat, and drink, and oil, unto them of Zidon, and to them of Tyre, to bring cedar trees from Lebanon to the sea of Joppa, according to the grant that they had of Cyrus, King of Persia. Now in the 2nd year of their coming unto the House of YHVH at Jerusalem, in the 2nd month, began Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and the remnant of their brethren the Priests and the Levites, and all they that were come out of the Captivity unto Jerusalem; and appointed the Levites, from 20 years old and upward, to set forward the work of the House of YHVH. ’ -Ezra 3:6-8

The purpose of this study is to provide an approximate transcript of what was said from the point of view of an actual eyewitness to the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice that occurred on December 10, 2018 in Jerusalem. This transcript is based off the YouTube channel named ‘Round Saturn’s Eye’ R$E who was one of the few Christians present to do a video exposé of the actual ceremony of the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. David Bass (Daveyboyz) is a British TV Presenter, writer and filmmaker, from London, UK who filed and narrated the video. Based on this ‘Temple Event’, a series of following studies will be presented. They will seek to analyze and interpret if anything prophetically might be significant.

The video commences with an impromptu interview of one of the leading Sanhedrin leaders, Professor Hillel Weiss. In that exchange of statements, it is very clear that the Sanhedrin believe their Messiah is yet to come and that ‘it is not Jesus’. The level of zeal and fervent stance of maintaining the ‘Jewish Religion’ is commendable as the Sanhedrin leader went on to state that ‘they would rather go back to Auschwitz than change their religion’. It is rather sad of a commentary that the Judaism that now exists continues to hold fast to what they see has to meet their spiritual needs, not Jesus.

A further very interesting question was posed by the videographer, ‘what will happen to the Christians that will refuse this coming Messiah and hold on to Jesus?’ The Sanhedrin replied, ‘the Messiah will decide’. Evidently not only the Christians, but the entire world will have no ultimatum but to accept the Mark of this Messiah that another Jew, that of John the Revelator deemed a ‘Beast’. The Sanhedrin had invited the main 70 Nations of the world to witness this dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. From the observation noted in the video, it appeared that only a handful of observers were present, no doubt mainly the supporters of such a religious cause. However, Mario Adolofo Bucaro Flores, the Ambassador of Guatemala was a Guest of Honor at the ceremony.

Also, present were the Ambassador of Honduras and Moshe Feiglin, head of the Zehut Party and a former Member of the Knesset. The dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice took place adjacent to one of the sections of the Old City wall of Jerusalem. More precisely it was on the southern side of the Old City and just south of the Citadel of David. A stage was set with banners that noted the sponsors of the event. Accoutrements of the Temple furnishings were displayed as replicas, except that of the actual Altar of Sacrifice.

Having all but the Ark of the Covenant accoutrements lying in wait signals their eventual home is to come. The Altar of Sacrifice was entirely made up of stone as it was during the time of Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple. However, the Altar of Sacrifice fashioned during Herod’s time was extremely embellished in terms of its size. Present were also various city official. There was also a first-responder vehicles fire-truck. The various Jewish institutes, agencies and organizations contributing to this dedication where granted and given permission by the Jerusalem city authorities to conduct such a dedication, publicly.

The actual sacrifice of the animal, most notably a lamb was performed outside Jerusalem, but a hind leg was placed thereafter atop the Altar of Sacrifice. By placing such a ‘Burnt Offering’ upon the Altar, according to the Mosaic Law, sanctified the Altar and makes it now possible for the eventual Daily Sacrifices to commence, technically. A cadre of Levitical Priests lined up on the stage to make the preliminary preparations. All the Priests were wearing the required Biblical white linen cloth vestature and were barefooted. The fire atop the Altar was lit as a stack of kindling wood was already placed there, although the fire went out several times.

A spokesperson appeared to be the host and guided the apparently small audience gathered as to the different stages of the dedication when performed. According to the videographer, the dedication ceremony started at approximately 10:30 AM, local time in Jerusalem. Based on the observation of the Altar of Sacrifice, it appeared that the dimensions where approximately close to that of what Moses was instructed to make as a model given by the Divine Blueprint from YHVH on Mount Sinai. No doubt the final version on the 3rd Temple will be more in keeping with what King Solomon had construction for the Temple in his day. Interestingly, the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice occurred on the last day of Hanukah.

Herein lies a direct connection to the rededication of the Temple that echoes back to the days of how the Maccabees restored the Temple service, etc. The video then goes on to interview another Sanhedrin Leader that basically speak of the 3rd Temple in terms of being the ‘New World Temple’ for the Nations. He then later expounds on the notion that there will be peace and prosperity associated with the coming Temple that to them, is a sure thing. The Sanhedrin Leader was asked if such a Temple would ‘unite all the religions of the world?’ The Sanhedrin replied, ‘absolutely, they already are’.

Thus, one can clearly deduce that an element of the Globalist Agenda of creating a hybrid world religion is in sync with the official Ecumenical Movement that is headed by the Roman Catholic Pope, no less. The Sanhedrin leader then stated that their only mission was to ‘unify everybody to worship the one and only true living God.’ The questions remain, which God is that? Surely the Muslims believe such a statement and are hell-bent on forcefully converting all the world to their Satanic creed. Most, if not all of the liberal Christian churches are so apostate, that they will wholeheartedly accept such an endeavor.

The video then captures the moments when the Priests along with some children on the stage go through a lottery of who will be chosen by lot to exercise certain aspects of the dedication ritual. This was done by having the Priests extend their hands and signify with 2 index fingers the chances they would have to be picked, etc. The videographer then interviews an apparent young Evangelical Christian and discourses the fact that the current Temple is that of the Holy Spirit. The videographer then states his opinion that Christians should not to be funding and helping this sort of Jewish religious endeavor because it is tantamount to sacrilege.

The young Evangelical Christian does appear to agree by stating that Christians who support such a feat clearly know that ‘the Messiah has come and that if they are funding it, it is feeding a lie.’ The videographer then stated that it would lead to the coming AntiChrist that would cause the Abomination of Desolation, etc. The young Evangelical Christian present then went on to say that he believes this is huge and serious and that it is a symbol of what will be occurring in the future sacrifices to come. He then went on to affirm that Christians need to have the Jews in their prayers to know how to show them that it was Jesus, Yeshua that came as the ultimate and last sacrifice on the Cross and that the Jews need to accept that.

The videographer then went on to continue with another segment of the interview with the initial Sanhedrin Leader. The question was posed in that ‘perhaps the Temple will be a ‘New World Temple’ for the Nations. The Sanhedrin Leader replied that ‘the Temple will be for the Nations and that if the Nations want true love, peace and justice that they have to follow the Bible’. Then the 2nd Sanhedrin Leader is recorded stating that even certain segments of the Muslims have approached the Sanhedrin to have said, ‘please build the Temple because it will be an instrument for world peace’. The Leader went on to describe that in the ‘New World’, there would be but peace and prosperity.

To a degree, this will be true. Once the Resurrection and  Rapture occurs of the Bride of Christ, the Seal Judgments will commence and the 1st one will be the White Horse Rider. This will be the Jewish Messiah that the Jews and the world have been waiting for. This AntiChrist will initially conquer through ‘peace and prosperity’. At this point in the video, the videographer makes an interesting connection between this Jewish Temple Movement and the Laodicean Church. In what way? Certain End Times ‘Christian’ movements like Dominion Theology and the New Apostolic Reformation and what he called cults like the Hebrew Roots Movement are approving of such efforts.

The dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice and the coming rebuilding of the 3rd Temple are being approved by such Christian groups for ‘prophecy purposes’. The videographer then admonished his viewers, and especially Christians to not support this endeavor and ‘not be deceived’. At this point in the video, the videographer goes on to clearly explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ in how if one is Born Again, one is the ‘Temple of the Holy Spirit’, etc. The videographer then makes a striking correlation of how Stephen was martyred by speaking this same truth and was stoned by the same Sanhedrin. Perhaps the stoning took place not far from where this Last Days dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice was performed.

What then becomes a commentary and reflection on the part of the videographer, a series of other events were tied to the probable prophecy that is being unveiled before the very eyes of the world. One such example is the claim that the Red Heifer has been procured. Then it was  acknowledged that, no doubt this rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice is part of the prophecy that the Bible speaks about is to occur. The ultimate aim however is the revelation of Jesus Christ. The video concludes with a further discourse from the young Evangelical Christian that reiterates that Jesus came to make a New Covenant as foretold in Jeremiah 31 by the blood of His sacrifice to be able to write the Law into one’s heart.

Then a very interesting parallel was made in how when the Tabernacle of Moses existed, the covering of the main Sanctuary were made of animal skins, speaking of ‘flesh’. And that by the New Covenant in the Blood of Jesus, the ‘Temple’ is the flesh, that being the body, etc. And that the Ark of the Covenant, for example is the heart where the Commandments are written. The final segment of the video was rather spectacular as the videographer actually had an opportunity to scale the ramp to the top of the Altar of Sacrifice.

There atop the Altar, the video clearly shows the 2 of the 3 types of ‘fires’ that were to be present. In this case, there was the fire of the Burnt Offering that actually had the portion of the lamb cast atop the Altar. Then there was the fire of the coals from which some were to be placed on the Altar of Incense. The other fire was to be the one that was to never go out. This was the one that according to the Bible, YHVH ignited Himself from Heaven as in the days of King Solomon’s dedication and the contest of Elijah.

The occasion was of Elijah wherein the Evening Burnt Offering was consumed by the Divine Fire directly from Heaven. As the videographer was atop the Altar on the ramp, he then proceeded to reiterate the Gospel truth that Jesus is the final sacrifice and the final one for one’s sins. He then reiterates that the Christians helping such a cause will eventually help lead this endeavor to the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel and Jesus Himself. Although it is recognized that there is now no need for a Temple made of stones, as one’s body is the Temple where the Holy Spirit dwells, such a dedication nonetheless is part of Biblical prophecy that has to take place. Such are ‘stepping stones’ that will lead to the return of Jesus, the true Messiah, King of Kings but that a rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice is something Christians should not follow. He concludes with the outstanding statements:

‘Praise the LORD, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the Holy One of Israel. He is LORD, praise GOD. King of Kings who died for our sins and rose again to defeat Death. I pray that many Jewish people and many others across the world will not fall for this deception of a New World Religion. And that many would turn to know the true Messiah…please don’t wait until it is too late. Prophecy is coming to pass. The hour is late. Praise GOD, all glory to Him, all glory to Him. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins.’

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Sanhedrin ‘Third Temple’ Ritual in Jerusalem (R$E)


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