Keeper of the Silver Gate of Man

  • What does the Gates of Eden represent, Literal or Figurative?
  • Is there a Cosmic Mirror of Gates located in the Earthly Zion?
  • Will the Gates to Paradise once again be opened and by whom?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Jesus used this Figure of Speech, but the Pharisees did not Understand what he was telling them. Therefore Jesus said again, Very truly I tell you, I am the Gate for the Sheep. All who have come before me are Thieves and Robbers, but the Sheep have not listened to them. I AM the Gate; whoever Enters through Me will be Saved. They will come in and go out and find Pasture’. –John 10:7-9

The purpose of this study is to show that the Cosmic Storyline that is centered on the Silver Gate is an Abbreviated Synopsis, mirroring the 4 Gospel of the Bible. This study suggests that the Segment is a Timeframe and Dispensation reveals the redemptive Plan of Jesus Christ worked-out in Space and Time. The Storyline of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac can be summed-up in this Cosmic Quadrant, centered on the Silver Gate or Gate of Man. Each Constellation is attributed to one of the 4 Main Cosmic Quadrants that Reflect the 4 Works of Jesus Christ. It was Jesus who came to Execute the Plan of Redemption, by being Humbled to Incarnate as a Human, fully the Living GOD and Man. The Inference to Christ depicted in the 4 Constellations is taken from the Biblical Interpretation of the Research and work done by E.W. Bullinger.

The Bible states in the New Testament that Jesus was, ‘Slain since the Foundations of the World’, in Eternity Past. Jesus stated that He is the Living GOD that is the Good Shepherd and that He is the Gate of the Sheep. Jesus is the Gate-Keeper and gave His Life for the Sheep through His Crucifixion. As the Son of the Creator, He allowed Himself and willingly chose the Will of the Father to be Humbled to be Born a Human, as a Shepherd to Die for the Human Race. This was part of the Plan for Jesus to Die for the Sins of Humanity. Jesus was then Buried and Resurrected, conquering Sin, Death and Lucifer. His Death would Pay the Sin of Adam’s Fallen Race. When Jesus walked on Earth, He truly was the Shepherd King as His Earthly Father King David was.

This Characterizes the Notion that Jesus had a similar Heart, in that Jesus, like David, gave all his Issues to YHVH. David was as one who was ‘After GOD’s own Heart’. The Present Dispensation of Prophetic Time deals with the Gospel. It is Jesus that is Officiating as the Judge, evaluating His Church, the 7 Maidens as in the Pleiades or the Menorah as Jesus is depicted in the Book of Revelation. The Church Age has thus 7 Segments of Prophetic Time before Jesus, as the Orion, the Redeemer will come back to Earth. Perhaps Jesus will come through the very Silver Gate at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride. Jesus is presently functioning in the Office of Priest as He is mediating between the Redeemed Sinners and the Father. He is also the Advocate on behalf of the Bride that is being Accused by Satan or Lucifer before the Judicial Court of Heaven. The Name Satan, means the Accuser or Adversary.

Door of Escape
Lucifer is not in Hell currently, but still has in a Mysterious Way, ‘Legal Access’ to this Place of Accusation. However, Jesus as the Judge is Interceding as a Lawyer on behalf of the Church and consequently not Judging His Church but Evaluating it. As noted, it is an Evaluation unto Approval through the Refinement Process that will involve Suffering and Persecution. Did not the Apostles warn that ‘All those that seek to Live a Godly Life will be Persecuted? The Church has been allowed to go through Tribulation and Suffering that involves Persecution but not the ‘Indignation of the LORD’ as taught in the Book of Revelation. Tribulation, Persecution and Suffering have characterized the 7-Fold Church Age since Pentecost. Students of the End of Days must understand however, that the Bride was not Promised an ‘Escape Door’ from Tribulation, and Suffering but from the ‘Indignation that is to come on the Inhabitants of the World’.

In fact, YHVH has used Suffering, Tribulation and Persecution to Refine the Bride with. This coming Condition upon the World of the Lambs Indignation has not occurred thus far. However it will be at that Point in Time, when it does happen that the Bride will be Corporately removed through the ‘Escape Hatch’ out of this World; through the Gate of the Shepherd and Gate Keeper, etc. Until that Time, it is through this Process of Tribulation, Suffering and Persecution that Believers are being Sanctified or Set-Apart Spiritually. The Agent is the Holy Spirit ministering through the renewing of the Word of YHVH, the Bible. Jesus keeps with the Typology of the Bull in that He came to serve.

He became a Servant as Jesus even Washed the Feet of His Disciples. As Jesus stated to the Apostle Peter and of the rest of the Apostles, minus Judas, ‘You are All Clean’. It is only the Parts of the Body that get ‘Dirtied’ that need to be Constantly Cleansed. This takes Volition on the part of a Disciple of Jesus to come to the Intermediary, the ‘Advocate with the Father’ for this Continual Cleansing, because one is still in the Mortal and Corruptible Body of Flesh. The Physical Body of the Followers of Jesus will one day be Transformed. This is what will be the Next Prophetic Event to happen as Promised. This Event is referred to by many as being the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride at the End of the Church Age. The Next Dispensation of Prophetic Time will commence with the Last Week of Daniel’s Prophetic Week of Years.

This Time will be needed to also Complete the Redemption of National Israel from the Levin of the Synagogue of Satan and the Rejection of Jesus as the True Messiah. It will Metaphorically be a Time as it was with the Wrestling of Jacob who had to be Humbled and totally Surrendered to YHVH, devoid of any more Rebellion. The Subsequent Time will Encompass the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom on Earth from the Earthly Zion, in Jerusalem. As noted, the Redemption of the Bodies of the Believers in Jesus will come at the Point and Time of the Rapture Event. This Next Event in the Prophetic Timeline will Consummate the Plan of Redemption, which is the Glorification of the Body. This will be essential as Flesh and Blood cannot inhabit Eternity. The New Bodies will be United with the already Redeemed Spirit and Soul of a Disciple of Jesus. The Glorification will also allow the Bride of Christ to Co-Rule and Reign with Christ on Earth for the Millennial 1000 Years. This is before Jesus makes All Things New. This Scenario will start to occur, as some interpret the Bible, after the Battle of Armageddon.

Church Age Intermission
The Bride will be those that the Kingdoms of this World and of the Principalities of the Powers in the Air, are given over to the Saints in Glory. According to the Bible, it will be at the End of the Millennial Reign of Christ that Lucifer will be let lose 1 Last Time to gather those opposed to Christ. Lucifer will finally be cast into the Lake of Fire but only as he attempts one Last Rebellion and Assault against Jesus Christ and the Earthly Zion in Jerusalem. Subsequently, the Great White Throne Judgement ensues and after all are cast likewise into the Lake of Fire following the ways of Lucifer, Jesus will make the New Heavens and New Earth. This will be accompanied by the Superimposed New Jerusalem, prepared as a Bride. It will be after the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth that the New State of Eternity Future will be created and entered into.

The Universe and all that is seen and not seen will be under the complete Authority of Jesus. This Time, there will be at least 2 Factors that are different since the Creation of the Prior Universe, as one Understands it. In one sense, there will be no Rebellion, no Lucifer to Tempt and Introduce any more Conspiracies of Deception and Lies to derail Humanity and the Creation with. Also, there will be a Co-Heir to the Throne of the Son of GOD, in that a ‘Wife’ as in a Companion to Christ Jesus, in some Mysterious Way will share all that Jesus is and has. This is seen in the Typology of Gemini in that the Original Persons was a Couple, a Man and a Woman holding hands as Lovers do. The following are the 4 Fold Gospels of Christ’s Redemptive Work, as depicted in the 4 Constellations, centered on the Shepherd’s Gate, the Silver Gate of Orion.

Stage 1:                      AURIGA
Main Star:                   Capella
Typology:                    The Shepherd
Dispensation:              Past
Work:                          Justified
Gospel:                       Matthew, the shepherd king

Stage 2:                      TAURUS
Main Star:                   Aldebaran
Typology:                    The Judge
Dispensation:              Present
Work:                           Sanctifying present Church Age Believers
Gospel:                        Mark, the lowly servant

Stage 3:                      ORION
Main Star:                   Betelgeuse
Typology:                    The Redeemer
Dispensation:              Future
Work:                          Glorified in the Millennial Kingdom
Gospel:                       Luke, the man

Stage 4:                      Gemini
Main Star:                   Pollux
Typology:                    The Couple
Dispensation:              Eternity Future
Work:                          Exalted

To reiterate, the Typology of the Prophetic Significance of the 4 Constellations are at the Core of the Cosmic Celestial Gate of Man or the Silver Gate. They are Echoing the Creation in the Garden of Eden and ending with the New Garden of Eden to come in which Jesus and His collective Bride of Believers will be as Adam and Eve for all that is to come. It will be a State of Exaltation. However, not much is Written about this Time. There are only some Hints as the Apostle Paul stated that, ‘No Eye has Seen or Thought entered the Mind of what YHVH has in store for those that Love the LORD and are called according to the Purpose for which He Purposed in Christ Jesus.’

Main Sources
E.W. Bullinger




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