Prophetic Countdown to the Gog-Magog Alliance

  • When is this Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel to take place?
  • Who will lead the Muslim Coalition of Armies against Israel?
  • Will the Church Age Christians be around during this Time?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Word of YHVH came to me: Son of Man, set your Face against Gog, of the Land of Magog, the Chief Prince of Meshek and Tubal; Prophesy against him and say: This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, Gog, Chief Prince of Meshek and Tubal.  I will turn you around, put Hooks in your Jaws and bring you out with your whole Army—your Horses, your Horsemen fully Armed, and a Great Horde with large and small Shields, all of them brandishing their Swords. Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with Shields and Helmets, also Gomer with all its Troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far North with all its Troops—the many Nations with you’. –Ezekiel 38:1-6

The purpose of this study is to examine the many Theories, Variables and Speculations of what is and/or will constitute the Gog-Magog War I. The Bible states most definitely that there is coming a Time when the Nations will come against YHVH’s Earthly People and YHVH will come against the Nations. What is unique about this Prophecy is that the coordinated attack is unified and comprises the Nations that are not bordering Israel but are still, for the most part Muslim, in general. The Nation States that this study called the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations will be involved and will be led by Russia foremost, Gog and the ‘Prince of Magog’. What this study establishes is that this conflict is at the core, a Spiritual one. It pegs the Nations of the Earth not only against Israel but the GOD of Israel, whom the Bible declared is the Creator, not Allah or any other False ‘God’.

The Outcome of this Consolidated Invasion will show that YHVH calls Israel, ‘His People’ and that YHVH will intervene to show Himself GOD over Israel, the Nations and the Earth. The Bible teaches that YHVH will not do this because of Israel’s ‘Righteousness’ or Morality but out of the Covenants and Promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In essence, Israel has a ‘Military Pact’ with the GOD of the Universe. Although Israel has been regathered in ‘Unbelief’ as Ezekiel teachers in the Last Days, this Divine Intervention will serve also to show YHVH Strong and Relevant to Israel. The Timing of this Invasion might well coincide with the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period.

This Timing would also coincide with the Exposure of the False Messiah Israel will ‘Confirm’ the Covenant with which Isaiah said would be with ‘Death’, etc. This study suggests that the various Ethnic Peoples that make-up the Modern Nation States of the various adjacent Muslim Nations with Israel are the Paramilitary Factions that make-up the listing of the Psalm 83 Prophecy. This in turn, makes way for the ‘Covenant with the Many’ to be ‘confirmed’ through Israel’s Victory and Land Acquisitions. This Timing might very well coincide with the advent of the AntiChrist whom Israel will receive as the long-awaited Political Messiah. Because of this, a False Sense of ‘Peace and Security’ will be imposed on Israel for the 1st 3.5 or 1260 Days of the 7-year Tribulation Period.  

False Paradigms

In the West, most think that all Muslim are Arabs. To a degree is this True but the Muslim World is not entirely made up of Arabs, Ethnically. In the case of the Arabs at large, this has been True as the expanse of the Territorial Dominion of the Muslim World stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Its Religious Conquests stretch from the main Continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. But there is no single Issue that Unites the Muslim World than issues with Israel and Jerusalem. Israel and Jerusalem are at the Geographical Crossroads of Humanity. It is the Epicenter also of the Spiritual Conflict between Lucifer and YHVH on Earth, as a reflection on Earth of what is occurring in Heaven. The Muslim Fighting Factions that in some cases are fighting each other will Unite, to confederate themselves against Israel.

As the Inner-Ring of the Militarily Coordinated Attack is defeated, the Inner-Ring of Muslim Peoples will be secured, no major Hostilities from this Inner-Ring of Neighboring Nations will occur from that point on. At this Time, Israel will let down its Guard and have no ‘Walled Cities’, thinking it has achieved a lasting ‘Peace and Security’. Why would it? It will be perhaps because it is promised by their accepted ‘Messiah’. He will give Israel his ‘Word’ and after all, Israel would have no Reason to Doubt or Mistrust such a ‘Savior’ finally come in this ‘Name’ as Jesus said he would to ‘Rescue’ Israel from its Enemies, etc. However, unaware to Israel, it has been Prophesized in Ezekiel that a much Stronger and Menacing Threat still will linger from beyond the Inner-Ring of Muslim Peoples. Israel’s Prosperity will be the Tempting Factor for the Gog-Magog War.

This Breach will occur because as a whole, Israel has not been wholly observant to the Voice and Calling of their GOD, YHVH. Most People of Israel are Secular and to a large extent are even Atheist and Hedonistic. For example, Tel Aviv is now the ‘Gay Capital’ of the World, etc. In fact officially, only the Ultra-Orthodox form of Judaism is accepted as being ‘Jew’. In essence, anyone not Ultra-Orthodox is really a 2nd Class Jew. It is no wonder why in the New Testament it speaks of the End of Days Spiritual Condition of Israel as that of ‘Egypt and Sodom’. It speaks of a Spiritual State of Mind, the Spiritual Idolatry and Physical Adultery that is occurring. Israel is in such a Bind now for not hearing the Prophets YHVH sent to them and Rebelling against such Admonitions.

This Attitude is so pug and demonstrated, for example in the Jewish host Joy Behar of The View. She mocks and laughs at Christians for suggesting that ‘GOD speaks’ to People and/or are Guided by the LORD’s Voice, etc. The whole Jewish-Christian Bible is replete with how YHVH just does that. There is YHVH talking with Adam, then Cain. There is YHVH’s warning to Noah. Then there is Abram, Moses, all the Prophets. YHVH spoke in Visions and Dreams to Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel. YHVH spoke to Joseph to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus, etc. Then there is the Apostle Peter with the Unclean Animals within a Sheet Incident. Later on, Jesus appeared and spoke to the Apostle Paul on the Road to Damascus. It is people like Joy that refuse to hear YHVH as she typifies what Israel was like, is and will be still. YHVH called Israel to account twice because of this and thus the 2 Exiles. YHVH had to Discipline Israel and He still has to. This is the cause of the Last Week of Daniel, of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, etc. Israel still has Unfinished Business with Jesus Christ.

Wars to Armageddon
This study suggests that in the End of Days, it would appear that the Isaiah 17 Burden of Damascus will set the Stage for the Domino Effect of Prophetic Wars that will center on Jerusalem until Jesus returns and will be Nuclear. Why will they go ‘Nuclear’? It is the Natural Progression and Escalation that will warrant it as Israel has limited Man and Woman Power. In the Hezbollah Wars of 2006, Israel took-on too many Casualties and the loss of Men cannot be sustained. Realize that when Israel goes to War the whole Nation goes to War. It essentially pivoted the entire 1 Billion Muslims on Earth against a mere 7 Million Jews in Israel at most, at the Epicenter of End Times Prophecy. It is their survival that is at stake. Every Man eligible to Serve is Conscripted as are Women to an extent. Although the Lebanon War of 1982 and thereafter was an Invasion, it was a reaction to the constant barrage of Muslim Attacks on its Northern Border. In this next War, Israel will have calculated that based on the amassing Factions, the overwhelming Forces will have to be dealt with Overwhelming Firepower, Nuclear in this case.

Israel is not a stranger to Disparaging Odds. During the Yom Kippur War, it was up to 10 to 1 odds in favor of the Muslims. Even Troops from as far away as Cuba came to help the Muslims thanks to Fidel Castro, etc. As mentioned, the Psalm 83 War of the Inner-Ring of Muslim People Factions is what this study strongly suggests will pave the way for the Covenant with the Many. This study suggests that the cause for this Confederated Muslim Unity is to set the stage or Prophetic Timeline for when Jesus is to Return, literally back to Earth. It will be when Israel will ‘Confirm’ a ‘Peace and Security’ status with the ‘Many’ presented by the False Messiah, as it will be Miraculously Victorious over such Muslim People Factions. The Psalm 83 War in turn sets-up the Staging Ground for the Gog-Magog War I and so on. The following is the suggested War Timeline that centers on Jerusalem of the coming Prophetic Wars between Islam and the Jews.
                                      1                                2                                         3                                                       4
    Isaiah 17        Psalm 83 War       Gog-Magog War I       Battle of Armageddon                      Gog-Magog War II
---------|----------------------|---------------------------|----------------------------------|---------------(1000 Years)-------------|           
   Damascus           Jerusalem                 Jerusalem                          Jerusalem                                       Jerusalem
                                      |----------------Daniel’s 70th Week-------------------|
                               Beginning                    Middle                               End  

Once the confirming the ‘Covenant with the Many’ instills a False Sense of ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel, it will be the cause to let its Guard down much as it did prior to the Yom Kippur War of 1973. One cannot overemphasize the notion that this War and coming Wars are Prophetic and Spiritual in nature. For example, the plan to attack Israel in concert with Syria was code-named Operation Badr which means ‘Full Moon’. This was in memory and spirit of the Islamic Battle of Badr, in which Muslims under Muhammad defeated the Quraish Tribe of Mecca. This might seem insignificant, but it was a ‘Religious’ War. The Objective was to kill all the Non-Muslim ‘Infidels’ to include the Slaughter of Jews primarily and later on any remaining Christians. This same pattern of Islamic Slaughter was, is and will always be the same Blueprint against Jews and Christians not only in the Middle East, but also anywhere in the world. For example, PLO had to be routed-out of Jordan.

It is a Spiritual War

The PLO basically wanted to take over that country and in September of 1970, the King of Jordan had to Militarily Extract them out. All Middle East Wars are Religious Wars. For example, when the PLO found their nest in Southern Lebanon, the Ancient Christian Village of Damour in 1976 was entirely Slaughtered by the PLO and Communist Allies. It is self- evident that there cannot be any Lasting Peace so long as the Quran is read and its Edict and Commands to Kill all Non-Believers is implemented. It is rather telling that the Muslims chose to attack on the Holiest in Judaism, that being Yom Kippur. This day Commemorates the Day when the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies of the Temple on the Temple Mount with Blood to ‘Atone’ the People of YHVH. In the Book of Hebrew, it teaches that such was a Dress Rehearsal of the True High Priest, Jesus who offered His Sinless Blood not only for the Atonement of Israel, but the whole World. The Blood of Animals could not take away Sin as the Blood of Animals could only cover Sin Temporarily and pointed to Jesus.

During the Yom Kippur War of 1973, both sides had to break their Religious Fasts for the Muslims, the attack came on the 7th Day of Ramadan, etc. One has to consider that currently, most of the Attacks on Israel are coming from the North, a Foreshadowing of the Gog-Magog War I. The End of the 7-Year Tribulation Period will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon from the North. This War starts in the Valley of Megiddo as the World Coalition of Armies amasses towards Jerusalem. It is confronted by Jesus and His Warrior Bride, the Raptured Saints who touchdown on the Mount of Olives, etc. Thereafter, as Jesus establishes His Davidic Throne and Earthly Kingdom for 1000 Years called the Millennial Reign, Lucifer who was chained will be let loose for one last Revolt as he amasses a Last Human War against the Eternal King and His Holy City, Jerusalem.

This War is also called the Gog-Magog War II. It is not to be confused, as it is with the Ezekiel 38 Gog-Magog War I. It might very well be the case that the same Demonic Spirits. What is rather unique in this Gog-Magog War II is that Gog is also thought to be a very powerful Fallen Angel set over such a Region, much like the Prince of Persia. This is corroborated in Amos 7 with the ‘Locust Army’ having ‘Gog’ as their King when the Bible states that Locusts have none. The Bible sadly describes that the Last Rebellion will be like the ‘Sands of the Sea’ coming up against Jerusalem and the Holy People of YHVH. Jesus alone literally Vaporizes with fire the Encroaching Armies coming like ‘Locusts’ and casts their ‘King’, Lucifer into the Lake of Fire.

One would think that after having 1000 Years of a Restored ‘Paradise’ with no War, Famine, Evil, Crime and nothing but Health, Wealth and Prosperity, Humanity would rather want that than what Lucifer would falsely have to Counterfeit and not be able to deliver. This Outcome speaks of the Depravity of Sin at the core of Humanity’s Soul, Spirit and Mind that constitutes the Fallen ‘Human Condition’ that needs Redemption and Transformation. Presently, due to the Fall of Humanity since Adam and Eve, there are 3 Tempters operating at any given Time. There is the Temptation that comes from Lucifer. There is the Temptation that comes from the World and then there is the Temptation that comes from the Human Heart.

Hook in the Jaw

In contrast, during the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth from Jerusalem, there will only be 1 Dimensional Aspect of Temptation, that of the Depraved Human Heart. During the Millennial Kingdom on Earth or ‘Dispensation’ of Time, Lucifer will have been Locked-Up waiting until the 1000 Years are over. During the Millennial Kingdom, the Earth and World are Restored where there will not be Temptations as they are now rampant…such as with all the corrupt Media, Porn, Abuse of Drugs, Evil Music, Degenerate Movies, and Perverted Lifestyles, etc. Despite this Advantage, YHVH will Respect the Free Will of Humanity to even choose as it was with Adam and Eve in the original Garden of Eden, a Perfect Environment. In that instance there were only 2 Factors of Temptation, the Human Heart and Lucifer, etc. However, Humanity must then accept the Consequences for such Freedom as Adam and Eve had. What this study suggests is that the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations led by Russia and Iran will be so tempted by the opportunity of Spoils Israel has to offer at that Time.

It is rather amazing that a Nation came from the Ravages of the Holocaust to a ‘Super-State’ in many respects in just 1 Generation per Psalm 90 of 70 Years. Although Israel is tiny, it is Mighty but the covetous presumption of the Gog-Magog Alliance will be their undoing. What will possibly prompt Russia to be ‘Hooked’ in the Jaw and be the Spearhead that leads the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations could be mainly Economics. As New Oil and Gas Reserves have been found off the coast of Israel, the Rapid Development by Israel will cut into the Russian Markets that supply all of Europe. What is also rather interesting is to note that the Entities that will constitute the Gog-Magog War I Nations all comprise the 3 Main Racial Groups that came out of Noah after the Flood. These are Descendants of Japheth, Shem and Ham, essentially the entire ‘Nations’ of the World, etc. following are the Outer-Ring Muslim nations that do not border Israel but will constitute the Gog-Magog War I.

1. Gog:                        Russian Federation                             Japheth
2. Gomer                     Turkey
3. Beth Togarmah       European Union countries
4. Persia                      Iran                                                      Shem
5. Many Nations          Central Asian Muslim Republics
6. Cush                        Sudan-Ethiopia                                   Ham
7. Put                           Algeria-Libya

As many or most Political Scientists would attest, the Wars with Israel since 1948 have in essence been a Proxy War of Russia. Since Israel’s War of Independence, the former Soviets armed the Muslim Armies to the Teeth with the latest Soviet Weaponry. The former Soviet Union showcased their latest Weaponry, much like the present Day and situation within Syria. It will also be a matter of ‘Saving Face’ to the Muslims as it cannot be seen as Weak or Irrelevant to the cause of the Muslims. Do also realize that it is estimated that the Russian Army is made up of up to 40% Muslim Conscripts. At first, Israel had a lot in common with the Soviets. A lot of Jewry came from the former Soviet Republics and the core of the Bolsheviks were Atheistic Jews. The Ideals of Marx, Lenin and Ingle’s Christian-Hating Socialism and Communism were implemented by Jews. One form of this Socialist Model was, for example, the Kibbutz Communities.

Coming Objections
However, as Israel veered toward the USA, the Muslims veered towards the Soviets. The Muslim Armies that have come against Israel since 1948 have been the most Advanced and Armed Militias in the World. Muslim Nations have always been eager to purchase Billions of the Russian latest Weapons with all the Oil Revenues or Money from Arabia, the Gulf States and other Globalist Families, etc. The Point is that the Russians are far too Invested to pull-out but rather have to Save Face when it comes to the Muslim World. Israel has mainly relied on the Tech Advance Military Hardware the USA has produced. What is very interesting and telling perhaps is that the coming Gog-Magog War I will be allowed to occur without the Objection from the USA or Europe even. The Scriptures are not clear as to this effect but perhaps as many have speculated, the USA, which has supported Israel since Israel’s Birth may not be in a Political, Moral nor Militarily Position to assist and/or defend Israel.

Ezekiel records an Objection from Sheba and Dedan, or what is now Arabia. There is also an Objection from an Encrypted Reference to the ‘Young Lions’ and the people of the Coastlands ‘Living Carelessly’. Many have speculated that the Young Lions refers to England and the ‘Careless Coastlands’ perhaps to the USA. Although the Lion is one of the Coat of Arms of England, many other Nations have such a Lion ensign as the Nederland’s, Finland, Norway, Czechia and Spain, etc. This Prophetic Language cannot equate ‘Young Lions’ with England as England is an Ancient Power, not young. This study suggests that the ‘Young Lions’ may refer to the Americas as the Lion or Leon of Spain spawned most of its Young Republics. However, the emphasis being on the USA as the Conquistador and Spanish Explorers did Colonize the entire breadth of what is now the USA.

The Settlement and fort of St. Augustine in Florida, for example, is the Oldest European Continuous Settlement in the USA. The Spaniard, De Soto explored the South, the Mississippi. St. Charles, Missouri or San Carlos was where the Wagon Trains set forth on the Santa Fe Trail of New Mexico or the Oregon Trail, etc. Given the Moral Decay and Decline of the USA, such a Young ‘Lion’ Nation whose Main Population is living on the ‘Coastlands’ in a Careless Manner would appear to fit the Prophecy. Such a Nation could be paralyzed by its Sinful Spiritual and Moral State that it has no Moral nor Political Just Cause to do anything but ‘Object’ with Arabia regarding the Gog-Magog War I. Since the change of the Saudi King, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, there is a much more Dynamic Power Structure in the Middle East and at the Heart of Islam.

If it is an Objection of Convenience it is perhaps that Arabia will feel so threatened that it might well believe she is next. However, the saying, ‘the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’ will go a long way as the Sunni or Wahabi Saudis fear Iran more than they do Israel who both see Iran as a Common Enemy. As noted, one possible Reason could be that Russia has spent a vast amount of money on the military campaigns in Syria. It has done so at the expense of its People’s needs back Home and it has made it go Bankrupt. As the Price of Oil has been Deflated purposely against Russia, it became Economically Strapped for Wealth and will see Israel not only as an Energy Competitor. But with her Defenses down and vulnerable much like in the Yom Kippur War of 1973.


According to Prophecy, Russia leading the Gog-Magog War I will be seeking foremost a Spoil or Wealth from Israel. By this Time, Israel will have become an Energy Super-Power, Economically and Technologically. It will also host the World’s Hub for Technology and perhaps that of the Mark of the Beast. One can see some Prophetic Parallels of how the Enemies of YHVH’s People sought to take a Spoil from Israel all throughout Bible History. The Old Testament is in part a History Book that records YHVH’s People being Attacked and Plundered. One Account occurred with Abram and the taking of Lot and much of Abram’s Wealth. This occurred to Abraham, the very Man YHVH made the Covenant and Promise of the Spiritual Birthright. Abram was also a Military Man and Mustered his Militia to take back the Spoils that the Enemies of YHVH had taken, etc. Then King David had his Wives and Possessions taken from him by the same Enemies.

Mind you, this sort of Culture was and is very prevalent in the Old World but it is rooted in the Sin of Thievery, Covetousness and Greed that comes from the Heart of the Soul of Humanity and is found in any Nation or Peoples. This will be the same Reason why the Gog-Magog Alliance of all the Nations will be triggered by. The other will be that YHVH will use this occasion to show Himself Strong toward His Earthly People, Israel in a State of ‘Unbelief. YHVH will demonstrate that He is Faithful to keep the Covenants made to Israel despite or because of a Lack of Faith. And also consequently to all the Muslims that Islam and Allah are False. Realize that the Primary Promises made by YHVH to Israel were and are Unconditional. It is much like YHVH’s Love is the Agape kind or Unconditional Love for a Sinner that Repents in Jesus Christ.

The Gog-Magog Alliance seeking to Plunder Israel is in essence taking what belongs to YHVH, the True Possessor and Owner of the Promised Land, the Holy City and the Rightful King, etc. This Scenario has Echoes of the Parable of the Vineyard that Jesus sought to teach Israel. It not only applied directly to Israel’s Wicked State but that of the World in this heightened level of application concerning Gog-Magog. In this case, it is the Nations that want to take the Spiritual Birthright, the Promised Land and its Blessings. However, the Covenants made between Israel and YHVH secured a Promise of Dominance by Israel, Economically and Militarily over the Nations. Although Israel was instructed to conquer the Promised Land from ‘River to River’, it only got as far as it could by Solomon’s Time.

It is obvious now that such a Prophetic Directive by YHVH will only truly be realized when the true Heir and King of the Birthright comes, Jesus. He will be ruling from Jerusalem. He will be a Jew and the Promised Land will be divided back amongst the 12 Tribes of Jacob, etc. Although all Muslims cringe at the implications, as do other Enemies of YHVH and Israel, the Bible has a Land Grant from River to River; from the Euphrates to the Nile. These are represented in the very Flag of Israel by the 2 Blue Bars across the Standard. Even the Muslims admit that the Promised Land belongs to Israel, or the Descendants of Isaac and Jacob. Consider the following Islamic Scholar on the Topic of weather the Promised Land belongs to Israel or not. Note that such Opinions or Interpretations, even from the Quran are Verboten and Censored.

Sheik Abdul Paleizo
When asked what the Qur'an says about the State of Israel, Palazzi replied:

‘The Qur'an cannot deal with the State of Israel as we know it Today, since that State came into existing in 1948 only, i.e. many Centuries after the Qur'an itself was revealed. However, the Qur'an specify that the Land of Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish People, that GOD Himself gave that Land to them as Heritage and Ordered them to live therein.

It also announces that - before the End of the Time - the Jewish People will come from many different Countries to Retake Possession of that Heritage of theirs. Whoever denies this actually denies the Qur'an itself. If he is not a Scholar, and in Good Faith believes what other People say about this Issue, he is an Ignorant Muslim. If, on the contrary, he is informed about what the Qur'an says and openly opposes it, he ceases to be a Muslim’.

Land of Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish people - Imam Palazzi".
Weekly Blitz.
Volume # 5, Issue # 42, October 13, 2010


Critics of such a pro-Biblical and Israel Narrative would argue rightly that the Western Powers have ‘Balkanized’ the Middle East. It has pivoted Tribe against Tribe and exploited the Religious Rift between the Sunnis and Shi’ites, etc. It is a case of the well proven ‘Divide and Conquer’ Technique. One by one, Middle East Republics and those of Northern Africa and Asia have been allowed to fester in Sectarian Violence. This first started with the Civil War in Lebanon. It was sort of a Trial Run to assess the Outcomes. Aside from the Isaiah 17 Event regarding Damascus, all the other Prophetic Wars coming will be centered on Jerusalem but will not be completely destroyed or 'Nuked'.

Realize that the Enemies of Christ want it as a Prize to be captured and possessed because it is where the Name of the LORD is set upon. Lucifer wants to Rule from it, he will in fact for just 48 Months, etc. So it will not be 'Nuked' in that sense but damaged for sure and to varying degrees in each War. The Bible does give glimpses of some of the instances. More so in the Gog-Magog War I where the Enemies as you know will be Decimated even before they get to Jerusalem with 'Nuke' type of effects. Ezekiel 38 and 39 foretell that YHVH will Decimate them on the ‘Mountains of Israel’. Then the following Nations have descended into an orchestrated ‘Order out of Chaos’.


War Against YHVH
The Slaughter by YHVH of Gog-Magog and its Muslim Allies cannot be at no other place than the Hill Country of Samaria and Judea. This is the stronghold of the Palestinians and contention over Jewish Settlements. As noted, to the Russians, an Easy Prey will be Israel that after the Psalm 83 War will have its Defenses down, trusting in their new found and accepted ‘Messiah’ that will ‘Guarantee’ them ‘Peace and Security’. This scenario will occur as the 1st 3.5 Years or 1260 Days of the Tribulation Period will be one of a coming ‘Savior’ Messiah not only for Israel but for the World. Contrary to much False Christian Teaching, the Great Tribulation does not start until the 2nd Part.

This will coincide with the Gog-Magog War I and the start of the Persecution as the real Identity of the Antichrist is Revealed as he survives a Moral Wound and Fakes the Resurrection. It is at this 2nd half of the Time of Jacob’s Troubles begins as the ‘Reign of Terror’ is unleashed by Lucifer upon the World. It will also at this Point and Time that the World Economic System will be set to the Mark of the Beast, etc. It will be at the Half-Way Mark perhaps that YHVH will show Himself Strong and Able to Save Israel as He miraculously wipes-off the Map of the Invaders of the Russian led Muslim Gog-Magog War I.

It will be a Supernatural Spectacle that YHVH will not only demonstrate His Power to Israel but to the other Nations of the World. In the Psalm 83 War, it is not clear now how far the enemies got to Jerusalem. What is very prophetically significant about this Gog-Magog War I is that it is the only war since the exile of Israel in 70 AD that the GOD of Israel, YHVH will Directly Intervene on Israel’s behalf. If one looks closely at the 38 and 39 chapters of Ezekiel, it becomes very clear that this War would occur in the Last Days as verse 8 of chapter 38 states. The Prophecy of this War to come upon Israel can now be read as the Newspaper Headlines and what History has attested to already.

It is clear that YHVH decisively interjects this Defense completely and Unconditionally on behalf of Israel, His People whom YHVH calls for the 1st Time since 70 AD. At no other Time in Israel’s history since 1948 has this occurred, especially since Israel being ‘Reborn’ in a Day as Isaiah foretold. Not even in the War of Independence in 1948, the 6-Day War of 1967 nor the Yom Kippur War of 1973, much less all the other lesser Conflicts did YHVH state, that He personally would come to Israel’s Defense. In verse 9 of Ezekiel 38, it states clearly that the Modern Nation of Israel, YHVH calls ‘His People’. It is what is the reality now, the State of Israel.

This is huge Prophetically as at no other time has YHVH addressed Israel directly since Jesus. Why? In one aspect, it is because of the Church Age ‘Intermission’ has concluded. YHVH’s Spiritual People, is whom He could only say that to presently, ‘My People’. It is the Church Body comprising the Bride of Christ, etc. Once the Bride of Christ will be Extracted or Raptured, YHVH’s Business and Directives will turn to His ‘Wayward Wife’, Israel that was Divorced but will lure her back as Jeremiah foretells. Foremost, this Gog-Magog War I is against YHVH and His Land whom He declares and claims in verse 14 of chapter 38 of Ezekiel.

Mountains of Israel

YHVH also validates the Diaspora in that the various Peoples that make-up Modern Israel, is ‘Israel’ of the Bible constitute a Multitude of Nationalities from almost every Major Nation on Earth in the Racial Mix. The ‘Fig Tree’ has Matured in this 70-Year Generation per Psalm 90. The verse goes on to exclaim that this ‘Israel’ is Modern Day Israel in a Land that has been Recovered by Wars. It is as if YHVH Validates all the prior Wars since 1948. No other Nation or Peoples can fit this End Times Scenario. It becomes Prophetically clear that it is the Opinion of this GOD YHVH that declares that the Promised Land has been Occupied, not by Israel, but by her Muslim Enemies.

Most do not realize that in the Quran, it states that ‘God’ granted the Promised Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle therein (Quran, Sura 5:21). It also emphatically and clearly states also that before the Last Day, ‘God’ will bring the Children of Israel to Retake and Repossess their Land. ‘God’ would gather them from all the different countries and nations (Quran, Sura 17:104). Yet, most Muslims who abide by the Quran oppose the existence of the State of Israel. Such are in denial as they are opposing the Divine Decree. It is the same Denial of the Semites, both Jewish and Muslim. The Jews resented having the Gentiles be Grafted-In the same Covenants and Promises of YHVH.

Then one has the Denial of the Muslims recognizing that the Jews will need to have their Land back that they clearly know is being occupied by them, temporarily as their Quran clearly states. YHVH acknowledges that He brought them out from the Nations in verse 14 of chapter 38 of Ezekiel to Resettled Ruins, etc. What one must also note is that the inference to Gog appears to be the Name or Title of a Man, that of a Head of State, for example. Magog is the Land in which Gog rules from. He is also a ‘Prince’ of the Legendary Cities of Meshech and Tubal, which many infer is Moscow and Tobolsk.

In this case, the Merchants of Tarshish is Spain, which represents the Impotent EU. In chapter 39 of Ezekiel, one is given more details as to the Outcome of this Outer-Ring Invasion of the Muslim Hordes against Israel. YHVH decrees that such Armies will fall in the ‘Mountains of Israel’. These ‘Mountains’ again are Samaria primarily and Judea. This part is intriguing because it is the instance that the Armies are ‘Nuked’ by Fire as will be the ‘Careless Coastlands’, i.e., the USA perhaps as was Sodom and Gomorrah.

It can be the case that as the Russian-Led Muslim invasion is underway, Russia and or Iran with perhaps Pakistan that has Nukes might unleash a Pre-Emptive Strike on the USA in an attempt to Neutralize any Response on behalf of Israel’s Defense. Then in verses 9-12 of Ezekiel 39, it tells of a specific Condition that Israelis will employ others to mark the Radioactive Contaminated Wreckages. They will use the Unspent Weapons for Fuel for 7 Years. This is Amazing and the Outcome is stated by YHVH Himself in declaring that Israel will Loot and Plunder those that sought to Loot and Plunder her, Prophetic Justice. What is also Amazing to consider is the glimpse of how all the Bodies of the Dead of such Armies will be buried in the Valley of Hamon Gog. What is interesting is that it will be on the East Side of the Jordan River, which is now of Jordan. However, YHVH states that it will be still in ‘Israel’.

Perhaps this Validates the Notion that after the Psalm 83 War, Israel’s victory extended its Land Acquisition to all of Jordan, etc. It will take 7 Months to bury all the Dead of the Gog-Magog Muslim Invasion of Israel. The Rationale, according to YHVH Himself, is to show that He alone is GOD and the Sovereign over the Earth, its Land and People. Moreover, He is to show the Nations and Israel that He is Faithful to His Covenant and Promise, not like the AntiChrist who will break them at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, whenever that is. Chapter 39 of Ezekiel goes on to declare that from that point on, YHVH will make Himself known. From verses 21 to 29 it states the following in this regard.

‘I will Display My Glory among the Nations, and all the Nations will see the Punishment I inflict and the Hand I lay on them. From that Day forward the People of Israel will know that I am the LORD their GOD. And the Nations will know that the People of Israel went into Exile for their Sin, because they were Unfaithful to Me. So I hid My Face from them and handed them over to their Enemies, and they all fell by the Sword. I dealt with them according to their Uncleanness and their Offenses, and I hid My Face from them. Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will now Restore the Fortunes of Jacob and will have Compassion on all the People of Israel, and I will be Zealous for My Holy Name.

They will forget their Shame and all the Unfaithfulness they showed toward Me when they lived in Safety in their Land with no one to make them Afraid. When I have brought them back from the Nations and have gathered them from the Countries of their Enemies, I will be proved Holy through them in the sight of many Nations. Then they will know that I Am the LORD their GOD, for though I sent them into Exile among the Nations, I will gather them to their own Land, not leaving any behind. I will no longer hide My Face from them, for I will pour out My Spirit on the People of Israel, declares the Sovereign Lord’.

However, it will be Jesus Christ’s Face that will be ultimately Revealed at His Coming. It will be at the occasion of 1 Last Prophetic War in Jerusalem, that of Armageddon.


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