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by Luis B. Vega
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‘At that Time Jesus went through the [Grain] Grain Fields on the Sabbath. His Disciples were Hungry and began to pick the Heads of Grain and eat them. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to Him, Look, Your Disciples are doing what is Unlawful on the Sabbath’. -Matthew 12:1-2

The following is 1 of the Themes, ‘Jesus – LORD of the Sabbath’ that has been created as an Artistic Rendition using A.I. Artificial Intelligence to generate the Artwork. One has been working on an A.I. Bible of compiling Computer Generated Images. As ChatGPT came out and took-off, it has been like a New Toy to play with. It can be used for ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’, as is all manner of Technology, etc. Here below is the Link to review and download any of the Posters of the many Images and Themes from the Bible one has created with the aid of Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Bible

The Posters cover a wide arrange of A.I. Generated Images of Persons from the Bible, primarily Jesus as the Core Theme, etc. The Posters can be downloaded, all for Free and are in PDF Format, by clicking on the Icons. The Posters and other products are also made available for Sale on www.Zazzle.com/PostScripts. These are only Artistic Renditions based on one's Interpretations.


There are 7 recorded Miracles that Jesus performed on the Sabbath. All of them spoke of not only a Physical Restoration but one of a Spiritual Restoration. The Sabbath is associated with a Summer Wheat Harvest. One sees the King and the LORD of the Sabbath in the Field. It is His Disciples that are ‘Harvesting’ the Heads of the Wheat Grains. One is convinced it is a Prophetic Picture of the Pentecostal Intermission that would characterize the Church Age.

Jesus corrects the Religious Elders of Zion as to why His Disciples were not violating the Law of YHVH nor of what was Reiterated to Moses. The Sabbath is patterned after the 7 Creation Days of Genesis. Jesus references how another King with similar ‘Disciples’ became hungry. King David’s Mighty Men became hungry while fleeing from King Saul. The Priests gave them the Show-Bread, which was not lawful for them to eat Jesus, insinuating that if the Religious Pharisees were condemning Jesus, a Direct Descendant, they had to condemn King David as well.

Summer White Wheat Wedding
Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not knowing something that they should have Understood from Hosea 6:6. He took the Circumstances of the Wheat Harvesting of the Grain to insinuate that the Son of Man was and is LORD of the Sabbath. Jesus is the ‘Owner’ of the entire Field as a Boaz Type. In fact, the whole Earth is like that Wheat Field. And the People’s Souls are as those Heads of Grain that are to be Harvested unto Eternal Life, etc.

Thus, Jesus in his Response to the Elders of Zion used references to a King, a Priest and a Prophet. Jesus was intentionally ascribing such Offices to Himself as the Ultimate Type and Fulfilment. Jesus, as the LORD of the Harvest, is the LORD of Harvest. And what type of Harvest? Wheat. It was and is the only Type of Harvest that Jesus Directly associated His Lordship with. As LORD and Creator, that Identity is thus delineated into 3 Offices. They are consisting of how Jesus is the following.

1. Prophet
2. Priest
3. King

Jesus put the Pharisees On-Notice, that He, alone is not only the LORD of the Sabbath, but of Creation and Time. And with that Absolute Statement, it means, without a Doubt that Jesus claimed Deity and is the Creator as described in the Genesis Week. And as the Head of the Church Body, Jesus is in the Field, working to Save Souls. It is His Disciples that are also helping ‘Harvest’ the Souls unto Eternal Life, etc. This is why the Church Age is like a Wheat Field and thus, its Timing as to its ‘Beginning’ and its ‘End’, commissioning of His Disciples is at the bequest of the Lion King. It is because, as presented, the Wheat Harvest is based on the Astronomical Sign of Leo, the LORD of the Signs of the Mazzaroth. No other Sign conveys Lordship as does Leo.


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