A Prophetic Turning Point For Judah

  • What will 2024 hold for Isreal in terms of Prophecy?
  • How is its 76th Year Anniversiay Significant?
  • Why is the Year 2024 a Turning-Point for Israel?

by Luis B. Vega
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The following will be 7 Prognostications or perhaps Prophetic Implications as in what will become of the Modern State of Israel on its 76th Year Anniversary. One will start with the possible Implications of the Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 which is Nisan 1. This is the 1st Month of the Religious New Year. And? Apparently the Prophetic Fate of Israel is intertwined with that of the USA because of this apparent Time Inference.

And that Inference, as with the Great American Eclipse has been all about Judgment. It is recognized that the Number 40 in the Bible signifies a Time of Testing. This is seen with the Exodus Account of how Israel was judged for their Unbelief and was sentenced for 40 Years ‘Wandering in the Wilderness’ in circles until that Generation of Unbelief Died before the subsequent one would be led into the Promised Land.

In light of the April 8, 2024 Nisan 1 New Year’s Great American Eclipse, what of it if one also factored that 40 Day Numerical Coefficient? What about a 33 Day Count, after? And what of the 76th Year Anniversary of Modern Israel’s Re-Birt since 1948? The following are some Insights, perhaps.

From Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024
+ 40 Days = May 18, 2024 (Pentecost – Traditional/Christian)
+ 6 Months 6 Weeks 6 Days = November 25, 2024 (Thanksgiving Day USA)
+ 3 Months 2 Weeks 1 Day (3-2-1 Countdown) = July 23, 2024
+ 33 Days + 3 Days (33-3) = May 14, 2024 76th Year Anniversary

76 Number Meaning
This is from BibleStudy.org


1)According to Bullinger's Companion Notes, Psalm 76 could be referring to King David conquering the City of Jebus (which he renamed Jerusalem) in 1003 BC.

Jerusalem will be Conquered or Divided to make way for the Provisional Capital of a New Palestinian State.

2) Adam Clarke's Commentary, however, believes this Psalm 76 Song was composed after Israel split in 2 in 930 BC.

The Promised Land of Israel will be divided to accommodate a State of Palestine.

3) It proposes the Song was one of Thanksgiving after Sennacherib's Army was miraculously defeated when it threatened to Destroy Jerusalem in 701 BC.

The Spirit of the Prince of Persia, via the Shi’a of Iran and Iraq will continue to seek to Destroy Jerusalem and the Modern ‘Zionist’ Entity.

4) Psalm 76, like others in the original 3rd Division of the Psalms, references the Tabernacle (Sanctuary) in Jerusalem where YHVH was Worshipped.

The 3rd Temple will start Construction in the 76th Year of Modern Israel.

5) The Hebrew word ‘Maas’ (Strong's Concordance #H3988) is recorded 76 Times in the Old Testament's Original Languages. The Word means to Spurn, Disdain, Despise, Refuse or Reject. It is commonly translated as Despise or Rejected.

Israel will continue to be alienated Worldwide that will force it to run int other arms of the coming False Jewish Messiah that will promise them ‘Peace and Security’.

6) Verse 1 of Psalm 76 mentions the Tribe of Judah, 1 of only 10 Verses in the Book to do so. The Tribe was the largest in Israel just before the People entered their Inheritance in the Promised Land. It had 76,500 Fighting Men aged 20 and above (Numbers 26). In Verse 2 of this Psalm 76 refers to Jerusalem as Salem. This Word means ‘Peace’. (Strong's #H8004). The only other Old Testament use of this City Name is in Genesis 14, where the Mysterious King-Priest-Prophet, named Melchizedek is given the title ‘King of Salem’ in verse 18.

The AntiChrist, King of the Jews and Jerusalem will make his Mysterious Debut to Israel’ only remaining Tribe in the 76th Year.

7) The Greek word Kephale (Strong's #G2776) is recorded 76 Times in the Original Greek of the New Testament. It is used the most in Revelation (19 Times) followed by Matthew (12). The Word means ‘Head’ in reference to the coming AntiChrist.

‘And I stood upon the Sand of the Sea, and saw a Beast rise up out of the Sea, having 7 Heads (Kephale) and 10 Horns. And upon his Horns, 10 Crowns. And upon his Heads (Kephale) the Name of Blasphemy’. -Revelation 13:1

The Coming False Jewish Messiah will make that Covenant with the Many, that one is convinced will be the Reconstituted Sanhedrin that will have total Religious sway over the Socio-Political Daily Affairs of not only Israel but the entire World after the Church Age ends with the Resurrection-Rapture Event.

As one can surmise, the Year 2024 will be a Defining Year for the Modern State of Israel. This will perhaps come to Pass, if indeed the Year also coincides with the End of the Church Age Rapture Event. However, all the above Interpretations are but Conjecture on one’s part. But if ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, such Interpretations could play-out and actually come to Pass.



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