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by Luis B. Vega
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‘So it will be when all of these things have come upon you, the Blessing and the Curse which I have placed before you, and you call them to Mind in all the Nations where the LORD your GOD has Scattered you’… - Deuteronomy 30:1

Whenever there is a major Flare-Up in the Middle East, between the Muslim Palestinians and the Jews, the Question the World protests is that Israel is ‘Occupying’ the Promised Land. This study will address this Mis-Information and lack of Knowing and Understanding History, Biblical History, of course intentionally in one’s Opinion. As one has written on this Subject, the Primary Contention is over who will eventually get the Divine Birth-Right, Ishmael or Israel? And the Prize? That Prized Possession is the Promised Land, the City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. It has been said of the Promised Land, that Geo-Politically, ‘Control Jerusalem and you Control the World’.

However, Biblically, this is also the case in a Spiritual Sense. And this has been one’s Point, and that of the Bible. It is Biblical and this Muslim-Jewish Contention is to the Death. And it will drag the entire World to an End Apocalypse and Armageddon. It is just a matter of Time. But the Hamas Invasion of Israel in 2023 has ‘Lit the Fuse’, and the Countdown has commenced, in one’s Political Science Assessment. The Bible teaches that YHVH put the Promised Land, the City of Jerusalem and the Temple at the Center of the World. And that He chose, what are now the ‘Jews’, as in the Last Tribe from Judah, to Care-Take it. This Land Covenant is called the ‘Palestinian Covenant’.

It is a Misnomer, because there was no ‘Palestine’ in the Days of Abram, of whom YHVH made that Covenant with, originally in Genesis 15. This Land Grant was, is and will be for All Time, but it was Conditional. It was to be based on the Faithfulness and Stewardship of the Sons of Abraham, through Isaac and then Jacob. It is during the Time of the Exodus with Moses that, as they were about to enter the Land, Promised by YHVH to Abrham, YHVH Reiterated that Land Grant to Moses, as Promised.

The Issue? The ‘Old’ Tenants, the Canaanite Clans had to be forcibly Evicted. Why? They became Evil and Corrupt. They burnt their Children in the Fires of Molech, as an example. They were also mixed Genetically with the Fallen Angel DNA that became Clans of Giants, i.e., King Og, the Anakim and Goliath, etc. Since YHVH did not want Humanity to be further Polluted, He instructed Joshua to Genocide them. Jacob then had 12 Sons that later became the 12 Tribes of Israel, all-inclusive. The Land Grant of the Promise Land was given to what is now Israel. It was given to this Bloodline, that of Isaac. Note that likewise, YHVH made a Covenant with the Ishmaelites.

12 Tribes Sons of Abram

In the case of Ishmael, the 1st Born of Abram, but not of his Legal Wife, he too as a Mirror Counterpart had 12 Sons and became the 12 Tribes of Ishmael. Not being the Legal Heir is why the People that became the Arabs and started Islam were not given the ‘Palestinian Covenant’ to possess the Promised Land, etc. Most Bible Students or perhaps most Muslims do not realize this Truth. But the Point was and is that the Promise Land was not given to the ‘Palestinians’ that did not exist in the Time of Ishmael, nor to the Ishmaelites that are currently the Arab Peoples, mostly. But what happened to the Canaanites, happened to Israel also. They got Evicted for their Unfaithfulness and Disobedience.

So, when the Question arises about how the ‘Jews’ are Occupying the Arab Muslim Lands or its Religious Settlers are taking over Muslim Land? Since most People do not Know or either choose to ignore what the Bible states, is it the Palestinians or the Arab Muslims that are ‘Occupying’ the Promised Land. The World fails to acknowledge that YHVH has brought back the Jews, what is left of them, as Promised. Why did they ‘Leave’ or get ‘Evicted’? Remember that the Covenant was Conditional. Israel, all-inclusive did not hold-up their part of the ‘Deal’. What did that require? It required Faithfulness and Obedience. It is much like a Landlord renting-out a House and wants ‘Good Tenants’ on that Plot of Land.

The Landlord gave them Rules to abide by, to maintain the House and Property. Eventually, Israel neglected its ‘Renter’s Contract’ and was given an Eviction Notice. This happened more than once. But every Time, the Landlord allowed Israel, what was left of them to Return. And note that in each case or ‘Diaspora’, not all the Jews were taken off the Promised Land, nor in Jerusalem and the Temple or House of YHVH was always rebuilt. This is what is happening now, since 1948 and what is now left of the 12 Tribes of Israel, mainly Judah, thus the ‘Jews’.

This Stipulation is also based on another Covenant, that was made with King David. YHVH Promised King Davied that He would never Destroy his Bloodline and leave but 1 Tribe to fulfill all His Promises. David was from the Tribe of Judah. Thus a Direct Descendant would always Live and become King of the World even. That Descendant is Jesus. This Fulfillment is yet to occur as the Son of David, Jesus 1st had to deal with the Sin of Humanity at the Cross of Calvary, as a Lamb. It is at Jesus’ 2nd Coming that He will return as the Lion of the Tribe of His Earthly Bloodline, that of David to rule the World for 1000 Years.

At that Time, all the 12 Tribes of Jacob will be Reconstituted and Land allotted. So, what happened to the Land once Israel was Evicted from it? Well, the World is protesting against Israel. They demand a 2 State-Solution even though the Muslims, in their Book forbid such a ‘Covenant’. It is ‘All or Nothing’. That is why they rejected the initial U.N. Partition Plan back in 1947. It is just a Muslim Rouse to gain a Geo-Political Advantage. But at the Core of this Constitution is a Religious Reason that cannot be Compromised. The World and most Christians now are being Fooled, once again. It is just indicative of the Times and how really, if one just substitutes ‘Israel’ for COVID.

An Eye for an Eye
The Masses of the World have been primed to ‘Obey’ and Believe the Official Narrative. It is called ‘Programming’ for no Reason. Now this does not give Israel an Excuse to Carpet Bomb Gaza in Retaliation, but such is War. They end-up becoming like the Hamas Terrorists. But for the Sons of Abram, both the Ishmaelites and the Israelites, it is an ‘Eye for an Eye, a ‘Tooth for a Tooth’ Co-Existence. And it is because of Religion. Most ‘Christians’ do not even realize that there are or were to be 3 Exiles or Evictions of the Earthly People of YHVH, named ‘Israel’ or 'Judea' that have only been leftover.

1. By Assyria
2. By Babylon
3. By Rome

In Genesis 15:13-18 it reads, ‘On that Day the LORD made a Covenant with Abram, saying, To your Descendants I have given this Land— from the River of Egypt to the Great River Euphrates…’ This is the Answer. The Promised Land or the ‘Palestinian Covenant belongs to the Descendants of Isaac and Jacob. This is now a real Issue and Problem in the Church in that, since most do not Know their Bible or the History of Israel, they side with the Muslims. If they would Know, they would not be Reacting as they are being Conditioned to exactly React this way against Israel. In fact, YHVH will gather the whole World to Judge them for Dividing His Land, City and Temple. Realize that no Muslim will ever say or can say, ‘YHVH is the True GOD’.

Yet Muslims could or would go so far as to say that the Land belongs to ‘God’, as in Allah. But in their own Commentaries, they acknowledge that the Promised Land, belongs to the Jews. The Muslims really do Understand that the Promised Land is where Ancient Israel was allocated the Territory, and it belongs to the Sons of Jacob. In fact, what is presently the Modern State of Israel is a Fraction of what YHVH Promised Abraham, ‘From Sea to Sea’, that is the Euphrates to the Nile.

Only during the Reign of Jesus, Son of David ruling the World from Israel, at Jerusalem, in the Temple will Israel have that total Territory. In contrast the Palestinians shout, ‘From the River to the Sea’. It is a ‘Knock-Off’ of this ironically named ‘Palestinian Covenant’ that insinuates the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, etc. Then in Ezekiel 11, the Bible clearly shows how YHVH would and is bringing back the Jews into the Promised Land, once and for all, not the Sons of Ishmael.


So, what happened to the Land? When the 12 Tribes were a United Kingdom of Israel, under King David then his Son, Solomon, it was Solomon that ended-up Dividing the Land, of all People. Due to his Rebellion and not adhering to YHVH’s Wishes to avoid Foreign Wives, Solomon indulged instead. So, YHVH split his Kingdom. There were 10 Tribes that CONFEDERATED and called themselves the Kingdom of Israel. The 2 Tribes in the South, Judah and Benjamin, were known as the Kingdom of Judea.

Conditional Covenant

The Tribe of the Levites stayed in Jerusalem, at the Temple, etc. Because the 10 Northern Tribes devolved into Full-On Apostasy, YHVH sent the King of Assyria, from Nineveh, King Sennacherib to Destroy and Exile the Israelites back to Assyria and other parts of the Assyrian Empire. What the Kings did in those Days, is that those that could not be Exiled, he then brought-in Foreigners or Immigrants from other parts of his Realm to Intermarry to deface the Identity of that Nation so as to not Rise-Up and Challenge the Realm, etc. So, as a result of Inter-Marrying, you got the Samaritans. To this Day, they are a Mix of Biblical Judaism and other forms of Religiosity.

So, to answer this Question, the ‘Jews’ never left that area that is now called for the most Part, the Heartland of Samaria and Judea. And these 10 Tribes did not go ‘Lost’. Yes, most were Exiled and lost their Israel Identity, and Assimilated to their New Society. But many kept their Israel or Biblical Identity still. For example, some Syrian Communities, up to the Civil War of 2011 still spoke the Ancient Language of Aramaic. That is the actual Language spoken by Jesus in the 1st Century, etc.  Also consider how the Prophetess Anna, who was at the Temple and saw Jesus being Presented on the 8th Day, as required by the Law. The Bible says that she was of the 10 Tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. So the ‘Jews’ never entirely nor completely Exiled to Assyria. Then the next Exile or Eviction occurred to the Southern Kingdom of Judea.

This Time, YHVH used the Babylonians to take a significant portion of the Population from Jerusalem to Babylon. However, as with Assyrian, the Babylonians kept a Puppet Jewish Government. This proves that not ‘ALL Jews’ were ‘kicked-out’ of the Land and never to Return. Then also consider, why is it that after the Babylonian Captivity, Daniel read how YHVH had told Jeremiah that after 70 Years, the Jews were to return to Judea? Remember YHVH’s Promise to King David. And the Jews did Return under Ezra, Nehemiah, etc. Then the 3rd and Last Exile or Eviction was to occur by Rome. This coincided because of the Jews Rejection of Jesus as their True Messiah.

And this 3rd Eviction would not be just localized to the specific Empire, like in Nineveh, or Babylon. In the case of Rome, YHVH judged the Jews to be Exiled to ‘All the Nations’. And that is what exactly happened and is the case. But that would be the Last Eviction. This in itself is Biblical Proof that the 3 Evictions or Exiles were and are True. And that like with Assyria, Babylon, the Roman Jewish Diaspora will be returning once again and are. The Jews call it ‘Aliyah’. That started to happen just before the 1st World War through the Efforts of the Zionist Congress Movement led by Herzog.

The Nationalist Movement was just that, more Geo-Political in Nature than a Religious one. But it fulfilled the Ezekiel Dry Bones Imagery and Prophecy that Israel would be Restored, but in a continued State of Unbelief, concerning Jesus. It is as the Bible predicted. The Jews ‘see’ Jesus but they do not Perceive Him. The Prophetic Allegory is that of the Jews, just coming off the Nazi Concentration Camps, is where 1/3 of them ended up as ‘Dry Bones’, etc. But with the British Mandate expiring on May 14, 1948, Israel accepted the U.N. Partition Plan. As mentioned, why did the Muslim Palestinians Reject this Partition and not what a 2-State Solution? It is all about the Birth-Right.

2-State Solution?

‘Then he said to me: Son of Man, these Bones are the People of Israel. They say, Our Bones are Dried -Up and our Hope is gone; we are Cut-Off. Therefore Prophesy and say to them: This is what the Sovereign Lord says: My People, I am going to open your Graves and bring you up from them;
I WILL BRING YOU BACK TO THE LAND OF ISRAEL. Then you, My People, will Know that I Am the Lord, when I open your Graves and bring you up from them.  I will put my Spirit in you and you will Live, and I will Settle you in your own Land [1948]. Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken, and I have done it, declares the Lord’. -Ezekiel 37: 11-14

Why did the Palestinian Arabs reject the Notion of having their own State? Israel was willing and did. But instead, like Hamas, the Arab Muslims attacked the Newly Born State of Israel, although Secular in Constitution. But realize that many Jews were privately Immigrating to what was then called ‘Palestine’. And this Term was ‘Stamped’ over the Region by the Romans as they Exiled the Jews. Out of Spite, the Romans Re-Named Judea, ‘Syria-Palestina’ in honor of the Jew’s Ancient Biblical Enemies, the Philistines.

Thus, the Word Association with what then became Common Knowledge and on World Maps, the Region of the former Biblical Promised Land called Israel and Judea, was now labeled ‘Palestine’. In fact, many Jews called themselves ‘Palestinians’ as they had, for example a Palestinian Orchestra, but were made up of 100% Jews, etc. So the Last Eviction of the Jews, or Diaspora started to occur from 70 AD to around the Mid-300s. A Temple to Jupiter was erected on the Temple Mount and it was also used as a Garbage Dump.

So, the Land was under Roman Occupation as a Province, but Jerusalem and the Surrounding Area still had Jews living there. It was that the Official Political Government and the Religious Court, i.e., the Sanhedrin was now Disbanded. Eventually the Romans capitulated to the Eastern Division of their Empire that became the Byzantines. They Ruled the Region until the Muslims then came in and Invaded the Land. It was their ‘Turn’ to ‘Occupy’ the Promised Land. The Land was not called Palestine or referred to that Area under the Muslims.

It was under the Caliphate of Damascus. Then the Crusaders came in Response to how the Muslims Persecuted and Abused the Christians and Pilgrims going to Jerusalem. So, then the Crusaders ruled for a while, then they lost the Territory back to the Muslims. Then the Ottoman Turks ruled the Region. Jerusalem and the Region was very sparsely populated. Most of the few Muslim Arabs there did not consider themselves ‘Palestinians’.

They called themselves just Arabs. So, it was not until the Ottomans, who sided with the Germans in World War 1 that they lost all that Promised Land to Govern. And all during this Time, up to 1917, Jews from Europe mainly were returning to what was to become Israel in 1948, at least Politically. That Process is called Alyah. It is reminiscent of ‘To Go Up’, as the Jews did in Temple Times. They would ‘Go Up’ to the House of YHVH, the GOD of Jacob in Jerusalem. That Journey of Ascent would start from the Pool of Siloam, etc.

Brothers of Isaac
And here is what the Muslims acknowledged about the Land Covenant YHVH made with Abram back in Genesis 15. Most Muslims also do not realize that in the Quran, it states that ‘God’ granted the Promised Land to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle therein (Quran, Sura 5:21). It also emphatically and clearly states also that before the Last Day, GOD will bring the Children of Israel to Retake and Repossess their Land.

GOD would gather them from all the different Countries and Nations (Quran, Sura 17:104). Yet, most Muslims who abide by the Quran oppose the existence of the State of Israel. So, one’s Point is that there is the Denial of the Muslims. They truly know and recognize that the Jews will need to have their Land back, Jerusalem back, and the Temple Mount back. The Arab Muslims clearly know that it is they that are ‘Occupying’ all that due to Conquest, temporarily as their Quran clearly states.

O my people [Jews] ! Enter the Holy Land (Israel) which Allah has assigned to you and turn not back(in flight) for then you will be returned as Losers’.
-Quran, Sura 5:21 Muhsin Khan

‘And We said after Pharaoh tothe Children of Israel, Dwell in the Land, and when there comes the Promise of the Hereafter, We will bring you forth in [one] Gathering [Exodus]’.

Ask yourself these Questions, where did the ‘Children of Israel’ go after the Exodus? Where did YHVH Direct Joshua to lead the People once they reached Shechem? They went into the Promised Land and settled there with Tribes on both sides of the Jordan River. In this case, the Exodus with Moses and Joshua leading the way was how YHVH used Israel as a Nation to Judge the Peoples of Canaan for their Evil.

And part of the Canaanite Clans were the Philistines that Joshua did not completely Destroy from off the Promised Land. And all throughout Israel’s History, the Descendants of that Area’s People, now called the ‘Palestinians’ by mere Geographical Associations and Roman Appropriations, have plagued the Jews to this Day. Here below is the Verse in the Bible where there is Proof that not ‘All the Jew’s were Removed from the Promised Land.

‘[Nebuchadnezzar] burned the House of the LORD and the King’s House and all the Houses of Jerusalem; every Great House he burned down. And all the Army of the Chaldeans, who were with the Captain of the Guard, broke down the Walls around Jerusalem. And the rest of the People who were left in the City and the Deserters who had Deserted to the King of Babylon, together with the rest of the Multitude, Nebuzaradan the Captain of the guard carried into Exile. But the Captain of the Guard left some of the Poorest of the Land to be Vinedressers and Plowmen.’ -2 Kings 25:9–12

As one can Deduce, not every ‘Jew’ was Exiled nor Evicted from the Promised Land. The Promised Land continued to be cultivated and attended to, by Jews. Thus, until every single Jew would be eliminated from the Presence of the Promised Land, the Claim to the Land and the Promise given by YHVH to Abraham stands.

The last Proof that Israel will always be a Nation and People before YHVH in the Promised Land is found in Jeremiah. After one reads it, as this Question. If Israel is never to be Destroyed by Divine Decree of YHVH, and YHVH Promised the Descendants of Abram through Isaac and Jacob the Promised Land, Jerusalem and a Temple, where are they now? What Land can all 3 Factors be found in? It is in Israel and not in any other part of a Nation in the World, etc.

Thus says the LORD, who gives the Sun for Light by Day, who sets in Order the Moon and Stars for Light by Night, who stirs up the Sea so that its Waves roar—the LORD of Hosts is His Name:
Only if this Fixed Order departed from My Presence, declares the LORD, would Israel’s Descendants ever cease to be a Nation before Me. This is what the LORD says: Only if the Heavens above could be Measured and the Foundations of the Earth below Searched-Out would I Reject all of Israel’s Descendants because of all they have done, declares the LORD. -Jeremiah 32:35-37

Can People Name the Ancient Capital of ‘Palestine’ or what is now Gaza? What were their President or Leader’s Names? What type of Coins did they have circulating? What form of Constitution before the Ottomans or the Muslims took over that Region did they have? When Egypt won its Independence from Britain in 1922, it controlled the Gaza Strip, up until the Yom Kippur War of 1973. During that Time, why did not the ‘Palestinians’ see fit to Rise and Demand their own Sovereign State of ‘Palestine’? Why were there not Worldwide Mass Demonstrations against Egypt for ‘Occupying’ Palestine? It is Programming and Brain-Washing of Biblical History.

The People of Gaza, mostly Muslim were not given a State of their own when under Muslim Rule. Why? And why now that Israel has a State do they say they want one, when in 1947 they rejected one? It is that the Muslims must Destroy Israel because the sole Aim of Islam is not only the Total Possession of the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, but World Domination, eventually. And to the Shi’ite Version of Islam, the Iranians believe they must foment Chaos so that out of it, the New Islamic Order will come under the Banner of the Islamic Mahdi, the ‘Man of Peace’. But their Version is not of a Jewish Solomon 2.0, but a Caliphate ‘Suleiman the Magnificent 2.0’.



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