And the 2nd Coming of Fauci

  • What is a 'Planetary Parade and how often does it occur?
  • Are such Celestial Alignments connected to World Events?
  • How is the WHO Pandemic Treaty going to affect Medicine?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to comment on the amazing Planetary Parade that is occurring in 2022. It started in March and will conclude approximately towards the end of July. The main reason why one is investigating this phenomenon, is that one would like to correlate some special Geo-Political Events occurring on Earth at the same time-frame. This is especially the case dealing with the Word Health Organization W.H.O. Planetary Pandemic Accords.

The May 22-28, 2022 WHO Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland will convene more than 190 Nations that will vote on giving the WHO Emergency Powers whenever a Pandemic is declared by it. The WHO will be able to Mandate Medical Treatments, Injections and Quarantines, without Data, Evidence or Objection of a Nation’s Citizenry. Astonishingly, there are Amendments introduced by the USA that will give the WHO unprecedented Powers to overrule any National Sovereignty on ‘Pandemic’ related issues. A prior article also addressed this Pandemic Treaty. #624: W.H.O. IS IN CHARGE.

In this study, one will be looking at the possible Astronomical Correlations to this WHO Meeting. One is increasingly convinced that every ‘Move’ of the Globalists, those behind such World Governing Bodies as the UN’s WHO, schedule their major Decision-Making Events in relation to the Astronomical Alignments of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. This will be 1 such Evidence. The following observations will be made in this context, pertaining to the Planetary Parade of 2022 that such events, as the COVID Plandemic, the Ukrainian War, the WHO Pandemic Treaty and now the coming Monkey Pox release of the Pathogen, are just in time for the ‘2nd Coming of Fauci’.

The 1st Astronomical Observation one would like to point out is that the Planetary Alignment is occurring during a time where all the Planets are within the .33 or 33% of the Visible Sky. There are 4 Constellations that make-up this Section of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus. These 4 Constellations, Houses or Signs point to the Silver Gate of the Universe. The Planetary Parade finds its course in this special expanse of the sky. One could suggest, there is a 4-Month Countdown.

The 2nd Astronomical Observation is that all the 7 Planets are present in this Celestial Array. The Plants start from Right to Left, from Aquarius to Taurus: Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mercury. During the May 22, 2022 Alignment, the Moon is in Aquarius, and joined this ‘Planetary Parade’, etc. One suggests that this Parade is concentrating the Celestial Energies, wherein, the Globalists, who are Luciferians ,are harnessing the Power to enable their Evil Plans on Earth to succeed.

Astronomical Observations

The 3rd Astronomical Observation has to do where the Sun is at. In the Planetary Parade, the Sun started, relatively speaking, in the Constellation of Aquarius. This occurred in the Month of February, 2022. Then the Sun traversed to the Heart of the Sign of Pisces in April, 2022. Then at the beginning of May, it was stationed in the Sign of Aries. Lastly, it was positioned in the Sign of Taurus in May. On June 21, is when the Sun enters through the Silver Gate, which will be the Summer Solstice and ‘Official’ start of Summer. Is this Planetary Parade pointing to the July Wheat Harvest then?

The 4th Astronomical Observation also has to do where the Sun is and how it is in Opposition, there in the Sign of Taurus with the Star Cluster of the Pleiades. Why is this noted? This is 1 Evidence of the Astronomical Correlations being suggested to Earthly Geo-Political Events, such as WHO Planetary Pandemic Accords. Why one uses or incorporates the Prefix of ‘Planetary’ is that the decision to surrender the Nation’s Sovereignty to the WHO will affect very Human on the Planet, for this day forward.

And what Day is that? May 22, 2022. Precisely, the Sun conjoins the Star Cluster that many End Times Students correlate it to the 7 Churches of Asia. And? Whenever such Celestial Bodies Conjoin the Pleiades, it is perhaps a ‘Sign’ of a possible Earthly Correlation, specific to the Body of Christ Jesus on Earth. It is mere coincidence that the next Phase of Total World Governance is meeting to vote on giving the UN’s WHO total Emergency Powers during a declared ‘Pandemic’?

And now that the World has been COVID burned-out, start a War to accomplish a multiplicity of Globalist Goals. Disrupt the World Supply Chain. Disrupt the World Food Supply Chain. Disrupt the World Fuel Supplies, etc. COVID? That was so 2019. How about Monkey Pox? Yes. One finds it very interesting that Fauci, at the outset of the Ukrainian War, was virtually side-lined. One did not hear from him, until now. When? Just in time for the Monkey Pox to start to be propagandized, just like COVID.

And, how Fauci has bought-up all the Small-Pox ‘Vaccines’ or Shots. Did he know something that the rest of the Word was not told? Like the time in early 2017 where he stated publicly that during Trump’s Administration, he would ‘guarantee’ that a Pandemic or Virus Outbreak was sure to occur? He ought to have known, per Congressional Documents implicating him to the Gain of Function monstrosity. It is essential in making the Virus more Contagious and Deadly. He is the Angel of Death and needs to be brought to International Justice as a Genocidal War Criminal.

But now with the ever-increasing New Pandemic Scare of the Monkey Pox, there will be ‘The 2nd Coming of Fauci’. The 5th Astronomical Observation has to do with how the Planetary Parade, over the course of 4 months, will have amazing Planetary Conjunctions within the Line-Up. There have been the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, that was 1 in a Life-Time Event. And that really kicked-off the Astronomical Phenomenon of how many have seen this Planetary Parade as being Prophetic. The Giant Gas Planet, Jupiter will also be conjoined with Venus and now with Mars. When? During the WHO Global Meeting. Coincidence? Not likely, and that is the point.

Celestial Menorah

Consider that the Luciferian Globalists, in some Mysterious and Demonic Fashion, harness these Celestial Energies of Alignments, Conjunctions and Oppositions. Note that after July of 2022, this phenomenal Planetary Parade will dissolve. Nothing like it will occur for Decades, at least in some limited circumstances. Pertaining to Jupiter, no other major Planetary Conjunction aside from, Saturn (12-21-20) Venus (4-30-2022), and Mars (5-28-2022) will be over until 2024. In the Year 2025, Jupiter will cross the Celestial Silver Gate, on 6-11, June 11, 2025. Notice that if one inverts that Date, it is a 9-11 implication.

The 6th Astronomical Observation is that given the 7 Main Planets making-up the Planetary Parade, from Earth’s Perspective, excluding the Sun and the Moon, the Array can be construed as a Celestial Menorah. How so? Consider that from Mercury to Saturn, the middle Planet, is that of Jupiter, the King Planet, the Planet of the Messiah. It follows how the Menorah, the Type that YHVH instructed Moses to replicate is the very one found in Heaven. Where? In the Throne of YHVH. It has 7 Branches. It has the Middle Branch, called the Servant Stem as the one that brings Balance and Order, etc.

  Planetary Parade: April-July, 2022. Visible within 33% of the Sky.
          1                 2                 3                   4                  5               6                7
|   Mercury   |   Uranus    |    Venus    |   
JUPITER   |    Mars    |  Neptune  |   Saturn   | <----

The 7th Astronomical Observation one would like to bring to one’s attention is that on the Day that the WHO met to have the World, 190+ Nations cede their Emergency Powers to an Un-Elected, and Un-Accountable Bureaucratic Entity, there were 2 Planetary Oppositions in play.

The 1st Opposition was with the Earth, Mercury and the Sun. The 2nd Opposition that occurred, was with Mars, Venus and the Sun, on the same Day. When Oppositions occur, it is believed that the ‘meaning’ of those Celestial Bodies will appreciate the cause wherein Earthly Events and Decision will be enhanced and accomplished that much more. As one who studies the ‘Signs’ Above and Below, one can see, obviously, why the WHO Pandemic Accords convened at this particular Place and Time.

More so, is the implied Prophetic Correlation that one then seeks to make. How so? Based on one’s Assessment, one would venture to say that the WHO Pandemic Treaty is but the next Phase in attaining total Global Governance over Nations and Peoples of the World. It is about Control and Power. It is about preparing the World for the World Ruler that will create the next ‘Order’ of the Chaos they themselves, the Luciferian Globalists have induced.

For example, take the Planetary Opposition of Venus with Mars. In the Occult, Venus is attributed to its Inverted Meaning, that being Jesus Christ to the AntiChrist. Or in this case, Lucifer, the ‘Son of the Dawn’, the Light Bearer, etc. As it conjoins with Mars, it is the Planet of War. Ever since the 3-22 or March 22, 2022 date of Mars having entered the Sign of Capricorn, actually a month earlier on February 22, 2022, that is when the Ukrainian War broke out. Consider also what the Names of the 2 Moons, Mars has. Fear and Chaos

The 2 Moon of Mars are called Phobos and Deimos. Phobos comes from the Root Word for Phobia or that of ‘Fear’. Deimos comes from the connotation of ‘Chaos’. Thus, it is not that difficult to project-out their Implied Significance in how this Planetary Opposition suggests, Lucifer is bringing ‘Fear and Chaos’ into the Earth as that is the Message, in the Earth Opposition with Mercury, etc. So, what does this Segment of the Planetary Parade signify? The Luciferian Globalists are not letting a ‘Crisis go to Waist’. Meaning? Since the COVID Phase has been completed, the World is now about to have the next Phase enforced, yet by another case of induced, ‘Fear’ and Chaos’.

Thus, the next Plandemic will involve, no doubt a Pox type of Out-Break, orchestrated and propagandized by such World Agencies. And most of the World will not be all the smarter, after having gone through the COVID Mandates and Lock-Downs. And just when it seemed that after 3 Years of COVID, People started to catch onto the Façade. A lot of People started to, and thus the need for Distractions: The Ukraine, Abortion, Supply Chain, Food Insecurities, etc. Hello Monkey Pox. Consider also the Timeline.

It is in May of 2022 that the WHO Pandemic Treaty will be signed and ratified. It is reported that the implementation of such Protocols will occur in November of 2022. This will give enough Time for the Entire Community of Nations to re-adjust their National Laws to comply with this New UN WHO Global Governance. And with the case of Emergency Powers, once enacted, it will never be retracted. Case in point is COVID. Even though the Death Rate has been that of a Severe Flu levels, the conditions now after 3 Years do not justify ‘Emergency Powers’. Yet, it will never be retracted.

And with the coming Plandemic that has been unleashed now, Monkey Pox, the Luciferian Globalists will follow through in that the Fall of 2022 will be a Convergence of Biblical Proportions. How so? It is September that the World Money Changers have synchronized their Sabbath Cycles of 7-Years. They are ‘Pulling the Plug’ on all Economic Vital Signs to have their Reset in the 7th Year. Consider the past ones starting with 2001, then 2008, then 2015 and then now in the Fall of 2022.

It is also in the Fall of 2022, where due to their orchestrated shutting-down of the World ‘Store’, China, the various Supply and Food Chains have already collapsed. It is just a matter of Time when the current Inventory will be totally depleted. This will converge in the Fall of 2022. Or in other words, there will be no Inventory to ship-out, even if one wanted to. There will be no Fuel, Food or Baby Formula. Consider what occurred in Sri Lanka. It is an island Nation of 22 Million People. It has run-out of Food, Fuel and Frustration has set in. What to do.

This is why the USA, which is the present ‘Phoenix’ Motif of the present World Order, must be ‘killed’ so that the New One can ‘Resurrect’. What made the USA unique among the Nations of the World, since Nations existed, is its Constitution. Especially the Bill of Rights. They were predicated on Christian Principles that Law, Civil and Personal Liberties were endowed by the Creator, and are Inalienable. Meaning that a Human Being is a Sovereign Being and no State can bestow or withdraw such Rights.

Going the Distance

It even states in the US Constitution that the Nation cannot make any Treaties with Foreign Powers and Entities, unless reviewed and approved by the Congress. It is rather ironic, that it is now the USA that has proposed the Amendments to the WHO Pandemic Treaty, that will ensure the stripping of such Constitutional Oversight and Sovereignty. And it is no wonder, having that most if not all of the Key Positions in Power at every Key Level are the Product of the World Economic Forum and the like. Even the Front Man, Klaus Schwab has bragged that they have infiltrated World Cabinets.

They have placed their Graduates in such Positions of Power for such a Time and Place as this; to sign-away the Nation’s Sovereignty. Mission Accomplished. It is 1 Step closer in achieving their Tower of Babel 2.0. When? Starting in the Fall of 2022. Consider that last Astronomical Observation pertaining to where the WHO Meeting is to take place. The WHO Meeting takes place in the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. It is essentially the 2nd home of the United Nations. The following Topographical Observations will be made. This UN Headquarters is exactly 6.66 Kilometers to the CERN main Operational Headquarters. It is where the Hadron Collider is situated.

Many Researchers into the Occult have investigated how in a pretext of using Science and Technology, the Luciferian Globalists at the top are wanting to pierce the Veil of the Dimensions. Why? The CERN apparatus has been built atop an Ancient Temple of Apollo or Apollyon. This is the Ancient Fallen Angel that is the King over the ‘Pit’ as described in the Book of Revelation. They are imprisoned in Tartarus as taught by Enoch and Peter. They are the ones that ‘Left their 1st Estate and descended on Mount Hermon. They are to be released during the Tribulation Period.

Until such time, the Luciferians are eagerly attempting to ‘Spring’ them from Prison, as Lucifer and his Fallen Angels on this side of CERN are out-numbered. It was reported that in 2016, a Human Sacrifice Ritual was performed there in CERN, in front of the Shiva God statue. See video link below. It is also rather interesting that exactly 4 Kilometers, in the same Alignment or Ley-Line is the International Headquarters of the World Economic Forum. It is just across Lake Geneva. Interestingly, all 3 Logos of these World Agencies, the WHO, CERN and WEF, all have their 6-6-6 Motif incorporated into their logos.

CERN                                                                      WHO                                     WEF
    |                          6.66 KM                                   |                  4 KM                  |

And, in terms of Ground Distance, from the CERN Headquarters to the WEF Headquarters is approximately in phi ratio of distance. No mere coincidence. And why the Place and Time are crucial for such Agencies to meet when the Sun, Moon and the Stars are in particular Alignments, Conjunctions and/or Option. And it is all pointing to the Fall of 2022. It is exactly what is being orchestrated to occur throughout the World in the Fall. And? This will be the Time and Place where the Luciferian Globalists will debut their World Savior. This is how close the Biblical Scenario is, in one’s Estimation. This of course is predicated that the Rapture event will occur before the Fall of 2022.

In fact, the Rapture exacerbates the disintegration of the Present World Order, in terms of what is left in ‘Church Time’ in how the Testimony of Christ Jesus has been given to the Church. According to the Bible, the Body of Christ on Earth is acting as the Restrainer, because it has the Restrainer, that of the Holy Spirit within her.


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